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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 20)

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Originally posted by reeha...k

Originally posted by meerakhan45

I have one request.. plzzz dont goo too much in flashback, becouse it take most of the time, but otherwice u are a giftet writer...
p.s. Cant wait for the next update...
Lotz of love XOXO

Meera (is it all right if I call you that?) I will keep that in mind. To be honest I was planning on making them rarities in the sense that they happen on serious occasion down the road, because Uday's memories of Manyata are slim (in a sense of years) BUT there will be relevent ones which I hope to use down the road. Thank you for sharing your Thoughts and I will definatly keep that in mind!Hug

I think it's great you were able to use Reeha as your user name!  I would have loved to use mine! Smile

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Originally posted by manveerlover

Hey i loveddd it seriously it wox mind blowing amazing!ClapClap and honestly i dont like flashbackxx s0o for me itx ur best update uptil now plzzz write more n fast cox i cant wait for the next part have already read it 10 times SmileSmileSmile and do PM me ur nxt update

Will do! Thank you so much for reading, and I'll keep the Flashback thing in mind Smile

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Originally posted by IndigoBlues

it was total genius! Shocked i mean kahaan se mila tumhe yeh idea? Confused they should do a 'old idea ka new idea' and put you in dek cv team yaar..ROFLEmbarrassed loved it..add me to the pm list! Smile
LOL Why Thank you! I hope there's a job opening! I'll gladly take it Wink. To be honest, I just thought it would be neat to see UV as a kid (after the sword fighting flashback in the show- I decided we should have more of those moments!) Smile
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I just read all seven parts and I am in love with this.

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Originally posted by Anhdara13

I just read all seven parts and I am in love with this.
Gaahh! Thank you! Embarrassed
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I read all 7 parts together...and MANNN! They are absolutely mindblowingClapClapClapClap Why don't the CVs put so much of thinking & efforts in the story? Udayveer here is so much more charmingEmbarrassed

Do add me to your PM listSmile
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Originally posted by Manasi_16

I read all 7 parts together...and MANNN! They are absolutely mindblowingClapClapClapClap Why don't the CVs put so much of thinking & efforts in the story? Udayveer here is so much more charmingEmbarrassed

Do add me to your PM listSmile
Thank You! LOL
Thanks so much for reading; and will add you to the PM list Wink
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RECAP: Is it just me, or is it getting hot in here?Wink
Part 8

She's sitting on the plush white velvet sofa flipping through the TV channels  a mile a minute. This girl can never sit still. Sighing I decide the best thing to do at this moment is to just sit down and relax. Aman should be here with some decent cloths and I can take her home. By now Dadi Shab must have heard about the commotion at the hotel.

The sitting area is designed for two. There is one mid-sized couch- the one Manyata is sitting on, and two black leather ottomans near a contemporary glass coffee table. The TV rests above the fireplace.

Now, If I were truly a nice guy, I'd just sit on one of the ottomans, and watch TV. But where the hell is the fun in that? There's more than enough room on the couch, and my back hurts- all thanks to this Rajkumari here- so I'm going to damn well sit on my couch and relax. Oh, and maybe harass her, just for fun.

She's sitting on the left, cross legged and intently starring at the TV, I walk towards the area and take the right of the couch- well more towards the middle, but that's just a technicality. I simply lift my feet and place them on the ottoman, and stretch out my arms and cross them behind my head. She snorts and continues watching TV.

Now, I know how gravity works. The heavier thing goes down faster. Since I weigh more than Manyata, over a few moments she will slowly fall closer. Sure it isn't fast, but it is effective. After a few moments she is far closer to me than she initially was. And as if sensing this near proximity she looks up and stares at me.

Manyata What is this huh! Go sit somewhere else Udayveer!

Acting Appalled I mimic her outrage,

Me Now Princess! It's not my fault your always coming around me! I was just minding my own business. Sheesh, can't even watch TV without you flipping out.

Giving a very unprincess like snort she scoots further away and flips the channel, and to my surprise stops at a timeless classic: Tom and Jerry.

She's still and quite while watching the show, and for some reason I find myself staring at her. I don't need to watch to know what's going on; on the screen...I've watched this before- with her too.

