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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 66)

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Originally posted by DEKfan2012

Originally posted by reeha...k

Originally posted by DEKfan2012

I really enjoyed reading it Reeha...
All that punching etc  sure was an outlet...and Majnu was a true!  I loved how Manyeta went straight to Uday first...infact I am very sure that is how it is going to be in the future with DEK too.Smile
From your mouth to the CVs ears! I eagarly awaite the day Manyata will step onto UV's side, and think about him FIRST.Embarrassed

REEHAAA, It happened, it happened today.  
The gulab jamun scene today!!!!! Hooray!!!! Hooray!!!

LOL! I know RIGHT?!

GAAH! I could have asked for something else and THAT would have happened tooLOL

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EDITIED: For Simmy <3

GAAAHH! SIMMY!! YOU'RE ALIVE! Hug I was waiting for you! You're usually always first Wink Hope your exams are going well! Now...I just wish I could have seen your expression and that of the dude sitting next to you in the library- would have been PRICELESS! & I couldnt help but throw in some Chikash- they're my second favourite couple Embarrassed Thanks for taking some time to read and comment! And PART 14 is Up now! So tell me what you think (I won't lie, it's a lot more calmer then what has gone on in part 13- but atleast theres some manveerness Big smile

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RECAP: Let's build something together- a future.

Part 14 


For the first time in my life, I felt like killing a person.

Not just verbally put them in their place, or throwing a couple of punches.

I wanted to induce pain- physical, emotional or mental. Didn't matter: so long as the outcome is this: Death. I think back to yesterday evening, and the first thing I remember is Manyata. Manyata's face, both in the moment of complete distain, and hurt at what that bas***d had said...and also the look of trust, and confidence she had instilled in me at the end of such a rollercoaster of a day.

Don't get me wrong- I'll never forget the pain he caused Manyata to feel, but somehow I am amazed that it had taken such a terrible, ugly thought to force me to voice my feelings. Oh god, there it is again feelings. I  feel a lot of things for Manyata most of it is foreign, unknown, and a very unsettling, and I summed it all up for her last night, I love you Manyata  I don't know where I had gotten that from, or how the words just came out of my mouth. I don't regret could I? I've never meant anything more so in my life. Never having said those words, I didn't know what to expect; but nothing could have prepared me for her reaction. She hadn't said anything. But her eyes had. When she had looked at me, I somehow understood what she felt. Because I've seen the same expression in my eyes for a while now: Love. She loves me, and perhaps she isn't ready to say it- but it's there. And that's enough, for now.

She had caressed my face so gently in that moment, and part of me wished it would go on forever, but alas, our wants don't always come true. Uncle Brij rang my phone to see if we were alright- apparently the news had broken out about the beach- the spell was broken and the princess went back for the night. I had shouted, Good Night Cinderella as parting words, and had expected a snarky comment in return. But I should really stop expecting things from her, because they seldom happen the way I expect them to. As she had been walking up the stairs, she had turned and said something I wouldn't soon forget, Good Night Prince Charming.

Yup. It's love alright.


Days went by fast in the Palace due to the constant lessons Manyata had started taking- language, writing, reading, etiquette, to small talk and politics. She was essentially learning everything she should have been taught to do throughout her life time, on day to day bases in crash courses. It was exhausting. Each morning she would be up at 6:30 sharp, dress herself, do her make-up, hair and listen to one of the palace secretaries go through the daily itinerary. It was different each day, but no less tasking. The information that she was processing was more then she would have thought possible to understand, let alone learn. She had essentially thrown herself into the storm of lessons to get away from the questions floating around her head.

Oddly enough she didn't know what to do about Udayveer. It had started the morning after their date.

She had been making her way to the breakfast table when a strong hand clasped hers and pulled her back. She would have let out a scream by Uday's hands were fast, he swiftly covered her mouth, stopping her voice from drawing attention to them.

