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Love V/S Darkness [DISCOUNTUED] (Page 4)

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Wonderful updateee
cntnue soonnn...

dh_riti Goldie

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omg really liked their chemistry. they r such good friends. as maan has come. hope nw geet won't bear all that pain.
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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continue plz
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lovely start !! :) !!
update soon :)
pm me plzzz :-) !!
KreyaArshiLover IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 2

Maan and Geet ran around the whole house, Geet still had the knife in her hand. And Maan was trying to save himself from her.

The ran in Geet's room (the only place which they haven't take from her).

Both came in and took the chance to get a hold of Geet. He tugged her arm, when Geet started wince in pain she didn't let out a yelp but Maan saw it in her eyes that it hurted her.

Maan got worried and place her on the bed. He was about to roll up her shirt when Geet stooped him.

G:- Mr. Maan Singh Khurana opps sorry to be officer Maan Singh Khurana. Kya irada hain? Aap mera fidya utana chate hain kya?

Geet said in a naughty tune, with a horrified look.

M:- Stop it Geet it's not funny let me see your arm.

G:- Why? What will do seeing my my arm? Geet said with Arrogant expression.

Maan sighed got up and locked the door exactly when Maan was going to close the door. Chachi came up with a glass of water for Maan. She gave Geet a deathly glare which told her if you say a word then you are dead. And got out from her room when she went out RJ came in running and jumped on Maan. Maan looked down and shacked his head.

M:- RJ wait one min. Maan closed her door and locked the door plus he put one of her clothes front of the door because it was a whole which you could see in.

Maan got up to Geet again. When started be naughty again

G:- Maan sach bato tum mera fida to nahi utne wale na?

M:- Ms. Geet Handa this talks doesn't suit a 16 old girl you know.

G:- Haan, I know I am a kid and all. But all you are so wrong I am not a kid anymore OK.

M:- Haan ba... before Maan could say something he got a pillow on his face.

G:- MAAN I SAID NA I AM NOT A KID ANYMORE!!!!!!, She yelled at him.

M:- OK I'm sorry. Maan said holding his ears.

Maan got up to her again and pulled her arm. Which Geet tried again pull away. When she got a glare from Maan she sat there quiet.

She sat there with closed eyes to her the worst which she didn't want to hear.

Maan lifted up the sleeve of her jumper and saw the shocking thing ion her arm. There was almost everywhere wound her arm had a wound which was so big that it went all the way the her back.

Just then they heard a knock on the door Geet fast pulled down her sleeve which surprised Maan.

Maan opened and a servant came in with Geet's presents. Maan y

took the box from the servant and told him go out from here. Which he did got so afraid of Maan's anger.

Maan Opened the box took out his gift to Geet and told her to go and wear it. Which Geet didn't want. But one angry glare of Maan make her go.

Here's the dress:

She came out with it on. She looked beautiful. But Maan didn't give her the dress because to see how she looked in it. He ran up to her as she came out from the bathroom told her to turn around. Which she did, he lifted of her hair from her back and saw the big big big big wound on her back and arm. It looked very fresh to. He slightly touched it. Which made Geet wince in pain.

Maan turned her around

M:- Geet how the HELL did this happen? Why is it open? Have you been to the doctor?

She asked her one question after the other.

G:- Maan relax. I fell from the stairs yesterday night and no hospital is open so late for a small thing like this.

M:-You call this a small thing this wound needs stitches. Aur the wound can't you get from falling from the stairs tell me the truth what happen.

G:- Maan I am saying the truth I fell from the stairs.

M:- Geet...(he said in a murderous voice) tell me the truth or I will go and ask chachi

Geet gave him a horrified look and started to plead him not tell her that you have seen then wound.

G:- Maan please don't let her know that you have seen the wound because she will kill RJ if she gets to know it. I will tell you the truth. But please don't say a thing to her. Please I beg you she started to cry like anything.

She sidled down Maan's leg. Maan lifted her up and put her on the bed. He make her stop crying.

She told him everything since mom and dad then chachu died how cruel her chachi got. She used to beat her up for small mistakes., She was asking her yesterday for some money so she can give her college friends a treat on her birthday. But instead of money she got beaten up and told her that she can't go to college on her birthday she will stay home and cook help chachi to plan NT surprise birthday party which was gonna be a week later.

