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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 58)

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I am absolutely in love with this!!Can you please Pm me. I think that you have great writing skills and that you're doing a fantastic job!Keep up the Good work!=]

Oh and when will part 13 come out? I can't wait to read what happens next!

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so when will it be out
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Wow...I've actually kept you guys waiting for a WEEK.

I'm terrible! So Sorry. BUT part 13 WILL be posted today, and Part 14 later this week- so you're getting a double dose Wink
Thanks for Waiting guys! Hug

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yippee please pm when it's ready thanks for this fabulous fic!Big smile
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Hi Reeha 
 Here in S.A 15 mins for today to be officially over so goin to bed really sad.  Dont  worry though ill be dreamin of UV an when I wake up tomorrow first thing  im gonna do is read your update...
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Originally posted by Peda

Hi Reeha 
 Here in S.A 15 mins for today to be officially over so goin to bed really sad.  Dont  worry though ill be dreamin of UV an when I wake up tomorrow first thing  im gonna do is read your update...

OMIGOSH! I'm so sorry Cry. I should have a standard time, shouldnt IOuch.

Well, to be fair, when you wake up there will be TWO updates (or atleast by the time you read 13, 14 should be up.) Sweet Dreams Peda, and see you tommorow Hug
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RECAP: Dilwale Dulhania le Jayange
NOTE: this sucker took me a while. Simply because of my exam, my sister's birthday, and a serious hair cut. Please forgive me!!! Enjoy.Smile

I swear I feel like we're some Bollywood couple: not the publicity or the news stories, but something about driving on the open road in a busy Mumbai street, speeding away with the sun shining and her dupatta waving behind us. Heck, maybe it's because we're coming back from watching one of the most epic love stories of all time- but this feeling is disturbing. What the hell is up with me? Honestly it's like I'm a pubescent teen once again: outer facade of calm, cool and collected, but inside all of these questions and doubts. I've never had to work so hard to show someone I care- simply because I never do care. Even as a teenager, I had never had to convince a girl to want me, or show that I felt for her...because the fact of the matter was that I usually didn't care about any of those girls, years ago or even now. Until Manyata. Perhaps if Manyata and I had grown up together as it had been intended she would have been my first everything- date, kiss, first homerun- well not the last, it just wouldn't be appropriate- but second and third base. But it hadn't turned out like that- not at all. The first girl I had gone on a date with hadn't been her, nor had any other of my social life's milestones. In fact I feel this sense of guilt that I had gone through many of those hormone filled moments without really thinking about her. And here I am, years later second guessing myself- wondering if it makes me a bad person. Screw it. I don't need to second guess anything. What's done is done.

She's humming "Tujhe Dheka", and it makes me feel good, because I know for a fact that she slept through that song- as did I- but I can't help but imagine that it's for me. Oh god. I sound like a teenage girl. This is just pathetic.

Shaking my head I chuckle to myself, causing the intuitive Manyata to question me in my ear.

Manyata: What's so funny Uday?

Me: Nothing, just a thought.

Manyata: It was about me wasn't it?

Me: It's always about you Manyata, but not in that sense.

Manyata: Then what was it?

Me: You'll find out someday Manyata.

She shakes her head, and I imagine rolls her eyes at my response- I wouldn't expect anything less from her, and her responses never fail to oblige.

Manyata: uh-huh. And you expect me to silently wait around while you plot something against me? Hmmm, something fishy Udayveer, very, very, very fishy- now tell me what's going on in that demonic head of yours?

I snort at her disbelief- after this amazing day we've shared so far, she still thinks I'm an asshole? OK, fine, granted I'm not the nicest guy on the planet, but come on. I can be nice. I try. Heck just because I don't have the pathetic lost puppy thing going on doesn't mean I'm the spawn of Lucifer. Sheesh.

Me: I think those Paranthas are effecting your sense Manyata. I mean, here I am taking you out on a date, and you're getting mad at me. Not fair.

