Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

EHMMBH Christmas Wishes! :)

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 R E S U L T S    W I L L   B E    A N N O U N C E D  A S   G A   T O P I C!
Thank you for your participation!
~ Regards, CC Team~
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Rudolph: *whispering* anyone know the time?

Pixie 1: sssh! NO!

Rudolph: All i'm asking is the time, does anyone know??

Pixie 2: *stretching* Chill yaraah! It's time for Winnie the Pooh to come on, shush down and let me watch telly!!

Santa: Calm down guys, Pixie's turn down the telly. I know what Rudolph wants to know...*grinning* yes your right Rudolph, it's time for the POLAR EXPRESS!!!

Rudolph: I knew it was!! *bouncing around in triumph*

Pixie 1: *bickering to herself* So much to do, so much to do, preparations, decorations, contests.

Pixie 2: *calm and relaxed* Chill yaraah! Plenty of time! With me here, *hands on chest* all is well!! After all everyone knows Pixie 1 + Pixie 2 = Rab Nay Bana Di Jodi!

Santa: *raising eyebrows* Remember what I was saying about New Year goals, well yours is definitely going to be 'Watch less telly' and 'Help out with the Polar Express'. It's our opportunity to gather everything, make preparations and let the fellow humans (and fellow drama-fans) enjoy themselves and have fun! 

Rudolph: *gleefully* After all we do want a long list of GOOD CHILDREN!!

Santa: Exactly Rudolph, great to see you've been paying attention in Rudo-Class. Right come on off you trot, we've got loads to do and share.

Pixie 1: *pacing back and forth* So much to do, so much to do, sharing too, sharing too *worried* !

Rudolph: *shy* Can I open the curtain this year? 

Santa: No this year, we're all going to open the curtain together, after all Christmas is about unity.

Santa, Rudolph, Pixie 1, Pixie 2: *open the curtain- and proclaim*-


          *hold hands respectively in air*


Beware hot chocolate has its dangers!
But you'll be fine, we're by your side like a power ranger!

Grab your cups, mugs or whatever you drink in, 
Jump on the sofa, take a deep breath and sink in...

All the fun and glory this thread has to offer!!

Despite being a new forum we want to show, 
That our wonderful forum can also glow, 

With wonder and delight we will have fun, 
So bring along your hot choco, and if you want a bun!!

Ayushi & naila!


Here's YOUR personal invitation to the POLAR EXPRESS
It's VITAL you have this, as it is your pass to our express!!


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Santa: *gleefully* Great now that you have your invitations, hold on to your seats tight, grab your hot choco mugs and lets head off to the 'Lets add to your knowledge of Christmas section!' 

Rudolph: ooh I can't wait!! *bouncing up and down*

Pixie 1: *still anxious* what if they know this, what if they know this..

Pixie 2: *still holding onto the curtain* Oh chill yara! Add to your knowledge means add to their knowledge, if they know this already the info will just reinforce what they already know, pff calm it dude

Santa: *feeling proud* See that Pixie 2, when you actually pay attention in Pix-tory, you talk wisely about the fellow humans subject: History, aah i'm proud of you pixie, i'm proud of you

Rudolph: I'm the only wise one around here *shaking head* sorry fellow humans for keeping you waiting, here, showing you our first element of the POLAR EXPRESS: Let's add to your knowledge!! 

Rudolph, Santa, Pixie 1, Pixie 2 - waving hands in air *jazz style*
               http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

History of Christmas:

History- many people have different views towards History, many may find it simply BORING whilst others find it DIFFERENT and INTERESTING. History holds vast importance to many people. History was something I had never actually considered relevant or important; it was always something I needed to learn- since the teacher at the front of my class was discussing it with us. My views on history gradually began to change when I chose it for my GCSE- History is something which everyone can relate to in some way and it allows people to discover more about their past or the past of their religion. It allows you to go back in time and understand the people of that time and their specific beliefs, if it wasn't for people of the past, many of the changes today wouldn't have taken place- as HISTORY has a large impact upon our present as well as our future. I hope by sharing my view upon History with you, I have perhaps altered your view on the importance of History.

