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The 'Captured' Life#2-Last part Updated-Pg 146 (Page 89)

ritzy09 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 4:01am | IP Logged
lovely...both the updates are awesome

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spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 7:02am | IP Logged
till part 41
like the way the story has shaped up...
cont soon and pm me dear...

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 10:28am | IP Logged

omg isi liye kehte hain Duniya gol hai...

Adi Geet ke Jijaji...Pinky kahaan gayi...

Nitya will meet Maan and Maan will take his badla from Geet for drooling over Hasan...

awesome updates...

thanx for pm...

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allibr IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2012 at 11:24pm | IP Logged
Love graphics

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2012 at 1:36am | IP Logged

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2012 at 3:10am | IP Logged

                                                     PART 42

Geet I just can't believe this ..I mean ,Shravya and your  cousin ?? said Adi in a surprising tone.

Waise Jiju ,I can see that you are here right from the airport ,So eager to meet your fianc ..Aren't u ??

She smiled...Well same as you ,he smiled back.

Geet ,This news is definitely a bit disappointing  ,I thought in my wedding you'll be standing by my side ,as my friend and not as my wife's cousin ,come on one member of my side shifted to the other side !!

They both laughed

Ok  Now I'm not gonna waster your time ,I'll send Shravya here ,have a good time ,she winked.


The next day all the preparations for the evening engagement ceremony were going on a swing,  

Geet was enjoying such celebrations after a long time , she was busy with the preparations and one elderly lady came towards her.

Geet!! Oh My God...I'm seeing after such a long time .

How have you been all this long ?? Come ,come sit with me.

Geet smiled weakly and sat with her ...I'm really sorry for your loss Geet , I can very well understand ...and you must be missing him too na..Areh kya naam tha uska...Haan Ayaan ,I met him once ,he was a good guy.

Ayaan ,his name itself was enough to tremble Geet , she suddenly stood up ,Aunty I have some work ,will meet you later ,Bye.

Geet  leaned against a wall, the name that has ruined her ,it came infront of her again it created a disturbance in her mind  , She looked all around ,all the decorations it was during such decorations that she had to face such bitter truth of her life.The fresh flowers  ,the people ,the decorations ,all of this created a strange inconvenience in her.

She has moved on in her life then why this disturbance ,she thought.

Geet didi ...Geet didi.

Nitya..tum..Kya hua??

Geet didi ,Jaldi aao na.Thodi der mein Aditya jiju aur unke family members aate hi honge ,Geet passed a smile.

----Adi's House---

There were no less celebrations going on in Adi's house ,everyone was equally participating in the preparations.

Adi was getting ready for his engagement ceremony ,he was very happy .

He was just waiting for that special moment.

He was almost ready in his sherwani  ,just then Maan came with his camera .

Smile please dulhe saab.

Sir ,Adi smiled and turned towards Maan.

Maan clicked his picture.


Sir , camera??

Haan Adi ,

Ab tumhare engagement ceremony bhi toh cover karna hai!!

Sir ,but why you?? Please don't are my boss.

Oh please Adi!! Stop this!! You are no less than a family member , It's your marriage and I don't want you to  be so formal  with your marriage photographer.


Yep , Look Adi no boss-employee relationship here ,I'm just your photographer ! Maan smiled.

Waise Sir , aap mere boss banke na sahi Geet ke fianc banke toh ja sakte hai na!!

Maan kept his hand on Adi's shoulder ,waise you know what Adi ,I have left this decision to Geet ,until and unless she introduces me to others  as her ,Maan  cleard her throat Her Fiance main toh chup hi rahunga bhai!! Akhir it's all about girls ,kuch panga nahi hona chahiye Maan winked and Adi smiled back 

As you wish Mr. Photographer.

Adi's parents knew Maan for very long so they always treated Maan like their own son and not like Adi's boss , so Maan alwas shared a good rapport with them.

---Shravya'a house'

Adi  and all of them reached Shravya's house.

Shravya's parents received them and Nitya was busy  taking the responsibility ,she didn't notice Maan.

Maan soon entered and with his camera everyone understood him as a photographer ,no-one actually knew Maan except for Nitya and Shravya ,Shravya because of Nitya's craziness.

All of them settled and Maan was clicking photographs and Geet was in the kitchen.

Nitya was holding a glass with  water ,she saw a photographer clicking the photographs ,she smiled .