Her hands had been resting on his chest, eyes wide open, and jaw dropped as she had spoken to him "What are you doing here Uday? Why so secretive!? You scared the life out of me you Kaminey" He had chuckled softly and tucked back that perpetually lose strand of hair once again. Similing he reached behind his back pocket and pulled out a single red rose. "Tumare hare subha ek phool kay saath shuroo honi chaheya. A rose for the princess." She had felt her face turn as red as the flower he offered as she took it. Eyes caste down she had recalled his words from last night, and couldn't help but feel bare in front of him. As if he understood what she wasn't saying- as if he could read everything she thought.

Both Udayveer and Manyata were taken out of their trance when Brijraj walked up and said "Good Morning." It had been comical, Manyata had almost jumped out of her skin and moved away from Uday, but true to his demeanor, he grabbed her hand and had smiled at Brijraj.

He hadn't been nervous or embarrassed when he had said," Good Morning Uncle Brij." Her father had simply smiled and offered his blessing; Uday had taken his blessing from her father, and walked towards the rest of the family members conjugating in the dining room for breakfast. Her father hadn't spared her, much to her distain. He had smiled, and teased her,"A Rose? Manyata beta, do you know what red rose means?" as he had smiled and patted her cheek and he glanced towards Uday. Sighing her father had walked off, and she swore she heard him lovingly say," To be young, and to be in love" at that moment she had just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

The trend continued, for the next few days, he'd drop by every morning with a rose- always red, and always one. He'd say hi to her, to her family and leave for the day and come back the next morning. It had gotten to the point that every morning when she got up, the first thought she had was of Uday, she looked forward to receiving the precious flower, and hearing him say the same line every morning, "A rose for the  Princess." Unfortunately, even the anticipation couldn't dull the slight embarrassment she felt- her mother would smile, DS would look proud, and Brijraj would always make a teasing remark. Jai had completely stopped talking to her. It was to the point that she refused to speak to anyone in the family- but they all failed to notice. Everyone was too busy looking at the exchange between Manyata and Uday- the progress, the emotions, and the development.


The morning of the Fourteenth, Manyata had gotten up with same thought as she did every morning what is that idiot doing right now, and is he showing up today again? smiling to herself, she jumped out of her bed, and literally danced into the shower. It had gotten easier, she now understood the basic steps she needed to take each morning to look like the princess she was supposed to be.

It wasn't that she didn't enjoy it- she did- but it was different. Much different from what she was accustomed to. Wrapped in a fluffy white towel she ventured into the walk in closet and observed her choices. Her eyes fell on the new printed pajami suit which had been sent in by Avani, along with a dozen other outfits. It was an ivory suit with a purple and blue border, covered in light gold print. There weren't any sleeves, save for the inch wide straps, but the suit itself was gorgeous. She decided on that for today. Taking out the outfit, she sat down at her vanity and blow dried her hair into soft waves, and applied her make up: moisturizer, eyeliner, mascara, and some gloss- same as every day. Putting on the suit she started to make her way out, when she noticed the new box on her vanity- the perfume she was supposed to try. Opening it up, she recognized the name "Vera Wang" Indian Princess it was a red crystal bottle, shaped similarly to a pink on she had on her shelf, but had a gold pattern on it. There was a long corporate letter enclosed requesting her to try out the product and see if she would be willing to endorse it. Shaking her head, she left the bottle on the vanity and stepped out of her room to join her family for breakfast.

She walked slowly, and looked around her, to ensure that Uday wouldn't startle her like he did every day for the last few days, but surprisingly she made it to the table without him stopping her and giving her a flower. Was her running late? She said her greetings to her family and sat down, and throughout breakfast she looked over DS's shoulder to see if Uday had walked in. Those hopeful glances did not go unnoticed by the family members. Komal had a smile taking over her face, Jai had distain written all over, and Brijraj was suppressing a chuckle.

DS: Manyata beta, what are you looking for?

Manyata was snapped out of her search by her grandmother's voice, and before she could answer, her father did.

Brijraj: No what Ma shab, but who. She's looking for someone.

Manyata: No!

Brijraj: Yes you are beta, it's written all over your face.

Manyata simply humphed at the remark and went back to eating her breakfast.

She was losing all hope, when finally a red rose suddenly appeared in front of her. A smile took over her face, and she started speaking before looking up.

