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SS: Ice-cream and whip cream18+ part 10 page 29 (Page 8)

march2011 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged

nice let me knw for part4

zenia Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
wow...that was fabulous...
plz pm me
sapphhire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
wonderful pm me on your next update.
Mina H Goldie
Mina H
Mina H

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 4:15pm | IP Logged


RECAP: Maanvi: yea then who?

Virat and Maanvi stared at one another in shock

Maanvi: ab kya karey ga?

Virat: we will find out who stole our icecream

Maanvi: yes but how

Virat: I have my doubt on someone

Maanvi: realy who?

Virat: viren bhai and jeevika bhabhi

Maanvi: arey nai virat di doesn't like so much icecream she will not eat more than a half box of icecream

Virat: when did I say she ate some… bhai and bhabhi must have done something what v did yesterday

Maanvi blushed: but how can you be so sure

Virat: well you liked it, meaning your sister likes it as well… I liked it meaning my brother must have liked it well

Maanvi: hmmm you're right, but what do we do now??

Virat: I don't know, maybe we can just get it started…

Maanvi: get what started?

Virat: you know, without the icecream

Maanvi: gosh virat I meant something other then that… tumhare dimag bhi na

Virat: acha acha don't get mad…

Maanvi: then let's go watch tv or a movie…

Virat thinks: Maanvi ko manie movie dekhaaney ki liya toh nai roka tha…

Maanvi: what are you thinking—asked Maanvi in the most cutest way ever

Virat: nothing maanu just thinking which movie we will watch

Virat went towards Maanvi and picked her up in his arms and took her to his bedroom, made her sit on his bed and put on a movie

Maanvi: which movie is it?

Virat: the dirty picture

Maanvi: VIRAT I don't wana watch that movie… at least not with you

Virat: what does that mean?

Maanvi: I mean put something else on…

Virat: I don't have any other movie

Maanvi: kya mutlab chachi ka pass toh hoongi na

Virat: chachi apni movies ek lock closet mein rakti hai, jis ki chabi who saath rakti hai

Maanvi: oh my god fine we will do something else

Virat: no maanu come on lets watch that movie

Maanvi: nai, I am going to the bathroom and after that we will decide what to do

Virat came close to Maanvi to pick her up again, and Maanvi backed away

Maanvi: mein washroom jaa rahi hoon

Virat: yea I will accompany you

Maanvi lightly pushed virat away from here and went to the bathroom herself

Virat thinks 'well thank god movie ka idea toh gaya, warna teen gante ki movie ka khamtam hona se phela sarey ahh jaata, but I don't wana force maanu into getting intimate with me, but I so wana kiss her again gosh what do I do'

While Maanvi was in the bathroom she thinks… 'I know what virat wants to do likan, likan everytime we want to do something more than kissing and fooling around and somehow I get enough courage to stop him, but what if I m not able to stop him now… I want to feel his touch all over me, but I know it is wrong, but how something that feel so good be so worng… I love him he loves me, toh phir kyun… uff I will go crazy stop thinking Maanvi and lets just go with the flow'

Saying that she went outside, to find virat in a black and white coloured suit all dressed up, looking hot as fire.

Maanvi was just stunned her eyes were soo checking him out, top to middle to bottom, virat for a got nervous and started getting sweat around his forehead… which Maanvi noticed and looked away

Virat: I thout we would go out on a date….

Maanvi was still in shock seeing the most hottest/handsome guy asking her out on a date, Maanvi still didn't make any eye contact with him

Maanvi: umm a date

Virat: yea I m all ready and I got this for you, change into it and I will meet you downstairs

Before Maanvi could say something virat had step out giving Maanvi a gift- which was all wrapped up

Maanvi kinda panicked for a moment, 'I have never been out on a date…' Maanvi opens the present to see a beautiful white colour dress with white cinderalle shoes, Maanvi was speechless 'virat ni yeh sab kasey kiya… like I was just in the bathroom and I come out to see all this how can he be so fast?" 

