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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by meerakhan45


First of all hi reeha...Smile
For the last 2 hours i have just read ur stories...
I dont have any kind of word to say how beautiful u have written. Seriously u a gifted wtiter... I have read alll ur stories now and im big big fan of urs...
Plzzz add me to ur pm list and send me messege whenever u write a new story...
lOve meerakhan ur biggest fan ever...:)
Wow! thank you very much my dear! I'll do my best ensuring to keep up this standard! Smile

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really loved this update, you write Udayveer's past, present and emotions throughout very well reccomend this fic  because it's my current  favorite now, please keep writing!
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Originally posted by reeha...k

Originally posted by meerakhan45


First of all hi reeha...Smile
For the last 2 hours i have just read ur stories...
I dont have any kind of word to say how beautiful u have written. Seriously u a gifted wtiter... I have read alll ur stories now and im big big fan of urs...
Plzzz add me to ur pm list and send me messege whenever u write a new story...
lOve meerakhan ur biggest fan ever...:)
Wow! thank you very much my dear! I'll do my best ensuring to keep up this standard! Smile
Anyway i wanted to ask u when is next update going to come???

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I try to update once a week, so hopefully before the upcoming friday Smile

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I love the sibling love between Uday and Unnati. It's so sweet. 
Damn Girijraj, so...casual about his daughter's accident... That's gotta suck.

And ROFL at the last part. I can just imagine the banter between them LOL
Or are you planning to make it a serious one? 

Looking forward to the next update!

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RECAP: Lunch & a Pool Party!Wink
Part 7

I don't know what type of splash we made, but it must have been spectacular. The sounds of the hotel were muffled and slightly muted underneath the lukewarm water. I had known I was going down, and had taken a gulp of fresh air before hitting the surface. Manyata had obviously not. She was frantic, pushing up against me, holding on to my collar and kicking her legs to hit the surface. It would have been comical had it not been for her genuine worry. Her hair is loose and floating in the water around her head; I shake mine and grasp her hand and pull her up. For once, she isn't fighting my grasp. We break the surface together; I'm surprised she's still holding onto me, tired from the fight below in the water. I think for a second she must have forgotten that it was me holding her; because for a moment, and only a moment she rested her head on my chest as I swam towards the stairs in the pool. When she realized what she was doing she found some of her signature energy in reserve and wasted no time in using that up. Snapping her head back she started:

Manyata: Kutha! What the hell! Yeh kya kar dala tum ne! Mai Maar jaathi tho!

I seriously don't have time for this crap right now, what, did she suddenly forget that it was her who took the initiative to push me in? She should have thought that out better, I don't mind getting bested on the occasion, so long as you get the worst of it with me. And she did.

I frankly don't give a damn about what she's saying as I pull her out from the pool. Now that her feet are safe on a firm, flat surface she's roaring to go. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah is all I can hear as I brush back the wet hair in my face. We're hidden from a majority of the other dinners in this private Cabana, but that doesn't mean they can't hear the commotion- what part of that can't she figure out? I turn around to tell her to shut up, but there's this odd sensation in my throat as I look at her. That ugly kurtha and salwaar she constantly wares is soaked through. In the process of annoying her and gaining her attention, I had failed to see that Manyata had grown up. That dark flimsy piece of fabric was hugging her a little too close for comfort. Hearing the water splash brought back well trained staff with heated towels for Manyata and myself. She's so busy screaming at me that she fails to notice people conjuring up near the cabana, and the staff looking at her. What is wrong with her? Sure, get as angry as you want at me- even though it may be unwarranted- but what about yourself'where is the self-respect for yourself?

Seeing the setting shift around me I decide to do what I know is best, whether she likes it or not. I reach out for her and pull her close, and turn her around. She must have been surprised to have me move her so suddenly because for once she doesn't say anything. One hand still on her waste I grab a towel from the pool boy and wrap it around her, just as if she were a child. I have this odd sensation being so close to her while not saying anything. It's odd looking into her eyes and just seeing surprise and confusion.

It's odd feeling surprised and confused.


Around the secluded Cabana people were nearing the edge of the foliage to catch a glimpse of the infamous Prince and the long lost Princess, on the border of the foliage the manager and hotel staff were attempting to get the patrons back to their seats and leave the couple alone; it was a feeble attempt. Word was out that the two were here, and not only that but were having a fight...but looking through the eyes of the few patrons at the front, it didn't seem as such.

