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The Udayveer Chronicles| NEW UPDATE|PART 26 PAGE 137 (Page 103)

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Originally posted by reeha...k

On that note, since you guys are reading it right now I'll ask this question:
What do you think about Mina? What are your feelings and thoughts about her? Do you like her? Hate her? Empathize with her or sympathize with her? Do you get where she's coming from? Or not? Is she likable/ hatable/ understandable?

I created her with a purpose and she will be back; villainous or something else, what do you guys think? What do you see when you think of her?

Reeha, honestly i find this current mina, very much similar to j(in JNC's). she is doing all this for revenge and i can understand the gravity of her thoughts. she must have been suffered through a lot.
she is understandable character. i emphasize with her. But she knows that UV is engaged and he hasn't made any such commitment so i also understand UV. Basically both are right in their places. UV's upbringing had turned him into heartless human being and of course he don't know their is something beyond words . he don't know why a girl is driven crazy for him. he doesn't have heart then so he don't know the meaning of pain through which mina was suffering. manyata in true sense bring out human within UV. she is being light to dark UV.
Reeha , please don't turn mina into full blown vamp. She is not bad but she doesn't know how to move on just like j. she deserves a happy ending.

reeha update ASAP. waiting very eagerly. 
this is the best ff and i love it even mopre than JNC's .
waiting for a blockbusting twist now, try to move on to introduce something like that fast

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Recap: The Past is an Ugly thing
Part 20

When I had first seen her, I was surprised, shocked and suspicious. Jai, had not stepped foot in my hotel in a few months, at least and here she was standing in the lobby looking out towards the doors. She's dressed in something typically trendy, western and modern. Her hair is wet. She's here meeting someone obviously, but why my hotel? Is this something I should be worried about? She's still looking and I follow her gaze towards the door. I see Manyata speaking to Yash, and instantly my mind goes into the defensive. She's going after Manyata. Planning something. I feel so angry, and I swear if she wasn't a girl I would have punched her out by now. What part of I don't want her does she not understand? What part of Manyata wanting to be her sister and friend is she failing to notice? I take a step towards her to tell her off, right when she turns towards me, the look on her face is shear surprise, but then again, she is definitely good at acting. I'm not amused.

I crossing my arms across my chest and tilt my head to the side, wondering what the hell I'm going to do with this girl.

Me: What are you doing here?

She doesn't look guilty or as if she were caught planning something, instead she confidently crosses her arms and looks me directly in the eye without flinching.

J: It's a hotel Uday. I came here to meet a friend.

I don't believe her.

Me: Really? Have any of those left?

Her attitude had always obtained more followers than friends. I still remember her wanabees K and L and simply grin. I don't think Jai has ever had a friend, its both sad and telling at the same time.

She smiles at me darkly, obviously not amused.

J: Of course Uday. Tons of those. Do you have any left or are you too busy holding Jeeji's purse?

I flinch a little. I hadn't seen my friends in months, and then finally yesterday at the club. It had been a long time, but I did have them at least. Vik, D.C and Karan were still my best buddies. And I had just found Yash. I had friends.

Shaking my head I walk towards Manyata and Yash, leaving her bitter self behind. I remember when I loved Jai. I did. Truly, like I loved Unnati. She was the same age, and I had grown up with her. There was never an attraction towards her, even though Jai has always used her beauty to her advantage. It felt so wrong when I had been asked to Marry her, it had felt wrong to seduce her, play on her emotions- and I won't lie, not because I felt guilty about hurting her feelings: More so because I felt disgusted with myself. I could never feel anything more than a platonic feeling with Jai than anything physical, emotional or raw. She was too much like a sister. Manyata, I have no sisterly feelings for. At all.

Shaking off this feeling I walk towards the car which the valet has brought up to the front of the door, an old bike, which seems familiar is resting near door. It's clashing with the hotel's decor. I call out to the doorman.

Me: What's this doing here Raju?

Me: Sir, it's a Madams and we're waiting for her to come down.

Yash turns and looks at me- Armani suits him, don't know why he's always in sweat pants.