Manyata: Well, well, well, look whose-

She looked up and there was Vijay holding a rose with a goofy grin on his face. The table burst into laughter, and Manayta's face turned red.

Brijraj grinned: So Manyata, are you sure you're not looking?

She simply smacked her hand on her forehead  and internally screamed, Oh Teri!

Beside her Vijay started picking off petals from the rose and in a sing a song voice began.

Vijay: She's looking, She's not looking, She's waiting, She's not waiting, It's Uday, It's not Uday.

Vijay's act made everyone burst into laughter and make Manyata's face redder, J simply excused herself and marched out of the dining hall.

Taking back his seat Vijay moved right up to Manyata and started speaking to her in a stage whisper.

Vijay: So M, what are your Valentine's day plans with Prince Udayveer?

She looked at him with a confused face, not understanding what was being asked of her.

Vijay: Oh ho! M you should know! V-day! Chocolates, Flowers, Gifts, Dinner, Romance- you know, all the things that two love birds do together.

Manyata: Dhek Vijay, Uday and I are not...

Vijay: Nope, don't say  that M, that's not what the reports are saying.

Manyata: Humph! What reports!

Brijraj: Manyata beta, it's Alright, he's your fiance, and Udayveer is respectful, he always asks and lets us know where you two are going beforehand. It's not a big deal- there's no need to be embarrassed. I mean, you can go out with him you know- and we don't mind the flowers at all, in fact it's quite endearing, in fact when you were kids he used to-

At Brijraj's words, Manyata could feel her face getting redder.

Komal: Mahraj, bas ke jeeya. You're embarrassing her.

Brijraj looked carefully at his oldest child, her hands were covering her eyes, cheeks were flushed, and she was muttering something incoherent under her breath. And it all flew right over his head.

Brijraj: No I'm not Komal! She's fine! So as I was saying, when you were kids-

DS: Brijraj, I think the hoteliers from the USA are on a conference call for you.

Brijraj:No Ma Shab, that's tomorrow.

DS: No, I think it's today Brijraj, and Vijay beta, I think you should go check on Jai.

Vijay was intuitive enough to understand when he was being dismissed, and Brijraj understood what his mother was inferring to when Komal kicked him gently under the table.

Brijraj: Oh! That conference, of course. Excuse me everyone.

With Brijraj and Vijay's departure only Manyata, Rajmata, Komal and Mainika were left at the table. Manyata sat there feeling the gaze of her grandmother and the smile of her mother, without even looking up. Her aunt decided to break the ice by teasing her further- a trait both her and her brother Brijraj apparently shared.

Mainika: No need to look so glum Manyata.

DS: Well, now that everyone is gone, I guess we can tell you.

Manyata: Tell me what?

DS: Komal, would you like to do the honors?

Manyata:What honors? What's going on Dadi Sahb? Ma? What is it? Is Udayeer OK?

Komal: Of course he is beta. What we want to tell you is not to fret. He didn't forget. He's simply waiting for this evening.

She didn't know whether to be mortified or pleased. But she was leaning more towards pleased for now. But also a sense of confusion dawned on her.

Manyata: Aaj sham ko kya hai?

DS: It's valentine's day beta.

All three women noted the blank look on Manyata's face, and realized she didn't know what the event was about.

Mainika: You know, when a couple celebrate being in love, and being together? It's a western tradition, but it's spread around the world.

Manyata couldn't handle the looks she was getting from the three women, so she did what was being taught in one of her public relations classes: Deflection.

DS: Really? Wow, that sounds so interesting. So Ma, what has Papa done for you?

She bit her tongue as soon as she said the word "papa" simply because it had been sitting on there for a while, but she had used every ounce of her will to ensure she didn't say the word; numerous instances over the past few days she had almost said the word in front of Brijraj, but managed to hold back. Not because she didn't feel he was her father- he was. Different from what Murari was to her, but she felt a comfort, a sense of ease, and simple companionship- she even enjoyed him teasing her on occasion. She saw love in his eyes, and it seemed natural to call him her father, instead of "Mahraj". All of the women had heard what Manyata had referred to Brijraj as, but they simply smiled and ignored the word: They knew he deserved to jubilate over the title first.