On the far side of the poor Uday was holding Manyata close, not exactly an embrace, but not at arm's length either. She was wrapped in a plush white towel, while his hands held it closed at her waist. To them it seemed like the lovers spat was over, and a reconciliation in the works, mainly because they couldn't hear what the prince was murmuring to the princess as he bent his head towards her ear.

Uday: Manyata, enough. Bhoth thamasha ho chukka hai. Abb aap humare lead follow karaingi. Baas.

He felt her tense up and knew her eyes here narrowing, but didn't care. Slowly he leaned back and looked into her eyes intently. She had a look of defiance in her eyes. As if she would take on the world to get even with him. His response was simple enough. Taking her hand he walked with purpose towards the hotel holding Manyata close to him. He knew she wouldn't go quietly so he cut her off before she could begin her tirade.

Uday: No Manyata. Whatever you're about to say, thinking of saying or want to say, not now- Inside- when we get inside you can say whatever the hell you want, and as loud as you want.

She wanted to yell at the arrogant SOB, but knew he was right. Even she could hear the commotion and on lookers trying to peek over and catch a glimpse of them. As much as she wanted to put Udayveer in his place, she knew it would only be counterproductive; so she gave up fighting against him and followed him into the Lobby as he held her hand. As her resistance withered away, his grip became less tight, and more firm. Solid, unmoving, yet not overwhelming...

As they made their way to the elevators, dripping wet and a streak of water behind them they could hear the commotion outside of the main doors. Cameras were flashing trying to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. Uday prevented the unkind lenses from seeing Manyata. He lifted his left arm and tucked her to his side. His body shielding her from the paparattzzi; it was odd being flush up against him; her head near his chest, and if she would let go of her concentration, it would fall perfectly there, against his heart.


I've never had qualms about holding a woman. Never, even as a teen I've never been intimidated holding a girl. Even with Manyata, I've had no issues holding her, touching her. Until now. Her Kurta which seemed so benign and uninteresting every other time I had seen her, was suddenly holding my interest at a different level. It was clinging to her body which made me feel protective and intoxicated at the same time. Her hair is plastered to her face and neck, the shades of brown look like black due to the water. Even holding her hand is weird. She's stopped resisting, and she's smart enough not to say anything at the moment. Silence. As I'm walking with her- not pulling her- to the Lobby, that's all there is between us.

No words, no sounds, no cursing and no ego. It's just Manyata and me, our wet cloths sticking to us like a second skin, and the sloshing sound of our feet making the spotless marble floor beneath our feet wet. A trail of water is behind us, and droplets continue to make their way down our hair and into our faces. As I guide her to the elevator, the silence dissipates into madness. To the right of us ...near the lobby doors- security is doing their best to prevent cameras and crazy media personnel from entering the Hotel, and I'm sure reinforcements are on their way. Hearing the commotion I do what instinct tells me: Protect Manyata. Without thinking I take my left arm and tuck her in tight, flush against me. Bad, bad move Udayveer. Really bad. The wet garments do little to separate us. Beneath the cool, wet clothing I can feel the heat from her skin seeping through and meeting mine. I suddenly want to let her go. I don't want to touch her and feel something. Feeling makes you weak, lose control, and let someone else have the upper hand. I always want to have the upper hand, never be on the other side of the scale.

It was only a moment or two, but it felt like an eternity as we waited for the elevator. I looked down at Manyata, and she has her head bent low near my chest. She finally understands the ramifications of having a spat in public: it won't go unnoticed. As the doors of the elevator open I walk us in and press the very top floor, causing Manyata to freak out. She gets out of my grasp and stares at the beeping light. 25th floor.

Manyata: 25th! 25th Floor! Are you trying to kill me Udayveer! What if the lift stops! What if we get stuck! What if I die in this box!

I should be laughing, and I really do have the urge too. She's waving her hands and pushing the wet hair out of her face as she's ranting. But something's stuck in my throat. Why is it that every time I look at her, something happens? Something odd, and unknown'and I don't know what it is or how to describe it? I smile, I think it's sincere, and simply tuck back the wet strand of hair that's stuck to her face. As soon as I do so, the doors of the elevator open.

Me: Look Princess. We made it together, and alive. Surprise, Surprise.

Manyata: Shut Up Udayveer.

Me: Whatever you want Princess.

This time I take her hand without even thinking much about it. And I don't have to pull her to walk with me; for once she took my hand without aggression or animosity, and didn't think about much about it either. Weird, isn't it?


