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DON2:REVIEWS pg 9(TOI) (Page 18)

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Release date:
December 23, 2011
Farhan Akhtar
SRK, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Kunal Kapoor, Aly Khan, Lara Dutta, Om Puri, Nawwab Shah

Hellooo Mr Shah Rukh Khan! And you too, Ms Priyanka Chopra!
But most of all, may I shake your hand, Mr Farhan Akhtar?!
Take a bow Team Don 2 for giving us an entertaining end to 2011.

The allure of the 1978 Don starring Amitabh Bachchan came from its memorable dialogues, stylish action, clever script, iconic casting and fabulous music score. Farhan's Don in 2006 was not just a remake, it was an interesting re-interpretation. It retained the original's sleekness, borrowed just the right amount from its forebear to captivate fans from back then, but turned the tall, strapping, grave Don played by Bachchansaab into the humorous and impertinent, self-deprecating yet arrogant, physically less imposing Don of Shah Rukh Khan. There was no space for comparisons between the two because they were so completely different.
In Don 2, SRK takes the self-effacing tone forward, and the sparks between his Don and Priyanka Chopra's Roma turn to a raging blaze. Farhan steers his stars with a firm hand and uses Shankar Ehsaan Loy's haunting music minimally but to excellent effect to give us a thumpingly enjoyable film that looks as technically polished as any high-budget international product.
Let's take that step by step. For at least a year now, it has seemed as though Shah Rukh (like a couple of his fellow Bollywood heroes in their 40s) was struggling to come to terms with his age. The hero's wannabe-boyish styling in that embarrassingly bad film Ra.One, simply reinforced the feeling. In Don2, however, he plays a part suited to his age, seems not to camouflage the years and comes off looking better for it. Seriously, Shah Rukh, please keep that beard!
It helps that SRK's heroine in Don 2 is Priyanka Chopra. PC is 17 years younger than her man, but she does not come across looking like an adoring younger sister to Shah Rukh's indulgent big brother figure, unlike Deepika Padukone in Om Shanti Om and Anushka Sharma in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (both girls over 20 years his junior). Sure, Priyanka and Shah Rukh look like a much younger woman and an older man in love/lust, but the point is you can feel the magnetic pull between them, you can imagine Roma and Don barely able to keep out of each other's beds!LOL..I know what she will be dreaming tonight..LOL
There's also the matter of Shah Rukh's acting. In film after film he's played to the gallery, emphasising the histrionic eccentricities and exaggerated mannerisms that his fans seem to love. But Chak De, Swades and My Name Is Khan showed us that the star is also an actor. Don and Don 2 are interesting because he's taken those very quirks his fans enjoy and ' under Farhan's able guidance ' turned them into qualities intrinsic to the character of Don.
And able guidance it is! No actor is better than his director, and Farhan is among Bollywood's best right now. He knows how to put together a great team too, among whom Don 2's cinematographer Jason West, choreographer Vaibhavi Merchant and production designer T.P. Abid all need a special mention. I particularly loved the shadow play on that gorgeous stage in the film's title track and the very sexual interplay between the lead pair in the final song.
Thankfully, though the film is primarily a platform for Shah Rukh, Farhan treats his female star with respect. Through the first half, I was worried that Priyanka's Roma would end up being little more than a glamorous showpiece like heroines often are in today's Bollywood. But post-interval, Roma's significance shoots up ' and though I don't want to expand on that, may I just say that Ms Chopra ' one of the best that we have in commercial Hindi cinema right now ' is probably one of the fittest women in India, her Roma is a far cry from those helpless "mujhe bachao"-type bechaaris of an earlier Bollywood, and she looks torrid beating up bad men!
Truth be told, Don 1 had a more fleshy story. But well, films in this genre are not so much about story as about adrenaline. All you need to know about this one is that Don tries to rob a bank in Europe with his bte noir from the earlier film, Vardhaan (Boman Irani), and a young computer genius Sameer (Kunal Kapoor), while cops Malik (Om Puri) and Roma get unwittingly drawn in.
The film does have some major flaws, but I found myself in a forgiving mood by the time the climax came around. First, although the action in the first half is thrilling, Don 2 dips considerably in the early part of the post-interval portion before picking up again and racing to an unexpected ending. There's a particularly boring step-by-step explanation of Don's bank robbery plan. Some of Don's ruses seem too simplistic, especially for those fed a diet of MIs, Die Hards and Bonds! Likewise, Sameer's ability to hack into the bank's security system is too convenient and unconvincing. At the start of the heist, the bank's security staff seem surprisingly lax! There are portions in the film that are confusing even in retrospect. And the interesting guest appearance by a major star is marred by one problem: if I wear a mask that makes me look like you, does that mean I'll get your voice too? I can't explain further without spoiling your fun! And in the overall analysis, that's what Don 2 is ' it's wicked, unapologetic fun!
Rating (out of five): ***1/2

