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H a p p y. B i r t h d a y, G i a-Chikni Chameli;)

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 9:08pm | IP Logged

 I swear it's something important today, but IDK why I can't recall what the important event is. Hmmm... WHAT COULD IT BE! WHAT COULD IT BE?! *looks at calendar* OH MY GAAAWD! It's December 20th :O On this day an angel entered our lives and filled it with colors- sounds cheesy but it's true LOL.  Life wouldn't be the same without this kameeni! We are used to her pink comic sans font, her hyperness for anything beggining and ending with KSG, her addiction to Jones, her love for KaJen, her pagalpan for bananas/watermelons, her snoochie boochie, her banana barat, and  her love for SRK beats anything!

If you can't guess who this person is, SHAME ON YOU!

Please take a moment to watch this song, and figure out who this BINDAAAS, rapchik person is from the vid :)

It's OUR CHIKNI CHAMELI's birthday today! We know how much you love this songTongueHappy Birthday Gia! We love you and hope you have an amazing day and year and may all your dreams come true! Sorry we wanted to get you SRK and KSG's message this birthday, but kya karein! SRK is too busy with Don 2 promotions and KSG said he doesn't have time for you this year :P But it's okay, you can feel better by listening to last years message :D

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anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 9:09pm | IP Logged

PINK GUNDAAA! Maine suna hai ki apka janamdin hai? :O
On your birthday, I'd like to gift you with this:

LOL, I hope you enjoy it for the 10000th time, ehehe. I wish I were still creative enough to make you something, but I've legit lost my touch in every thing! AHHH. BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT! T'is your birthday! You're a year older, a year wiser, and even more beautiful! Although I haven't spoken to you in a REALLY long time, I still wish you an absolutely amazing birthday!
You've always been one of my favourite people, and I pray that on this birthday Allah (SWT) blesses you with everything and more. You are an absolutely amazing girl, and you always make me smile with your comments, remarks, and emoties! Keep smiling, girl. I still wish that one day we get to meet up, and hang out! It would be awesome, ehehe (:
ANYWAYS M'LOVE. Have a fabulous birthday, enjoy yourself with your friends and your family - and keep smiling! I hope you get all the gifts you like, and lots more, ehe.
xoxox, Fattty.

Happy Birthday Gia!
I'm very very happy to have just an awesome friend like you! I hope you have a fantastic birthday and achieve all your dreams! May the coming year bring you tons of prosperity and loads of happiness. You're a great friend to have, and I know I can talk to you about anything. I've always had a great time talking to you, whether it was about KaJen, SRK or anything else! You're someone who's always there for everyone including me, and know how to cheer people up. Although, it's been I don't know how long since we've talked, I hope to catch up with you soon! I hope all your dreams and desires get fulfilled, you deserve the best in life! You're very sweet and totally awesome!!!
I hope you have an amazing day, eat tons of cake and enjoy yourself!
Happy Birthday to youuu again!Enjoyy!
- Samiyah

Happpyyy Birthdaaay To youuu, Dear Giuuu!
Happy Birthday to youuu! :D :D
Happy Birthday Giu, Gabbar jii! Hope you have an amaajing amaajing amaajing day and an even more aamjing year ahead! Muaaah! PARTY PARTY! Eat lots of cakeee!and chocolates and maybe drink Banana shakes LOL :P
So this year either of us was always awaay, we havent really caught up. Our timings did not match at all, and that 4 months long vacations of yours.
I dont likee how we dont get to talk :( cuz i reallly really REALLY Miss talking to yuuu!muaaahs! ILYYY!
So miss Giaaa Khaaan! Happy Birthday again, and let me tell you are and will always a be Gabbar to meee! LOLOL. Remember KPS days? You and Rainuuu! teehee! :D man i miss those days!
You are very special jiii. you know why? because I've never seen a Gabbar who is such a sweetheart and is so crazzzy! Girl, I love your crazyness! Be it for Mr. KSG or Mr. SRK! Pagli si Pyaari si fan ho aap unki teehee. You rockkk! :D  Everything about you, your gaalis(LOL), your Pink Comic Sans Font(ITS EPIC MAN), and then BANANA Baaraats! :D Whenever i have a banana, it reminds me of youu! LMAOOO.
So idk where am I ending up abhi? LOL. Anyway I wanna say that I realllyyy LOVEEE Youu and everything about youu! Your statuses/wallposts ke bagair my FB is so soonaaa! I MEAN IT. It really is sooonaa! hehe. I hate how we dont get to talk, like we used to. I MISS IT SO TERRIBLYYY :( I MISS YOUUS!
SO on your Birthdaay, I hopeyou have lots and lots and lots of fun! :D and i get to talk to you on MSN, somehow! LOL And on your birthday, eat lots of Ferrero Rocherss! :D I'll try eating some on your birthday LOL and celebrate it. teehee!
May Allah fulfill all you wishes and give you lots of Happiness and Successs! :D I hope its one of your BEST Birthdays! muaaah!
You are Awesome jiii, so have AWESOME Fun! :D Oh and did i tell youu? You are super pretty, Masha Allah! Gorgeously beautiful! muaaah!
Happy Happy Happy HAPPYYY Birthday againnn!  Muaaah! ILOVEYOUUU LOTS AND LOTSSS! and i hope we catch up this time , sooneer! muaah!
Oh and i could not make you a siggy, i wanted to :( but school's hectic man. Sorry for that :(
Happy Birthday Againn! :D
With Dher Saaraa Pyaaar,
Saniii :D

