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ConfessionInTheRain/AR/OS||Rhea's Bday Thread||

..Ashi.. Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 6:20am | IP Logged

DancingDancing DancingAaj meri Rheu ka Bday hai..aaj meri jaanemann ka bday hai...DancingDancingDancing

so this birthday thread and OS goes out exclusively for HeartYOU Sweetheart Heart

so without much ado and my bakbak the OS...and temme hows it...accha hi bolna warna soch le LOL


I kept turning my sides in my bed. For a guy like me who is an incarnation of Kumbhakaran..this isnt something good. But this isnt something new to me as well. I have not been able to sleep well since that incident. Everytime i try and drown myself in the world of peaceful sleep her forgone smile evaded my sleeps, her deep green eyes beholding that excrutiating pain tortured me, her cute dimples that were lost somewhere kept me awake all night many a times. Unable to get over those thoughts i removed my quilt and headed outside in the balcony of my room to get some fresh air, only to be met by another painful scenario in front of my eyes. 
She was sitting there in her balcony wrapped in a shawl, in this lonely dark night on her favourite bean bag which i had gifted her. Just a look at her and i could make out...she was lost, yet again! In those heart wrenching memories. Her eyes were watery i could easily make out. It pained me so much to see her in that condition. It had been almost a month and nothing had changed. Almost everynight when i came out unable to sleep. I would find her sitting there like a statue staring into space. She would sit there for hours altogether , sometimes even till the whee hours of the day and then would just get up and walk back in her room. She. My Best Friend. My First and My Last Love. She. My Riddhima.

And this is me Armaan Mallik. The coolest guy in our residency. Well i wouldnt mind saying this world but anyways too much boasting isnt good. But mind you i am a really goodlooking guy and this girl Riddhima the most amazing human being in this whole world. She is someone about whom you would read in books. Beautiful , humble , talented, etc etc. You get the point right!

Riddhima and i have been best friends since time immemorial! We both lived in the opposite blocks of our residency and at the same opposite floors. We have been studying in the same school and we are quite popular everywhere! People many times mistook us as lovers too but that was never the scene really. I wish it was though. Coz i really dont know since when i have been crazily in love with her and i can garuantee that if i dont see her once every day i would seriously die! She has been like a lucky charm for me , for example, once she went on a holiday with her family and i didnt see her for two days and i met with an accident, i big one! And since that times whenever she went out of town i made sure i saw her and heard her on me a fool or superstitious but thats the truth for me! Yes we are this inseparable. Her smile just makes my day! And my days havent been good at all since a month because her smile has gone. Its lost! And i desperately need it back!

A month back i was returning from a family trip to rajasthan and yeah to save myself from the harm and injury of staying away from Riddhima i had taken precautionary actions to see her everyday on skype! And i had had this order from her to get her the rajasthani jewelry, lehenga, home decorative items and even a SAREE! Yeah she was mad! I still remember she had literally got me deaf when i told her on call that this trip was planned! That night she had kept me awake ordering me to get the souveniers for her, and all the places that i have to visit before i place my a** back in Mumbai! That night i hated her Boyfriend Google to no extent.. the moment i used to think that she would stop bossing over me her dearest Google would get her some new search results to make me pen down..YES PEN DOWN! But now i realise such memories are so important to me. These little little memories are the only thing that keep me going throught these gloomy days now.

So yeah back to my return from the trip. I was excited! Like really really excited! I was going to meet my Bestie after a week (well dont roll your eyes at this..till now you should be knowing what a week apart meant to us) and my one bag was full of the shopping list she had told me to get for her. I was so restless that i was telling my driver to drive faster and faster and even more faster and finally i had got scolded by my dad for acting like a despo and my lil sissy had had a hearty laugh at this! Well sisters are like that..cant help it.

