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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 12)

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awesome part...loved uday doing manyata's manicure both in past and present...update soon

Hubze Senior Member

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Dude you are such a brilliant writer Clap... Another awesome piece and thankz a lot for the PM...  Big smile
-JEHAN- IF-Dazzler

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That was beautiful..
lovely scenes
amazing writing skills
please PM me
please continue soon!!
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Quick Favour to ask you guys, Could some one PM the corrections for the Hindi in the FF?

I understand that its a lot to ask, but my Hindi is simply not up to par, and I need the hindi in there to keep in as authentic as possible. There's no rush, but if someone could take a look and make corrections, it would be much appreciated!

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A wonderful FF!!!!!!

I have only started watching this serial for about a week now after someone recommended it... Udayveer is utterly mindblowing!!!!!!!! 
hehehe i love it when they say "hain nahi toh"

aww UV is so sweet taking M to the parlour and he actually filed her nails WOW!!!!!!

Can't wait to read what happens next!
Keep rocking!

~ Anju Star
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Just read all of the parts!
They're awesome!
I loved it! 
Please add me to your pm list!
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RECAP: I'm not afraid of any chickens
Part 6

I looked up at Manyata again, and her look of suspicion was still there, strong and unwavering. The spa spot lights hit her dark hair, illuminating the shades of brown hidden within. Her brows where compressed together in thought, and shoulders taunt once again. This girl needed to relax, seriously. So many walls and so many fronts; sometimes there are moments where the walls come down, but for the most part the facade remains intact. Doesn't she ever get tired? what about you Uday, do you ever get tired? that thought came and went. No, I don't get tired; I get annoyed, and occasionally mad, but I can't get tired of what is expected of me, and what I need to achieve. It's simply not acceptable.

I'm still filing her nails, and I wonder if I should tell her that this isn't the first time I've done her this favour. Looking at her hands, they've changed so much. They are still dainty, but so much more grown and elegant then her childhood hands. Back then, my hand was only slightly larger than her own; now her hand was engulfed by my own. The rest of her had changed too. She doesn't particularly care for me like she did once- but that's understandable.

Manyata: Arey Oi Rajwarde! Sawal Bhool gayae ho kya?!

Looking up I decide I'm better off not telling her the first time I cared enough to file some girl's nails- well, it hadn't just been some girl Manyata, had never just been some girl; but rather the second time- It's not really lying, it's more of an omission of an initial fact, and making the second a first. But who cares?

Me: Well Princess, thumare alwava ek aur important Rajkumari hai humare zindagii mai. Unnati. Jab Unnati choti thi, about 11 years old, Hum unke saath bike per jarahe thay And we Crashed.

Manyata: Crashed?! Matlab accident?

I smile at her genuine concern, and I know it isn't for me- but Unnati, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Me: Yes, Accident. Hamare Bike ka acciedent hogaya tha

Manyata: Bichari Unnati, galti thumare, aur chot usay!

Udayveer Age 16

It was a gorgeous day outside. The sun was shining, a bright blue sky with a few clouds providing shade when it was most needed. A calm breeze would visit every so often giving a break from the heat; Yuvraj Udayveer couldn't have chosen a better day to come back home- to the Mahal in India.  It wasn't that he didn't enjoy England. He did. He hand friends, enjoyed his classes, and excelled at Rugby and Football. But still, he only ever got to spend quality time in the Palace during Summer Vacation, it was different here. In the secluded Palace in he could run around, not worry about rules, protocols- well to a certain extent. At least there were no reporters and flash bulbs.

At 16 Uday was not lanky anymore. He was filling out. His body was toned from the constant activity of the various sports he was obliged, to participate in, yet thoroghly enjoyed. His hair was a little longer, shaggy and came into his eyes. His father had told him that a haircut was a must. But in England he had gotten away with it, as it was a little colder, and the style was different. He doubted he could get away with it here for that long. Especially in weather like this. The young Prince had an affinity for brands. Not bold and obvious, but more subdued and subtle; today he was clad in a white St. John's Polo, with cream khaki pants, his loafers were some custom Italian brand, his sunglasses were aviator Ray Bans and his watch a platinum Rolex- a 16th birthday gift from his father- .  He had grown into his face as well. What was once round and cute had shaped out and had transformed into angular and handsome. He wouldn't have noticed, until numerous females had started too.  He had an easy smile, which could be used for multiple purposes. It could be charming, conniving, attentive, and authoritative- even menacing.  At the moment though, it was genuinely pleased. Not only to be home, but for the beauty running towards him.