Yash: It's OK Uday. You hotel isn't going to fall apart because of some bike. It's my friends.

He looks back at the hotel lobby and no one is there, obviously his friend hasn't come down yet.

I'm curious about who this friend might have been, obviously a woman, who was spending time with him. Who was probably up in his room right now. Interesting. Yash had a girl.

He walks up to the door man, pulls out some money and gives the doorman some instructions.

Yash: Her name is Nandini, and make sure you give her the bike, alright?

Raju, of course agrees.

I can't help but feel like I'm 16 and in a school yard, and tease him.

Me: Oh Ho, Nandini Huh? Yash my man, you sound a little awestruck.

He shows me his middle finger and grimaces when he notices Manyata is here too.

Yash: Up yours Uday.

I grin. Man I've missed this guy.

Me: Nah nah nah son, sounds like something is up yours.

He puts on his sunglasses, and opens his car door, grumbling.

Yash: Shut up.

I laugh as I do the same to get into the car. It seems that life has suddenly gotten brighter. People from the past- the good, the bad, and the ugly are finding their way into my life. I can't complain though, for the experience with Mina, there will be the experience with Yash, which will brighten up this solem week in an instance.


Uday, age 23

Oxford University

The Spring Semester was coming to a close and the campus was in a disarray. Students came and went out of classes, in and out of dorms, finishing up finals, the library was crowded and everyone busy. Uday was busy too, but in a very different manner. In the front seat of his Porsche, a curvy red head was sitting on his lap, teaching him a few things about the human anatomy, and even if he was a political science major, he appreciated the art of science- especially this kind. Had it been winter, the windows might have fogged up, but it was warm and the top of the car had been brought down, and a breeze blew her hair over them.  His hand had just been working its way up the tight black skirt when he heard a low whistle. He recognized it, and ignored it, running his hand lower down the Red Head's back. This time there was a knock on his front windshield, and the Red Head, moved away. Her pink lipstick had been rubbed away, and her cheeks were flushed, discreetly adjusting her top she moved off of Uday's lap and onto the other side of the car. Uday, not amused looked up to see his friend. Yash.

He was a tall boy, taller than Uday's 6 feet, at 6'2". Amusingly Uday loved to call him "whiteboy" simply because of his coloring, eyes and lack of hindi. It was contradictory to his name, Yash, and it had finally made sense when it had been realized that Yash was half Indian. So much more sense.

He had found him too good for his tastes, a goodie goodie, and young. He was 2 years younger than Uday, but in the same Graduate class because he was smart, and good at what he did.

Dressed in his signature black sweat pants and white shirt, no one could accuse him of being wealthy. But he was. His father was one of the best Architects in the US, if not the world, but his son was humble, happy and kind. He was also one of Uday's best friends.

Not amused Uday looked at Yash, scowling.

Uday: What the hell do you want asshole?

He couldn't see his friend's green eyes behind the sunglasses, but he noticed the stern expression on his face.

Yash: I have two options Uday. I can leave you here to possibly procreate the heir of Jaigard in a red Porche with this lovely Red Head- no offense Ma'am- or I can remind you that your International Relations final is in building B in about 3 minutes. Do you think you'd like to continue to create the possible heir or come along now?

Uday smacked his head on his steering wheel, and went out of his car, leaving the Red Head behind.

The girl, obviously understanding that the moment was over, left as well, not looking back.

Yash, simply shook his head and strode forward towards the building to the left.

Uday: Is this the part where I'm supposed to thank you?

Yash: No you idiot, this is the part where you're supposed to run into the freaking hall to write the final! Get going Prince not so bright!

He laughed as he ran into the Hall to write his final exam of the semester. And smiled a little at the thought of his friend. No one had ever looked out for him like Yash, most of his University buddies were too busy being his wingman, or getting girls and drinks. Yash, had always looked out for his best interest. He didn't know if it was simply him being a good person, or a kind heart- but he was one of a kind.
He was just a couple years younger than Uday, and he had always thought of him as brother. For some reason he had this feeling that Yash was meant to be more than simply his friend. Whenever he got a phone call from Unnati, he always wondered if that's what was supposed to Happen. Unnati and Yash. Two good people together. Uday needed some goodness in his life. But Unnati was still young, and that was far off in another world of wishful thinking. But hopefully someday it would happen.