Attempting to break the ice once again, Manyata started.

Manyata: So Ma, what do you do for Valentine's day? Or what have you done in the past. And Vijjay ki Mummy, you're not off the hook either.

She got them to talk and tell them small stories about some occasions, and discuss their plans for the evening, and eventually excused herself to attend her first class. She left feeling relieved that there would be no more merciless talk of her and Udayveer, and silently thanked the public relations expert who was teaching her these verbal conversation tricks.

DS: Did you two notice that?

Komal: Yes Ma Sahb, she referred to the King as "papa"

DS: That as well. But she just used a Princess Tactic- evasion, and deflecting the topic towards someone else.

Mainika: It's not necessarily a Princess Tactic Ma Sahb, I think it's a family trait.

It was a family trait. A trait for a family of Royals.


She spent the day lost in her lessons, but occasionally her mind would wander. Towards thoughts about this evening, and what her mother had been referring to. With some help from the internet, she had figured out what Valentine 's Day was about. When she honestly thought about it, it seemed like a waste of money. If two people really loved each other, there didn't need to be a day for flowers, chocolates and dinners- love didn't need to be expressed or commemorated like that; it was simply an emotion that should be expressed every day, without any materialistic things. But that still didn't stop her from getting a smile on her face when she looked at the vase in her room which held the roses from this week.

She looked at the time- it was 5 PM and her teachers were leaving for the day. She looked down at her notes, and wrote down the assignments she had due later this week: reading, writing, some in English, the other in Hindi.

Sighing she walked into her room, and saw her mother sitting on her bed. She dropped the books on the chase, and layed down, resting her head in her mother's lap.

Komal: Long day?

Manyata: Hmmm, very long.

Komal: Well, I guess then I should call Uday and cancel your plans for this evening.

Hearing his name, she quickly got up and looked at her mother- Komal was grinning ear to ear at her daughter's expression.

Manyata:What plans?!

Komal: Your Valentine's ones.

Manyata: What are they?

Komal: I don't know. I've been told to dress you up though.

Her mother gestured towards the other side of the bed, where a magnificent saree rested. It was a champagne color, with hints of green and gold, blues and pinks embroidered onto the material.

Manyata: Wow. It's gorgeous.

Her mother smiled and caressed her head with love

Komal: Not as gorgeous as it can be. Let's get you ready.

Manyata: But! I...where am I going?

Komal: Your guess is as good as mine beta, but come on I have to have you ready within an hour, and then at 6:30 Uday's driver will pick you up and you'll be gone for the evening.

Sighing she did her best not to feel butterflies as she got ready for tonight, but her attempt was in vain, because all she could feel were butterflies. And it felt good.



I don't know what the hell I was thinking when I decided to do this, but I wish I could press the rewind button. Around me the staff is frantically getting the ship ready, as she'll be here in about 10 minutes, and after that it will just be Manyata, Myself and a few discrete staff members aboard the small yacht VASUNDARA. My mother had loved  water- oceans, rivers, even rain. She could be out here for hours upon hours. This was her oasis. Manyata loves water too. That's not to say I don't love it- but I simply do not share the same affinity for it as she does. I had thought about this for a while: What to do for Valentine's day. Initially I would have just gifted her something, and that would have been that. But in the last week, things had been changing between us. I haven't seen her all that often- since that date we had had- but I still managed to give her a memento- a rose every day, for a week. Just a reminder, that I'm there. I'll always be there. The last week I had forced myself to create some distance between us- just so she can sort out, and understand what she feels. Because I know what she feels- I can see it. But I'm not too sure if she understands it, if at all.

It's unbelieveable. Last Valentine's day I had been partying it up in London, with an arm full of girls. And this year, all I can think about is one girl. Odd. But understandable.

I look down at my polished black shoes and laugh remembering Unnati's expression as she saw me leaving the house.

Unnati: Dada...are you wearing formal clothing?