She's laughing at their antics and smiles at the moments: lost in what should be a childhood memory, but I doubt it is.

Me: Manyata?

Talking her out of the serene moment, she just makes a sound of acknowledgement as she continues watching.

Me: Do you like Tom and Jerry? I always have.

Manyata: This is the first time I've watched it. It's a funny cartoon; I actually love cartoons, but haven't watched a lot of them.

I'm about to ask her why not? but I realize she didn't grow up in a middle class or stable family where a TV would be available: a Chawl. A TV would be unlikely, if not impossible. I doubt Murari had time to buy a TV, much less let her watch some silly childish cartoons. I'm so busy thinking about her not having a TV, it takes a while to register that this is not the first time she's seen Tom and Jerry. This was our freaking show!  I feel slightly offended.

Me: Well, I have all of the episodes at home- you can catch up.

She looks critically at me, as if I have two heads, and I can see why.

Me: Hey! I can be nice sometimes too!

Manyata: Hmmm, Hain, Hain Udayveer! Tu aur nice? Kotch tho daal mai kaala hain. Hain Nahi Tho!

Me: Fine, Princess. Jo Hukhum.

I take the remote from her hands and flip the channel.

Me: Oh teri! Whats this? An NHL game? Well, let's watch some Hockey then.

She's pissed off, as I expected her to be. What I wasn't expecting was to get tackled. She's fast, but I'm faster.

Quickly I get up and slip behind the Ottoman with the remote, she's on the other side around the coffee table.

Manyata: Dhek Udayveer! This has been a long day! Give me the remote. Now.

Me: Come and get it princess.

It's hilarious really, she's making me go around the coffee table in circles, her stance is like a wrestler thinking of an attack. Heck it feels like I'm playing Kabadi or something. Why not taunt the tigress? It's pretty damn fun.

I pick up the remote and throw it up and down, and side to side as I walk around the table.

Me: Both Manmani Karlee Princess, right?

I'm having a blast, laughing and annoying her. Why does she make it this easy? Chuckling I turn towards the TV and raise the volume, The Canucks are about to go on a power play. Just like me.

Now, I'm usually much faster than this. I heard her feet suddenly move- or charge rather, and I would have caught her before she came at me, but I missed, and she didn't.


Manyata charged Udayveer from the other side of the table, rushing towards him and jumping onto him as he turned. Her ultimate goal had been to get him from behind and take the remote, but Udayveer had noticed her presence and turned before she made contact.  Instead of her tackling him from behind and using the element of surprise to take the remote, she tumbled right into his arms, technically speaking.

The impact was strong enough to send Uday and Manyata flying backwards. Sensing the fall Uday tried to right himself, and Manyata held onto his shirt in order for him to break their fall; which he did. They fell in a heap, up the few stairs that separated the sitting area from the elevated bed room. Uday fell hard onto the stairs, while Manyata fell on top of him, taking the breath right out of Uday. It was a spectacle, a tangle of limbs, her hair wet hair falling onto his face, and her arms pinned between their chests all the while she held his shirt, and he held onto the remote.

She had taken the air right out of him, and with her weight on him, it was hard to catch his breath, so he did what his body wanted him to do: move. Uday rolled to the right and took Manyata with him as she was still holding on. Finally after rolling he eased up, to breathe, catch his breath and stretch his back.

In this instance Manyata was finally the one doing the observing. She watched as he closed his eyes and breathed through his nose, to alleviate some pain. He was braced above her, as if her were doing a push up, his eyes shut tight, then relaxing. His jaw was taunt and brows furred together as he slowly opened his eyes.

Uday: Manyata, that was one sorry attack.

She stared at his face and still held on to his shirt as he looked down at her.

Finally, it must have registered with her what type of Position they were in, as she let go and smacked his arm

Manyata: I'll show you a proper one then! Get off me Udayveer!

Uday: Why? You were really egger to jump on me, so what's the rush to get off?

 Dumbfounded,Manyata: I...I... I was getting the remote you Daffer! Now get off and give me the remote.

Uday: I don't think so, infact, I think this is the most still I've seen you in a while.