When we reached the society i literally jumped off the car with the bag full of gifts for her , almost tripping over a stone and ran towards her apartment. The lift was taking extra long to reach the ground floor ...well this always happens with me..when im in a hurry everything starts proceeding slowly. Finally after spending some 10 seconds over there i took the way up via stairs and almost reached to her floor in a record time. But when i reached to her floor the scene in front of me confused me. I couldnt understand what was going on . there was a huge crowd gathered at the place everyone was dressed in clad white. I tried pushing everyone and making way for myself reached her door and the sight which welcomed me...well it wasnt at all welcoming. I saw Gupta uncle lying on a white sheet covered with flowers and a picture of his was placed with a garlnd on and incense sticks were kept burning besides it. I saw aunty crying over the dead body of her beloved husband.Every single person was wailing in the house.

I stood numb trying to absorb that atmosphere near me and the reality which stood infront of me. The bag which was hanging from my shoulder slided down . i was unable to take the weight of it anymore. My eyes searched for that one person in the whole room and when i scanned the place i saw her wailing keeping her hand on her mouth , closing her eyes tightly trying to take the support of the wall adjuscent.

My heart ached, i felt like a thousand needles were piercing it , stabbing it. I was silently standing there not able to react when Riddhima saw me standing there and ran directly into me hiding her face in my chest sobbing uncontrollably. I immediately took her in my arms while she cried and pleaded me to tell her dad to get up and that she wont be able to live without him. That she needs him and that he just cant leave her alone behind. I kept rubbing her back trying to control her overwhleming emotions while the tears started sliding down my face silently. Riddhima didnt leave me even for a second she kept holding me tightly from my waist trying to seek some peace.

It was time for the funeral to take place and everybody was discussing who would do it as Riddhima was the single child of the Guptas. I was standing quitely holding Riddhima i my embrace trying to shush her , when she heard the conversation of the elders and spoke up to give the fire to her dad's body herself. I was shocked at her statement to say the least. One moment she was breaking down in my arms and the very next minute she was the strong headed daughter who wanted to take the responsibilities herself. I was proud of her that day ...

I didnt realise when it was early morning and the sun was already rising. I was standing leaning on the balcony door for almost the complete night lost in my thoughts. Thoughts of my beautiful life friendship with my Riddhima and my love for her. It made my heart heavy to think how much things changed in just a matter of a month. & now i was feeling eyes were drooping and i felt weak. Letting out a heavy sigh i dragged my exhausted and tired body to my bed to take a small nap before its time to leave for school.


I had reached school just the moment the gate was going to be closed and for the upteenth time in this month i had entered school without bathing...Yuck! right? I know you all must be going EWWW..Gross! dirty guy and all but how do i help myself. Riddhima's pain and her thoughts drown me every moment. i get up late almost everyday because my night goes into thinking about her and watching her sitting alone and weeping every night. When i enter the bathroom to get ready i lose my mind into that world again and if im brushing my teeth ..the brush would remain in my mouth for infinite time as im staring into the mirror in front of me remembering her again. Tying the knot of my necktie would remind me how i was never able to tie the knot and would go to school stuffing it in my blazer pocket and get it done by Riddhima before the unfiorm checking session would start. Those memoeries make me sad.Its difficult to overcome them and concentrate on anything else. Its making me desperate now! I want to rid her off the pain!

Everyday i see her quitely sitting in the class at the last bench diving her head in the books so that none notice her crying and tears.and how do i know this...well i had borrowed her notes for a day as i had missed the school and when i saw her notebook pages my tears had spilled too. Every page of her notebook was stained with her dry tears. And anyways i was never blind as well. I saw her puffy eyes everyday! People here look at her with pity in their eyes. And i know it hurts her. And i feel helpless.

I entered the library to get some books for my IIT preparation. As i reached the last section in the room to get the required books i saw her arranging the shelves, cleaning them, dusting the books and placing them in order. She was lost in her thoughts. That emptiness in her eyes ...i knew it too well. She hadnt noticed me looking at her from a distance. I kept staring at the love of my life. She looked so innocent and so damn pretty in the school uniform. She wore the box pleated checkered skirt which ended just above her knees with the white blouse well tucked in the skirt and her tie whose knot was always perfect. Her heels boots made her look a little taller so that she would reach just till my shoulders. Her luscious hair would always be tied in a side ponytail and her hair would rest on her shoulder. Her charming face would look evern cuter with that thin hairband she was adorn.