After 10-15mintues Maanvi was wearing the stunning dress and adoring herself in the mirror when she saw virat behind her, Maanvi lowered her eyes as virat came closer, he came closer until he was standing right behind her, he lowered his head so his lips were right on her ears, Maanvi could feel his breathing on her, she left such a electrifying current go through her

Virat in a low seducing voice: hey look beautiful but something is missing

Maanvi looked up into his eyes: kya

Virat was still half in her ear half in her neck nape: asey nhai close your eyes then

Maanvi did as she was told without any argument virat was very happy for the first time she did as he told her "gosh she is so beautiful" virat thought to himself and slowly started moving her hairs away from her back to put them on one side of her shoulder he felt Maanvi shiver as his hand was touching her bare back and her shoulder. He brought his hands around her neck to place a diamond necklace around it "now open your eyes" Maanvi couldn't believe her eyes "yeh, yeh toh bhoot manga ho gay"

Virat: maanu don't kill the romantic mood…

Maanvi just smiled: virat but--

Virat: no but okay fine let's go my princess

Maanvi: princess?

Virat: haan ab mein toh prince lag raha hoon, toh tum meri princess..

Maanvi: apni tareef khudhi?

Virat: haan now what can I do… I have a shy girlfriend now she won't praise me

Maanvi: I know what you want by calling me shy, likan har bar vasey effect nhai hota

Virat: acha meri jungli bili

Maanvi: I look like a wild cat to you

Virat: no you look like a sexy run away bride

Maanvi: virat

Virat: okay we can argue as much as we want later lets go on our date          

Maanvi and virat had a silent drive to the 7 star hotel The Pearl Continently

Virat parked his car and went outside to open the door for Maanvi, Maanvi was infact treated like a princess

Soon they were sitting in their private cabin staring deep into each other eyes sitting infornt of one another

Virat: asey mat guray tumhey mujhse pyaar ho jaya gay

Maanvi: who toh ho chuka hai…

Virat: acha toh phir kaho I love you

Maanvi: phela tum

Virat: kya tum mujhey app kaho show some respect for your would be husband

Maanvi just stares at him blankly: respect aur tumhey… okay g agar tum—nai agar app yehi chata hain toh phir tik hai mera sartaj

Virat: sartaj?

Maanvi: g sartaj

Virat: Maanvi I was joking

Maanvi: nhai sartaj apka khukam sar ahkon pe

Virat: maanu stop it, it is irritating

Maanvi: nhai karu gi stop

Virat who was sitting infront of her moved from his chair to sit right beside her

Virat: yes so what were you saying?

Maanvi: nothing

Virat: good varna mein na kuch karna lagta

Maanvi: kya?

Virat: tumko chup karna laga tha

Maanvi: who kasey?

Virat: by a kiss

Maanvi: virat

Virat: uff don't say my name like that… it makes me wana go crazy

Maanvi: virat

Virat burrys his head in her hairs and half around her neck, he lightly starts kissing her necks nape and doesn't even realizes when his kissing picks up speed and he is down to her collar bone, Maanvi had no sense left in her she was in a trace of love which was very intoxicating Virat was by her cleavage this time with full force he heard a moan escape her lips as he was on her cleavage he wrapped his hands around her back to keep a hold on her, because the force of Virat's kissing her, Maanvi was being pushed back. So he was going left right all over her neck,  to on top of her chest, he went to her shoulder and started kissing her insanely their… Maanvi too her hands wrapped around his head and was playing with his hairs in her hand… suddenly virat gave a bite on top of her shoulder and the place became blue right away, which made Maanvi gave out a light scream, virat stopped and looked at her "sorry Maanvi I was just so lost and I didn't mean to hurt you" virat said with a apologetic look, Maanvi just smiled in return "it is okay virat I know you didn't mean to" replyed Maanvi

Suddenly they hear a knock on their private cabin it was their waiter with the food

Waiter= w

W: sir your food

Virat: thanks

W was gone immediately after he had set out their table, Virat looked at Maanvi's hickey and left terrible about it, Maanvi could notice virat was tensed and tried to cover the love bite with her hairs… virat gave a weak smile to Maanvi

They quietly ate their food; after they were and the waiter took their food… there was an awkward silence between them Maanvi felt bad for Virat, because he still felt bad for what he did, Maanvi had to finish the awkwardness

Maanvi: ummm Virat wana dance?

