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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 113)

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Recap: Viva La Italia!

Part 23

2 Days Later

The Oxford Ball

The Oxford ball was everything that anyone could dream of. The rich, the famous, and the royal came together with one common thread: the School. Whether it be from the Suburbs of London, or the Parries of Canada to the palaces in India- these alumni were from everywhere, from every background and had paved their way into the world and were leaving their marks. Friendships were made for a life time, and enemies were forged for the same duration. It seemed that behind this glamorous faade there was a layer of political factors so deep that an outsider would never understand. There were alliances, motives, resentments which were all covered up with jewels, smiles, handshakes and champagne.

Families were milling about in the great ballroom, before the dinner started, with an auction at the side, then finally the great ballroom would open up again for a dance segment.  Guests were streaming in, and that's when he finally saw her.

He had been waiting for a while beside his sister who had come with their father. In a black tux, hair tamed back, and flute of champagne in hand he looked board as he spoke to an ambassador from India. Without even the slightest pretense of manners, he took his gaze away from the conversation at hand and looked towards the doors. No one had called out their name, or announced their presence, but he knew she was here. It was this sensation which always shook him to his bones. Turning around, that's when he saw her.  She too sparkled, but there was this air of distain towards this level of audacious flaunting of wealth. Even within a room full of the wealthy she was still the people's princess. The up and coming designer she had decided to wear instead of Vera, Hugo, and Armani was a testament to the fact that she believed in looking towards talent outside of the regular realm of elitists that these wealthy people were used to. The gown was cream silk and tulle which flared out at her hips and sat out at her feet. The bodice was tight, pushing up her chest and framing her figure. It had made her uncomfortable but her sister had insisted it looked good. Succumbing to peer pressure she had opted for the strapless gown, with the gaudy glitter which somehow managed to look subdued and simple on her. Her hair was a stark contrast to all of the updoes which the various women where using, instead it was taken all to the left side, set in curls looking book exotic and utterly chaotic at the same time. Simple pearls rested at her ears, her neck was bare, and utterly tantalizing.

She held onto her gown as she took the steps down to the great hall, and that was when she noticed the silence.

He handed off his glass to the waiter, as he made his way towards her, across the ballroom. People made way, and started to murmur. Finally they were setting eyes on the couple whose story had enchanted not only India, but the world. The couple which had fought destiny to find each other, whose love story was simply the beginning of every fantasy. The playboy prince who had broken every heart at Oxford had finally been brought down to his knees by the princess of his fate.

She meet him at the end of the Staircase, letting go of her father's arm which was looped through hers, she placed her hand in his, and felt a her body set on fire at the touch of his warm lips reaching her knuckles.

Uday: Welcome Princess Manyata.

Manyata: Sorry to keep you waiting.

Uday: I've waited my whole life, what's a few more hours?

People had started to go back to their business, so she didn't hesitate when she stomped her foot onto his.

Uday: Ouch!

Manyata: You've been abused before, what's a few more?

Uday: Touch Princess, Touch.

They made their way to person to person- all impressed and utterly enchanted by the couple- they commented on their looks, their relationship- the upcoming nuptials. All of these were brought up by others- never by Manyata or Uday. He could feel her nervousness beside him, she was stiff, and worried. He could sense the doubt seeping into her skin, and he would do his best to sooth her.

Uday: It's not that bad

He whispered to her as they made their way to the next couple.

Manyata: It is! All she could talk about her dog gaining weight from the imported beef! There are people dying of Starvation Uday!

Uday: I know. Play nice.

Manyata: It's hard! You'd think all these smart students from Oxford would stop marrying bimbos

Uday: Hey, I'm doing my part by..

Manyata: Please not now.

She looked stricken as she held  his hands in hers.

Manyata: I really can't banter with you right now Uday.

Uday: Why?

Manyata: I'm so nervous.

Her eyes looked around, and he didn't have to look to notice what she was seeing.

