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SS: A silent prayer(Part 3- Page 4) Updated

sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
I recently joined the forum and had a very nice time reading through all the FFs SSs and OSs. Hats off to all maestros. Enjoyed reading vachan.. milan and ahem modi falls in love FFs..  Kudos to the writers. Loved them. I really got inspired and decided to write something. this is my first ever write up. I was always curious to know what ahem thinks all this while, so decided to write an SS on that. Its long and may be dragging. Sharing it. Hope you enjoy it. feedbacks are welcome. :).

A silent Prayer

Part 1

Ahem was irritated. He already shouted at two of his employees and was in a very foul mood since morning. Being late to a meeting was a new thing to him. He could not let go the blaming look on his mom's face. Peon knocked his cabin door and gave him the green tea. A small smile lit up his face and unknowingly he said thank you. He decided to take a break and closed all the documents. He leaned over his chair and closed his eyes. The smile, the way her eyes twinkled, he was trying to remember those. He instantly felt a calmness growing over him. He thought about the way, she asked him to play Ludo. He would not help smiling to himself, she is so childlike. Anything to make her comfortable, that's the only, thought he had.  He checked the time, its 3.35. She has to take a medicine now. His Mom would have given her but he decided that he would call her and check himself. Mom took the call and she said she has given the medicine. He could feel the annoyance in his mom's voice. This is the third call today. But he did not have any other choice. There is No extension at his room and Gopi does not mobile. "I should get her one", he said it aloud. With a content smile, he again opened the documents to finish up his work. Today, he does not want to carry any work to home.

Around 8.30 he was back at home. The new servant opened the door. Mom and kaki was in the hall doing some house work. Raashi is nowhere to be seen. She might be with Gopi. Somehow he could not digest the idea of Raashi taking care of Gopi. Agree they are sisters, but he has never seen Raashi reciprocate the love Gopi has for her. Since the day mom and kaki got Raashi from her mom's house, there is a little change in her attitude. Still he did not trust her completely. She is careless and messy. Don't think she will take care of Gopi as he or his mom does. He greeted mom and kaki and asked about baa. Mom greeted him back and kaki replied saying that baa is with Gopi.

Gopi was up and listening to baa. Baa was reciting some versus from Gita to her and was slowing rubbing her hand. Thank god, Raashi is not there. Ahem stood near the door and was reluctant to go in. He did not want to disturb them. Gopi was eagerly looking at baa and was concentrating on the prayer. He knew she will repeat the entire prayer, if she hears it 2, 3 times. She is a perfect student. He was proud.

Reluctantly he knocked the door and went inside. Baa looked up and he greeted her and took her blessings.  He enquired about her trip and travel. Baa replied

"Dikra everything was fine. I could not stay away from here after hearing about my Gopi dikra".

Her eyes were teary. He knew Gopi and baa shared a very deep bond. He assured her

"Baa gopi is ok now. I will take care of her. You don't have to worry".

From the look on her face, he could tell that baa was pleasantly surprised.

"Baa, i will help you go to your room. You must be tired after the trip".

Baa agreed and placed her hand over Gopi's cheeks and planted a kiss. Gopi was smiling. He smiled. That's all it takes to get a smile on her face. He dropped baa at her room and came back to his room. Gopi was still up and resting her head on the pillow. She enquired

"Ahemji, today you were late for the meeting. Was everything alright?"

Her face was sketched with worry.

"Meeting was good as usual". He smiled and replied. She smiled back. There was look of pride in her eyes. He liked it. The way she trusts him, oh it is really hard to believe. He just wanted to stay there looking at her eyes, but something inside him made him look away. He could not meet her eyes again. Is it the guilt that is eating him from inside? He did not know what to do. It made him uncomfortable handling her affectionate looks. The guilt of letting her go alone to the goons, was it the only thing? No there is much more. No I don't want to go there, not now.

"I will change now and come, you take rest" He snapped.

He was not sure whether his voice was a notch louder. He took his clothes and went to change cursing himself for snapping at her.

By the time he came out, she was asleep. He put the blanket over her. Morning he could not believe that he took her blanket and she slept without a blanket in the cold. He should have been careful. He should have been awake to make sure that she sleeps well. Hopefully she is alright. With a look of concern in his face he went down.

Baa was there for dinner. He informed mom that Gopi is sleeping and he will give the food to her when he goes upstairs. With baa around, Jigar was smiling happily and blabbering something to baa. Papa is also in a good mood and joined in the conversation. Mom was talking kaki about tomorrow morning pooja. He could feel the happiness around. He was always very reserved. But he felt good to see people around him happy and chatting away. A smile lingered in his thoughts. Her smile, she would have smiled like him if she was here. She is not a person of many words. Just like him. Just want to savor the moment. He missed her standing beside him, and smiling happily at everyone. He wished she was here with him as a silent spectator. Just like him. He finished of his dinner and rush to upstairs to give her food.

