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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat and his Bandariya Syndrome...!!!! (Page 4)

preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 1:58am | IP Logged
very nice yaar... i love virat's thoughts... waiting for more.. thanks for PM...

monumolu Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 2:29am | IP Logged


   Virat once again brushed 'HER' thoughts aside with so much effort and planned to escape from the clutches of his little detective cousin.  Virat began, 'Come on dude... Focus, the need of the hour is to escape from detective Shlok and be double cautious not to blabber something... Yes you can do it... After all you are 'VIRAAAT!!!!'.  He could barely visualise at that moment his very own name 'Viraat' would push him to the phone convo they hadLOL... 'Viraat naam rakhne se thodi na buddhi Viraat ho jaathi hai... the sarcastic tone of Maanvi was ringing in his ears... ' He shook his head in utter disbelief, 'Abhi abhi uske bare mein naa sochne ka plan banaaya and in a matter of nano seconds am back to square one...' Virat reluctantly admitted to himself a bit too loudly... "Complication hai yaar... Yeh toh bahut bada complication hai ***!!!!%%%%...Confused" Shlok was now seriously getting all confused and a bit concerned too... He raised his eyebrow quizzically to Virat and asked 'Virat bhaiyya hmmm... Kya complication hai??? Yeh aapko kya ho raha hai????' Virat was startled to hear the last sentence, he murmered... 'Yes... yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai!!!! That's what I exactly need to figure out'. Finally Virat hurriedly left from the coffee break out area, leaving back a perplexed Shlok... 'Mein apna jacket lene jaa raha hoon... Mujhe disturb naa kariyo,' yelled Virat.

    Virat didn't know whether he really wanted to fetch his jacket or not, but he was sure that the four walls of his room was like an insulation from the house, from the people around him, from the world and from himself too. Once he was in his room, he could sink into oblivion and fade away... without anyone ever noticing him, without anyone ever missing himCry... As he was approaching his room a melancholic smile spread across his face, leaving a hollow in his heart... No one missed him, he thought sadly as he opened the doors to his room... Feeling of loneliness is the most difficult one to tackle thought Virat... Even after these many years ''Virat Singh Vadhera'' could not handle it...  Virat stared into the reflection in the mirror, 'Traces of pain were clearly reflecting in his eyes, but somehow the intensity of it has mellowed with time... he felt...'   

   Suddenly he remembered how he had rightly noticed shades of sorrow in her beautiful face. ''How her eyes were brimming with tears... How it ripped him from inside... How he felt 'she was nothing but yet another reflection of him'...'' He wanted to get immune to impertinent curiosity when it came to Maanvi... But how could he ignore her tears... "It was as if the pain swelling in his heart was finding way through her eyes to flow through her cheeks and die down on her lips... " How could he let his reflection be in pain???  Big smile

   "WHAAAT???!!!!, did I just quote her as my reflection, wondered Virat with his widened eyes" . He took a deep breath and looked into the mirror with a sigh of relief, "arrey yaar chill maaro, ,mein apne hi shakal dekhke comment maar raha tha..." Winkhe convinced himself. Now he really needs to pick his jacket up from the wardrobe, as it is biting cold in Chandigarh at this time of the year and he would surely not want to fall sick and bother someone. Virat slowly walked away from the mirror and threw his iphone on to the bed, before stealing a short glance at 'HER' pic in the phone. That's when he saw an album on his bed; he quickly grabbed it as if time is running out...

  Virat started flipping through the pages, he was happy to see his bhaai and bhaabhi with smiling faces... He would wish them a world of happiness unlike his pensive world... Then he saw them together!!!... 'She was winking at him and he had a shocked expression on his face, when she had tricked him during that 'Joota Ceremony'.  He fondly remembered how he gave in his victory for her one smile... after all she is ''His Reflection''... Tongue

   Virat scanned through the pics with his heart performing a somersault whenever he saw them together and with each passing photograph his smile also grew bigger. Then while he was approaching towards the end of the album he saw her photograph during the bidaai scene, ''her eyes glistening with tears... and he was sighing wistfully at her...'' Virat unconsciously ran his fingers through her face in the snap, as if caressing her and he could feel all her sorrow soaking into his being... Virat's smile withered away and he desperately wanted to comfort her. He gazed emptily at her 'picture' helplessly and closed his eyes. Virat was thoroughly shaken and he tried comforting himself by ignoring that picture from his mind. He missed her!!!!

  Virat wondered whether she will also miss him, as he did!!!! But why should she??? After all what is there to miss, he thought coming back to his senses.  Reality struck him like a lightning, 'No one has ever missed him ever and No one would ever 'MISS' him...' Still somewhere deep down, against all the odds he longed for the impossible to happen... He was awakened from his brief sojourn in the dreamland, by the loud tone in his iphone... He turned to pick up his mobile and all his sorrow vanished in a matter of no time, when he saw the name flickering there!!!! ''Hai Bandariya, ki haal hai ... '' As usual she didn't give him enough time to continue and started her chappad chappad marathon... 'Tumne album dekha kya Chep... Di aur Jiju kitne cute lagte hai na... Aisa lagta hai ek doosre ke liye bane hai...' Virat could not agree more, 'Haan bahut cute lag rahi ho tum... (tum was almost like a whisper as he was already captivated by her prescence...), AISA LAGTA HAI KI EK DOOSRE KE LIYE HI...Dead' Virat gasped with horror, what did I just think!!!! He defended himself silently, 'Naaa that was just a slip of tongue, HUM aur TUM mein kitna pharak hai, just a matter of one letter... Koi bhi confuse ho sakta hai yaar... Then he was lost again... HUM TUM mein kitna pharak hai??? Kuch bhi toh nahi... 'Hum ek hi sikke ke do sides hai... Ek devar aur EK Saali... EK HI SAAYA aur CHAAYA...' Virat could have gone on and on forever, had it not been for Manvi... She yelled CHEP, from the other side of the phone since there was a long silence. It was so unlike CHEP she mused and today she was lucky that he agreed to her words as if he was obeying his mistress...  Virat shook his head unable to comprehend the chain reaction that happens when he starts thinking of her...