There were whispers, murmurs and glances. She was being judged, weighted and valued. It was worse than anything she could have experienced in the last 10 months of becoming a princess.

Uday: Let's give them something to talk about.

It was brief, and couldn't even be counted as a kiss. A mere touch of lips, fleeting really, but it soothed her, calmed her, and told her he was there. The rest of the rounds were made hand in hand, as she had given up the pretense of looping her arm through his. Somehow she managed to loosen up, even laugh and smile- Uday made it easy. He was able to recall funny stories, or common likes or dislikes. It was like riding a bicycle and soon enough she gained the confidence she needed to start mingling.

It lasted well enough, until the Randhawa's. Uday had known they would be there, and like any diplomat he would not evade confrontation- it was something which would be done, in public with a smile. Although, Aman Randhawa had an acute dislike for Uday he would not publically stoop so low as to throw his drink in the smug man's face. Although he had the urge to do so.

The pain this boy had caused to his only child was beyond belief. No father should have to watch his daughter deteriorate. Cry herself to sleep, have so much pain that death seemed to be the only escape at times.

Aman: Mina Puthar, please eat. Please. Apne Papaji lay.

Mina: No, papaji. I can't. Leave me alone.

Aman: Why are you crying over him puthar! He's not worth it! Let him rot.

Mina: I can't cry for him anymore papaji, but I can cry for myself, and the shame I've caused.


He had shook his head and left, leaving the untouched pasta in her room. The next morning was when the maid had found her, wrists slit laying in her bed. He recalled running to her ream upon hearing the maid's screams, seeing his precious baby laying in her pool of blood unconscious. He had never asked anything from god. He had forgotten there was such a presence after his wife had left him with a newborn crying in his arms. God had done that. But, after 21 years, he begged. He screamed, he prayed for anything, anything that would make sure his little girl was ok.


She had been. She had been saved. And given a new beginning. After that, he found his path back to God, the Gurdwara which had been a foreign place, soon became his home. His daughter was his again, but he would never forget the face of the man who had taken her to that place.

Aman: Yuvraj Udayveer Singh.

Uday: Mr. Randhawa

The two stood apart, neither making the attempt to shake hands. Both could feel the gazes moving towards them: The feature film was about to start.

Uday: How are you sir.

Aman: Better then you son. Caught herpes yet?

Uday: Not  yet.

Aman: Good. Nasty disease I've heard.

Uday: Hmm. You would have.

Manyata looked outraged at Uday, but Aman Randhawa didn't flinch.

Aman: It's alright. This boy never had an ounce of respect in him anyways

Now, Manyata felt outrage towards this stranger.

Uday: Manyata, meet Mina's father- Industrialist Amandeep Randhawa, from the farms of Punjab to the palaces of England. He's been here for over 40 years, and is one of the most influential NRI's in the world.

Uday: Pleased to meet you.

Aman: You as well love.

She wanted to scream "I'm not your love you asshole" but smiled in response.

Mina: I hope you're playing nice Papaji.

Aman: Always puthar, always.

They looked towards the unmistakable noise and found her. It had been months since the Fiasco at the club, but she looked just as confident then as she did now. The tears and hysteria were gone, instead her long straight hair ran down her back in a water fall, the blunt straight cut bangs framed her blue eyes. She knew how to dress to her advantage, and the ice blue Armani gown did just that. It hugged her curves and flowed down like a water fall, just touching the floor. The long slit went to her mid-thigh, and 4 inch jimmy choo's brought her up to Manyata's height.  To Aman's surprise his daughter extended her hand and shook it with Manyata.

Mina: Pleasure Manyata. Hope you've been enjoying England.

Beneath the silver and blue beads of her accessories, Manyata could see the scar of Mina's attempted suicide, and it always reminded her that she could never dislike a woman who had been in so much pain.

Manyata: It's beautiful. I can see why you love it here.

