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The 'Captured' Life#2-Last part Updated-Pg 146 (Page 105)

spvd IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 9:22am | IP Logged
part 45
nice part...
cont soon...

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renjini263 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 9:24am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear!!!!
Loved it... plzzz cont soon!!!

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billy_ritu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 11:34am | IP Logged
loved it 
dont u think that now everyone should knw abt maaneet's relationship

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 April 2012 at 4:14pm | IP Logged
amazin updates luvd dem x

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6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 12:12am | IP Logged

Geet isrelieved from her past demons...Maan's simple look and words towards life make her understand that she has to decide for herself if she wants to shed her inhibitions or not...

awesome updates...thanx for pm...

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 1:56am | IP Logged

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 2:08am | IP Logged

 Heya's a double update once again..Enjoy reading Big smile

                                                               PART 46

They were lost in the flash of the flash mob and just realised that they have to attend a wedding this mid night  ,they ran from there as soon as possible , Geet and Maan cursed themselves for being so selfish and to lose themselves in their own rhythm  .

On the other side in the house ,everyone was getting ready for the big fat Indian Wedding  and thanks to one aunty who was so interested in the stock market news that she switched on the television to keep a check on that ,while flipping through the channels ,she didn't miss to notice the "Flash Mob" in her own sheher  Lucknow and got excited after watching this , She called few more people to show that this happened near the main road where all the people of the city go for shopping .

Even Nitya took some time out to watch the flash thing , but the real shocker was when they discovered that the two faces among the mob were somewhat familiar.

The reporter kept saying...As you can see , the whole surroundings are filled with excitement , everyone is enjoying this , Kids, College students and even couples and then the camera zoomed in and galti se they hugged at that moment and that's it...what is Geet doing with the Photographer wale bhaiya??

Nitya almost fainted  after looking at them if another aunty  was carrying some pooja ki thalli that would have dropped and she would have screamed      "Nahii" with her hands on the eyes but gosh these things would have happened if it was a TV serial , in reality only their eyebrows were risen and a lot of questions were framed in that very moment.

Maan and Geet ran but poor Geet she was unable to run with her heals ,so she removed them and took them in her hand and ran till the gate.

Soon they reached the home and entered from the other entrance , they reached near the dining and saw few people sitting together .

Maan and Geet looked at each other...Why the hell is a shaadi ka ghar so silent at this point of time??

Geet still with her sandals in her hand peeped in the hall and saw that the celebrations were going on in a full swing ,she got relieved .

She smiled at some aunties and was about to go in.

Ruko Geet!! She heard someone calling her from them

She turned back not knowing that now both Maan and Geet were going to be the victims of the bullets of questions that others are going to throw on them.

Let's not twist the questions.

What were you and this photographer doing at the flash mob??

Geet's eyes popped out ,she extended her hand to explain and then she relaised that she was pointing the sandal towards her aunty ,she soon fropped the sandals on the floor and pretended to smile ,she looked at Nitya ,even that poor kid was confused .

Woh...woh..woh..Aunty actually

Woh actually Aunty..we were dancing.

Let me explain what is a flash mob...

Stop you think that I'm so dumb ...I know what flash mob is, Just now I saw it on the TV!!..what were you both doing together there??

Dancing together like two drunken people , hugging each other ??

Woh..aunty actually Geet ma'am and I went to purchase  something ,while coming back we saw the flash mob and danced there and we just hugged , yun hi. because everyone was hugging each other ,so did we.

It didn't seem like it was just like that...

Areh Autny...aap bhi na..woh...

Maan ,Geet looked at him .

 Aunty...she walked towards Maan and held his hand.

Maan looked at her with a confused expression ,even though he knew what she was about to tell but still he looked at her confused.

Maan is my fianc .

WHAT!!!?? Nitya almost shouted but her voice was inaudible ,WHAT WHAT???!!

The Photorapher...The Maan...He is the fianc of my cousin??? My hone wale jiju???

The person whom I admire a lot , who is my inspiration is my hone wale Jiju???!!! Am I dreaming?? It didn't seem though. Whose photographs and clicked photographs are filled in standing before me and my sister is holding his hand and telling everyone that he is her fianc??

There was silence for a moment.