Kokila11 AKA Naila


Now a brief history upon Christmas-

Due to people's opinions upon History I will keep the History of Christmas concise and to the point, for those members who enjoy learning more about History, there's an extra section below this point about the ways in which Christmas is celebrated within various countries.

Simple Version: " I only want to know briefly on Christmas"

- Christmas is a Christian festival celebrated annually, usually held on the 25th December, Christ's birth is celebrated.

-Christmas is also a civil holiday within many countries

- Jesus was born, his mother was Mary- his birth was quite miraculous and astonished many people as Mary was a Virgin.

- An angel had informed her, that she would be bear a special baby (Jesus)

- When she travelled from her home in Nazareth to Bethlehem, there were no hostels available for Mary to stay

- The only place available were the stables (a place where travellers animals rested)

- Jesus was born that night, his basket was made from an animal's feeding box filled with dry grass


- Why was this important?

It showed that everything that had taken place was part of God's plan- it illustrated to others that Jesus entered this world as a: humble, simple and pious man. He did not come as someone mighty or rich as it conveyed to others he was equal and was not superior. 

                 http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

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AyushiSinghania IF-Rockerz

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We've all grown up hearing various Christmas carols and stories, well here's one story Ayushi and Naila have re-written to refresh your memory of one Christmas story: The Christmas Carol. Do you remember now? That miser Scrooge and his fellow workers. Here we have re-written the story so sit back, relax and drink your cup of hot choco- what you haven't recieved one yetShocked. Pixie 1 and 2, where are you? Bring some choco for our fellow humans here. Okay, so now since you're guy's hop chocolate cups are filled!

Pixie 1: My hot chocolate is finished again! It's SOOO yummy. 
Pixie 2 : Ohho you idiot! Stop drooling over it!  And  can you stop drinking like a joker and focus on the story, give me your cup. I'll put it away. 

Pixie 1 : I hate you. I'm so hurt!
Ayushi & Naila : Christmas is for fun, smiles & laughter. Not for sadness & hatred. *Ayushi & Naila, refill Pixie1's  hot chocolate cup & hand it to him. he's super happy!*  


                              http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif   http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif                                                                                   
And this is exactly what Scrooge didn't know, he was a rude, tough man who didn't understand the true meaning of Christmas. He never allowed any of his workers to take a day off, as he even made them work on the day of Christmas Eve- he didn't believe in Christmas and there was nothing more to it! (this is a re-constructed version of the story re-written by the authors of these posts to make the story more modern- bear in mind, there was no electricity, mobile phones or any sort of advanced technology during that time).

Scrooge preffered spending his Christmas enclosed within his office, surrounded by paperwork and his one source of contact to the outside world: his mobile phone. Even this was used to contact and order others to do more work on the day of Christmas.

Several colleages within his office: Sarah, Ayushi and Naila, felt that the injustice done by Scrooge was UNFAIR and he needed to be taught a lesson, it was about time he understood the true meaning and relevance of Christmas and allowed others to celebrate this important day. 

The three teenagers sighed, and wished they were with their family back home- who were waiting patiently for their arrival. 
Sarah: This is ridiculous, Scrooge won't let us go home, but he can atleast let us contact our family!

                                 http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif   http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif
                                                                                                Ayushi: Exactly, I wish we never applied for work experience here!
Naila: I know! The only reason we applied was for our CV- we needed it to look good.
*The three friends sigh- yearning for freedom from this job role, and dreamed when they could go home and unite with their family*

Scrooge entered the office mercilessly looking down upon his fellow workers waiting patiently for him to state: you can now leave. But nothing of the sort happened.

The three friends gazed outside at the wonderful, white powdery coat that now covered their city, more snow was gradually falling and the snow could be seen becoming more thicker and icier. They decided to give it another go, and prayed that they could convince their stingy boss 'Scrooge'. 