She was still sleeping, with a cutest expression on her face. He touched her hand and gave her a little shake and called her name


She opened her eyes, blinked twice, unsure of the surroundings. He moved her hand over her head bandage. He asked


She shook her head indicating a no. Doctor already told him that her head will be heavy and it will be paining for few days. He will give her a pain killer after the food, though she never complains about it. She helped her sit straight and again she is looking at him with her big brown eyes. Was it accusation? No ahem, she will never do that. Still why can't I meet her eyes?


Gopi took his name in a low voice. He voice is a little husky, may be because of the sleep.

Was it Worry in her eyes? Oh, the food, she is worried how to eat it. Ahem took a long breath and sat down near her. He took a spoonful of food and start feeding her. The look on her face is priceless. Cheeks are red and she is blushing. He could not stare, he lowered his eyes.He was concentrating on the spoon and its movements. He is not ready to meet her eye. He is not ready yet. He knew he cared for her more than anything. Still he is not ready to face her yet. Not ready to face her gaze, not ready to face the reality, not ready to come to face to face with his past deeds. The rest of her meal was done in silence

Once she is done with the food, he gave her the medicine. He helped her to lie down. He was curious, Will she sleep properly tonight? Will she ask him to play Ludo with him? Gopi lied down and closed her eyes. Ahem was disappointed, she did not ask. She might be up all day because of baa. Let her rest. He assured himself. He made his bed in the sofa and lie down. Before closing his eyes, his gave her a last glance to make sure she is comfortable. Her eyes were shut, but he could see the small twitching of her lips. He smiled, she has not slept. She just doesn't want to disturb him. He talked to her in his mind, "Get well soon Gopi". She smiled keeping her eyes closed. It amazed him how his moods reflect on her so well. Ahem closed his eyes, savoring her smile.

Morning, everyone was busy with the Pooja. Meethi came and helped Gopi get fresh and change. By the time, everything was set up for the Pooja, ahem took Gopi near the temple staircase and stand beside her wheelchair. Baa was looking lovingly at them. Following baa's gaze, everyone looked up and greeted them. Gopi was happy. The happiness radiating from her instantly lifted ahem's mood. Baa blessed her and Gopi beamed. Kakiji enquired about her health

"how are you dikra? How are you feeling now?"

"I am fine kakiji"

Baa ..."Gopi dikra, I missed your aarti"

Kakiji gave her an adoring smile and said

"We all miss it baa"

Ahem was about to say no but mom was quicker

"No baa. Gopi is not completely fine. She is weak".

Mom gave a concerned look to gopi.

"It's ok maaji, i am better now. I will say the prayer from here"


Mom looked at him. He nodded. He knows Gopi wants to say the prayer for baa. Ahem called her


"hmmm" she replied.

Her reply was endearing. It reached his heart. He kept staring at her for a second, and then immediately snapped out of it.

"I will help you get up. You lean over me during the prayer. I will hold you".

"Ji ahemji".

She was looking at baa and baa gave her a knowing smile. Mom started arranging the pooja thaali.

He helped her get up and let her stand on his left side making her lean over him for support. He put his hand around her waist and held her so that she does not have to put her right leg down. The awkwardness, he initially had with her, is no more. Everyone else was busy in the temple to see him carry Gopi like this. But he know baa is watching him, and for the first time he did not mind. I need to take care of her, no matter what others think. Gopi was staring him unbelievingly. The big brown eyes, he could not avert her gaze this time, he was drawn to her eyes. Her eyes, big brown eyes, with a twinkle it. What is she thinking? Is she angry that I touch her? Is she worried people will see them like this? Is she angry with me for all those things happened between us? Will she every forgive me?. At the same moment she smiled, the evergreen child like smile, at that moment ahem knew everything is going to be alright. Everything will be fine. He smiled back.

Gopi started with the prayer. He closed his eyes still holding her in his arms. No matter what he did, no matter what he feel, he know at the end, the little soul, he has in this arms belongs to him. It was meant for him. He knows, she is something which he likes to keep forever. No matter, how long the journey is, how tough the journey is, he is ready to take it. He bowed his head in gratitude. Thanking her kanaji, for letting her be in his arms and promising he will never let it go. No matter what it takes for redemption, he is ready to give it a try.

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Kavya.S IF-Dazzler

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that was wonderful...loved it..

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kaka.lg IF-Dazzler

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Xarina IF-Sizzlerz

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Nice.  Ahem does not know what he started when he said "Mmm!" before Gopi said that she would slowly try and climb the stairs herself on her first day home.

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Mandy20 IF-Addictz

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hey great beginning!! please continue soon

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taniks IF-Rockerz

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That was lovely, gohem_ forever ,I really enjoyed it

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sree07 IF-Rockerz

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Thanks all. :). i was nervous putting this in the forum. Thanks for the comments. really means a lot.

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WOW gohem_forever...this was amazing, so soft and subtle, touched me to the very core...Smile..plz continue

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