While i was busy complimenting her with my eyes i noticed she was getting teary eyes again. She would not cry in front of anyone and always tried to find an escape so she could let free those tears. She was slogging day and night to keep her and her mother's life stable. She was never the cleanliness freak. Her room would always be in a mess which i would clean every weekend and there she was doing the job of cleaning the library shelves everyday so she could earn some little money to support her family. We both belonged to middle class simple families and though aunty is a working lady. I know how difficult it becomes to raise a daughter and manage all finances after the death of the head of the family.

I couldnt see her in tears anymore. I went upto her from behind slowly and placed my hand gently on her shoulder. She recognised my touch at once and tried to wipe her tears and turned back to me. But who was she lying to? I knew her better than she knew herself and she was well aware of that. She gave me a half hearted smile but couldnt say a word. She was choking on her voice and the same was the case with me we kept staring into each others eyes til all the barriers broke and our tears started pouring down our eyes. I cupped her face my in palms while she was badly sobbing and immediately engulfed her in a hug. She hid hersef in the crook of my neck and wept. My heart felt like tiny needles piercing it making it bleed profusely while she cried. I kept quite and let her be. Words were never needed between us. Our silence spoke volumes. It was serene.

While Riddhima calmed down in my arms i felt like an urgent need to let my feelings out to her. I couldnt control them anymore. The pain was becoming unbearable now. I had to! I had to let it out!

"Riddhima..." i said in a very low whisper in her ears. That made her look at me. Our faces were milimetres away from each other. Our noses almost touching each other. She could notice the change in my eyes. My hands rested on her waist while she held my shoulders. Her eyes questioned me constantly for why i broke the hug and the moment. i had to do it now. It was now or never.

"I Love You Riddhima" these were the only words that escaped my mouth in a hoarse and low whisper and before she could react i had claimed her lips in a kiss. Yes! I had lost my head since she was in my arms! I was kissing her in a corner of my school library! I was crazy! I know!

Riddhima wasnt reacting while i was gently nibbling on her lips. She wasnt giving in nor was she retaliating. I was unaware of the surroundings near me while i was gently rubbing her waist trying to make her react to the kiss. To make her give in and she did! She did it in the heat of the moment. she had her eyes closed and was trying to hold herself against me while she was going weak in her knees.

Our moment was turning passionate when the shrill voice of the school bell disturbed us and marked the end of the day. And that brought Riddhima out of the reverie and no prizes for guessing she was utterly embarrased and felt guilty for her actions. I could  see the tears forming yet again in her eyes while she moved away from me swiftly..took her bad and ran away from me crying uncontrollably.

I was standing rooted to the earth not able to fathom what had happened between us in the last few minutes and by the end of it i felt like i had messed up a big time. I felt like i was going to lose my friend. My everything. Damn! I had already lost her. Her running away from me made me mad for kissing her but she then even responded to it! Then why and what was that? I ran a frustated hand through my thick hair and decided to go anf find her before something even worse happens. I was scared!

I took my bike from the bike stand trying to escape the rain which had started just then and was getting heavier and heavier. It was getting dark at 4 in the evening coz of the dark clouds which covered the sky above me and i was panicking. I knew Riddhima would be walking back home so i turned my bike in a swift action and zoomed out of the school gate to find her. I was driving like a mad on the roads trying to locate her. The roads had become slippery and it was making me difficult to ride and i almost met with a head on collision with a car but i was lucky enough to escape it and before the driver could even react and shout at me..i was out of the sight! I was heading towards the society trying to search her at the same time. I wasnt able to find her! I was sad, scared, frustated and broken! Just before our residential area there was a forest land which was like a forest. Dense and tall teakwood trees were planted there and when i stopped my bike almost giving up on trying to find her i heard the sobs of a girl from the woods. Thought the rain was too heavy and noisy i could hear her completely and somehwre my heart told me to go and check if it was the girl i was searching for. I put the stand of bike and ran into the woods. I reached her as fast as i could and i was was Riddhima! She sat resting her head against the tree and was crying her heart out.

