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Winter Wonderland - Most Creative Runner up!

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Thank you for your participation!
~ Regards, CC Team~

Are you finding that Santa's Sleigh can't get to your chimney fast enough this year? Are your fingers itching to tear asunder wrapping paper and ribbons? Why not wile away the minutes, hours and days left until Santa makes his grand yet silent entrance into your home, here reading our thread?  We have curious Christmas facts, stories, songs, games and much much more.  We are certain even your mother, uncharacteristically, will gladly grant you permission to indulge yourself with I-F; the Christmas & New Year Edition.

It is an undeniable fact that Christmas and New Year's celebrations have become a global event.  They no longer remain the festivities of Christians.  Whether you embrace the more spiritual side to it through a strengthening of your relationship with God and visiting the church or the more commercial side with plenty of trips to the mall, the 'Christmas Spirit' is something that is felt and shared throughout the world. 
People say how the world is getting smaller and maybe the globalism of Christmas and New Year's Day is a sign of that but even in this there is an expansion through diversity.  Each country, each town, each family and each individual person takes Christmas and New Year's and makes it their own.  So whether it is the Nigerians who vacate the cities return to their ancestral villages to be with family, or the commercialistic appeal seen in China which reflects a cultural interest in Western trends, or the Koreans that see this as a time of sacrifice and charitable efforts, or in India where 'merry Christmas' has become 'Bade Din ki Mubarak' in Sanskrit it is 'Krismasasya shubhkaamnaa' in Bengali 'Barodiner shubhechha janai'  in Telugu 'Christhu jayanthi shubhakankshalu'  in Tamil it's 'Christhu Jayanthi Nalvaalthukal' and in Punjabi it's 'Christmas diya vadiyia' and children await a visit from 'Christmas Baba,' each place has its own flavour of Christmas.  That traditional English Christmas Cake that is as much filled with brandy as the people who eat them is juxtaposed with its contemporary Japanese version of a white sponge cake covered with cream and decorated with strawberries.  

Whether it is the light of God, or that enlightenment of self-assessment that New Year's Resolutions brings or that sparkle of tinsel and gift wrap or that twinkle in a child's eyes the first time he finds traces of 'Santa' people upon our planet are united by an encompassing light. 

Here at IF where the world's diversity is united by a love of Entertainment with an Indian spin we are offering you a chance to make a special mention of those wonderful people you have met here who 'light up your world' and enlighten us how you, your family and your country celebrate this time of year.

Did you know?

Eco-friendly Santa
Most people do not realize that red robed Santa was in fact one of the first eco-green warriors.  Back in 1901 he began the first tree farms where people who did not live near forests could go and purchase commercial Christmas trees to take home and decorate as part of the festivities.  He highly encouraged people to replant those trees in their own back yards, gardens or around their neighbourhood once Christmas had passed.  Thereby adorning and beautifying their homes, environments and hearts through this eco-friendly scheme.

Would the real 'Santa Claus' please stand up?
Santa's first official title was as 'the patron saint of children.'  He carried out his duties on an indolent donkey, which the Dutch generously upgraded to a white horse and renamed him 'SinterKlass' who would leave fruits and nuts for children on the eve of 6th December in return for the straw filled 'stockings' left for his donkey.  In hilly regions of Scandinavia he delivered gifts in a sleigh drawn by goats!  The only thing remaining today from yesterday seems to be his glorious white beard.  However it was his American influence that made Santa the man he is today.  His transportation became a magical reindeer drawn sleigh, his name 'Santa Claus,' and gained a considerable amount of weight!  'Ho-ho-ho' as he would say.  An honourable mention should be made to similar and yet disparate figure within Chinese Folk New Year's Folk Lore in which a humble man of little wealth defeats a beast that rises from the bottom of the sea at this time of year to prey upon children through hanging red paper decorations on doors, wearing red clothing and setting off fireworks.

The gingerbread man A.K.A The matchmaker

 Although gingerbread men are associated with Christmas festivities, in Olde England, it originally began as a tradition where young women would eat gingerbread men, or "husbands," to ensure that they would soon be married.  Just be careful how 'many' you scoff this holiday season, you don't want to look desperate nor *ahem* like a strumpet!

God Bless us all, each and everyone!

