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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 32)

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Originally posted by meerakhan45

Hey Reeha thanks 4 the repley... Anyway wanted to ask when is the next FF update coming??

U know i really wait.. it like when a child goes to candyshop and cat wait for the yummi candy... Im the same heheh
anyway jokes apart.. plzz tell alll ur fans when is the next update coming???

hehe Meera! thank you...err...well...I havent started typing yet! So Friday at the latestOuch

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Originally posted by Suman_4_NivRen

Hi new to this forum and just came across your FF...and have to say that I love itThumbs Up...i  like the fact that you put it in Uday's point of view...totally luv the flashbacks...and manveer scenesDay Dreaming...reading the last update im thinking that manyata is finally starting to like veer a bitSmile...but maybe im wrong and she will start cursing him again...but of course if she doesnt curse him where is the fun in that...right?LOL ...also love the dress that you chose for manyata...can totally imagine her in it...update soon...and if you could please add me to your pm listEmbarrassed

thank you Suman! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far. Be sure to let me know what you think for each update- it helps me ensure I'm on the right track with what you guys want, or enjoy.Smile


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Originally posted by reeha...k

Originally posted by meerakhan45

Hey Reeha thanks 4 the repley... Anyway wanted to ask when is the next FF update coming??

U know i really wait.. it like when a child goes to candyshop and cat wait for the yummi candy... Im the same heheh
anyway jokes apart.. plzz tell alll ur fans when is the next update coming???

hehe Meera! thank you...err...well...I havent started typing yet! So Friday at the latestOuch

What friday... OOo there is sooo looong time to friday... Hmmm... Okay i will wait... but you have to promise that the next update have to be looong... so it at least takes like 30 min to read it hehe
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Bahh! Meera does that mean I need to write 16 pages Shocked

Lol, well either way I was planning on making it longer because It's the tenth part *We hit the double digits!Big smile*
I'm on page 9 right now, so just a little more to go!Smile

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FIRST OFF: I'd like to thank you guys for reading, especially those of you who tell me what you think. I understand that there are loads of silent readers, but as a  writer it really helps when you guys tell me what you want. I hope in this part I've obliged some of your requests. I wouldnt do this if there it werent for the support and help you guys have given me! Let me know if you have a demand for the UV Chorincles, and I'll do my best to make sure it happens. I'd also like to thank you guys for being so patient, I understand that the wait is annoying, but you guys are great! FINALLY, can you guys buddy me? Because I'm so tired of PMing you individuallyEmbarrassed I'd buddy you, but I forgot the email I used for this years ago, so I cantLOL.
AND NOW, enjoy...
Recap: A night on the town, well sort of.
Part 10

Sleeping on your stomach is not something you should do very often. Especially if it's not the position you prefer. I'm a side sleeper. I like to be on my side- left or right, doesn't matter- but I simply can't sleep on my stomach- after yesterday, I simply had no choice. My neck aches from the awkward angle it was positioned at all night, and my naked back feels odd as the cool air from the open window comes in, making the ointment on the bruises sting. The ice I had placed last night has brought down the swelling, but the doctor had recommended the ointment for the sore muscles, and that I not lay on my back for a few days.

Who knew stairs could be so deadly? I get up ever so carefully, and stretch out my sore muscles and rotate my neck side to side. The door opens and the help comes in with my morning Coffee and the paper.  I nod, say thank you and get up. The curtains have been opened, and the sun is shining. This view is conditioned to the surroundings around it: the yard, the pool and the patio. It's cut off and limited. The view from Jaighard was different: limitless and wild, more mysterious and not so easily seen. Kind of like Manyata. Shrugging out the tension from my back I head into the rest room and freshen up.  As much as I'd like to sit around all day, it is simply not possible. Contrary to popular belief, I do run an empire. No, not the royal title which I will inherit, but the business empire which I run.
We have hotels, restaurants, and lounges all across India, and around the world.  They don't just run themselves. People always assume that I'm simply conniving because of my blue blood and my pedigree- vain because of my face. They're grossly incorrect. I am conniving, because that is a prerequisite to be successful in this world: Always have the upper hand, and I am by no means vain- I am confident; confident in my skill as a businessman, and as a leader. I may be royal by blood, but that does not mean I am intellectually incompetent. People often assume my life is about partying and womanizing. I leave that up for the new money crowd. I've done my fair share of partying and womanizing, but I've had goals that I've set out to attain throughout my life: Win a rally, Get my degree at Oxford, get to take over the Hotel Business from dad, and now, now it's about getting Manyata.

I look down at the newspaper as I take a sip of the piping hot coffee. I almost spit it out. I had expected to be on the front page: there was no doubt in my mind. It's the image that catches me off guard. How was it that they could capture such a moment? I had expected a fuzzy shot, with an odd headline, but this paper had just done the opposite. The picture was clear, in the crowd as we were making the way to my car, I had spoken to her, and she had looked up and smiled in reply. The picture was us, nose to nose, smiling at each other. Even with the sunglasses on, it feels as if I'm looking at her eyes, and she's looking into mine. How the hell can such a public moment seem so intimate? The caption read "Rajkumari Manyata and Yuvraj Udayveer share a romantic moment" I laugh out loud. It sure looks like we were, but it was more of a moment of understanding. I can be damn romantic too, but I'm sure I'd get some colourful language for my efforts, if not a shoe or two from Manyata.