WHAT?? This boy and you?? OMG Geet!! One of the ladies present there hugged her and was so happy for her and so was Nitya ,she went to her di..and hugger her tight ,she was so happy for her di.

So what??!!

Geet look , you have distanced yourself from all the relation and ties for a very long time so we have no right to say what is wrong or what is right for you ,your life will only be based on your choice but now when you are here to attend your sister's wedding ,you need to follow some customs ,You both ar engaged that doesn't mean you'll dance on the road like drunken people and then hug each other, It doesn not look good even to the groom's side if anyone will see you on the TV like that..what will they think ?? Your life is yours but now you are here to attend Shravya's marriage ,I hope you stupidity doesn't affect her marriage. Only God knows what happened ,you have also forgot how to behave outside ,being a girl ,This was not expected from you.

Geet was losing her temper! About what customs was she talking??

I'm very sorry aunty ,you might be right ,maybe I forgot how to behave  all these days  and I didn't relaise that I was wrong , probably because during these years my definition for good and bad changed she smiled.  I never knew that enjoying something would even have such consequences..I'm sorry.

Geet replied to her quite calmly ,she didn't lose her temper and went inside .

After this small hungama ,everyone got busy in the preperations...It was time for baraat to come , Maan was with Adi  all the time and Geet was with Shravya , Nitya told Shravya about Geet an Maan ans SHravya was the happiest of all , she hugged her and congratulated her.

Everyone was happy , The rituals , the pooja for the marriage started , All went on smoothly ,

Geet's conversations ,Maan's photographs ,Nitya's teasing sessions , Gossips ,Blessings , mantras everything ,They were married at 2in the mid-night , t was a blissful  moment for all of them.

Maan left the very next morning for Delhi ,he attended the marriage in those two days when KC was off and he took one more day off ,so he wanted to maintain that and went back to office as soon as possible.

Here Geet stayed with Shravya and Nitya for two more days ,she stayed with her during all the rituals .

Adi and Shravya were about to leave to Delhi with Geet Nitya's  exams were over so Adi aksed to join them , she assured her that she would surely enjoy her stay in Delhi .


Scroll down for the next part Big smile

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-Crayon- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 April 2012 at 2:09am | IP Logged

                                                 PART 47

Finally Nitya ,Shrava ,Adi ,Geet all of them left Lucknow and reached Delhi ,Maan had send the car to the airport and they all reached Adi's house .

Ek minute ,ek minute .

Adi..give me the keys and both of you stay here ,Nitya come with me

But Geet...

Please Adi..

Accha theek hai ,Adi amiled and gave her the keys ,Geet took Nitya with her .

Geet  went in dropped some utensils , ran here and there and soon came out ,she arranged a kalash with rice grains and placed it at the entrance.

Nayi dulhann ka ghar mein swaagat hai. "Swagatam Suswagatam"

All of them smiled , Shravya did so and entered inside and hugged Geet.

I love you yaar.

I love you too my dear sis.

Adi smiled and just then their Land line rang.

Kya baat hai Adi ,andar kadam nhi rakha ki tumhaara phone bajne laga. Dekh lo Shravya !! Haaye haaye!!Shaadi ke baad ,khatre ki ghanti.

Hello..Adi bhai...


Bhai..I'm so sorry that I'm disturbing you at this point of time but is Geet there with you.

Yes Dev..what happened?

Adi bhai..please tell Geet to reach office as soon as possible ,Bhai is hell angry at the staff as few things went completely wrong , It would be a lot of help if Geet will be present here , I need to talk to her regarding some designs.

Ok Dev ,relax I'll tell her and suno...Maan sir se is waqt zyaada baat mat karna.

Thik hai bhai.

What happened Adi?? asked Geet while removing her sandals

Poor staff !! Facing the terror of MSK's anger!!


Yep apparently something went extremely wrong.

Oh no...!!! Man I need to reach office as soon as possiblesaid Geet while wearing her sandals

Ruko Geet ,even I'll accompany you.

Adi are you crazy?? You are newly married and you want to come to office?

Shravya interrupted ,It's ok Geet , Work is work right...It can never take a backseat.I'm here with Nitya ,I need to do a lot of things now..unpack my bags ,settle down .So you both go  the office. We'll meet in the evening.

