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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 80)

adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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hawt! faints thanks Reeha,  faints again!

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my breath had stopped when i saw him like this with my mouth
come on manyata what do u see in that majnuAngry.
just look at him, Big smile
any ways thanks reeha,
wating for your updates desperatelySmile

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thanks reeha!

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RECAP: What's the point of Lipgloss?

Part 16

Uday, Age 17


Life at Oxford Prep for any teenage boy could get boring: same classes, same teachers and same dormitory. The key word here was "could", and a lurking variable was- which type of teenage boy. Oxford Prep is filled with new money, old money, and royalty- who may or may not have money. That was not the case of Prince Udayveer Singh. He had spent his childhood behind the opulent castle walls, the first class dormitory and award winning teachers- he, like many of his peers was being groomed for greatness; and Oxford Prep was exactly the place to do so. But, regardless of the location, financial status, and title...boys will after all always be boys.

Classes were over and boys and girls were headed to their respective dormitories, getting ready for the evening's assembly, welcoming new students and outlining the rules and regulations for the freshman; after all it was the first week back, and reminders were often needed. But not for Uday...he didn't need a reminder, he fully well understood the rules, and he preferred to break them actively, frequently, and sometimes not so discreetly: Like right now.

Her name was Olivia Stratton, and her back was flush against the old stone wall behind the Chemistry laboratory. His hands were at her hips, bracing her weight has her right leg was wrapped around his waist. Occasionally his hands would wander towards that leg, or caress her neck. Olivia's hands were wrapped around his neck, her fingers running through his hair. Anyone who walked by, would not have to look twice to understand the chemistry these two were experimenting on their own after class. Breathing hard, eyes closed and not a care for the consequences, the two teens focused on their lip lock. Yes, she was an heiress, and he was a prince. But they still had hormones- very active hormones.

The bell rang as a reminder of the assembly call, and Uday slowly eased out of her arms, only to have her tighten her grip and bring her lips back to his. He chuckled at her resistance, and eased away once again.

At 17, he was a heartbreaker. There were plenty of eligible young gentlemen at Oxford Prep...but not all had the persona of Uday. He was exotic to many of the ladies who attended the school; his coloring, dark hair, sharp features and enthralling eyes. Not to mention, his charm, wit and finesse- both in words and in actions. Dressed in the black blazer, white dress shirt and grey dress pants, he fit the mold of how a pupil at OP, to some extent. His silver tie was loose, his hair rumpled, and blazer creased. His accomplice in this act, was no better off. Her blond hair which had been in a neat French Twist, was now coming apart, her lip gloss obviously smeared, and the once pristine white dress shirt was rumpled like the pleated gray skirt. Only the black cardigan with the OP Crest remained un-harmed, but that at more to do with the material of the clothing, rather than the action it had seen.

Her voice was soft, timid and British; completely contradictory to her feisty nature, and domineering presence.

Olivia: UV, seriously, I'd rather spend the assembly out here with you. We don't need to go in. You're such a goodie, goodie.

He grinned at her, and ran his hand through his hair, and straightened the crooked tie.

Uday: Liv, I would love to, but we've got to head in the Headmaster is going to have our heads. If we're late again.

He leaned in closer and spoke gently into her ear.

Uday: Plus, I'd rather we continued this at our leisure, don't you Olivia?

She grinned at him and arched up to kiss him once more before moving away and walking towards the auditorium across the field. She turned back once more and smiled mischievously at him.

Olivia: It's a date UV- I'm expecting flowers and chocolates luv, the whole nine-yards.

He looked towards her receding figure and walked towards the auditorium through the Boys entrance, his friend Jackson wasted no time to start conversing in a manner only a 17 year old boy could consider normal.

Jack: Are we hitting a Homerun tonight Prince UV?

Uday: Shut up Jack.

Jack: Oh come on Uday. Home run or no home run? I have a bet with Mario that you'll get her.

Uday smirked at his friend, who was six feet, blond and a little on the chubby side.

Uday: Jacky-boy, you know me better than that. When Uday shoots, he always scores- Mario made a fool bet with you.

Jack: Do me proud son! And I want proof!

Uday: Proof? Tsk tsk tsk Jack. I don't kiss and tell.

Jack: Who said you're just kissing?

Uday: Americans. Conniving minds. I'll see what I can do. Now shut up and let's get going.

The festivities began for another term at Oxford Prep; few paid attention to the head master, as the girls glanced between Uday and Olivia- speculating, feeling lost and disappointed...even a little envious. Boys snickered, placing their wagers. If there was one thing anyone knew at OP, was that Prince Udayveer was known for conquering the icy fronts of the most elite girls in the most prestigious schools, but he never stayed; everyone knew he was engaged. But the question was- to whom?