woohoo Priyanka is getting praises from critics and from public except from die hard srk fans who can only see him..phew

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Originally posted by you2

Regular early bird  reviewer from Mauritius on Hungama

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Default D O N 2 : xclusive movie review

The king is back! and Don 2 is the proof
Contain stong spoilers, read at your own risks!!!

Movie start in French Riveria where some Underworld drug dealers are planning to kill Don because they think that he is posing a threat to their business! at the same time, in Thailand, Don is doing his business of drug dealing! this is an intense action scene very well shot and executed! amazing effect!
Don came to know that some people are tying to kill him, he decide to surrender to the police! he was sent to the Malaysian Jail where he met Vardhan! They plan to evade from there and again this is a very interesting sequence! Once evaded, they went to Zurich! they then travelled to Berlin to attack and blackmail the Vise-president of the Bank! They want to steal money printing plates!

In the only first half, the movie was shot in 5 different countries! France, Thailand, Malaysia, Switzerland and Germany! Beautiful shots were taken there by the cinematographer! excellent work by him!

Farhan deal with this movie very skillfully! This one is much at a faster pace than the first Don! The story is magnificent and simple! very well executed farhan deserve all the accolade to take the Don story forward

Songs are ok! only 2 sonfs int he movie : zara dil ko tham le and Hai yeh maya! both very well placed in the movie! Background score is good but not at par with an action movie!

Action scenes are "epoustouflant"! Intense, hardcore action scenes will bring cinema halls down! Thumbs up to the last scene where Roma fight against the man! It was a very interesting scene

SRK is excellent as Don! i think there is no one who can do this role better than him! the attitude, the look, the expression, the physic are Amazingly, superbly, magnificently WoW! he can do magic onscreen without doing any effort but in Don, he made lots of efforts and yes you can imagine how excellent he was!

Boman come next to SRK! he is excellent as the Villain of the movie

Priyanka is useful only in the climax

Lara is beautiful and she utilises her look to give values to her perfomance

Kunal Kapoor is good! and his scenes with SRK is too good! he match up easily against SRK

* special mention to the dialogue writer! some Dialogues are out of this world! pure talent!

Some excellent scene
The intro of Don in the Thailand scene
The surrendering of Don to the police and his conversations with Priyanka and Om Puri
The execution of the plan to escape the jail
The Don waltz : Beautiful scene by Hritik! Absolutely amazing this scene! it was nice to see Hritikh and SRK in the same body :P watch if and you will know why
the Al Jabbar scene before the intermission
The second half is more interesting than the first halt though! too many twists and suspense in the movie

Overall, Don2 is a movie for the intelligent people! We must use your mind to figure out what is happening in the film! With superb perfomance from Srk, it can be rightly said that the True King is Back and Im sure it will make the BO explode!

I watched it in 2D, will watch it in 3D on saturday

My rating : 4.5 *
Must watch! Hardcore masala and action movie! strongly recommended!
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I had a mouthfull of tea when I read this. Now I have to clean my monitor and my keyboard is screwed up.
Somone should send this review to Gauri.ROFL
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Another user review..