Manayta: Aww, bechara. Yuvraj Udayveer ki feelings hurt hui?

Me: It's just Uday today. And Humari koi feelings nahi hurt hui. I'm just pointing out that you over analyze everything. Just enjoy the day Manyata- that's all I want to do with you.

I didn't say it with malice, nor was it supposed to sound like it, but she become quite all of a sudden. I wish I could have held her hand or looked at her face to see what went wrong- I mean, I was being honest, I hadn't said anything false. It's true, I do want to spend the day with her, get to know her. Without any cameras, without any onlookers and without any pretense- I just want to learn who Manyata is, and hope that she'll want to get to know me too.  I stop at the intersection as the light goes from yellow to red, and take the time to hold onto her hands. They've loosened at my torso now- ever since I had last spoken to her. Unable to help myself I unclasp her hands, take her left hand in my left and bring it up to my lips, kissing the open palm. Almost as if I had electrocuted her, she sits up straighter, and takes in a deep breath. I can't help but understand how she feels- because I feel exactly the same way, every time I touch her.  I guess the light had turned green a moment ago, and the driver behind me thought I was too slow; he honks to let me know his displeasure and shouts out, "Start moving Road Side Romeo!" I grin at his humorous remark, not a pleased grin, because even under the humor, I can sense the malice. And since I'm just Uday today I decide to do what I wouldn't normally have the luxury to act upon in Public. I give him my middle finger as a parting gift, and speed off to our destination.


The Sun was hot, and relentless, the afternoon sunshine was brining families out towards the beach, and enjoying the wonderful weekend. Not only families, but couples. Young, old, in between- all enjoying time with each other- laughing, talking, holding hands; and in the crowd, if someone really paid attention, they would spot them. Prince Udayveer and Princess Manyata; they walked along the beach, side by side, step in sync. Manyata had decided to hold her hands behind her back, as of course, she felt a tingle every time he held her close. As they walked in silence, she would stoop down and pick up some shells, and unable to help himself Uday would bend down and pick them up with her. The silence between them did more talking than they ever could have. Today was magical for both- in a different light. Manyata was feeling something she could not place into words- this man, who she really disliked, was chipping away at her heart. She could sense her perception of him changing, yet she was helpless. Like an outsider, she watched as her defenses crumbled, yet was unable to do anything to stop it. And surprisingly there wasn't any guilt, second guessing or fact there was this sense of eagerness, and wonder: What would it feel like being with Uday? To be a part of him? It was both terrifying and exhilarating.

At the same time, the man she was so busy thinking about, was lost in the same, yet different thought: He was more lost then she realized he was. For once in his life, he really wanted someone, not just for a physical want, or a hormonal need- he wanted her mind, body and soul. He could imagine everything with this one girl. Yet, he felt as if she misunderstood him: didn't see him, but rather the royal overlay and presence- which was a part of him no doubt, but did not limit him as a person- he didn't want that. He wanted her to see him. Not his crown, not his title, not his future. Just him, just Uday.

Tired from walking Manyata decided to sit down onto the warm, dry sand; true enough to her demeanor she was about to sit down, but Uday grabbed her hand, and pulled her right up against him. For a moment she was out of breath and looked into his eyes, to see what he was saying. Instead of an answer or an explanation, she simply saw a smile as he looked down at her.

Manyata: What is it now!? Do I need to ask you before I sit down?

Laughing at her outrage, he simply took his finger and tucked back a pesky lock of brown hair which was flying into her face; and to her disappointment, let go of her. She watched him as he slowly peeled off his leather jacket...and for some reason felt an odd sensation, and had the urge to say, stop! Let me do it she blushed at the thought and looked down at the sand warming her feet. She heard a sound, and looked down towards the left. It was the leather jacket Uday had just taken off. He had spread it down onto the sand and gestured for her to sit down. Surprised and confused she sat down onto the warm leather jacket, and he sat down onto her right. Both looked out into the ocean and watched the sunlight dance on top of the water. 