I get up and my sheets are soaked with sweat. My breathing is hard, but I manage to bring myself back down, and take calm relaxing breaths. Its dark outside, and I glance towards the clock and see it's 2 AM.  Shaking my head I walk around my room and pace over and over again. Why the hell am reliving a make out-session from my teens? Has it really been so long, that I need to relive vicariously through past memories? Olivia Stratton. She had been one fine item. I smirk at Jackson's words. I haven't seen him forever. I look around and shake my head...why on earth am I thinking about Oxford Prep at this time? I stop at my dresser and see the ivory envelope. Oh, the ball. The Oxford Ball. Maybe I'm just reminiscing my school days. I touch the envelope gently and recall going to a few of them in the past: Alone. The ball had a few of my Oxford Prep peers- those who had gone to Oxford University with me- but for the most part it had been boring. But for some reason, I want to go this year. See everyone again'and to let them know that I found her, that she wasn't imaginary. Yes, I had abused Manyata's absence for my own gain. There is no denying that- but I guess any guy in my shoes would have done so. I'm not a saint, nor have I ever claimed to be. But there are moments when I look back at my actions and wonder if they were all necessary...If I had to have been such an ass.


Uday, Age 17


He was contemplating what to get her. Olivia Stratton was a top notch item, and as much as he wasn't perusing a long term relationship with her, he did not want to arrive at her dormitory empty handed. Something to bring down her guard was a must. She may be willing, but he knew even the most bold of girls could get self-conscious and back out. And Uday did not want that. It was Friday and the senior students were allowed to leave the campus and spend the weekend out; the first years did not have that luxury at all. Wearing a white t-shirt and a scruffy leather jacket and worn out jeans, he looked nothing like the privileged young man he was; but he still held that aura of the elite: head held high, confidence and dominance oozing out of his persona. His motorcycle made a sharp left turn to ease in front of the small flower shop. He browsed around and looked towards the selection. There were so many flowers and various colours...he couldn't decide which to choose. It's not that he had never given flowers to someone before: Komal and DS were constantly given flowers by him...but they were always bought by an assistant or some help at the palace; even on the few dates he had gone out on here, he'd never considered buying a girl flowers: most of the girls were always too distracted to notice the lack of offerings. But Olivia had asked, and he was a gentleman enough to oblige her silly request; even if she wasn't going to have enough time to look at them in depth. He must have stood there for a moment too long, because a small Korean lady- who obviously owned the small flower shop came to assist him. She was small, a little old- perhaps in her 60s, and white haired, but her English was crisp, clean, and British. She had obviously lived here for a while.

Lady:Hello! How can I help you today.

Uday: Ahhh...

He looked around and wondering what he could narrow it down to: it was obviously flowers, but he didn't know where to begin.

Uday: Flowers, but I don't know which kind.

Lady: Does the girl have a favorite color?

He grinned at her intuitiveness, she had been doing this for so long, she recognized the signs of a young man getting flowers for his sweetheart.

Uday: I don't know actually; but I know she wants flowers.

She walked around towards the fridge and brought out some flowers.

Lady: Roses, girls love roses.

She held out various ones: Pink, white, yellow, red.

Lady: White is for a new beginning; yellow is for friendship; pink for affection, and red for love.

He stared at each of the colours: White: He didn't want a beginning with Olivia- as crass as it was, once he slept with her, there would be nothing after the fact. That was all. Yellow: Friendship? He didn't have or maintain friendships with any girls. Nor did he entertain the idea. He enjoyed their company, their beauty, and their bodies. That was all. Pink: He didn't hold any affection for Olivia- but he did have an attraction; but it was physical, he didn't need affection from her, at all. Red: No, he couldn't give her a red anything. There was no love, he couldn't love. Didn't love and it was forbidden. Love was the luxury that no royal was allowed: it was a distraction and hindrance: a weakness. He smiled at the red rose and thought about the candy and flower grams on Valentine's day, which circulated in the school: the dozens which had been dropped off at his desk from anonymous admirers. He had never sent one, nor would he ever do so. The red rose was clichd, overused, and would never be given to anyone from Yuvraj Udayveer.

Uday: No, none of these.

Lady : The red one? Wouldn't that make her happy?

Uday smiled charmingly at the shop keeper, and shook his head.

Uday: It would most defiantly make her happy; but that's not what I'm aiming for.

Lady: No affection?

Uday: Nope, no affection?

Lady: No new beginning?

Uday: Nope, not at all.