Virat nodded his head; there was enough space in their cabin for them to dance in

Maanvi extended her hand and virat held it and placed on his shoulder and held the other one in his hand, Virat put his hand on her back and lightly pulled her close to him, Maanvi put her head on his shoulder and they both started to move around slowly

Virat: I love you

Maanvi just buried her head more in his shoulder

Virat: you also it

Maanvi: say what?

Virat: you love me too…

Maanvi stood on her tippy toes to reach his ears and Virat shut his eyes to get into the feel of Maanvi

Maanvi: I lo—

Virat: aga bolo

Maanvi: oh my god virat look at the time it is past 6, sarey ghar ponch na wala ho ga… we have to go

Virat: no we don't

Maanvi: kya mutlab

Virat: woh all of them are going to stay their for the night

Maanvi smiles: really but—

Virat: no buts or if… tell me what I want to hear…

Maanvi looked up to his face, they were just inches away… Virat pushed her hairs behind her ear and put his hand around her check and other one on her waist

Virat: so tell me

Maanvi: I love someone

Virat let go of her: WHAT

Maanvi: budhu I am talking about you

Virat again got in the position they were inn and smiled at her: you got me scared for a second likan banderiya asey khata hai I love you?

Maanvi smiled at him, virat opened his mouth to say something, but couldn't say anything as his lips were unable to move beause maanvi's lips were on his mouth, Virat was really enjoying the kiss… Maanvi was still standing on her tippy toes too much to his height… Maanvi and Virats kissing got faster and harder by the moment and virat could feel Maanvi was tried form standing like that so he picked her up from her waist and went near a wall to support her, not for a sec did their lips apart they let each other tongue play in their mouths, soon they need grasp for air and broke their kiss…

Virat: that… was… amazing… Maanu… you are… amazing

Maanvi just smiled at virat

Virat: likan yeh kis liya tha?

Maanvi: asey hi mujhey tum pe pyaar ahh raha tha

Virat: kash yeh pyaar har waqt aya karey

Maanvi: pyaar har waqt hi hota hai

Virat: acha bhi?

Maanvi nods her head and Virat holds her hand and takes her out of the hotel and sits in the car

Maanvi: where are we going?

Virat: somewhere special  and for that place you need to change into something casual

Maanvi:  so we are going to go and change at home?

Viratno if we go back home it will get late there is a mall nearby here, lets go there

Maanvi: thanks virat

Virat: for?

Maanvi: for everything

Virat: there is no thanks or sorry in love

Maanvi: acha I thought woh dosti mein hota hai…?

Virat: pyaar dosti si hi hota hai (Virat smiles) ma'am your mall is here

Maanvi: thank you driver

Before leaving Maanvi takes off the necklace and leaves, Virat waits outside the changing room for more than 20minutes he gets worry and knocks on her door

Virat: maanu sab tik hai, why are taking so long I have already changed into jeans and t-shirt, please come out na we are getting late

Maanvi: haan chep woh meri… is someone outside to help me

Virat: yeh chep hai na… what do you need help in?

Maanvi: no I mean koi aur

Virat: maaanvi open this door right away

Maanvi: but—

Virat: no but open this door

Maanvi hestinatly opens the door and virat looks at wearing jeans and a kurti

Virat: sab tik hai, you look fine come lets go

Maanvi: I can't go

Virat: what why?



Any guess what can be worng… or where virat will take her next… anyways I hope you guyz like… I know I said last time that this will be a hot part, but I just get stuck in writing… that's why this part even took long… I will get some pointers on how to write a sexy scene… and I will add that to the next part inshallah… please comment… bad or good… for some odd reason I think this part didn't turn out good L so please comment good or bad J

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Nehal92 Goldie

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 4:32pm | IP Logged
I was awesome..!!! luved it!! :Big smile update soon!! Smilecant wait for de nxt part!! Hug
shivu124 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
loved it pleasee pleasee pm me wen u write again 
add me to ur buddy list please

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IrUmIBrAhIm Goldie

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Wow wow .. it was hot ;)... Plz continue soon Plz.. both of Ur fanfics they er amazing :)
arri-spy06 Senior Member

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Posted: 29 December 2011 at 5:04pm | IP Logged


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