Uday, 14 months ago 

The rain in New York wouldn't let up. It poured and poured and poured. It was as if the heaven's themselves were in mourning. The salt-less tears from the sky reflected the dismal mood in the house on the silent street. It was a beautiful piece of design, space and light- the garden, even in the winter weather was neat, cared for and gorgeous. Cars lined the streets, obliviously people made their way in and out to pay their respects.
Tears of pain and anguish could be heard from outside, the mourning would take a lifetime.

He stepped in and candles where light, beautiful cream candles, the front entrance held photographs, endless photographs of a woman who had been a mother, wife and so much more. Vinny Ryan had been a short powerful package of an east-Indian woman who had fallen in love and married an American. The photos showed her and her Husband, her and her children on happy occasions and gorgeous single portraits. This house which was filled with fun loving memories was in pain. And so was his friend.

His older sister's greeted him, the youngest- Mia- was Uday's age. He embraced them as if they were his own sisters and whipped their tears, feeling a few come into his own eyes at their pain. He too had lost a mother, a mother he could not remember, but loved desperately.

Uday: Where is he?

His sisters pointed up the stairs to the rooms, and he followed, leaving his heavy coat with the housekeeper.

It was a clean room of a teenager, obviously had not been changed when Yash had left for University, Posters of the New York Rangers, and Yankees lined the walls, the bed was neatly made, and the desk uncluttered, the curtains were drawn.

The funeral was being conducted in the Catholic Manner, Mrs. Matthias Ryan had wished to buried beside her husband. Even in Death she would not go home. So, instead of the white cloth, her son sat on his bed on black. Shirt, pants, and tie- the jacket laying on the chair nearby. At 24, he looked like a man, but those tears streaming down his face, were of a boy, who simply missed his mother. He was lost in a photograph, holding the frame as tears dripped down onto the glass pane. Engrossed in his thoughts, he didn't notice as his friend took steps towards him, until Uday sat down next to him.

There was no shame in tears, especially in this instance. He saw Uday and shook his head, unable to get the words out expressing this weight on his chest. None were necessary, none at all.

Uday held his friend, and through his shirt he could feel the moisture of Yash's tears seeping through, and the heart wrenching sobs echoing in the silent room.

Most of all, he was surprised at the silent tears which had somehow made it out of his own eyes. He may not have remembered every moment of his mother, but he did remember losing her, and that pain, never went away.

Uday: Just let it out bud, just let it all out.

And he did. Together, with no more words spoken, they mourned together. One for his mother, the other for his friend's pain and forged a bond which was like no other, both in happiness and in sorrow.




I don't know why I had started thinking about those two instances. Odd. During the drive to the swanky cafe, I hadn't said much. Manyata and Yash were busy talking, they talked about Yash primarily, his family, sister's and personalities. But I somehow found myself back at Oxford, then suddenly at Yash's home in New York. This man is my best friend. Literally. I can't imagine life without D.C. and Yash. Although, Yash...he is pure. The opposite of me. I still hold the notion of introducing him to Unnati. I really do. He's one of the good guys, and there aren't enough of them in this world.

Yash: So, did Uday have to threaten you to be his fiance Manyata?

I shoot him a dirty look as I pull up in front of the valet

Manyata: Well you see Yash, I haven't agreed to be his anything yet.

Yash: Nice, make him work for it. Let me explain this rake's sordid pass ma'am.

Me: Yash my friend, if you'd like to live to possibly get married and have children I suggest you shut up.

Yash: Well, for all you know I have a couple of each back home.

I think Manyata didn't see the joke Yash was making and her face looked stricken.

I try to smother a laugh desperately, but fail.

Manyata: That' that legal in the United States?

Yash is obviously surprised that Manyata failed to see the joke, and laughs.

Yash: I was joking. No, no wife and children. I'm still a youngin' compared to this chap here. So Yuvraj Udayveer Singh, when's the wedding.