The Penthouse suite was opulent. The view was striking as it looked over into the water, all one could see was the endless sea with the sun sparkling like diamonds. It was breath taking. The space comprised of white walls, white and black furniture, and red accents. The Suite was open and lofty. The living space divided by six steps to the right which held the opulent king sized bed. It too was white, but piled high with black and red pillows; the head board was magnificent, black iron and eye catching. To the left of the loft there was a fireplace, and entertaining area. The space was luxurious, and designed for one- or two.

For a few moments, Manyata was too lost in the view from the loft, and the contemporary elegance that surrounded her, she forgot about being wet, irritated, and now cold. Letting go of Uday's hand, she had walked towards the wall of windows and stared out into the open.

Manyata: It's so pretty.

Still standing at the door Uday agreed, but not for the same reasons. This girl- and literally, she was in many ways, still just a girl- looked so pretty. Standing in this opulent room, in what would be considered no better than wet rags; she was making him feel uncomfortable- possessive, protective, angry and unsure. He didn't like it.

Uday walked towards her, his wet shoes making an odd noise on the hardwood floor; and saw the world through her eyes.

It was odd, he'd seen this view a thousand times, and this was his personal suite when he had to stay over at the hotel...yet he never noticed the beauty of the view. The water, the beach, the rocks. Here they were, standing 25 stories above and a mile further from the first place they had met. The sea, Manyata and him; at that moment she had just been some loud mouth girl flipping out at him, and in this moment she was the Princess he had been destined to marry since a young age. The irony was not lost on him as he smiled looking at her watching the view.

She must have sensed him staring at her, and he expected her to start screaming at him the moment she flipped her head back and looked right back at him, but then again she liked to surprise him.

Manyata: I'm sorry.

She didn't say it timidly, or with empathy it was more of a hmph and angry apology- not forced or insincere, but more over the fact that hindsight was kicking in right now.

Uday: Well, isn't that sweet. Sorry? For what? For walking out on our lunch? For pushing me into a pool? For having a spat in a public place? For garnering unwanted attention for the already blood hungry media?

His voice was dripping with sarcasm as he smirked at her, and it was not lost on Manyata.

Manyata: Well fine, if you don't want the apology I'll take it right back.

She started to march off but as usual he held her arm and pulled her back, this time when she resisted her bear wet feet on the wooden floor caused her to slip and fall onto Uday, and for the first time she was flush against him. His cloths were just as wet as hers, but she could feel the heat from his skin seeping through, the hands which he often used to pull her back or gain her attention with were resting at her hips. As if someone had lit a match and the heat was too much, she jumped back. The feeling and sensation were unfamiliar, and if she hadn't been so flustered herself she would have noticed the look of discontent and confusion on Uday's face.

Sighing he ran a hand through his wet hair and looked down at a dazed Manyata who stood a foot away from him.

Uday: Ok, fighting aside, I think we need to get dry. Come on, I'll show you the bathroom.

This time he didn't bother taking her hand, he knew she wouldn't take it.

Passing the elevated area which made up the bedroom Uday opened the double doors to the right of the bed which led them into an opulent bathroom. It was black marble, with white fixtures. A large deep set tub, was the crowning gem of the space, complemented by a beautiful vanity and large walk in shower. Behind him, Manyata snorted.

Manyata: Jithna Kala Dil, uthna Kala Bathroom!

Her humor was a blessing, it broke the ice and made him laugh, and unconsciously caused him to get unwind. He turned around, and smiled as he grandly gestured inside.

Uday: Yeh dil bhi tumara, aur yeh bathroom bhi.

Stepping inside, she looked into the tub, and stared back at him.

Manyata: Dil tho tu rhakley, bathroom meh rhakloungi.

Shaking his head he simply turned on the settings for the tub, and the water rushed in making bubbles.

Manyata: Abhi Abhi tho swimming kar keh ai hoon, aur abb pher say?

Uday: Princess, yeh swimming ek different type ki hai.

They both sat on the edge of the tub, one on one end and the other on one.  After the tub filled up, Manyata looked at him curiously.

Manyata: I don't need this much water to get clean Udayveer, so why did you put in so much?

He thought about saying something tongue in cheek about sharing the tub with her, but decided she would kill him. After all, even he had to take some baby steps once and a while.

Uday: Well Princess, sometimes it's not just about getting cleaned, it's about getting comfortable, so You take a nice bubble bath, there are some robs over there, and I'll take a shower in the guest bath, OK?

Manyata looked at the deep tub of frothy bubbles, and back at him, and sighed.

Manyata: Fine.

As he left the room he could have sworn he heard her mutter something about wet dogs not biting. But then again, he could have been imagining things.