Me: Yes Choti, sometimes even I can choose to wear something other than jeans.

Unnati: This is just too weird. First the thug look and now the literal Prince look.

She had looked at me then circled around me. She ran a finger down the black dress shirt, and blazer, looking at me from head to toe.

Unnati: Hmmm, what's the occasion Dada...Calvin Klein shirt, a Hugo Boss Suit'and are those your Buerkan shoes? Is it some minister?

I shook my head, and take out my sunglasses, and try to step around her, but the little brat wouldn't let me.

Unnati: Oh, I see. Manyata, right? Valentine's day and all that. Correct?

I pat her cheek, and pull out her gift, the same as every year.

Me: Happy Valentine's Choti. The First love of my life.

She smiles at our timeless tradition: It's a Cadbury Milk Chocolate Bar.

She takes it and kisses my cheek, and finally let me pass, forgetting about Manayta, at least for a moment.

Unnati: Dada, I highly doubt I was ever the first love of your life.

I hadn't said anything as I drove off, but I knew she was right.

Pushing my hands into the pockets of my slacks I look towards the dock, where finally the car is pulling up. The driver steps out, walks around and opens the passenger door. And there she is.

She doesn't look anything like the girl I met at the beach months ago..but she is still the same in so many aspects. Same eyes, same hair...same face...same voice. The exterior has just changed. She still matches me step for step and punch for punch. But just in a more refined way. I've stopped holding any expectation for Manyata's appearance, because just when I think she can't be anymore breathtaking, she goes and proves me wrong. This is the first time I've seen her in a saree and it's been worth the wait. It's a light golden shade of netted fabric which is wrapped around her like a second skin, accented by shades of green and gold. The setting sun hits her hair and the numerous shades of brown are illuminated. The natural waves have been mended into loose curls at the ends. Her neck is bare, but small diamonds gleam at her ears, and a few green bangles at her writs. The blouse is a unique strappy design, intended to tease and entice. She raises her hand to shield her eyes from the setting sun, and looks at me as I make my way down the ship's stairs to meet her at the dock. A single red rose in hand. Oh for the love of god, someone just shoot me. If any of my University buddies found out how far gone I've ventured, it will be the end of me.

I've said I won't expect things from her, but I still can't help myself. I always think about what will happen next. For instance, I had thought that when I would meet her, and hand her the flower, she would smile hesitantly and accept it. Instead she takes the damned thing and smacks my arm with it. This girl is just something else.

Me: What the hell was that for Manyata?

Manyata: That was for you being you.

She makes some type of irritated noise and walks passed me towards the ship- the rose still in her hand. I follow her up, and thank goodness I did because her heel caught into the step and she fell backwards. I caught her in the nick of time and couldn't help but grin at her expression- eyes wide open, mouth hanging in surprise- it's teasing worthy.

Me: Tsk, tsk, tsk princess. You should be more careful, otherwise one might think you fall down all the time, simply so I can catch you.

Manyata: You are so full of yourself sometimes Udayveer.  

And with that, she pushes herself out of my arms and makes it up onto the ship, as soon as I give the Capitan the signal we start moving towards the open sea for the evening.

The ship's deck isn't decorated to look like a high school Valentine's day dance. It's simple, and elegant, with numerous candles, and small table for two, and covered enclave which is a sitting area containing a TV with plush white chairs and red cushions.

She makes her way there, sits down and takes off her heels, placing her feet on the ataman.

Me: Tired?

Manyata: Yes, you try walking around in these things. All day. Now Udayveer, I've been kept in the dark for the entire day as to what you have going around here, so I'd appreciate it if you'd at least be enough of a gentlemen to feed me you know.

I pull my head back, shaking with laughter. Oh good. She's cranky because she's hungry- that I can deal with.

Me: Come one Princess, Let's go eat.

She glances towards the table which has been set up at the other end of the deck, near the railing. And then at her feet resting on the ataman- she doesn't have to say it, I get it. She's not getting up.

Me: Fine. But only this one time. Princesses are supposed to eat at table you know, not sofas.

She sticks out her tongue.

