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#Devils Den- Lets Celebrate Maaneet:The Musical# (Page 126)

sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 8:49am | IP Logged
@ Richa:

I m not saying that marriage shud not hav happened.. For me.. it was little rushed.. coz d office track at that point of time was going strong.. (everybody including d cast was enjoying it..) they cud hav explored it further.. shown many other things.. in that track itself...n of-course they cud hav showed Maaneet marriage later on...Smile

And when I said.. decline in storyline after marraige.. it was specifically to our show GHSP.. n not in general for other shows.. coz look at what v got after Maaneet marriage... Dev's entry... the worst.. SAINT DEV...Angry

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 9:08am | IP Logged
 Then everything was interlinked they shd have prolonged IP track. They shd have taken some more time for again reunion after the Mu before IP track so that we get more office track. Geet taking the charge of IP proving she can manage it  etc would have delayed for a month. But I loved  Jai bhanushali,the two small children ,the office people also better than the circus. Ya If that was done It would have been more sensible to see geet achieving some thing alone without knowing MSK is supporting her. The other scope to avoid circus was Maan getting memory back and feel that everything happened due to property and again return back to dadaji's house giving everything to Dev. Both GEET & MAAN Struggle again & set their business  again from  0. would really better. after that  love tested track. Nt entry. For a while sameera entry. Vikrum track and so on would have given us peaceful viewing.

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priyachand IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Hi guys!

evn i thought they rushed through not just one track many tracks. evn d way dev's truth came out and police arresting happend in just one epi. IP track had lot of potential, it was wasted with mindless comedy n sudden end. evn d MU bet maan n geet was not dealt properly. they just showed one week later. BR track was never allowed to start. And ML track, it had so much potential, falling n love again or maan slowly changing - how much they could have shown. they cd have brought back office track but with difference. we cd have got a hot guy after geet, angry maan not liking though he may not accept geet as his wife. we had so much potential in these tracks. but PH were NOT INTERESTED. it is as richa said. they had started another serial n a better channel. so their complete energy focused on it. but evn before we did have horrible parallel tracks like NE Annie. even n dat Arjun is another wasted track.

reg marriage pics u posted. they are two different sets right. i remember there was some confusion abt it. becos in d actual epi geet was sitting n right but there were  pics where she was n d left. i never got an ans for that. was it for rehearsal? becos n dat set there were no other actors.

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-richierich- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
 Priya after pheras  some pics she was in left for mangal sootr & maag ks sindoor. rest every where right.

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Maan-Geet wedding was the wedding of the decade on small screen .A wedding filled with so much of love ,emotions and feelings EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.During the entire wedding both kept looking at each other with so much love in their eyes EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Hv seen many on-screen weddings on tv and most look very mechanical or filled with melodrama Sleepy but maan-geet wedding looked very real simply because of Gurmeet and Drashti's terrific screen presense and fabulous acting ClapClapClap.They just speak through their eyes and body language which was just so evident during the entire wedding .Its an unforgettable wedding of small screen and will always remain the best forever in this decade at least .StarStarStarStar
Till this point everything was going so good ...dunno what happened later CryCryOuch

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Oooh are we talking about the  Maaneet wedding? I started watching the show right after that and sometimes I wonder if it was destined that I should start watching the minute the best phase of the show was over, because I literally found the show one episode after the marriage. Confused

Anyway, I didn't know how special the Maaneet marriage was when I first watched it, though I of course I thought it was beautiful. It also helped that I watched only the Maaneet scenes and only vaguely knew about all the peripheral nonsense that was happening in the other room. Dead I think that would probably be my only complaint with the wedding, ie, AA trying to steal Maaneet's thunder and failing, obviously but still being slightly distracting... I think the problem here was that the parallel track was competing with the main one rather than supporting it.