Ayushi: Look Scrooge, i need to get home or else my mum will kill both me and my sister Naila, please let us go home *pleading voice*

Scrooge: Naila and Ayushi, do you intend on getting fired? Sit down and wait, Christmas is not important and YOU do not need to leave work in order to celebrate it!!

                              http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif   http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

Naila, Ayushi and Sarah drooped down sadly like a sad petal upon a leaf, and scurried away to complete their work.

Meanwhile, the very modern Scrooge decided to sit down and complete extra paperwork (although the paperwork was not relevant nor required. He soon dozed off.

He work up with a sudden jerk, and was surprised to see it had already grew so dark. He suddenly saw a large GLOW before him, peering closer he realised it was a ghost. OMG!!!Shocked 
Scrooge: Who are you?? 
Ghost 1: I am the ghost of Christmas past, I have come to show you aspects of the past.
The ghost then grabbed Scrooge by the sleeve and pulled him into a whirl wind which led to the past- there Scrooge identified and saw the importance of  Christmas through several thing:
- Children were united and were singing carols
- Families were celebrating and enjoying themselves

The ghost then DISAPPEARED leaving poor Scrooge back at his office, feeling dazed he was about to sit down when there was a FLASH and another Ghost appeared!! 
Scrooge: Now who on earth are you? Look do i have to call the cops??!
Ghost 2: Put aside your so called cell phone and come with me, i am the ghost of Christmas present
He then grabbed Scrooge and again they disappeared into a whirl wind.

Scrooge then appeared outside his office- he never payed attention to his surroundings and was astounded by what he saw!! 
- Poor children were skipping happily in the rags they wore
- Children were UNITED and were singing carols
- and everyone was just HAPPY!! 
He felt a sudden urge to join up but then again 
The ghost disappeared and another appeared, feeling enthusiastic and wanting to see more, he grabbed the 3rd ghost when it appeared and disappeared into the future!!!
There again he witnessed joy, happiness and LOVE!!

He soon appeared back at his office, he woke with a jerk and rushed to his colleages cabin, he walking with a large grin and saw the droopy expression upon his workers faces, grabbing them by their sleeves, Scrooge grabbed Naila, Ayushi and Sarah, and told them about his dream, he requested them to show him more. Feeling shocked!! the three friends took Scrooge to their nearby nursery where children as well as adults were participating in competitions and various activities, Scrooge tried to peer over at their work; unable to see anything Sarah then requested all the children to gather around and show Scrooge their MARVELOUS master pieces. Here are some of the gorgeous things he saw (let me share them with you):

Scrooge: Wonderful, lovely poem!
Scrooge: Love the green colour used!!

Scrooge: Spectacular!!

Scrooge: Couldn't get better!!

Scrooge: Lovely!!!

Scrooge: oooh la la!

Scrooge: I love these!
Santa: What can i say, we have spectacular members within IF, who can create wonderful creations!!

Scrooge: Ooh sexy santa, and I love that white!

Scrooge: both of these are my FAV shows!

Scrooge: what can i say, you guys keep on surprising me

Scrooge: Lovely colouring used on both!

Scrooge: Lovely angel and lovely baby!! Wait let me a take a pic of that, need to text it to a friend!!

NOTE: This story was a team effort by both 
Kokila11 AKA Naila and AyushiSinghania AKA Aisha- written by us, we hope you enjoyed it!
The children's creations within the story, all belong to the various (incredible) members that had created these for our thread, their names are listed within the 'thank you' list


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           http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif                                          
Believe it or not, we're still not done!!

Our forum is both FANTASTIC and EXHILARATING, the members rock and couldn't get betterEmbarrassed In fact vasts amount of our content had to be reduced as soo many members had contributed- all will be stated within our thank you list. Here are some poems, OS's and Experiences for us all to indulge in.

Santa: So come along and GRAB YOUR HOT CHOCO!

Rudolph: It's to time to sit back, relax and enjoy this section of our POLAR EXPRESS!!