The headline caught my attention as I glanced up "Sapno ka Raja: the Prince of every girl's dreams has finally found his long lost Princess, and the two are wasting no time" for some reason this top grade paper, was as excited as a tabloid, and had an entire sequence on us in section C for "Entertainment". Unable to stop myself I started reading...

The text was astounding, they made it seem as if we were spending every hour together, and were madly in love: anything to sell I guess. There were amazingly deceptive, yet beautiful photographs of us together, near the pool, having lunch, in the pool, near the the car? How the hell do then get a close shot as we were in the car? There were shots from when I gave her the package last night, the caption reading, "What grand gift has Prince Uday given to Princess Manyata?" and apparently the readers were to go online and vote, the options were "Clothing, jewelry, keys to a car, something personal" Hmmm, I guess something Personal would be right. God, this is just crazy. And finally, they had somehow unearthed a picture from our Childhood. It was black and white, and we were sitting on the couch, holding each other's hands and smiling, a Popsicle in our free hands. I couldn't remember the moment, but we looked happy, young and oblivious to the pressures that surrounded us- and to a certain degree Manyata still is. The caption under this one read, "Destined to for each other..."

Damn right we are, whether she likes it or not.


Manyata had made it home last night to a happy DS and ecstatic Komal. They were amazed to see Manyata looking so contemporary, composed and regal. They had been pleased at the change, but were soon cut down to size when she washed off the make-up and dressed back into her rags. They had asked about the present, and she had simply said it was from Udayveer. Surprisingly enough they had both left her alone to open the gift. Part of her had wanted to open it, she really had, curiosity, wonder and of course questions as to why she was given this: had it been sitting there prior to their "date" or was it just something he gave to every girl her tried to woo? In the end, her resentment towards him won over and she placed it inside the cupboard to open another day: tonight she wanted to get him out of her head- stop thinking about him, wondering what he was up to, and why he was acting so odd. Her attempt was in vain, because even when she tried to dream of Akash, he would always change into Udayveer.

The morning had come swiftly; she had quickly gotten up and dressed, hungry as ever.  Everyone was already at the table, starting breakfast. Brijraj looked pleased, and gave her a look of approval, and disapproval all at once. She understood why- of course he had been pleased to see her new look, and was disappointed to see her dressed back in her typical attire- his joy had been shortlived.  She did her best to ignore the subtle guilt she was feeling- she didn't particularly understand why she was feeling guilty, and no part of her wanted to either- and started eating her breakfast. She hoped the conversation about yesterday would non-existent this morning: well, that was a wasted hope.

Rajmata:Hume bhoth khushi hui , kaal aap ko Udayveer kay saath dhekar Manyata.

Brijraj: Manyata, kasa laga aap ko Uday ka Hotel?

Manyata: Ahhh...acha tha?

Brijraj laughed heartedly: Sirf acha?! The press begs to differ!

Brijraj and Rajmata shared a smile together, while Vijay and J sneered.

Manyata: Huh?

Brijraj, signaled one of the staff who brought forward the daily paper on a silver platter, he unfolded it and read out some of the text.

Brijraj: "The royal couple was spotted at Prince Udayveer's luxurious Hotel. Together in a private Cabana, the two enjoyed a decadent meal, and a romantic swim together."

Manyata's cheeks burned at the innuendo- suddenly their public spat looked like a romantic evening?! Oh god.

Rajmata: I'm glad to see that Udayveer and you have not lost the friendship you had once had. It just goes to show that we made the right choice in choosing him for you.

Manyata was at a loss for words, but J obviously wasn't.

J: Despiration naam ki bhi kohi cheez hoti hai Jiji. A little too obvious aren't you? I mean, public mai sab kay samne yeh low budget Romantic Comedy ki hero- heroine ki thara ye sab karana zarhori tha?

Brijraj simply raised his brows at his younger daughter, but Manyata held nothing back. Instead of defending herself and Uday, she played attack- a very civilized attack.

Manyata: Hmmm, I'll try. Lakin pahley tum ek low budget rap video girl ka thara kaprede phana band kardo, tho Udayveer aur Mai bhi privately romantic Comedy karangay, thek?

Vijay choked on his orange juice hearning Manayta's retort.

Vijay: Fiesty M! Abb J bhai aap ka response?

Mainika shot Vijay a warning glare, and Komal intracepted.

Komal: Aab kapro ki bath hori hai, tho Manyata beta, app ki dress bardi achi thi.

Rajmata: Hain Manyata beta, you looked amazing. Bhilkul Rajkumari ki thara.

Brijraj: Speaking of which, I think it's time we upgrade your wardrob. We're not going to be out done by your Fiancee beta. Uday nay tho kamal kar dekhala, app ko bhilkul transform kardia! Aab, hum kasay pechay rehjayain?!

He happily pulled out a Black American Express card and handed it to Komal, who passed it to Manyata.

Komal: Aaj app Uday kay saath shopping karnay jayangi, aur joh bhi pasand ayai, lay lejiaga.

