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Kagaz ki Kashti-Luv tht Sacrifies Life MG ff THRD1 (Page 104)

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Thanks a ton sweety pies,, u always motivate me with ur likes and comments and to tell u honestly,, I enjoyed writing this the most,,, so I m eagerly waiting for writing another part.. but I'll write after getting enough response,,, I always cribbed for ur like and comments and trust me it always gave a full smile t my face only to see ur comments' so please guys keep loving me and please do press like and give some comments,, I have tries to give u long one so atleast I deserves some lines'. Slient reader please hit the like for once'.




Kagaz ki Kashthi Luv tht Sacrifices Life


Part 18




Geet: tum??

Ha geet main,,, tumhara sujal' she felt her heart can explode any moment and when she saw the furious eyes of maan her heart just stopped beating,,, least she want to see him in pain' she puts her hand on her head as the world was spinning and without any warning she collapse,, but before she hit the ground two strong arms held her,,, she felt his scent, engulfing her and lifting in his arms that give her a sense of secureness'. A moan escaped from her mouth'

Geet: maan'.


Maan lifted her with ease,,, sujal just looked at them in shock,,, is he the maan she took the name? how can he take his geet from him,, so many question was playing in his mind but teh mos important thing is geet,, she is in the state that she can't say anything or give any explanation' meera held jay's arm tight who was equally petrified... sujal pushed his all thought aside and go to hold geet' but someone just jerk his hand'

Maan barked: stay away from her'.

Sujal: who the hell are u to tell me this' just leave her..

Dadima came there: just stop u two,,, 1st take her to hospital,, I have called arjun and shalini,,, they are waiting for her' maan shove geet in his car and he himself took the driver seat,, then madly drove to the hospital'.

All the family member follow them,, but sujal was confuse about his surrounding,, he just grabbed jay's collar'

Sujal: what is this happening jay? Who was he? Why didn't u guys picked my call,, what is all this,, meera,, why she is behaving like this'

Meera: when did u came back,, u were in US'

Sujal: long time but no one was ready to give me her address,, her mom said they didn't live with them,, I explain our relation but she doesn't tried once to understand anything,,, meera gasped and jay made a worry face' i was in Mumbai and when I came back 3 months back, I was trying to contact her but luck was not my favor,, and then my office called me and I have to leave india for two n half months,, and now when I came back, I just saw her here'

Jay: sujal,, we can discuss all thing lated 1st we need to rush hospital' sujal nodded his head and 3 of them headed in jay's car'




Maan: what r u doing damit, just see her, her face is so pale..

Arjun: relax maan,, doctors are doing his duty,, u just go from here we'll handle her'

Maan roared in anger: NO,,, I won't leave my WIFE,,, got that'. I'll be with her here' just do whatever u want to do but infront of me'

It was difficult for them as maan was not ready to leave her in room where doctors are checking her'. arjun tried futile attempts to make him understand but maan was adamant'

Arjun: maan if u want ur wife save and fine then just get out from here,,,

Maan: arjun

Arjun: out'. Frustratingly he went out and sat with his head dipped in his palm'after some time Jay reached there and patted his back,, he looks at him with red eyes,, he assured with his eyes that get will be fine... sujal was looking here n there for one glimpse of geet, but she was not there.. maan's eyes fell on him' and the scene where the man was hugging his geet,, and he is sure that all this has happen because of him,, he stood up and before he can hold his collar,, doc shalini came there' his eyes fall on her,, maan and sujal both went to the doctor'

Maan & Sujal: how is she? Doc looked at both of them and then

Shalini: she is fine now,, and awake also,, u can meet her..  without listen any more discussion maan just marched in the room'. Geet was half lying,, when maan saw her,, he just hugged her tight,, never let go of her' geet felt an unknown fear with excitement,, forgetting everything she hugged him with all her strength,, like if she didn't hug him her life will snatch away from her' she let out her sob,, that was she holding,, he didn't knew why she was crying but he didn't stop her just hugged her with immense love'

Maan: geet sshh,, now stop,, u have cried enough,, nothing can happen to u or the baby' nothing, ur maan is here na,,

he tried to part away but she didn't leave him,, she just wanted to be in his arm,, nurses giggle to see them and arjun smile and looked away' I m here mishty,, look..

