Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

SS: VIRMAN- Love is in the air! part 3 pg 5

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Mina H

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part 1 - page 1
part 2 - page 1
part 3 - page 5
                        Love Is In The Air
"Yes beeji I'm coming just finishing my unfinished work" said Maanvi
"yeh unfinished kon sa work hota hai explain me, your always on your laptop"
Maanvi: beeji you won't get it

With it Maanvi shut down her laptop and went downstairs to have dinner, like always they were having take out, because Maanvi's Beeji was busy with her own work- she runned a human rights organization so she didn't have enough time to make super for them

Maanvi: yummy Chinese again, BEEJI how many times have I told you I hate china, and I hate their food
Beeji: how can you hate china you have never been their

Maanvi: and now I will never be there after you have tormented me by their food

Beeji: the food is good

Maanvi: I think I'm a pass again, and tomorrow I will bring food

Beeji: let me guess pizza?

Maanvi: you know me so well

With that she kissed her beeji's check and went to her room

Beeji: again you're passing out on dinner and going to that laptop of yours

Maanvi: Beeji I have got Uni stuff to do, see you in the morning till then good night and sweet dreams

Before she could finish her sentence she was already in her room with her laptop open, off course her Beeji knew her too well, she had no Uni stuff to do, but infact she was chatting with her sister Jeevikawho lives in India in the Varida house, but she can't tell that to her Beeji, or else she will take Maanvi's laptop form her

Maanvi went online from id which she had made, and called herself Cinderella

Cinderella: gosh Beeji again got Chinese

Jeevika: awww you poor baby

Cinderella: tell me about it, anyways di I miss you so much you can't imagine

Jeevika: me too I can't wait to met you

Cinderella: sometimes I just hate destiny, like why did it have to make us apart

Jeevika: yea my sweet baby sister me to, but don't worry everything will be fine soon

Cinderella: but then on the other hand I love destiny

Jeevika: oh yea' why so?

Cinderella: because of that destiny you met Viren jijo

Jeevika: J

Cinderella: gosh whenever I write Viren jijo why do you send me a smiley face?

Jeevika: I don't know, J I just want you to meet him asap

Cinderella: OH MY GOD which reminds me in 3 days I am coming to india

Jeevika: what how, when and why? And does Beeji know?

Cinderella: no not yet she doesn't now, but I have my tickets already

Jeevika: but'.

Cinderella: its summer vacation and Beeji is leaving to America for two months so what will I do here all alone in Calgary?

Jeevika: but'

Cinderella: I know what you're thinking if Beeji says no, but don't worry about it I have it all under control I have a exam tomorrow so I will see in three days love you tc till then mhaws

Cinderella logged off

Jeevika thinks: uff yeh larki bikul ajeeb hai, if Beeji gets to know she is coming to india she will be really mad, but the feeling of seeing my baby sister in three days makes me very happy

Jeevikawas smiling to herself when she felt a tap on her shoulder and jerked from her chair to see Viren standing behind her

Jeevika: you scared me

Viren: I know I like doing that to you, but how come you're smiling like I barely see a smile on your luscious lips

Jeevika: Viren Maanvi is coming' like can you believe that

Viren: really and guess what Virat  is coming as well

Jeevikaand Viren say it together: Maanvi/ Virat  is coming after 3 days

They both start laughing

Jeevika: I have been living here for the past one year but I didn't get a chance to meet your brother this is going to be great

Viren: and I know you since the past one year but I haven't met your sister this is really going to be great, but don't get your hopes high in meeting my brother he is very reserved and quiet and doesn't hang around much, and also you can he say is very naughty at times and rude at times, heck he doesn't even want anyone to pick him up from the airport he just wants a car and a driver

Jeevika: oh my god my sister is totally opposite from your brother, she is totally not reserved, she loves hanging out, and she talks so much that at times you could get a headache form her talks, but it is aright if she stays here right'?

Viren: that is nothing to talk about, off course she will stay here

With that Jeevika and Viren hugged one another e

Viren: I love you

Jeevika just smiles and buried her face in his shoulder

Back in Canada- Calgary

After three days- On the airport

Beeji: I have felt the emergency numbers on the fridge if you need anything call me, and don't eat too many pizzas and I love you take care

Maanvi: don't worry Beeji I love you too

As soon as Beeji was out of the range to see Maanvi anymore after broading her flight, Maanvi made a run to her house her stuff was already packed and done she grab her handbag and filled it when necessary stuff and rushed outside her cab was already waiting for her she locked her door and went back to the airport there was still thirty minutes left when she heard a deep heavy voice arguing with the person on the counter the man was saying

"How dare you, I cannot believe this, this is absurd, it is ridiculous after all of these years of traveling with you, this is how you repay me by'? Huh?"