Manyata stared at the card and didn't know what to do. She had in avertedly brought herself closer to a path she didn't want to take. How could she get out of it now?


J had been made her distain obvious about Manyata's evening with Uday. On the bed Manyata had found the newspaper ripped in large chunks. She would have thrown it away, but the pictures which now looked like puzzle pieces caught her eye. And she couldn't help herself. She sorted out the image bits and started making pictures. The first was of Uday whispering in her ear by the pool side, both of them soaking wet- his body protectively shielding most of her in the picture. Remembering how the fabric had clung to her, she understood why he had been so protective. The second was of them eating, The picture was of her with her head down as she munched on her meal, her back towards the camera, but it focused on Uday's expression, the smile on his face as he looked at her while she was unaware. She didn't like it. Next there was the image of her and Uday in the crowd looking at each other- this image had been shredded with a passion; and Manyata could see why. Both Uday and her looked as if they were sharing a secret. There were numerous other ones, all just as captivating, and enthralling- each separately showing a moment, and together telling a story. She stopped at the one where he was handing her the wrapped gift. And once again curiosity surfaced. Unable to resist this time, she marched to the cupboard and grabbed the gift she had hidden behind clothing. Placing it on the bed she observed it with caution. It was wrapped in thick cream paper, its edges neat and meticulous. The tape was clear, and very little had been used.  Bright red ribbon encased the package and a bow had been tied at the top. The package was heavy- a few pounds at least, and it felt firm when she had held it. It wasn't overtly large, about 30 centimeters by 30 centimeters: but it was still like a beacon, and she couldn't help but stare at it.

For a few moments she battled with herself, and thought about the ramifications-if any- of accepting, and opening a gift from Udayveer- Would this let him have some hold over her? Would it mean anything? Should she care?

The battle was a futile one, as she finally opened it. Cautiously: not for the sake of savoring the moment, or preserving the paper and memory, but more in fear- as if the package was alive and would bring harm to her already rocky world.

It wasn't alive, nor was it particularly threatening. It was a wooden box, like a small chest. It dark oak, it looked masculine, with is simple hard edges and crisp color. The top lid was engraved with an official looking crest, and the words "Yuvraj Udayveer" written in Hindi on the bottom. It was a very official looking chest, and Manyata had a feeling it belonged to Udayveer. As if the name wasn't enough proof. Opening the chest, she peered inside hesitantly, and was surprised as to the "gift". It was a stuffed animal, well more of a stuffed cat. The grey cat was mischievous looking with a smirk on its face- funny, kind of like Udayveer- It fit comfortably in her hands, but she imagined it would have been big for a child.

It was soft, and clean, and felt as if it had been taken great care of. Almost brand new...except of the little wear and tear and the edges. She held the toy and felt some odd sensation of longing and joy: Where had she seen this cat before? She felt an odd lump in her throat, almost a panicking sensation, that it was necessary to find out what this toy meant. She paced the room, and it occurred to her that she had seen it yesterday on the television, but even with that she knew, just knew it was not the answer she was looking for. Sitting on the chase at the end of the bed she stared at the cat...Tom. His name was Tom as she knew from the show.

Manyata: Who are you Tom?

She carefully ran her finger along its soft exterior, and finally underneath his foot read something stitched in artfully in handwriting: Manyata. The hot pink thread brought back tears into her eyes. She couldn't stop them. This was her Tom. She couldn't recall who had given him to her, or how long she had had him, but she remembered being younger and asking Baba for him...all the time. She remembered crying for him in her sleep. He had obviously been more than a toy...maybe he had been the last memory of her family she had tried to keep in her mind...and even that had faded away.

She simply stared at the precious cat, and failed to notice as Komal entered the room and sat down beside her. Komal's gaze first fell on her daughter's face, and she immediately was worried. Manyata looked confused, distraught, and wounded. Her gaze then fell down towards her daughter's hands, which held something she had not seen for 16 years, but would have never forgotten. Tom. Manyata's Tom. Unable to help herself, a few silent tears crept out of her eyes. She had given away the toy to Uday, both to anchor him and his determination in finding Manyata, and to focus herself on Jainandini.

Losing a child was like losing a part of yourself. You could go on, smile, and engross yourself with other aspects of life, but every action, thought, want, need, and desire was coated with wanting to find your child, hold your child, and hear them call you "ma" once again. So far, she had gotten to experience the first two. The last was still pending. But she had waited 16 years, and could wait a little longer. She looked at the cat, and was amazed Uday had hung onto him. She had given him to the little boy as a beacon of hope: so that he never lost it- and for a moment of sanity for herself. Komal knew she couldn't bear to be around the toy her daughter had kept close to her heart, and never slept a night without him. She couldn't look at Tom without thinking of how Manyata was doing without him, how she was doing without her. Komal took her hand and held onto Manyata's while tucking back a strand of hair from her daughter's face.

Komal: Do you remember him beta?

Manyata: Tom...

She looked up at her mother, and was surprised to see the anticipation and glee on her face

Komal laughed, and whipped away a tear from the corner of her eye, and held onto Manyata as if her life depended on it.

Komal: Hain! Tom, bilkul beta, your Tom!

