Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

-dhundlae aks- MAANEETFF THREAD18 pt129 pg116

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Dhundlae aks

Koi dhundla sa ek aks meri aankhon mein rehta hai,
Koi bechan khawabon mein rehti hai,

Ek manoos si awaz mujhe sone nahi deti,
Koi uljha sa ek sawal meri yaadon mein rehta hai,

Hai kiske shabnami anchal ki khushboo mujh mein,
Koi ehsaas mehka sa meri saanson ko mehkata hain

Mujhe khud par nahi kabu na main kuch bol sakta hu,
Asar yeh kiske lafzon ka meri baaton mein rehta hai,

Sometimes people meet the love of their life & they know right away that they are made for each other.. like soul mates.. sometimes people meet & become frds before they become loves.. And then there are othere
maan & geet
didn't fall in love @ first sight.. they didn't even become friends right away
they are too much alike to ever be attracted to one another ..or may be they are so alike that they are really perfect for one another & it will be an act of God or something just as strong to get them to realize it.

hope u all support me in this journey.. thanks a lot to MK for the poster..

Wardah Syed

lots of love to me friends
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Wardah Syed
Thi woh natkhat chanchal bulbul si
Us ghar ki ek reet rooth na paye unki geet
Doston mein basti uski jaan thi
Andaaz uska bindaas ashiqana mizaaj ki

Kum na tha woh bhi nasamjhi mein
Daadi ki woh jaan par dad se darta yeh maan
Samjhe khud ko tees maar khan
Per dil se bole tou ek dum nadaan

God created these two to unite but what strange tricks he shall play both were completely unaware. One was confident so the other was overconfident. They were born at different houses, districts, cities, They were the two opposite poles, which usually attract so will they? They were different but yet alike just like two negative signs which together makes a positive. So will these two creatures create a
So the conspiracy of God had already started by actually taking her to the place her heart would belong too...her fight was just so right to be there either be for friends or unknowingly for him. She was truly the soul of her house her giggles could really put a life even into a stone. Her masti was something couldn't be ignored but how much she try even she was weak at heart. As it is said people strong and confident are believed to be weak more emotionally. No matter what her fight with her mother was just an expression that even she is upset but least she knew to express it. So was she dull n weak to just left all over and move ahead, but then what friends are for surely to brings cheer in our life so did He!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being her true self it didn't took long enough to get her mind on the real track. Along with friend it proved to be a attempt of her mate too, to divert her mind. Unknown to reality they got themselves engaged into a hasten, there wasn't any lose or gain neither victory or defeat it was just their enthusiasm pushing them off the edge. When it came almost on their lives one wished the safety of other, an unknown feeling, more of anxiety took over to have a look of each other but it left both with a brumous image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woh mile kuch is tarah
Na thami saansein
Na hi waqt thama
Reh gya tou bas
Wo ek Dhundla sa Aks

They did named that effigy of each other as wraith and robust virile...well that was it, can't even call it as meeting rather just crossed each others path. She couldn't remember him and he couldn't forget her, keeping the fact aside best friend all he could blabber about was this wraith he met few minutes infact not met but just converge. Well, it wasn't just ending here getting back the track of their life they went on picking on some goods least they knew would create another misty image. Being her real self he just couldn't let his friend and for a safe side he intellectually thought to leave her side and got her stuck with another rather his true mate. Well,it was her so she wasn't much bothered as this word called bothering doesn't exist in her life neither dictionary. She drilled him too with the same dauntless questions. He was astonished at her approach but he understood her mentality then joined her in the league of presumptuously bold. She unknowingly loved all what he selected and he kept admiring it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dhoondne nikle the kuch mila gayi pagli(sexy)
Chahiye tha kuch or mil gaya anjaana
Ek dusre ki manchali baaton pe dono diye hans
Aur phir wohi reh gya ek Dhundla sa aks

She took it all even if she didn't wanted it and kept herself convincing which was actually for someone else in that case she failed miserably. She wasn't so weak to be broken so easily but still this time touched her and made her crazy go beyond. It was yet another act to make her closer to that mate of hers. Just far from realization, but still a struggle fro time being. People cared for her did made her understand but then it was her not easily understanding be it anything. She made up her mind she asked for help even before wishing once again it was granted. Least she knew about any consequences!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There was the day especially made for both one was planned well the other one landed automatically. Always been discarded was first time acknowledged so a big day but didn't knew would turn into ugly but then one of the best day ever. As unknowingly she came and put him into a scupper which just forced him further to land in a trouble rather pleasure. Both were lost as the burning sensations ran through their veins, still lost. He composed angry, anticipated, anxious even couldn't deny the fact that he was eager to have a glimpse. Her misinterpreted message just boiled him up further by learning the fact if he still had no effect on her, while the other side she couldn't meet the gaze so tempted that she knew involuntary she would definitely fall for this forbidden apple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then finally reality sank in n they were brought to the real world to their so-called real self. He was once again into his naught shoes it could be best time to trouble someone or her. He drilled her( just to avenge that change room scene) with questions but she didn't let him down she could never, least he knew she would also answer what he was asking himself from so many years finally he got he was searching for, inwardly he actually liked wish if he could just appreciate her. Just then he was shook out of fantasy looking forward the much awaited death outside knocking door. He completely disappointed her and but then she realized all the while she was bluffed by a hoty, still unaware of each others misty image!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samajhta khud ko rajkumar wo jahan ka
Pohcha diya usko bhi wahan khel ajab kismat ka

Dekh sake na duje ko the kuch aise bebas

Phir zehnasheen kar diya dhundla sa aks

Her life was settle atleast as she thought, then there comes the arrival of a new life rather new start. She was on 7th heaven to be with her friends just like some dream come true. Being her real self she wasn't very pleased with the atmosphere, as no thrill, means no enjoyment either...alas! she herself had to make a move and she did, once again confronting her fate but least they both cared about, Strange ways of life tricked her to confess even before she could actually fall for it. He just snapped unknown she would once become the reason to breathe, to live. Taking a chance he was surely disappointed at her approach rather disgusted over the whole thought he suggested the best way to get rid off her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She did so naturally as taking the command obediently. Her act did made him meet yet another innocent soul for which he was floored at the very sight. Even more churned up over that pricky to push him and think evil about this innocent soul. All he could do was just curse her more n more n more. Well at the other side it was strange but she really did what he asked for even not approving inwardly but still did beyond thinking. At the other end was happy that he innocent finally found a friend for herself too. As her heartbeats rest in friends!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her life was moving smoothly atleast she thought that but still not able to be normal. It was a normal day when he just once again came over to confront her seeing her mere sight his blood would automatically boil up and all he could spit out is anger.He couldn't control and just blurted out but then got distracted all thanks to her buddy and landed in the castle of her arms...yet again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A touch that just shut all their senses but he deprived himself of all it and shouted once again and just landed on floor. His anger seem no boundaries as he just took a hold of her just then the avenger cam and rescued her seems like a joke but here starts the list of accusations associating her with the avenger, which surely maddened her but still it was not something she would ever be bothered about. For everyone else she was completely and somehow officially associated with him but then it didn't mattered to her. She was even still calm with the avenger even more than calm which just disgusted him further not able to actually understand her moreover she was just a riddle for him!!!!!!!!!!!!

