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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 109)

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waiting for next
Big smile

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awesome, brilliant part
loved it
continue soon

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just awesome..maan n sujal..geet tho maanki hain..

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part 18
nice part...
glad that Maan now knows what Geet wants...
but me super angry at him for punching my Sujal darling...
my jaanu is in pain...
but Sujal jaanu is very understanding...
cont soon...

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awww I just loved this part...

you know I am really feeling bad for Sujal...poor he...where is he at fault...Cry
really liked to see the possessive Maan...haiii bechaara... he got so panicky...he wasn't even letting doctors do their job properly and Arjun had to shove him out...
He was so shocked and heart broken when he came to know that sujal was geet's past...Cry
he didn't let sujal touch his Geet...loved the way he showed his authority...
haiii Maan ...he even got ready to leave Geet if she wanted...thinking that she still loves Sujal...
and confession scene...ufff maar dala...babu aapke charan kahan hai...I was so lost reading it...

waiting for the next part...Embarrassed


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hey guys,, extremely sorry for not replying anyone,, but i loved to read the awesomest comment,, the colorful and long comments were remarkable,, love u so much,,, please press the like and comments on it,, i have put my all hard work in this only for u guys so pls hit the like, and don't mind that i couldn't reply ur cmnt,, sorry...

special thanks to my friends who pressed teh likes and commented as well...


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Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life



Part 19


Maan Singh Khurana will challenge her fate to win her,, and no one can snatch her from him,, the Maan singh khurana who didn't lose anything is back,, he will win her and her fate,, no sujal matter to him, no past matter' he just want her to be his, in his arm' and he will do that' no one can take his geet now, neither geet herself'. Be that sujal or God he can fight with the world as his geet is with him' though she din't confess her love but he doesn't need more words now'. He want her and will make her his, God have to tackle maan singh khuarana 1st to touch a strand of her hair'..

he smiles and saw her drifting to sleep'..



next day maan took her to KM,, on the way back, sujal was waiting for them,, but geet was too engrossed in her thought that she didn't saw him,, and maan was lost in her' they drove in silence'.

Geet was in her room,, still lost in her thought when maan gave her to get change, she saw he have already changed his dress,, she took that and went to washroom'  it was already 3 pm.. and maan decided to work from home for some days' he noticed geet was lost in her thought' he sat beside her'

Maan: what happen geet?

Geet: nahi kuch nahi'

Maan: u r looking lost'

Geet: nothing, I m feeling little tired, don't know why, he knew its for her disease, and the stress she is taking about sujal'

Maan made her lie on the bed: geet just sleep for sometime, u'll feel better.. I m coming in a while,, he was going when geet held his hand,,

Geet: be with me please' he smiled..

Maan: I m not going to leave u so easily' she looked at him understanding the hidden meaning that was quite visible' he lied beside her,, caressing her forehead, patting her to sleep like a baby,, maan kissed her forehead before pulling himself'

Maan: sorry geet I have to do this,, for u I have to made myself the same MSK who destroyed ur life, I want u and for that I have to be the cruel Maan singh khurana' he walked out the room calling someone'

Maan: I need to know everything about him, which company he works, what he have done in the 3 months and now and I wan't every details,, every single details,, and I want my my work done till tonight, otherwise ready to search new job that he can never afford in ur next life, u know me very well..



Meera heard all that, she was worried and maan saw her..

Maan: don't worry meera its for geet only,, and don't u dare to say her anything,, meera gasp to see the demon who was now madly in love with her best friend,, she can see the obsession for geet in his deep eyes..

Meera: but he have done nothing..

Maan: when I said he did,, don't worry,, if he stays in his limit I'll not harm him but if he tried to snatch her I'll show him what is maan singh khurana all about' meera was afraid for her friend,, she is sure that no one can apart geet from him but she doesn't want sujal to get hurt in the process,, what is his fault in all this,, but the truth is maan can do anything when it came to his loves one,, and here geet is his life, when he knew geet has some feeling for him he will go any extent to make her his' he can't let anyone to give her more tension,, that will lead her to obliteration'

They heard a cry that was coming from down,, meera and maan headed towards down.. and all he saw was geet's mother was crying bitterly and and all the other members were shedding tears as well'

Meera: aunty kya huya?