Manyata's doubt turned into conviction: This was her toy, and it did mean something...why did Uday have it?

Manayta: Yeh Udayveer kay pas kasai?

That simple question, those 5 simple words were something that Udayveer would have ignored and evaded. He wouldn't have answered that question if his life depended on it. But Komal would. She smiled at her daughter and began telling her not just a memory, but a story, the story of a Prince gone to find his princess. The princess that was his best friend.  As Manyata listened, she doubted every word, and questioned everything she thought she knew about Udayveer. Then asked herself, Who is Udayveer? And what does he mean to me, if anything at all...


The Chawl was in an uproar, pictures of Moniya and the Prince Udayveer where everywhere. Young girls sighing over Moniya's lucky stars, old ladies offering their blessings where none were needed, and young men damning themselves over failing to notice that diamond in the rough which had been Moniya- or rather Rajkumari Manyata now. It hadn't escaped some people's attention that she looked different. She looked polished, refined, elegant...nothing like the girl who had left this place, and every inch the princess she was by blood, if not by understanding. Every girl had exclaimed over her outfit, wishing to be able to wear such clothing in their lifetimes. Every other girl had also sighed seeing the utterly romantic coverage by the press over the royal couple.  

Together near a tree huddled together Akash, Chiki and Soni read the paper. Akash's brow was scrunched together looking serious, Chiki simply had her mouth hanging open in surprise, and Soni's eyes were wide open in disbeif. There was no disputing the moments those images captured, the smile on Moniya's face, and the intimacy between the two.

Chiki: I don't believe it! Zaroor uhse Udayveer nah koi Chaal chali hai

Soni: Lakin Chiki, look at Moniya, she looks...

Akash thought she looked beautiful...almost unrecognizable. It had only been a few days since he'd seen her last, and now...she didn't even look like Moniya...she looked like Manyata that everyone said she was.

Chiki looked at Akash critically, noting the pain etched on his face.

Chiki: Dhek Akash! This is not a big deal, I'm sure she was forced into going!

Akash was about to reply when the convenience store behind them irrupted with commotion. The trio went to take a look and saw everyone huddled in front of the TV watching the entertainment news, It was almost like dj vu.

Host:Good Morning Mumbai! Today is a great day to be in love. And even better if you're royals. Word on the street is that our very own local royals are hitting it off. Engaged at a young age Rajkumari Manyata and Yuvraj Udayveer were the best of childhood friends, and it was said that their match was one for the ages. 16 years ago Rajkumari Manyata was kidnapped leaving the poor Prince alone, searching for his fiance, and finally cupid listened! She was found, and the two have taken the last little while to get to know each other. Yesterday they were spotted at the Prince's posh hotel and enjoyed a meal, swim, some private time, and a night on the town. The princess started the day off in casual wear- designer unknown- and ended the night in a stunning Manish Malhotra suit in white. The prince looked delicious in a complimentary Ralph Lauren ensemble. Here are what some onlookers had to say...

Person 1: "My husband and I were enjoying a meal at the hotel, when we heard a splash and laughter! Of course we couldn't help ourselves and just had to take a peak! And there they were, the Prince had taken her out of the pool, and was holding her close, it was so romantic! They left hand in hand into the hotel!"

Person2 "So romantic! Goodness, if looks could make you melt, the way those two were looking at each other set the room on fire!  Hushed whispers, and personal looks! They are defiantly the "it" couple right now! India has its very own William and Kate- but better!"

Host: Our sources tell us that the two spent hours in the Princes Presidential Penthouse loft on the top floor, and emerged looking like a million bucks- each! The crowd outside had this to say,

Person 3 " I stood outside for a couple of hours to catch a glimpse of them! So beautiful! They rushed towards the car holding hands, and whispering to each other! She looked gorgeous!"

Person 4 "I nearly fainted when I say Prince Udayveer, he looked so handsome! And he waved to all of us! Princess  Manyata looked nervous, but every time she looked at Udayveer, it was like he grounded her or something- so romantic!"

Host: Not only that! But the two were later spotted near a kulfi stand sharing some sweets.

Person 5 "I sold them the Kulfi! I brought two, and the prince handed them over to the princess, while he drove."

Host: She must have fed him while they avoided the paparattzi! Later at the front gate, this snap shot of the prince caressing her face caught us all by surprised! Guess the two don't mind some PDA, is a kiss perhaps in the near future? Here is what some of our reporters saw,

Person 6: " He just leaned in and touched her face, and they stared at each other in the eyes! That moment was pure love! Just pure love!"

Host: That's not all ladies and gentleman, while the two were in Princess Manyata's driveway, this image was snapped, the prince and princess heads huddled together, and we can only see the prince's back: Looks like a kiss was snuck in there! Finally, to top off the fantastic date, the prince gave the princess a secret gift! Now head on over to our website to tell us what you think..."


The trio looked at each other in shock...Moniya really had spent the day with Udayveer and it looked like they enjoyed it.

Akash: Moniya didn't even phone me..she didn't even talk to me all day yesterday, and she usually does. Do you think...she...

Chiki: Nahi Akash! Moniya loves you! She does! Zharoor us Udayveer ki...