It was true, she was trapped between his arms, body and the stairs beneath her.  He wasn't even touching her, but he was near her. The simple fact that they were almost body to body unnerved her; almost as much as the fact that even though he wasn't touching her it felt like he was.

Uday: Kya Sochri ho princess?

Manyata: Khoon Karne ki Dus tharekay.

Uday: Tsk, Tsk, tsk princess, Abhi tho fun shurou hua hai.

At the sound of the word fun, Manyata got a look in her eye, and Uday recognized it immediately: She was up to something.

Manyata: Nahi Udayveer Ahbi Fun shurou hoga!

Without thinking she reached down and attacked, or attempted to do so through tickles. The momentum of her sudden movement rolled him underneath once again, causing him to grunt at the stairs hit on his sore back.

He didn't fight her, nor did he laugh, but he did move the remote out of the way as she attempted to grab it.

Uday: What is this princess? Ethni sorry effort? Come on, you can do better.

She slowly got up and whipped her hands clean, as if getting ready for battle.

Manyata: Dekh Udayveer, tujhe Games bhoth pasand hai na?

Uday: Bilkul.

Manyata: Tho..

Udayveer Interupts,

 Uday: Tho..

Manyata: Tu do minute ke liya Chup Hoja  yaar! Bath tho puri karney dey!

Uday nodded as he adjusted himself to sit on the stairs, and crossed his arms on his knees.

Manyata: Hain, tho meh Kari thi, ki Yeh ek game hogi.

Uday: How so princess?

Manyata: If I can get the remote from you, you leave me alone- no more barging into my room, no more touchy feely, capish?

Uday: Hmmm, sounds fair enough. How about this though, you don't get the remote, then you have to come out with me more often? Willingly.

She thought about it, and estimated that defeating Uday wouldn't be too hard; after all she was Moniya and could give it to the best of them.

Manyata: Deal.

She reached out her hand to shake, and he switched the remote to his other hand in order to oblige.

She hmped at his skepticism.

Manyata: Ethni insecurity? Abhi tho game shuru bhi nahi hua.

Uday: Princess, game tho kab ki shuru ho chuki hai.

He got up, winicing a little and walked towards the sofa and layed down to watch the rest of the first period in the Canucks vs. Blackhawks game. Game tied at 0-0.


My back hurts like a b*tch. Seriously, Manyata looks tiny, but when she jumps on you at full force, causing you to go back first into hardwood steps, that's when you figure out the damage she can do.

Anyways, besides the permanent damage she's done to my spine, I'm sure I can handle whatever it is she's throwing at me. She wants the remote. And I want her. Therefore, she can't have the remote. Poor Manyata doesn't even know what she's walked into.

Lying on the sofa is not an easy task, in fact it pains me to do so, but I need to relax my tense back.

I'm wondering how she plans on getting the remote: In fact now that I know what's on the line the likeliness of her getting it is slim to none. But she's smarter than that, so I wonder what she's up to.

It's quite, really quite so I move my head around to see where she is: Nowhere here. Slowly I stand up, and I was literally about the leave the remote on the sofa, but thought better of it. Standing up hurt, really, really hurt. My back wanted me to stop moving, but my mind knew I had to investigate. Holding the damned remote is annoying, but necessary. 

I knew it was too good to be true, right when I got up she pounced out from behind the sofa: but this time I was ready. Running around and throwing the remote in the air just to egg her on a little, I sprint to the bedroom side of the loft, she isn't far behind.  Watching her run, while the rolled up ends of my sweat pants hinder her, she looks like a kid playing dress up. Oh crap. Before I can say anything, it happens. She slips on the cuff of the sweats while running up the steps to catch me, and for some reason it feels like something is stuck in my throat. I do the best I can and drop the remote, while attempting to catch her.

Thankfully, I do. I manage to catch her waist as she was falling face sideways onto the stairs, and let out a sigh of relief. My back protests to the extra effort- it's had enough of Manyata induced pain for one day.  Beyond the pain, I look down at her face. She's held onto my shirt again- poor shirt, the buttons are broken now- and has an odd look on her face- surprise, confusion...oh wait...planning. I have to give this girl credit, she is damn good. But I see what she's doing. Eyeing the remote which was abandoned by me; well, two can play it that game Princess.