She took off her flats, and sunk her feet into the warm sand. Uday, observing her actions, let out a deep chuckle.

Manyata: What's so funny?

Uday: Nothing, it's just that the first time we met was at this beach, wasn't it? And to think You must have been relaxing on the beach when I attacked you.

Manyata: Well...there were more rocks than sand Uday, so I defiantly wasn't relaxing like this.

She dug her feet further into the sand,  and folded her arms across her bent knees, smiling.

Manyata: You should give it a try you know. It's just sand, it won't kill you.

Uday looked down at his shoes, and really thought about it. Giving in, he slipped off the white Puma shows, and rolled off his black socks, tucking them into each shoe. And finally, pushed his feet into the sand, he closed his eyes when the warm sand surrounded his bare feet, smiling at the happy memories floating around in his head. Manyata saw the look and couldn't help but feel a pang of pleasure at his expression- in that moment he looked so harmless, so happy.

Manyata: What are you thinking about?

Uday: Nothing much, just soaking up the sunshine.

Manyata: Liar, Liar.

Uday: I know, but in order to get into my head Prin...I mean Manyata- In order to get into my head, you have to let me get into yours.

Manyata: Hmmm, well there's nothing to get into.

Uday: Thank God you said it- It would have been rude if I said it.

She stuck her tongue out at him and smacked his arm, causing him to laugh. These quite moments, meant just as much as their playful banter. If not more. As they looked out at the open ocean Manyata began to fiddle with the sand, and attempted to build a structure of some sort.

Uday: What are you making Manyata?

Manyata: A Castle, or something.

Uday: Hmmm, a Castle for a Princess, that's very original.

Manyata: Well, this Castle is special, I'm making it.

She made a small lopsided building, and a moat around it, Uday smiled endearingly at her effort, but the perfectionist in him couldn't help but improve the structure. He soon found himself reaching out to mend the cute, but crooked structure. And of course, Manyata slapped his hands away.

Manyata: Leave it alone Uday! You'll break it!

Taking her hand gently he moved it away and began to adjust the sand proportion and add other segments.

Uday: No Manyata, I would never break anything of yours, but who said we can't make it better?

Manyata: It's fine the way it is!

Uday: It is- I'm not saying it is. If we renovate something, or add something on, that's not to say we don't love it, or like it...but rather that we need it to change with us, as our needs change- it's a simple fact of life Manyata. It's not about destroying the old, but enhancing it to make it new.

She was at a loss for words when he said that...and she somehow thought the words were not meant for the silly little sand castle, but her. They scared her quite a bit...because somehow she actually envisioned the picture he painted. Understood it, respected it...and part of her was willing to accept it.

Looking down she saw his hands move away from the sand, and showcase a lovely little castle, with twin towers, a lovely entrance, and the moat now had a high gate behind it.  Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out an old piece of paper, took a twig from his right side and made a small flag.

Uday: there, all done. Now we have a castle, some protection and a flag. Now, do you want it to be in Jaighard or Devgard?

She grew irritated at his smile...for a moment she thought he was just enjoying the beach with her...and now he was trying to manipulate her. Ridiculous. She scoffed at his exuberance, and attempted to quickly stand up, but he was fast. As usual, he caught her right when she thought she could leave him. Grabbing her wrist was no easy feat, but he managed. Her momentum and him suddenly stopping her forced her to fall, right on top of him. He ensured that he would break her fall, but that still didn't prevent him from losing his breath. The sudden oufff sound he let out had her frantic.

Manyata: Uday. Sit still!

She got up quickly, forgetting she was angry with him, and helped him up from the sand. For some reason, she didn't even feel self-conscious when she went behind him and lifted up his white shirt. But she caught him by surprise. His back grew taunt and he suddenly sat up straighter.  

If one looked close enough, they would see how he shut his eyes, clenched his fists and tightened his jaw, and swallowed. He lost his breath the moment she touched his bare back, ever so gently. He wasn't tense due to pain, but control. He wanted to ensure that him wanting her didn't prevent her from learning about him. He wanted her to want him, for her to realize that she cared about him. For her to come to him. He could wait. It would be difficult, but he could wait for Manyata.