She least cared about anything more overly be it anyone. Once where he hated her somewhere liked that innocent soul. She was yet again proved her capabilities to just turn out everything correct and perfect with that news she was more famous moreover more associated with that avenger. So once again he got a reason for accusing her without delaying he marched towards her to yet again land into a situation so desirable yet not welcomed. She wasn't au naturel but still his gaze did made her feel the same. He was burning in rage but somewhere now it was her who was burning his senses. He couldn't deny the beauty but neither could he appreciate it his senses was shunned by the mere anger. She was perplexed for his demeanor it wasn't new for her but she couldn't find a reason. She was completely disgusted at his audacity but that didn't bothered him it was just her nude self bothered him more than he could even thought. But the acknowledgement was the hardest part. She barged and protested but her meek structure couldn't be any help crossing his all limits he just left over with a statement to never cross her path unaware their path wasn't separate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Their rage wasn't ended here, his act just fumed her, she had no controls over her urges that was just to live no sign of his on earth. He rather took it lightly only until it actually hurt him, which just driven him out of sanity toward his act. He tried punishing her but still there were some ethics left in him he immediately deprived her of his wrath. She was shocked to know he still showed some ethic when she crossed a line of humanity and hurt him. Was it her ethics or something else provoked a care for him in her. He was more sickened with her demeanor towards him in a form of concern. She was amazed at her changed view but this was something she wasn't just able to help herself either more than him now it hurt her more she felt convenient in covering it behind her guilt but least she knew what was it. They detached but only to think about the other more n more. The lonely time was eaten up by that strange moment both disgusted but still thought about it as they couldn't have enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Another day waited another drama for her as it was her innocent soul in a trouble at least she thought to be and another person in the world got a chance to accuse her of something she haven't done least she haven't even thought about it. Her life was now just filled with accusations. At the other side he was bothered than anyone else to have a lost that innocent soul just because of some crap people. Then the understanding bloomed and both understood all is meant what they take it and believe it so ironic only if she say so its wrong...So here, it was again he was excited about it but all he could be just disappointed as no one in this world could just understand him, at least he thought that way. But god had already created a angel for him. It was just his chance to recognize her, rather the most difficult part. His dashing hopes was changed into a bright smile as his all lost hopes were gained yet again. Unknown to each others persona the common likeness just attracted him towards her. They were least bothered about knowing each other but still they build up a connection of trust over each other hopeful to meet again. As he was left with a urge to see her as he never met someone like her before and she surely had PHd in making such friends as her carefree nature she was just happy to have a companion beside her, least they knew their promise to be again will be for eternity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uski udaasi ko kiya deewani ne door
Mil gaya usse bhi match buddy jo ke tha majboor
Mile kuch is tarah ke beech mein reh gayi aas

Andhera mein hi gum gaya woh dhundla sa aks

The life was back to normal, yet again she was into accusations of betraying friend which she would die but won't do it. Even he didn't liked it but the only thing he was good at was assuming things of his own and then think it with pressurizing his pea size brain. Then she was priased who knew the importance of her, her capabilities, undoubtedly she was a gem to be treasured but all people could do is to just trash her. Well this wasn't it that fate planned to make them meet again on a other platform. As they both were inebriated, intellectually shunned senses drowned in a world of their own. They met but unaware pouring so much of trust when he can't just even stand her sight. Here wanting her to make his wifey, Her cute antics did made him feel strange around her having his best time, she too enjoyed being with him around. Even in that state he didn't left his possessive side and took her along with him not leaving with some guy whom she knew and took her along whom she didn't knew but still relaxed that she'll be safe with him rather safest as she was officially his wife. He showed his complete dominance over her as if she was in his possession but she didn't mind either only until he completely refuged to share his chum, departing her way from him, almost taking his soul away, even she cried over his rudeness rather than panicking on her situation. They met yet again n complained, he asked for a promise and she obediently accepted just then they were drowned into the pool of emotions of their own just felt few moments ago. Everything just seem perfect around as they couldn't have enough of each other, as much they got they yearned for more, unknown to their surroundings completely lost into each other, sanity was long gone and now it was just a whirlpool of their desires!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The dono hi gum thi kuch esi khushi

Bekhudi mein takragayi usko wifey

Pal do pal ki pehchaan

Kar gayi sab se anjaan

Ankhon mein doobte hi jaana

Thandi hawa mein woh aahon ka bharna

Gale milen kuch yun bebas

Yaad rahe humesha woh dhundla sa aks

Until she realized what they were upto reality broke down over her, she was ashamed of her own act, she didn't knew what, why how all she knew was this is wrong most of it, she was wrong she was a mutual companion in the sin atleast she thought, she tried running away but forgot how to run away from a memory that will reside whole her life. He was baffled at his approach as the past event ran through his mind but all he could think was of a purpose but couldn't find his restless soul seek peace which was long gone he lost her, he lost her peace. They both were guilty at their own act who was more responsible they didn't knew but couldn't blame the other partner in crime their heart didn't allowed it. She was soon punished for her misdeed at least she thought but unaware it was another act of god to get her close to her fate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They both were lost in their guilt
, they couldn't make out what actually happened who was more responsible, how could they stoop so low they couldn't punish themselves enough. They were just simply ashamed of their act although it meant a lot but still it wasn't easy to accept it. But the only thought that shook their soul was will the other one remember them ever, the thought of what the other one would thought about them pushed them further in teh whirlpool of confusion. That moment which they helplessly tried to wash off their mind but again n again all it could flash was that one moment that still just drive them crazy, just the feel of it still made them burn and breathe uneven, this was something new but everything felt familiar. no matter how much they regret over this one moment but they couldn't just treasure it enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She led her life as she was already frustrated over the chain of acts, but still people around her didn't bothered to irritate her further, her buddy blamed himself for her situation but least it was in anyone's hand. At the other side he was just lost in those thoughts more over worried about her her safety means the most to him, he didn't know where she could be, how he wished if he could know. He was taken to shop for his wifey least they knew that this statement could really be true. Next thing around they were few people who really treasured her and just the news was enough to make them earth and sky even, he made it quick and didn't left any stone unturned in her safety. Even ti meant to take her at his place he did it least he knew he was just a puppet to obey god's will which was just to bring them together again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She was brought here to keep in his space, as her future was already decided. She was tensed over the fact to conquer something so easily but this was already being planned. She was in pain but then was soothed. At the other side she tried reaching him to inform him about this but it wasn't possible. After that wrecked night he promised to never consume and he was tricked into it. To play another scene so that he still remain unaware of her whereabouts. he came and just landed on his pillow without whom he can't sleep. Being not in his senses he extremely felt the pillow magical today inevitably fitting so perfectly into him that it had never before like today. It felt extremely good. Least he knew the feeling driving through him. They fit so easily with convenience the only trouble was her fractured leg which didn't let them get further closer but still how much they could they didn't left the inch of warmth to be missed. Its only after mid night he realized when he was completely trapped by her now that it was not a non-living thing any more infact it was living thing, and that too dangerously the opposite gender. A different current passed through his body just to realize the fact, wasn't he ashamed enough with the act last night that now this was something unbelievable. Her position also not helping instead driving him into other world. Even the atmosphere felt perfect further to ruin his situation. She unknowingly didn't left even a bit to seduce him. If ti would be any other time he would have loved it but at the moment he was just scared to death. He finally managed to seek help from his chum, who just raged him reminding teh past event and he was yet again on the same platform once again, he tried explaining but he was no where near listening but then he tried helping him but she wasn't in a mood to favor him too she just worsen his situation with her every touch. All she would do is just to make him beg inwardly to stop which she unknowingly was doing to him. His chum could only laugh at this sexy plight of his, He felt sudden shudders as she skimmed him realizing it was her toy he was not. She was getting restless he tried compose her sooth her, being worried for himself the concern radar was turned towards her. He tired only his chum brought him back and tried knocking some sense into him. When he tried a conversation with all trust she directed her pain to him and he obediently tried his best to sooth her at his best. Perfect for each other in every sense they just proved. It was time for her now when reality sank in and she realized the transformation of his puchki into something sexy. She was terrified with the fact but then later after a hassle she learned about him, room, pillow and he about her, presence, n puchki. Both were delighted as the understanding was built up so naturally. All left them alone once again he made sure she was fine but didn't left a single chance to tease her but at the other side made sure she was fine too and checked himself. He didn't liked her reluctance but then she too moulded in his obedience. Before parting the obvious was left to leave mark not on her but on her heart of their this memorable meeting and that brush would be remember till eternity as a perfect good bye rather good night gift!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uspe nasha chaya tha
Khumaar usse bhi kum na tha
Esi hui kuch mulaqaat
Sath rahe saari raat