She shook her head, and smiled but continued.

Lady: How about friendship?

Uday: Not at all.

Lady: I'm assuming love is right out of the equation then young man.

Uday: You have assumed correctly Ma'am.

Lady: Are you sure you're looking for flowers for a young lady?

Uday: Yes I'm sure

He grinned and she lifted an eyebrow at him.

Lady: A young lady who is not your sister, and you have no relation to?

Uday: Yes ma'am, exactly.

She shook her head, and asked the question to which she already knew the answer, but wanted to hear what he had to say.

Lady: Then what type of flower are you looking for son?

He laughed and ran his tongue through his cheek and wondered if he should say it: why the hell not?

Uday: A flower that says: No strings attached fun; no friendship, no affection, no love, and no potential. Do you have any of those?

She laughed, and shook her head, looking at him with a remembering smile.

Lady: You remind me of my son- he was exactly like you.

Uday: Oh really?

Lady: Yes, and guess what happened to him.

He shook his head as he wondered if this stranger would give him a lecture on arrogance and self-confidence, but she surprised him.

Lady: He fell in love.

Uday put his hands in his back pockets and grinned.

Uday: Don't worry, it's not happening to me. So, what flower do I need to get?

She walked around and came back with a pot. He looked quizzically at it and burst out laughing at the woman's wit.

It was a black pot, the size of a grapefruit, and inside was a tiny cactus.

He pulled out the patent leather wallet and pulled out his credit card, and winked.

Uday: I'll take it.



He didn't have to wait for her outside her dormitory building, and he never had to wait for any girl otherwise; they were always anxious to see him. The infamous Olivia Stratton was no exception. She was dressed in dark wash jeans and a flowing pink top, face made up, and expensive accessories adorning her wrists and ears. A smile pinned to her face, and long hair swaying down her back as her high heels clicked on the cement towards him.

Olivia: Took you long enough UV; you sure know how to keep a girl waiting.

He smiled and dismounted from his motorcycle and took off his helmet.

Uday: I try, you ready to go?

Olivia: Sure, but what do you have there?

He looked back towards the wrapped box and handed it to  her. Excited she started opening it with great care.

Olivia: I just asked for some flowers and didn't have to get...

Opening the box, her expression was simply confused.

Olivia: A cactus?

He grinned and at the innuendo the Cactus had held while the Florist had given it to him, and wondered if Olivia would catch on- she didn't.

Olivia: Oh UV, this is simply a brill idea. Flowers are so common, but a cactus...thank you. I love it.

He leaned down and met her lips half way, and thought, you have no idea

And that was it: their last and first date together. Uday never gave anyone flowers; nor did he court any woman. There wasn't any need too- women simply came to him. Always. Like a moth to a flame, knowing that there wasn't any hope, wasn't any potential, and there would never be any love. And that was fine; of course many would try and fail- thinking they could win the prince over and attain his heart. But that was never possible. Uday didn't realize he had a heart to give away.




Holy crap. There is seriously something wrong here. Why am I thinking about my teenage deeds? I step out of the shower and grab a towel sitting at the vanity and wrap it around my waist. Bracing myself on the black marble counter top I stare into the mirror. Its foggy from the hot shower I had taken a few moments ago, but I whip it off, leaving a streak of wetness on the expensive glass. Running my fingers through my hair; pushing out the excess water I think about her one more time. Olivia. Is it her birthday? Why am I thinking about her? What had I done to her? As far as I can recall, that had been our only "date" and after that, we really hadn't gone out. Oh, we'd meet up on occasion for other things...but after she had gotten together with her boyfriend, that had stopped too. What could it be? And the florist from the shop on Oak street. Why her? Why after all of these years? It was such a vivid thought, I could almost imagine the smells of the shop, and the bright colourful flowers.  I stop and smile in the mirror and picture what her face would look like if she knew I had finally given someone a red rose. Not just one. But almost seven all together. I think she'd just tell me, "I knew it was bound to happen". Old ladies are like that, they know everything.



*sigh* not as long as I would have liked, but I'm running out of steam this week, and decided two shorter ones are better. It's 5 pages rather than my ususal 8. thanks for waiting! <3



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Anhdara13 IF-Rockerz

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you are definitely building up to something big here. I'm worried about. But I love the little old Korean lady. She is brilliant.


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Somia3 Senior Member

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can't waiting until the next one

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salekh1 Senior Member

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really intersting
wonder where your headed with this?Wink
Please continue soon
Loved itBig smile
luvuday Groupbie

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tooo goooddd ! Big smile can't wait till next part,,, pls be soon Clap

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