EEEP I Love Don. Seriously the coolest and most Kamina character in recent times. A few weeks ago I described his character as crafty, calculating and always 10 steps ahead of everyone else. Im so glad they haven't changed anything for the sequel... if anything he's learnt his lessons from the first film and has no chamches (trust issues) this time.

Im trying very very hard not to gush about certain scenes and stuff until more people watch the movie. Its very hard but Im trying to be patient here, so from the top of my head I'll mention some points.

Movie picks up 5 years later from the previous events. Vardhaan is in jail :evil: Roma is now an Interpol agent, Don is the King of Asian drug trade and is looking to expand in Europe. Something which naturally makes the European kaminey (notice - no capital K, as they don't deserve it) all sweaty and angsty which prompts them to making him Enemy no 1. His ego likes it, but he understands that his lambi and healthy life plan is in danger so he kickstarts his counterattack :evil:

I LOVED his first scene with Priyanka and Om Puri. Im trying to keep it spoiler free but its brilliant as Don despite being in the weaker position is still so arrogant. Infact I have to say that for a movie which relies on the cat and mouse game ( I ask you to identify the Cat in this relationship :P ) the chemistry between Don and Roma is brilliant, they have maybe 1 /2 scenes in the first half and don't come face to face again until the last 45 minutes but the screen sizzles when theyre together.

Priyanka was Great as Roma, she underplayed it so perfectly. Om Puri was dependable, Boman Irani was Brilliant! And I loved seeing Kunal Kapoor back on screen again... his Sameer was loveable and I loved the twists. Lara was just there but thats the point... Dons ego is such that he needs a 'Sweetheart' around to pamper him.

Movie starts off as an action film, and ends up as a heist thriller. I was a teeny bit confused over how the drug angle would work into the end but I was more than happy at the climax. Hehe He rocks. Pacing wise Id say it was better than the first Don... I wasn't bored and nor did my attention drift. The dialogues are bloody brilliant. The action scenes are the best Ive seen in a LONG time. Absolutely amazing especially Priyankas fight.

Dons costumes and overall look is to die for. Loved Priyankas dress too :P

Another teeny thing Ive noticed is that Farhan was quite clever with how the audience perceives Don... call it the Roma effect or whatever but did anyone actually notice Don kill anyone 'innocent' in this? The people he swats away like flies cross the line against him first. So at no point do you think You BAS**** in a bad way :D Feel free to cuss him in a good way as much as you want.

I'll write a lot more once more people watch it. As with the first one there are so many little points to talk about :D Easilly the best movie of the year for me.

HAHAHA I forgot to acually write about SRK as Don :lol: Shows how much my brain is fried right now. Can I say he rocks? Can I say he bloody rocks??? and can I also say that people should pay attention to his eyes. Its all in the eyes, you know when he's pissed, angry and hurt in the eyes... cos the mouth still stays sarcastic. he just gets trigger happy :D

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chhabs Aseem Chhabra
@ashermadan Thanks man and no it is not entirely negative. I think SRK was very cool i the film.
Okay so I think he is a critic for Rediff...from stalking his tweets what I'm getting is he's not going googoo gaga over the film but he does think SRK is cool! Wheww...I'll take that! Embarrassed Oh and I definitely think he thought it was better than Ra.One Big smile
And cinema-goer you were right! They definitely banned the critics from posting their reviews early. Anytime Friday I think is legitimate LOL 
The other critics have managed to be eerily quiet. LOL The closest info they're saying is that they're done with their review LOL

Edited by chocolover89 - 22 December 2011 at 5:06pm

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Don 2

Starring Shah Rukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Boman Irani, Kunal Kapoor, Lara Dutta
Directed by Farhan Akhtar
Language Hindi, English, German

To begin with, let's set some things straight: Farhan Akhtar is one of my favourite filmmakers, and I consider him one of the foremost talents to emerge in 21st century Indian cinema. Nobody else in the industry delivers films of such consistent good quality. The term 'Hollywood Quality' is bandied about a lot in Indian cinema these days, but in the case of anything with the name Farhan Akhtar on it, its use is usually justified.