Manyata, again looks flustered, and walks towards the door of the cafe, as I give Yash a warning glare.

Me: do you want me killed Yash! Shut up! Don't talk about that!

Yash: Why? Aren't you engaged and all that crap, you're the one who used that reasoning all through Oxford to get laid without commitment.

Oh great, another recall of my character flaw.

Me: Yes! I know! Now would you kindly stop rubbing it in my face.

Yash grins and takes off his shades.

Yash: I've been waiting a life time to say this, but I've never had due cause. I believe I'll say it now, "Mirche Lagi Bhai?"

I swear, I don't know whether to laugh or punch is face out. Yash's white accent is too funny for words, but I still understood what he said.

Me: No, but come on whiteboy, and I'll feed you some Mirche.

He pats his chest, and laughs.

Yash: Be still my heart, my old nick name is back.

Me: Who said it was ever gone?

As we're being seated, I get a call on my phone: It's Dadi Shab, I excuse myself and make my way to the lobby and take the call.

Me: Yes Dadi Shab.

DS: Uday beta, sorry to disturb you.

Me: No worries. How can I help you?

DS: I understand that you took Manyata out this morning Uday.

Me: Yes, I asked Komal Aunty and she said it was alright.

DS: Oh yes, of course it is, I just was wondering when you'd be back.

I glance at my watch, and it's almost 3:30.

Me: Ahh, I can send her home now if you like, but we ran into my old friend and we're going for a late lunch. I was thinking around 6:30 to be honest.

She thought for a moment on the other line, before saying the rest.

DS: No, keep her there. I have someone coming over later today at 5:30 for tea, keep her out, take her shopping.

Me: But why?

DS: Mahraj Rajendra is coming.

I think about it for a second and realize who. It's my Mom's Uncle. My mom was Rajendra's younger Brother's only Child. His Niece. Mom was from Ravgard. Of course, I don't know much about that side of the family, but I understand Dad is setting up a petition to collect that Ravgard Estate, and merge it with Jaigard. After all, Ravgard does not have an heir after the death of the crown prince Aryan, and then the disappearance of Princess Vidya- Mom's cousins. 

Me: What does he want Dadi Shab?

DS: Jainandini.

I feel like throwing up, but I haven't eaten anything. Would DS force Jai to marry Rajendra, simply to inherit the estate? Disgusting.

Me: Jai would never agree to marrying Rajendra Dadi Shab, and the media would eat us alive.

I can recognize the surprise, and then feel the same at her laughter.

DS: Oh Uday. Not Rajendra. His grandson. Aryan. There is an heir. Vidya's son. Aryan.

Wow. I have a cousin. Second Cousin, yes, but a cousin nonetheless.

Me: Done. I'll keep Manyata here then; let me know how it goes. I'm betting Jai freaks out.

DS: We've already told tid bits here and there. She isn't completely oblivious.

Me: Do you know this Aryan person Dadi Shab?

DS: Born and raised in the US. That's all I know for now. But he is the sole Heir of the Estate.

There's an akward silence for a moment. I would have been the heir actually. By default.

DS: I know your father wanted to campaign to the Indian Royal House for the Seat and Estate Uday beta. But Rajendra is alive yet, and won't let Giriraj obtain so much power. Jaigard and Devgard are already going to become one. Rajendra won't let Ravgard fall into the same alliance. He has too much pride.

Me: At least Jai will get to be a Maharani.

DS: That's what I'm betting on Uday. She'll be pacified. Maybe find happiness.

Happiness, it seems that this elusive word is never a promised thing for royals, always a maybe and a perhaps after our titles and duties. Thankfully I've found some happiness, and I don't plan on letting it go.

Me: I hope so Dadi Shab, I hope so.

I make my way back to the table, and enjoy the rest of the evening with two very special people. I have this weird feeling in the back of my head. And I don't know why. Something isn't right. And something isn't adding up correctly. But I put it aside, and sip a bit of water, and hope for the best.  