There is nothing like a hot shower after a taking off cold wet clothing. Nothing. Once I peel off the wet garments and cool air hits my skin, there is nothing I want more than having hot water pour down from the shower head. Baths are alright, and I'm sure Manyata is enjoying frolicking around in the bubbles in that king sized tub-ok'take that image out of your head Udayveer- but sometimes, a shower is what one needs. The pressure, the heat as water pours from your head down, is paramount in loosening up if you're wound up. I feel really wound up right now. Really, really wound up.

I want to go for a run, or push some weights, or race a car.I need to do something.

 Bracing myself against the tiled wall I stare down at the floor and watch the water swirl and go down the drain. That's how the world works. Everyone comes out, the same way, and most of us will go too. It's the middle part that's interesting. Like the water droplets stuck in my hair, and lingering on my body, or slowly running down my face- that's what some people are. They too will eventually go down the perpetual drain that is life- but at their own pace, doing what they want to do: Fulfilling a purpose. I need to fill mine.

As I lather up my hair I think about the day so far: Too damn eventful; and to be honest everyday seems to be that way: some new drama, some new fight, and some new issue. It is expected of course, I understand that with Manyata back and easing her way into the grasp of things nothing is going to be easy...and then there's J. She's angry that the spotlight isn't on her, and I'm not surprised at that, if anything it amuses the hell out of me. She's always thought of herself as simply the best: and to many she is- but she has yet to see how Big sister is going to turn out.

I rinse my hair out and step out of the shower. Water drips down onto the heated tile as I reach for a plush white towel. Standing in front of the Vanity I stare at myself. What does she see when she looks at me?  I always see a man, good looking or not, who is young, determined, and royal. Nothing else. There is nothing else there. What does she see there that makes her so mad? Arrogance? Well, she hasn't looked at her self lately then, has she? Attitude? Right back at you princess. Confidence? She isn't lacking in that either.

Whatever. She can think, not think or do whatever the hell she wants. This is far from over.

I've dried myself, but water slowly trickles down my hair, reaching for my watch I put it back on, and look back at the hamper were I've placed my wet clothing. Crap. I need cloths now...which are in the room. Normally I wouldn't care. It's my freaking room. It's my hotel. But Manyata is there, and if by any chance she comes out while I'm in a towel, she's going to flip. Oh, well that's not such a bad Idea now, isn't it?

Ideally her jaw would drop to the floor and she'd faint, but I'm a betting man and I'd say she'd throw something at me and call me a perv. The second one sounds more entertaining.

I open the door and see the loft space is empty, just the sunlight streaming through the wall of windows, and the steady humming of Manyata as she's in the tub in the other Bath. She even hums loud.

Well, I guess it's a risk I'm going to have to take. Going to the closet, I see the multiple shirts, pants and shoes I keep here for emergencies, especially when I have to spend the night. There are dress pants and shirts for business meetings, and a few accessories- watches and sunglasses- and some sleep ware. I pull out a black button down and blue jeans. Seems like Manyata is going to take her sweet time- princesses or not, girls always take their sweet time in the bathroom- and that leaves me plenty of time to change.

It seems like my luck is great because the pants are on and zipped, and I'm just turning around to reach for my shirt, when I hear the door open. Now, if I were kind I'd quickly pull on my shirt, or not make eye contact. But whoever suggested I was a nice guy, right? I leave the shirt in my hands and turn to look at her, and it's quite a sight. She's engulfed in a robe and isn't even looking at me. In fact she's looking down at the robe trying to roll the ends up. Wet hair is plastered to her face, but its clean and smells like some fruity shampoo. She starts walking while rolling the right sleeve, and surprise, surprise...bumps into me.

The beating is going to be so worth it.


The bath had been enjoyable; 30 minutes never went by so fast. Part of her had wanted to stay in longer, but she knew it was time to get up when she was getting prune like.  At first she had looked around the black cave of a washroom and wondered what she should wear? She saw multiple towels and eventually noticed the big jackets, or robes Udayveer had called them. She slipped into one once she was dry- it was soft, warm and very, very large.

She stepped outside of the bathroom, rolling up her left sleeve at the threshold, started walking and rolling up the right as she did so. Then she bumped into something- or rather, someone. She knew it could only be one person, and as she looked up, she was a little surprised.

For a moment- and she would only admit to a moment she stared at his chest, which was what her head had bumped into. It wasn't fair, really. She disliked him, everything about him. But even she could not deny that Yuvraj Udayveer was built. Built to kill females with his looks and body; if She, Soni or Chiki had just seen him from afar, they would have admired and possibly wanted. But the fact was, she knew him a little better than what he was on the outside- and she didn't like it. Oh...and Akash. Akash aswell. She loved him of course. But then again, why was she looking? Hmmm...a girl can admire.