She's in an angle in my arms, as if I'm dipping her while dancing. I hold on a little tighter- that sure caught her attention- and bring her closer to me, she doesn't even blink. I'm looking at her face, and somehow I feel a little odd. I'm supposed to confuse her by doing this, but I'm getting confused. Focus Udayveer. Focus. Bringing her closer I take one hand and push back the strand of hair which was impeding her vision, and bring my lips close to her ear.

Me: Nice try princess.

And with that I ceremoniously drop her...onto the chase. I felt like dropping her on the floor. But I didn't: I have great self-control.

I scoop up the remote while she's scrambling to get up and grab it, and with that the race begins.

I run to one side, she to the other, we go around in circles- like a cat and mouse...funny, weren't we just watching Tom and Jerry? Finally the girl realizes that she won't get the remote by waiting me out, so she jumps on the bed, and attempts to reign me in that way. No way, Princess, so not happening.

Manyata: Teri Problem Kya Hai Udayveer!

Me: Malum Nahi, lekin solution tho tum he ho Princess.

And with that final match, she's sent burning. Swearing, running after me, and yelling.

It's actually quite fun, I go in one direction she follows, I throw the remote to one side of the room, and we both run for it. It's almost like playing tag or catch. It's almost like we're kids again.

This time I throw it onto the bed from the sitting area- yes, I have great aim- And we both take off. She's pushed up the sweat pants and is pretty fast; she plays dirty to, pushing up and pushing me back. But who said I'd let her get away with it? I decide it's time for me to just a get a head start.

Me: Manyata!

She looks at me suddenly stopping, because let's be honest, I seldom call her by her name. Where's the fun in that?

Before she can answer, I simply scoop her up and dump her on the sofa.

She's obviously outraged.

Manyata: Kuthey!!!!!!!! Rhuk! Thujha Subak tho sihkana Parde ga!

She's running after me now, and damn she's fast. I jump on the bed to grab the remote, and she rushes after me.  My back is killing me, but this is a matter of principle. She can't win; it's as simple as that. She jumps on to the bed as I roll over reaching for the remote. I don't realize she's holding onto my shirt and as I roll over her momentum causes both of us to fall off the bed.

My back is freaking killing me right now. But it's so worth it.


If someone from the outside was looking in on the two, they'd see two Adults playing like children: one trying to outdo and outsmart the other, both yelling, trash talking, and mocking each other. It was light, heartwarming, and interesting.  No one would think animosity was between the two, more like friendship or something more.

Manyata had fallen in a head on top of Uday. Her hair was a mess, and his shirt was next to rags. The sitting area looked like it had been through a war zone, and the bed spread...well most of it was on the floor underneath Uday, than on the bed itself. Out of breathe, the two just stayed there for a moment. Her head was on his arm, and she was too tired to move it right now, she'd do it after a break. Udayveer was also trying to catch his breath, which was difficult has his back hissed in pain, but he managed. This was a nice type of exertion. He was so focused on catching his breath, he almost missed it when Manyata reached out for the remote, but, reflexes took over. He took one of the red pillows near his head, and gently nudged her away.

Uday: Na Na Na Manyata, app tho har gayi hai. Hain -Nahi-  Tho.  

Manyata: Haragi Meri joothi!

Uday laughed at her determination and off they went to a verbal battle, she from one side of the ground, he on the other. Just to irritate her, he would occationally throw the remote up and down as she lectured him. Together, they sat unaware of the worrisome Manager and assistant outside the door.


Assistant: Should we go in? Or Knock, we've been here for 5 minutes.

Aman: But they're busy! Couldn't you hear all the commotion?

The Assistant nodded in agreement. For the last few minutes they'd heard, yelling, screaming, laughing, shouts of Udayveer and Manyata. They felt as if they were intruding, which they obviously were.

Assistant: Should we leave then? But the Yuvraj asked for these?!

Aman: What's the point! It's not like they need them right now!

The assistant gave Aman a dirty look.

Assistant: Sure! And do you want to get fired when these clothes don't make it inside?!

Aman looked cautiously at the multiple boutique bags and agreed: The stuff needed to get in there, because Yuvraj had asked for them specifically.

Gathering some Courage, he started to knock, but sounds once again paralyzed him.