The next few days had been filled with keeping up with business, The Oxford Ball was coming up in less than 3 months, and he needed to ensure that the estate and business was running smoothly, before Manyata, and himself both left for an entire week. Of course, Brijraj and Komal would be there too, but this would be the first time that Manyata saw the world beyond India. As a princess she was supposed to be well traveled, seasoned and a good hostess, but she had never had the opportunity. Hence why the family was busy prepping her. The ball wasn't just about celebrating the alumni, but it was about making alliances, political alliances: who is where, what person owns what, which business can you acquire or dispose of. His father always went with Unnati, since his mother was no longer alive. It was a social necessity. And Uday had always hated going, hence why he would leave the ball to his father, and not go himself. But this year, he had to. For Manyata. And to show the world that she did exist. He had RSVP'd for Manyata and himself, now it was just a matter of time before he proposed. At the ball. Three months was plenty of time to woo her over, and he could also feel her softening. Leaning, and coming closer.

His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door, the Clerk opened his office door and he was surprised to see Manyata walk in.

A grin took over his face, and he stepped up to greet her, but she had already made her way to his desk and settled a medium sized basket on the mahogany surface.

Uday: What brings you here princess? Vo bhi ethni early?

Manyata: It's 12:30  on the dot Udayveer, and I brought you lunch.

His stomach gave an involuntary rumble as she started opening the basket and setting the meal up. When she unwrapped the parantha's he reached out to grab one.

She, obviously smacked his hand away.

Manyata: Wait! Let me set it up.

The old Manyata would have rolled up a parantha with some achar and thrown it at him to eat, but the last few months of classes had changed her exterior. She set up the plates, a class with water, the ladled out the yogurt in a bowl of fine china, the plate with the parantha, some achar on the side salt and pepper shakers, and of course, some napkins. The Clerk came to take away the rest. Finally after a full 5 minutes, the feast was set. Even with all of the fancy cutlery, he could tell that she had made this meal. Parantha's were definatly not on the menu at the Devgard Palace.

Uday: Should I ask or are you going to tell me?

Manyata: what do you mean?

Uday: Now, are these poisoned, or can I eat them?

She sticks out her tongue, and kicks him under the desk.

Manyata: If you don't want to eat them, then just say so, you don't have to be a Kamina all the time Udayveer

Becoming a princess had made her more Bitchy in a refined manner, so he simply rested his hand on hers.

Uday: Sorry Princess, just had to ask. Now, how could I not want to make them, you made my favorite ones after all?

With a grin he dug in, still curious about what had brought on the sudden gesture of affection from her. Was she going to profess her love for him? Was she experimenting? Perhaps board? Ignoring those notions, he bit  into the parantha and was in flavor heaven.

Uday: Holy Shi'I mean wow. Manyata this is delicious.

Manyata: I did tell you guys that I was a bindaas cook when I moved in.

They laugh at the history they shared, and there was a little bittersweet moment.

Uday: Do you miss cooking?

Manyata: Sort of. It was fun finally doing it today, with Jai.

He had been sipping some water, and started choking on it, Manyata was out of her seat in a heartbeat smacking his back with large and hard thuds trying to bring what was going down back up, he waved her away and whipped his mouth, but she continued, the clerk nervously came inside hearing the commotion.

Manyata: Uday! Uday! Tum teek ho na?!

Clerk: Sir! Sir!

Finally catching his breath, he whipped his mouth and resisted the urge to punch someone.

Uday: Raju, leave, Manyata sit back down damn it!

She huffed as she returned to her seat across from him.

He looked critically at her, hair pinned to the side, face pristine, and in a bright sunny yellow suit. And he was skeptical. What on earth had brought her here? And she was cooking with Jai?! Jainandini?! The one sister that possibly wanted to kill her?

That Jai?

Uday: Manyata, is Jai blackmailing you, possibly threatening to harm you?

Manyata raises her eyebrow at Uday, obviously failing to see the humor in his question.

Manyata: Uday, are you drunk?

Uday: No, but I feel like I'm in a really drunk induced dream right now. You cooked, with Jai? Your jealous sister Jai? The very same one?

Manyata: Yes, I did.

Uday: Ok. The Mayan's were right, the world is freaking ending in 2012.