Pixie 1: *pacing back and forth* enjoy, enjoy we must enjoy, don't worry, don't worry, only 'CHILL YARA!'

Pixie 2: yes you said that right! CHILL yara!

Enjoy some of our members EXPERIENCES:

I am sure that this festival brings back a lot of sweet memories of ours. For me the word "Christmas" brings to me a host of memories all related to school.                         

It was one of the fun months in the year. We could freely bunk periods because we had much more to do! The halls would ring with the sound of Christmas carols as we practiced for the inter-house carol singing competition. The house mistress struggled with hundreds of students to get the notes of 'Silent Night', 'We Three Kings' or 'Little Drummer Boy' just right'..often to no avail. But we tried and how! Those of us who couldn't match others in melody sure made up for it with volume! If we had a prize for sheer enthusiasm, we'd have won the contest easily.

Then there was the flurry of activity in preparing for skits and plays. I once played one of the Three Wise Men, the Magi who were among the first to pay homage to the infant Jesus, and the costume? Yards of my mom's saree, a white shirt, a cardboard crown and belt'. Don't ask me how that makes a costume! Then there was the day we celebrated Christmas in Scholl. That was one day when utter pandemonium ruled and was enjoyed! And the best part? The ten days of holidays that followed! What bliss!

Hope you make happy memories this festival too.

Wish you all a Merry Christmas! 



Christmas is magical. Even though I, myself, don't celebrate Christmas I've grown up with it. All people around me, my friends, celebrate it and are really happy at this time in the year - which makes me happy, too. Arguments, fights, dislikes are put aside to make place for love and understanding - for humans to be with there family and enjoy one another's company. It's magical, and the magic even I, who don't celebrate it, can feel it - and I get excited each year when it comes to Christmas. 


Therefore, I wish everyone, wheather they celebrate it or not, a marry Christmas - may God bless you and every happiness you seek for reaches you. My prayers for Christmas is to keep my friends a family happy and healthy and that may each of you feel Christmas' magic!


I have had many amazing experiences since I'm a Brit lol. But my most memorable ones are the ones I will share. Every year in the snow , well not anymore but when I was younger me and my brother used to have a snowball fight and I used to drink coffee outside. It was epic! I do those kinda things now but with my friends and cousins. Also, last Christmas, it was snowing a lot here, and I was sitting home, bored and it started snowing! I ran outside and started dancing! I'm sure you've heard of dancing in the rain but not dancing in the snow! Haha! I love the festive feeling when snow comes. White Christmas forever!



One of my best memories of winter is from the winter of 2006. My best friend's parents had gone for Hajj so I would go to sleep over at her house. We would go out late at night to see Christmas lights, have Starbucks, and watch movies all night. Thought it has nothing to do with the actual New Year's Day, that winter is very special for me.




Enjoy some of our members POEMS:

Waiting for that midnight chyme,

While we all stand in line,

Feet buried in 10ft snow,

Little do we know,

The countdown is seconds away,

5,4,3,2,1 Its New YEARS DAY!

Smiles and happiness all around,

Laughter and cheers from sky to ground,

Everyone breathing the new year air,

Together they all cheer!

Happy New Years day,

They all rejoice in "Hooray!",

For This is New Years Day!



white is the colour that we yearn for most...

white is the symbol of peace
white is the symbol of love
white is the symbol of purity

white can make one beautiful
white can make one happy
white can make one cheerful
so i wish everyone a white Christmas!!!!




Enjoy some of our members OS's:

Wish you all A Merry Christmas

May the Joys of the season

Fill Your Heart with goodwill and cheer

May the chimes of Christmas glory

Add up more shine and spread

Smiles across miles

Today and In the New Year


"Jingle Bells jingle bells jingle all the way, oh what fun is it to ride on a one horse open sleigh"

It was Christmas time and Bella was at home enjoying singing out loud the classic song jingle bells. Oh how she enjoyed the Christmas season! And what was there to hate about it.