Mina: That and among other things.

Manyata: Yes.

Mina turned towards Uday, indifference was forged but beneath the faade, hatred was obvious.

Mina: UV. How are you.

Uday: Good. And you?

Mina: The Level went down seeing your face, but I'm alive.

Aman: I think our pleasantries are over. That's enough of a show.

Aman extended his arm towards his daughter and soon they moved forward to speak with the next group of individuals.


Dinner was about to start and the level of discomfort wouldn't leave Manyata. Everything had been going fine until the Randhawa's and all of a sudden she was back in that place of nerves and doubt. She could feel the looks again, and wonder what the whispers were. People started to enter the dining hall, but Manyata escaped towards the Balcony, the cool night breeze woke her up and stopped her from thinking about all of the ongoing drama. What more could she do.

She didn't jump when she felt his hands around her waist, or when his lips touched the scar on her neck. Instead she settled into his warm chest and looked out at the night sky.

These were the moments when she realized she could spend forever with him. The peace, calm, and love she felt was unparamount to anything she could describe.

Manyata: He really dislikes you.

Uday: I'd dislike me too if I was him.

Manyata: You don't mind?

Uday: It's what any self-respecting father would do. I have to give him that much.

Manyata: He's an ass.

Uday: Yeah, he is.

Manyata: How do you stand it Uday?

She turned around in his arms and looked up at him, worry in her eyes.

Manyata: How do you stand the judgment's? The expectations? As if we're here to put on a show for them?

He wanted to push back some hair, but none of it was in her face for once. Instead he settled and put his hand at the nape of her cold neck, running his fingers along her scar.

Uday: Because I know there will always be one person by my side who won't do that.

She looked away then, breaking her gaze and looking at her hands.

Uday: It's you Manyata. You know that, right?

Manyata: I do, but I don't know Uday.

He stepped Away from her and bent down on one knee.

Uday: Manyata. I have everything to offer you. But that's everything you already have- Wealthy, privilege, and a crown. But I'm not offering you any of that. That is something which will always be yours. I'm asking you to give me something.

Manyata: You have all of that too.

Uday: I do. But I want you Manyata.

Manyata: You have me too.

Uday: It's a technicality. I know I have you in a sense. But I want more.

Manyata: Which is?

Uday: I want you to want me as much as I want you.

Manyata: That's a lot of wants.

He frowned at her lack of seriousness. Afterall, he was baring his soul here.

Uday: Can you be serious please?

Manyata: OK. I'll stop. I promise.

He stood up, and pulled out a white box, to her surprise it wasn't a ring. It was a necklace, with a ring looped through.

Uday: This is the ring I was to give to you when we were young. For our betrothal. It won't fit you anymore, but I want you to know I've kept this with me Manyata. It's yours.

He reached out to clasp it around her neck, but she moved.

Manyata: I can't Uday.

Uday: Why?

Manyata: You don't understand do you?

Uday: No. I don't.

Manyata: I…

Uday: Don't love me? You don't love me. That's it, isn't it?

Manyata: No, that's not it.

Uday: then you do love, me?

She breathed out, and held his hands in hers.

Manyata: Uday, I love you, so much. And that's the problem. I don't want to marry you only to fulfill and obligation. I've felt something for you before I was a princess- a tug, a pull a something. And it grew, with time and affection. I think the moment I fell head over heels was when I opened that chest. I fell utterly in love.

Uday: And the problem here is?

Manyata: You're an idiot!

Uday: You're not so smart either!

Manyata: Can't you see! We'll hate each other, we won't have time for each other, things will change- the crown becomes the priority. I don't want to ruin things. I can't risk hating you.

He ran a hand through his hair, and scoffed at her stupidity, ignoring him she started to walk away, but he wouldn't let it happen so easily. Grabbing her arm he pulled her towards him, and turned her around, pinning them towards the balcony.