Rano: geet'. Geet will leave us,, she,,

Maan roared: nothing will happen to geet' I don't want any kind of emotional gathering around her' I don't want her to stress herself to see u guys like that' rano holds his hand'

Rano: meri bacchi ko kuch anhi hoga na? maan nodded in negative' dadima has told all the truth about geet's disease and her reason to marry maan' all were shocked to hear all..

Nikita: I never knew someone can sacrifices her life for others, and for her love' dadima has told them about sujal.. maan clenched his fist'.

Abinash: we won't let anything happen to her.. we will hire the best doctor for her'

Meera: jiju had already did that'

Everyone console each other, and maan was lost in geet's thought' he excused himself and left for his room.. he was entering the room when nt came infront of him'.

Nt: I was right'. Maan looked at her with confuse face.. she doesn't loves u.. but then the morning after ur wedding, all the marks and brushes,, what was that,, she asked in a shaking voice' maan dipped his head in shame,, he can't meet her accusing eyes' nt held his collar.. u forced her,, u tortured her, still she didn't said anything,, u forced her in this relation, this baby is for ur cruel act' how could u? she moved her hand, chiii, I feel disgusted to call u veerji,, I always respect u like my own brother, yes I never showed that but I did,, maan looked at her painfully' u just ruined that innocent girl's life,, she had lost her last chance to live bearing ur child' how could u' u can be a man so selfish' now also u want her to hide ur deeds'meera was listening all this, she was shocked to hear all the truth,, she have never imagined anything could happen like this,,  but, she wiped her tears with her hands' but let me remind u mr maan singh khurana, I m still alive,, she called me her sister,, I will give her justice, u don't deserves her,, he have to be punished' u r a disgusting sick selfish man,, who only knows about himself'.. u,,

Geet: BAS'' AUR EK SHABD NAHI,,,( stop,, no more words) 3 of them looks at a fuming geet, standing on the door' there was only 4 of them now... till now maan didn't utter a single word as he knew as a sister how much nt is hurt, and he wanted to bear all her wrath only for geet'

Meera: geet tum,, but geet showed her hand'

Nt: u wanted to defend him geet? She asked shocked,, this cruel selfish man?

Geet: bas di,, I had have enough,, I can't bear a single word against my husband' meera was seeing a new geet,, she is the wife of maan singh khurana'

Nt shook her arm: how can u forgive him geet,, whatever he have done..

Geet: he had done nothing' and its between me and my husband, I won't tolerate anything in my relation' if u want to say anything, say it to me but not him'

Maan: geet go to ur room now,, u need rest don't stress ur self'

Nt: its all because of u'

Maan: ENOUGH'.. I said she needs rest,, we can have the talk later' come geet,, he held geet an drag her to the room,, he locked the room leaving shocked meera and nainatara'.



Maan was doing everything but he was not looking at her,, she was staring at him with anticipation to have one look but he was in his own guilt'

He was leaving the room after getting a file when geet held his hand, he looked at her face that was showing so much pain in it,, but what he didn't knew that geet is in pain to see his painful smile'

Geet: I m sorry..

Maan placed his finger on her lips,, he sat on his knees in front of her as she was sitting on the bed..

Maan: don't ever say sorry to me,, it kills me thousands time to see sadness in ur eyes and its hurts when u say sorry,, when I m the culprit who should say sorry to his lifelong,, till I survive in this world,, I know what I did I deserves al ur wrath,, but u never said or gave me punishment for my act,, maybe that will be my survive all life with the guilt' a small tear fell on her hand and that mixed with her the next time'

Geet: maan'.

Maan cupped her face: no one can forgive the action geet, and I know u'll also never forget that, but I just want u to be happy, and safe.. if its need to cut my heart into pieces by listen everyone I m ready for that,, I can't see u like this geet,, I want the real geet.. who once enjoyed life, who didn't had any fear,, who were never afraid to answer MSK back,, if the truth of my existence is stopping the geet to come out I can destroy my existence for u,, geet can't hear anything,, she just hugged him,, saying any further things,, its true what he had done it was a most cruel thing to a girl but now whatever he is doing,, his laments were melting her,, she can't deny she was falling for him,, and she can't swallow anything against him'. his remorse had break the strong barrier of her heart to feel for him'.