So many people to meet, so many gifts to open and to buy, so many sweets to eat, decorating the Christmas tree and making cakes with grandma. No school, no homework only FUN, FUN and FUN!

"Come on Bella lets go to the town square I am sure the crackers might be on"

Her brother Max was always excited to see crackers and what would be better than Christmas time. They both wore their coats and ran down the street and caught the walked down the subway to the town square and Lo there was a huge Christmas three with lights, bells , candy canes and a sparkling golden star on the top it glistened as if it was covered with jewels. Bella and maxes eyes glistened on seeing this .They could hear the bells clanging in the church.

"Mike will you mind if we go and see the curb please?!"

"Ok fine let's go but fast ok I don't want to miss the cracker show"

They go to the curb. There was baby Jesus in Virgin Mary's arm with Joseph at the side and all the stable animals looking .There was a star hanging showing the birth of a great person.

"It looks so nice mike doesn't it mike"

"Ya it does really I can imagine how it was like"

They hear one cracker bursting

"C'mon Bella I don't want to miss this"

They rush to the town square .The firecracker's had started bursting. Blue, pink, orange all colors were in the night sky making it look as beautiful as ever

"It looks so beautiful doesn't it Mike "

"Yup it does! Just can't wait for the big one "

"The big one? What is it?"

"Just wait n watch"

Soon the big one came. It has the words big and beautiful on it "MERRY CHRISTMAS"

Everyone there shouted out loud




A Christmas Love Story: All You Have To Do Is Believe

It was the most beautiful time of the year.

Christmas.. Whispered Elena

She was sitting on her boyfriends lap. She was wrapped in a blanket and was leaning against his Chest.

Christmas she thought again...

But their was something about christmas that Chris never liked. He was never in the Christmas spirit.

She had tried all her best to get him into christmas spirit. But every time she talked to him about it he changed the subject.

How can someone not like Christmas, it's the best time of the year. Time for families to come together, to open gifts, to kiss under the mistletoe. She blushed at the thought and leaned even close to him. He felt her skin getting warm.

He caressed her cheeks, and pulled her closer. The warm blanket wrapped around them made the air more intimate.

She looked up at him and admired his perfect features. He had a perfect jaw line. Light skinned and his light brown hair touched his forehead. His lips were so soft as she ran her fingers through them. She saved the best for the last. His eyes. Something that can get anyone lost in them without their permission. They were mix of all bright colors. Blue gray green a hint of orange. His forehead creased as he was watching the movie.

She ran her fingers on his forehead to clear it. He finally looked at her and she was lost. Lost in the depth of his eyes. Who knew how many hours had passed while they stared at each other. She carefully, slowly lifted her face to kiss his forehead. But his mischievous eyes made her drop her gaze but before she can bent back down, he quickly took the advantage and kissed her.

But the beautiful moment was ruined by the sudden gun noises in the movie.

Chris groaned as Elena pulled back and grinned.

So... She broke the silence
Ummm.. Christmas is coming... But before she can continue, as she had guessed, he dropped his gaze and looked at their hands that were wrapped around each other tightly.

He didn't speak and she didn't either. She didn't know the reason of his silence. They had been dating for a year now. She remembered that he had gone out with her rival miss popularity of the school.

Their break up had been blamed on Elena as Nicole needed to keep her popularity up and drop Elenas popularity low.

This memory came to her because, it was the night of Christmas, him and Nicole had broken up. Was that really the reason. Or was she just thinking randomly.

He looked at her as she looked away and hid her face in her hair. He brought her face back up as to see the reason of her sudden silence. But she hid her face again but this time in his chest.
He wrapped the blanket around her again as it had dropped.

She couldn't control herself from the thought of him still loving someone else whole he was with her. Even the thought of it crushed her from inside, it shattered her heart into unmendable pieces.