Customer Service person: yes Mr. Virat I understand but you can always take the next flight and we can accommodate you in the first class 

Virat: no I cannot take the next flight I have to broad this one' but I need first class

 Customer Service person: but due to Christmas all of our flights are full, and there is nothing more I can do'


Saying that he rushed to the security to get himself checked in

Maanvi saw all this and couldn't believe that man,

Maanvi thinks: first class ho yah economy ho plane mein to jaga millti hai na' gosh yeh pata nai kasey banda hai becahra woh passenger jo is ka saath betha ga

Maanvi when through security and broaded her flight her seat was a window seat in the middle of the plane' fly time was 15 hours and 50 mins a direct flight to india  {I know there is no flight direct to india form canada but just imagine!}

Next part virman meet i will post that part in a few hours... please comment and hit the like button :)

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ParulRatiShivi IF-Rockerz

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Nice Love Is The Air Story Loved It .. Plz Do Continue..
Mina H Goldie
Mina H
Mina H

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Virat thinks: I cannot believe it they put me economy class, gosh screw them I hate this airline now where is 27A great I am sitting next to girl just what I needed

He sweared under his breath and went and sat with a jerk on the seat

Maanvi was busy looking outside but when she suddenly felt a tump next to her she turned around to see that same rude man, who looked quite handsome to her

Maanvi think: what am I thinking?

Suddenly the plane starts to taxi and Maanvi looses all of her thoughts and closes her eyes tightly together and starts singing

India re india very good very good

India jaana very bad very bad

train se jaana very good very good

plane se jaana very bad very

Maanvi: OH MY GOD ima die holy shittt god save me

Suddenly Virat  puts his hand on her wrist and Maanvi opens her eyes

Maanvi: don't touch me

Virat : I have no desire to touch you but stop scaring the little kids in the plane

Maanvi looks around to see three kids staring at her, and then she looks back at Virat  

Maanvi  sallow her spit: umm actually this is my second time in the plane first time was when I came here a year ago and now, but I'm very nervous you know I am going to meet my sister after 1 year I have really missed her and—

Virat : and I am not interested

Maanvi: yea but when I talk I feel less nervous so hear me out, my sister has fell in love I will met her boyfriend for the first time

Virat : look I am totally not interested

Maanvi: another thing my Beeji does not know that I am going to India, didn't I do such a bad thing so if this plane crashed she will never know where I went…

Virat : okay the planes is out of danger and look the seat belt sign is off as well so I hope you're not nervous anymore and now you be quite…

Maanvi: fine and anyways I was talking to my self

Virat : next time you want to talk to yourself you it in your head…

Maanvi: I like to talk out loud

Virat : gosh you are so annoying

Maanvi: what I am not annoying heck I barely talk to strangers

Virat : then why are you talking to me

Maanvi: because I have no one else to talk to you… I can't sit quite for a long time

Virat  presses the airhostess button

Airhostess: yes anything I can help you with?

Virat : yes can you please give me another seat in the plane

Airhostess: sorry sir but our flight is full

Virat  gives his stern look at the airhostess: fine but can I get a glass of water please

The airhostess leaves

Maanvi: that was very rude; you're a very rude man

Virat : gosh you won't shut up will you?

Maanvi: with that attitude I don't think so

Virat : errr just… just

Maanvi: just what mr. rude man

Virat : just because I don't want to hear you talk makes me a rude man?

Maanvi: yes, and I saw what you did with that poor customer service person

Virat  looks directly into her eyes and thinks: wow she has beautiful eyes… no what am I thinking

Virat : look that is my personal matter so please stay out of it

Maanvi: ooh please if it is your personal matter then you should keep a low voice

Virat : so know you're going to tell me how to talk

Maanvi: I guess I can teach you something in 15 hours

Virat : gosh just leave me alone

Just as he says that the AH( air hostess arrives with his water)

Virat : it took you long enough it never takes that long in first class

AH: sorry sir – with that she goes away

Maanvi: class really matters to you

Virat : yes it does I like to have my own space… look it seems like as if your sitting in my lap

Maanvi: excuse me… but it certainly does not look like that

Virat : look I like to sleep in the plane… so please

Maanvi: fine sleep

Virat  closes his eyes and Maanvi starts seeing what movies the plane is playing after 10-15mins she has to go the bathroom

Maanvi thinks: great ab mein is rude banda ko kasey jaggoon?? Maybe I will just pass by him quietly …. gosh I hate doing this… ganda banda na ho kasey tanga khool kay sou aha hai- Virat had his legs far opened which made Maanvi feel very disgusted in him!