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a little faith

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All my heart this night rejoices
As I hear, far and near
Sweetest angel voices
Christ is born, their choirs are singing
Fill the air, everywhere
Now with joyous ringing
Come and banish all your sadness
One and all, great and small
Come with songs of Gladness
Love Him who with love is yearning
Hail the star, that from far
Bright with hope is burning

All my heart rejoice tonight
In the dark there dawns a light
Behold the glory of the Lord
All my heart rejoice tonight

Magic was spreading everywhere with those words and song filled magic in  atmosphere  on holy day of Christmas eve spreading joy ,happiness everywhere, snow fall covering like white sheet proving Santa Claus has started his journey and only far away the moment when children will get their gifts in form of joy happiness ,nature embracing like holding it close the beauty of nature and its ambiance significant of joyous smiles and happy hearts ,winds blowing and spreading soft and rhythmic music ,stars twinkling and hiding in clouds playing hide and seek and twinkling eyes searching for her loved ones  trying to find them but its just like one long wait this time 

those twinkling eyes did glow  with candle's reflection in saint Paul church in Mussoorie hearing beautiful Christmas song with her granny her beloved grandma with whom she came to church to celebrate Christmas eve but how can she celebrate without her parents who r not here with her who promised her to celebrate Christmas with her she felt arms encircling around her shoulder and she came back to reality on seeing her granny sitting beside her indicating to sing a Christmas song with others joyous atmosphere and joyous heart singing song with happiness and she too joined them with her innocent and cute smile with heavy heart i wish mom and dad u would be here singing song with me the way those girls r singing and their parents r there with them she felt her eyes moist seeing that view where children holding hands of their parents singing Christmas song and her granny held her hand and she just hugged her , being little child how could she hide burden of pain in her small little heart and she let go her heart to flow what she felt and granny kissed her glowing face and lift her in her arms and they went out from church to celebrate Christmas at their home

it was very freezy day and all were get into gear with Christmas preparation with enthusiasm and happiness so was i this year this christams will be so awesome i told myself ,mom and dad will be back from London past days were hard without them its first time when my parents went for business trip for long time and i stayed alone with my granny but their arrival will be most wonderful celebrating Christmas with them will be so much fun i will turn 8 th this year on Christmas and it will be double celebration with their presence i was happy with thoughts coming in my mind while collecting stuffs for Christmas , i will decor Christmas tree myself and will tell granny to order mom and dad's fav cup cakes and pastries my chain of thought disturbed with phone ring i hurried went to there and stood beside my granny who attended call it must be my dad's call i assumed delightedly 

Riki, ur dad wants to talk to u sweety my granny called me and i accepted call hurriedly making myself ready to throw lots of questions to him when they r coming?  ,what will i do wear? what do i wear on Christmas pink or yellow i love pink dad and mom also likes my pink dress lots of thoughts came in my mind when i put receiver on my ears only to hear shocking news my eyes got moist when my dad informed they won't be able to come this Christmas they will come after it i so wanted to celebrate Christmas and my b'day with them but work comes first i thought they r working so hard for this project i saw my mom and dad working continuously at night to get success in this project i can't be selfish i made up my mind, dad was expecting me to reply and i tried to smile not letting him know that i felt bad ... 

its okkk dad i can understand we will celebrate Christmas once u and mom will be back how is mom i tried to change topic  with this talk she is fine sweetheart and i know u r hurt my dad knew me so well ,he continued its just bcz of most imp meeting for us then we will be back soon just for few days more i gave him understanding talk and after talking with my mom who suggested me to wear pink i put down receiver only to see two loving pair of eyes staring at  me , my granny who then lifted me in her arms and we landed on kitchen where she made special chocolate cake for me she knew me very well how to make me happy 

walking with my granny my mind hurriedly recalled those moments of past she held my wrist delicately when we walked out from church only to be back home it was shiny night with white snow fall i felt so pleasant with such a beautiful atmosphere it was almost late night and we were walking so calmly way back to home i just recalled story which was left incomplete last night when granny was telling me and i felt my eyes heavy with sleep and i asked her warm hug letting myself in her lap to sleep peacefully i feel blissful in her lap to get sleep 

granny then what happened with princess who asked gift to Santa Claus ? did Santa gave her gift she wanted ? i asked innocently looking in to her shiny eyes 

yes Santa went to princess and told her  u can ask me anything my child but only one condition granny exclaimed 

what condition granny i again asked her with curiosity , he told her he will gift her what she wants only when she will reply one question and Santa asked princess which gift is most precious which can give precious and blissful happiness , princess started thinking she has everything being princess all kind of valuable clothes and stuffs but i never felt blissful with those  things but then after a pause she replied there was shine in her eyes 

i interrupted between it , granny what did she reply ?? 