She ran her fingers gently across his back, on the dark bruises from last week, which were still there.

His voice was tense, but he managed to speak to her.

Uday: Manyata, what are you doing?

Manyata: I hurt you Uday. I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have fallen on you. Oh gosh, these bruises have gotten are so dark.

Had he not felt so uncomfortable he would have laughed at her worry- they were just bruises and he could hardly feel them anymore. But what he could feel were her hands, soft, small and cool, attempting to sooth pain he couldn't feel...yet evoked a different type of pain. He didn't know where he found the strength, but he got up and away from her. It felt bittersweet, but he realized that it was for the better. It was necessary. Standing up, his body shielded the sunlight from her face, and his shadow engulfed her.

Uday:  It's OK Manyata, don't worry about it.

He looked uncomfortably around him...Looking for a distraction. To the right of him he saw two kids playing with a Frisbee, and an Idea struck him. He waved the children down, and asked them something in hushed tones, causing them to nod in agreement. Pulling out his wallet Uday handed them a few bills, and took the Frisbee from them. Turning back he looked at Manyata with his brows raised.

Uday: So Manyata, you think you can beat me?

Crossing her arms across her chest, she smirked.

Manyata: Koi Shak?

She dropped her dupatta on his leather jacket where their shoes sat and braced her self, and he didn't let her down, he threw the disc and she ran, catching it, and throwing it right back at him. They went back and forth, falling down in the sand, each trying to outdo the other- run faster, throw harder, catch sooner. There were playful taunts, laughter and jeering, both running out of breath and not letting up. Catching the Frisbee, Manyata decided to take a tactful break. One hand resting on her hip she mocked him.

Manyata: That's the best you can do? Polo Player, shikarbaaz and this is your best? Tsk, tsk, tsk. 

She threw it high and wide, and Uday made a beeline for it into the water. His jeans were soaked but he managed to catch the disk just in the nick of time. Near the edge of the water, Manyata could hear his triumphant laugh and rested her hands on her hips, head held high.

Uday: Kyun Manyata? Thought you could outsmart me? Baaad move. So not happening.

And with that, he threw the disk for her to catching. Not to be outdone, she ran right into the water, and caught it.  There in the warm water the two played catch for the duration of the afternoon, so engrossed in each other's presence, they didn't care about the people, the admiring looks, and the hopeful glances- they only saw each other, heard each other, and shared this one moment- for each other.


I'm running out of breath, but I wouldn't stop for anything in the world. We've somehow managed to move from the beach to the water, from the shore line to further in, our little competitive Frisbee match has turned into a swimming match up- We throw the disk and see who can make it to it faster. And she is damned dirty. She'll pull you down, push you away...anything to get ahead. And yet she says she isn't a princess? Ironic, isn't it? Looking at her now I can't help but feel something so strange. She's soaking wet. Her brown hair looks black as night as it's plastered to her head, and she has a silly smile on her face. When she turns around All I see is her bare back, as the suite dips low, and her hair has been swept to the side. Two lacy strings meet across the tops of her shoulders and are tied in the middle of her back. Laughing joyously, she holds the acclaimed Frisbee in her hands, grinning from ear to ear.

Manyata: Looks like I win Uday.

Me: Who said it was over?

Manyata: Yes it is, I'm tired, your tired, and I got it last.

Me: How about this. First one to make it to shore wins.

Manyata: Huh. Nice try, but your closer.

She was right, I was about a few meters away from her, with a slight advantage. I swim towards her-  just a stroke and stop.

Me: Close enough now?

Manyata: No! Closer.

Again, I swim two strokes closer.

Me: Now?

Manyata: Nope. Not even.