And so we come to Don 2, a film upon whom that term fits quite well. It's a sequel (a sequel to a remake, no less), a heist movie set across two continents, four countries, and several action set-pieces (India the country is neither seen nor heard from in this pan-global jaunt). It has all the hallmarks of the modern, slick action thriller, with a twisty plot & sexy cast, gadgets & pyrotechnics, a consistent disregard for the laws of physics and logic to make things more fun to watch.

But I enjoy Farhan Akhtar movies as much for their Indianness as any polished-to-a-shine international credentials, and the question I asked myself going in was: Is it Indian enough?

don 2, farhan akhtar, shah rukh khan, priyanka chopra, lara dutta, boman irani, kunal kapoor

he seems to be just a little tired of all the shady double-crosses

The characters themselves wonder something along those lines too, when the second-in-command of the German central bank turns out to be an Indian. "You know us Indians," Don says, "we're everywhere." That banker is J.K. Diwan (Aly Khan), who once brokered a deal with an arms dealer to get him and his boss their current job. Don (Shah Rukh Khan) is using a tape of that deal to blackmail Diwan, not for money, but for something more valuable: currency printing plates.

But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves. While the heist of these plates forms the majority of the plot of Don 2, before then there are several action sequences in Thailand, and a Malaysian prison, where we are re-introduced to the characters, now five years later, a little older, a little wiser, a little worse for wear. Don himself is hardly the suave, immaculately groomed man we last saw jetting away with his, um, Don-girl. Bearded and bedraggled, he seems to be just a little tired of all the shady double-crosses and attempts to kill him from all quarters. Is it any wonder that he just strolls into Interpol's lobby in Kuala Lumpur, giving himself up?

And who better for him to surrender to, but Roma (Priyanka Chopra), once his nemesis-turned-lover, now a full-fledged Interpol officer with only him on her mind. But while Roma may think she can rest easy, Don's surrender is only another step in his master-plan, which involves springing his arch-enemy Vardhaan (Boman Irani) so he can aid him in the plate heist, of course.

It is, as you may have guessed, quite an elaborate plot, one that fits well-within the twisty nature of the first Don, but also manages to not re-hash the same formula. There is no secret-identity bingo to play this time, and instead it gives ample space to its anti-hero and his amoral cohorts, which it does so with glee.

don 2 scenes shah rukh khan priyanka chopra lara dutta boman irani aly khan saahil shroff

this is very much a Tom & Jerry cartoon for adults

Don 2 is, first and foremost, an excuse to see Shah Rukh Khan & co. having fun, which as light entertainment goes, can't really be beat. You can argue about the ludicruousness of the plot twists and cartoon physics until you're blue in the face, but that would be missing the point. Don's favourite thing in both films seems to be Tom & Jerry cartoons, and this is very much a Tom & Jerry cartoon for adults, all of its violence and humour intact, with a good shot of sexy. It has the aesthetic & pace of a Chuck Jones short, and as an avowed fan of that master filmmaker too, I was quite pleased to go along with almost every one of its whims.

I say almost, of course, because Don 2 is a bit rough round the edges. It does indulge itself a little now and then with a completely unneccessary stunt or sequence. Most of the new characters are flat and fairly unremarkable — Lara Dutta is little more than eye candy, Kunal Kapoor (an otherwise fantasic, underappreciated actor) is similarly forgettable — and this takes away from what I really like seeing: Don being Don, Roma being Roma, and Vardhaan being an asshole.

Luckily, we get to see plenty of those three doing those things (Vardhaan being an asshole — a consistent treat in the first film — is still a trope that delivers), but it too is dampered by the biggest, most heinous failing of Don 2: the music. The songs — what few there are — are bad enough, but the score is loud, jarring & in sharp contrast to the minimal, 1970s-meets-modern score of the first.

