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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 11)

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Originally posted by spvd

part 2
nice part...
Sujal has left to Mumbai...
Geet has agreed for this marriage?

i know there are lots of question running in everyone mind but time will solve it...

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Originally posted by mollycoddle

superbbb upd8... my xams are going not much into IF...will be back once xams r over..Tongue

ohhooo,,, all the best for ur exam sweety,,, and i'll will wait for u Big smile
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Originally posted by spvd

part 3
what is wrong with Geet?
why has she given up on Sujal?
my baby Sujal dear...
and Maan is too rude...
why is she doing this?
cont soon...

and think about,,  when sujal will come to know it what he must be feeling then Cry
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Originally posted by crazydream

No dear, the pace is ok... 
The story is not going slow... Write it as it is.
You are describing the story in details which is necessary..

thank u so much dear,,,, i really needed that,,, yeah i was explaining the whole base of the story but will pace up a little as it is a ss...
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nyc update.../

but whts wrong with dadi...when she know abt maans love why ruin geet's life...

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whtz happening...its more confusibg..why every char behaving sooo oddly...

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Kagaz ki kashthi Love that Sacrifices Life


part 4




He leaves her with a thud and she hurt her back on the wall,, her tears were already on its path, blurring her view of his exit from the room'..

Maan went in the hall where everyone was having snacks and busy with there talk,, he sits on the couch smirking at his victory,, so he thought'.. rano brought geet there,,, she is wearing a simple red salwar,, no jewelry no extra make up'. Just her natural beauty,,,, everyone in khuranas knew her from before by face but never tried to talk to her or never gave an interest to how she is'. Annie saw her and led her to the couch'.geet was looking at maan all the way but he was only smirking like he knew she will say no'.  at 1st geet goes to take blessing from daadi and then the others but maan's mom said its old fashion she doesn't like all this' after some talk daadi ask geet is she ready for this alliance'. She looked at maan who was looking at her intently,,, there was a brief moment of their eye lock'.. atlast she said

Geet:if everyone is ok with it, I have no objection'. Maan's face lost all its color and dadima is over joyed with the moment'. She hugged her dearly'. And kissed her forehead'

Maan self thought: what the hell,,, ye ladki chahti kya hain? (what she want) I have clearly said her not to agree for this but, here she is agreeing with all and hugging my dadi?  showing her false respect to everyone,, I hate this girl'. and then comes the final attack from his dadima'

Dadima: hum soch rahe the roka aaj hi kar dete hain aur engagent 3 din baad fir 2 din baad shaadi'. (I m thinking we can done the roka today itself, engagement after 3 days and then after 2 day they can get married' he is dumb shock to hear this,,, he has never thought about this,,, where he is going no actually where his dadi is drowning him with this girl,,, and why this girl is approving this when I clearly told her I don't want to marry her,, oh how can I forget,, she is middle class girl,, if she can get married to me she will have everything that she can only dreamt off''  but if she want money and luxury I can give her that without marry her,, yeah she wants only it I'll throw her that on her face'..


Geet self thought: why r u doing this babaji,,,, mujhe pata tha ye hone wala hain fir kyun ye dil itne zorse dhadak raha hain'. (when I knew it is going to happen then why my heart is beating so fast,)why I m feeling so restless, as something bad is happening.. I m destroying something,, I know what it is but still why there is so fear in me?

 Geet's parents are very happy with the consent but this to too early,, they didn't have the time,, how will they prepare for such a grand occasion, but dadima assured them everything will done but her accommodation,, she want her grandson get married as soon as possible as she is not unwell and wanted to see him married before her departure from this world'. So they agreed with the old lady who knew how to convince everyone at her fingertip'..


Dadi and and geet's parents done the roka of maaneet'.  He was fuming in anger,,, he looks at her but she didn't dare to glance his way,,, after roka is done, maan turn to dadima..

Maan: dadima I have some urgent meeting,, I m going for now'

Dadima: ye kya bete, aaj roka huya aur apko abhi kaam hain, geet k sath koi baat nahi karni aapko? (what is this,, today is ur roka and now u r going for work,, don't u want to talk to her?)

Maan: dadima u know I have work and that is more important,,, and for talking with her,,, we have our own sweet time dadi,,, he smiled at geet,,, who was gulping her saliva just looking at the dangerous smirk'..maan left for his office''


Maan tried to explain everything to samaira but she sadi she trust him and don't need any explanation,,

Sam: maan I trust u and if I m telling u that I don't need any kind of explanation then why r u bothering about this?

Maan: but sam don't u feel any kind of insecurities ?he asked in amusement'. She smiled

Sam: no maan,,, when I know u are only mine and u can't love someone else then why I have to be jealous or feel insecurities about it,,, she cupped his face,, I know u'll make everything ok,, and we will be together soon'. He hugged her tight'.