She was lanky, and had to grow into her height.  Long black hair flew behind her as she ran down the palace stairs. She was dressed for the weather in black dress shorts and a pink polo shirt. Even while running she held the air of a young Princess; graceful and elegant. He met her half way and at the last step caught her as she jumped into his arms. Unnati.

Unnati: Dada! It's so good to see you!

He wondered how she could see him, as her eyes were shut tight as she hugged him. He smiled and gently held her away, to take a look at his baby sister. She wasn't a baby anymore. It had to have been a year since he last saw her.  At eleven Unnati was a beauty, just like their mother, glowing skin, radiant smile, and happy eyes. She smiled at him, glad to see her brother after they had spent a year at two separate boarding schoolings in England. His was one made to shape Princes, her to sculpt Princesses. Yes they spoke on the phone, and exchanged letters, but father would always take Uday on Business trips during Spring and Winter Breaks, leaving Unnati alone with the help.

Uday: Wow Choti! Look at you! You almost reach my shoulders!

Unnati: And look at you Dada! Absolute Hero entry I should add!

He smiled and glanced back at his motorcycle. The black machine gleamed in the sun.

Uday: Well, even a prince can have a Hero Entry once and a while Choti!

Unnati smiled at her older brother. He always made time for her, and didn't find her to be annoying as her friends stated their brothers often found them. Maybe it was because she seldom saw him, or that fact that he sincerely wanted to spend time with her. With Uday, it was easy to forget the press, the expectations, the rules and the responsibilities which weighed down on their young shoulders. On a day like today, they felt like siblings who were finally seeing each other after a year apart. Not a Prince and Princesses. Just Uday and Unnati; these moments never lasted long enough. And each year she saw her brother change a little, a little less like Uday and a little more like Yuvraj Udayveer Singh. It was expected, but bittersweet nonetheless.

Unnati: So Dada, what's say; Care to take your baby sister for a spin?

Uday looked back at his new bike, and back at Unnati, smiling he pulled her forward, and pulled out the only helmet and placed it on her precious head. He unfolded his aviator glasses and placed them on the bridge of his nose.

Uday: Let's go Choti, I'll show you what it feels like to fly.

Together they sailed off out of the palace gates and into secluded drive and down into the main street. The sun beat down on their back and the slight breeze was stronger when moving against it, and Uday was right, it did feel like flying. Flying away from the life they lived into a fast, anonymous and free one. It was still temporary but still refreshing.

They both gave up trying to talk over the noise and speed, just happy to see each again. Heading back to the palace Uday took a turn and was suddenly hit by a car. Before the thought of injury or death these thoughts were rolling through their minds: What will the public and media make of this story? Will this be seen as a shortcoming? Will Father be disappointed? As their various thoughts ran through their minds the Motorcycle fell as did the siblings. All thoughts disappeared for a moment

The owner of the vehicle quickly disembarked and was shocked as to who he had hit. He quickly attempted to right the princess, but Udayveer was faster. He quickly rose and pushed off the bike, Unnati's right arm had been stuck under the bike, and her left Uday had rolled onto. Like any young girl she wanted to cry, but for some reason looking at all of the people around her she turned on the princess switch and composed herself. Uday meanwhile was frantic inside, worried he had killed his baby sister. But he too had turned on the switch. He was calm and composed in front of the Camera's which had just shown up, and gently held Unnati up and was thinking of how to get them out of there are Unnati to a Doctor. To the naked eye Unnati seemed alright, but Uday could see her pain as she held her left arm. Both were swelling up, but the left seemed to be getting red. Word must have reached out that the royal Siblings had gotten into an accident. Everyone was too timid to bother to help: How does one assist royalty? Instead they stood from the sidelines murmuring. To the right of them a royal Vehicle came to an abrupt stop and the Palace help came out and took the siblings inside to drive them back to the palace.