Geet: don't leave me maan please' his heart felt she is in pain,, he looked at arjun who was worried himself,, he gesture him to stay there and he is going and will talk with him later'

Sujal was shattered to see his geet in another man's arm, hugging him like he is some treasure that she doesn't want to lost' before he can say something arjun patted his back, and hint him to come out,, he was not ready to do that,, but then feels he need to know the circumstances and more over how is geet' before going out he looked at geet who was lost in maan..

Maan cupped her face and kissed her forehead' sujal couldn't saw that anymore,, he wanted to grab that man but before he take the step jay held his arm and drag him out'.


Maan: geet.. she looked at him with tears in her eyes'

Geet: u are not angry with me na?

Maan: no jaan,, why u r having this doubt,, I can never be angry on u' he smiled and pulls her in a hug,,, but his mind was stuck in that person' she was feeling dizzy with the seductive,, and he placed her on the pillow,, but when he tried to lift himself he felt a tug in his hand,, she was holding his finger' he sat there admiring his beautiful wife,, and holding her in his arm,, she slept peacefully but he have to find who was the person.. he slowly remove his hand and left the room handling her to his family' dadima and others enter the room, they saw her but didn't wanted to disturb her,, after sometime they left for KM as maan jay meera was there,,, thankfully they didn't saw sujal with them and they didn't know about him'


maan enter arjun's cabin'..

Maan: arjun, how is geet? What had happen to her..

Arjun: maan take a seat now and listen to me carefully..

Maan sat in a chair: hmm

Arjun: was she in any stress?

Maan: no,, she was quite happy till today' I don't know what happen there,, she wanted to eat panipuri and I was gone to take ice cream for her but when I return,, his blood boiled to remember the sight, someone was talking to her,, then she just sank in the ground'

Just then sujal entered the room' to see his face maan was on the verge of hitting him' he believe all this happen because of him.. he grabbed his collar and made a fist to punch him' and so was sujal' he was furious'

Arjun: stop it guys,, this is a hospital'

Maan: arjun all that happen because for him' I won't leave him'

Sujal: do u think all this happen cause of me? sujal can never be the reason of his geet's bad state..

Maan: SHUT UP he said greeted his teeth' she is only MAAN'S GEET,, WO MAAN KI GEET HAIN ,, don't u dare utter her name with ur mouth,, she is only mine'. If u want to do anything to her I can assure u, I won't leave u to live in this world peacefully' maan's eyes were spitting fire' sujal was dumbstuck with his claim,, jay has told him geet is suffering from heart disease but before he complete about maan he marched in arjun's cabin,, and then this encounter' he doesn't knew his geet now belong to her maan'.

Sujal: who are u,, and why u r calling her ur? She loves me' maan's hold on his collar loosen,, he looked at him blankly'.

Arjun: both of u,, just stop ur fight and listen to me if u want geet alive' instantly both of their attention goes to arjun' he took a breath of relief' look maan she is stress and that's why she just fainte,, though its normal,, she will have fever next couple of days,, and high excitements and stress can be harmful' try to be calm her,, don't give any kind of tension' her medication will be like last time,, some more I have prescribe but for only someday'.

After sometime sujal took the leave as he wanted to meet geet, but he stop at the door as he remember arjun's word' he have to find the truth from jay and meera, who knew everything yet they didn't told him'

Maan was looking at arjun as he knew he is hiding something'.

Maan: who was he arjun,, arjun looked at him with nervous face' tell me or,,

Arjun: maan, he,, sujal was her love' maan felt numb'. His face was expressionless.. he was blank.. maan, he was her past,, they knew each other from the age of 16.. and they confess when they were in 2nd yr of collage.. I knew this as I was in her touch all this year' arjun can see maan painful face..