Kuch kaha nahi kuch suna nahi

Bharosa hogya kuch apne hi aap

Honton ki sarsrahat se hogaye vaade se

Bandh gaye hon jaise ek kache dhaage se

They both were once again embarrassed over their mutual act although it didn't meant anything or everything but still didn't wanted it to be this way but yeah the whole night wasn't enough this also had to be happen. Next day was normal both decided not to confront will be the safest way to rescue themselves from further embarrassing moments. As facing the truth by himself when reality came ahead he wasn't shocked rather shocked others with his approach so calm, but said true by chum he would even share his life what the hell room is but then he was also amazed by his dad the way he treated her he was the son and never got his care n concern and here he was showering all on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here he was back on routine having chit chat with the innocent soul and still discussing her, knowing more about her. The innocent soul demanded what she priced more, he felt safe to come near her in night, well at least he considered that safe which so wasn't being near her. HE didn't left any doubt in making her assume if he was not a thief. She pounced him and startled him, but then lost her own balance thanks to him, he stabled her, and even showed his anger on it, even with this she is moving around, his anger vanished when the fear sank in what if it would be real. He never left a chance to tease her be it with words or be it with his physique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He tempted her the most although she felt it was wrong but then didn't had teh guts to stop herself from it. She couldn't have enough of it. He couldn't have enough of teasing her the best part he loved was she never denied rather reluctantly but accepted all his gestures as a joke whole heartedly. He teased her, her senses as much as he could he thoroughly enjoyed it. His persona around him was completely different. His appearances and antics not only made breathe uneven in fact breathing around him was the most difficult part. He worked literary on her legs just making her tickle, moan and what not but that was more he was enjoying only until she lost the battle and then he pounced over her, to even call him with that name. The night darkened further and they let their eyelids dipped sleeping peacefully in each others embrace forgetting the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guzra woh har besharmi ki had se

Aur mila esi pyaari mistimia se

Hui woh bhi bilkul us jaisi

Aur mil gaya usse puchki

The next day he came once again not to meet her but the that thing was left over he had no shame from her at least not anymore, in fact he quite loved the way he shied as he knew his affect on her, He shamelessly moved around least bothered even if he watched her how he wish if it could be true. He would indirectly hint her himself unaware about the reality that it would on day become true. His teasing would change into concern in just few minutes but would never cross his limit in any way, All he would make her blush with different shades of red, sometimes the deeper shade. His concern for her was something that comes so naturally. He left her after making sure she wasn't in hands of some ridiculous person as he couldn't bear that someone mishandling her. His physical presence was with the innocent soul but the mentally he was absent minded, the restlessness in him was something even he wasn't able to explain even to himself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One day passed rather night when they would meet as he couldn't disturb her either next day he waited impatiently more of meeting her if was impatient in implementing his ideas on her. He did tried teasing her more of burning something within her which did but then she didn't expressed only until he started playing his part. Making her vulnerable with his gestures which just drive her crazy and worst part she wasn't even allowed to speak as the words n voice left her side. He had this weird idea to apply paint on her milky body, she least knew his intention only when he verbalized and scared the hell out of her, it wasn't she didn't him but herself was something she was loosing control day by day. her persona changed around him so frequently that even she couldn't believe it. He started just making her dead she couldn't breath having him so close but he enjoyed thoroughly. She kept pleading but he didn't payed any heed to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Samjhte dono ek dusre ki unkahi baat

Aur guzar jaate unke din or raat

Woh fida uski nadaani pe

Woh fida uski behaayi pe

Only when he was done, she took her chance to torture him make him feel the same torments she went through, but she got defeated instead he displayed himself in front of her with authority to do whatever she wish. She did and tortured him equally, they took their turns and painted whatever place they but still just couldn't have enough of it. The time just elapsed in their masti and they didn't even realized only before the night of departure. The reality sank in and they couldn't even breathe they couldn't think anymore to live separately how it would be even possible. They didn't showed the restlessness but then words were not actually needed between them. The thought itself just shook their souls they both give up to at least cherish the present moments but it would be difficult to separate heartbeats from its heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woh aayi thi kal woh jayegi kal
Par yaad rahenge dono ko woh saare pal
Woh pal jin me hui kuch meethi si baatein
Body painting mein guzri saari raatein
Socha na tha alag honge yun
Ke banke reh gayein woh bas yaadein
Aayi ghadiya bichadne ki jab paas
Reh gayi honton oe ek aas
Rishta ban gaya tha unka bahat hi khaas
Ke zindagi mein hue dhundla sare aks

The day arrived hard on her it was her when she didn't wanted to come and today she just didn't wanted to leave couldn't find enough reason nor him. She looked around for him but not even a single sign of his she could find, she took his whereabouts and left hers as a memory or souvenir. He lately came to know the fact which just shook him he couldn't believe she just left him behind leaving nothing not even her identity just image not even clear. Just then a small ray of hope peeped in and he jumped in joy he couldn't thank his stars enough but even that got shattered into million of pieces. The fact that he didn't learned anything about her personal just drew him into a pool of sadness. His happiness was transformed into a anger which simply came out on her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He believed he would easily recognize her but then when she was there he hated her mere sight. She was into another depression couldn't find anything to let his memories go all she would do is wait for him, to just have a glimpse. They both got a best distraction he in innocent soul and her in her work. He was happy spending time with his chum and then got into whirlpool of his night partner he couldn't have enough of her the more he thinks and the more he get alive. He rushed out with his thoughts least knew she would be awaiting for him as he called her trouble. Not being in his senses and her attitude just ignited the fuel in him to force her. She hated him too and kept protesting but still landed into another trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being alike and adamant both got stick to their own behavior behaving worse than kids. She couldn't understand his problem and he her attitude. He tried convincing then couldn't he simply cut it off with the caressing of his lips on hers.. More than horrifying it was shocking to her. This odium just disgusted them over each other. In their rage they just kept aside the feeling of familiarity that ran through their veins. They came out of their fury only when they were hit by a something, it all changed into worry for each other, she immediately protected him and all he cared was her security and the first thing he called out after opening up was only her, her safety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He then realized whom he was caring about only when he was peaceful to know she is alright. All he knew is he landed in problems all because of her. He could never give credit to her, all he knew she is a disaster especially for him. She saved him and all he could say is surely there must be something that she have done this, the mean person he have ever met. Even she knew all she would be given is accusations least she could expect from him is a smile that too not mean, but that would not be happening even in dream. During the process his chum tried distracting him recalling his memories with his night partner he could just easily get lost in her. And then suddenly landed up getting it back to that weird creature how he hated her, instead why he hated her, similarly he can't explain the affection towards the night partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the other side she was in joy learning his hotie will be ruling over her. She couldn't just ask for more, this was like more than a dream come true. At the other side seeking his time pass he found innocent soul, he tried acting casual around her forgot not anyone could be like her night partner. He maintained a distance and then got into another issue of being getting associated with er. It wasn't he even liked her but then his ego was something always makes think complicated for him. Finally they were into something, something they themselves didn't knew at least they pretend to be, he acted possessive around her too was it being protective or what he himself didn't knew all he knew he hated this buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes their first confrontation as their own identity. He knew it was her birthday but didn't it could be the same friend that innocent soul talks about, he was curious to meet her but then all came shattered after learning teh fact. She knew him very well through the innocent soul but then the fact just choked her to death not even in her wildest dreams she thought it would be this whom she was making an ideal. They acted normally but there couldn't be anything normal between them ever. Their past meetings weren't so pleasant but still they couldn't mention any of these especially the last one. They both vanished only to meet once again eh tried explaining but her snapping would always ignite him to do the worse, He then explained his own way. He understood his proximity did affected her, how much she put up that anger but here it was teh matter of her friend she didn't wanted to break her heart, she even beared him, the most difficult thing in this world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Her anger just provoked him further and left a sweet mark on her cheek, then remembered and gifted her another caress over her cheek this time pleasantly. Just then they realized they wasn't in a position to face each other in fact any one at that place. She saved herself and him from innocent soul from getting into any other awkward situation. He acted extra ordinarily normal to her, both couldn't say much least they knew what to say. She cut the cake and not intended to feed him asked her to feed him amazing her he didn't took the morsel just he wanted to have from her. She couldn't believe he was so joyous to have it from her as if he achieved something so huge. Just then he came across another fact regarding hotty she referred taht avenger with this name which burned him alive and her acceptance towards him was like he was on fire already. All he could do was just poison her innocent soul at the verge of jealousy. He didn't had any authorities but still couldn't bear to see her there with him or even associated with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She did got a celebration from his admirer and ideal too, Her madness reached a height atleast she thought that he was the older version of that frantic, but with a huge difference he cared and that frantic hated her the most. During the whole hush they got straddled, her giggles just blew him and his touch just made her shudder. They felt the same and dying to have glimpse of each other. She kept finding him and he kept looking for her, but just couldn't find each other as the thought kept haunting them when will they be rewarded enough to meet each other. At the other side they kept ignoring each other most probably, avoiding teh feeling taht ran through them. Here destiny planned something else only, as they met yet again through the innocent soul, she didn't hated him but knew he did, same as she thought her sight just made him fume, but then somewhere her presence did proved to be soothing. Her joke just blasted him but least he could do but then couldn't even let it go, so easily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He planned for his own sweet revenge but later on, and here he got a chance to get her all alone and then start his teasing session. After a long time when everyone was gone only that avenger left then she was left all alone on his mercy. But the god has some other plans, her one mistake and they both got stock in a major problem least she knew the consequences. They both learned he calmly said everything she tried her best to escape but every path just took her to him, how she wished if he wasn't there, he ot full fledge chance to irritate her so he did. He acted so normal to her all his antics were duper cute but simply found it annoying.As he simply placed his head on her lap she just scavenged it. Then fall for it naturally, he couldn't kept herself aloof from for so long and they spend time singing dancing laughing cherishing every single moment. There was a time when he was offended with her approach as he had all right on her and he just crossed all the lines and once again was on the lines of forcing her. He just didn't like her rejection of his morsel and then pushed into her oesophagus, she kept protesting until all her wits failed. He didn't realized when his force transformed into passion, the anger soothed into a desire. To have her there forever in this manner, He just loved, enjoyed every bit of it. She protested as she couldn't bear the pressure of emotions filled within she simply didn't knew it all she knew it was wrong but couldn't help herself. He was lost in it not even a sec he realized it was a forbidden touch he believe this is the warmth he was seeking all these dreading days. This is the place they both belong to fascinating, fidgety, painful yet peaceful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kamre mein hue akele band
Arha tha usse sara hi mahol bada pasand
Uska chedna phir manana
De raha tha hasi ka ek bahana
Thi uski yeh had satane ki
Lagi usse wajah ek aur sitam dhane ki
Hogya madhosh us bekhudi mein