But the Maaneet parts were heaven, with the office staff lending humour and lighter moments. I absolutely LOVED Romeo during this sequence and his comic timing with Adi. They really felt like one big, happy family. Smile

But I think the best part about the wedding was that Maaneet and not anybody else, like a Bollywood star, were the main attraction and I have to thank the CVs for keeping it that way. Recently, there were a few weddings on TV and there were so many publicity gimmicks that I was thankful that Maaneet's marriage felt almost divine and sacred in contrast.

In one way, I am glad they did the wedding when they had the better CVs and sets, though storywise I agree that they could have waited and extended the IP track. If they wanted to do an MC at this point, which I have heard they did, it would have been perfect to use that as the climax, where just as Geet proved that she didn't need Maan's help to succeed professionally and they have a huge hateful confrontation, she needed him for something much bigger, Maan forgot all his anger and ran frantically to her, and we got the same powerful hospital MC scene.

Then at the same time (parallel track!), Dev and Meera could have discussed that the only way to prove Dev's crime and prove NT's lawyers (who said they were in Canada) was to do a DNA test of the baby and prove that it was his so he committed the crime.Shocked And it would have also been great to see Meera being a support to Geet but hiding that she was helping Dev (drama!) and having a conversation with daadi about her conflict.

After the basic MC stuff, we could have had Maan trying to convince Geet to move back to KC and the outhouse with cute scenes of him trying to pull her out of depression. I would have also loved if he brought back her family here, especially Mohinder and Ranno who got some closure and apologised for being so weak.

Well, I guess I didn't talk much about the wedding LOL but I know you guys enjoy my ramblings anyway so I just went with it...