She looked confused at the pop culture reference.

Manyata: You lost me.

Uday: Why on earth are you cooking with Jai?

Manyata: I saw her having a hard time and I decided I'd help her.

He leaned back in his chair and twirled the silver pen in his hands.

Uday: Jai, was cookinging?

Manyata: She was trying to.

Uday: Why?

Manyata: she wouldn't tell me. But I'm assuming it was for someone. Some guy.

He was surprised upon hearing this and of course was curious as to who the person in question would be, but for now he didn't want to ruin the moment Manyata and he were going to share.

Uday: Ok. So, no poison, and no brainwashing. Just Jai having a lovey dovey moment.

Manyata: Yes, that's exactly it. Now shut up and eat.

Uday: Will do Princess.

Manyata: Oh, and try not to choke this time, I can't always save you, you know.

He dropped the piece of food, and looked at her critically.

Uday: It was the cooking with Jai part that got me! And Save me?! You were beating me!

Manyata: No I wasn't!

Uday: I bet I have bruises on my back woman!

Manyata: You just bruise easily!

Uday: No! You simply like causing me bodily pain!

She was huffing, and beneath that fine exterior of a lady, he saw the wild cat coming out. It took a split second, she didn't realize that the piece of the parantha she had in her hand would suddenly fling its way across the desk and onto Uday's face. There was a moment of silence, and then all hell broke loose. She screamed as he came across the desk with a hand full of yogurt, she flung another parantha, she ran, but there was on where to run, and the race was short lived as he pinned her against a wall. His white Calvin Klein shirt was now stained with bits of gobi, achar and yogurt, there was cilantro on his face, and yogurt on his hands, which were now resting on her hips, the yellow suit now held two white hand prints. Her hair was a mess, with some shreds of gobi in there, and her mouth was smothered with some yogurt. Breathing hard, both laughed at the mess they had made: like children instead of royals. Sensing their proximity to each other, Manyata cleared her throat and took away her arms from his biceps.

Manyata: I think there are some left, you still hungry?

His gaze didn't falter away from her mouth, he heard her words but didn't really pay attention to them. But the word "Hungry" had triggered a feeling.  He was starving, for her.

Uday: Starving.

She could sense it, and didn't resist, bodies closer, grip tighter and eyes fluttering, his lips were suddenly on hers, and it felt so right.

It was not gentle and tentative as the one on the cruise ship had been: this one was literally of a starving man, who had been patient, waiting, and wanting. They didn't have a sense of Public Display of affection, as it was not the way of Royals in India. It was too taboo to kiss in public, even for their generation. They were seldom alone like this were cameras were not flashing or someone was not with them, the tension had been there but it was finally enough to act.

Both equal participants, both equally engrossed with each other, and both equally in love. No words necessary.  



Well, there's not much that can top a home cooked lunch, and a in prompt make out session, so my day was pretty damn good. After changing shirts, and getting the specs of Gobi out of Manyata's hair I had dropped her to her car and went for a stroll as the Janitor cleaned up the office, I'm sure he was wondering what the hell had gone on in there, but he didn't say a word. Thank god.

The rest of the day was sort of useless. I'd get distracted every minute or so, and think about Lunch time, Manyata and her lips. Never again, am I going to be able to look at a parantha the same way. Never.

I did my best and gave up at about 6 and made my way home. A hot shower would clear my head and possibly let me up.

Walking into the house, the Manager tells me that my dad is in his study. I'm never really informed about Dad's comings and goings unless it's important, so obviously something is up. Walking towards the doors I can hear commotion, things breaking, glass smashing and deep breathing. Opening the door I see why. Dad is breaking everything in sight, his desk is now bare, every piece of paper scattered on the ground, and glass scattered. Had I been younger I would have been scared, but I simply walk up to him, his hands braced on the desk and gently place my hand on his shoulder.

Me: Dad, what's wrong?

He sits on his plush leather chair, an lets out  a frustrated breath.

Giriraj: Gaazab hogaya Uday! Gaazab hogaya!