Maan: I love u sam,, I really love u,,,

Sam: love u too maan,, she was saying all this in so much confidence where inside she was breaking every moment'. Her face was sad but she put up a brave face to him'.


It was the day before their engagement,,, geet was feeling restless for the two days'. They were like thousands years for her'. A second was unbearable for her,,, the very thought of marrying that arrogant maan singh khurana is making her nerves go high'..and on the other hand maan was getting restless,, for the past 2 days he was trying to reach her,, to contact her,, but couldn't do it because of dadi she didn't let him to meet geet,,, he wanted to talk to her about breaking this marriage,, rather giving her blank checks but he wanted to get rid of this relation'. And there he get the opportunity as they both have to go to select their engagement ring'.. dadi thought he will not go with her but he takes the charge of the ring shopping'.dadi happily accepted'..


They met at the shopping mall'. He was too busy to notice her and she was engrossed in her own world that didn't see his presence'. Both were entering the hall when both clashed with each other,,, geet closed her eyes as she thought she will fall any moment in the hard ground but someone grabbed  her waist in his strong arms before her an inch can touch the ground'.. she felt secure for some unknown reason'. She held his collar tight making a fist'.. he observe  her gesture,,, her fearful eyes which is closed now,,, her trembling yet rosy lips,,,geet slowly opens her eyes and saw the handsome greek god holding her in his arm,,,  she is looking like fresh flower blooming in autumn'. But then the sound comes and he jerk the very thought with her'..

Sam: maan,, where r u? come na, and then she saw the sight of maan holding geet in his arm'. Her blood boiled with the sght and that was quite evident from her face'. Maan jerked her from him and geet stumbled a little but soon she manages herself'.

Maan: sam ye geet,,,

Sam: hi geet'. Ummm chale andar'.

Maan: ek min sam' I have not finish yet'. Geet meet samaira,, the love of my life,, geet looked at him shocked'. And only she has the right to marry me'. Look geet I m not here to buy this rings n all,, I just wanted to ask u something,,, geet looked at him with questionable eyes,,, what do u want geet' I mean kitne paise chahiye tumhe,,, geet is confused now,, what he is talking about'.. look I can give u that amount which u can imagine only in ur dream' so a better advise is take it and go away from my life'. He held a blank check infront of her' geet takes it from his hand,,, sam smirks'.

She looked at it: mujhe nahi pata tha apki dadi ki khusiyo ko kimat itni si hain,,, (I never knew this is the price of ur dadima's happiness) I thought her smile is priceless, but u proved me wrong, u only know how to compensate someone's sorrow,,, maan greeted his teeth'and for the love of ur life I can only say if she loves u then how can she be so comfortable with me around? And if she trust u and love u so much then she should help u with this matter to dadima..   maan I understand u love her but then u can convince ur grand mother rather than showing ur power and property to me,,, its not worth for me,, now take my advise,,, call ur daadima and break the marriage, she said with equally smirking' where sam is boiling in anger'.

Maan: that means u'll not break this marriage?

Geet: no'.. he is highly irritated now,, why she is doing this when he has offered her so much, why she wanted to ruin him as well as herself' why? So much question was running in his mind but couldn't find any answer'.

Maan: u r destroying urself geet'

Geet: I have already done that'.She walked passed him into the mall where they suppose to get there rings that dadima has ordered for them'. Maan controlled his anger that was boiling like a lava,,, sam held his hand, and walked into there'.



Geet has choose a ring for him,, actually rather took that dadima has already selected for him'. But maan is not in a mood of leaving her so easily,, he send sam for some jewelry shoping for herself and she happily accepted that as its her weakness for so long'. Shop owner himself was showing the rings to geet,, but she hardly has any interest in these jewelry shopping'

Geet: kuch bhi pack dijiye' (anything, just packed that) everyone looked at her confused, the would be MRS MAAN SINGH KHURANA doesn't like diamond and jewelry' or its there loss that she was not having any interest in their jewelry'. But maan comes from the back with a charming smile, to only confuse geet'.

Maan: aise kaise ho sakta hain baby,, u have to choose the best,,, u r my would be fianc,he slipped his hand on her waist and pulled her close to him' she gasped at the contact'. And looked at his eyes,, questioning thousand times'. But he only smirks and held her firmly crashing her to his rock chest' so what have u choose till now?