Ever since she ha found him, the two considered eachother as their other half. If one wasn't their then the other would almost hurt themselves worrying. It killed the two to be separate from eachother. She coulnt see him away from her. They were perfect for eachother. So perfect that when everyone had found out in school that the two were dating, on the day of prom the vote for prom king and queen only went to them. Nobody had voted for anyon else besides them. Nobody cud think of them as two. They were seen as one. One would be the other half of their lover.

The tears pricked in her eyes and finally made their way down. Chris felt his shirt getting wet. He just wiped her tears. He has wondered every time she spoke of Christmas with him and he woul ignore it, tears would well up in her eyes. He wondered why. Inside it killed him to see those tears in her beautiful eyes.

Today he wanted to ask her, why, why did she react the way everytime Christmas is mentioned. He hated Christmas, it was ruining his life. It was affecting everyone around him.

She finally fixed herself and smiled at him a she saw hurt in his eyes. He knew it hurt him to see her hurt.

He took her in his body. He kissed her deeply. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. He just kissed her, the only time he stopped was just to drag his lips from her jaw to her cheeks to her ears, whispering her name in her ears.

He picked her up and carried her to his room. He knew this was the best start to ask her of what was the reason of her reactions. He laid her on the e and wrapped the blanket on her. And laid on top of the blanket, until she pulled him
Inside. They kissed and kissed. They couldn't stop, no matter how hard each tried. Chris had even forgotten the reason he brought her in the room.

He finally looked at her, he took her palm and kisses it softly.

The touch burned her palm. But before she could kiss him again he put his fingers on her lips. Surprised by his reaction, Elena looked away.

He had never done this before so what was the reason now.

Elena he took her hand, I hate Christmas because everytime I celebrate Christmas I lose someon. I lost my parents on that day. I never celebrated Christmas after that but then when I did again I lost my girlfriend but he pulled her hair away from her face softly... But that was the only Christmas in which I got a gift too. A gift like

He kissed her and she deepened it.

Chris Christmas is about gaining something not losing. Its about gathering with your family members and friends and gain joy. It's the time of the year when everyone around you is happy. When we show how much we appreciate the other. Or how much we love the other. But most importantly it was the day Jesus christ was born. The day happiness spread in the world and the world became a better place.

I love you Elena Chris whispered
I Love you too.

He took her in his arms and kissed her like their was no tomorrow.

After this Chris celebrated Christmas with the people he lived surrounding him. He did not lose anyone that day because it was in power of belief. If you believe you gain not lose.

Danielle k.

         http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif      



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  http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif    

No we're not done yet, here's an article written by: harsdb on NEW YEAR! It provides vast information- i bet you'll learn something new!


For those who though that New Year comes once in a year, think again. You will be surprised to New Years are celebrated several times all through the 12 months of the year!! 

New years in Jan:

January 1 - New Year's Day - The world's most widely celebrated holiday. Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States, India and many other countries celebrate their New Year on this date. 

New years in Feb:
Tibetan New Year (Ugyen Thinley Dorje) - Some Tibetans celebrate their New Year a month later than the Lunar New Year as Ugyen Thinley Dorje

Muharram is the first month of the Muslim year and its first day is celebrated as Islamic New Year's Day.

New years in March:
March 1 - Roman New Year also called the Festival of Mars, aka Feriae Marti, honored Mars, theRoman god of war

March 14 - Sikh New Year Day - It is the first day of Chet, the first month of the Sikh calendar

New years in November:
Malayalam New Year - On the new moon in late August or early September, the southern Indian state of Kerala celebrates its new year. 

August 23 - Zoroastrian New Year is always on August 23rd, for those Zoroastrians who follow the Shenshai calendar

New years December:
Hindu New Year (Diwali) is celebrated on the new moon in late October or early November. It is considered by some as one of the Hindu New Years (sometimes celebrated the day after Diwali as Vikram New Year). 

The Marwari New Year is celebrated on the day of the festival of Diwali 

Christian New year:

Christian or Gregorian New Year falls on January 1st. Countries following the Gregorian Calendar celebrate the New Year on this date. 

