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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD18 pt129 pg116 (Page 7)

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Dhundlae aks

PART 127

All they could hear was ' heavy breathing.. echoing of .. misitimia.. ..mia... it didn't take them long to..before..they fell a sleep ..just in that warmth.  Maan slowly opened his eyes loath to wake up, to let go. He nestled in the tenderness that surrounded his senses..he smiled softly not wanting the dream to end. But the bright sunlight..may be afternoon.. disturbed his eyes. He turned .. & tried to shake off the hangover... he tried to kick the sheet away only to realize his dream was a reality. He took a deep breath & looked at his mistimia.. only his... marked with his love.. his moms chain all the way until her navel..he caressed it softly & the bracelet in her wrist .. softly snuggled next to him tender structure. Her leg slipped next to his & his arms tucked around her curves softly cupping the pink tipped breast. As he admired her tip to toe marked as his.. he clearly remember every thing that happened the night before. It was the best morning of his life waking him with her in his arms. He pulled the spread that rest on her waist, slowly over both of them.
Unconsciously he pulled her closer to him & instantly his blood surged in response. He chuckled as her lips rested on his bare chest.. & breathing in a rhythm. She tried to get away from the strong hold around her waist.. only felt it tighten. She frowned a bit & slowly fluttered open her eyes. He smiled sweetly looking down at her dearly, she closed it again.. knowing it was a dream. Then her eyes opened wide back in shock.. following a scream.. as loud as the whole apartment could hear.. he tried to reach to cover her mouth.. she screamed more louder seeing him naked & closing her eyes tight.
She backed away from the bed..holding the spread to cover herself screaming even more seeing herself without cloths as him. He reached the pillow & covered wat he should. He gulped & looked at her scared with her wild screaming.. she tried to recollect wat happened the previous night.. she remembered part of it.. & part of it vaguely.. continuously still screaming. .. her phone began to ring..
it was a total chaos.. her mobile ringing.. then his .. then her landline.. & her non stop screaming.

she saw the call was from prachi ..her screaming silenced suddenly.. turning to a night mare..

He expected everything from her but this.. I am sorry..I don't know how '
she paced restly in the room holding the sheet around herself..
yeh hona nahi chaiya tha...
she was supposed to be talking to herself.. but it was loud & clear
oh god hum prachi ko kya kahenge
how could I ?? ur my best friends BF.. dam.. how could I cheat on her
she closed her eyes
his heart shuddered into piece.. she considered me only as prachi's BF.. nothing more than.
His anger..his ego everything just tossed back up.. angrily.. wanting to kill himself to have not controlled. So he was right thinking abt her like that.. wat is he even still doing here.. he kicked the bed angrily.
She took a deep breath ..then breathing ...long long ones trying to calm herself..
ok.. just forget all this...
all this is just a big mistake.
I didn't even know wat I was doing, I was just drunk
..she spoke all that in one go.
He kept looking at her in shock. All that is so simple for her. So simple.. wat was I expecting any way from her.. he closed his eyes painfully.
She threw his jeans & shirt at him.. her eyes got embarrassed seeing the spread stained all red.
She looked at him..& looked back on the bed nervously.
He followed her gaze ..she pulled the spread ..& frantically tried to clean the mattress
nothing made sense to him
u can't be virgin he said without thinking in that frame of mind
She looked at him at once painfully.. her heart breaking into million of pieces, feeling choked with pain. He instantly realized wat he said.. his heart began to beat madly.. reality sinking in.!!! suddenly the whole clouds vanishing seeing her clear as a white feather.. soft & yet tender..her innocence in her burning with tear because of his mistrust because of his baseless accusation on her siren divine character. .  He could clearly see her eyes sinking .. her heart beating heavily in grief..
nahi mera matlab he tried to think of words that could ease her..stop those tears from falling
she looked down.. & he closed his eyes fearing if she looks back at him.. there will be only tears.
But his heart wrecked to see wide smile.. holding back that turmoil
well I am not anymore
Geet I didn't mean in that sense

she paused ..oh u mean protection??? like we didn' t use protection last night
another big shock.. not even once in between all this did it flash to him.. their passion could lead to something unacceptable. He looked at her with widen eyes more scared than ever repercussion on her..society, dad,.. their life.. all seemed dommed in that fraction of sec.
she continued with her big grin.. don't worry I will take an after pill
72hrs taak its should be fine
she behaved so normal.. so dangerously cold his heart began to shiver.
Aap guest room wala washroom use karlo main yanha change karlathi hoon.
Geet he called out painfully..she was gone too far away from him to stop.
She took the spread & rushed in the washroom like she didn't hear him.
She practically sprinted for the washroom, shutting the door behind her & leaning against it.. sinking down..holding the spread close herself. . tears falling seeing the stain .. fear, guilt..guilt of losing herself to a person who took away her virginity without even realizing it.. wat an irony she thought. She cried.. screaming...hiding behind the showers sound, turning on the tap with a brutal twist of her wrist.
She didn't want anyone to hear atleast not him. Heart shackled by chains of reverence, tears fell in a rain of shower, breaking her soul in way that can't be mend.. crimson waves only reminding of the pain, a vicious circle with no end ..she stepped under the stinging cold needles of spray feeling guilt sluice over her along with the water.

He stood like a statue in the same position all the while. Time seemed to have frozen for him.. guilt of not respecting her.. accusing her for everything she never could do.. even last night she tried her best to stop this...  even when she was so drunk.
He forced her.. he wanted her.. he remembered claiming every inch.. wanting her to remember only him hereafter cheap was he thinking, he hated himself feeling rotten inside. Like darkness deep inside trying hard to hide it from himself.. more from her, the darkest fear inside..wat if she realized this abt him.. his rotten heart..soul.. she will hate me!!! she will.. it seemed like his fate or more aptly wat he deserved. He closed his eyes when his eyes fell on the mattress..& then self.. the part soaked in her virginity that he didn't realize until now.
truth unbearable!!
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thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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congrats on the new thread

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Crywow muskaan... that was os sad... maan should have said that...

lots of MU... i think geet should leave for her house.. atleast for sometime... so that she could hold herselves after maan's words...


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Ronald McDonaldRonald McDonaldRonald McDonaldRonald McDonaldRonald McDonaldRonald McDonald

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am very sleepy
update soon plz

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muski di wonderful update...Big smile
nw i cn go 2 sleep peacefully...

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Originally posted by jasraj123

Originally posted by shrutheAjay

Update soon... Me waiting

<font size="4">hi shruti</font>LOLHug
<font size="4">
yes muskaan pls feel sorry for this gal

waiting at 1 am in morningLOL

Hi jas...

Really yaar... Me ol via mobile...

Once she updates.. Will read and off to sleep

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