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-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD18 pt129 pg116 (Page 44)

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Dhundlae aks

PART 128

Like darkness deep inside trying hard to hide it from himself.. more from her, the darkest fear inside..wat if she realized this abt him.. his rotten heart..soul.. she will hate me!!! she will.. it seemed like his fate or more aptly wat he deserved. He closed his eyes when his eyes fell on the mattress..& then self.. the part soaked in her virginity that he didn't realize until now.

She washed patted herself dry & changed into her pair of jeans & t-shirt. She came out wiping her hair..she almost jumped seeing him still standing where she left him.
Aap ne change nahi kiya
umm he looked at her lost
do u need something
his eyes dipped in shame seeing those eyes red puffed up..stealing glances from him. Hiding her pain, her grief, her cry!!! like always only with a difference he never understood it then, but now it hurt him..burned him more than flaming fire could.


She couldn't take his silence it haunted her. She walked out of the room
main breakfast bana thi hoon
she went to the kitchen & kept the milk in the gas. She stood there numb looking blankly at the boiling milk.
Maan dragged his burdened body to the wash room bracing his hands on the wall he leaned forward & let the water beat beast out of him, the lusty self. How could he just not think of anything else; why drowning in her eyes without knowing her heart seemed so easy & impossible now. He punched the wall..hating his hands to have even dared to touch something that was next to God!!!
an hr had passed Maan was still in the shower & Geet stood blankly watching the milk boil over spill around..& now the vessel forming a thick black layer of burnt milk..fuming, the burnt milk smell spreading all over. She was still staring at the vessel!!!!

Maan came out running just slipping to his jeans. He turned off the gas;  screaming her name in terror
she jumped back seeing him so close to her.
I am sorry main ne nahi dehka
main bhi dosara packet gharam karthi hoon

she lifted the hot vessel with her bare hands ..he screamed in pain..
Geet plz ..tum betoo na ek min
nahi.. I am fine..
she pulled her hand away.
She meticulous cut opened the new pack of milk, pouring into another vessel & turned on the gas.
She made his coffee & toast with egg.
He couldn't even think of eating..he had so much in his heart hurting. He kept looking at her fingers that were red burned tips. she behaved just normal.. i am famished she said eating her breakfast.

He wanted to tell her ..clear to her there was never anything between him & prachi at the first place.he didn't know where to start from.
He gulped his saliva ' Geet, wo prachi
Maan plz she snapped
it will be nice if we could keep her out of all this
thats when Maan turned his head away & had a look around the place & stood up at once if u want to keep her out of all this..
wat the hell r we doing in her house.
She didn't even react. She just took her empty plate & cup to the sink. She was so used to his taking things always in the wrong way.
Geet he called her.. wat r we doing in her house.
Wat makes u think this is her house

I have been here before.. with her, she had the keys!!!
Geet immediately crossed her hand over her chest. Why would prachi get u to my flat, yes she has the keys but .. she won't.. then she froze ..& she thought him not trusting her would be it..nothing could hurt more than that.. but the fact he was with prachi in her flat..just slit her.
she breathed hard trying to sink in the whole fact..

there always a difference in accepting a fact & believing it. ..thats where her heart laid all this time when ever she thought abt Maan & prachi.. had no option..but to accept the facts where right infront of her, but believing..something her heart could never.. how much she tried to all these days but failed terribly.
she held his collar.. & slapped him... how could u????
he closed his eyes & he accused her of two timing shit!!!
how on earth will he explain it to her, wat happened between them. He himself was so terribly guilty about it then & now he felt even worse.
She slapped him again & again.. & again.
He knew he deserved every bit of it probably more.
She shook him holding his collar
Geet main ne kuch..she slapped him again
shut up..just shut up
how could u..
she slapped him again ..again..
I hate u...she slapped him again
I hate u.. samjhe tum..
she slapped him again
I hate u
nahi plz.. Geet!!!
Geet meri baat tho suno, tum  jaisen

she slapped him again..shut the f**k up
She pushed him away in disgust & went into the room to get her bag. He followed her silently. They looked out for some moment.. there was no sign of any auto or bus..
the security of the building reminded her mam aaj tho bandh hain na
Geet ' aapni car main tho ja sakten hain na
Maan ' meri car ..before he could finish
she just rushed back to her apartment.. she looked around in the drawers
he followed her every where.. kya dond rahi ho.. I could help
she glared at him angrily. He looked down instantly.
It has been more than 2 yrs damit where the hell she kept.. she finally managed to find it somewhere in the back of the drawer almost with garbage. 
She sighed & rushed out..maan followed like always. He didn't understand wat was she upto.. as they went down she threw the keys to him. He managed to somehow catch..& then looked at it in it cute key chain with baby puchki wearing a Merc t-shirt hanging on the end of the key.. that itself said it all...


she owns a car!!!????  dam wat was he trying to tell her.. the types of girl ...blah blah.. longing to travel by car.. does he even think before saying anything.. he was snapped out of his thoughts when she coldly said
mujhe pharmacy drop kar ke aap car raak sakten ho
when the reached the parking lot, his eyes was widen in merc..
he was not sure if that is wat it is.. she waited for him to open it... then he finally looked down at the key & undid the lock.. his pulse accelerated to euphoria. Sports car.. ????
the question car kiski hain would be a foolishest of question like all of his in past..especially after seeing baby puchki in the key chain...but then wat the hell was she doing in bus all these days.
Wasn't he already feeling enough cheap inside.. that now this fact.. she definitely is some richy rich types..  dam fancy merc, who owns a fancy Merc in delhi!!!??
he can't even think of anyone in his closed family circle owning anything like this. They own a merc..but thats dad exclusive car..

he was excited to sit in but felt really ashamed of all this deeds.. as of now he looked more desperate than anyone to wheel those wheels.
If this is urs then why do u travel by bus?
Thats long story, waisen bhi u don't pay me enough to fill the gas
he pouted cutely seriously feeling guilty.


Oh la la...Oh la la...Tu hai meri fantasy
-PREV PART 127  NEXT   PART 129-
thanks for the lovely comments & likes

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God when will Prachi go away! Poor Maan n geet... X

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Originally posted by maaneet23

hottest pic of entire journey of GHSP...this day during swimming pool scene maan looked hottest ever...actually drenched maan looks hottest...behne de... maans bedroom after bathing with wearing only towel and jeans and all these swimming pool wala scenes...

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y she didnt kill him...slaps wont do any good...

y is she even talking to him...

gadha explain bhi nahi kar us kamini prachi ke saath kuch nahi...taken for granted ki bhi hadd hai...

loved d update...

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maan deserves more slaps...

awsome part

2 timing

still thinking

more slap

update next part soon

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why do i always have to ask you ''ye kya ho raha hai kya ho raha hai...??? '' lol
Am just confused at this point of time...

But the precap...???
Am again confused.

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