Soni: Chiki, she looked like she was there of her own free will- they were obviously having a good time.

Chiki: Chup Soni! Akash, you need to go talk to Moniya!

Akash: I will, I just need to find out where she is first.

He looked back up at the screen and saw the loop of Udayveer and Moniya playing: Part of him wanted to consider this as a fallacy...they simply caught small moments and misinterpreted them...but she looked happy. That smile, those eyes the moments those two were sharing, were more than what he wanted, or would have thought possible between them. He felt as if he was losing her, and he didn't know what to do...she didn't even look like Moniya anymore, she looked like Manyata, and Manyata had never been his to begin with.



It's a freaking circus outside. The sun isn't hindering the blood hungry press from stalking our palace gates, and I'm sure it's the same at Manyata's. I slip into a blue shirt and pull on a comfortable pair of jeans and make my way to the car, apparently Manyata needs to go shopping. Or at least, that's what uncle Brij said to me. He had exclaimed his joy over the fact Manyata had looked so different- actually royal. Also, his disappointment that she had changed her clothing back the morning after. No worries Uncle Brij, we'll get there, one step at a time.

I slip into the Audi, and for a moment, I swear I can smell her. Or rather, the shampoo and the kulfi; I need to get her out of my head- I don't know why she's there. I'm supposed to get into her mind, not the other way around.

I honk my way out of the drive way, the press sticking close, heading into their vehicles to see where I'm off to. Well, they're about to have a great press day again, because I'm going to meet Manyata. Hope she's ready.


Manyata sat with Komal and went through albums and albums of photographs. She regretted doing so. Those were moments with her family, and Udayveer she couldn't remember. They were a part of her life that looked happy, secure, loving but they were gone. Gone from her mind. She felt things she didn't want to feel while looking at them: joy for the fact she knew these people so well once; sadness at the fact that they were strangers now; guilt over the fact she couldn't remember what had been precious moments for Komal were unknown to her; surprise that Udayveer and her hand been such good friends; amazement that she could see such love, innocence and friendship between them; and irritation that shadows of those feelings were resurfacing going through these images.

Enough, she had had enough. She didn't want to talk about him, her their Rhoka, and their friendship. That was in the past, she couldn't remember it, it didn't mean anything, and that was then, and this was now. But then why did it feel so right?

Komal: Kya hua beta?

Manyata was irritated, she didn't want these emotions, and these questions: they were suffocating her.

Manyata: Kuch nahi Ma! Stop asking me! Abb baas! Aur nahi photo shotos dhekni!

Komal stared at her daughter and stood up in awe, gently she held her face, tears slowly forming in her eyes.

Komal: Ma?

Manyata took in a deep breath and realized what she had just done- in anger, emotion and perhaps instinct, she had called her... "Ma". Part of her said it was too soon, and to change the word into something else, but another screamed that this is what was meant to happen, and it was right.

Manyata: Ma ko Ma nahi bholungi, tho kya bholungi? Hain Nahi tho!

Komal laughed a teary laugh, and held her daughter close. She felt such a paramount level of elation and relief; she could not express it in any form. Her daughter was at home, in her arms, and in her heart. Both of them were.

A knock caught both of their attention, they slowly let each other go and looked towards the door. It was Uday.

Uday: Komal Aunty!

He walked up to his beloved Aunt and touched her feet.

Komal:Jeethay raho beta.

He smiled at Komal and turned his attention to Manyata. As he did so he noticed her face: it was surprised, and slightly...embarrassed? Unable to resist he gently ran a finger down her cheek

Uday: What's this? Humari bathay hori thi kyi ethni laali ayi hai?

That light the fire. She smacked his hand away

Manyata: Hain Hain! Barda aya Laali vala! Sab log theri he bathay karthey hai na?

Uday: Nope princess, Meri nahi, Humari. Hum dhono ki.

He turned around and winked at Komal, who smiled and made her way out of the room, leaving the two of them alone.

He turned and looked around at the albums laying on the bed, and pulled one up, observing the photographs. This particular picture was of Manyata feeding him cake on his 5 birthday, giving his cheek a kiss. He smiled at the image, and at the fact that the likelihood of getting one of those out of her again was very slim. For now. He shut the album and turned towards her, and as expected she had a critical look on her face.

Uday: Chalo Princess, today we need to go out.

Manyata: Out kyun?!

Uday: Because, you lost the remote: aur shart yeh thi ki aap humaray saath jayangi.

Manyata:NO! I didn't lose!

Uday: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Yes you did Princess.

Manyata: Nahi! You lost! End mai remote meray paas tha!

He smiled, and out of his back pocket pulled out a remote control...the same one from last night.

Uday:Nahi Princess, remote end mai Humaray paas hai. Right this very moment. Hain Nahi tho?

She was fuming at his tactic, and poked his chest with her index finger.

Manyata: Tu na! Cheating! Humashay Cheating Kartha ha hai!

Uday: Na, na, na, na, na princess, hum Rajwarde hai, aur hamesha sedai var karthey hai aur jeeth ko pathay hai. Cheating humay shoba nahi detha.

She continued poking him, and Uday couldn't resist yanking her chain, he dramatically winced and held her hand steady.