Uday: I want you Manyata. Whether it be with a crown, or without a crown. Do you want to leave this all? Do you hate it this much? Do you want to be Moniya? Fine. Do that. But you do it with me.

She couldn't breathe, his grip was tight as death, but the words eased that pain.

Uday: I love you Manyata, in rags or in jewels. I've waited for my fiance all these years, I didn't wait for love, but I was blessed enough to find it.

Manyata: You can't mean that.

Uday: Stop it! Manyata, I know what I want. I'm not stupid. Stop trying to tell me what I can and cannot feel. I know this much- I want to spend every night with you, and wake up every morning you. I want to have kids with you, even though kids are annoying as hell. I want to grow old with you. That's all I want. If Jaigard and Devgard come with that, then so be it, but if having you means leaving the rest, then I will do that as well.
In that moment it didn't matter that she couldn't breathe, or he was holding her too tight. All she could do was listen to every word he said. Absorb them, and understand their meaning.

Manyata: Do you really mean that?

Uday: More than anything.

She didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Or jump off the balcony. Here he was telling her that if she was worried about being a royal couple and leaving their titles to simply be alone. He was willing to abdicate. And here she was worrying about not lasting throughout the pressure and expectations.

Tears, tears of frustration poured out of her eyes.

Uday, was never a fan of tears, even when Unnati had cried as a child he had didn't have the courage to bear it. His thumbs brushed away her tears and he did his best not to panic as he attempted to sooth her, but he failed, the panic and worry shone right through his voice.

Uday:  Whats wrong! Is it something I said?  I'm sorry Princess, I take it back, we don't have to leave if you don't want to.

She shook her head, trying to catch her breath to explain.

Uday:  Me, you don't want me…that's it isn't it? Manyata- if that's…if that's what you want- I…I guess.

She still couldn't breathe, so she smacked his arm and held on tight, chilled tears from the night air contrasting to the skin on his warm neck.

Manyata:  You idiot. I love you so much. I can't believe all these stupid thoughts I had in my head. About it not w…working. You'd do all that, and here I am not even willing to try.

Uday:  What do you mean?

She pushed him away and he swore he saw her roll her eyes at him again. Pushing her perfectly manicured finger into his chest, she spoke with the most regal tone she could muster up.

Manyata:  It means Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, that's it's a yes. I want to spend every night with you, wake up with you every morning, have kids together- even though they're annoying, and grow old with you. Does the offer still stand?

He whipped his head back and laughed into the night sky as he lifted her off her feet.

Uday: the offer's been standing for 16 years Princess, 16 years.

Looking down at him, vision cleared and seeing his face in her hands she knew then that there was no other option: Only him, wherever and however- he was the only one that forever was worth spending with.


I'm sure everyone was wondering what the happiness was about, what the silly smile was, and why I looked like I was ontop of the world. But they didn't know, nor would they have noticed. In their eyes Manyata and I have always been a couple, so they probably don't notice the elegant platinum chain nestled between her chest holding a 16 year old tiny ring, nor do they notice the platinum band with diamonds and a mother of pearl which is her engagement ring. It was my moms, when I had told her that she had been left speechless, and worn it with pride. I can't let go of her hand, all throughout dinner I've held her hand underneath he table like some kid at a high school prom. She's done her best to steal it away, but I can't let her. She can eat with her right, here I am attempting to do so with my left. It's amusing to say the least.

Manyata: Excuse me..

Manyata gets up to leave from the table, and I go with her, but she starts to laugh, on her tip toes she reaches up to whisper in my ear.

Manyata: Going to go in with me to the ladies room too Udayveer?

Grinning I whisper back.

Me: Sure, I've heard it's a great place to make out.

She bangs her head against my chest, and sighs.

Manyata: Tum khabbi nahi suduro gay.

Me: Khabbi nahi.

