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WU December 19th..."Mission Impossible"

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#1: URGENT:  I haven't received any submissions yet for the birthday threads!!  There is only at the most two days left to send in wishes for Ravi's birthday thread so please send stuff in!! Smile
Here are the links:

Ravi's Birthday Thread:

(Due January 2nd) Aishwarya's Birthday Thread:

#2: Congrats SBSians for increasing the Chaskameter rating a little higher...let's keep it going on this hike up and get it into at least the top 20!!! Keep hitting the stars for the Chaskameter and comment on anything SBS related! Smile

#3: Congrats to our Ravi and Aish for winning today's Nachle Ve and getting into the weekly finale on Friday Smile  Both performed beautifully!!  (Had to watch it online seems the US Imagine is a week behind Ouch)

Chalo...the update:  My internet is being kind of slow with YT so I'm going to do the update based off of memory LOL so bear with me if I get anything a bit wrong LOL

Written Update: 19th December, 2011

Part 1:

Toasty is at Nitika's place, apologizing to Nitika and they both are hugging.  Smita says why are you saying sorry when you didn't do anything?  The person who should be saying sorry is sitting at home.  Nitika tells her to be quiet and says that it's not even Ved's fault and that it is her fault as she had expected too much from life.  Smita tells her to shut up and stop being a tragedy queen and if she wants to become someone, then become Jhansi ki Rani (No way!! We already have one Jhansi ki Rani and we can barely handle her at times...agar dono hogi toh sab khichdi ho jayega)  Toasty gets a call then from Malti Bhabhi telling her to come home because her female "voh" has come.  Toasty says she's come, this fast!?  and says she is coming.  Nitika and Smita look as her questioningly and Toasty makes a 'Ab dekho, hota hai kya' look that people should worry people LOL

In the Sharma house, Lalit brings his favorite sabzi for Sudha to cook but Sudha refuses to cook it.  Dimple comes over to help her dad out LOL and starts saying that this sabzi is better for achaar...Sudha calls her Papa ki chamchi and that she won't listen to her either and Dimple goes on saying who will listen to her as Toasty Didi is her favorite and everyone only does what Toasty Didi likes.  She says remember that time that you made this sabzi's achaar last time and Toasty Didi ate up the whole jar and I barely had any.  Sudha gets happy and says haan!! Toasty loves this achaar LOL (Dimple does an ishaara to Lalit like 'kaam hogayi' since she was using reverse psychology on Sudha LOL)  and says that she will make this achaar for Toasty.  Lalit says but you were just saying that it's so much work to peel and cut this sabzi...Sudha says it's worth the work for my bachi...Lalit asks her if she can make the sabzi as well for him and Sudha finally agrees after a lot of attitude on the condition that they will go to drop off the achaar at Toasty's that day itself  LOL

Back at the C's, Toasty arrives and asks Malti where "she" is...Malti says she's in TejYa's room and Toasty runs in there and smiles seeing her friend.  Her friend turns around and says "What's up sexy?" They both hug and do this little friendship call thing (I don't know what to call it LOL) that they have and Toasty chides her telling her not to say sexy vexy around here, especially as she in the presence of Malti bhabhi...she introduces Malti to "Demi" and Demi shakes her hand...Toasty explains that she and Demi went to school together and then Toasty went to college and Demi went to drama school... Demi's always been a little crazy but she's a very good actress.  Toasty asks her if she wants any chai or coffee and Demi says is chai and coffee something to drink...what are you options for "making a motion to signify alcohol"...Toasty says all that doesn't slide in her house and Demi says if it doesn't then they should change and make it that way.  Toasty says you say anything and laughs at her. The whole time Malti is staring at Demi like she is a lunatic ROFL and Demi asks her if there's something wrong and why she's staring at her like that.  Malti says nothing and she thought that Toasty was bringing a traditional girl but...Toasty says that it'll all happen and then takes Demi to meet Dadaji.  

At the shop, Ved is remembering how he acted with Nitika and her parents the day Toasty maata had her flop idea.  Tej sends a man over to the counter to pay and the man gives Ved money and Ved gives 200 change back and the man wonders what's wrong as he gave 1000..Ved thinks he had given 500.  The man gets angry and starts speaking rudely to Ved...Pashu comes over and wonders about it and then angrily gives the man the change...after he leaves, Pashu fumes about how the man can speak to Ved that way and even if Ved made a mistake, he didn't have to speak in such a manner.  They have an emotional bhai moment.

Part 2:

Dadaji and Malti worry about whether or not Damini will be able to do this plan...Dadaji asks Toasty if she explained everything well to Damini.  Toasty says not to worry as when Damini dresses up in her costume, she tranforms into her character.  Demi is shown then carrying the saree and telling herself that now she has to change into Damini...sati savitri.  Back out in the hall, Malti is telling Toasty that she doesn't think Damini will be able to do can a person change simply by changing their clothes?  Damini's voice says look for yourself and everyone is surprised and she comes out looking like Damini maata.  Toasty signals her to touch Dadaji's feet and Demi does so...Dadaji says that she is just like Vimla now and Toasty says that's exactly what she wanted...if Ved sees Demi as someone similar to Vimla then he won't run away and their plan can be successful.  Malti and Dadaji are reassured now that the plan is going to work. (Zara hume bhi bataana yeh plan kya hai, Toasty ji LOL Hum tujhe bataa dete ke plan achi hai ki nahin)