Laying her head on her older brother's shoulder Unnati let silent tears of pain and anger fall from her eyes.  Uday held her gently and tried to sooth his young sister.

Unnati: Dada, you were right it was like flying. Too bad our wings always get clipped

She was right; their wings were always, always clipped.


Unnati's left arm was broken in three places, her right was severely swollen and bruised, the Doctor had stated if it had not been for the Helmet Uday had placed on her head, she could have encountered a much more severe head injury. Uday had come home with cuts, bruises, and a sprained ankle; if not a bruised ego. He had failed to protect his sister- if anything he had put her in harm's way. This over weighing sense of responsibility was constant and seemed to grow larger with whichever error- big or small- he seemed to make. And their father never failed to remind him of it.

Uday was called into his Father's study; the King did not drop by to visit: one should visit the King. The study was large, and smelt like aired out cigars. The oak furnishings were the finest and gleamed in the evening sunset. Bookshelves were lined with classics and contemporary pieces, and portraits of the past Kings in the Royal family aligned the Left wall; large bay windows over the right. There in the center of the room sat King Giriraj His once thick hair had all but disappeared. Only a sparse amount framed his head. Eyes had gotten older and glasses framed his face, but his presence was still the same: Overbearing. At the open door, Uday knocked. His father looked up, and placed down the pen he had been writing with, and gestured is son in. Udayveer closed the door.

The walk which he had made a thousand times across the threshold to the desk was taxiing, his ankle wanted him to take a shorter stride and ease up on the foot. But he dared not. No Prince should limp to his sentencing.  Once he reached the desk he stood silently behind the dark leather chair, waiting for his father to speak.

Giriraj: Sit down Uday, we need to talk.

Uday silently nodded and sat down, looking his father directly in the eye.

Giriraj: Uday, today I can say that you will one day make a fine King.

Uday was surprised to see his father's reaction: he had been expecting a lecture, disappointment, more expectations.

Giriraj: You handled the situation with composure, dignity and strength.

He gestured towards the TV on the left, and turned on the screen.

The tape showed Uday quickly moving the bike, righting his sister, smiling at the crowed, and thanking the individuals righting his bike. Just as swiftly he was shown taking his sister into the royal car, and that was the end. To anyone else the series of events would be meaningless, but Uday understood what his father was saying: You didn't let them get anything out of it- you had the control, even when it was beyond your reach.

Giriraj: Uday beta, the older you get the harder people want you to fall, the more drama they want to see from the Royals. You go from a Media snack to their Bread and Butter.

Uday: Yes father, I understand.

Giriraj: Then you will also understand that although you handled the situation well, you won't be getting your Bike back, or ever taking Unnati on it.

Uday nodded as Giriraj stood up, and paced around to the window where the sun was setting into the horizon.

Giriraj: Uday, I understand you want to give her a sense of normalcy, but you need to understand it is simply not possible. Not only that, but you two are being raised with different purposes in mind. You understand that. Unnati should not be on excursions such as this one, it is not suited for her title, and her gender.

Uday felt a lump rise in his throat, here he had been worried that his father would be angry over Unnati getting hurt because of him, but it wasn't even Unnati's injury their father was worried about, it was that the situation was no befitting a princess! Uday clenched and unclenched his fists, and took a shallow breath, standing up he looked at his father and spoke calmly.

Uday: Yes father, I understand; from this day forward I will ensure that my actions do not come into conflict with our respective titles.

Giriraj looked at his son and nodded.

Giriraj: Alright Uday, I guess it's been a long day then; get some rest and I'll see you in the morning.

And with that Uday was dismissed from his hearing, the Judge, and Jury had relayed their verdict: You be the Prince, and let your sister be the Princess Udayveer.

With that obvious dismissal Uday walked out of the office and closed the large oak door behind him. He glanced up and down the halls he had been so excited to see only this morning. It was the same as it had always been. Cream coloured marble floors, elegant crystal lights and chandeliers, and Royal Oak trimmings where necessary. The curtains and their colours changed, the paint on the walls as well to reflect the trend of the year, but this had always been home. When did it start feeling like a detention center? Every time he returned from school it felt as if there was some evaluation or test he was to pass or fail. As if there were a measuring stick taking note of his accomplishments, and shortcomings. It would have been intimidating; but Yuvraj Udayveer was not so easily intimidated.