Haaapppyyy Birthdaaayyy Giaaa!!!!!
Omgeee,its Gia Khan's birthday already :| So um,ill have to be nice to you right?!lemme tryyy <<
Duude its beeen so so long giaa,we've known each other a longg timeee,and even after soo much,things haven't changed and never will hopefully!<3The first time i saw u on WED,you appeared like a psycho to me,and you actually proved me right once i started getting to know you ha :D But no seriously,i dunn really remember how we started talking to each other,but IM GLAD we did!OH NO WAIT I DO,cos of BAAARNEEEYYY,our one and only lovee!When i defended your barney for the first time,and i became your favouriteee eee!oh cmon,i know you love meee ;) And since then,we've just gotten more closer to each other!I LOVE YOUU GIUUU,and i love ourr convos,which havent been happening lately :( but i loveee how we always keep making fun of each other,we're kinda mean to each other,but i know you still love me okaaay (( cos i lurrrveee uuu,i really DO!you're SUCH a genuine person gia,one of the main reasons why i love u so much,you are what you are and i love your atitude towards everythinggg!You're so warm and friendly with ppl,and so genuine it actually attracts ppl to youuu!and thats such a good quality trust meee ! <3
I LOVEEE YOUR LOVEE FOR KSG,SRK and even all your favourites who i don't like,and HAHA I LOVEEE how you get mad at me whenever i make fun of anyone or any show you really likeee,trust me ,i loveee ur reactions HAHAAA,its so much fun teasing youu :$
LOVE YOUUU GIUU,you seriously deserve nothing but the best in life,and TRUST me i REALLY do miss talking to youu,my chuttis will begin in a day or two so we ll catch uppp after thaaat!But you have a ROCKING day,and i hope this new year brings lotsss of happiness and success in your lifeee!
lots and lotss of loveee,
Kashuuu! <3

MERRY EARLY CHRISTMAS, GIA! I hope Jesus blesses you with a lot of food! And I hope you have a lot of fun with blondie. She's probably going to beg you to go boxing day shopping with her. It's ok, you will survive. Anyways, I hope you have an awesome 2012. We're gonna party like it's the end of the worlddd.
Okay, no, I guess I am getting a little ahead of everything. Five days before Christmas, a special day comes. Can you guess what it is? Hanukkah!!! Kidding, I mean, not kidding, it is Hanukkah, but, it's almost my birthday! Kidding no, that's not it either. Thanksgiving? Family Day? Victoria Day? Easter? Good Friday? Valentine's? It's none of that, goshh. IT'S CANADA DAY!!!! Kidding no, it's YOUR BIRTHDAY! EVEN BETTER!
First of all, happy birthday! You're absolutely flawless, and I love you. You're seriously one of the most amazing people I've ever met (even if you do hate on my Jew loves, and repeatedly use the term "gay"). Talking to you and the rest of the gang is always so much fun. I miss it! But blame university, I hate it. So much stress. And wow, I hate you because you had no class for like of the year. :) Nono, joking, I love you. But you lucky bizatch. -_- Anyways, you're amazingly funny, and really, really, friendly with everyone. I really admire that. Your obsessions with KSG and SRK are so cute. LMAO. I can't believe I used to be intimidated by you when I first joined IF. LOL. Wow, that seems so long ago. You're cute, and I love you. And wow, I'm watching Aarakshan and I'm so distracted, that's why this message sucks. Omg, stop hating Deepika. She's actually not that bad. Her acting improved, FINALLY. Okay wow, this is random.
Okay no. I actually do love you. Remember when I came out of the closet? And NO, I'm not a lesbian, to everyone reading this, JEEZ. Mind yo business! Anu is probably reading this. Hi Anu, what's up? But Gia, you know what I mean, LMFAO. You were so nice about it. God bless your soul!!! I miss you and your craziness! But wow you're so old now. Haha I love how this message is all over the place, omg.
Anyways, go out and party!!!! Be safe and don't get into trouble. I hope all your wishes are fulfilled and that all your dreams come true. Good luck in uni, and make me proud, you epically smart person. I love you!!!!!!
I love you,
Aditi (hahaha, let's laugh at this)