Manyata: But you forget Udayveer, I'm not a princess yet- I'm still taking lessons.

Me: Nope, you'll always be my princess- regardless of what you're wearing, and what you've learned.

And with that I walk over to the small table and fix her a dinner plate. I pile it high, knowing her appetite.

I walk over and hand her a napkin, as well as the plate. She puts her feet down and starts her meal. We share small conversations about her classes, about the things she's learned- some boring and some interesting, but it doesn't seem to matter what she's saying, because I just like the sound of her voice. She goes on and on and I could have sat there and listened to her for hours upon hours.

She sets her plate down, and gets up to stretch. I can't help but laugh at the way she tries to adjust her saree while sitting up.

Manyata: You'd better not be laughing at me Udayveer.

Me: Err...not you per say, more of your saree. It has a mind of its own?

Manyata: It's your fault you know.

Me: How? Did I tell you to wear it?

She bends over me, her open hair touching my face.

Manyata: Might as well have- telling my mom about this, causing her to get me all dressed up.

I do what comes naturally and touch the side of her face.

Me: Tell Komal Aunty thanks from me. You look beautiful Manyata.

I really expected her to snort in disgust at the utterly cheesy line. But she looked dazed for a second at the compliment. Abruptly she turns around and her eyes fall upon the best sitting underneath the TV which is mounted about the fireplace.

Manyata: What's this?

She walks towards it, looking carefully at its oak exterior.

Me: It's for you.

I pick up the heavy chest and place it on the glass coffee table, and like a kid on Christmas morning she's practically bouncing with excitement looking at the thing. It's in great condition, considering it's sat in my closet for over 15 years. She runs her hands over the box, and traces the name engraved into the top: Mine.

Manyata: this is yours though Udayveer.

Me: Sort of. The chest is mine. But the contents inside are yours.

Manyata: Is this part of the other box you gave me? The one with Tom in it?

Me: Yes actually, it is.  Now, do you want to keep on discussing the box, or do you want to actually open in?

I didn't need to tell her twice, as she quickly opened it, only to be left speechless. She didn't need to ask me any questions, she was intuitive enough to know what these items were there were 22 presents. 16 birthday gifts, and 6 Valentines. When she had gone missing, every year since I have always bought her a present. It's never been large, or noticeable, but always something she could relate to. Or at least the girl I had been a friend with could. She looked at the coloring book I had chosen for her 5th birthday, the Barbie for her 6th, the jewelry maker for her 7th, the story book for her 11th. She looked at each valentine I had made for her. In school when we had had to make Valentine 's Day cards for our Parents, I had chosen to make one for Manyata, as I recognized that there wasn't much my father would do with the piece of construction paper, and there was no mother to give it to. So when I was 6 I had made two valentine's: One for Komal Aunty, and one for Manyata. Komal Aunty had cried when I had given her one, and cried even harder when I had asked where I could send Manyata's hers. After that I had stopped letting Komal Aunty know about the Valentine's I made for Manyata, and would only give her her's. By the age of twelve I had gotten too old to make Valentines'and my attention was otherwise engaged to an entirely new discovery: Girls.

She takes each gift out with great care, observes it silently and places it on the coffee table. No words, and no questions- she understands what they are, after all Dadi Sahb has done the same thing for the last 16 years. We've missed her, lived out lives, but never forgotten. It's time she knows that I was part of the family that missed her too. She looks down at the last gift, which is actually the most recent- her last birthday gift. This one made a smile come out. She touches the box gently and looks up at me, grinning.

Manyata: Want to watch some Tom and Jerry Udayveer?

Me: You bet, Princess, You bet.

We watched a season's worth of Tom and Jerry episodes, side by side: laughing, yelling at the TV, and arguing who was going to win which round between the two characters. There would be moments where she looked completely lost when I would refer to an episode, so I stopped: she obviously couldn't remember them all.  We must have made quite a sight- two adults dressed up for a night on the town, acting like kids, watching their favorite childhood cartoon.  But it doesn't matter- so long as the night is uninterrupted, and memorable.

As an episode is coming to a close, I decide it's time for a bit of a change. I take the remote and shut off the TV.