Sighing, the teenage prince walked towards his room, but stopped near the open door to his left. Dark oak door opened towards a simple and elegant room. Cream walls covered with black and white photographs, a fireplace with a conversation set and large bay windows behind the bed which held white sheets with a mountain of black and white pillows. There in the middle sat the princess of this oasis. Unnati. Her left arm was engulfed in a huge cast, from shoulder to knuckles; her right was bandaged and was lying in a tray of ice. He would have laughed at the odd sight if he didn't feel so guilty about it. She was laying on the pillows staring up at the opulent ceiling in deep thought. He knocked before he entered.

She glanced up and gave him one of her magnificent smiles.

Unnati: Dada! Come in! Come in! Why are you standing there?!

Uday: Well, you're older now, and apparently girls your age get very temperamental about their space.

She smiled at his comparison and watched as he crossed the room towards the bed and sat down on her left side. Looking at him as he observed her arm, her smile fell.

Unnati: I'm sorry Dada. I'.I shouldn't have asked you to take me. And now, because of me we won't be able to do much this summer.

Uday was shocked to see his sister looking so guilty- it hadn't been her fault, let alone her responsibility. He was older, he should have known better.  Silently he reached up and touched her face.

Uday: Hey Choti, don't ever blame yourself for my stupidity. And who said we can't do anything this summer? We can do a lot!

She laughed at his attempt to lighten the mood, and glanced down at her arms; slowly she lifted the right and snorted.

Unnati: Yeah right! Like what? Paint our nails?!

He was about to laugh at her joke, but a sense of familiarity dawned on him. He couldn't really stop himself and an odd sense of dj vu as he said,

Uday: Why not? Let's do it.

He got up and walked towards the dark oak vanity. It was neat and organized just like his sister. Opening the first drawer he found a bunch of chocolate bars, the second held accessories, the third hair clips and ties, the fourth had what he was looking for. The nail polish. It was organized by color in neat rows, the lighter shades at the front, darker ones in the back and sparkling ones at the sides.

Uday: What color will it be Choti? Pink, Red, that blue in there?

Unnati laughed at his surprise. Yes, she wouldn't wear the blue outside in public- not very princessey. But sometimes when she was board she liked painting on a wacky color inside her room. It was like a Minnie rebellion.

Unnati: Blue! With Sparkles Dada!

Obliging the young princess Uday pulled out a midnight blue with gold and silver sparkles for Unnati...and a few chocolate bars for himself.

As the night tucked in the palace for the night, the teenage prince sat with his younger sister eating Cadbury chocolate, painting her nails- albeit he did a terrible job, but that didn't matter- and talking the night away. They watched DDLJ- Unnati's favorite of course- and ordered popcorn and sodas. The night went on and Uday felt Unnati fall asleep beside him. Looking down at his sister he silently remembered a time like this which seemed so far away now. The memory was hazy but clearing up, and had this not happened, who knows where it would have gone. Manyata and the pink sparkles; smiling at his childish memory, he tucked in his sister for the night and closed the door behind him.

Manyata. He had almost forgotten about her.


Uday looked at Manyata and evaded further questioning by giving him his signature grin. Sure, he liked her enough, but that didn't mean he was going to go tell her his life story. At least not yet. Seeing his cocky grin Manyata put up her walls, and pulled her hands free of his.

Manyata: Baas! Bhoth nail filing hogi.

Uday amused by her attitude pulled her hands back into his.

Uday: Yeh Kya Princess? Humne ethni mahnath ki, aur koi thank you nahi?

Manyata: thank you daygi meri jooti! Maine Kaha tha karni ko?

Uday: Tsk, tsk, tsk princess. That's not very nice.

He smirked as he walked to the desk to ring the bell; the manager came back out.

Manager: Yes sir?

Uday: Paint the Rajkumari's nails please.

Nodding the Manager went and got a different technician, and for the first time in her adult life Manyata had a Manicure.

