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The 'Captured' Life#2-Last part Updated-Pg 146 (Page 13)

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Posted: 26 December 2011 at 5:23am | IP Logged
Originally posted by soniya_lovesu

ClapClaphey dear...sorry i was inactive from IF because of my exams...U did a fab job in taking the story so far...AMAZINGLY WRITTEN... read the missed out parts just now...Clap
And yea belated MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
Hey welcome Hug
Hope your exams were good Big smile
Thanks a lot for your comment dearBig smile
I was missing your comments!!

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wow..lovely updateee dearr...:)Heart
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loved it
geet is soo cute 
cont soon

harneet <3
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                                                      PART 27

Geet where are we going???

Geet remained silent

Geet...where-are -we -going asked Maan trying to be more clear

I don't know Maan

What???You don't know ??

 Then where are we going??

I don't know

Geet?? Okk let me remind you  what's happening from last 1 hour.

We took a bus ,we took a ticket for somewhere ,got down there ,took an auto you told the driver to go straight and after sometime you told him to stop we got down and walked till till..I dunno where are we...till a bus stand and now we are standing in the construction site and I'm travelling with you assuming that we are going somewhere and I get to know that we are going nowhere...we were just travelling to stare at the seats of the bus and metre of the auto and now again pillars at the construction site

Geet what's wrong with you??

Maan I need to talk to you.

Talk to me??here??

Maan there's no-one here can't you see this street  seems like a desert.

I'm sorry Maan but I really need to talk to you...par tum toh mujhse baat karne ke liye tayaar hi nahi the,so maine socha ki hum bahar jauenge toh...

Maan..Geet looked straight into his eyes

Maan kyat um mujhse abhi bhi gussa ho??

Gussa...??No Geet ,there's nothing like that said Maan while turning away his face from her.

Maan please ,idhar dekho.

Geet I said na..I'm not angry on you,why would I be angry on you??

It's just that ki mera mood kharab hai.

Meri wajah se ,hai na...Geet said while looking at him.

Maan just looked at her but didn't reply he walked away from her.

Geet kept her hand on his shoulder and her simple touch made him turn his face and look at her.


I'm Sorry Maan ...said Geet without letting Maan to speak further

I really am...pata nahi kyun Maan jab bhi khushi meri zindagi mein dastak deni wali hoti hai..main do kadam peche jaake use darne lagti hun.. aur is baar bhi aisa hi hua hai...but Maan tum sahi the..I just can't keep moving away from every happiness  in my  life especially when there's is a such wonderful person in my life who smiles when I smile.

Who gets angry when I feel that I'm empty.

Yesterday you made me realise that there's someone who actually cares about my feelings ,make me realise ...that..that even I'am part of  another life .

I felt my existence Maan.

And you made me feel that ,and strangely your disappointment made me feel that.

And thanks for making me realise this Maan.

I'm Sor...

Maan put his hand on her lips not letting her to speak anything.

He went near her and hugged her.

Geet hugged him back in return more tightly.

She felt more warm and safe in his arms.

She closed her eyes to feel his touch ,his affection , his care .

She felt more comfortable in his arms those eyes ,those words ,that smile that showered  happiness on her.

Those words which broke all her chains of questions and doubts and made her feel her existence.

He kept his hands on her hair and stroked them lovingly .

Hey hugged each other with a lot of feelings running in their mind ,slowly they themselves from the hug and looked at each other with a huge smile on their faces which spoke many untold feelings.

Maan looked around

Geet mujhe lagta hai ki humein yaha se bahar jaana chahiye...That would be much better

Waise manna padega kaafi acchi jagah chose kiya hai tumne

Kyun?? Isme kya kharaabi hai??

Areh nahi nahi manna padega yeh to kaafi creatuve jagah!!

Maan ,said Geet while narrowing her eye brows cutely

Gee tab chale said Maan with a broad smile on his face.

Waise Geet ,ab hum kaha jaayenge??

Pata nahi..!!

They started to walk on the road

While walking on the road Maan saw a person and shouted his Name

SAMAR!!! They both hugged each other

Samar tu yaha kya kar raha hai??

Maan you know na I work at Vandana center ,wahi ke bacchon ka aj annual day hai..yahi paas mein

Oh Wow...!!!

Geet this is Samar ,my schoolmate

Samar this is Geet

Hi Samar.

Helo Geet

Can we join?? asked Maan

Sure ,but woh actually I have to pick up someone from the other street so ...

Areh it's ok no problem ,you just tell us the address and we'll go

Thanks yaar.

Samar gave the address and they both reached there

Geet ,Vandana centre is a school for differently-abled children. Dyslexic and autistic

They teach them how to recognise shapes ,to tslk and do all the basic things...all the volunteers here are amazing.

Geet  was excited to watch the  kids perform.

They were huge banners of Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all around.

Geet looked and her eyes  were glued to the stage once she looked at it ...All small children were performing on various tunes.

They were a lot of volunteers standing behind the small children and making them dance.

Many performances took place and Maan got busy with his camera ,he went and clicked pictures of those children ,Geet kept cheerin and clapping for them with a huge smile on her face.

Maan looked at Geet while clicking those photographs ,he smiled at her excitement and clicked some photographs of her excitement ,the excitement with which she kept clapping to cheer those children.

Maan smiled to himself.

Maan went to her and stood beside her.

Accha lag raha na...

Bahut Maan ,It's so really amazing Geet said while looking at those children In the xcitement she was still searching for words to form a sentence.