I let go of her hand and take back my seat, it had only been a moment after she had left that I noticed Mina storming off to the rest room as well. Oh shit. Not hesitating I head off in that direction as well. Manyata was already in there, now Mina. I could go in, but it would be a big deal- there are Media personnel here, and if worst comes to worst there is an attendant in there right? I cut my losses and keep guard from the bar to the left, where I can see the door to the ladies room clearly.


Manyata had finished relieving herself in the ladies room stall and was adjusting her dress when the door burst open. From the seam of the stall she noticed Mina, who shoved money into the plam of the assistant who obviously understood the token as to get lost. Expecting a battle, Manyata braced herself to go to war. But was surprised when Mina picked up her phone instead, panicked.

Mina: How is he?

Mina: No! That's not right. He…he was leveling off when I left.

Mina: Has he slept? What has he eaten? No, no.. I'm coming back to the hotel. Forget it. I don't care if it's the Hyatt. They obviously aren't doing a good enough job. Dad will still be here, no one will notice if I'm gone- they'll think I'm sulking or something.

Mina: I'll see you in half an hour. Tell him I love him.

Ungaurded, she looked so young and tired as she hung up the phone. Vulnerable even. Placing her phone on the counter, she whipped off her make up, and tied up her hair in a messy bun, tears were brimming in her eyes as she covered her face, and breathed in deep, and in the smallest voice possible, she did her best to reassure herself.

Mina: It will be OK. He's OK. You've been through worse. You can make it. We can make it. We're stronger than this. 

Bracing her shoulders, she picked up her phone and the Gucci clutch and walked out with her head held high.  Manyata hurried and washed her hands, rushing out behind her. She knew in the pit of her stomach that something was wrong, something was unsettling her. She didn't hate Mina, and there was no love lost but still. She knew something was wrong. The raw hurt in Mina's voice months ago at the hotel when she had been yelling at Uday, had been more then a woman dumped, there was something deeper. Now…watching her unguarded…she wasn't sure, but she was suspicious. She wanted to follow her herself, but she couldn't. not knowing how or where, these streets unknown she wouldn't stand a chance.
Time was too precious to spare, she rushed out of the restroom, and saw Uday looking out towards the doors where Mina was leaving.

He reached her and touched her face gently, concern etched on his face and deep in his voice.

Uday: what did she say to you? Whats wrong?

Manyata: Uday, do you trust me?

Uday: Yes, more than anything.

Manyata: Then we need to leave, please.

Uday: Whats wrong?

Manyata: I..I don't know, but I need to check something.

That was all that he needed, talking her word and concern for it was more than enough, reaching for her hand, they strode towards the Bentley he had driven in with his father and Unnati and took the car from the Valet.

Uday: Where too?

Manyata: The Hyatt.

They were staying at the Fairmont, and he couldn't think of what would be at the Hyatt, other than Mina. He drove in silence taking them to their destination.

The receptionist had been polite when she had asked for Mina Randhawa's phone suite number, and they had been directed to the presidential suite, saying that she was expecting a guest.

They went up, Manyata nervous, and Uday curious, finally reaching the 20th floor, and making it to the door. He knocked. The voice was far away, inside the suite, but clear.

Mina: Come in please! It's open.

They hesitated but came in, their feet hushed on the soft carpet. There was the living room, bar and dining table. To the right an open arch where a large king bed was rumpled, something laying in the middle. A Person. Mina sat, blocking the view, still in her gown she must have only been there for 10 minutes or so. Her voice was soft, and filled with relief.

Mina: Thank god you're here. I've tried our regular doctor, but the idiot is on Vacation. I'm so sorry to call you this late. But…

Her voice dropped as she turned to see who was at the door. There was shock, then surprise, and finally fury. Her voice was low, but it was lethal

Mina: What the hell, are you doing here?

She stormed up, eyes blazing with distain, she looked from Manyata to Uday then back again.

Uday: We, just wanted to check up on you.

Mina: I'm fine. What do you care now Uday? It's been 5 years. I've survived just fine thank you very much.

