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SwaRon FF-jaise tujhko banaya hai mere liye..! (Page 61)

-bitz- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Nice Sharon on a date wid Swayam...waiting for d next romantic update ;)
update soon!

india4u Senior Member

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Posted: 13 May 2012 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the PM and nice update...  Smile
JJ_Holic IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 May 2012 at 4:56pm | IP Logged
love your concept
I just read it and sry fr late commenting it is purely awesome pls pls add me as ur buddy and pls pls pls pm me when u update dying to read further
yasu2810 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 May 2012 at 5:24am | IP Logged
wow nice update yar...
reallly really welll written...
i loved it tooo... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 4:16am | IP Logged
As i was busy wid xams n really really bad at writing romance...sooo here is d romantic date update by my bestie...sreshtha...sreshu i lovee u for dis..!!Hug


Me:"And Where Are We Headed To?"
Swayam:"Surprise Surprise ! *smiling*"
When the car finally took a halt I looked outside.. "Coffee N' Beans" -My favourite coffee shop at Dehra.. the place where WE had hung out the most..but less after Swayam left school before I finally stopped visiting that place as the memories haunted me there..
It has been long..
Me:"Here? Are You Sure? Its Closed.. !"
Swayam:"Ohh Is It ? *faking surprise*"
Me:"*confused* Yeah Its An Unusual Time To Close Down This Place.."
Swayam:"Big Deal ! We Will Trespass ..*winking*"
Me:"You Insane? *shocked*"
Swayam:"Na I Am SWAYAM And You Are Trespassing This Place With Me Direct To The Terrace ! You Know Coffee Tastes Even Better With The Sorroundings There..And Its A One Storeyed Place .. You Wont Be Hurt Much If You Fall Off,That Too If Only I Let You To Which Definitely I Wont ! *in a breath*"
Swayam pulled me out of the car.. covered my mouth .. picked me up on his arms and we did TRESPASS !! He made me do it !
We used the ladder lying at the back-side of the shop to climb up to the terrace !!
I had much difficulties to climb up,thats what I kept complaining..specially with the stilhettos I couldnt dare to till Ishaan opened them for me and took them in his hand and made me climb up !
After we landed safe and sound on the terrace..
Swayam:"Which Table Would You Choose?"
Me:"Any One Will Do *smiling*"
Swayam:"*pointing* That One It The Middle Will Be Fine Then.. *smiling back*"
I looked for the one which Swayam was pointing at.. And suddenly there were lights..
Lights which illuminated the table which awed me !
The table was draped in white cloth unlike the others around and had a bunch of white roses with two wine glasses on it !
It looked so HEAVENLY PERFECT for a date !
Swayam:"*whispering in my ears from behind* Yes, Thats The One Baby.."
Holding my waist he walked me to the table and pulled the chair for me..
After we settled ourselves at the table,
Me:"And How Does All These Happen In A Closed Shop?*eyeing him*"
Swayam:"Miracles Do Happen ! *still not giving away*"
Me:"Ahaaan! Some Miracle It Is .. So When Did You Start Working For The Doon Electricity Board Recently Or It Has Been Long ? *smirking on-your-face look*"
Swayam:"Yeah Yeh Whatever.. A Better Question Couldnt Come From You.. Cant It?"
Me:"Like What ? Do You Like Your Job ?Or You Love It ? *smirking*"
Swayam:"Ok Ok But I Aint Fighting Or Answering You Back Today.."
Me:"Really *acting serious*"
Swayam:"Hmmm *pretending to be even more serious*"
Me:"Not Even If I Ask That... *baby face*"
Swayam:"That ?? What ??"
Me:"That.. *bowing my head and pretending to blush* "
Swayam takes my hand on the table and presses it hard..
Swayam:"Yes Say It *impatiently*"
Me:"That How Many Shocks Have You Went Through So Far ! *lol*"
Swayam:"Huh ! You Spoiled The Moment !*pulling back his head *"
Me:"I Was Kidding Naah.. *taking back his hands to mine*"
Swayam:"Whatever *pulling back his hand*"
Me:"Ok ! Sorry !*pursuing with an innocent face*"
Swayam:"Punishment ! *evil look*"
Me:"Punishment ? *confused*
Anyway I'll Do It If That Makes You Happy !!*sighing and smiling*"
Swayam:"And You Cant Deny After I Say What Your Punishment Is.. ! Deal ?"
Me:"Deal !!"
Swayam got up and came to me..
He went down on his knees and putting forward his right hand to me..
Swayam:"Will You Dance With Me Again Tonight?
I Had Missed Dancing With You So Much That I Cant Afford To Miss The Chances Whenever We Are Together !"
I looked in his eyes with an "Awww" look !
Me:"No Music *signalling with my hands and making a sad face*"
Swayam:"Who Said So?"
And the music played..
 He looked at me,took my hand as I stood up with a bewildered look on my face !
He put both his hands around my waist as I put my hands around his neck..
He whispered in y ears..
Swayam:"My Favourite Song For You.."
And We Danced Slowly Matching Our Steps Perfectly As The Song Played..

"If Our Love Was A Fairy Tale,
I Would Charge In And Rescue You..
On A Yacht Baby We Would Sail..
To An Island Where We'd Say I Do,
And If We Had Babies They Would Look Like You..
So Beautiful If That Came True,
You Don't Even Know How Very Special You Are..

You Leave Me Breathless..
You're Everything Good In My Life,
You Leave Me Breathless..
You Just Walked Out Of One Of My Dreams,
So Beautiful, You're Leaving Me..