hmmm let me ask u same question sweetheart what could be the reply ?? granny questioned back , i was confused with sudden question and i said granny i dont know u tell me and she told me u will get reply soon from ur self sweetheart b4 i could ask any question she pointed me that we r almost at the gate of our house i brushed thoughts aside thinking i will get answer soon and find it what could be princess's reply 

we entered home only to see candles all around in house , whole house was decorated i found it strange i didn't decor even i thought b4 going church to decor it once i will be back from church  but i was surprised to see decorated tree , table was set for dinner with huge chocolate cake putting on it , my fav food was there b4 i could think much i heard melodious sound from music room of my dad 's piano was played its his fav spot where i heard soothing voice of one lady singing Christmas song i found that voice familiar my eyes blurred with tears when i realized it has to be my mom's melodious voice i hurriedly ran to music room finding my parents there with broad and wide smile on their faces i felt myself numb on seeing them it was almost 1 month i was seeing them infront of me and b4 i could think anything i felt my mom's warm embrace her soft hands caressing me her soft lips kissing my cheeks tears in her eyes too and then i found my dad lifting me up in his arms my eyes were staring at him and he was smiling seeing my smile it was just like dream i closed my eyes again and opened to see them there in reality i was in reality in his arms and my mom was there wishing me Christmas and  b'day i felt my heart beat raised loudly and i hugged them with force letting my tears from my tiny eyes 

and my mom cupped my face to wipe it 

mom and dad u said that u had imp meeting at London then why u both didn't attend it i asked them while gulping big chocolate cake in my mouth on the dinner table and my parents laughed ,granny to joined them and my mom asked  do u think anything is most imp than u , and holding my arms my dad explained sweetheart u r most precious for us nothing is more imp than u ,we wanted to give u big surprise on Christmas and of course on ur b'day , we both r blessed to have god's gift in form u ,on saying he made me eat big piece of cake my lips curved  with big smile on hearing it , and i could only say i love  u mom and dad and i hugged them and granny 

i felt so comfortable in my parent's arms sleeping with them my mom and dad's arms circling around me ,sleeping between them i felt so protected and so safe my eyes felt burden of sleep and i slept at once 

and at that night Santa came in my dream asking me so princess do u get answer of my question then i will give u gift and leave , and i said yes Santa i know answer now most precious and imp gift is to be with loved once to have happiness with their presence Christmas is all abt to be happy and make other happy with expressing love for them it makes world joyous 

Santa smiled back and kissed my forehead and handed me one beautiful frame with me and my parents ,granny's pic it was framed with golden and diamond written tab happy family on it  i smiled in my sleep on seeing it and then santa vanished i  woke up with jerk only seeing my parents holding me close and on seeing their smile i mumbled love u mom and dad and again went  back into my sleep my dreamworld with my family 

joy to the World , the Lord is come!
Let earth receive her King;
Let every heart prepare Him room,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven and nature sing,
And Heaven, and Heaven, and nature sing.

Merry Christmas

A joke and a quote
Q. Why do reindeer scratch themselves? A. Because they're the only ones who know where they itch
Christmas at my house is always at least six or seven times more pleasant than anywhere else. We start drinking early. And while everyone else is seeing only one Santa Claus, we'll be seeing six or seven - W. C. Fields


She was just 9 years old' But she had learnt a valuable lesson from her parents, especially her Mother' She was the apple of everyone's eyes' she was the life of her parents, who saved her life, and now, were the guiding light for their little angel' She, Janice D'Mello, was now staying with her care-taker and guardian Father Patrick' She was a blessed soul who got to live at HIS abode and serve his creations'.

A very bright student and caring by nature, Janice had always believed in spreading love and giving more than what she gets.. This meant, even if she didn't have the resources to make anyone happy, she had the means and intention to make people around her happy'. This was her way of spreading happiness and smile to everyone around her'.