Uday:Yesterday you injured my back, and today you're going to injury my chest. Not fair princess, not fair.

She visible pulled back and looked guilty, and to evade an apology she tactfully changed subjects.

Manayta: Shopping jana hai na? tho chal.

And with that they left behind the old memories stuck in photographs, and went to make new ones to remember.



They went nuts as we made our way out of the car. As expected the cameras were shuttering and the questions flying, Manyata was obviously better practiced from yesterday and quickly made her way out of the car with me- even in these rags she had managed to hold onto some grace and elegance- it was truly amazing. I had opted out of bringing security with us: today we would do our best, together, and I highly doubt the media would make it into the store. Boutique Avani is the secret jewel of Mumbai, beautiful apparel by up and coming designers, as well as well established staples-  if you want to make it big, make sure you make it into Avani- it's were fashion designers are born- and if you are big, you want your stuff in her hall of fame. The shop door is opened by a man in a black suit, and quickly shut behind us, stopping any media personal from entering.

The front wall is made entirely of glass, but when one looks in; they see an opulent waiting room: Marble floors, crystal chandelier, and plush white upholstery. In front of us to the left there is a grand curving stair case which leads to the actual bounty.

Manayta: Udayveer, this isn't a shopping mall, it's a house! Where am I going to get cloths from, idiot?

I would have replied, but laughter stopped me. Coming down the stair case was the owner herself. A posh 50 something year old Avani Khanna was classy: she believed in dressing right regardless of the occasion, and often criticizes me for not dressing, and I quote "Like the royal you are by looks, blood and attitude Uday, these jeans simply do not do you justice. I mean you look good and all, but you could look better" It's her signature line.

She makes her way down the stairs and gives the traditional socialite air kiss and hug. She does the same for Manyata who is frozen like a dear in headlights.

Avani: I never thought I'd see the day Uday! You've finally brought me your fiancee. But of course, this one is different than the last, such a shame...and my my my, does she have a mouth on her. Figuratively and literally of course.

Oh yeah, how could I have forgotten that Avani was a good friend of J? Crap. Whatever. Manyata simply raised an eyebrow at her, causing me to shrug my shoulders in defense: Not like I knew she was going to be a b*tch.

Me:Nice to see you to Miss. Khanna, Manyata and I are here to get a new wardrobe.

Avani: It's Avani Udayveer, you should know that by now, and yes.. . I can see that the wardrobe is much needed. Very much so.

Me: Well, let's get started then.

We made our way up the stairs to the top floor. Her shop was defiantly designed like a house. The bottom was the waiting room, and the top was roomed off: One for dresses, one for men's traditional formal wear, men's western formal wear, sarees, lenghas, and suites. I wasn't surprised when she pulled us into the suite room- it was huge. The system was complex, and her assistants would bring us the clothing near the small sitting area- sorted by designer, color and finally size. It would have been a girl's dream come true, but Manyata looked like she was about to faint- from nerves, not excitement.

She went up to her toes to whisper in my ear,

Manyata: what is this place Udayveer! Kaha phasadi mujhay!?

Me: No worries Princess, Hum hai na app kay paas.

We sat down and an assistant brought us refreshments, Avani sat across from us with a note book in hand.

Avani: Well let's get straight to the point: She's gorgeous. Anyone from the royal family is. She has Komal's bone structure, and Brij's coloring. The Hair is something else, defiantly a genetic throw back. I saw the suit worn yesterday- wasn't from my boutique but it was a Malhotra, so I'll forgive you Uday.

Me: Ahh, ok.

Avani: So, I personally believe we need to stick with that image, wholesome, yet seductive, you know the whole "Pardthe kay pechay kya hai" thing.

I had to hold back a laugh but Manyata had been drinking juice started choking on it. I seriously feel like rolling on the floor right now looking at Manayta's face, it's red and she's coughing. I pat her back to help ease the effect.

Avani: You really should be more careful Manyata dear. Anyways, as I was saying. I like the wholesome look- designer Anarkali suits. J already wears the dresses, so I feel it's so blase if they both have the same look. Also, you need to ensure that the suits are different- never repeat a color twice in a week, and try to mix up designers so you don't offend them; so no Manish for this week. Alright?

Manyata: Main kisi Manish ko nahi janthi.

Avani looked like she had been slapped, Manish Malhotra was her baby.

Me: Me either. Anyways Miss. Khanna, please show us what you like.

Avani: It's AVANI Uday!

Me: Whatever, clothing please?

With that two of the assistants, both clad in all black jeans and black shirts, and a truck load of make-up. Ah, some things never change. They pull Manyata up and take her into the dressing room in the corner.

Every 5 minutes a different Suit comes, she puts it on, and searches for the price tag. To her dismay, there isn't one, and the assistants are too well trained to tell her.  For the first three I don't bother asking if she likes it or what they look like but it's been 20 minutes, and I am damned board. I take the risk of getting killed by her, and head near the door.

Me: Aray Oh Princess! How's it going in there? Zinda ho ki nahi?

Oh god, I'm starting to talk like her. And I didn't even do it on purpose. Damn it.

Manyata: Hain Hain! Tujay Mazak sujrah hai, aur idar main confused hoon!