Manyata: Hey! I want to watch some more.

I grin and reach out to push away a strand of hair, only to notice, she's already tucked it back. Oh well, next time Udayveer.

Me: Next time princess, we'll watch it some other day. I think it's time we actually moved around a bit, don't you think? Otherwise all this food is going to make me fat.

She pokes my stomach with her index finger.

Manyata: Yeah, you and fat. Ptshh, the man who walks this earth as a God among mere mortals and fat?

Me: I like the sound of that, you should say it more often, "God among mere mortals"

I get up and try to pull her to her feet, but she won't budge.

Me: Come on princess, just one dance.  Just listen to the music.

Manyata: My feet hurt!

Me: I won't even make you move them, promise.

Manyata: What, do you expect me to levitate or something? And Plus, I don't know how to do your western Dances, I haven't learned that yet.

Me: I'll teach you then. Trust me, you won't find a better teacher.

Manyata: Oh boy, that I'm sure of Princey boy.

Me: Where on earth did you pick that up from?

Manyata:  From your stalker.

Me: What?

Manyata: You know, the news columnist that's obsessed with you. She calls you Princey. And since you call me Wifey, it's only fair now, isn't it?

Me: Oh god. Don't tell me your reading that Garbage Princess.

Manyata: Fine, I won't tell you. Now hurry up, you promised me I wouldn't have to move my feet, and here I am walking.

I shake my head- she sort of makes me do a lot of that, so I've noticed- and pull her towards the middle of the deck, and the song changes to some slow melody that I can't place. It matches the surroundings; it's soft, quiet and inconspicuous, just like everything around us. The moon has come out and the stars brighten the night sky and reflect off the black water. The soft waves are muted with the hum of music, and now that she's finally stopped talking, there isn't anything to interrupt this perfect harmony. She still hasn't put on her shoes- not that I blame her, those four inch heels look deadly, and I like her at this height- like she's made for me. Simply because her head would rest right at my heart, if she would just give in a put it there.

I take her hands, and place them on my shoulders, and pull her close to whisper in her ear.

Me: Place your feet on mine.

I wince at the loud sound of outrage she makes

 Manyata: WHAT!? No! I'll squish your feet.

 Me: No, you won't just put them on mine, and stop yelling Manyata, I'll go deaf before the night is over.

She hesitantly places them on my feet,  and she's about 2 inches taller, and we're practically nose to nose. I placed my hands on her waist and almost let go. I had forgotten she was wearing a saree. Oh God. Someone Help me out here.

I move us around slowly, more of a swaying motion than anything else, and I think she's falling asleep, that or is too tired to care. Her head eventually comes to rest on my shoulder, and her eyes close. I can smell a distinct, spicy scent coming from her neck, and laugh. Hearing my laughter, she looks up at me.

Manyta: What's so funny

Me: What perfume are you wearing, Princess?

Manyata: I don't know, Ma just gave me some before I left the house- why is it bad?

Me: Let me check.

I lean in and put my nose right to the left side of her neck, and breathe in. It's nice scent, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't do her justice'it isn't as pure, as she is.

I pull back and look at her serious face

Me: Nope, I don't like it.

Manyata: Oh. Why?

Me: Because I like how you are Manyata- without it.

She looks at me like I'm crazy.

Me: Well it's not that I don't like perfumes you know it's just that you don't need them. You smell so nice all the time, so clean, soft, and ...I don't know. I just don't think you need to worry about those things.

Manyata: Shut up and dance Udayveer.

Me: Did you just ask me to Shut up?

Manyata: No, I told you to Shut up. And you should listen to me, this is me practicing my English you know.

I laugh and oblige her request- errr...command.