I don't know what possessed me, but I swam slowly right up to her. Closer and closer, but it would never be close enough. Her head would got right into my chest, if she would just rest it there, and I could wrap my arms around her if I so wanted to- but I didn't. She's looking right at my face, eyes wide open, and breathing hard. At this point I can't tell if it's from the exertion or from nerves...but it's there. As I lean in and whisper in her ear, she closes her eyes, and her hands seem to find my forearms. In this moment I can feel the air getting thicker around us.

Me: Is this close enough?

I can feel like I'm falling when she opens her eyes. They look golden in the sunlight, and her smile just magnifies it more so. Her grip gets tighter on my arms, and she leans into me- her body pressing into mine. I feel as if I'm being set on fire. It's too much. I just want to reach in and kiss her. And have her kiss me back. I would do anything for it, and not regret a moment of the exchange. She's nose to nose with me, and I can almost anticipate what I need to do next, angle in, turn my head, smile, wrap my arms around her waist and pull her closer, close my eyes...and just kiss her. Kiss her as if she were the first, and will be the last. Kiss her make her feel what I feel. Kiss her and make her want what I want.  We're nose to nose, and she hasn't given me an answer yet- chest deep in this water, I still feel warm, and anxious for her next move- she has to do it. Not me. Manyata has to want me.

Me: Is this close enough Manyata?

I'm doing my best not to hold her, but she apparently has not qualms about holding me. She goes onto her toes and brings her lips near my right ear.  I feel my bones turning into jelly...for the first time in my life I understand the phrase "knees weak". 

Manyata: Perfect, absolutely perfect.

I grin at her words, and was about to reply but she cut me off. Not the way I was hoping either. In a flash she pushed me away and started swimming, her laughter matching the trail of water behind her.

I was only stunned for a second, and then I had a sudden urge to smack myself and say Oh Teri because that's exactly how she makes me feel. Not one to be out done, especially by her devious games, I swim after her. She may have had a 10 second head start, but I'm bigger, taller, stronger and faster. I'm just at her heels, and she does her best to kick me away, but those small swats don't deter me. The splashes we're making and the laughter coming from us must have made quite a sight, but I don't care- I can't remember the last time I had so much fun. She's fast and makes it to the shore, but her laughter is slowing her down. I'm right behind her, and grab her hand as I make it to the beach as well. I've been played, but I still feel happy- this game, and competition was making this day a little lighter- but no less important. When I had grabbed her hand, she hand been running backwards, and the sudden shift in momentum caused me to trip over her. And away we went once again. She fell first into the soft, warm sand, and I do the best I can to stop myself from crushing her, but alas there is only so much one can do against gravity, and I fall with her.

I was so worried that I had crushed her, but she's still laughing hysterically, and I forget to be worried, and laugh with her. We must look like fools. And then she looks up at me, and stops. Her eyes grow serious, her lips part. Her lacy white suite is hugging her body, just as my plain white-T is mine. Although, her material does not go transparent as mine has.  My forearms rest on both sides of her shoulders, and I can feel her hands on my back. Her warm hands seep through the wet material, and warm my skin. And I decide that screw it. I'll kiss her. And she'll kiss me. I can't wait anymore. I really can't. I think she can read my mind, because her head lifts up, closer to mine, her right hand comes up and touches my face gently, and she runs a finger down the stubble. She takes a deep breath in, as do I.


If a stranger looked at the two of them, they would think of young love. Two people soaking wet on the beach, lying together so intimately. They wouldn't see the curiosity, the wonder, the confusion and of course the banter which was a part of it all, and lead to this moment. But they would see a young woman laying with a handsome young man, both looking into each other's eyes, and leaning in for a kiss. This moment was perfect, so intimate, that those who were in the vicinity couldn't help but smile at the two love birds getting a head start on Valentine 's Day.

They also couldn't see the stranger about to interrupt them.