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roseinbloom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 9:50pm | IP Logged
Oh we're talking about the best .. and I mean BEST .. wedding ever to be shown on TV?!
Count me in =)
First of all I have to agree with Sammy here about the fact that the one most unique part about Maaneet's wedding was that it was focused on THEM (I am not even going to delve into AA nonsense -- they don't exist here). I have seen so much nonsense or drama happening in other marriages on TV that I had actually been prepared for some next level OTT drama in Maaneet's wedding. To my surprise that didn't happen. Yes, there was drama but it was given at the right time, the right amount, and with excellent performances. The drama was part of the original story and made perfect sense. So, this drama was something we could enjoy and not turn away from.
You know the one thing I loved about Maaneet and what set them apart from others? These two have been together-together ever since the beginning. Before marriage they'd lived in the same place as well as after. So all the marriage preps and pre-marriage rituals happened in the same house and there wasn't the typical boy-sneaking-out-to-meet-girl-at-her-house moments (exception of the OH when Maan actually DOES sneak into it before haldi .. LOL!) It was just different because of this factor.
So let's list things shall we? =D
1) Geet Weds Maan: That moment when Maan personally delivers the card to Geet and she shares the joy she feels and the equal fright she feels because she isn't used to all this happiness was just amazing <3 Also the Red/White card debate was equally fun to watch and made it all Maaneet. Geet choosing Maan's card and Maan ordering Geet's card at the end was really sweet =)
2) Maahi Maahi: Annie raised a really good question to Geet about her family and to Daadima about Dev. This led to one of the hottest dances in the entire show which held a lot of emotions in it as well -- absolutely amazing.
3) Brij & Baby: Brij returns! This was the last thing we all expected and I remember when the GEET FB Admin updated the status saying: "Brij is back!" we all got excited and scared about the wedding and the possibilities of it happening or not. This created much needed drama and spice and we all were at the edge of our seats in anticipation. Before Brij attacks Geet in the sauna there was an absolutely WONDERFUL scene that I have always loved -- when Maan brings Geet a Taveez for her hands after his meeting with a Fakir Baba. This was the first time Geet witnessed Maan actually discussing things to do with religion and superstition and it was a change that Geet had brought in Maan which he shares with her. Just watch that scene again to see how uncomfortable Maan is discussing it with her -- GC did a fantastic job.
Then Brij attacks Geet after which Maan makes the choice of saving Geet instead of the Baby which leads to a lot of conflict/guilt emotions within Maan.
4) Sangeet: First off the decorations were oh-so-gorgeous to look at! The green-yellow combo was amazing and the lights and curtains and all were just magical -- kudos to the team for making sure it looked grand and royal. Maan wasn't able to concentrate because the guilt was eating him up and that was followed by an iconic scene when Maan breaks down in front of Geet and the Baby and apologizes to it. The promise they made.. the way Geet told him she is not hurt by his decision was heart-touching. This was followed with a joyful celebration on the song Maahi Ve (btw you notice how the word "Maahi" comes up in many songs used on them ? =p)
5) Bachelor Party: Oh boy .. lol this was absolutely fun and masti-filled. Girls gate-crashing the Bachelor Party was amazing and Geet looked extra gorgeous. Of course we saw a lot of DD in the dance because she was simultaneously celebrating her Birthday but it was fun and we couldn't believe Sheila Ki Jawani actually got used in our show. We had thought the song was overused but it turned out original in our show because of the context and the way it was executed =)
6) Haldi Ceremony: This was one of the best moments pre-wedding because it involved more Maaneet than the rest of the gang. I like how they kept it mainly Maaneet and gave us so many personal moments b/c if you look at most weddings on TV they show way too much of the side characters and their involvement and the main couple gets lost in the crowd. Maan wanting his own little Haldi session with Geet and making a Haldi packet in the kitchen was so cute! Haha .. and not to mention how YUMMY he looked in the white kurta-shalwar <3 Geet looked equally cute in the yellow patiala as well <3 But their little nok-jhok in the OH was extremely funny and unique and the way Geet bangs the vase on his head and what follows was extremely hilarious xD
7) NT returns: Her return was mainly to get back at Geet but equally suspensful b/c now two people were after Geet .. her and Brij. Though NT came back for venegance after seeing Geet about to become the Khurana Bahu, she failed miserably after an attempt at Geet's life.
8) Beauty Parlour and Road Block: Ok this was one of the most unique things I've seen happen at a wedding. The girl gets ready at the parlour and is all set to go and then the idea of making the road blocked because of the arrival of some officials was really original. What followed was no less than dreamy. Maan assuring Geet he'll rescue her and how! That magical, fairytale music, the curtains flowing, and then appears Maan the Rajkumar on a horse to get his Rajkumari! Hayeee it was just beyond magical and the first time I watched it I was like in Maaneet Dream Land because it was so unique and never seen before. This is what you call a dream wedding ! The way Geet tells him that she'd always dreamed of this and them wanting to run away to a far away place and be alone <3 No couple I've seen gets to talk this much at their own wedding day. There's always an interruption so I was so glad that they had this moment to themselves. And then Maan brings his bride on the horse with him .. ahh .. just pure magic <3 Oh and not to forget our 21st century technological couple .. romancing through their bluetooths haha ;)