Tatti ayi hai ayi hai ayi hai baree dino ke baad khulll ke tatti ayi hai!
KHAAAN! I'm sure you already know who this is by now and if u don't then ur a tattihead :) HAPPYYY BIRTHDAYYY! May your day be very tattiful! LOL' I must be nice to you in this message even though ur the biggest kameeni :) No one is as mean to me as u r! I wish you could be a little nicer pshht it wouldn't hurt! Ur always calling me ugly -_- and giving me ur random silent treatments! But anyway I will put all that aside and say may you have one of the best birthdays ever! :) As I've said before I can be nice when I need to be nice! :D I've known you forever at this point and I'm just gonna say that even though ur a big bitch :) you can be very nice at times and you are only a bitch cause that's how you talk to people when you are free with them :P At this point I don't even know my relation to u anymore! Sometimes you're my daddiyo, sometimes tatti king, sometimes kameeni, and sometimes plain old KHAAAN! I love calling u that!
I loveee how we can talk about everything so easily and I love love discussing humsafar, maat and even gg at times with u :D I've still gotta watch that last gg episode so we can talk about it! It's so much fun discussing what might happen or even bitching about the characters LOL! I love discussing things after I watch and I always make sure to talk to u :D OMG how can I forget to mention I LOVE you for the Maria pics and vids we get :D Those r sooo good they make my day and I honestly never get tired of watching that cute girl! :D Getting a dose of Maria is just as good as getting a proper ff update and it honestly helps us write our ff! Sheee is our inspiration :) I wish to meet her someday! I'd like to meet her more then I'd like to meet u :P LOL!
Khannn I just want to say that even after all the bitchpan u show me I still love you at the end of the day :D and I know you love me too so don't even try to deny it! I honestly hopee you enjoy your birthday to the fullest and a birthday lasts only for a day but I hope the upcoming year brings you tons of happiness and joy and that you get all that you wish for :D Except Armaan of course because he is mine and only mine ;)
Enjoy your day tattihead, khaaan, kameeni, daddyio!
Lots of love, Rabies'your one and only ugly <3
I can't believe I just said that :|oh and I hope u enjoy the vm from ur munchkin and I ;) it's on the song u've been addicted to :D

Happy Birthday Gia *Gia Gia kya kiya kiya yeh sanam * :P
Happy birthday to the cutest sherub around <3
You're one the bubbliest packet of energy and cheer around , love the funny little speeches of your , your ever and over-flowing love for srksg and its cute when so many people end up drooling and nodding a yes to you affectionate statuses- make me wonder how cute it'd be to actually meet you in person :D
It's been a crazy year for so many of us and really missed out on talking/IF-ing with you around, hope to hear from you often-er with the banana baraat intact LOL
May you have the bestest of b'days today for special people like you deserve a say exclusively dedicated to celebrating the awesomeness :D

Hey giaaa
Banana girl many many many many happy returns of the day
may god bless u and may u always stay the way u r
trust me whenever i am sad u bring a smile on my face so i thank u for being the one who cheers me up always
u have been a great friend and a great support whenever i needed one
so thank u for everything u did
i am nt available nw for mst of the time because of studies but always remember tht i am there fr u whenever u need me
i might nt always express it but i luv u and i really really care for u and our whole ganggg
sooo smileee big today since its ur bday and u have to have 12 bananas today :) i dnt care hw and whtever u need to do it
lolzzz have lots of fun today and keep tht smile on ur faceee coz i love it
i hope we wil be friends always irrespective of anyone and anythingg
its a hap hap happpyyy bday
a happy happy bday to u
Muah banana girl keep smiling muah
i luv u happy birthday once again and i think u need to update ur 21st floor pics because its long since he has gone lolz
i luvvv u
i misss u muahhh
Happpyyy Birrthdayyy once again
Lotsss of love
Ambreen (ur amby)

Dearesttt Giu,
Happy Birthday!!!.. Enjoy your special day. Wishing you lots of happiness, success and Armaan in your life.. Miss you. We need our Giu galiyaa sessions.. and miss our Barney. Poor Barney must be crying without your attention. Love you.