Akash looked furious. His fists were clenched at his sides and behind him Chiki was striding with a purpose.  He had seen Moniya on the bike with Uday earlier- he had been eating pani Puri with Chiki at a stall and seen them drive by. Not wasting a moment they had come to the beach behind Uday and Moniya. Chiki and he had looked from afar to insure that Moniya was not forced to do anything, and right now, Udayveer was taking things too far. Seeing them like that, his blood boiled- this Prince thought he could seduce his love, and make her his. How dare he hold who was his, touch what was  his, attempt to kiss lips that were his. He made it, the moment their lips were about to touch, and using all his might he kicked Uday in the ribs to move him away.

For a moment there was the sound of Uday's hiss of pain, but it was soon overcast by Manyata's frantic scream.

Moniya: UDAY!

She didn't even spare a glance to Akash. She looked towards Uday, who was standing up and holding his side. She got up quickly and rushed towards Uday, touching his side, through his shirt, worried that he was in pain.  That one action angered Akash further. He had made Moniya into a Harlot. She was clad in a skin tight white suite which was wet, only drawing attention to her even more. The back of her suite was so low. Her hair was wild, wet and if Uday could run his fingers through it. His Moniya was worried, and scared. But she wasn't looking at him'she was looking at Uday. Uday who was looking lethal as each second passed by.

Akash: Maine tum se kaha tha, ki Moniya kay saath zabardasti nahi chalegi.

Uday raised an eyebrow at Akash's tone. And was about to say something, but was cut off.

Manyata: Akash, konsi zabardasti?

Listening to her voice, Akash smiled finally, and took a step towards her. But Uday stepped in front of him, shielding her from his gaze. He didn't want any man looking at her the way she looked at the moment. It was too personal. It was only for him.

Akash: Hato Udayveer. Main Moniya se baad karaha hoon.

Manyata gripped Uday's shoulder, and stood on his left side, level as is equal- that one touch reassured Uday, that she could stand by his side, and he didn't need to protect her.

Manyata: Then talk. Yeh sab kya horaha hai Akash?

Akash took a step closer to her, and suddenly his tone was soft and worried.

Akash: It's OK Moniya. Main hoon na? Don't worry, Aaj kay badth Udayveer tumaray saath koi baadtameezi nahi kar payaga. I'll make sure of it.

Uday's jaw clenched at what Akash was making their moment out to be'he was making him look like some sort of rapist. Looking down at Manyata, Uday could see she too was surprised by Akash's interpretation'she looked embarrassed and was red.  But she let him continue.

Akash: And these cloths. I know you would never wear anything as...revealing as this. It's OK Moniya, whatever he has forced you to do, I'll forgive you. I'll always love you.

Manyata sucked in a deep breath of shock, anger and disgust. Tears were welling in her eyes- how could Akash thing something so terrible about her and Uday?

Before the thought had even registered in Manyata's head, she heard a loud satisfying crunch. It had been Uday. Uday's fist had collided with Akash's jaw.

Akash went flying backwards, the sound of bone upon bone and Akash's loud grunt invoked a scream from Chiki, and silence from Manyata. People gathered around in a distance to see the drama unfold. You didn't have to be privy to the insider dealings or know the parties involved to understand the anger Uday unleashed onto Akash. It was obvious. The anger emitting from Uday, the purpose full blows he dealt to Akash- he looked like a man enraged. And Manyata stood there in watched, she wished she felt some sympathy for Akash, but his disgusting words wouldn't allow her to do so. In fact, Uday's words melted away the last brink which separated her heart from becoming his.

Uday: Say what you want to me Akash. Jo kahna hai, kaho mujse. Lekin, Manyata ki beizzati Hum sai nahi bardasht hogi.

It wasn't a fair match up, Akash would attempt to get up, and deliver a blow, but Uday would block the feeble attempt and punch him down once again.

Uday: Tell her that you love her, even if she's been forced. Say it Akash. I want to hear you say it.

No one would have been able to stop Uday. No one. He continued relentlessly, and Chiki's screams requesting him to stop echoed around them.

Chiki: Moniya! Moniya! Kaho Udayveer say! Tell him to stop! Vo Maar Dalaga Akash ko!