Maan: did she loves him till now,, he asked him with fear' his voice was choked,, the great maan singh khurana was in fear,, he feared to loss his love'

Arjun: I thought that can only known by u' u know the answer maan,, maan looked at him with confusion' don't think much,, just trust ur heart maan,, what ur heart said it will be true' I just want my friend to be happy,, I know she can only be happy with her true love, he smiled that shows what he meant by that.. maan walked through the corridor lifeless' yes he was feeling lifeless as his life was going away,, his heart was saying his geet loves him'



Sujal was sitting on his knees crying,, where jay and meera was standing,, meera was in tears to see his friend like that' jay sat on his knees and hugged him,,, they have said everything to him' why had geet did so,, it was only for him,, she didn't wanted to see him broken, she knew after her he will be shattered and she can't leave in peace to see him like that.. she thought if she married to anyone else he will then hate her' yes maybe he would have hate her then but at the end its her happiness that matter to him the most,, how can she think he will be happy after her departure though she can be anyone's wife..  still he loves her.. its his faults that he didn't tried to search her when he came to Mumbai,, he have tried but maybe that was not enough,, and now he is on the verge of losing her' but he can't afford to lose her,, whatever happen that had happen,, he will accept her,, he will make her like before,, he will make her his,, she will be happy to have her sujal' least he knew the geet is now only thinks about maan,, she belongs to him now,, she want to be his only, and she is bearing his child that claimed by his only'. Meera and jay didn't told him the last phase'




Maan was in a trance,, what he should do now,, he loves her more than himself, but if she loves sujal? It will be selfishness to keep her for himself in a loveless life,, but he had seen her love for him,, her long for him,, what was that,, if she loves sujal then how could she except him.. or is she compromising her life with him,, he was broken fully.. he can't imagined his life without her.. his legs drag him to the ward where geet was,, and when he enter the room he can see sujal was trying to touch her face,, and she was sleeping' before he can touch her man held his wrist.. sujal looks at maan's red eyes' who was looking at him with burning gaze'

Maan: let her sleep'

Sujal: what do u think of ur self ha? I know her better and what is better for her,, sujal was in utter frustration' he was in pain to see her like that and knowing the fact that she loves him to the extent that she was ready to scarify her life for him gave him extra power to fight for her.. but maan was not a man to listen anyone where it came to geet' he shoved his hand' sujal grabbed his collar, and maan gave his angry glare,, both were in lost in their fight when geet stir,, and saw the sight,, she became petrified' tears rolled down her eyes'

Geet: sujal' maan hold's on his hand loosen,, he looked at her painfully.. but she was looking at sujal who was looking at her lovingly,,, maan felt he was unfit there,, maybe his mind was right, maybe geet still loves sujal.. maan was going when she held his hand' don't leave me' she said with a  hoarse voice.. maan looked at her a way that saying how can I leave u'

Maan pulls her in his embrace and looks at sujal who was giving angry glare to both of them: u need rest geet' she clichd his shirt,,, I m not leaving u trust me.. he looks at sujal I want quality time with my WIFE,,, he emphasis the word wife,, sujal felt burn in his rage,, he tried to touch geet back,, but maan held his hand tightly,, his anger was growing each time,, and her reaction for him that sh edoesn't wanted to leave him was giving him and unknown power'  sujal left the place.. and maan took her to bed'

Geet: maan,

Maan: hmm,,

Geet gulp her saliva: wo sujal, wo he was

Maan: ur past'. She doesn't know what to feel happy that he was thinking him as past or sad because he knows everything,, what he is feeling now, is he feeling guilty or he is planning to leave her' he came close to her, geet I want to ask u something.. she nodded her head..