Happy Birthday...Have a great year ahead...Lots of Love
Hamsa <3<3

Dearest FS Partner!
Let's start with the dessert first

Now tht's done let's move onto the less important things! ROFLLL

Wishing you all things great, and everything that your heart desires! May the year ahead be one that's filled with lots of great surprises! I truly miss our FS sessions! :( ...Have an awesome one
Love u lots

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes come true and have a rocking year ahead! Have a great bday, huge chocolate cake and partyyy...must be holiday break over there, so have fun :D Listen to Chikni Chameli few times ;) :P I'm sure you'll be dancing to it in no time :P Hehehe jke <3
Lots of Love,

Happy Burrrday Giuuu! May God bless you and give you all you want! May he shower you with tons of love happiness, and success! Kay i dunno where to start lmfao I'm just gonna say ILY Giu! We started off hating each other cus we were from diff friend groups, then slowly became good friends because of DMG and whatnot ad eventually became really close and I'm glad we did! You're seriously one in a gazillion! Though you make fun of me SO much lmfao by calling me gay, you make me smile so much as well..you truly cheer everyone up so quickly! I feel like I can really say anything to you and you'll gimme your opinion about it..I really appreciate that! We always have tons of fun making fun of people or actors lmfao and I love that! Talking to you literally makes my dayy meri BCP! Oh and I must mention your pink comic sans font is just so cool yo :) Oh and i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your love for KSG and SRK! You're such a true fan and I loveee that about you! I hope one day we can both meet the Lord and the King weee inshAllah it'll happen one day!! :) Okie before this gets long I'll end it by saying Happy bday once again Giu! I know we fight and make fun of each other SO much lmfaooo but I truly love you and thats how we express our love for each other, admit it! :) I hope all of your Armaans come true and may you get nothing but the best because an amazing girl like you truly deserves nothing but the best! Ily sooo much! Have a great burday! Party hard and enjoy because this day is ALL yours!! Muahhh!!

Love, your Noweee!! <333

Happy Birthday Gia.*May God bless u with all the happiness in this world. May each candle on ur cake gives u surprise. Wishing for ur successful life.
I miss chatting with u and ur freakness :P ;) i will be back soon. :)
Keep smiling. Have fun and an awesomest b'day.
Lots of love
Divya <3

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Happy Birthday Gia! I love you! I hope you get everything you wish for and I pray all your dreams come true on this special day! <3 You are an extremely important part of my life and thank you for always standing by me and listening to me, no matter what the situation is! <3 ILY! Enjoy your day and party hard<33

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Love the thread Anuu <3


You truly are one of my most favourite people in this whole world and I hope this birthday brings you all the love, happiness and success you truly deserve. May this winter be snow-less in Toronto, may your return to Uni bring your best semester yet, and may you continue to be the mad, fun loving and amazing person you are! Be it your random tantrums and exits on MSN, your Snoochie and G.One (who I love so much), your love for KSG, SRK, Chuck Bass, your pink comic sans font, your goodmornings/goodnights on wa.. the list goes on.. I loveee it all.Thank you for being such a great friend, and for being the most caring, non-judgmental and understanding person I know! I really do look up to you and I pray you stay your awesome self forever and ever! Loveee you!!!! xxxo

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GIUUU DIDIII Embarrassed
Happy Happy Birthday To You!! Even though I've wished you like 9349034893284 times already LOL
Hope you have an amazing amazing bananalicious day Blushing
You're super duper awesome :D and we love you the way you are!
and BEECH don't you dare take that freaking long of a vacation ever again -__-
Have fuuun & eat lots of cakee!! Muuaaahhh!! Heart

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OOO LALALALA TU HAIII MERIII PHANTASYYY!!! GIAAA KHAAAN!!! IT'S FINALLY YOUR BIRTHDAYYY!!! I hopeee you have a fantastic day and you enjoyyy your day!! May this be the best birthday till date! Enjoy your dayyy! By the way useee thesee avi's from your Munchkin and I =) ENJOYYY! 

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H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y

Wish You are very very Happy Birthday Giuu diiParty may You get everthing in Life and God bless You alwaysss.Approve.Have a Blast Rock The Day on &  May Your This Bithday Bring You Fun and Masti.
Load of Love

P.S-The thread is awesomistic one i loved it great Job anu dii n everyone aww i love this concept on written messages Great job loved itEmbarrassed

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YAYAYAY great thread, Anuuu!


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