Part of Manyata wanted to scream back at her and say, let him. She had felt so mortified and humiliated at the things Akash had implied about Uday and her. Btu she knew Chiki was right. Uday would kill Akash, if no one stopped him.



I could only see red. There was a red haze around me as I punched him over and over again. It wasn't the implication of the vile thoughts he had stated which got me so riled up, it was his domineer towards Manyata, as if she had sinned and he would forgive her. How dare he. The bas***d could say what he wants about me, do what he wants to me. But when Manyata's honor and pride are brought into things- that's when it gets personal. And I never let anyone get away with hurting those who matter most to me. Like a light in a dark storm, Manyata brings me back. I feel her hands on my shoulders and her soft voice reeling me in.

Manyata: Leave him Uday. Chor do usay Udayveer.

And I did. I don't think I would have otherwise. I would have punched and punched until my knuckles were raw and bleeding, until I couldn't lift my arm anymore. I drop him, and the meatball headed girl runs to him, resting his head on her lap, tears dripping from her face onto his. For a moment I feel sympathy for the sucker. Just for a moment. It dissipates quickly and I look back at Manyata. She's wringing her hands together in worry, and tears have formed in her eyes. The crowd around us is talking in hushed tones, wondering, and speculating. I wouldn't be surprised if they've already figured it out. I  bend down, and pick up my leather jacket, and wrap her around it, and give her the Dupatta. Slipping on our shoes I hold her hands and start towards the motorcycle in silence.

For the first time in my life, I wish I had not been born into a royal family. That way I could kill the F*cker, and not have to worry about my family's pride and honor.

Part of me had expected her to not want to sit so close to me'to be near to me after the incident. But she surprised me, like always. Her head rested on my back, her warm cheek seeping through the wet shirt. Her hands wrapped around my torso and her body flush against mine. We drive in silence, but there are a thousand words between us. More questions, than answers. More emotions then we can both handle or understand.

The palace gates open, and close behind us, the guards walk away, giving us some privacy.

She gets off the bike, and takes off the jacket, laying it onto the bike. Her eyes cast down, and hands clenched together.  I can tell she's doing her best to keep tears from falling, her breathing indicates it all so well. I take my hands and caress her cheeks, whipping away the precious tears which have escaped her eyes, and she looks up at me, in awe, and wonder.

Manyata: I'm sorry Udayveer. I'm so sorry.

Me: Sorry? Kyun Princess?

Manyata: usnay kaha...

She only made it that far before tears started to flow endlessly. Before I could bring her closer, she held me close. Her arms wrapped around me, and head resting on my chest. I placed my hands on her back, and run them up and down, in a soothing motion, the sand stuck to her bare back falling off as I do so.  I can't think of anything to make this better, but somehow I manage. Brining my lips close to her ear, I do the best I can, afterall, this is the first time I've done so.

Me: I love you Manyata.

She looked up at me suddenly, and instead of the signature expression of her looking at me as if I had grown two heads, her eyes were wide, open and curious. She slowly lifts up one of her hands and runs it down my face tenderly. She doesn't say any words at all, but in that moment I can tell that she loves me too.


OK! Now before I get a mountian load of chappals for screwing around with you guys, please note that this is leading somewhere!  I'm not being mean on purpose!

Meera: I'm expecting a 2 from you due to the Majnu interruptionROFL

Maisy: Edit my hindi Yaar. Cry

Somia: The next part will be up in 2 days or less. It is a treat for me making you all wait this long- plus I have reading break, so no classesLOL

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what you thought- I know I'm going to get alot of heat for this one, due to the Majnu interruption, but I look forward to your input!

*Please not that I have NOT done a final edit, and will do so when I get home, till then, ignore the errors.Smile

ALSO, I am going to PM people when I get home- it seriously takes too much time, so please do me a favour and BUDDY me, so I can do it in a couple of rounds- thanks in advance to those of you who have already done so.

ALRIGHT, now you can yell at me.

-Loads of LOVE.


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shivu124 Senior Member

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hey wherez part 13 i cant see itt 

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