Hosh aane pe reh gaya dang
Ke dubo diya khud ko gusse ki aag mein

She finally brought him back to his senses, as he just disgusted over his own self. She kept shedding knew it was all wrong, knew it was just painful, he tried recollecting his act but then couldn't answer himself, he didn't knew how he became so lost her continuous scavenging didn't let him free her. As he wished to keep her there always, his forgotten memories as came alive. He repented until he was freed from there, least he knew his act would just get her into another ignominious act. His pain was nothing infront of her agony he would have punished more but then he couldn't his own body gave up. Next day started she knew she deserved everything single thing happening to her. She completely deserve it especially learning more about him she knew there was something wrong about her and not him, all his acts were justified towards was not is herself. She blamed herself completely, she felt disheartened when her own innocent soul doubted her, just then she wanted to ran away from all this forever. At the other side he just came for her, to have a look, more than himself he was worried for her but then her sight with that buddy of hers just burned him alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By learning the story in which he was the lead just made a note she was as desperate as that avenger but then it just triggered to do something out of sanity, how much he hated her but then this was something taking toll on him. She opted for the best solution to avoid him as much as she could, and that even resulted into good, she being normal around with everyone not just him, but this just made him more curious and restless. He didn't liked it but then couldn't even do much about it. She tried distracting herself into some other thing only then she realized he was there even his name would make her tremble, facing him was like standing near death fear, he couldn't gulped the harsh reality. It didn't bothered much she left all those paths on which she could even find him, top of it the talks ignited him further, what he believed he could live with it but hearing same from others was like piercing his heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He couldn't have it enough he forced her to come with him to that event, she refused not saying not looking but her every gesture just spoke of complete denial. He couldn't let her go this time he forced her, as she wasn't left with much option, she did but ignored him all the time. Her every act just proved he didn't wanted to be anywhere near him , he knew the reason but acceptance would be so difficult he didn't knew. He couldn't say much to her, but then this time didn't failed in proving her all clean and innocent in this whole issue, possessively yet protectively. When all understood his point he was the happiest person on the earth it all felt so good so relaxing so soothing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here she was successful in getting the other two love birds closer. Here he waited for her knew she won't be coming by herself not until he attempts but she completely denied, he wasn't left with any other option than taking her ignorantly yet forcing won't work this time. He too maintained a distance if that what she wanted he was happy she was there all he wanted, he himself didn't knew why his presence mattered so much but then unknowingly it did mattered to him. Her ignorance just made him curious all the time. This time he just blankly followed her in her path, least she knew about it and when realization came in she couldn't do much. He kept reasoning her for his every act more over convincing himself. This mad act was just out of blue she left and he smilingly came back, he didn't knew the answers, to this craziness of his but then there was always innocent soul to distract him from her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
An odd day just as a distraction he asked her out, she casually took him to her place he loved the feel there but then the loneliness took over the situation they didn't intended to do anything but all came so naturally doubting each others thought just pushed them off the edge. He normally comforted her, and she couldn't deny the warmth when all this so sweet turned nasty they didn't realized, it didn't even turned just the feel made him disgusted over himself. He couldn't even think over those lines, all he could think was about her her feel, presence which seemed perfect and here it was all so imperfect. He dwelt about the thought what if she knows about this smutty act . He dreaded and left in seek of her, He madly looked for everywhere possibly he could find her but didn't this just made him go out of sanity. He couldn't breathe neither could he digest how will he explain how will he face her just madly looking for her. He didn't cared about anything just her and her reaction. Finally he found her could feel a peace, he tried getting close but knew this would just worsen the situation he just silently asked her to be with him. She did obediently she knew he was disturbed but then couldn't help either but her presence was enough to get a peace of mind to even think straight. He tried his best to talk to her, but even words weren't contriving. He was trembling with fear, he didn't knew why himself all he knew he won't be able to face her disgust, her wrath which he deserve right now truly, he couldn't have do to this what he himself wasn't aware off. She got perplexed with his demeanor as this was something really new this would be her condition shy, trembling, startling with words when all her problems shifted to him. He couldn't say much all he managed was just to ask her equanimity by embracing her or she embracing him. It felt much better after that nasty act of his, she couldn't even deny seeing him in pain was like walking on thrones in fact worse than that, she didn't knew what bothered him but if she could calm him she would, although reluctance didn't left her side but with him there was always different world around them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was composed enough to spit his wrongdoing but then still the fear and disgust feelings surround him. Somewhere knewing she will understand but then even a tinge in her eyes will explode his heart. He wasn't able to understand himself how was he reacting in first place why was he even reacting like these million of question but no answer he could manage for, to her not himself. All he knew was just this restlessness could be clam by her non other than her, but even why this restlessness got calm by her, he hated her the most still could find solace just around her. He didn't actually justifies the act, but all he could do was spit anger on her on her not being available when he wanted the most. He believed he don't have to justify just because she would understand naturally, finally got a cure himself to those pricking touches as her touch!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon their moment was distracted, which just aroused his impatience and anger further, he couldn't behold anyone between them not even his name. As the problem was HIS, he couldn't bear that feeling of standing anyone sight even near her. If he could he would keep her near him most of the time rather all the time. Her rejection of spending time with him just fumed him to once push her into a wrong direction which he can't even think on those lines but said and all her mistake was to accept it. She was never bothered what others said but for the very first time it did mattered to her she couldn't bear anymore, after all she too kept a heart instead of a stone in her chest but people never think around those lines, would hurt her without bothering but she felt hurt was it because of her expectation from him to understand her, or to never get her wrong but it really stabbed her heart. Her acceptance was somethign not even in his dreams he would except and here she did he reeked with the feel, didn't had any way to stop her but his own way to seal her lips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Something just melted her, but then his baseless question would ultimately arouse her, and one again her words just pierced through him and his looks pierced through her soul. She knew he was lying but still it hurt, it hurt somewhere deep inside, he knew her every word was fake but hearing it from her, her approval over it just makes him feel as detriment. They finally relaxed over their fight, their was always a conversation of their own between their hearts which never reached, she knew this was forbidden person whom she can't have in her dreams but still it all felt so right in place. Her leaving would always leave him complex but then her acceptance seconds will just make his day too. Her irresponsibility whose reason was him, she got a lot of bombardment but then even that felt soothing at least she have some one who cares for her truly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The guardian made her understand to have a gap so that he opens to that innocent soul, but this was something not in her hand. She later found out the reason of his restlessness actually the insubstantial reason, which was correct but she thought he wasn't feeling good because of innocent soul least she expected her thought made him sick about himself. All she could do was curse herself over not even able to sooth him when he needed her, me wondering what else was the way to sooth him when you yourself get so restless around him, which don't even bother. He kept admiring the misty image of his if he would be there everythign would be just perfect. At the other side he kept admiring her cute little angel, and then not even noticing it was moreover of her, how she affected him so much, she was no where near, cute little angel but still he couldn't stop thinking about her. Next day was a worst day he didn't loose innocent soul but a fear dreaded him of loosing her of knowing teh truth about his nasty acts and her words somewhere proved it to be right which once again just blew him. Her choice of words was always needed to ignite the already burning fuel in him. He was just ruptured over the thought the way she thought about him. He didn't knew why all he knew she shouldn't as he expected way beyond her capacity. He himself accepted himself together with the innocent soul but if she said so it was all wrong all he just forgot about his anger in a jiffy when he came across a harsh truth almost on verge of loosing her may be forever, this just shook his whole soul, he would give up his life for her even one scar and but getting her hurt was something he won't even like to think in those lines. Something was all enough to confuse her further, but still she couldn't deny the affection the very next minute. He didn't like disturbance but then he couldn't even do much about it. least made sure he won't trouble her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It all so felt special just being having around her. He so much wanted her but then claiming her in his senses was something eh won't be able to answer about it. Next thing her matriarch knows about him and the innocent soul, she was at verge of break down with his choice least she expected was this structure. She was completely broken, she couldn't digest teh fact, in fact didn't wanted to either. She immediately called him chum to rescue him from this disaster, he himself least knew anything about it. he did knew the innocent soul but then something between them eh wouldn't believe at all. Here she was trying collecting the scattered nth pieces of her heart, for finding solace she ran towards her provenance. She understood the fact and promised herself to be strong enough to let go as this was right in everyone's favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was not at all thrilled in making her matriarch meeting innocent soul but then he wanted her verdict although for what he himself never seem to understand kept pestering her over to agree when he himself didn't knew if he was agreed. He came in shock when he came across a reality of she being not knowing him, her act was justified but still his heart was nowhere to accept it. She had to go through a lot of pain in denying him worse than suicide. They met after a dreadful week both trying to be normal they didn't knew much what to say what to claim, what to even question about, their silence was just something spoke it all. Her silence was acceptable but not her denial, his arrogance with distance was acceptable but not his closeness with affection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