Areh photographer bhaiya ,ek photo meri bhi click karna please.

Maan turned and smiled.

Ji Zaroor.

Tha's it!!!

Nitya didn't blink her eyes her a second ,she dropped her glass .

Areh ,what happened?? ,she went near her and started to pick the glass .

He knelt down to pick it up ,Nitya couldn't believe her eyes ,for a moment she thought that she was dreaming.
She knelt down and looked at him while picking the glass.

She closed her eyes ,Nitya stop behaving like a desperate soul ,kisi  camera wale insaan ko dekhke Maan ko imagine karna band kar .

Yeh lijiye ,your glass.

Nitya again looked at him and rubbed her eyes.

Excuse me ,are you ok??

She couldn't understand anything ,what's happeining?? She looked confused.

M..M..m...aa...a..n?? She stammered

Ji haan my name is Maan ,he smiled.

That's it ,she again dropped the glass and she kept her hands on her mouth and  screamed!!!

OMG !!! OMG!! OMG!!!

Hello...excusme ,ma'am...areh aap chilla kyun rahi hai!!


Geet was in the kitchen listened Maan's name and came out just to find a Shocked Nitya and confused Maan.

Maan looked at Geet...yeh chilla kyun rahi hai maine toh...

Before he could complete his sentence , Nitya jumped slightly  and hugged him ,OMG!! Maan I can't believe this!!!.

Maan couldn't understand anything ,his eyes were opened wide in shock 

Geet was shocked to see her sudden reactions but she couldn't stop laughing after Maan's expressions.

Nitya suddenly realized that how crazy she was behaving.

She broke the hug ,She looked at Geet ,she looked at Maan.

Areh photographer bhai saab ,idhar aana to zara..yaha pe hum logon ki photo kinchni hai!! came a voice from the hall.

Before Geet or Nitya could tell anything to clear poor Maan's confusion he left from there to do his job .

After he entered hall , even Shravya looked at him and was ahocked to see him but It wasn't hard for Adi to tell her that he is like a friend to him and all.

Nitya and Geet both followed Maan , he was clicking photographs  ,Nitya ran to Shravya and whispered in her ears and Shravya told her that Adi has told her ,Nitya got convinced but she wasn't able to believe that the person she adores and admires a lot has come as a photographer for her sister's wedding??

She again ran to Geet.

Geet didi...mujhe yakeen nahi ho raha!! Woh itna bada photographer Shravya di ke shaadi mein photographer kaise ban sakta hai??

Mujhe to laga tha ki woh Jiji ke sirf boss hai ,mujhe nahi pata that ki un dono ki acchi dosti bhi hai!!

Mujhe toh bilkul yakeen hi nahi ho raha!! I still feel that it's some dream!!

Didi I'm sooo happy. Nitya hugged Geet.

 Accha accha Nitya ,hum baad mein baat kar le ,Engagement shuru hone wala hai...Let's go!!

Waise Nitya tu jaa..main abhi aati hoon ,I'll prepare that pooja ki thaali and come.

Ok didi ,Nitya smiled and went .

In the hall someone tapped Maan's shoulder .

Areh camera wale bhaiya aap zara woh thalli le aa sakte hai?? Woh us Kitchen mein hai.

Ji bilkul ,Nitya felt like hitting her head ,what are they making this genius photographer do !! huh!!

Geet stood in the kitchen ,she smiled rewinding Nitya's and Maan's expressions.

Areh main toh kumkum daalna hi bhool gayi ,isme .

Geet went and opened the lid of the kumkum bottle,she remembered something.


Ayaan...Hum is shop mein kyun hai??

Geet ab hamaari shaadi hone wali hai, shaadi ke baad toh sindoor main hi lagaunga na...!!!

Ayaan..!! Kya hai yaar??!


She remembered those words ,her hands trembled ...What's  happening to her and why??!!

Is it because some-one took his name and empathised with him or are these surroundings that are making her remember those dark moments.

Maan slowly entered the kitchen and hugged her from back ,Geet panicked and reacted suddenly .

Maan sensed something wrong in her sudden reaction are ok??

Haan Maan..I'm completely ok!! It's just that..

It's just that you were missing me..Isn't it??

Maan placed a kiss on her cheek .

She smiled weakly and hugged him.

Areh camera wale bhai saab...Geet ...some one shouted from the hall.

Chaliye Mr. Photographer , aapke liye bulaawa hai...leke jayiye appki gril-friend ko said Geet while pointing at the camera.