Hindu New year:
Hindu New Year is celebrated according to the Hindu Lunar Calendar- Panchanga.  
Multifarious religions are practiced in India and so are the celebrations of various festivals. Hindu New Year is celebrated with gaiety and pomp all over India.
At the time of New Year, gifts and sweets are exchangd with each other. People consider this festival to be an auspicious time to begin New Year


Islamic New Years Day:

New Year celebrated by Muslims is not a gala affair rather it's a quite and sober celebration. People gather in mosques and dargahs to offer special prayers. Muslims celebrate this day to pay homage to Prophet Muhammad. The most important part is to tell the hijra (Muhammad's flight from Medina to Mecca). 

in that way the different religion celebrate their new year in their traditional way. if i go into the full details this artical will become much bigger than this so i mentioned only few which i felt important. forgive me if i disappoint anyone. 

i hope you enjoyed reading it. 

      http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif    

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I know it's freezing cold but there's something super important to be done!  

         http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

           THANK YOU LIST

This thread consists of VAST and jam packed information, siggies, OS's, poems, graphic, activities and e.t.c. due to MANY members.

They contributed immensely and allowed our thread to look great and consist of great info! We would like to thank them, as the thread would not have been great if it weren't for these individual members contributing their part to the thread.

Nori - Hesperus ( Various ideas for thread) 

-Nupsdips  (ideas and any contributions possible)

-  -AdiYalicious- ( various siggies related to Christmas )

- Miss-Pakiie-KMH ( siggies related to Christmas )

- fairy17  (New year siggies / graphics/ banners)

- Brklyn_gal  (Written OS)

- RabbaVe ( poems)

- Naila (poem)

- Princess_Khushi ( Games & ideas ) 

-aarump ( Writing ) 

-Sonia - -Predator-  ( Siggies )

-IndigoBlues ( Writing ) 

-Noorii-  (Written section/ experience)

kanikadayal- (Layou section team )

-KaShti-  ( siggies )

- sakeenaLuvEK-KM (banner)

- Harshdb (articles, graphics, layout)

-Nidz (invitation) 








and also

Thread compilors/ Story writers/ activities/layout: Naila and Aisha
(Kokila11, AyushiSinghania)

Thank you to all the wonderful members listed above for contributing to our thread! Thank you very muchHug from behalf of Ayushi & Naila

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             http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

                                   http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif  http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

Santa: *yawning* It's almost time for the end of the POLAR EXPRESS

Rudolph: *waving* I hope you all had a great time today

Pixie 1: *feeling more confident* yes we do, yes we do!

Pixie 2: Chill yarah, they can mention that in the comments, lets start the 'TIME FOR MASTI' Here we have some activities for you guys to enjoy!!


Whilst in preparation for this thread, we had decided that it would be great to have MANY members of our forum to contribute to this final thread in some way. That was when we conducted the activity: The 3 Word Story- that only lasted for a short period of time! The 3 Word Story had to be specifically related to: Christmas, New Year, or the holidays in some way. We did not upload the final story as we wanted to share it in the final thread, here is our 3 word story that MANY MANY members contributed to within our forum:

- the rules had been: Each member provide 3 words per post, this would then make up part of the final story.

STORY: (hope you enjoy reading the story YOU contributed to!)

Sally and Jessica were excited for their annual trip because it was snowing that day and they wanted to climb Mount-Everest- the sight's awesome! But they were way too hungry so they made Maggie two min and hot chocolate <3 , garam garam jalebi plus hot pizza. After having food they both went to climb mount-everest, they started climbing, baqwaas pada hai, dil karta hai koi madat kare they went straight to the cottage; while the snow was continuing to Fall heavily but they reached the cottage safely and warmed themselves up with their heater, changed thier clothes and got comfy. A servant came and asked them at what time they will leave to go skiing and they said in a while after we finish eating hot samosa's We will go for skiing and have great time together with all our forum friends and enjoyed the beautiful snow outside though, it's cold we stayed outside and played lots of fun games to have fun and enjoy life while we have lots of snowballs and we missed the fact that our other family was not here during the festivities but they were in our hearts and this made us rejoice and forget every pain that we tolerated their absence here. Then Sally realized that she forgot her lucky charm which was usually which could get Rally, he was her in trouble them in trouble*