Swayam planted a kiss on my cheek as delicately as he could..
?"And If Our Love Was A Story Book..
We Would Meet On The Very First Page..
The Last Chapter Would Be About,
How Im Thankful For The Life We've Made..
And If We Had Babies They Would Have Your Eyes..
I Would Fall Deeper Watching You Give Life,
You Dont Even Know Know How Very Special You Are..

You Leave Me Breathless..
You're Everything Good In My Life,
You Leave Me Breathless..
You Just Walked Out Of One Of My Dreams,
So Beautiful, You're Leaving Me..

He kissed me on my eyes as I closed them and felt his lips gently there !!
 ?"You Must Have Been Sent From Heaven To Earth To Change Me..
You're Like Angel,
The Thing That I Feel Is Stronger Than Love..
Believe Me...
You're Something Special,
I Only Hope That I'll One Day Deserve What,
You've Given Me..
But All I Can Do Is Try,
Every Day Of My Life..

You Leave Me Breathless..
You're Everything Good In My Life,
You Leave Me Breathless..
You Just Walked Out Of One Of My Dreams..
So Beautiful,You're Leaving Me..

And we kissed.. There was no rush.. It was soft gentle,as if he was pouring down all the love he was holding back all throughout his life..As I too gave back all the love I had saved for him.. for my "FIRST KISS" and with him it felt PERFECT !
I wished that the moment would last forever but we had to pull back as we both were left BREATHLESS !
I was blushing bad by then.. couldn't meet his eyes at first until..
Swayam:"How Many Frogs Have You Kissed So Far ?"
Me:"Uhhh What ?"
As I Thot To Myself-"Did I Taste That Bad ?! "
Swayam:"You're Are A Very Good Kisser So I Was Wondering How Much You Are Into Practice !! *winking*"
 Me:"Huh ! Okay But What Has Frogs Gotta Do With Them ?"
Swayam:"Wasn't There A Story Saying How A Princess Had To Kiss FROGS Before She Got To Kiss Her Mr.Charming ! "
Me:"Oh Yes I Remember That.. ! And You Aint That Bad Either Mr.First Froggie !"
Swayam:"Oh Hello Im Not The Froggie ! I Am The Mr.Charming ! *irritated*"
Me:"So Dint You Just Say That I Am Supposed To Kiss Frogs First ?*innocently*"
swayam:"Yes That.. But Not Me.. I.. Uhh Wait Hold On.. First? This Was Your First Time? *bewildered*"
Me:"Naah Its One Of My Favourite Passtimes.. Huh.. As If..Swayammm Ofcourse This Was My First ! You Are My First ! Dumbo !"
Swayam:"Unbelieavable ! After All The Dudes- Literally The "Hot Ones" Who Were After You,You Chose None But Me To Be Your First?"
Me:"Ok Stop Exaggaretting Now And Ya All Were My Friends.. Just FRIENDS *half smiling-half blushing*"
Swayam:"And Sid ?"
Me:"Bestie *smiling*"
Swayam:"But You Went Out With Him Right?"
Me:"Yes For A Month.. It Dint Work Out.. We Had Difference.. My Perception Never Matched With His.."
Swayam:"Opposites Attract .."
Me:"But Never Did Or Can The North Pole And The South Pole Meet ! *in a determined tone*"
He knew he couldnt beat me in a verbal duet anyway..
Swayam:"Hmmm ! But You Should've Tried.. You Dint But ! Why ? And Honest Answer This Time !"
Me:"I Told You.. Diffrences.."
Swayam:"Thats What You Told Others.."
Me:"Thats It yammyy ! We Know It Work So We Gave Up ! I Wasn't Comfortable And Nieder Was He.."
swayam:"Shshsh.. Not That Again.. The Truth !"
His hands held my shoulders firmly..
I looked into his eyes.. dark and inquisitive.. I knew I had to surrender myself to them..
He pulled me closer to him and held me tighter..
I shivered..
Swayam:"Why ?!"
Me:"Because .."
Me:"Because I Love You !"
I confessed my love to him as my eyes welled up to its brim..
I placed my head on his shoulder as my vision blurred..
The arms around me held me tighter than ever hugging me protectively and lovingly..
And I then my vision started clearing as the water droplets rolled down my cheeks.. And I could register that whatever was happening wasnt a dream but was a real MOMENT .. a MOMENT WITH THE LOVE OF MY LIFE After All..
And All I Wished Was To Breathe-Love-Die In These Arms As Lived !!

if u want PM add me to ur buddy list..!!
hit like n do comment..!Smile

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--Rumeli-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
wooaa!!Poo!!amazing update n it was a longgg one!!i loved d way u described d whole date thing..along with d lines of d song!!Sharon swayam didnt as yet..??!

Edited by Rumeli_GkD - 19 May 2012 at 4:32am

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CrazyGirl.21 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
awwiiiee raj n shreshtha !!! dats sooo beutiful !!!!
sch a romantic filled updt !!! i luved it 2 d core !!! dis ff is sooo sooothing !!! u both r osmm writerz...regarding dis chap...well ritten shrestha !!! Smile

jst loved d chap...n raj pls geme d date wen ur examzz finish...20th may?>\

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Swayamonly Goldie

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Posted: 19 May 2012 at 4:36am | IP Logged
wow pooh..:) it was really awesome blossom...*as usual:P*
bechara swayam...!!!:P acche bhale romantic mood ka shar ne kachra kar diya...:):P
i'm really curious to know why he's back in her life... I mean what happened dat he realised his mistakes...
i love your ff alot..:) please keep on updating consistantly from now., will you??

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