Her hands definitely felt different as she stared at them in the car. They were soft, and smooth, the nails were short, but squared and painted a light pink color and held a glossy coat on top. They felt alien, but nice. Uday hadn't spoken a word to her since they had come back into the car- it was nice, just sitting there in silence, one the cool air from the AC, and the steady hum of the engine between them. She rested her head on the window and looked out at the world through a different lens. On her right a bus filled with people drove by, hadn't it just been a few weeks ago when it was her packed in there? It felt so odd sitting in a car with no hustle and bustle and plenty of room to move. It felt so wrong to have this comfort when others who deserved it were sweating away in that bus. Old ladies, young babies, woman months into their pregnancies; she felt guilty, yet helpless. Passing by she saw a man stopped by his motorcycle, and she remembered Akash, and their moments on the bike, she would have done anything to go switch this car for that bike. Anything. And yet here she was, stuck in this car with this self-entitled jerk. To her embarrassment her stomach rumbled, causing Uday to look in her direction and smile. He hand those large sunglasses on, so she couldn't tell what they were reading, but she would bet money that they were amused.

Uday: Lar lar kye aap ko bhook lagi Princess?

Manyata: Hain, abb therey tukrey kar kye, masala laga  kye, fry kar kye pakoorey banau kya?

Uday laughed: Tukrey karnay ki kya sarurat Manyata?  aap tho humme vasay he kah jayain tho maza ajaye.

 She pointed her freshly manicured finger in his arm as he drove on ward, and he would take his eyes off the road every few moments as she went on her tirade.

Manyata: Tu apne aap ko samajtha kya hai! Jab bhi dekho tho bak bak bak bak bak bak bak kartha rahtha hai! Tum muhjai akala kuyin nahi chor dethay!

At the red light he suddenly grabbed that same hand  and spoke back.

Uday: Ethne saloo bath hum aapse milay hain Manyata, abb ethne jaldee nain hum aap ko akala choraingay.

He held on to her hand, but she didn't make it easy for him as she struggled through the trip; finally as they pulled into his Hotel, he shifted into park and pulled down his sunglasses Uday looked intently at her.

Manyata: Aab Kya! Haath Chor mera! Kutha Kamina, Halkat Verda!

Uday: Kahsmanu Khanaya bhi.

Manyata: Hain! Vo Bhi!

Uday: Manyata, hum apke Bak bak bak bak bak bak bak se tho nahi tukh the hain. Ab, puri Zindagii saath bithani hain tho adaat tho dalni hogi na Princess?

With that Uday let go of her hand and slid out of the car. Like a gentleman he opened her door and held out his hand to help her out. She obviously refused and stepped out on her own. She recognized his Hotel and felt a pang of sadness at what should have been a night where she made memories with Akash. Instead all she could remember was her encounter with Udayveer. She felt a little odd coming back to the same place with him.

Manyata: Abb yahan kya Karna hain? Baal Cutting?

Uday: Nahi princess, tumari Hair cut hogi, lekin aag nahi. Baby steps Manyata Baby steps.

Manyata: Baby hogi theri... Jai Nandini.

Uday: Tsk, tsk, tsk Princess, J tho humari honay wali Sali hain. Ghar wali tho aap he rayhen gi. Hain Nahi Tho.

Manyata: Teri Hain Nahi tho Main Nikaloo gi Udayveer!

Uday: App Humara kutch bhi, khabbi bi nikal sug thi hain Manyata. Filhal hume lunch karnay ayain hai.

At the sound of lunch Manyata's stomach rumbled on que shaking her head she fell into step beside him and walked to the pool side cabana where they would be eating lunch. She felt odd walking into the secluded area where the foliage and trees hid them from the other diners. The table was set with various snacks. Manyata's stomach noticed the food immediately. To her surprise Uday pulled out her chair for her. She found it odd, but had noticed this was the norm with Hi-Fi people. As if girls were incapable of figuring out how to sit down!

Sitting down they read their menus, and everything on the list was a bit forigen to Manyata. Uday noticed the look of confusion on her face.

Uday: Kya khana hai princess?

Manyata: Yeh kya angrezo vali cheezya rahki hain tum logo nai! Idly, Dosa, samosa...yeh kaha per hain? Yah Shole Bhaturey?!

Uday: Koi nahi cheez try karo Princess...Pizza?

Manyata: Pizza? Vo konsi nahi cheez hai! Vo Italian Log ethni barso se kahre hai pizzas!

Uday just shook his head and sighned.

