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WU 20th December...Pashu Gets Suspicious

Tejy_Kumari Goldie

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Posted: 20 December 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged

PM me your birthday wishes for Ravi for the birthday thread that has been sticky-ed to the forum!!  Deadline is tomorrow and at the very latest Thursday! 


Written Update: December 20th, 2011

Part 1:

Toasty introduces Demi as her childhood friend and says that she is very homely and religious and that she has come to Mumbai for a spiritual event.  Pashu asks where she is from and Demi is about to say Bandra but Toasty covers up and says Bandipur, Karnataka.  She asks Demi what her guruji's name is and Demi asks who!? Tej says the name of your guru and Demi makes up a name saying Shaan Sundar Ji Maharaj is my guruji's name.  Toasty starts introducing Pashu and Ved to Demi and when she gets to Ved, Demi jumps ahead and says "Ved" and he and Pashu get confused as to how Demi knows but Demi then says "Ved, gyaan, guruji is above all of this"...Prachin and Gyaan come then and Prachin says, not pooran, Prachin...Ved, Gyaan, and Prachin.  Pashu asks why they are so late and Gyaan explains that they had a match and they won.  Gyaan asks who the girl is and Pashu tells them that she is Toasty's friend.  Demi does namaskar to everyone as they go inside and then Tej and Toasty rush her inside the house as well.

Prachin asks Malti for chai saying tha the is feeling chyaasi...Malti and Tej ask him chyaasi!? and Prachin explains that like with paani and pyaasi, it's chai and chyaasi LOL Everyone gives him amused smiles and Malti asks Demi if she would like some chai as well.  Demi says no, my guruji says that chai and coffee is bad for concentration.  Ved and Pashu give her strange looks the whole time.  Tej says there is nothing greater in life than bhajan and bhojan, right?  he asks pointedly to Demi and Demi catches on and asks for forgiveness from Dadaji as she has to do her prayers.  She goes off and Tej calls behind her telling her to go ahead and handle things there and we will handle everything here...Pashu asks what he will handle?  Tej says it's good to handle everyone's little little needs, right?  Prachin and Gyaan tell Toasty that her friend is weird and wonder why she is doing pooja in their house.  Dadaji tells them that it is her house also as she is staying there as s guest for a few days.  Pashu asks what?  and Dadaji says that guests are like God.  Pashu says we've already seen how guests are like God and complains about letting Damini stay.  Dadaji emotionally blackmails him saying that he had forgotten that he got old and lost his rights to give permission for her to stay in the house.  Pashu says you gave her permission?  If you gave permission then we shouldn't even be discussing this topic.  Tej starts up an act and says but we don't have any room in our house?  and Pashu tells him to be quiet and that will he not listen to what Dadaji wants anymore?  Tej winks at Toasty.

At the dining table,  everyone is eating when the doorbell rings...Toasty goes to see.  It's Sudha and Dimple.  Toasty is shocked and worried.  Pashu calls out and asks who it is and Sudha says it's me and goes inside.  Toasty pulls Dimple back and says why have you brought Mumma good sister, my pyaari sister, I'll fall at your feet, please please take Mumma and go from here.  Dimple is confused and says Didi!  Mumma came to bring your favorite achaar for you...Toasty says almost crying, and with the chutney that will be made, what will I do with it!? Dimple asks and Toasty says nothing, go inside! 

Sudha says I've come at the right time, right?  Tej says ghalat and then says you came at the very right time.  Demi tries to hide her face and Sudha says this girl, I feel like I've seen her before.  Toasty says it's Damini...Damini says hello to Sudha and Sudha says what have you done to yourself? referring to her getup and asks if a new drama of hers has started.  Everyone gets a jhatka.  Toasty tries to steer the situation away and says she's staying here for 3-4 days and Sudha asks why, what happened to her house?  Toasty says it got damaged in a flood.  Sudha says but there were no floods here and that they live in Bandra, right?  Toasty covers up and says they did but then they sold that house and moved to the village and their place there was in the ground floor so it got flooded.  Sudha says oh!  but then is about to ask something again and Toasty interrupts and says Mumma! You've come to give me achaar!  How sweet of you, you take care of me so well!  Chalo, I'll talk to you tomorrow then.  Sudha says wait and then turns to Damini and asks how her plays are and Toasty again covers up and says Mumma, don't call what she does a's her dharam.  Sudha gets confused but then continues (My God! Iski muh kabhi band hoti hai ki nahin LOL Saara plan Sudha Lalit Kumar Sharma ke vajah se chopat ho jayega...this is a fool-filled plan LOL)  saying tell me beta, where have you been all these years?  Demi says around her only...Sudha says in Vaashi?  Demi says Vaashi or Kaashi, everything is in His hands.  Sudha is completely confused...Malti comes with sherbat for Sudha and Dimple.  Toasty tells Dimple to stop drinking sherbat and to get Mumma out of here and starts begging her and tells her that she'll explain everything outside.  Dimple starts complaining to Sudha that they have to go as she has a test tomorrow.  Sudha tells her to wait 10 minutes but Toasty says no Mumma, a test is important, you should go.  Sudha tells Dimple that if she had a test why didn't she tell her before, she wouldn't have brought her along then.  Toasty gets them to the front door.