His nights were sleepless again, only he knew how he waited to see her next day, but then teh sight itself burned him, he hated teh name of avenger with her, seeing her with him was more than enough to provoke the demon in him. he came alive and did which was no expected by others but very much expected by her. She somewhere knew the reaction more than he pinched her, getting him hurt was all enough to thaw her stiffness. She did melted she couldn't help herself either in that way, all she knew she couldn't be harsh on him, can't just see him hurt no matter what she did expressed herself but all he could do was accuse her, yet claiming her but still never gave her the place she deserved rather a invisible position which was only meant for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He didn't left a doubt in her to be with him no matter what how much he hated her or what else be but still wanted to have her with him rather only him. She cherished every moment loving everything about it only until reality hit her hard she presumed everything invisible but then it came in her sight all she do was get disgust over self, she wondered if any more disgrace is left to be faced in her life. She soon realized it could never be possible but still there was a tint of enviousness even for which she hated herself teh most. The innocent soul left her for him and then he for her as he soon learned she avioded him once again. He reached her immediately to blast her but then her voice so low just made him weak as now what comes first was only her well- being nothing else than that as he was on verge of loosing her forever. His talks just made him more vulnerable for her , more difficult for her to distract himself from her. She tried but all in vain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next day was a special day for innocent soul so she gathered the two most important people in her life, least their importance in each others life. She wished to avoid her as much as she could but fate had its own plans. He didn't left a single chance to tease her, which just confused her rather fumed her on her own self to be so helpless that he affected her so easily. Her continuous denial blew him and this was the high time for her to take a step and she did. She didn't wished anything more than her own friends happiness. As much as she could she did her burst ruining her image but least she knew he had the power to look beyond it what she was trying so hard to hide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was just baffled over what to react how to react, he didn't know anything everything was fine until this fuss created by her but still failed to find a reason. He too was entangled by his chum as he made him conclude what was she to him. As when he realized he learned he actually was nothing or rather she was nothing which did hurt him. His chum knew it now but wanted him to know it too. All he had was to just to talk about her continuously but then he himself got fed up and thought of easing himself. As by now consuming so much he was not in a conscious state all his tipsiness came shattered when he looked into a direction of firing flames. He was scared to death, but then he finally got some wits to face already not in his senses what ever he said was not baseless it all felt right in place but that image of his got all affected as she got disgusted over him not to be as the innocent picturized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Due to his grogginess all the fuss he created but then eventually he zonk out, and she was left with no option but to have help from his chum. At first she was all irritated and even blasted him but then he understood her even a made a note she was simply perfect for him. Then when she got to learn more about him she just got flattered after every min and he finally realized no doubt she was a perfect material to be drooled over, anyone could have as easily as possible. They both got engaged into a real good conversation only until he made her realize their reference and reason behind their talking she immediately cut off it but then he too wished be with him same as him but then they both knew who was made for each other only her and him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After ending it all she came to check it one last time but least she knew she won't be able to leave only. As it said being a blotto u really speak truth and so did he to her, although he was not in his senses but knew exactly what he wanted and what she could ask for not even a single thing he would remember once the consciousness comes back but then that didn't even bothered him, but she all denied to him completely, more off to her own self so that she don't feel anything but that just a lie she herself knew. he so cutely requested her that he couldn't even deny to him. She felt her life just belonged there but then couldn't except it either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At the other end he had the most beautiful sight in front of his eyes he couldn't deny the serene beauty beholder , nothing could be just amazing than this, but then he could never let a chance loose to tease her, it was just he couldn't had enough of it. But then regret having her close how can he even think, when she shun all his sense just by her look. Least he knew it will just turn so nasty at least she thought that way, when to him it was just a prissy moment he would cherish all his life but to her it all turned into somethign else she can't even imagine herself, prone to his thoughts completely, unaware of his attention which was sheer filled with passion. Her look made him disgust to even fool around her, he could never understand her, he didn't knew if she would take it so seriously, he couldn't even imagine on those lines without her consent, all he felt was hurt that she could never understand him, why was it all so difficult, but the beautiful moment got ruined by both misunderstanding each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the class she just walked away to the bus stand without saying anything to anyone, where another world awaited her. He was impatient walking restlessly on the platform. She didn't even notice him..
he held her hand & stopped her. He was here to shout at her get angry at her yet again abt that prachi stuff.. but he just forgot all abt it ' all he could see was her... her going towards the bus stand not seeing him.. not talking to him.. she was disturbed... angry..
I told u.. I will be dropping u
he said in a warning tone
she snapped her hand... don't u dare touch me..
he held her hand pulling her closer.. his mind was bursting in questions.. he was supposed to be angry with wat she did... & here she is getting angry.. for wat???
she pushed him away... u don't have any right to touch me, talk to me.. her voice cracked to come any where near me.
He tucked her in his arms... I don't have any right..??? he asked losing his senses, why does she always talks abt getting away from him.. & why that just kills him.. like someone is taking away his last breath
no.. she struggled out of his grip
he shouted seeing her restless... I don't have any right??
I don't have any right??..
his question was only becoming intimidating
no.. she tried to look every where but him... feel everything else but him
I don't have any right??
just leave me... which part of NO u don't understand
who has then???
he roared wo karan... wo tumhara boss.. that stupid armaan???
no one... or anyone or even every one
but not u
she spat angrily on his face
he instantly raised his hand to smash her face... she looked angrily spitting fire at him.. & so was he.. looking into those almond eyes looking at him with so much of anger.. his hand only reached to cup her face.. again losing himself completely even against his own will helplessly
tum kis baat ke liyen itna naraz ho??? ek to tumne prachi ko drink ke baren main kaha
she couldn't believe ..even now he has the wits to accuse her
kyun na kahoon?? she barked.. looking away in disgust
he closed his eyes in misery.. not able to accept her lie... like his heart seemed to not accept her words anymore.. like they could read her eyes
kah lo.. jo kahna hain kah do... jise kahna hain kah do
kah do sab se.. I am a dunked.. cheap.. egoist bast**d.. I am not the way I pretend in college
r u happy now???
is that wat u want to do???
she still didn't respond to his plea.. she just refused to look at him, acknowledge him.. talk to him. It was like hell burned him down.. he didn't know wat he could do to get those eyes to look happier.. look less angrier. ..somewhere like he knew it was not at him they were so annoyed it... it was on self.. that was wosre for him.. how could those priceless pair.. where his world seemed to dwell hate the beholder.. that was his now.
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Next thing they knew was being far away from each other, all they could think about was also each other, but then they could even hurt each other, well this was their immense LOVE for only each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Later she learned the fact that innocent soul was committed to someone else but even then what worried her or the reason of her concern was not her but him, all she could think about teh consequences was him and non other than him. If she could she would have betrayed her at that very moment to cheat him or betray him rather insulting him by ditching in mid way but least she could than just breaking inside. She was afraid what if he knows the truth but then she couldn't really do much about it but his pain would be her death. Here he didn't even bothered in fact happy that if this became a reason for them to be together again to see her again have her again then he was more than happy, only he knew how he felt all those dreading days every second was equilent to be spent in hell or worse than that, he cherished every moment with her, all she knew was that he is disturbed least she knew its reason and to him it didn't mattered not now not then. She would sympathize him but having her was a reason to live be what ever the reason!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, being being aloof for quite a time they finally got together not in that way but still their understanding was something commendable. All it required was one look and they would knew everything, He did missed the innocent soul but then to have her he could ask for nothing else at all. He won't get much time to spend with her but then all he would get that was enough loosing her almost to even have a sight this was far much better, he would even tease her now. One odd day he just tricked her into his plans worse part even if she knew she would willingly let herself be tricked. But then all this just took a verbal commitment to spend a day with him. a DAY was like 24hours...1440 minutes...86400 seconds...he could just dream off but having it in real was like a triumph, he couldn't ask for neither it could be more than a lucky day for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The day started with her sweet voice that was the first thing in the morning could it be any better, he just loved it, but then by her threatening she managed to get him almost on time but then he tried to make it up to her well that was not even needed. But then he was at first shocked with her plannings but then he would even love that idea but he was soon brought to reality. This all continued with their cute talks which ended in a fuss created by him he acted as if he possessed her but then even that wasn't right she would obediently give in to all his demands right wrong was always a second question. She couldn't deny the feel he filled her with but then accepting was a more difficult part. They finally moved on to their destination he didn't left a single chance to tease her well even she joined the league along with him but then all turned out somethign else they didn't thought about it. He thought of it as a good chance to make her burn and she did undoubtedly she hated teh mere sight as if it was her right only hers, but then even she jumped in for a sweet revenge but this just made the cold water around him flames, it was not less than the feel that he was set ablaze that too alive. He couldn't had enough of it when he just took her with him he didn't cared about anything nor anyone all eh cared was what he felt, how miserable it could be how worse could it be, he just wanted to pour out it all but didn't even once thought about her that it was him who incited her for her stupid act not once he juts simply credited her for all this, as always. She was hapless in all they way but she knew explaining anything will just turn out things more of not in her favor she was shook with the reality all his act was justified but none of her, at that very moment all her right on him was taken away by him, she didn't knew why was she even claiming when she it there was nothing at all, but still it felt she ruled over him, and he don't even count her in anything. The whole day was squandered , with his inappropriate nonsense as he realized only when she asked him to desolate her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Meri bebasi ka bayan hai
Bas chal raha na is ghadi
ras hasrat ka nichod doon
aa kas bahon mein aa tod doon
chahoon kya jaanoon na,
chheen loon,
chood doon
is lamhe kya kar jaaoon
s lamhe kya kar doon main jo mujhe chain mile aaram mile
aur ho aur ho saans ka shor ho aanch ki or badhe
aur ho aur ho saans ka shor ho taap ki or chadhe
aur ho aur ho aur mile hum aur bhi jal jaayen