Maan was reluctant to hold her for a min,, but geet pressed herself in his embrace'

Maan whispered nuzzling close to her neck: I m sorry'she loosens the hug and made him sit beside her'

Geet: I know everything that had taken place between us is not so easy to forget but I wanted to,, I don't want t see u guilty,, whatever happen in past it was not entirely ur fault,, I provoked u,, if I said the truth 1st maybe that day,, her word left choked and she looked away in tears'

Maan: u did came to me that night to say that but I, I was so absorbed in my pain, huh pain, my so called love ditched me,, geet looked at him with guilt,,, no geet,, don't say its ur fault, u r the one who shows me what is called true love' I never knew someone can be so selfless to sacrifices herself in such a way.. but I,, whatever I did' geet can u ever forget him? geet looked at him with questioning eyes.. can u ever forget sujal in ur life' I want u to be happy,, and only for myself I can't keep u in lifetime imprisonment in a loveless life' Geet looked at him with tears only to wiped by his long fingers,, please geet don't cry'

Geet placed her hand on his hand that was on her cheek: I don't know what power u possessed maan,, I don't know what relation we share, but I want to be with u only,, I didn't knew what clarification I'll give to sujal, but the thing is now I can't get back to his life,, not that he will not accept me but I want to see the everyday of my life with u now,,  the time I have in my life I want to spend it here, I don't find its loveless maan,, I can't find it anymore as I know ur love is enough for both of us,, he looked at her with love and longing.. I don't know how much time I have in this world but the time I wanted to be with u only,, I want to see the sunrise with u and the sunshine with u.. maybe I don't have the enough time but this time I want to be happy with u'. but after me I want u to be happy,, maan looked at her with anger filled eyes,, he held her hand in a tight grip,, she didn't realize what she said in out of emotional turmoil..  she can saw his hurt eyes'

Maan: don't u dare utter a single word geet,, I will never let anything happen to u,, he said rather  with authority and anger'  u have to stay in this world with me,, u have to bear this demon in his hell,, u have to safe urself for me,, u have to live for me geet,, just for me,, I won't let anyone touch u ever again till the universe stays,, till the thing called love exist' geet looked at him amazed by his action, by his words, by his claim,, she can see the pain and love he possessed for her, the obsession he is showing only indicates the love he have for her,,, but did he know what she is suffering,, that will torn him only'

Geet: maan,,, her simple whisper brought him back and he loosens his hold on her arms, still looking at her eyes' did u know I don't have enough time'

Maan: I said geet,, u have to have time for me till the world exist.. u r made for me geet,, he smiles at her and cupped her face ad brought her face close to him,, I know whatever I said u probably thought I m going leave u,, but geet truth is I can never leave u, I just gave u the power to decide if u want to stay with me or not' but when u have declare that u will be only with me I don't need anything,, now no -one can divide us now,, not god not even u,, she looked at the devil in love that only loves her to such an extent that he can take the world upside down to keep her safe,, he brought her close to him, and smirks.. u won't be able to choose to live or not geet, u will be with me now, I won't give u the right to distant from me now,, he leaned on her forehead and traces his finger on her cheek'.  I Love You Geet' she closed her eyes to feel the new feeling he have already seeding in her'

He placed his lips on her forehead,, his hand was on her waist' unknowingly she placed her hand on his shoulder, he kissed her cheeks and wiped all the tears with his thumb, her eyes were close, she feels him moving back but she doesn't wanted to parted from him,, she held him and placed her head on his chest,, it was difficult to resist the temptation,, how can he resist her,, he already feels heat flushing his vein with her simple touch' he held her tight in his arms,, she rubbed her chin on her chest, that was ingested his desire'

She was breathing heavy,, he caresses her back'.  but something  stuck in her mind the very moment'

Geet: maan did u knew about mu health before? She looks at his face, that held pain only'

Maan: hmm,, the day arjun came here, I heard all ur discussion.. he touched her forehead with his, that day I made a promise,, I will keep u with me till eternity' will u help me to keep my promise? She looked at him teary and nodded in yes' he stroke her corner fo the lips with his thumb,, she lowered her gaze in anticipation,, and without any effort their lips met' a current passed through her spine.. his hand entangle with her hair'

The kiss was slow, tender, he was nibbling her bottom lips,, she held his shoulder tight,, and then began to respond his kiss' she parted her lips and he enter,,he rolled his tongue in her driving her crazy in a small kiss,, but that was not left small as she began to enjoy the kiss as well as responding him with equal passion,, he brought her bosom close to his chest by holding her from back,, he twirl her tongue with his,, and sucks her lower lips,, he spoke in eth kiss I really love u geet' she didn't said anything but return the favor with a feverish kiss,, she sucks his upper lips and nibble his lower lips for a long' the kiss came to an end but he ends it with a soul stealing deep peck on the swollen lips' she looked flushed and he kissed her forehead'  she hugged him tight and he return that in equal urgency, he held her long in his embrace'.