Geet: hmm

Maan: do u want to go back? she looked at him confuse not knowing what he is talking about'he can guess she doesn't understand what he is telling her' geet do u,, I mean do u want to go back to him? her world was sinking, tears beamed in her eyes.. she jerk his hand,, and made an angry face, looks away.. she was hurt that he didn't knew her,, he tried to touch her but she didn't let him'  I just want to see u happy,, his voice was low but held the sincerity,, she looked at him,, his eyes that only shows love for her, how couldn't she saw that before' now also he want her happiness'

Geet: u want my happiness but u don't know what matter to me the most,, what gives me happiness,, what feels heaven to me, what I desired, what I think of love, what I think of u.. she sobbed like a baby, that maan can't see. He held her arms'

Maan: yeah I don't know anything about u,, I don't know nothing but do u really know me? she looked at him with tears,, can't u see the love in my eyes geet? Can't u see what I hold for u? can't u see that I m ashamed that I hurt u,, can't u see how much I feel pain to see u in pain' can't u geet?

Geet: maan,,

Maan he rest his finger on her lips: sshhh geet.. bohot baat karli tumne, let me finish now.. did u know how I felt everytime to see ur tears, ur painful eyes, ur sadness, ur depart from me, I accept that I can't live without u but before that I want to see ur happy face,, I want u to be happy,, for that I can do anything,, if it means to burn myself I'll,, if that mean I have to kill myself I'll, if that mean to Sacrifices my life I'll.. she placed her palm on his mouth'

Geet: maan aap.. he held her hand..

Maan: I LOVE YOU GEET'' she closed her eyes let her fear wiped by his thumbs.. geet I know its not easy for u,, and I'll not pressure u to say anything,, whatever u will decide I'll accept that.. before she can open her eyes he went away' she smiles through her tears'.

geet: I m afraid of feeling maan,, I don't know what I m feeling for u that is love or what but I can't see u in pain, but if I say my true feelings to u u'll shattered after my decease.. what have I done babaji,, kyun horaha hain mere sath aisa,, 1st time I want something from u,, I want my life,, I want to live for him, for my maan.. but I don't have time' she sobbed'

on the other hand maan who was listening her just wanted to shut her lips uttering those words, but he was happy to know her feeling' and she want to live now,, he can saw some light now, and he knows what to do now,, he smirks,, yes he is not afraid of anything now,, he knew what geet feels for him,, now Maan Singh Khurana will challenge her fate to win her,, and no one can snatch her from him,, the Maan singh khurana who didn't lose anything is back,, he will win her and her fate,, no sujal matter to him, no past matter' he just want her to be his, in his arm' and he will do that' no one can take his geet now, neither geet herself'. Be that sujal or God he can fight with the world as his geet is with him' though she din't confess her love but he doesn't need more words now'. He want her and will make her his, God have to tackle maan singh khuarana 1st to touch a strand of her hair'..



he smiles and saw her drifting to sleep'..




precap: oye its not the end to see real MSK,, its just the beginning' hmm so how was the confession?? That was one part of MSK,, the authorities he showed in his words,, is enough to describe his feeling I guess' more to come stay with me guys.. need ur support always'

here I m starting new SS, do check it, and tell me hows it honestly'.

Kaisi Kashish hain Yeh (MG ss)


 Hey,, want a little favor from u,, I m sure one call from u to Life Ok, STAR and ZEE doesn't make any difference for u,, but it will have an effect on the decision maker,, if u want ot see Geet 2 or Gurti together in new show please guys call then,, only one call that need only 2 to 5 mins,, or maybe a little more, but if that will give us our GURTI back then why not,, please leave ur feed back to

and call endomol SO, LO, ZEE,,, and when u r calling them just tell tehm the power of gurti,, ask them we only want gurti together, we don't want to watch them separate s take feedback what we are telling them.. after that ask tehm what have they written by ur name,, don't hung up before that'. Only by crying we can't get them back guys so please make an effort and call them'

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awesome update

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brilliantly witten 
im glad that this is just teh start of teh real MSK
now geet will witness his true n deep love for her

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continue soon!
will be waiting!

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awsome update...lvd it

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awesome update...but meera & jay should have told sujal the whole truth...i know it would have devastated him,but it will save him from bigger mess

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awesome...fab updt
luvd it

eagerly waiting 4 next
con soon

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