Sells girl: madam ko to kuch bhi pasand nahi aayi abhi tak'. (she didn't like anything  as if now)

Maan: should we go any other place? Geet was trying hard to free herself from his grip but that got only tighten,,, she gave an annoyed look but maan comes close to her lips,,, she was looking here and there to find sam but only see the smiling and giggling faces of the seels girls and the customers'. She is weak infront of him she knew but why he is behaving like this she wonder,,, and what happen to him suddenly, why he is sounding so sweet'. His turn her and now her back is touching his chest,,, he comes close to her neck and rest his chin over the flesh looking at the rings,, it was making her condition worst,, his touch that was mix, the grip was showing the anger and contact of their skin giving thousands sensation in her stomach, still she hates his touch'. why can't she, she doesn't belongs here'.. she was lost in her own world when the owner showed them some excellent collection of diamond rings' his breath fans on her shoulder whenever he comes close to her,, sometime he occasionally touches the skin by his lips,, she stiffen at the stroke ,, he understood how much she feels uncomfortable with this and carry one his assault'..  and then he picked up a ring,, it was beautiful,, he offered her to try,, she just took it and slipped in her hand,, but he pretend that he didn't like it' he done the same with some more rings,, geet becomes frustrated but she knew he is doing this intentionally' she choose to kept mum' and then finaly he himself picked a ring and took geet hand to slipped it in,,, she tried to jerk but he held her hand firmly,,, the ring was small, not her size at all' and he tried to slipped it in her ring finger,, but but it stuck at a point' he looked at her eyes and smirks, then suddenly he pushed it further making her gasped,,, he wanted to hurt her and he found its way,, she flinched at 1st but when saw he is not affected an inch with her flinch,, she didn't move a bit,, even didn't mke an effort to loose her hand from his grip,, she simply stand there looking at him contently,, the ring goes fully to her finger,, but it was exceptionally tight'.

Owner: sir, I think its too tight for her,, he said in fear'. But maan looked straightly to her eyes'

Maan: is it geet?Her eyes are showing the anger and grave,, he smiles in satisfaction' ohh baby, u should have said that,, he instantly takes  her hand to remove it giving her more pain by pulling it harshly,,, but she didn't flinch this time and that irritate him'. He pulls it more harshly but it doesn't comes out,, geet's tears were at the verge of falling but she control it but not before she saw someone'.


She looked at the fuming face of meera, who was standing right away from her'.. geet's face has only one color,, fear,,, color of fear'..  she takes her hand from his hand in a jerk,,, geet wanted to move,, to talk to meera who was looking at her with rage in her eyes,, and she is angry with her'. That is very clear'. Meera walked away from there,, but geet was stuck with the ring only'.

Geet to the sells girl: do u have any soap?

Sells girl: huh?

Geet frustratingly: don't u understand once,, I want saop water right now right here' maan was seeing a different side of her,, he is amused to see her restlessness suddenly' the sells girl brought soap and some water,,,, geet quickly rubbed her finger with it'. And after some effort its comes out,,, she washed her hand with water and the ring as well and gives it to sells girl,,, she was in hurry and that was visible in her act,,, maan was just watching her amazed but didn't say any word'.

Geet to maan: choose whatever  u want maan,, I m not interestest in any of ur tactics'..  she takes her bag and rishes to outside to catch meera,,, she ran as fast as she can,, catching everyones attention but least care for anyone'


Somehow geet reach meera at the right time,, when she was entering jay's car'. She pulled her'

Geet: meera listen na' but she jerked her hand..

Meera: don't geet,, don't give any false reason for that drama' I know u r avoiding us for so many days but I never have thought this could be the reason for that'

Geet: aisa nahi hain jot u soch rahi hain'..

Meera shouted: to kya hain,, what geet,, why u have done this with us? With sujal? Geet's eyes become moist and some tears makes its way through her cheeks'. Why u have ditched him? That was the last word she wanted to hear, but in this position she have to bear this for them'..

Jay comes out: shut up meera,,, pehle geet ki baat sunlo,, she has told him all but he trust geet like his own sister and wanted to know everything from her'..

Meera: kya sunu main jay,,, she was with a guy who is he her so called would be fianc, and we didn't knew anything about it' and she was there for her engagement ring,, wow,, so good news na? common geet tell him' geet dipped her head in shame'

Geet: I m sorry,,,

Jay: no'. that means she is right,, u r marrying someone? She looks away and that mean yes from her'. He looks at her shocked'.

Geet: meera pls,, listen to me once'.

Meera: I m listening u geet,, tell me why have u done this?  She jerked her by her arms'. Why??? What wrong we had done with u,,, she was crying and so was geet,,, but only one line she was repeating, I m sorry'..    

Meera was highly angry with her,, and jay is in no mood to go and leave the topic here so meera herself takes a cab and goes from there, leaving a teary geet with jay' she cried and sank in the ground,, thank god they were in a park' she sank in the green ground and cried more like sobbing,, jay couldn't see this he makes her stand and hugged her,,, she rest her head on his chest and cried'. He patted her head, soothing her'. 



There he was standing leaning on his car,, smirking'quite far... the handsome features and well built structure was catching everyone's attention.. but his eyes was only on one,, Geet handa'

So miss handa,, u have ur weakness as well.. now u'll see the consequence for messing with maan singh khurana'.




Precap: he pinned her to the wall and kissed her vigorously,, she wriggle in his grip but he didn't let her go and increased the fervor of the kiss'.. and then he taste the salty water coming to the corner of her lips'''''

part 5 at page 18

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