9) BriMaan fight: Just about the hottest fight EVER to be seen on TV <3 Hayee the way Geet runs from Brij and calls for Maan. The way Maan runs to her and catches hold of Brij's hand and forces the fire to extinguish before it touches Geet. The punches, kicks, slaps, everything was just HOT! Haha. The hottest part would be Maan ripping Brij's undershirt open and leaving a trail or scratch marks behind -- yaooza! That was intense.. and the way Maan yells at him .. hayee I was shivering! And then Geet stood up to Brij for the final time -- that's our strong Geet that we all love! <3
10) Geet faints and Baby in danger: Another private moment b/w Maaneet which I love. This much closeness I hadn't witnessed of a couple on their wedding day .. it was all just perfect. Geet's smile.. the way Maan kisses her and tells her to get ready to come downstairs and all was just perfect.
11) Vermala Ceremony: Ok .. there was absolutely NO dialogue in this scene.. it was all expressions and the amazing Wedding-special Background Music. And it was all so perfect and Maaneet <3 The way they have their little nok-jhoks and how Maan bends his head for her.. oh you just gotta love the man after that! It was all so fun to watch .. you felt like you were a part of the celebration and not a mere bystander. Then the photo session -- LOL. Then Maan takes Geet away for another private moment ... banda was getting too despo HAHA =p
12) Story Telling: This was also unique! They actually gave attention to the COUPLE and shared their special day with them -- not busy in their own lala lands but actually interacting with the bride and groom and giving them the spotlight and letting them TALK. I hate it when the bride and groom just have to sit and look pretty. The stories Maaneet told were beautiful and heartwarming. I love the idea of tying their hands .. and that led to Geet trying to open the rope with her teeth when they were alone -- that was so hot!
13) THE WEDDING! OMG ok I just have to say that their mandap was the most beautiful one I've seen so far. I also love whoever chose the colour blue (cuz it's my favourite =p) ... it just added this royal feel to the entire wedding. There's no words for how DD portrayed Geet's emotions in the wedding sequence. And this is one of the first weddings I'm seeing on TV where you have a song playing instead of hearing the mantras. I love the song selection .. totally fit their feelings at that time. One of the original moments in this was when Maan touches his forehead to the flower in Geet's hand.. FIRST TIME I saw a man do that and show so much respect and love to the bride. They didn't look mechanical .. they looked like a bride and groom crazily in love with each other.. and when Geet expresses that she wants to becomes Mrs. MSK fast it shows their desperation to become one! Loved those touches that just made this original. Of course Darji's unexpected entry made it better. Though this wasn't how we wanted closure for his crimes... it was still emotional to see Geet finally reuniting with family and having her family's presence at her big day. Maan proved to be the world's perfect man that day.
14) Geet's Grahapravesh: Aww I loved this .. the way they cemented their footprints, Geet's handprints on the wall along with others, and Maan carrying her all the while.
15) APPLE GAME: Was this sensuous or WHAT?! That's yet another unique aspect about GHSP. They didn't go the cliche'd ring-in-the-milk game .. that's been done to death. We proved again that we're original and we had the apple game instead. And this suited Maaneet as well.. the tendency to always compete with each other.. the romance, nok-jhok .. it was all in there.. and you gotta love how Maan let Geet take the support of his cheek to bite the apple. YUM! ;)
16) Partial SR: Ok believe it or not this was the hottest SR on TV .. and the hottest SR Maaneet ever had. LOL. It was so sensuous .. and Maan's voice and dialogues were enough to kill us .. you can imagine Geet! She was probably dying inside from nervousness! The way he was checking where more nervousness was .. OMG. And I love how they didn't chose a song for this sequence .. b/c that'd be cliche. They used their dialogues and expressions for this moment and that was unique. Then Maan and the Baby scare ruined it.. but it was still beautiful and unique and romantic. Of course Maan has to be the first man to leave his beautiful wife like that and go talk to Chanda Mama -- his first true love! LOL!
And that concludes my freaking long rant about the most magical and dreamy wedding in the history of Indian Television (well for me it is =p)
And the tagline for their wedding couldn't have been truer:
"Dreams Do Come True" =)
*sigh* I miss Maaneet =( lol

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sia221 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 January 2012 at 10:10pm | IP Logged

U said it Sam..n as usual in perfect words..
Somehow when I c other shows.. My love for GHSP increases 10 times more.. N so also d pain.. When I think of d disaster that happened thereafter with d story..
My most fav part was d actual wed.. The 7 pheras.. Sp.. When they hold each others hand..
Oh that was lovely.. It was so..I dont know d right word here.. Err.. PERSONAL..
As a viewer.. When v hav seen d trauma that Geet has gone thru.. It was like n emotional satisfaction..when she gets married to someone like Maan.. Embarrassed Embarrassed

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