My first instinct is that something has happened to Unnati, or Manyata, but I control myself, it must be something political, because he'd never react this way for a loved one. Not even for mom did he act like this. I calmly look down and look and try to figure out what he's getting at, but nothing clicks.

Me: What is it dad? Kya hua? Did the Hotel Deal with the American's not go through?

Giriraj: No Uday! It's worse! Rajendra has a freaking heir!

I feel a little guilty. I had found out about it a couple days ago when Manyata and I had taken Yash out for Lunch. But I hadn't thought about mentioning it to Dad. I thought he would have known.

Me: I heard something about that but didn't pay attention to it. Someone named Aryan.

Giriraj: Aryan! Ha! Aryan is dead. That old coot won't even call Vidya's son by his given name. Stubborn idiot.

I resist the urge to roll my eyes at his talk.

Giriraj: Why are you not angry Uday! That estate would have amalgamated with Jaigard! We would have had the largest Riyasaat in the Indian Royal house! Us! Devgard will be yours, when you marry Manyata and Ravgard would have been too as soon as that old bas***d Rajendra died!

I feel like shaking my head. Riyasaat, Riyasaat, Riyasaat. How much more does he want? Aren't Jaigard and Devgard enough?

Me: Dad, but he has an Heir. There's nothing we can do about it.

Giriraj: Oh, but there is.

I raise my eyebrows wondering what on earth is going through his devious mind.

Giriraj: He's white Uday!

Me: What?

Giriraj: The Heir! Vidya's son is not Indian. He's American. His father is white. I'm sure that would be an issue with the Royal house! There is no way that Rajendra can pass Ravgard to his nathi! I won't let it happen!

That odd sensation from a few days ago is back full force, dad pulls out a few files which he had pushed to the ground previously and opens them up. It's a picture of mom, an older one from her wedding, and beside her is a lovely woman in pink, and on her other side is a tall man in a black shirvani.

Giriraj: This is from my wedding. That is Yuvraj Aryan, Rajendra's son. Your mother, and then Rajkumari Vidya. This is 2 months before he died in a car crash. Your mother was third in line for the throne, after Aryan, then Vidya.

I swallow, I feel I recognize this woman, so young, timid. She doesn't look like mom and the dead Yuvraj, she's smaller, with bigger eyes. But I can see her. In someone.

He pulls another picture, this one of the princess, in a pink saree, looking up at a man who is in a white shirvani, at a balcony. And my heart stops. I can see it now. That smile, that all-encompassing grin, and the man. Those eyes, that stature.

Giriraj: She married Matthias Ryan! Her son is half white! They can't have the crown! I won't let them! Never!

Dad gets up to pour himself a drink, and I go through the file, there's a picture of the couple infront of a justice of peace in a court room in the United states, three little flower girls in pink,  getting married. Then, a few more of her with a little boy, with the girls. I can see her now I recognize the woman I had never met but had heard so much about, her hair was cut short in every picture I had seen, she had been smiling and had only been Yash's mom, not Rajkumari Vidya, mom's younger cousin. I hadn't heard about her, thought about her.

But, here she is. Yash's mom. Vinny Ryan, is Rajkumari Vidya.

And that means Yash is the Heir.

Yash is Yuvraj Liam Yashvardan Ryan.

Not just a whiteboy.

Go figure.


-----------Reference The Jainandini Chronicles----------- 


2 & 1/2 months Later.


Yes. this is where I am cutting you off.

Muahahhaa. I so evil I know LOL

So, FYI the next scene will begin in the UK, A week before the ball.

If you want to see the dress choosing process etc, you need to read the JNCs because it's not something Manyata does with Uday.

Also, the reason I've spaced this is because I can't give it away in the UVCs this is something for Yash and JN. It's a big part of the JNCs hence why I can't give it here.
The BOMB is happening in the next couple of updates.
Any guesses on what it is? I've give REAAALLLYYY

and I mean REALLY subtle hints. I don't think anyone as caught on. heheheheee.