We're nose to nose, dancing to some unknown tune, and again I find myself in the same position as I have on numerous occasions. I can breathe in her scent hidden underneath the perfume, I can hear her breathing, I can feel her heart beat next to mine. I firmly believe in her making the first move- I've made plenty of first moves in my life, and for once I'd like to be taken by surprise. But she doesn't lean in closer. Not even an inch. We keep on moving, and I honestly can't take this waiting anymore. She's meeting my eyes, we're barely inches away and all she has to do is reach up- but she won't. Damned stubborn woman. I give in. I'll do it. I'll kiss her. Screw her doing it first, because she obviously won't. She notices me leaning in, and I know she knows what's going to happen, her eyes close,  lips part, and finally I can do what I've been waiting to do ...iterally- forever. Kiss her.


Oh for the love of freaking Something. You've got to be kidding me.

It starts raining. How the hell can it start raining when there wasn't a cloud in sight earlier? It's cold rain and it comes down fast. All of a sudden we're both soaked, her perfect curls are matted to her face, and her saree is sticking to her. I pull back, and run a hand through my hair, irritated as hell. Stupid weather decides to mess up now.

Me: Well look at that its rain-

Nothing could have prepared me for this one. One moment I had been saying something, the next her lips are on mind.

I don't notice anything else, but the warmth of her lips on mine, how soft they are, and clumsy. But eager. For a moment I can't seem to move mine in sync with hers, as I'm so surprised. But that surprised doesn't last long. My hands find her waist and hers the back of my neck, and we find our rhythm. I feel like laughing, and I know I'm smiling as I kiss her. Because here I had been attempting to be stealthy and seasoned while trying to kiss her, and she had simply jumped right in. As if she had heard my thoughts, she murmured between our lips.

Manyata: You're so damned slow Udayveer, it's about time you know.

I laugh in between our kiss, and hold her closer.

I agree, it's about damned time. 


 Oh boy, oh boy. That took me a while. This part is defo not my fav, and I'm sure it won't be yours. It's slow, not much happens, but as promised, it's here.

Let me know your thoughts.

And Manyata's two outfits can be seen in the post below- I was going to give her a red saree, but it's too cliched, and I already know how M looks in one thanks to the awards Priyal was at. So I decided to switch things up.

Please note, a final edit will be done tommorow, as I need to rush home- please excuse any errors as I'm sure there are plenty. 

* I am sending out PM's tommorow, so if you read it and I still send you one, please disregard it!
Loads of Love, ReehaSmile

 *NOTE* I'm going through writers block, so 15 may take me a while (especially since I like to post a lengthy updateEmbarrassed.) So to keep you guys side tracked (and to let out the idea that's been running around my head for a while, and was finalized last night) I've written something that corrolates to the UVCs and the RCs:

Take a look and let me know what you think pleaseSmile

Edited by reeha...k - 17 February 2012 at 2:48pm

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 September 2006
Posts: 7556

Posted: 16 February 2012 at 6:17pm | IP Logged
I havent done this in a while!LOL
Manyata's Outfit of the Day
(Part 14 Corrolation)
x 2
(1) Her morning Outfit...

(2) Her Evening Outfit...

Edited by reeha...k - 16 February 2012 at 6:30pm

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Anhdara13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
oohh this was so cute. I love the idea of Uday wooing her with roses, and the significance of a single red rose! *swoon* So romantic. And the date? Perfect. 

I feel a little bad for Jai though. She deserves a happy ending.

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adventure_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 6:54pm | IP Logged
that was beautiful and great choice of outfits!  Udayveer wanted her to make the first move and she did! That was really well done! I kept checking for the update and it was well worth the wait! Just adored the date and whole scenario! Keep writing Reeha! Just loving this!

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udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 7:00pm | IP Logged
Claplove it...great job...and the red rose part amazing..i just can;t wait for part 14...thanks...Clap

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shrarrti Senior Member

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Posted: 16 February 2012 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Reeha!  Maar dala yaar!  I don't know how you can say people won't like this update.  They kiss,which will never in a million years happen on the show, so this update definitely stands out.  

I don't even think you need to edit it at all.  It's a masterpiece as is!

The single red rose, the chest full of gifts, the romantic dinner on the yacht, and THE KISS!

I'm still fanning myself to cool down and still smiling the goofy smile I got when Manyata started looking around for Udhay.  It didn't go away for the rest of the update.  Woman you are something else!  Hug Tons of flying kisses for you!  

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