Its being 1 week since then,, geet was not sure what to do with sujal,, she knew maan loves her and he won't tolerate her to meet sujal, till this time she get to know him fully,, he is an open book to her but only for her,, for the rest of the world he is an enigma'

Meera and nt tried to know and they can see the change in her,, she was smiling talking doing everything,, and as they thought she would not be so comfortable around maan, but to their utter dismay,, they found the immense love and faith in maaneet,, now they know whatever happens that was past,, and geet wanted to move on with maan,, though nt can't forgive maan but his effort to save her was showing his every gesture'  nt didn't said anything to maan after that day,, and maan strictly said then not to bring her health topic in front of her..


Meera: geet don't u want to meet sujal for once?

Geet looked at her with guilty eyes: meera,, I know I should talk to him once,, but u know maan,, he would not like to see him,, and u know he have every details about me and my whereabouts'

Meera: but atleast u can call him,, he is not in a good position,, geet looked at her in confusion' geet I know u don't love him now,, but he do,, geet knew its her fault,, she was feeling responsible for his condition' so just try to contact him once'

Geet: I have to meet him meera,, will u help me?

Meera: of course geet,, I want u 2 to be happy,, and sujal is as dear as u are to me'.

Geet: then tell him to come at ur place,, I will make some excuse and will meet u at there only,, she nodded'




Geet made some lame excuse to see her parents, and she enters the house,, sujal was waiting for her'

When he saw her he just ran and hugged her,, he have tried so many way to reach her but maan didn't let him to see one glimpse,, today as geet insist that she can go as she will meet meera 1st then her family, maan wanted to accompany her but she pouted at him and he let her go by alone'

Sujal felt her numb in his embrace,, and then saw her eyes that was only showing guilt,, but there was no love in that' he cupped her face..

Sujal: r u ok geet? She nodded,, he made her sit in the couch' geet I know I was so far to reach u then but look,, I m here now'. U don't have to bear him now,, I know u r suffering from long but not now,,

Geet: sujal calm down,, I m fine,, and I m not bearing anything,,, I m good in that house'

Sujal: I know geet,, whatever u did, was for me only,, but atleast u should told me that..

Geet: sujal I m sorry, but I can't saw u in pain and I want u to lead a happy life after my,,,

Sujal: geettt,,, if u will be not there how can I lead a happy life?

Geet: but u have to sujal

Sujal: no geet,, I love u and I can't live without u..he rest his hand on her, but she abruptly took it off

Geet looks at him: but I don't,, she said weakly'

Sujal: common geet I know u r lying,, and u r lying because of ur health and this baby's truth,, the exploitation maan did, she looked at him shocked' meera has told me everything,,, geet looked at meera angrily' geet I won't let u happen anything and I can accept u the way u r,, u can divorce him and we can file a case against him for rape and geet stood up angrily,

Geet: just enough,, her eyes were spitting fire' meera was horrified to see the rage in her eyes' she tried to calm her but geet was in no mood to calm herself' I had have enough,,, meera I told u that was our matter, u shouldn't tell this to everyone'

Sujal snapped her hand in anger: I m not everyone,, I have the right to know geet and I m ur,,

Geet: nothing,,,, sujal looked at her shocked' u were my love,, u were my reason for smile, u were my strength,, my best friend,, my guide, but maan is my HUSBAND,, the reason for my existence,, the smile in my fate,, the light in my dark life,, the hope of my dying self,,, the FATHER of my CHILD'. And I won't tolerate a word against him,,, what should I do or what should I don't that is depends on me.. how can u guys think about this low about him,, u know what u heard,,, but did u saw him in pain to see me in pain, sis u saw his hopeful eyes to see my one smile,, did u see his face that shows thousands of emotion only to me when he pretends to be hard in front of the world,, did u know when I was suffering from fever he was the one who took care for me the whole night,, when I was in hospital, he was the one to stay awake the whole night' did u know when he saw my sad face he was ready to let me leave him for sujal as he want me to lead a happy life.. u don't know nothing'. I won't divorce him,, if I want to live now that's only for him' just one night can't suppress his goodness that he was showing night after night, months after months' I wanted to come here to apologize to u sujal,, but I can't bear my husband's insult'