Manyata: Can we talk Mina?

Mina: Manyata, we can share his sexual secrets some other date. I'm a little busy now. Please excuse me.

Uday: Don't talk to her like that!

Mina: Keep your f**king voice down UV!

Uday: I'll keep my voice down when you stop acting like a bitch!

Mina: I'm the bitch? You and your long lost fiance are trapeezing around my suite like it's some walk in. Get out!

Uday: Fine!

He looked at Manyata and gave her a "I told you so" look. And started to turn around, but Manyata clutched his hand.

Manyata: Look Uday.

He looked, and finally took his gaze away from Mina's furious face, and to the soft green crocodile, which was clutched in her right hand.

He recognized it, and felt his head feel light. Something was stuck in his throat…and it wouldn't come out.

I'm fwor. I'll be Fwive soon.  And this is Gator. He's vwey old. He's my mama's

He had heard that from the little boy, Andy, no less than a week ago. Andy. And Gator. This was defiantly the same Gator.
Uday looked up towards the bed which seemed miles away, and started to take a step towards the room, but Mina blocked him.

Mina: Where are you going?

Uday: To…to…see him.

Mina: Who? You don't know what you're talking about. Leave now!

Uday: No. Who is he? The little boy. Andy.

She panicked, there was a shear look of terror on her face, as if something was being stolen from her, she pushed at him, trying to get him out of the room, but he stood there stone faced peering towards the little one on the bed, covered in sheets with a cool cloth on his forehead.


She pushed and pushed, but  he pushed her aside, she stumbled on her heels but shrieked after him, pulling on his jacket, refusing to let him pass that threshold- Like a Lioness protecting her cub.

Manyata stood there watching it all unfold infront of her, the boy was muttering in his sleep, moving at the sound of the commotion, and was no getting up in the large bed, Mina was pushing Uday, hitting him, trying to get him away- screaming at him.

Mina: Leave me! Leave us! Go away! I don't need you! We don't need you! Leave! Leave!

Tears were clogging her throat but she didn't stop, she couldn't let him see him, then take him. She had worked so hard to put her life back together, it couldn't all fall apart now. Not now.

It was like a whistle through a storm, which made silence ensue.

Andy: Mamaji?

His voice was horse, tired and curious. His black hair was matted with sweat, and his big blue eyes looked out with curiousity towards his mother and the man whose pancakes he had eaten.

Andy: Mither Ooday? What are you doing heres?

He reached for his gator, which was now laying helplessly on the living room floor where his mother had dropped him.

Even from a distance Manyata could see the similiarities between father and son. The smile. They had the same charming smile which took root in your heart and never went away, the same thick, dark, course hair which was both enchanting and a hassle to deal with. There was no doubt that this was the secret, the reason for Mina to live. It wasn't just an it…it was a he. Her son. Uday's son. Uday could see it now…the similarities which he would never have bothered to look for before- he had dismissed the child's blue eyes and pale skin as him being white. But that was Mina's skin, and Mina's eyes. He had Mina's nose.

The silence was deafening, its screams tore at their ears, the accusaations were thrown between the two of them through their eyes, with the innocent child looking confused. He looked around and grinned when he spotted Manyata from afar, still too far away to notice the tears streaming down her face.

Andy: Manaya! Miss Manaya! You're here too!

She attempted a feeble smile, and picked up the gator, and came to give it to him. But Mina's eyes stopped her. Still utterly protective, she snatched the stuffed gator and gently gave it to her son. Murmuring in his ear, and soothing him back to bed.

Mina: Baby, let's go to sleep now.

Andy: But I wants to play mamaji!

Mina: No baby. You're sick. Tommorow. I promise.

Andy: Will you play with me mama?

Mina: Yes, I promise.

Andy: you promiseded today but you gots busy. I had to play with Mary. Mary makes me clean up.