Maan looked angerliy got up and was about got from the door when Geet stooped him told him if he says something then she will get more beaten up by her chachi. She pleaded him not say a word to her. She make him swear. Maan also promised her that he will come back under one year and do his last studies here. And call her everyday he will try to apply a post here so he can live here. And take care of her.

Flash back ends:

Geet came out from her thoughts and heard her chachi yell that NT has come down.

Geet came out with the breakfast, it have been three years since Maan had promised her this. And she have not heard a word form Maan in three years after he left on her 16th birthday he didn't call her once in this years found how she was, not even a message. Where she called him everyday which he didn't receive, she wrote him a message everyday a email or a SMS to know how he was, three years have she done this everyday in hope that he will receive her or send a back a reply. But she was losing hope for everyday.

C:- Yeh kya hain phir se cereal aur yeh pharate?

G:- woh chachi, ghar main kuch nahi hain aur khane ko, maine aapko kal kaha tha na, ke mujhe pasie chaye thoda saman kharidne ke liye.

N:- How dare talk to mom like that, have you forget how to respect.

G:- What have I said, which shows that I didn't respect her?

Geet knew that she will get in to trouble after saying this. She regretted saying this.

C:- How dare you talk like that, chachi said getting up. She slapped Geet. Then she took her arm pulled it on her back so that it started pain Geet started to scream in pain but no one was there to hear her screams.

She pushed her down on the floor and started hit her. Then she and NT went away, Geet lay there crying bitterly. But no one was to hear her. Far away a person saw all this and called up someone

P:- Sir, there behavior towards her is just getting worst day by day. She have already been hospital 3 times in one month. I think this Is more than enough I can see. Sir we need to take action towards this now.

The other person on the other side

P:- hmm, thanks for telling, Raghav I will try to do something.

And ended the call. The person leaned back on his chair, he stretched out for the photo frame which was on his table. He ran his hand on it

P:- I'm sorry Geet I am really sorry but I couldn't complete my promise I sorry.

Just then a young lady must be her beginning of 20, very chubby came in with a chips bag in her hand came in

G:- Sir may I come in

P:- Yes

The girl came in the person told her to sit down.

G:- Are you officer Maan Singh Khurana?

M:- hmm, yes I am. How are you?

G:- well I a Pinky Meta. The new criminal officer who is joining you.

Maan looked dumbstruck on her. He looked at her with big eyes like someone had cracked a joke.

P:- Sir I'm serious I know I don't look like a criminal officer or doctor but trust me.

Maan nodded his still in shock. When a other boy came looking to be around 18-19

R:- hello Sir, I am Rishi, Rishi Baweja

Maan was getting one shock after the other.

Maan thought:

I am going to work with kids or what?

A third person came

Y:- Hi sir I'm Yash Shikhawat, I think I will work with you. Maan let go of his breath when he saw Yash.

A fourth person came in

A:- sir I am Abhimanyu Sexena I will work with you too.

Maan waited some more mints when a more person came in

AD:- Hi Maan.

M:- Hi Adi, OK lets begin let us introduce our self to each other. Well I am Maan Singh Khurana as you all know, and I will be the person how will lead here.

Ad:- Hi I'm Adttiya Khashap, but you all can Adi I'm also the second leader.

P:- I am Pinky Meta not just a criminal officer also a doctor.

All looked at her except Maan (How had realized that this girl was real and will work with him) with big eyes.

P:- Next person can introduce them self.

R:- Hi am Rishi, Rishi Baweja. I know am quite young but I was told that this team will need a young officer

AB:- I'm Abhimanyu Sexena. But people call me Abhi, and you all can call me that.

Y:- Hey I am Yash Shikhawat.

M:- OK now when all have introduce them self's. We all can start with our work. OK my plan for get rid of this underworld is very simple. If someone has problem with this then free to tell me.

All nodded. Maan continued

M:- Well my plan is that we will not attack this world as police. We have to get like them.

Y:- You mean killing innocent people?

Maan got up to Yash and put his hand on his shoulder.

M:- No my friend we are not gonna do something like that.

AD:- Then how are we gonna come in this world?