Uday: Manyata, Hume apse humasha lardne ki nahi koshish karthe hain. Sometimes, I'm just asking you something.

Manyata: Fine! Pizza then. Koi sense of humor nahi hai!

Exasperated Uday signaled the waiter over. He ordered his chicken burger, and she her pizza with mirchi's on the side.

Uday: Tum mai kya kum mirch hai?

Manyata: Hain, thum ho na agg bhujana ki liya; that's why I'm taking the risk.

Uday took her hands as they waited for the food, Manyata of course gave him a death stare as he did so.

Uday: Good idea Princess. Where's the fire?

She fumed and pulled her hands away and stared into the deep pool. It seemed odd that only a few weeks ago she had met Uday by the sea, and their encounter had been so negative and volatile. And now, here she sat by a pool with the same man near calmer water, but the storm was still there. It was funny how life worked.

Their food came and they ate in quite, Manyata smiled at her meal. It was a medium pizza with a thick crust, piled with numerous veggies and a generous topping of Mozzarella melted on. Uday took one of her slices and she swatted his hand away.

Manyata with her mouth full: Mine.

Uday just took the piece anyways.

Uday: Jo thumara, vo humara.

Manyata not to be out done took a fist full of his French fries.

Manyata: Bilkul Romeo. Jo thumara, vo humara.

Uday smiled, she must have forgotten there was more than just food between them. In theory anyways.

She was deep in thought while eating- Why was he being nice? Why was he always around her? What did he really want? People like him always wanted something? After all, he was the same person who she met at the beach that day...but then at the club...he had changed a little... and now. This was so confusing. After their meal was done Manyata quickly got up, and Uday caught up and grabbed her arm before she got away so soon.

Uday: Aray, what's the rush Manyata? We didn't even have dessert.

Manyata: I know what you're trying to do! Tume kya lagta hai? ki mujha bhar lekya, Khana kilaki, maih tumare batho main aajaungi!

Uday's patience was on a short leash today. For a moment he thought they had made some progress, and yet here she was at every turn defying him, for every step forward there were two steps back with this girl. He grabbed her by the upper arms and bent his head close.

Uday: Manyata, Hume nahi jantay ki aap ko kis baath per gusa ara hai'.

She struggled to get herself free, more angry over the fact that he was the only person who matched her with what she threw, and could send it back faster than she could catch sometimes than him actually holding her.

Manyata: Gusa!? Whenever I turn around you're there! All the freaking time! You never leave me alone! At what point will you understand Udayveer that I just don't care to be around you!?

Her words should have wounded him, but they flew right by- at least for now. She had managed to get free and was walking around

Uday: Princess where the hell is the fire? Where are you running off too?

This time when he grabbed her arm, Manyata didn't think, she acted.


I don't know what the hell has gotten into her, one second we were enjoying a meal- sure there was some banter, some words exchanged; but that's to be expected from us. I ate a slice of her pizza, but that isn't enough for her to go storming off moments later? I'm trying to talk to her, for once I actually just want to know what on earth is going on in her head. Why is she mad now?

Manyata: Gusa!? Whenever I turn around you're there! All the freaking time! You never leave me alone! At what point will you understand Udayveer that I just don't care to be around you!?

That caught me by surprise enough to loosen my grip for a millisecond- No one needs you to care princess. Not everything is about what you want.

I stalk after her, she was walking around the pool with a purpose in mind: to leave.

Princess, where the hell is the fire? Where are you running off too?

I say as I finally take a hold of her arm. I should have seen it coming sooner, and if I had I could have avoided it. Instead of letting her just push, I let her push while I pulled.

Together we went flying into the deep blue pool.

Well, I'll be damned. She really got me. But the thing is, I still got her too.


I hope you all enjoyed this part; As always I must apologize for the terrible Hindi. If someone wants to point out the errors and give the corrections I'll fix them up!LOL

Also, Please do comment to let me know not only what you liked or loved, but what you disliked. I know I write a little slow (in the sense of pace) but that's something I'm working on!Embarrassed

Finally, you may have noticed that the frequency of the updates is not as fast as before; well that's because my course load this semester is a little much, and I can only garentee one update per week- length unknown- and none during exams. My apologies!




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