So Maanvi puts her one foot between his legs and makes sure he doesn't get up, just her luck the plane goes to turbulence making Virat  get up to see Maanvi standing between his legs, Maanvi doesn't realize Virat  is looking at her because she is too busy maintaining her balance


Maanvi gets startled from his voice and falls of top of him

Maanvi closes her eyes tightly together and holds on to Virat 's collar as if her life depends on it, her face is on Virat 's chest. Whereas Virat  is confused what to do… but for some odd reason he likes the feel of her on him he lightly puts his hand on her back, making Maanvi come to her senses

Virat : umm are you alright, look I didn't mean to scare you, but

Maanvi let's go of his collar and sees in what a embarrassing situation she is in, so she tries to get up from him, to just her luck the person in the front seat, reclines his chair making Maanvi again fall on him…

Maanvi: umm

Maanvi's check are red with embarrassment

Virat : wait I will help you

Virat  takes Maanvi's hand and pushes her from him and makes her stand

Maanvi: thanks and sorry I was just trying to go the bathroom

Virat : okay

Maanvi runs to the bathroom because she knew she is stood their any longer she would melt from embrassment

Virat  thinks: what a strange girl… but why did I like her feel on me… but she felt to light and the way she held my collar (Virat  puts his hand where Maanvi's hand was)… that was just an amazing feeling… god what on the earth am I thinking, girls are just trouble

Maanvi enters the bathroom and looks at herself in the mirror, her checks are bright red

Maanvi: gosh I am such a loser I totally deserve this, but why did I get so embrassed… I never get embrassed but never has anything like this happened before

She cleans her face with cold water and redness is better

Maanvi suddenly gets smirk on her face, remembering how and where is was

Maanvi: his light hand on my back was making me so… SO nothing but how such a muscular man can have such a light touch, but how can I face him know… he must be making fun of me…

About thirty minutes pass by and Virat opens his eyes

Virat : she is still not here… where did she go, I bet she is in some kind of trouble

Virat  calls the AH

AH: yes sir

Virat : you know the girl sitting next me, where did she go

AH: I am not sure

Virat : well then can you find out

AH: did she say where she was going

Virat : she said she was going to the bathroom

AH: okay I will come right back

After 5minutes the AH comes back

AH: they are two bathrooms that are occupied at the back, so your best bet is she is still in the bathroom

Virat : okay

Another 10 mins go by

Virat  thinks: why I am feeling more and more worried for the girl I don't even know her name, so then why

Just as Virat decides to look for her himself he sees her coming, and Virat  gives out a sigh of relief

Maanvi doesn't make any eye contact with the rude arrogant man who is simply just so handsome, "gosh phir se mein shur hogi"

Virat :  where were you?

Maanvi: I don't think I owe an explanation and heck we are on a plane where can I possibly be?

Virat : so you mean to say for the past 45minutes you were in the bathroom?

Maanvi: excuse me so I can sit on my seat without any problem this time

Virat : no I will not move first you tell me where you were

Maanvi: why should I tell you… what are my boyfriend?

Maanvi put her hands on her mouth and stared at Virat with her eyes wide opened

Virat thinks: she has the most beautiful eyes but…

Virat : oh so tell me now who is being rude?

With that Virat moves from his chair and lets Maanvi go to hers

After they both got seated in their seats

Maanvi: look I didn't mean to sound like that I am sorry

Virat : hmm whatever I was just trying to be nice, but simply I don't care where you went

Maanvi: gosh you are really rude, and infact you should be the one saying sorry to me

Virat : dream on miss I can't even walk properly

Maanvi: oh please it is, if you weren't so mean I would have woke you up, so I could have gone the bathroom easily, but I decided to be nice, but then there you went again when I was trying to balance myself from falling you again screamed at me which made me fall on you, and then you put those words into my mouth by making me angry… so this is all your fault

Virat : oh my gosh your such a smarty pant… but then why aren't I surprise all women tend to blame their mistakes on other people

Maanvi: oh please you don't know anything about women; if you did you would have been a true gentleman in the first place…

Virat : you know what I have had with your attitude

Maanvi: gosh when will these 13 hours and 45 mins be over with?

Virat : I should be saying that

Maanvi: no I said that, so don't copy me

Virat : what if I do what will you do?

Maanvi: I will… I will

hope i get more comments after this post i will send out pm's later <3 you all for commenting

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arul01 Goldie

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interesting... please update soon... i am so eager to read the next update... please also pm me when u update the next chapter... i just can't wait! :D

inlvwithehmmbh Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Continue... its interesting PM me if possible thanks :)
sankey7sankey Groupbie

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sonika_virman Senior Member

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Quite interesting
Is really anxious to know as towhat will happen next
Plz pm me the next time u update the next part:)
thesh Goldie

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Nyc cont soon n pm me

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