Me: Why, don't you like them?

Manyata: I don't know, they're all nice. I can't decide.

Me: Who said anything about deciding Manyata? Take what you like. I always do.

She snorted at my mundane humor and stepped out. I wished she had stayed in there. I really wish she had.

They say that the Man makes the cloths; the cloths don't make the man- and that may be true. But clothing on a woman enhances her every feature. This deep purple suit she's wearing right now highlights her complexion and makes her eyes look darker and more mysterious. She looks older, more put together. Yet utterly simple; she makes this piece of fabric look priceless, and yet retains that sense of innocence, persona and attitude which comprises her personality. She wears the clothing without the clothing being overpowering. She is simply Manyata, and that is what surprises me each time I see her.

She breaks the silence by snapping her fingers at me.

Manyata: Yes or no Udayveer?

Me: Yes, a definite yes. Avani, I hope you have some jewelry to go with it, because she's walking out in this one.

Avani: Of course we do Uday! What a silly question.

She goes back in and for the next hour I watch her change from one outfit to the next, make silly faces at me- part of me wants to make them right back, but I'm better than that- and prances around. She even exclaims at the price of the items, or rather the fact that she can't see them. All in all there were about 20 different ones Manyata and I decided on, it was by far very productive. 

Finally we're wrapping up and Avani brings out the invoice in a little black book, and I pull out my wallet.

Just for curiosity's sake, I look at the number: 3.5 Lakhs. That's actually a steal, but I understand if Manyata sees this number she is never going to wear the clothing.

Me: Miss. Khanna, charge 4. But I really want you to guarantee that the number is not going to come out. If the figure comes in any media outlet, you can say bye bye to Jaighard and Devghard's royals shopping here.

She doesn't bother correcting me about her name, and simply nods while taking my check.

My luck must be really bad, because right when she's taking the check, Manayta comes out in her outfit. The purple one. Did I mention she looks really good?

Manyata: Aray, yeh kya? Uncle Ji nay yeh diya tha payment ka liya.

I look at the Black AMEX card she's holding. Wow, how much did Uncle Brij think we were going to spend? And he should have known better, the lady never pays.

Me: Next time Manyata. Now let's go.

I want to leave but Avani's words stop me.

Avani:Funny how you look like nothing next to her right now. So insignificant. Doesn't matter if those tattered jeans are True Religion, or the shirt is Calvin Klein. You look like an everyday average Joe. I think you need to upgrade a little bit Uday.

This brings out laughter from Manyata, and as much as I like making her laugh, I want us to look like a couple more.

And somehow I found myself walking into the other room- men's formal western attire.

Manyata gasped at the sight of wall to wall dress shirts, pants, suits, ties.

Manyata: I thought girls just went nuts with clothing!

Me: You'd be right princess, but today apparently I don't look good enough for you believe it or not.

The assistants had already set up grey trousers with a purple shirt for me in the dressing room, I changed and stepped out, ready to get out of this crazy place.

Avani: No! No! Not! Meera! The color of the shirt is all wrong! Simply incorrect! The shade is too light! He needs to match her suit, without being obvious, that's why we choose grey accents. I want a silver tie! A silver tie! Not a none tie!

I shook my head, and almost jumped as one off the assistants started helping me out of my shirt- I'm sure my face must have been surprised too, because Manyata was laughing out loud at me. I gently pushed back the girls hands, and gave her a smile as I completed the task myself, and took the new shirt for the other assistant. Turning around to face the mirror, she must have seen my back, and started to make a beeline to touch it. I was expecting hands, I really was. But instead, I heard a nice satisfying smack. I light one, and not at me, but rather the girls hands.

Me: Aray oh Bandaria! Can't you see! It's swollen, don't you dare touch it and make it worse.

I almost did a double take, it was Manyata, yelling at someone for touching me? Wow. This was just something else.

Looking in the mirror I see the assistant has now backed off, and Manyata is staring at my back. I know what she's seeing. The lines are swollen, purplish red, and very ugly. She ever so gently places a hand on my shoulder, and yells at me.

Manyata: Are you Stupid Udayveer? Why didn't you put anything on this!

Me: I did! Last night, but it was too late, the bruises have already set in. Don't worry about it Princess.

And as she's staring at me I button up the new shirt, tuck it in and tie the much acclaimed "silver" tie. It's more of a shiny white. Meh, fashion designers and stylists are crazy. Really crazy.

I turn around and throw my hands up in the air like surrender towards Avani, who is estatic.

Avani: Finally Uday! I've been waiting for this forever! So if anyone asks, you have Armani. Everything Armani; Manyata baby you have Sabyasachi Mukherjee.

Manyata: Do I look like a baby to you?

Avani laughed, at what she thought what was cute humor, and I gave Manyata a "What can I do?" look at her distained face.

Finally we leave the darned place, with her Assistants holding 3 large bags each behind us, to take into our car.  The media must have thinned out after an hour, there's less noise and a lot less cameras, but a whole lot more people. Manyata's heels are high, and I hold her hand, guiding her down the stairs as we make our way to the car.

Manyata: She's really weird.

Me: I know, just call her Miss. Khanna, it pisses her off

Manyata: Why? Is that not her last name?