It's the evening and Tej comes into the room with a rose for Toasty...he closes the door and sneaks into the room...Damini is sitting on the edge of the bed reading the Bhagavad Gita and Tej sits behind her thinking she is Toasty and wonders in his head why Toasty switched from her novels to reading the Gita all of a sudden.  He makes a "ok, whatever' face and then sneaks the rose in front of her face.  The book goes down and Damini looks worried and creeped out LOL  but takes the rose quickly.  Tej says you took the rose quickly least say thank you to your husband.  Toasty walks in while this happens and asks what he is doing.  Tej says he is doing a little romance with his wife and whether she has a problem with it.  Toasty says yes she does!  Tej realizes that her voice is coming from behind him and turns around confused...sees Toasty at the door, who waves to him...and then looks back to see Damini and jumps off the bed, absolutely shocked and scared ROFL  He asks who are you!?  Toasty ishaara's to Demi with a thumbs up and smile and Demi says who am I? I"m your Daamo...Toasty says Daamo!? and Tej gets shocked and says I don't know her! Demi says to Toasty that she and Tej, with the fire and God as a witness got married in the mandir.  Tej continues to argue that this isn't true and Toasty acts like she is upset ROFL  Tej continues to say that he never married her and doesn't even know her and Demi says then say that the child in my womb isn't yours!!  Toasty exclaims bacha!?  and Tej, the poor guy, is in shock and confusion.  Demi then tells Toasty that she and Tej had also picked out a name for their child...Pappu ROFL Toasty says Pappu!?  and Tej says Pappu!? and tells Toasty I swear I don't know her...God swear...I haven't even seen her picture...I swear on you!  Toasty asks pakka?  and Tej says I wouldn't swear on you just like that. 

Toasty says ok done and she and Damini plop down and sit on the bed...Toasty says if Tej hasn't seen your picture anywhere, then no one else in the family will have seen it.  They do their friendship call again and Tej, who is totally confused, bechaara, is like 'what the hell is going on?' and asks Toasty who the girl is.  Toasty tells him Demi is her childhood friend and that she called her for a mission...Tej asks what mission and Toasty says Mission Ved Prakash Chaturvedi.  She tells Tej the whole plan (Arre, hume bhi sunnai dijiye!! Ouch and Tej smiles through the whole thing.  He then backs off laughing at the end and holding his hand up at her like 'are you serious!?'  He says this isn't a mission, it's mission impossible!  You'll fail!!  Toasty says you want to bet? and holds out her hand...Tej slaps it and says yes...Toasty says so if I win, you'll have to...Demi says buy you a gold necklace and Toasty agrees and says haan, a gold necklace.  Tej has an incredulous look and is about to protest but then backs down and says ok I'll give it.  Toasty and Demi do their call again and Tej gives them a weird confused look.

Part 3:

Tej and Toasty say and this is how Ved bhaiyya is (So looks like Tej is completely involved in Mission Impossible now LOL Hamesha Toasty ke saath bet lagaata hai aur phir uski saath dehta hai LOL).  Demi is in shock and says in these Wi-Fi times, there are still these old fashioned types of people?  She says to Toasty in a daze, what family have you gotten into, sexy?  Toasty says shut up, Damini and Demi says I mean, Toasty.  She's in wonder at how someone like Ved can still exist.  Tej explains to her that the first pointer is that she has to wake up at 4 am.  Demi is shocked and says hello, I sleep at 3 am..who wakes up at 4 am?  Tej says Ved bhaiyya does and he takes bath and then does pooja.  Demi says he's crazy right?  Toasty and Tej both give her a look.  Tej says "right" but was really saying "write" and picks up a notebook and tells Demi to write.  He and Toasty tell her she has to wake up at 4, take bath, get ready, and do pooja.  Demi asks and what about bed tea?  I can't function without two cups of tea in the morning.  Tej laughs at her and says chai and breakfast comes only after pooja.  Demi says this all can't happen by her and that she can't do all this.  Toasty says I'll sneak your bed tea for you, but just keep your mouth shut.  Tej says and if you do open your mouth, then speak only spiritual and traditional talks.  Demi asks Tej in shudh hindi, in what way, Prabhu?  Tej picks up a big book (shayad the Gita again but they didn't show the cover...some Sanskrit book it seems) and tells her to read this and memorize it...Demi says now I'll have to speak in Sanskrit!?  Just then the doorbell rings and Toasty says Ved bhaiyya has come back!  The three of them rush to run out of the room, hiding the book and everything under the blanket and pillow. 

Ved and Pashu are waiting outside and Demi suddenly opens the doors and then apologizes to them.  Ved is staring at her and Toasty is looking between both of them.  (What is Toasty trying to do!? *pulls at hair* I want to know what this brilliant plan is...mujhe aur intezaar nahin hota!)

Pre-cap:  Sudha and Dimple are over and Demi is trying to cover her face...Sudha ends up seeing her and says Damini!?  and asks her what she is doing here and whether she has started a new drama or something?  Shocked/confused faces.

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no worries

thanks for that! :D

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Thanks for the update!

If Toasty's plan creates a negative environment in the house then Tej will... From the promo posted by Nipun, Dadaji says that Damini is like Vimala so Ved should marry her & Ved is like...

What if Ved runs away from home now? Last time when Chedi wasn't at home Prachin ran away, this time if history repeats with Veds' case then who'll save Toasty from ChediROFL

Loved the Nitika, Ved & Sharma family scene... others not impressive. It was just a filler episode! nothing much happened...

Let's see what happens today!

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Thanks for the updates, lets see wht happen, But wht if toastyy plan backfire her.

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