Areh Geet ,I ofcourse love my camera, after all it's only through her that I saw you first time .


Mujhse pehle my camera lens saw you and captured you ...Even she finds you extremely beautiful

Accha ji ,so you clicked my photographs without my permission...Bad manners Mr. Photographer. said Geet while hitting his shoulder playfully

Accha ji...Ok I accept it ,It's mine and my camera's fault ,so any sort of punishment is accepted.

He smiled.

GEET!! they again heard some-one calling

Uffo...humein chalne chahiye otherwise this camera wala bhaiya wil be thrown out .

Geet and Maan came out .

Maan's presence however cheered up Geet's mind ,she was very happy seeing him All were gathered in the hall .

Adi and Shravya exchanged rings .Maan clicked a lot of photographs and he didn't miss to click Geet's photographs and Nitya kept looking at Maan whenever possible.

The engagement soon got over.

Everyone was so happy.

After the engagement ,Maan continuously kept clicking pictures of Geet .

Geet went near her ,Maan yeh kya kar rhe ho??

Areh I'm clicking ,after all I'm a photographer ,usi ka kaam karunga na!!

Ok Mr. Photographer ...Let's do justice for your love for photography ,Geet smiled.

She went and gathered few ladies and girls .

Ok Mr. Photographer  See all are ready to get clicked.

Ma'am but all of them will not come in a single frame. rather than a group pic ,  let's all have an individual pic with Meher aunty .Meher Aunty doesn't usually visit functions na.

But ma'am we can click a group photograph with those who are coming in the frame and in the second picture we can click a another set of people.

Areh no no...We'll all get a group picture clicked during the wedding now let's do this.

Me and Meher Aunty ,Shravya and Meher Aunty , Nitya and Meher Aunty , Jay and Meher Autny , Lovely and Meher Aunty , Laila and Meher aunty ,Nimit and Meher Autny , Sahil and Meher Aunty ...and the list went on and on...

What are you doing Geet ,Maan mumbled.

Maan had to click all those pictures.

Now of all the couples ,isn't it a good idea.

Adi jiju and Shravya ,Meher aunty and Jeet Uncle , Veena didi and Suhas Jiju , Lovely and Rishu , and Amita and Sumant , Naman and Vidya , Prakhar and Sandhya... Chalo chalo...sab ki ek ek picture.

Maan went to Geet.

Geet what's this ,what are you doing???!!!??

Areh Mr. Photographar..It's a shaadi ka ghar!! Hai na... toh chalo chalo kaam pe lag jaao now she pointed her finger at him at told in an authoritative voice.

Dekho Mr. Yaha pe tumhare bahaane nahi chalenge , Kaam karne aaye ho na ,toh dhang se karo!! No speaking back ,samjhe!!!!said Geet while showing fake anger.

Sure Madam said Maan while stressing on those words ,as you say Ma'am!! huh!

Maan had to click all those couples right from the newly-wed to all the elderly couples and sometimes he had to click the same couple twice or thrice because apparently their eyes got blinked  or they were not ready for the photograph or they were watching somewhere else and so forth...

Thanks to Geet ,Maan got the real essence of being a photographer in shaadi ka ghar!!

Geet went outside , in the lawn .

Maa followed her.

Thanks a lot Madam ji , for your kindness ...for the first time I realised that this lens is a bit heavy .

Geet chuckled ...Aaaw...Kya hua Mr. Photographer maine kya kiya?? waise  didn't you like your girl friend's company today??said Geet while making an innocnet face .

Accha madam ji , bataoun ki aapne kya kiya??

Maan went towards her to catch her but  Geet started to run and Maan chased her .

They both were laughing and enjoying ,  unaware of the presence of the person who was holding  a photograph of Ayaan in his hand and standing outside the gate of the house.

Precap : Maan Da Mr. Kool Photographer or Ghar ka helper.LOL

               Nitya talking to Maan.

              Ma'am you were Ayaan's fiance ,right??


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AmElOdI Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2012 at 3:28am | IP Logged
Superb update
loved it
update soon

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love2_soma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2012 at 3:41am | IP Logged
awesome n lovely update...

bechara maan...kya se kya ban gaya...

its really amazing...

magar abb kaunsa mod araha hai geet -maan k zindagi mein...

i loved it...

thank u sooo much fr such a beautiful update...

continue nxt prt soon plz...


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