Mina gave a light laugh and patted down his sweaty hair, while feeling his temperature- his fever had broken. Thank god.

Mina: Only your toys. That's your only job. I'll play with you tomorrow. Now sleep.

He was tired and sleep was within his reach, his words were soft but loud in the silent room.

Andy: I ated OOday's pancakes mama, he's nice. And Miss Manaya is nice too. I'll play with them tomorrow. And Gator. I loves Gator.



There is nothing that can explain the rage I'm feeling. Nothing. It's this dark matter which is pouring into every pore of my being, its seeping into my veins and slowing down the flow of blood. I see red. I can't see anything but Mina, I can't see anything but her neck which I want to wring. How could she do this to me? How could she be so selfish? I must be breathing steam, because a cold hand squeezes mine, it's Manyata. And suddenly the red seeps away, and I see her. She looks sad. Sad for me. Sad for Mina. Sad for Andy. Is my son seriously named Andy? Shoot me now.

Mina gets up and walks away from him, and points towards a closed room on the other side, she walks through the door, then Manyata, and finally me, I do my best not to slam it. It took every ounce of control I had left.

Me: Did you just forget to mention I had a son?

She has the audacity to look outraged, and glares at me.

Mina: Correction, I have a son.

That's it. The bitch is going down. I can't stop myself as I reach for her neck and push her up against the wall, Manyata is trying to stop me, but she can't. Mina doesn't seem surprised.

Me: You vindictive little bitch. My son. My blood.

Mina: Blood you never bothered to pick up the phone for.

I loosen my grip, and she looks at me, pleased as hell.

Mina: Months Uday. I called you for two months after we broke up because I was pregnant. And scared as hell. So  scared. 21, East indian Girl- rich or poor doesn't matter- but unmarried and pregnant. I didn't know how I could tell my dad. I was so ashamed. I did my part, you couldn't be bothered to pick up the phone as you were busy f**king everything in a skirt.

Rage ate me up inside as I pushed a vase off a shelf and yelled at her.


[b]Manyata: Uday, quite. Please.

Me: How can I be quite Manyata…when I have a four year old I just met a week ago by accident. Whose name I don't even know.

Mina: It's Aditya Veer Randhawa

I can't f**king believe this shit.


Mina: He's my son.

Me: He is MY son.

Mina: You don't even know him!

Me: All thanks to you!

She looks at me with such a level of disgust that I can't even begin to decipher it.

Mina: I did the right thing Uday. You weren't ready, and I highly doubt you ever will be. Leave my child alone. Go have your own.

I snicker as I look at her.

Me: I take what is mine Mina. Remember that.



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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:15pm | IP Logged
Oh, ok. Take your time! Now i want to sleep but too excited to do so! FINALLY u are updating! Eeepppsss...!

Either mina is pregnant or manyata refuses to marry uv! Just my predictions :p

no, i m not a stalker.
reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 5:22pm | IP Logged
Manyata's Oxford Ball Gown

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-JEHAN- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 6:06pm | IP Logged
u r updating yeahhh...Dancing
i am waiting to read ur update...

xxDaydreameRxx Goldie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:06pm | IP Logged
Your updating!!! Big smile
Alright cant wait! I am probably gonna stay up for thsi one Big smile
muskan99 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 July 2012 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
SmileCAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!  Tongue 

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 12:01am | IP Logged

Night! Updated on page 115- parts 21, 22, 23.

Please keep in mind that it was typed as ONE update, but due to the length (26 pages on Microsoft Word) I had to spilt it in three; the breaks are natural, but you might like one part more than the other, but read them as one.

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Anhdara13 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 July 2012 at 3:09am | IP Logged
nooo, I seriously hope this doesn't wreck where Uday Manyata are now because they're at such a good place. I hope Uday doesn't do anything stupid. Ugh. Also, poor Jai! I am loving the UnnatiManyataJai friendship though, and really loving Manyata and Jai's relationship.

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