Such restraint is missing from Jason West's cinematography too. I miss K.U. Mohanan's slicker-than-slick, soft-lit spaces. The cinematography isn't bad by any means, but it's nowhere as consistently beautiful and instantly-identifiable as the first Don's. It does the job — it often does the job very well — but unlike the first I won't be pausing the Blu-Ray months from now just to wonder how on earth a shot was done.

don 2 poster, shah rukh khan priyanka chopra

It's a 'Hollywood Quality' action thriller through-and-through

Such criticisms are, ultimately, less of a concern to the average movie-goer than an awful nitpicky fanboy like myself. Indeed, Don 2 does exactly what it sets out to do, provide a perfect sequel to Don, continue the stories of the characters, entertain consistently through it 2.5 hour run-time (you'll scarecly notice it pass), and set things up for an inevitable Don 3. It's a 'Hollywood Quality' action thriller through-and-through, which of course, brings me back to my initial question of Indianness.

And I'm happy to report that, yes, it is. For somewhere in Don 2's layrinthine heist, late in the third act, when every 'Hollywood Quality' movie both sides of the world has dispensed with pesky things like character and emotional development in favour of non-stop stuff-blows-up, Don 2 has the audacity to lay in a rich track of both those things. To give its main two characters — Don & Roma — their major emotional arc in this part of the film instead of, say, the middle or before, is both unusual, and unusually rewarding. It may seem a small thing, but for me this was the greatest triumph of Don 2, that instantly negated all the indulgences and rough edges, and stood even above all the deliciously well-executed action.

You don't need to be similarly swayed to enjoy Don 2. But I certainly did, immensely, because of several little touches like that. It is all those details, not the big-budget thrills & glamour, that really make Farhan Akhtar a great filmmaker for me.

Bring on Don 3.

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*Contains some spoilers at the very end about a special appearance*

Film Review ' Don 2: The Chase Continues

Shahrukh Khan's reputation, always a strange and nebulous thing, has been under attack lately.  He's facing competition from the resurgent Salman Khan, whose recent volley of hits has broken SRK's own box office records.  His most recent film, Ra.One, made a whole lot of money but was so heavily hyped, merchandised and promoted that the audience seemed to be suffering from fatigue.  Don 2, arriving hot on its heels, is in the difficult position of both having a lot to prove and having to seem no-sweat about it.  The man couldn't have known how decisive a moment this would be, but Don 2 is the picture that may determine whether or not audiences still NEED Shahrukh Khan.

This is not the moment to jump the couch.

Because, really, the only person to whom you can really compare Shahrukh Khan is Tom Cruise.  Like Cruise, Khan is less an actor than a performer.  He's a brand, an ambassador, an emblem.  Like Cruise, he's one of that rare breed of movie stars who, through the sheer force of their eccentricities and bigness, invite armchair psycho-analysis.  His films carry a meta-narrative, each acting as one more installation in the hall of mirrors that plays his perceived self against his persona.  When Cruise went off the deep-end, his response was to give a forehead-burstingly adrenalized performance in Mission: Impossible 3 that more or less said, "You think you've seen CRAZY?"  Look no further than Khan's Om Shanti Om to see a movie star so aware of and reactive to his own public image that nearly every frame is both a tribute to and parody of exactly how famous and untouchable he's become.

Also, like Tom Cruise, everyone thinks he's gay.

So once you wade through the gay rumors, the workaholic publicity schedule, the overwhelming PR blitz that can attend his films, the "Muslim problem", the awards, the seemingly stable marriage/producing partnership, the feuds with former collaborators, once you pick through ALL THAT, you're left with the movies.

You're left with Don 2.