Her hair were messy, her eyes were bloodshot red, she was completely soaked in rain and her uniform clung to her petite bodice. I bent down in front of her while she cried hiding her face in her palms. I slowly took her hands in mine and removed them from her face. I could see she was not expecting me here.

"Armaan? What are you doing here? Please go away...i feel nothing for you..i dont know why i kissed you ..but im sorry...please just...just..." she said hiccuping. I should have felt heartbroken and shattered at that point of time but guess what i wasnt! Because i had noticed something she didnt wanted to let me see.

Through the translucent material of her white shirt i saw a pendant hidden inside and if i wasnt wrong it was a heart pendant and an "A" was engraved on it. I had never seen it before. Probably she got it after that accident. While she was busy aplogising and trying to escape from me i shamelessly undid the first to buttons of her shirt and took the pendant out. She was shcoked out of her wits but i had to do it. And once she realised what i did and what i had found she couldnt move or say anything anymore. She was left speechless with her mouth wide open and she kept staring in my eyes while i had this huge smile on my face while i was holding the pendant in my hand.

"would you still say that you fee nothing for me? And that whatever happened was nothing?" i questoned her in a low voice. I was waiting for her to speak up but she didnt say anything but snatched the pendant from my hand and got up turning her back towards me "i cant love you Armaan...and we arent meant to be..please go away" her voice was breaking again. But i wasnt going to give up more!

I swiftly went in front of her and held her from her shoulders and made her look towards me. "why cant you?" while she remained mum the heavy rain made scary noises with the thundering. "Answer me Riddhima". She wasnt speaking up. I was staring straight into her deep green eyes waiting for her to speak up. Our faces were so close i could feel her ragged breathing. I knew i was having an effect on her which she was trying to hide but was failing anyways.

"i dont deserve you"she spoke trying to catch her breath breaking away our eyelock. "and why is that so ?" i questioned her.

" i am no more the girl who was friends with more the girl you fell in love with...i m just a dead body now...just breathing Armaan...i have life has changed...its only filled with sadness and darkness...there is no way out of it...i dont want you to waste your time with  someone who probably doesnt even have a bright's death has taken everything with it...nothing is left now...please ...just let me go...just..." she said . her voice low and sad.

"What makes you think i will believe your words?"

"Please armaan dont make this difficult for me..." she was struggling in my arms now...but alas i was too strong.her sobs were getting heavier but i wasnt going to let her go today.

"Riddhima say you love me...i am the guy you are the only person i have ever wanted and i will ever want in my whole life. I want to make your life just the way it was before..i want my old Riddhima back and i will get her. If u think my Riddhima is no more the girl who is standing in front of me then fine ! i will get her back...i cant stop me now...say it Riddhima!"

"i cant love you Armaan"

"you do...and you will"

"please Armaan..."

We were silently crying the tears of agony...of what life had done to us...we were two souls craving to be with each other but ...

I cupped her face in my palms. I made her look at me my eyes..

"i love you Riddhima...just give us a chance..just one chance...i dont want to live without you anymore. We both need each other..and you know that...look at me and say it Riddhima" i knew with her slowly changing expressions that i had melted her...i just waited for her to break the silence and say those words i was craving for her to say.

"i..i l...I Love You Armaan...I Love You.." and with that she crashed in my chest hiding her face in my chest making me feel like the most luckiest guy on this earth. Not to forget the happiest too.

I brought her closer to my chest and buried my face in her hair and we stayed like that till eternity . we felt like what it was to be in our lover's arms and feel at peace. We sealed our new found relationship with a pssionate kiss in the rain (so extremely romantic right?) and lay the foundation of a new journey...the journey of out love...or togetherness and a new life.

p.s. Rhea dare u say this time that the OS is so was bloody 6 pages on MS Word LOL

p.p.s. sorry for the typos and too lazy to edit them..pssshhttt \\

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..Ashi.. Goldie

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*Ding Dong*

Open the damn door Rheu!!!!

Now...ITS Party Time!!!!!!!!