those who want to listenEmbarrassed
{ Well this is not written by me okie this is a song hope everyone knows from rockstar listening in cinema so loud I went madEmbarrassed for it and here it best suited so added do read this whole part of that water park one in bc with this song believe me U will feel this is made for this maan only right now}
She tried to avoid him but then it only took is breathe away with letting her go, he didn't know anything , any reason, or anything else but still wanted to keep her with him, even after that hassle he couldn't let her go, he just wreaked all of it. She didn't know much what was still left but then she just want to end it all, she couldn't just stoop further low. Next day was fine she tried talking to the innocent soul but then in reward all she could get was just accusations. Her ignorance did mattered him, he tried contemplating over her anger but then no matter what he had to make it, he couldn't just let her go. seeing her with that avenger was more than enough to just burn him but still he controlled at least as much as he could, but her denying just shook him. It all seem so easy for him when the sky broke onto him, least he knew how she felt. It continued she tried making it simple he just wanted him anywhere around her but seems this simple thing wasn't getting in his mind as it knew it was just nuisance. He just pestered him to spend more with innocent soul and he thought the reason behind her baseless anger, it did pinched her and every act just reminded of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
roke se na ruke, ye na thake,
aandhi si jo chale, in saanson ki,
pata bhi bina chale, kahan pe kya jale
hai dar se tan man ki sihran se hasrat ki sulgan si
bhadke aur..
shola shola jale bujhe dhuan dhuan
dhuan dhuan lage mujhe dhuan dhuan..
meri bebasi ka bayaan hai

for those who want to seeEmbarrassed
In the midst of all that avenger thought of taking a chance to fill him with rancor. Quite a time passed and his life was completely up n down, nothing was perfect not even correct, as if something amiss that peace in his life, in his world, in his heart and right now it was missing everywhere, because of her, dad, bro everyone around him juts tensed him. He thought of going and finding solace but landed up in new issues saving her was the first primitive responsibility of his seeing that avenger around did burned him but his intentions just made him sick over him self more over her. He was never so chagrined but then today for her he would do anything, even if he has never thought about it ever. Least he knew she was far much better than her knew her limits but a heart of gold God placed in her chest was something she just can't help it. This trait of hers helping even they wished bad for her was her dignity and pride and the reason people would so easily fall for her. She was just a gem of a person never failed in getting people drool over her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She simply cared about hose people whom she really gave a place in her heart no matter then what she would do anything for them even if it means to over board all her limits and boundaries. Next day was fine by her at least she pretend but he couldn't even pretend whom to pretend when there was just no one around.