Though she was a very lucky to go girl and cheerful by nature, she always felt bad that the Lord took away her parents from her, when she needed them the most' Every night, she would shed silent tears at his altar after lighting a candle and after talking to the stars' She believed that her parents were always there in the vast sky above her and heard every word that she uttered..

Following her heart, and living under the shadow of Father Patrick and her parents.. Janice grew up to be a young lady with a tender and caring heart' She always remembered the advice her mother had given but had never got a chance to implement that'. As if her wish was heard, she got a chance very soon'. It was the season of happiness and spreading love everywhere, it was Christmas time' She was an active member at all the events that were happening at the church' She had taken upon her to sing the prayer at the midnight mass, for which she had got permission from Father Patrick and the choir members'

Roshan Hui Raat

After the midnight mass and wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and A VERY HAPPY NEW, as she came out of the church, she found a group of kids, who were lonely and starving.. Being the kind lady, that she is, she offered food, clothing and shelter.. But what she saw in their eyes was totally different' She saw that these kids were starving for love' she saw that these kids were deprived of love.. Infact, they had never felt how it was to be loved for and cared for' She wanted to do something for these kids, which will bring a huge smile on their innocent faces'

The next day, she decided to take the kids to the Christmas carnival'. She got the kids dressed up and told them that there was a surprise for all them' But they would be able to see the surprise only on one condition' There should be a smile on their face.. And as soon as she started getting them, they were off to their destination' Enroute, they danced, joked, had fun and sang.. The song was song of fun, spreading joy around them and living their life as per their wish' They had let the sunrays enter their lives and spread sunshine everywhere' They had allowed the wind to pass through them and experienced how the cool breeze felt, when it touched their skin' They had allowed the moon-light to seep in through them and had learnt to dream' They had realized that dreams do come true and Life was indeed beautiful' They had learnt to smile... and 

that was what Janice's mother had taught her'
To spread happiness, smiles and love everywhere'

Aware Bhawre

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Game Uno

Did you have too much Eggnog?  Are you seeing more than one tree?  See if you can still find your teddy!

Try to guess where the hidden item is by clicking on the object with your mouse]


Game Dos

Can you picture it? Piece the puzzle together to find a cute teddy and present waiting for you!

[Use your mouse to click the pieces back into place. You can only slide pieces that are next to the empty slot, so think out your moves!]


Game Tres

A girl can never have enough presents!

[Move back and forth with your mouse to catch all of the falling presents. The more you catch, the faster they'll fall]


Game Cautro

Haven't got your girlfriend or girlfriends presents yet? You might want to avoid her/them then.

[Use your mouse to avoid the enemies! Dodge her however you can - up, down, over, around, whatever it takes, just escape!]


Game Cinco

Is your Record of Good Deeds a little bit iffy? Run to hug Santa but avoid Pedro (Santa's cousin in charge of the naughty list,) at all costs!

[Click your mouse over Santa to hug him, but be careful not to become too excite and accidentally hug Pedro!]


Don't forget to share your high score! The score to beat is Sid's high score of 2200!

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Big thank to our 'most creative' runner up team.  With much love, Sabah

For those of you wondering that would be

Creative Team : Aashi, Paritha, Sid, Divya,  Surbhi & Dolly

Supporting team : Manjari, Ravjot, Pari, Laiba, Deepti, Ekta, Tanzeel, Sanam, Nikki , Meera, Charmee,

And all our well wishers. 

WIth much love, Sabah

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Once again...excellent work sweetheart!! let me put a christmas song now...atleast for usLOL

the one which u sent me is not working right is not opening so putting this

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a little faithMyInspirationzZumSrK.

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a little faith

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^ Yes please! Big smile
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 8:10am | IP Logged
once again huge congooo to our team.. soo soo happy for our forum..n spl congo once again to u sabah dii.. :) n am glad to be a small part of this wonderful team :) truly rocking thread n glad to c our forum winning award on it too.. :)

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a little faith--Sanchu--

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Do read the stories, listen to Divya's songs, play the games and let us know what you think of our thread BECAUSE it is our thread and so you are tainted by association. EmbarrassedLOL 

Please let us know if you manage to beat Sid's high score.  Not that I trying to knock him off his throne or anything. LOL  The closest I got is 1800. Embarrassed Nothing to brag about.

With love, Sabah

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