Moving on. What did you think?
And I know there are tons of you readers! Don't like! We're hitting 80,000 views! You don't have to like the post, but do tell me what you think- like, dislikes, predictions, favourite scene, line etc.
I enjoying reading the comments. It makes up for the typing LOL


Edited by reeha...k - 06 June 2012 at 2:50pm

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 2:55pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by dimpzz

yayie!!Big smile you updated!!Big smile
I'm so glad you didn't stretch the mina thingy too long! and Manyata trusted UV, but was just hurt! i loved that! not the same old 'i don't trust you'!
But i'm sure mina will come with a bang! LOL
well there should some small twists and turns, that keeps the story moving.
The best part that i liked was that she stood up in UV's defense when mina didn't accept his apology.

and what mina went through was sad! i sympathize with her! But what Manyata said is right, she needs to get over the past, its been so many years. She has to move on!

And finally the UVC's has caught up with the JNC's
and when will you update jnc's??? i'm dying to read the next part!!Embarrassed

P.S- congrats on crossing 100 pages!Big smile


LOL! Sorry about the late response! gah! It seems like I finish answering some coments then more pop up!.

You're bang on, Mina will be back...any guesses as to what the bang will be? LOL
Btw, I should mention that I updated the JNCs to 7, so you might have a double read to doWink
And thank you! Its amazing that the UVCs have gotten such a great response. I swear, its a beast of an FF: only 20 parts, but over 100 pagesConfused
Talk to you soon!

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fatima4a Groupbie

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
First one to comment... jeej!!!!
OMG, what the hell
this was SOOO awesome
really yaar, you really have a god gift (writing)
It was such a pleasure reading it
and the way I was reading...     my family thought I had gone crazy
when I knew that heir aryan is yash, I went screaming OMG OMG OMG
keep it going babe
love UVC

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lostmymusic. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 3:06pm | IP Logged

I was laughing like crazy at the lunch part. Ain't Manyata a perfect wifey? :P Ok, I admit! Yash is SOOO nice here. Nicer than in JNC :P I like him here. Urgh..bloody hell! You cut short at such a bad point! Now have to wait for JNC!!! You cruel cruel girl!!

GR is so political...meh! I don't like this man, why do I get the feeling he'll try to complicate UV's life as much as possible? Anyway! Can NOT wait for the London part at all! Mina won't forgive him, or them, and I think London is where the battleground is set. But can't predict anything more than that...!

Love ya Reeha! Was missing UVC so MUCH!! Thank you! <3

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 3:06pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by morningstar

thank you for continuing with tis ff!!!!
i absolutely love it... and the best thing is how u show the same scene from different perspectives... from j's pov and from uday's pov...
loved uday and manyata's relationship... it is strong and the best thing is that they have no illusions about each other... they truly love each other with all their better and worse parts!!!!
p.s. is mina yash's sister???

Oh boy. I think I have a name problem. LOL!

The Aryan vs. "Liam Yashvardan Ryan" thing should have been thought out. Really didn't think that through and everyone sort of used that to connect Yash as being Aryan Unhappy
Damn it!
LOL! Then Mina and Mina.
I swear I am so bad with names.
Mina is Mina Randhawa, heiress, 25 yeards old, only child, and from the UK.
Yash's sister Mina, is Mina Ryan, rich, 28 years old, Oldest child and a twin, from the United States.
Yes, I know it's confusing, but its too late to change names now LOL

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Somia3 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 3:08pm | IP Logged
 yash is uday's  cousin
uday find out to 
what will uday do
support his father 
his cousin/brother

i hope uday stand by yash

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reeha...k IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 June 2012 at 3:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by fatima4a

First one to comment... jeej!!!!
OMG, what the hell
this was SOOO awesome
really yaar, you really have a god gift (writing)
It was such a pleasure reading it
and the way I was reading...     my family thought I had gone crazy
when I knew that heir aryan is yash, I went screaming OMG OMG OMG
keep it going babe
love UVC

Thank you Fatima :)

LOL! it's OK, my family thinks I'm crazy all the time, sometimes I smile while typing scenes and my sister goes, "Who the hell are you talking to"
and I'll say, "I wish I was actually talking to some one, it would make me feel more normal"
thanks for waiting! <3

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