P:- By selling drugs, right?

M:- exactly, we need to win there trust, we need to make people scared of us. So the first job will be Rishi's job. Rishi...

Maan turned to him

R:- Yes sir!!

M:- You need to find a person how wants to buy drugs from us.

R:- Yes sir.

All was about to get out when Maan stooped them.

M:- I forget tell you one very important thing. Under the time we are on this mission no one will live with there family or alone. I have brought a place where we are gonna live for at least six months.

All looked at Maan with open mouth.

Y:- So you mean that I can't meet my family and my girlfriend and my friends under this period?

Maan nodded

M:- this is for there safety. I don't think you all want that something happens to them?

P:- No we don't want but do you know how hard it is for us to stay away from them?

That question stabbed Maan really hard, when knew exactly how to stay away from your loved once specially that person how most clothes to your heart.

M:.- Yes I know Pinky but I have learned...

before he could finish, Adi got a call. So he went out attended it and came back again .

M:- Anyways lets go check our new place.

All went behind him. They came to that house. Maan had a big smile on his

lips where everyone gave a shocked expression. And then looked at Maan.

M: Isn't it nice.

All nodded a bit nervous.

The house (Or should I even I call it a house) the building was completely broken the house could break down any min it was in such a bad condition.

All got in all looked here and there. The house was full of broken doors and windows and it lay broken glass on the floor.

R:- Sir... are you sure that we will be living here?

M:- Yeah nice na.

P:- Yeah ni...

before she could finish her sentence something was about to fall on her, but before it could fall on her Adi pulled her out.

AD:- Maan this is not at all a safe place to live, but if you want that you live here we ca renovate the house.

All agreed Adi about it.

M:- OK I will talk with Handa construction about it. Adi can you come with me.

AD:- Hmm.

Both went out from there

M:- Adi I want you to talk about this with Geet about this. She can't know that I am here, so you have to talk with her, as she know you she will do this for us.

AD:- Hmm, but I will not talk to her on the pone I will go the office right now and talk to her. OK?

Maan nodded

In the office:

Adi came in to the office, he came to the rep saw a girl in a pony tail, how was continuously going throw it.

AD:- Excuse me is Geet Handa in he cabin.

T:- Yes she is what do you want? She said in attitude like owned this place. Just then other girl came she was wearing a miniskirt with lots over done make-up.

S:- Hey you, who are you and what do you want?

Adi ignored both of them and went towards Geet's cabin.

Sasha and Tasha at same time:

ST:- Hey you to there, gourdes both of them yelled.

Adi went in Geet's cabin saw her working and was very in to it.

AD:- It would be nice if you could talk to me also.

Geet looked up and saw none other than Adi there.

A smile creep up on Geet's lips. She got up and hugged him. Then she looked out side like she was searching for someone.

AD:- He is not in India.

G:- who are you talking about, I was just looking that my employes are working or not.

Adi gave her a meaning full, but before he could say something Sasha barged in.

S:- Ma'am this man just barged in I tried to stop him but he didn't stop.

G:- Sasha get out

S:- But ma'am...

G:- Sasha this is Adi my friend he don't need a appointment to meet me, are you done with your questions? You may leave.

Sasha gave a glare to Adi which her responded with a smile. And she walked out.

G:- Come sit

Both sat down.

G:- So what brings you here?

AD:- well I need to build house.

G:- To whom what are you gonna do with a house?

AD:- Well that can't I tell. But if you can't help me then...

G:- No no I will help you so how big do you want it?

A:- Well I want 8 rooms one kitchen one living room, a big space under the house, do you understand what I mean?

G:- Yeah you want a room which has a ladder down a space under like it a place under the house, right?

AD:- Yeah, then I want a gym and a roof too.

G:- OK, think it done.

A:- Thanks yaar.


The part isn't finished yet but i needed to send it. But i hope you like it. PLZ comment.

Plz have a look at the note underhart

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All who wants add this acount to your Buddy list.Big smile

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shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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wow..superb update
poor geet
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nyc update...

but i was confused...if geet is working /owned HC why tolerating the torchure of chachi n nt??? cant she throw them out or come out n live royally using her money...
n teach both lesson...why suffering

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