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Where are you?
Why r u doing this to me.. tumhre bina kuch aacha nahi lagtha.. its been so many days now. Aab tho gussa chod do
. His heart screamed.. u know how much it burns when I see u with that jerk.
U should be more careful with that guy.
He hugged puchki & rolled complaining... I don't know dil mano mera na ho..
like she took it away...
he angrily said then took away meri puri izaad too... can u believe i was thrown out of the disc..he cutely pouted.
Oh god ..i just hate her. I feel choked with things she do to me. Still all I shamelessly do is go behind her. He walked upto the mirror & cursed his own reflection.
I hate u.. ur a stupid idiot moron. ' he wanted to throw something at his aks instead he punched the mirror breaking it into pieces.. strangely it didn't hurt, more than wat he was feeling already with in.
why do I run back of u when I want to walk away from u..
damit .. I hate u so much to make me feel all this..
I hate u
.. he screamed ' falling on the floor. .. & sobbing.. looking at his phone.. eagerly when the phone rang.. is it her
{ooo i just love this MAAN ...damEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedDay Dreaming}

That's it when he came next day it was another hassle there he wouldn't even bothered if he didn't have saw her, it was natural to get involve just having her here was more than enough, an when he learned he could just set everyone ablaze right their pointing anything towards her he could just break it into nth pieces even if it would lead to tear humans into pieces he wouldn't turn his back. Even it meant to betray the whole world for her he would happily without a frown on his face with an ease. He took her with him she couldn't be just happier anymore, oo she just loved it all, how much she wanted him to speak that to after so many days how she wished the whole day to be spent near him, by him, least he spoke anything just to talk to him later, even that was more than enough for her. later he just called chum that he has completely transformed and ultimately he knew who is the reason how he wished he could make him understand and admit it too. He just got more offended with anyone so close to him just associating her with anyone. later at night he just cribbed over her attitude she just couldn't have enough of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They spent a good time but least they knew what awaited next was a disaster for both, as he finally get to know that there was something the only it was so much hyping, but he had that much trust on her to believe only her words and non other than her. He asked her with all his rights least caring about anything or anyone, he just wanted to sooth himself by hearing a answer from her but then least he knew it would just burn him further at the very moment he just printed his fingers hard on her soft cheek that very moment feeling disgust over himself. He didn't knew why he did that and later could just cursed himself to even do that how could he do something like that to her even not in his senses. He didn't knew what si correct or wrong all he knew nothing was correct around her anymore. He tried repenting be through punishing himself but then even that wasn't enough, it hurt, it really did, making him lay over a cold slab or lying him on burning coal was the pain running through his every vein!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She would never regret anything but this she did she literally did, nothing was back to normal when once again they were aloof, more than that imprinted fingers she was worried for him even if he realize how she would if she learns what he had done to himself. She would just never approve it off. Still there was lot to speak but non knew the way and it proceeded yet again. The day she came to knew it was his magic man birthday she tried wiggling all teh bad thoughts she couldn't be happier but then his thought just turned her happiness once again sadness but still she was happy may be he could have something to help her a wand and everything will get alright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here comes the day his special one, and dreading since night just for her one message, be it anything but he waited madly for it, although he was angry on her but still how could she forget, he didn't even bothered about the fact that she might be not knowing all he knew was she didn't wished him. That was like more than enough to ruin his day. Top of it since morning even without drinking he was hallucinating, adding up to misery just making a perfect path towards madness. He left only few doubts regarding if he is mad or going to be, that irritated even more. But still it doesn't seem to end. Well, at the other end someone was dying for his one glance be it from off corner but her eyes were searching only a glimpse. Finally when they learned the truth it was like blow out of the water, they never knew if their confrontation could be just so galvanized. Least the expected this character which they portrayed out of perfection could be the one they both never understood. This was something beyond their understanding, at first few acts but then finally reality, she was more than happy, he couldn't find any!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hui kuch ese ek dusre se pehchaan
Ke yaad aye har mulaqat ke nishaan
He didn't knew how to express all his hopes came shattered down not with the act she was it but with the pain he couldn't recognize her. he spoke all mean things to her as much as he could, he hurt her to no extent tore her apart just like that toy and somewhere same as himself. He never knew to express himself, never knew how to say a thing all he does it hurt her bu interpreting her the wrong message. She was hurt deep within her only hope of having someone close was broken into nth pieces, least she expected hatred in those pair of eyes which just spoke nothing sheer care once a time. She couldn't even curse that would be equilent to kill herself. Knowing a stupid reason from his old matriarch it just pinched further deeper n deeper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He was ina trauma, not in a state to understand anything be it himself he just didn't knew what to do he got the two pieces of that toy into one but then even that couldn't let him repent his sin, which he wasn't even able conclude what was it actually that it hurts so much, this much it just kills him. Knowing more about him it just took her breathe away learning about his pain just took her breathes away, even now she couldn't show any sin of hatredness, all she could do was feel sorry about him, and anger about herself. Once again he just mistook it all in a wrong direction being her with anyone was just not tolerable by him, be it his kin, dearest to him, but he just couldn't do any compromise on her side. His pain seeing them together and her pain looking him in pain. Although a while ago he quite loved it the way his father praised him but then even that couldn't contemplate this what was just so repugnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it proceeded further ahead, and turns of acts made her transform into a traditional which just took his breathe, she didn't look less than princess, and be overprotective over her, he didn't left a single chance though only through his eyes, as implementing never much needed. but the thought eating him up was just that she being with his kin, just killed him within, how was that even possible, not in this lifetime, not in any other, but least he could anything about it but to crib over it. The moment came that she was still with his kin and shaking legs with her just sheer friendship and respect but still that just killed him. Soon finding her alone he didn't left a chance to make her own in his own sweet way.