  Virat whined, 'Tum ab mujhe distract kar rahi ho... Phone rakho bak bak band karke...' How could she face defeat like that... that too, to this silly CHEP.  She snorted, "Kya shaadi mein bhi mein tumhe distract kar rahi thi???? Iss liye har photograph mein meri taraf hi ghoor rahe ho???" Virat shuddered, 'Yeh kya bol rahi hai he silently murmered'. Maanvi was confident that she won the verbal war and she demanded him to cut the call. Virat yelped, 'your wish is my command ... "Raani Saheba".Shocked'  Maanvi could not help patting her shoulders, hehehe he called me 'Saali Sahiba'. Maanvi retorted, 'Oye CHEP I am not your Saali Sahiba... I am Jiju's...' Before Maanvi could continue her sentence Virat told her good bye. He sensed trouble brewing and he bit his lip disapproving the blunder that he has just blurted out... 'Raani Sahiba????? Why am I obeying her as if she controls me... as if she is my mistress... my boss...' He quickly grabbed the album once again through their pics one by one... 'OH FREAK... She was right... What am I doing???? Kyun stare kar rahi hoon mein usko...???' Virat reiterated his earlier comment 'Yeh mujhe har waqt distract hi karthi hai... Phir mein kya karonn he said apologetically...'

   Virat didn't quite understand the way he reacted to her, her thoughts, her words, even her memories... Now he understood 'Maanvi' naam ki praani uske kamre ki insulation thodke bhi andar aa sakti hai... Still he didn't realise that she can not only peep into his chaar diwaari but also see through the wall he has built around him... 'Dil ki Dehaleezon Mein Woh Aaa Gayi Hai Virat, Kya Tumhein Dastak Sunaayi Nahi De Raha Hai...'

  Virat didn't know how long he stood there with a smile fixed on his face, the iceberg of sorrows in his heart has melted way to tender hope, and the shades of darkness in his eyes have given way for colourful dreams, the cries stuck in his throat has been replaced by unsung songs... His mind was calm and serene. Tranquillity took over the usual turbulence of emotions from his head. He walked towards his night cabinet and took out his diary and scribbled a single line...


  His smile didn't fade away this time... It was there to stay may be forever... Virat closed his diary feeling very confused, but he did not want to ponder over the line he just wrote. Let me leave it there, some things are better when it is unsaid he felt. Smiling at his reinstated being, he went to grab the jacket from his wardrobe. While he wrapped the jacket around his well built body he wondered how she not only instilled hope and energy into his dying spirit, but also infused warmth into his otherwise cold and dead being. He felt that the thoughts of her was so infectious, she could make him ecstatic and gloomy.  After all they shared a special bond...

  He rekindled his mischievous being and was very excited that he found out the root of his problem. She was a drama queen, one moment she will be too happy and next moment she would be very sad. This extra dose of melodrama has taken a toll on his mental state he mused. So I am suffering from 'Melodrama Infection' LOL concluded Virat.

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vanilla.ice Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 2:30am | IP Logged
loved it, its soo sweet and totally written in VirMan style
ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 3:20am | IP Logged
thanx for d pm...
bechara virat...abhi bhi denial mein hai.. ROFL
preethis IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
hahahhahahhaha very nice...
inlvwithehmmbh Senior Member

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Koi aur nahi hai problem sirf ek hi hai aur wo hai manvi fever!! Is your next part abt him realising this feelings and experssing them? I TOTALLY loved this seriously thanks for the PM will be super eagerly waiting for the next one!!! Thanks
monumolu Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 5:27am | IP Logged
Hi all...
Thank you for all the encouragement... No confession has a long way to go... There are funny syndromes he will face... Then on and off denials of his feelings... And ultimately he would accept he is smitten by his Bandariya ... And officialy he will declare he has Bandariya Syndrome... That's my idea of it... Hope u all will like it...
As Virat is a very natural character with mood swings, I would like to keep him as close to his real self and so is Manvi...
They are a real couple... No extra dose of sugar or sweetness... Not hard to believe... Natural flavour of their relationship  is scintillating... They are not even close to perfect... But in their own trademark imperfect way they are 'PERFECT'...
Well I should stop blabbering now, cos I can go on forever... So accepting his feelings may take another 4 to 5 parts in my story I guess... Big smile Plz bear with me...

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-Shwet- Goldie

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Posted: 24 December 2011 at 7:20am | IP Logged
Awww . . . . .another adorably awesome update. Loved it. I really loved the last line - Sweet Pareshani. Awww, so Viraat has already fallen for Maanvi but is unable to figure it out . . .Ouch. But I am liking the way the story is flowing.

Good going. Keep up the awesome work. And thanx a lot for the PM.

Take Care. Merry Christmas. Smile

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