But Adi...

Geet ab chalein ?? Hum zyaada late nahi ho sakte!! said Adi while biting a bread slice that he ahs just bought while coming to house.

They both rushed to the office. It was so calm and silent ,Adi whispered toofaan se pehle sab aise hi shaant hota hai na..

I hope ki toofaan ke baad waali shanti ho.

Here Adi  sir is right ,abhi half an hour mein meeting hai ,jaha pe most probably sabka band bajne wala hai!!

They both looked at Dev and Pinky

Pinky went to Adi .
Congraatulations Adi Sir ,she hugged him .

Thank you Pinky

Congratulations Adi bhai...Dev  hugged him .

Are kitni baar yeh bologe? Shaadi se pehle ,shaadi ke baad.

Kya kare bhai , Jab insaan shaheed hone wala ho ,toh use aatm bal ki zaroorat to hai hi ,jo main aapko de raha ho.

All of them laughed

Geet playfully hit his shoulder , accha KID let's see what happens during your shaadi.

Waise Geet ,I don't have any such plans as for now ,I love my life !!

Are you chatting sessions over now??

All of them turned back to see Maan standing there with his arms crossed over his chest.

He raised his eyes?? I asked one question  .

Pinky stammered...Woh Sir..yes sir..I mean No Sir we weren't actually chatting.

Dev ..In my cabin...NOW!!

Dev nodded and muttered under his breathe..Mar gaye!!!

All of you , Office is meant to work ,so please I request you all to do so. Back to your work right now!

All of them dispersed as soon as possible

Maan left and Dev followed him.

Yeh Maan ko kya hua hai??

Kuch naye woh  naye designs mein koi problem hai ,aur clients ke saath Sir ki meeting prepone ho gayi..So have extremely less time to even rectify everything properly.

Majorly It's  because a blunder of Shaina ma'am ,Poor her Maan sir was so much angry on her yesterday ,even we all have our share of mistakes so everyone is to be blamed ,sometimes things go extremely wrong .

Sh** happens!! But We'll try our best to sort everything out.

Geet took some of her files and was about to enter Maan's cabin and just then secretary stopped her from entering.

Sorry ma'am Maan sir has strictly ordered not to disturb him for next two hours.

But I need to talk to Sir regarding few designs.

Sorry ma'am , these are Sir's orders.

Geet left from there while murmuring something under her breath .

She went in her cabin and called him to his personal mobile , Maan kept it at silent but when he saw Geet's name being displayed he picked it up.

Hello Maan... actually I wanted to talk to you about some files ,I have some doubts regarding this...

Maan didn't let her continue.

Ms. Geet Handa , have you ever heard about something like the intercome which is there for official purpose??

Sir I know..but Aisha told me that you have told her not to connect any calls for next two hours.

So Ms. Handa that simply means ,that I have told her not to disturb me for next couple of  hours and that doesn't mean you call me on  my personal mobile to ask your doubts. Is that clear Ms Handa

Sorry Sir , actually.

Ms GEET HANDA...Is that clear?? and I didn't ask you to give your explanations ,so please give explainations only when are you are aksed to do so, he told in anger

Geet frowned ...Ok Sir ,Sorry sir.

She cut the call.

Aaargh!!!  She got a call ,she angrily looked at the number , her frown turned to a smile and she picked up the call

Hello young are you doing??

What to say Sudesh Uncle...Here my boss has just shouted at me , Thank God..I wasn't standing in front of him that time ,otherwise he would have burnt me with those looks!! Huh!!

Sudesh laughed.

Uncle ,you are laughing?? Your son is creating terror here.

Ab what to do...This old man has nothing to say except to laugh.

Accha young girl..I guess I have called you at the wrong time , will talk to you later beta.

Ok uncle..bye..will come to house from the office directly.

Sure beta...and I have also invited Adi and his wife to dinner today, so that they get relaxed in our house today.

Oh tha'ts great Uncle..Love you.

Love you too beta.

Adi reached home early and informed to Shravya about their meeting plans.

Shravya and Nitya both felt fresh as they took some rest however Adi was a bit tired so he decided to take rest and then visit Sudesh Sir.

Maan and Geet both worked till late. Maan came out of his cabin and went to Geet.