Maan ,they are so innocent ,look at their smile Oh God...they are so lovable Maan ,look look they are so excited to perform,Geet spoke trying to be audible in the place filled with  a lot of people ,cheers and music.

Maan kept looking at her ,he wanted to preserve all the expressions and excitement on her face.

Yeah Geet  ,Just like you your excitement.

Geet turned her face and looked at him.

She smiled at him lovingly.

And just then a person came to Maan,wished him an hugged him ...and they both talked for a while about the preparations and the children.

While Geet continued to enjoy  the program .

All the volunteers helping the children to perform ,there was even a karate performance.

Geet thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

And after the performance there was a small speech by the head of the centre

And just then Samar came to Geet.

Hi Geet ,did you like the program??

Amazing Samar .. I really appreciate all your efforts ,wonderful work done by you people

Thanks Geet ,even the children worked very hard.

While talking to Samar Geet got to know that all the volunteers worked day and night to make this possible and he also told her about a new program where they will be teaching children how to eat and a new camapaign to educate children who are economically backward

Waise Geet ,Maan is also a voulteer here

What...?? Maan??

Yeah Geet he used to be very active before but now during the office it's a bit difficult but I trust Maan completely he'll never leave us. Samar smiled and went

Geet smiled to herself ,she once again looked around her ...the parents who were very happy to watch their children perform and she again smiled and looked at Maan he was busy talking to people ,he knew many people there .

How lucky can I be to get a person like you in my life Maan,.


Hey friends so hope you all liked this part ,and the last part of the update was not just to take the story forward  or to show a goody goody Maan or Geet   but they are are such people  who are involved  in this centres for the differently abled children  and work  day and night  to keep hope alive in the lives of others.

All these performances by the children made me realise that though we have a lot of things in our life we keep on complaining rather than valuing them and the hope and smiles on the faces of children and parents don't let us sympathise with them instead they teach us a lot of things..I added this part not for the sake of adding it but I really wanted to share this wonderful experience .

They hardly  cry on their problems , they never lose hope in any circumstance ,they keep trying even if they fail

A  big salute to all the parents ,children ,volunteers who never lose hope  and who changed an aspect of my life .


And do read my special post below this dedicated to all you special readersHug

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Hey friends this year is soon gonna end

And I'm gonna update the next part next yearLOL

I know I know...this is a ppj (puraana pj)LOLLOL

So This year due to Geet I somehow tried to pen-down stories that were revolving in mind,yesterday I was going through all my previous works and read some comments...So just thought of thanking all those people who kept encouraging meHug

And they are some people who kept commenting throught all my works

I started with one-shots

First one being My Well-Wisher for which I got my first ever critisicm by Reva di..who got ready with her belans after reading the second part LOL...di If you are reading this I still remember thatLOL..thanks a lot for making me writing a third part which was more beautifulHug

And I got my second critisicm by jyoti_i  jyoti di ,who didn't like the way I wrote the whole story in the intro of one of my SS's(btw..I tod you the reason LOL) ...di I know you are less active these days...but I still I can't forget to mention thisLOL

And I got a lot of jhootis during my One-shots days..LOLLOL

Srirad ,Tushtikiran , preethia,Remya_pillai  , Vidushi89,...I always love to read your comments...Thanks a lot for commenting on all my works even though they were not so good

Soniya(Soniya_loves u)

Okk girl ..let me tell you one thing the first part of your comments always scare the hell out of me ShockedLOL (Don't remember just go through your comments on my previous worksLOL)...I was missing your comments but it's good that now your exams are over and you are back to IF

Jyoth(jyothikrish) and Zahra(Zahra 15)

Heya my friends I always read your comments but after our newly formed friendship I again read all your comments ,Thanks for those lovely comments...tight jhappies to youHug

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A special thanks to you all ...You people were there to encourage me right from my first OS...Thanks a lot for your comments ...I always wait for your comments!!Hug

And Jyothi  di (jyothi111) and Janaki(Janakisatish) akka Thanks a lot for your PM's ...They really encourage me a lot and I love to read your detail comments.Big smile

Harshdb ,allibr, rsroopali ,geetsweet...Thanks a lot for you lovely animated gestures...They are amazingBig smileBig smile

Abhinash79 and Ladyarwen...usually you both are the first ones to like my updates ,very quick..I send PM's and come back to my thread and always find your names under the like bar.

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A special thanks to all you  people  for commenting on each and every update even If the updates were not good...your likes and comments help me to write the next part.

farhana1234,  5armad,  dpurva,  sheetalvasa,  magyshah,  cukish, aparna_m,  l

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and not to forget these people..I have never interacted with you people...but I'm quite familiar with all your names...I always wait for your names to be displayed below my update and you names bring a smile on my faceThanks a lot for hitting the like button peopleSmile

I started with One-Shots

The Beautiful Change in her , A wonderful part of my life , Your Presence still lingers here and not to forget I got jhappies for That 'One' IncidentHug

I really miss my one-shotsCry..even though they never got many likes but still I enjoyed a lot while writing them Day Dreaming

So people...thanks a lot for making my journey in Indiaforums more special...Love you allHugHeart

I'm sorry if I missed anyone..I'm sure I missed some very lovable persons ...please please forgive meCry...It might just be a mistake

Sooo..Wish you a Happy New YearBig smile

Party hardBig smile

Drive safelyCool

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waiting dear

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oops...!!! you updated...finally Geet ne Maan ko mana hi liya...hayyee...Maaneet hug...!!! awesome update...loved it

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roothe sayaan maan gaye

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