And im here to drag u out this day..doesnt matter if u have exams tomorrow...who cares


So yeah lets get u dressed and all set to rock th Night..ok?

Choose ur outfit

Ur Limo is waiting ...

The Venue...

Like It? There's more coming up

...So since i cant wait to smash th cake o your face...its!!!!!! Cake Cutting Time!!!! WooohoooParty

..oh wait..first make a wishhh

And we singgg... 


Errmmm...aage kya now???...OOPPSSS...its so late at night and mom is gonna crucify me if i dont reach home enjoy now..and im leaving

So Buhbye..Enjoy ur dayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! such a dumbo! I forgot the gift i bought for u...

So here it is..dill khush?

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Rhea.KaJen Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 6:22am | IP Logged
I love you! <3


You know i just randomly clicked on the OS last nyt and realized that you've updated it and well..
My birthday party was waiting for me! :P
and then i got a notification from you which said Ashi KaJen Mallik posted on your "timeline!" :P

When i saw this, i was like WHAT??
Yeh Ashi ne kiya kya hai? :P
I was ACTUALLY shocked! Shocked
and the the cute li'l elephant mug was the cherry on the cake! <3
I love it!!
I can't wait for you to come here now! :P

Hahaha! :P

Confession In The Rain:

I told you ki this OS is AMAZING! <3
But well i hadn't read the whole thing na! :P

The whole thing was so BEAUTIFUL! <3
I mean the whole idea of her dad passing away, Well that CLEARLY showed how much you HATE Shashank! ROFL ROFL

But seriously,
The way you showed the whole thing,
From her dad's death to the Confession In The Rain,
It was wonderfully written! <3

And you know all thanks to your "Happy Birthday Rheuuu" some people have actually said Happy Birthday Rheu! Hmph! You know i HATE the name! :/

Well, as one of the readers said that the OS was small, i'm gonna complain too!
It was SMALL!
I don't care if it came up to 6 pages on MS Word but it was SMALL! :P

Yaar i LOVE you, Afia and Armaan! <3
Tum teeno ne mujhe apne hi ishtyle mein wish kiya! Hehe.. <3

When i saw this na, i actually got tears in my eyes.. I was like OMG! This is so freaking adorable! How can someone be sooo sweet? (Atleast I can't! :P)

And then Afia ka gift.. I was so touched.. I started crying... Sacchi mein..
And uska VM made me cry more! :P
But i LOVED it! <3

And then Mr. Mughal!
Hayye.. Usse baat karne ka mauka gawa diya maine! :P
Kya yaar! ROFL
And then his b'day wish on FB: "Iss Na Cheez Ki Taraf Se Happy Birthday Miss Sharma!"
I was like OMG! Haha! How cute! <3

I read the OS twice, watched the vm twice but i read his post more than 10 times! ROFL

Thank you for making my day wonderful! <3

Rhea.. :)

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chainreaction. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
happy birthday :) i hope you have a great day!

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
Awsm part.
Realy nice.
Love AR moments.
Write more.
Thanx 4 d pm.

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-Afia- Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
I'm Speechless  This Is So beautiful
Now I Remember Everything About This OS
You Know I Have  a Memory Problem I Forget Things LOL 
Anyways Back To OS Its Kinda Strange Or I Don't Know What I Feel This Neighbours, Best Friends Same School One Of The Parents Death It Just Brings Back Memories Of The Past. I Didn't Know You Would Write About All Things, Well Lets Just Say I'm Shocked But I'm Happy Too.  Its Really Beautiful Thank God You Didn't Have a Writers Block & I Hope by The End Of Your Exams Your Able to Write Love Is Just a Click Away. I Miss It So Much! Ouch Chalo I Need to Go You Should Be Greatful That I Edited Comment Because You Both Know Especially Rhe How Lazy I am at Editing Them ROFL

Once Again Happy Birthday Corn Head Big smile

Edited by Wish_Al - 25 December 2011 at 6:13am

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 11:37am | IP Logged
nice one
do write more

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ksg_farhan Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged
Happy BirthDay Dear
Awesome os.
Thanks for the pm

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