Geet ,he opened the door of her cabin.

She was busy working.

Ghar chale Geet??

Sir ,aap jayiye I have some work to do.

Geet!! I said let's go!!

Geet looked at Maan , Is this also an order ...Sir?? she addressed him as Sir after a pause

He smiled , it's a request but if you are in mood to accept this request then It won't take much tim for this request to be turned to an order.

Geet again frowned ,Dekha babaji!! Aap hi batayiye...

Geet jaldi!!

She sat in the car while Maan was driving.

Gussa ho??

Gussa?? Why will I be angry??

Maan smiled while she murmured .

Mujhe Ice-cream khaana hai!!

Geet we are going home for dinner !!

So what?? I want an ice-cream

Geet we'll have an Ice-cream after dinner ,let's go home first.

NO No No..I need an Ice-cream first...please!! she made a bay face!!

Acha okk okk.


She ate the ice-cream and they both reached home ,Maan was surprised to see Adi ,Shravya and Nitya in their house .

OMG..what a pleasent surprise ...Maan went and hugged Adi and greeted Shravya and Nitya , Oh that's a wonderful surprise..I'm happy to see you all here.

Afterall it's my idea son.

Ohh are the best.

I know..they smiled.

So Nitya how are you??

I'm fine..Finding the capital good ,atleast until now.

You'll love it ,believe me.

All of them smiled and talekd to each other except for Geet and Dev who were affected by Maan's behavior in the morning.

Dev and Geet looked at each other.

Dekh rahi ho??

Sab dikh raha hai!!

Your fault ??

Phone kiya..yours??

File giraaya!!

Very bad...Abhi jaake change karke aa jao..phir koi plan banaayenge!!

Done...partner,she whispered

No...It's partner in crime,he whispered.

Done..Mr. Crime Partner.

Geet went in to freshen up, ,she went inside the room and was about to close the room and just then ,Maan came from behind and hugged her.

Maan..Maan what are you doing.

You are angry on me...right??

No..Why would I be angry on you ,leave me, He turned her towards himself and brought her close.

I'm really sorry Geet.

Maan ,leave me...kaha na chodo.

Maan left her .

But Geet ,atleast listen to me...accha theek I'll hold my ears.

Maan held his ears ,I'm sorry.

Maan..Maan...Maan...what are you doing??!! Stop it please.

Well...Look...Maan I'm the one who should be sorry ...In the office you are my boss Maan and I should be able to listen to you ,even when you shout at me but..


No Maan...But I'm still trying to balance between this lovable Maan and my khadoos boss..!! I'll not let you down ,saying this she kissed his cheek.

Geet got freshened up and they both were finally all smile and came out.

Dev saw both of them

Geet??!!! You mitradrohi!! Party badal di??

Areh nahi nahi Dev...!! Aisa nahi hai..listen to me..Kiddo!!

Areh main sab samajh raha hun ,Geet..!!

Dev ruko.

Dev left.

Dekha Maan yeh sab tumhari wajah se hua..tumne donon partners in crime ko alag kar diya.

Maine kya kiya?? asked poor Maan with a confused expression

Geet looked at him and pointed at him..kuch mat bolna...samjhe Mr. Maan Singh Khurana!!

Geet left...

Geet ruko toh..Geet

Areh yaar..kaise bhai hai mera!! Tujhe toh main chodunga nahi!!


Precap : Dev-Maan-Geet ka jhagda LOL

              Nitya-Shravya-Adi-Maan-Geet-Dev ki masti ,ofcourse with Dev's                           innovative and crazy ideas Wink


--Pls do read this chotu sa note--LOL

NOTE : Hey friends...this was a real longish update ,so I'm expecting some nice comments from you all, As the response for the previous parts has threw me into depression!! LOL Has this FF turned that bad?? Ouch Please , please It's a humble request from me to you to drop a comment ,just simply about how you liked or disliked the update!! Embarrassed'coz only your comments encourage me to write further and nothing else!! Big smile  Waise bhi this FF soon will come to an end with the next set of updates , so  please let me know about your feedback...Please show some rehem on this poor aatma LOL and drop a comment in this thread , 'coz your comments surely mean a looot to me and to any writer!! Embarrassed 


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