so they decided to do something like play hide and...  seek so that they were able  to have fun   on this cool  And to enjoy  adventure, a once   in lifetime experience  which was unforgettable unfortunately though, something  wasn't feeling right  because they felt  the snow had... had gotten stronger  and blew off making them freeze Drinking hot choco... after they had  enough of it  they decided to  go on a  hike to the moon but, how could they go there They had no way of getting to the moon.   When they got a call from  the president that they had snow in front of the aloo which  was going to be  part of a new problem and had suddenly caused an explosion which blew up the whole house and now it felt like they had snow trapped in their own body      resulting in candyfloss  like feeling which was    funny because they  were in a state of shock.  Next they went to the funfair where they had fun but then it started snowing  again and they decided snow was  was pink since  it came from from  the land of strawberries & pink candies!  After a while sally fell off and Fell On  a trampoline and a bulldozer hit Sally, and they hurt themselves real  bad, resulting in them breaking couple  of bones and a kid's snowman... on their holiday. The entire vacation Was soo adventurous &  everybody had a great time. The end.


COMPETITIONS: (do participate!)


> Members create a MOVIE POSTER related to the theme of: 
New Year
Holiday Season

> You may choose ANY actor to star in your movie!

> Name of Movie (neccessary!!): Cold JatkaLOL

> Entries per person: 3 ONLY!!

> Size of POSTER: 400 x 550


> PM your final entries to KOKILA11 / AyushiSinghania (both members please) with subject: Forum Competition


.:Christmas Desktop:.

It's really EASY and SIMPLE!

What do I do?
> Decorate your desktop, rearrange icons,and anything possible- to make it all relate to Christmas! There are some wonderful Christmas wallpapers online, or maybe you'de like to create your ownWink

> Once you've decorated your desktop, take a SCREENSHOT, upload it to imgur (or any other site) 

> then send in your entries to both Kokila11, and AyushiSinghania
- with the subject heading: DESKTOP COMP!


> Good Luck, and do participate!!

Games: (do participate!)

Round 1 - To confirm yourself as the participant, be active. Just enjoy it all. Based on that we both can decide who the first card holder will be. Then hide it in their pm box and ask them not to tell anyone playing the game or even give hints at any point. They are free to give their guess as well if they want to mislead the other players. 

Round 2 - The first player to guess it right will be our next card holder. The person whom we had chosen now has to create a greeting card for the person who guessed it right. Like for example, We choose fariha as the 1st card holder and Deepali guesses it right. Then fariha has to make a greeting for deepali. She can find it online if she wishes.Doesn't have to be 'her' creation. 

Round 3 - Goes the same way. Maybe add some twist. I can't think of any. Can you? 

Final round - This round, we don't tell anyone who the Santa is. We just keep it to ourselves. Everyone guesses and the first 3 correct guessers are the winners. We gift them SOMETHING ANONYMOUSWink

Important rule - You have to be active in the 1st round to keep on continuing. If by chance they had personal issue due to which you couldn't be active, then you can pm Naila and Ayushi and we'll decide whether you will participate or not. 

This game was designed by: Princess_Khushi / Naila/ Ayushi

Some Cute activities

Cute isn't it!

              http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif  http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif

Hope you have lots masti in this section, hope you enjoyed our whole thread, do share your views and participate in all the activities above, hope you have great fun and we wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A:
Santa: GOOD NIGHT everyone, hope you all had a great time on our forum's POLAR EXPRESS!!

Rudolph, Pixie1, Pixie2, Santa; GOOD BYE


Directed and Published by: Ayushi and NailaLOL

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Originally posted by Kokila11


Santa: *

               http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif http://dl8.glitter-graphics.net/pub/2624/2624278q0um1d7n1c.gif


awesome Big smile

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