Me: It is, but she wants to be forever young, and if you call her by her last name it makes her feel old.

Manyata That's why you were doing it! Udayveer, tsk, tsk, tsk.

Damn it, she's starting to talk like me now. We're spending too much time together. Has she sworn at me yet? I should really stop thinking about her while moving, because I miss a step, but I right myself. Unfortunately Manyata skipped that step because of me and started to fall. Thankfully I lean in and catch her in time.  We're nose to nose, and she takes this moment to set things straight, surprisingly with a lot of grace.

Manyata: Kutta!. Ek din tho tu mujhay mar dalay ga! Hain Nahi tho!

Unable to resist, I tuck a pesky hair behind her ear.

Me: Nahi princess, hum tho aap ko bachathey bachathey mar jayangay, lekin app par koi anch nahi ayagi. Promise.

Manyata: Hain Hain! Barda aya bachanay wala.

Me: Kyun? Didn't I sustain a significant injury yesterday because of you?

I'm so going to milk this for as long as I can Manyata. Thank you so much for being a poor wrestler.

She looks so guilty as I right her, and gently runs a hand down my back ever so lightly.

Manyata: I didn't mean to! I'm sorry. It looks so bad too. I'll fix it I promise!

I grab her hand and take the moment- who knows when she'll ever let me do it again?- and kiss her hand.  To be honest, when I'm with her, nothing really needs fixing, and if it does, I could care less.


As the royal couple made their way down the front steps of Boutique Avani, the public grew anxious. The area in front of their car had been cleared and the press and public had been forced to watch a few feet away. Growing board in the sun, some had wandered off, leaving their prime front row seats for Akash, Chiki and Soni. They had been at the Mall a few blocks down, when word had spread like wild fire that the royal couple was shopping. Akash hadn't cared about that, he had just wanted so see Moniya. And he had seen more than he wanted to.

They hand come out holding hands, talking to each other and smiling at something: both looking like the couple everyone wanted them to be. He like a gentleman had been guiding her down the stairs, and even when faltering, caught her in the nick of time. When Moniya had been falling Akash had wanted to run and grab her, even when he knew he wouldn't be able to catch her. And then there was Uday, even though he was the reason she had started to fall in the first place- he caught her, just in time.  One of his hands had rested on her back, the other on her waste, Moniya's soft brown Hair hanging in the air. The two stood there for just a moment, speaking to each other as Uday pushed back a stray strand of hair. Nose to nose, they spoke words no one could hear or understand, their expressions so intimate and personal. It was obvious the two had a bond. Akash had still felt a ray of hope, but when Moniya was upright again, she looked at Uday with concern, compassion and...something else. He didn't know what it was, but it was there. As she looked at him, she gently ran her hand down his back, like a comforting lover's caress, and in response Uday grabbed that same hand and kissed it, smiling at her.

Akash looked on, as the girl he loved couldn't sense his presence, couldn't feel him near her, only a few meters away. She looked intently at the man beside her, the prince she was betrothed to. They continued their way to the car, sat inside and drove away. She didn't even notice, but Uday had.

Has he had sat on his side of the vehicle, he had caught Akash's eye. He smiled, and saluted him- the crowd went wild as he did such. And with that, Akash realized Udayveer had staked his claim. Moniya was now Manyata; the question was- who would she go to?


Feweeff, well incase you didnt notice it was longerLOL 

Again, not too much action, but a lot of background stuff. Please note, that I will be posting the "Article" that Brjiraj Read at the dining Hall nad Uday read in his room in a seperate post- I just have to finish itEmbarrassed. Let me know what you think: Like, Love, Loath.
-xoxo, Reeha 
*Note, I completed the Edit, and there some really bad errorsLOL: Re-read if you likeSmile

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 January 2012 at 5:14pm | IP Logged

OK, so every post, because I love Clothing, and

in the show. I will post the picture of her outfit for each update. Tell me what you guys think of it, if you like it, and what you want her to wear next time- I'll work it in.Smile

Manyata's Outfit of the Day

(Part 10 Corrolation)

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-Misek- Viewbie

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 Reeha  HugHeart No words to express this part.. Its just SUPERB Star StarStar

The emotional bonding with Tom, Komal and Pictures were simply great.. Smile Only you could  put it in the most appropriate words to express the emotions.. Well done.. Clap Clap Big smile.. Media being Media Wink Wink.. Thts the reality and you have managed to explain every thing in details... Hats off.. Clap Clap

Overall great Part.. Luvd the shopping bit and the Ending Heart Heart.. Adored it.. M actually caring abt UV  Day Dreamingand his bruised Back Blushing Blushing (This is me blushing, while reading the ff).. The Anarkali suit is just GORGEOUS (Purple one of my fave colour Smile)..

Thanks sooo much for the awesome part.. Can't wait for the nxt one (I knw m being Cheeky as you've just updated one.. But tht's just me Wink )

Simmy Hug Hug

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This was the perfect birthday gift!  A looong update, that established Moniya's transformation to Manyata, her remembering Tom, getting rid of Akash, etc.

Amazing!  Reeha you've done a wonderful job.  There are one or two grammatical errors, but in the scheme of things, it doesn't matter!

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