She managed to drag her eyes away and looked up into his smirking face.

Uday: Like what you see, Princess?

To his surprise, she took two steps back, looked at him up and down, and walked around him in a circle. An assessing and attentive look on her freshly scrubbed face; after doing a full 360 she stopped in front of him.

Manyata: Nope. Udayveer, I know you want to gain my attention and all- you've made that more than clear- but you don't have to degrade yourself in such a manner.

He chuckled at her savvy response and pulled on his shirt and started buttoning it. Looking back, he observed her, and for some reason he couldn't tell what was going through her head.

Uday: Well, that's a surprise; I was expecting something else to come out of your mouth.

Before he could finish the sentence, Manyata didn't let him down.

Manyata: Oh, and you're such a pervert. So full of yourself too.

Uday laughed and looked down at her. Bad idea. Here he thought that he could have the upper hand, by attracting her with his physic. And there she stood, 3 feet away all wrapped up in a robe. And he was getting choked. How could someone so innocent, pure and simple look so good? It was an odd sensation. There wasn't a lick of make-up on her face, she's wearing a hotel rob, and her hair is just wet and hanging around her face. And yet, Uday couldn't take her eyes off of him. He looked into his closet and pulled out a pair of sweat pants and black t-shirt.

Uday: Here Manyata, you can wear these till someone brings up some clothing for you.

She looked skeptically at him then at the cloths.

Sighing Uday gave her a look.

Uday: Manyata, I know we're going to get married and all, but I think someone will have a field day if they see you sitting in a robe like this. Just wear the cloths till more come. Then I can take you home.

She thought about it, and she really didn't want to. It seemed too intimate. Wearing clothes that he had worn, they'd have his scent and his essence on them. And she didn't want to ever get that close to him. Ever.  Uday could see the look of pondering on her face, and he didn't waste a second.

Uday: Look Manyata, I'd feel much more comfortable, if you had some clothes on. Ok? And it's only temporary, I'll call someone to go to the boutique and pick up something you'd like.

She thought about it, and looked at him and the clothing again.

Manyata: Fine, but if it's something J would wear, I don't want it.

Uday: I wouldn't want it either.


She finally took the cloths. Thank God. This is just weird, honestly this Room has seen a whole lot more action, so many other females, and errr...very little clothing. But I seeing her in a robe made me As if I wasn't ready for something. I didn't like the feeling, and nor could I compare it with something, but I just knew that I needed to get her to change. Finally she's gone back into the Bathroom and is changing. I pull out my phone and dial the Hotel Manager's number.


Me: Aman.

Aman: Yes Sir?

Me; Send your assistant down to the Boutique and pick up some clothing, size 7 ladies I think.

Aman: A dress? Or jeans? What would you like sir?

Me: Get her to buy something tasteful, and elegant. No dress or skirt for sure.

Aman: Alright sir, Mena will come up with the garments soon.

And with that, I hang up the phone and look out at the view, to the right of me I see the door open once again. Here we go. Ok Udayveer, this was also not such a bright idea. Sure, the robe is gone, but in its place are my black sweat pants which tease and mock me on her. Then the black shirt which seemed so neutral was suddenly against me too. It felt good seeing her wear something that was mine it was almost as if she were mine. She looks tentative, and's different seeing her look so... unsure.

Manyata: Abb comfortable hogay Udayveer!?

I look at her up and down, and I seriously felt like saying "hell no".

Me: As much as I can be with you princess, as much as I can be.

She sticks her tongue out at me and saunters towards the TV and starts watching something. And here I am, standing in my hotel suite which has seen and experienced some crazy things, looking at this girl that was once my best friend, now a stranger, and my future wife, and wondering: How the hell did I get here?


Hope You guys don't kill me!LOL 
First, yes I know there is very little dialogue in this segment, and no flashback. Mainly because I wanted this to be more about feeling than anything else: hope I did alright Embarrassed.

As per usual, please do Like, and Comment what you loved, or hated! I really do need constructive critisism to make it better (I promise the pace will pick up- I know we're still on the first day LOL)


-Loads of love, Reeha Hug

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I mean superlike!  I love the way you've gone with this chapter.  So what if there isn't a lot of dialogue?  You've focused on the best part, what they are really thinking and feeling.  And I love how long this update was!  When can we expect more greatness?

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