Sujal was angry on her,, and more on himself to live her like that,, his decision of going mumbai was the wrong decision he conclude'

Sujal held her hand: u can't justify his act with his some days so called love,, and I know u can't forget me geet,, how can u,, u were together for past so many years,,,

Geet: love doesn't need time or length sujal,, she said helplessly,, it just happen' his grip was tighten around her and she winched in pain,, but jut then someone held his wrist' and he leave her arms..

Both met the furious eyes of maan'

Maan to sujal: I told u to stay away from her'. before sujal can say anything he punch his face' geet gasp in horror,, sujal landed on the floor,, maan held his collar and again punch him hard' his each punch was becoming more powerful,, meera and geet was in panic' geet tried to voice it but maan was no where to listen..

Meera: jiju,, geet ko dekhiye,, she is not comfortable in this state,, please look at her,, she cried helplessly,, and maan immediately left him,, he saw geet's shivering state' he just grabbed her but she was numb,, he touched her face and she hugged him tight'. He point a finger towards meera..

Maan: I told u only once I will tell her come here,, and its finished,, not every time he will spared by me' he was roaring like a lion' geet looked at him with fearful eyes

Geet: u knew it? Maan calm himself and nodded'then why?

Maan: u wanted him to feel free from any sorrow and guilt, so I let u,, it was meera who told me to do this,, and I was ready only for u,, do u think maan singh khuraan doesn't knew where his wife is heading,, geet I said na air needs my permission to touch u and how can u think I will let u come here without me around.. geet dipped her head,, then a fear engulf her,, if he thinks that she wanted to leave him'

Geet: maan trust me I was just trying to,,,

Maan: sshhh geet.. I know everything,, and u know I said it before u can't walked out my life now and u urself declare that,, and i won't let anyone be it u also I will not allow to snatch u from me now,, he said looking at sujal' lets go,, they were going when sujal said

Sujal: geet, I know u don't love him'

Maan: JUST SHUT UR MOUTH,,,, don't u dare to utter her name with ur mouth..and if u want to survive in this world then stay away from her' he walked out with her'

He placed her on the passenger seat and he was taking the driving seat when he got a  call'he took it at once..

Maan: hmmm,, papers are ready?  ok I'll be there tomorrow'.

Maan(st) now u will see mr sujal khandelwal what will I do if u would try to reach her'




Sujal: meera u called him here?

Meera: aur main kya karti sujal,, he is maan singh khurana he knew it before we plan it,, and more over I think geet is happy with maan,, and I want my friend to be happy..

Sujal: she is not

Meera: god sujal,, its ur love that is blinding u,,, can't u see the love in her eyes.. when she was saying about him her eyes were showing her love that she herself is unware' please sujal,, if u truly loved her try to understand her' sujal fell on his knees

Sujal: I love her meera,, I love her'.





Precap: the teaser I said previously,,,



 U see sujal loves her from so long that he can't digests the fact that she doesn't love him,,, so it will be a little complicated'

One thing for u ,, good or bad I don't know,, u will decide that' I m converting it as FF,, still don't know how many parts I will write,, it will depend on ur comments only'.

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krndr IF-Dazzler

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Yippeee me first to comment Dancing

Muaahhh Tich what a PowerPacked Update
I just loved every bit of it

I really truely with all my heart want it to be an FF
There was so much of detailing done by you

I just loved to see the Possesive Maan Singh Khurana  

Geet shuting up  NT's mouth by defending Maan showed how much she's fallen in love with him 

Geet's answer to Sujal when he accused and insulted Maan was the best dialogue ever in this whole ficti

Loved the understanding Between Maan and Geet he really knows what she desires for and lets her do it even be it lettting her go to meet  Sujal and Geet als defending Maan and not tolerating his insult since she knows he won't ever defend himself

Smile Clap

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