{ How is one even suppose to breathe after seeing these picsDay Dreaming...and my stupid heartless brain expects me to writeOuchEmbarrassedEmbarrassed}
Their saltation was a complete surrender of her tom him. It spoke louder than their words but all it lacked is acceptance. He finally accepted that he was trying to run away but all he could get was just nothing but disappointment top of it sleepless nights. He just couldn't express it, and she couldn't understand it only until his gestures left her rooted.
{Okie now to be honest I wasn't expecting this yaar claim in this way ooo sho shweeet is this how am I to even write anything on it. I don't know about geet but me falling for this guy yaar gussa hi tou karta hai but pyaar ki tou koi had hi nahi suchi...muski U'll be the one to be blamed if I don't get a hubby like this okie...Embarrassed}
when something cold touched her slender neck.. as his hands slipped it over her head.. she looked down curiously.. it was his moms long chain.. he made her wear. The whole gamut of the emotions swept her crazily.. she turned into his embrace perplexed.. wat was he doing.. why was he doing. He said nothing but stood gazing at her almost contented.. he slowly helped her with the duppata on her shoulder..caressing them.. all the way till the end.. . She looked down at the chain & then at him.. millions of question.. wat..she asked looking at him puzzled.. he just inched away.. calm.. like the inner turmoil just vanished slowly walked away into the darkness.
{Even m rooted...okie okie back to writing drooling would never end I guessLOLWink}
The time elapsed further and led a life again, tried it to be normal, just then when she was shook with a truth like that her closest was expecting, she just turned wild with the fact but then couldn't do much about it as both were just so closer to her, and thought of helping by ending it here itself. Least she knew what awaited for her ahead, there was a lot of confusion she herself couldn't think of anything properly and people around her wasn't making it easy too for her. Just then she lost patience, and blasted people all around her. Only until he came to calm her as to shift the agony from her to him. She didn't knew what to say, neither did he wanted to hear anything else. He didn't said anything which was more than painful but what could he say, he couldn't believe neither could he deny. Emotions running through both of them was just easy to understand. She remained rooted with the thought he thought so low about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They just felt miserable, he didn't anything but still the trauma she was in, as how could he even think so low about her, she was completely disappointed this time. She didn't know what to do, whom to complain, her everything seem to lost peace, tranquility, ataraxis. It all affected around them, everything, seeing her so lost, so worn out, it still pinched their heart, seeing teh other one in pain, he realized if he was in then all that went through her least he knew all it was because of him. He still tried to sooth her what ever be it in them, he could never heat her not in this lifetime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here, they were all ready for commitment, and she being alone wanted one more companion to witness it but then she couldn't think of anyone else other than him. She came to him so brusquely as she had all the rights on him, she didn't even hesitated only until reality sank in, she did had the tights along with some limits. She couldn't of anything much then just she tried to escape which then he couldn't let it be happen. He questioned her abut she just asked for a silent promise, he couldn't accept but denying her would be a reason to die for, seeing her so cheerful after so many days was something he would die himself for even if she wished and simply followed his lead. Then just dreams and hopes all broke when he learnt he was going to be mere puppet out of her hand, and then he would just loose her deliberately eh wished something to call off this whole event. He couldn't just end his silent wished he shooted directly to be granted as soon as possible. It was impossible for him to even think on those lines!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just then his worst nightmare changed into a aesthetic dream. He was granted more then he could wish, he checked by her if ti was true, or was he still in some slumber but then her wish was really a command to him and this one tou with a delight. He granted too her wish, delightedly it was just worried about the consequences but for time being he can atleast cherish the moment. So he did but still her approach didn't made any sense only after seeing his kin with someone else it tried to be making some sense. She was more than happy to get them all together as this was all her endless efforts. Her happiness was short lived when she finally came to knew the truth it was not them but herself who got associated into this commitment that too with him. She could have killed that person who did such mistake wasn't her position and situation already awkward infront of him and now this also has to be happen, but someone was least bothered, as it all seem to be so perfect. As they were soon into their roles, cribbing over the issue that too cutely although she too was nervous but he was literally happy, and didn't left a single chance to tease her. He even called her with their new associated name which she just couldn't miss but numerous beats. She wanted to break it all but then didn't had those wits although unwanted but still they were bonded. He couldn't have enough of her and tried making her confess too she was his be it for time being but still a fact cannot be denied. He engraved her into himself with a impact never to be forgotten rather loosing yourself and forgetting the world. A passion so desirable rather unforgettable yet undeniable, Their feelings had become cacoethes which was hard to deny rather harder to accept. but still they simply found themselves getting drown in it. They both couldn't resist from the feel they both felt around each other but their own conceptions just made them withdraw everything. Although he just loved the feeling no matter what she thought he just couldn't hide his happiness, a power of owning her meant world to him. Later on even learning that rosiness on her cheek was sheer out of his personality made him even more proud over himself and drooled over her more n more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Soon as he learned she was still at work he didn't waited any longer, and reached her as soon as he could, she was deprived of her own visibility, she felt as of some hallucination taking place until she realized he was actually there, weird thoughts took over her mind as in their nuptial night but then she didn't to bore them too into his brain. he tried teasing her but then it was time for her to show the dominance he so didn't wanted to spoil there moment he waited for her and then took her along. Fate had its own plans to get them together, so to dramatize those moments he even allowed clouds to get engage in their special moment making it more special rather more vulnerable for both of them. As always getting lost in her serene beauty he simply just lost his sanity. He couldn't help himself in keeping himself aloof in those boundaries when he knew he just can't resist, his whole mere existence needed was her in every means claiming her to be his in every manner. He was just relishing every part of hers and still seemed to be couldn't have enough of it. Her denial just made him go beyond the boundaries he himself wasn't realizing until he just smacked him hard bringing him back to reality, it wasn't she didn't approved this out of disgust it was sheer out of her uncontrollable feelings which just every time took over her to go beyond around him, leaving her with no strength to cease his actions. She immediately left from there as soon she found her buddy she didn't let him reach there to him. He was all broken leaving him in midst of a pool of desire he was filled with, irresistibility of emotions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He knew its time for repenting on which he wasn't even ashamed but if it mattered to her then surely to him too. He didn't knew how but some way or other he had to compensate over his doings no matter what, he tried making it up to her but then she was not in a mood shunning all her desires and emotions for him as she finally concluded it meant nothing for him. Still her heart aches at that part finally he couldn't have enough and reached her just to be insulted further. He was truly mad about her now least he cared about his respect, all he cared was her having with him, even if it meant loosing everything he have he would happily give it up. She was confused with everything around all she could would just run away from it rather than facing it. he tried all the means reaching her but she just ceased all they ways reaching her. He didn't knew what to do he wouldn't have felt so helpless ever in his life. He tried reaching innocent soul to get to her but then even that didn't helped only got a idea to have her around through him. It even came true she did came but shattering all his high hopes by just saying waiting for that avenger. He couldn't be angry on her anymore, he just cutely cribbed but even fate was on his side and he made his own way with her to get in, although now it all just annoyed him. She did all she could do to trouble him but even that felt nice to him having her around was the best thing in his life. She being in her full swing mood least bothered and cared about anything and seeing her happy was all enough to make his world happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were completely lost into it, just not in their senses, or rather more in it as they clearly knew about each gesture of each other. Rather even in this they cared the most about each other, he couldn't just let her go alone and she couldn't let him go in this state. Least they knew in what will all these end into, they simply didn't knew, it all was just in a jiffy when they actions turned from soft to ye wilder. Every forbidden act seem to be justifies in this state. He just wanted to make her his in every sense, yet didn't knew if this what he wants all by heart, if this what he desires, if this is what it truly means at the moment all he knew he would rather die not being having her, her denial at the moment won't even matter he knew inwardly he herself just can't when they were twirling into the whirlpool of fervency. Every act was just sheer out of love but still all they could talk about or think about was teh exactly opposite HATE...nothing more nothing less, it seem inevitable to accept if they felt anything for each other, well to me I guess if there was any IF but then being a complete blotto he still didn't forgot to think over himself as he was loosing something although what he gaining meant more for now, but it was just him always being regardless of her, as she has already lost everything to him remaining was take away by him, with her consent or without her consent, as it never mattered nor she knew her consent all she knew his pleasing, his pleasure all she required to feel bliss...They did what they desired the most but will they loose what they treasure the most... but confused was it sheer out of hard to admit...and now so hard to just LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beh gaye dono hi jazbaat mein
Thi dono ki jawani josh mein
Phir bhi yaad thi hadein is bekhudi mein
Par khona chahein dono hi is nashe mein
The pal kuch aise ke hue woh beqarar
Ke tod diye unhone pehre hazaar
Rokti nafrat unki karne se iqraar
Jab ke karte ek duje se bepanaah PYAAR

The love they had for each other is irrevocable in every means, the magnet attraction get then through towards each other was just not physical but something beyond that as if their heart strings have got knotted. Something one can't explain neither can understand, something are beyond your reach, just like them their sanity fails when they actually try to understand each other but then their heart doesn't seem to bother about this fact all it knows is that its pumping machine beholder is not anymore the person they reside in but it dwells into that another person, reason to be pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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congrates on new thread

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congrats on new thread!!
waitin for an update

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For 18th Thread...
Lets see how Will be the next Face off of Puchki and Mistimia...

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ab toh jaldi update kardo

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