Awash in stunts, exotic locales, one-liners and double-crosses, Don 2: The Chase Continues primarily peddles the most valuable, and rare, commodity a movie can offer these days: genuine star power.  Anyone can star in a movie these days, it seems, but if you want to watch a born supernova having an indecently good time commanding the screen, look no further.  As the titular underworld mastermind, Shahrukh Khan twinkles malevolently at lesser mortals and purrs lines like, "When Don's enemies are planning their first move, Don has already made his next move!"  He absails down the side of a tall building before casting a sly salute to his would-be assassin.  He holds a beautiful woman in his arms, but not before drawing her in with his eyes.  This is, to be plain, a display of weapons-grade starpower.

It's muscular stuff in every department, from its brutal hand-to-hand combat sequences to its giggle-inducingly over-the-top car chases.  Farhan Akhtar, who directed the first Don (itself a remake of the classic Amitabh Bachchan vehicle), has beefed up his action chops in the five years since.  He's also absorbed a surprising amount of Euro-style.  There's a spareness, a symmetry, a chilliness to much of Don 2 that feels positively French.  Gone are the wild festivals and club dances of Don.  This is a straight-up heist picture, one that glides from setpiece to setpiece with supreme confidence and style.  There's only one song in it, and it's a delightful one that starts off featuring the lovely Lara Dutta before Khan simply strolls into it and basks in the adoration of his chorines.  Other than that it's all business, and that may surprise people going in hoping for a dose of masala.  There are almost no subplots here; it's a dynamically focused narrative.

Of course, to discuss that narrative would be to ruin one of the main pleasures of Don 2: you can never exactly guess where it's going, and when you think you have it pinned down, enough seeds of doubt have been planted to keep you looking for the next betrayal.  When a thriller has you guessing about whether characters are double or triple crossing each other, it has you right where it wants you.  Suffice it to say that in Don 2, Don has a fiendish plan, one that begins with turning himself over to Interpol and going to jail.  Why he does this is not immediately clear, but when he reveals his intentions, the film simulates the pleasing sensation of watching Tetris pieces fall into place, with the same gradual acceleration.  By the end, as betrayals pile on top of each other, you may find yourself laughing at the wicked audacity of it all (crucially, though, the script plays fair).  Khan's naked calculation as a performer, sometimes a detriment to taking him seriously, has never been better employed.

The supporting cast are total pros, some with a lot to do and some with not much.  Don's fetching prey/pursuer Roma is again played by Priyanka Chopra, who is asked to do not much but pout and wear outfits that may not be regulation Interpol.  A neat third act turn demands more of her, but otherwise she's there to prop up the dominant romance in SRK's filmography: the one he has with himself.

Om Puri hasn't much more to do, but he's a welcome presence.  The most fun to be had among the supporting cast is with Kunal Kapoor, as gawky and appealing as ever, and Boman Irani, who in every scene finds new and amusing ways of looking pissed off.

It all comes back to King Khan in the end.  Every character is defined by their reaction to Don.  Fear, hatred, desire, fanboy gawking, Khan drinks up all of it with relish.  This may be the first underworld kingpin to say, "No autographs, please."  In an illustrative sequence, Don sneaks into a cocktail party by disguising himself'.as post-SRK superstar Hrithik Roshan.  After a brief, elegant dance and some flashes of those beautiful eyes, Roshan rips off a mask to reveal Khan's beaming, leonine visage.  Ta-dah.  It's that sequence which best reveals Don 2 as less an ordinary movie than a state of the union address.  The message is this: "There's only one King, and the King is back.  Relax and enjoy the show."  Don 2 makes it very easy to do just that.

Sorry the pics won't show up :/

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Hmm so basically what I'm getting is that the film is very...foreign-ish. It's nothing like a masala Indian action movie. I think that's why some people said the masses who like the Singham, Dabangg type action might have a very hard time connecting and might find it wannabe-ish..That actually works for me because I loathe the Singham type films..they're simply not my style. Misison Impossible, James Bond, Die Hard now those are my kind of action thrillers.

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Me too..i cant see brutal violence/ blood etc...i doubt i will watch agnipath just for that is more raw and wont sit well with me..

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