Bhaas! Bhaas! Aab aur Nahi!



Kaho Aab!



The Assistant was blushing rigorously at the internal dialogue, and Aman cleared his throat.

Aman:Shit, what are we going to do?

The assistant, wanted to run away, and she though Aman had the same look on his face; but she decided better.

Assistant: Well, you know what, it's not like we're barging in there. We're going to knock! And if they're busy We will leave; If not, they'll let us in. Simple as that. OK?

Aman: OK, you do the knocking though.


The two were throwing pillows at eachother like no tomorrow, and ruining the bed in the process. Too busy yelling at each other and laughing, they almost missed that tentative knock on the door.

Uday: Manyata, wait...

But she obviously didn't, seeing she had the upper hand she did her best to knock him down.

Uday: Manyata!!! Stop!! Baas! Ab Aur Nahi!

He gently pulled the pillow out of her hands, and hopped out of the bed.

Uday: Who is it?

Aman: It's us sir, we've brought the requested items.

For a second he was confused, and then realized that 20 minutes ago he had asked for some new clothing for Manyata.

Uday: Oh yes! One second Aman.

He walked towards the door and opened it, and as expected he saw his Manager, Aman, and his assistant who held multiple boutique bags. He waved them in, and suddenly saw the room through their eyes.

The sitting area was a mess: the Ottomans and couch were out of position significantly; the curtains had been sifted from side to side, there was some clothing on the floor- the rob Manyata had thrown at him while, and some towels from the hamper that had tipped over. The bed'that was another story- the Comforter and sheets were on the ground, a few pillows on the bed, and most of them on the floor. The door to the bathroom was open, showing a trail of water which lead from the tub to the vanity.

The entire bedroom suite was telling a different story than what at actually happened.

And looking at Manyata, Uday was having a hard time suppressing a grim. The Sweat pants were pushed up, the t-shirt was all rumpled, and her hair, although drying was still wet and a mess'as if she had just rolled out of bed.

Finally, he realized his own disposition. His black button down shirt, was miss buttoned, most likely when he had been staring at Manyata in the robe, and now the first 4 buttons were missing: 3 of them ripped off, but accident of course. Both of them were bare foot, and flushed, breathing hard. He could only imagine what image the staff had running through their minds right now.

Somehow this must have flown over Manyata's innocent head, because she did not for a second feel self-conscious, in fact, she was triumphantly holding the remote control, and winked at him. Which of course the staff saw; Uday smiled at her, and ran a hand through his hair- which of course was also disheveled.

Uday: Manyata, this is Aman, our Manager, and his assistant...

Assistant: Divya.

Uday: ...Divya. They've brought some new cloths for you.

Manyata looked at him, at the bags, then at her cloths.

Manyata: I already have cloths Udayveer

Uday: Hmmm, yes so it looks like. But can you please just choose something from this?

Happy because she had won, she decided to oblige him.

Manyata: Alright, fine. What do you have Divya?

Off they both went to the washroom, and shut the door behind them. Uday took another moment to glance around the room in disbelief.

Aman: Sorry for interrupting Sir.

Uday: Ahhh...No problem. So, Aman, how much do you value your job?

Aman looked up in surprise, obviously intimidated.

Aman: A lot sir! A lot.

Uday: That's great. Then I can expect respect from you, correct? Respect for my privacy, and respect for my Fiancee?

Aman: Ofcourse sir! Of course!

Uday: Do you know what I mean by respect Aman? I mean that if I see one word, just one freaking word about this in the press, I am coming for YOU. Do you understand that?

Aman: Yes sir!

Uday: Good. I actually like you, so it would be a shame if because of Divya your carrier went down the drain. Correct?

Aman: Correct sir!

With that and a wave of his regal hand, Uday dismissed the manager and walked towards his cupboard to choose a new shirt. He took off his tattered black one, wincing as he did so, and reached in for a clean white one.  But the pain was excruciating. His back was to the door as he attempted to put on his shirt, and because of the pain he failed to hear the door of the bath open. But he did hear her...

Manyata: Udayveer!


 Well, tell me what you thought:

Liked, loved, hated?

Change this, or change that?

Want this or something else?


Loads of Love,




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