Part 2:

Toasty thanks God for saving her as she gets Dimple and Sudha outside.  Sudha asks her what's going on and Toasty tells her that she'll tell her later.  Sudha says that Lalit went to get ice cream and Toasty says all that can happen later and to call Lalit up and tell him to come back and pick them up and that they'll talk later.  Dimple starts her test baat again and Sudha and her start to argue...Toasty tells them to argue at home and to please go wait out there for Lalit to come and pick them up.  Sudha tells her ok, we're going but don't forget how you threw your mother out of your house.  Toasty says sorry sorry sorry, I love you, in a rush and Sudha says no you don't love me and she takes Dimple and leaves.

Back at the dining table, Demi is serving Tej and Pashu asks why she is doing all this and Tej says that her guruji has taught her that wherever she goes, she should serve them as though it was her own house and that is exactly what Damini is doing.  Toasty says that is why she helped out in the kitchen all day...Dadaji, Damini made the palak paneer today.  Dadaji says vah! and that it's Ved's favorite.  Demi says it's hers too, really shyly.  Ved eats a bite and says but this tastes like Malti bhabhi's palak paneer...Pashu tastes and agrees saying it has the taste of Malti's cooking.  The Mission Impossible league is stuck (ROFL Tej was shaking his head at Toasty like, ab ho gayi, sab khatam)  Toasty says well bhaiyya, let me tell you that Malti bhabhi didn't enter the kitchen at all today. 

Pashu says acha and then asks Damini to then explain how she made the dish.  Demi says first she washed the vegetable and Pashu asks then and Demi says then I washed it again.  Toasty makes a cutting motion to her and then Demi says then I cut it...and then Dadaji interrupts and says and then it was made, done!  Dadaji says to leave all this and asks where will Damini sleep?  Prachin says she is Toasty's friend so obviously she'll sleep with Toasty in TejYa's room.  Tej starts coughing pointedly like 'What!?!?' ROFL (Kya huwa Tej?  LOL ) and Pashu says he'll sleep out in the hall with all of you because obviously Damini can't sleep out in the hall.  Tej makes a tortured face and makes a face at Toasty.  Dadaji comes to Tej's rescue LOL and says that Damini will sleep in his room and he will sleep in Pitaji's room (why not just have Demi sleep in Pitaji's room?? Confused)  Pashu is about to say otherwise but Tej interrupts and says I think what Dadaji is saying is absolutely right! ROFL (Of course you'll say just can't bear staying away from your Toasty, can you darling? ROFL

Part 3:

Demi is watching TV in her nightgown in Dadaji's room (Oh, so that's why she's sleeping in Dadaji's room LOL)  Ved knocks on her door and Demi freaks out and runs to the door and asks why there is no latch on the door.  Ved explains that its Dadaji's room and they need to be able to get to him if there is anything Dadaji needs.  Demi asks who is there?  Ved says me and Demi says who's me and Ved says Ved and Demi says Vedji, what do you need?  Ved says Dadaji's chooran LOL Demi says she will get it but don't open the door.  She sees all the chooran and says there is so much chooran, how many different types does Dadaji need?  Ved asks if she found it and she says no, she's still searching as there are so many different types.  Ved asks to come in and search for it himself but Demi denies and says that she is doing a vrat LOL and from sundown to sunset, I can't see anyone's face, not even my own.  Ved says ok and then says it's ok and he will go and buy a new bottle of chooran for Dadaji as the others were about to finish anyways.  He leaves and Demi wonders why he couldn't have thought of that earlier.

In Malti and Pashu's room, Malti brings milk for Pashu but Pashu says he is too full and that whenever she makes such good food, he can never stop eating it.  He wonders how magic is put into food like that and Malti starts blushing and says through the way its cooked and the masalas...she starts explaining to him and takes today's palak as an example.  She ends up saying that everyone also liked it and Pashu says you put in all that hard work and all the credit went to that Damini (Bohut chalaak hai yeh Pashupatinath LOL)  Malti realizes the big slip up she just made and says you haven't drank the milk yet and grabs the glass and says she'll be right back.  Pashu talks to himself after Malti's left and says haan, run away, you'll have to come back here anyways...there  is something other than vegetables cooking in this house and the masterchef is Dadaji himself...let's see what will be cooked and placed on the table tomorrow.

Pre-Cap:  Demi's alarm clock is going off and she isn't waking up to it.  The whole house wakes up: first Malti and Pashu wonder who's alarm clock is going off, Prachin kicks Gyaan's face and says to shut it off, Toasty gets up (I'm surprised Tej is still asleep like a log ROFL) and says that this Demi is going to get her killed and goes to wake her up but out in the hall, Pashu comes and asks who's alarm clock that is...Toasty is about to explain when Ved comes and asks who's alarm clock is ringing as it is disturbing his prayers.


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cuttiee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged
thnxx 4 the update...
sanw IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
thanks for the update
Sudha was nonstop with her questions------------poor toasty!
abc113 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
One question: does pickle get ready in one day? I know lemon, mango, mixed vegetable pickles need good amount of incubation time before they can be eaten but is Kathal pickle ready the same day?? :)
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Thanks for update, it was hilarious:)
Complete fun, I watched it once but watching it again, each and every scene was a treat. Love Damini's entry...

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