Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SS~~Tum ho~~(Arhi)Update on pg3

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 4:31pm | IP Logged
Hello...I just recently started watching IPKKND! I am a geet fan,but I have a new addiction.I love kushi and Arnav!I am not here to bash!But I though of a Os which will be in two parts...So here it goes!

         TUM Ho...


She heard her friend call her from downstairs, quickly wiping her tears away she exited Anjali Di's bedroom. As she walked down she admired the Raizada Mansion, there were lights everywhere, red roses were scattered on the floor tickling her bare feet. Upon reaching the main sitting area, she saw the whole family looking at her with curious eyes.

"Kushi bitwa, aap theek toh ho na!" Arnav Singh Raizada's nani asked her.

"Jee,hum bilkul theek hai Naniji. Woh asal mein'Hum soch rahe the ke ab toh Jiji ki bhi shaadi hogai hai!Aur Lavanyaji Aaj chali jayengi.Toh hamera yahan koi kaam nahi hai."

"Are! Kushiji aap kaisi baath ker rahin hain!Humein toh apki hamesha zaroorat hogi!Aap toh ise ghar ka hisa ho."

"Mein kabhi kisi ke ghar ka hisa nahi ho sakhti!"She said lost in her thoughts

"K-ushi tum asi baatein kyon ker rahi ho!Mein dekh rahen hoon ke aaj tum bilkul udaas ho!Batao na apni dost ko kiya hua! Tum hamera dukh banth sakhti ho, magar hum nahi?Tum hamere se share nahi karo gi kiya hua" Arnav had frozen in spot with her coldness,the KKG who never missed a chance to annoy him didn't even look up at him once.

"Lavanyaji mein maar jati toh acha tha! Nahi mein Amma aur bauji ko dukh deti,nahi meri jiji ki pehli shaaadi tooti aur na hi apki." She said, the confused Raizada clan watched one of the strongest girl breakdown. Arnav had gotten up, and offered his place to Kushi beside Lavanaya, although Kushi pulled herself out of Lavanaya's embrace and wipe her tears away.She slowly looked up at Anjali Di, who had leaned on nani for support. She slowly walked towards her and showed her a picture of the Shyam and her on their engagement day. She watched as Anjali's face went paler, and tears threatened to spill from her large dowy eyes.

"Di!" Arnav said, snatching the phone from Kushi's hand to see what had made his sister look so helpless.

"You B****! How could you betray my sisters love towards you!She treated you like a sister and you went and did this. You knew he was Di's husband,but still you kept on going with your cheap plan. You live for money right? OP bring my cheque book from upstairs." Arnav said as everyone tried to stop him from his violent act. By the this time everyone looked shocked at Kushi,the girl who had held all of their trust, was breaking their favorite person's house.

"Here take this,and never show up at this place!You are a homewrecker!That's what you are! You really do go around and trap rich men in to your web of lies!" He said throwing the cheque of 100000, in her face.

This angered kushi, not only did he excuse her of wrecking his sister's house but also called her a wh**e. She threw the cheque away from her face and took two steps back before exploding.

"Tum marad hum aurtoon ko samjhte kiya ho! Jab chaiye acha samjh liya, jab chahe humein eik buri aurat bana diya! Listen to me Mr Arnav Singh Raizada, if I had wanted money I would never break my engagement after finding out he is married. I never saw your brother-in-law, how am I supposed to know that it was Shyam. He stayed at our house as a paying guest,claiming to have no family!Are you stupid! You know what, I am the stupid one here. For believing that you would understand I am not lying! Watch me walk out of all of your lives, and watch one day you guys will want to find me but you will never find me! Ask your jijaju when I am gone if he knows me personally, and I bet the way he lied to me! He will lie to you, in your face as if nothing is wrong!In fact why was he away from Payal and Akash's wedding huh?!You know why?! He knows me, not only me but our whole family.Who by the way wanted to tell you,but I told them to stay quite! I was going to hide it from you, and disappear from here,but I could never keep my sister like figure in the dark. Today Arnav Singh Raizada, your rudeness is going to take someone's life!You just watch!" Kushi said as everyone stood up, not knowing if to believe Kushi, or to believe Shayam. They watched as Kushi gave one last look to the mansion and ran out. She wished her jiji was here, but they were gone to a surprise honeymoon planned by the family. Upon their ritual's finishing,both the newly wed had packed their bags and left. She was happy they were gone, maybe that way someone would have fun. Her hands trembled as she reached for support, slowly she walked out of the house. Forever.

Arnav had stood their waiting for his brother-in-law, a part of him  believed what kushi had said, yet the other part told him his brother in law would never do that. It was just past 2, when his brother-in-law returned. The family stood up, Anjali who had now clamed down stood up to go greet her husbad.

"Are, why are you guys still up?! Rani shahiba, lagta hai jaise apki vidayi horahi thi!Aap ke ankhoon mein ansoon? Aur saab ase kyon kere hue hain!

"Woh- Shayam bitwa'..Aap kushi ko jante hain?" Shayam stood their frozen, why were they questioning him!He put up a fake smile and answered.

"Nani ji, mein KKG ko nahi jantha! Kabhi ushe mulakat nhai hui! Bus jo rani shahiba ne bataya hai unke bare mein, utna hi patha hai!" Anjali stood frozen, her gut feeling had been a reality. She suspected him cheating on her, but not like this. He not only hurt her, but the person who had become a sister to her. She turned to look at her brother, who had tears in his eyes as he fell in to the chair. They had wronged with the one person who did nothing but trust them.

"Get out!" Anjali yelled,as she pulled her Mangalsutar out, the beads fell to the ground as watched shock pass through the faces of her family. She then broke all the bangles in her hand,Arnav came from behind to stop her sister's madness, but he failed as she rubbed her sindoor off and took the ring that bonded her with a traitor.

"Rani sha-h" Shayam tried to say but was cut off by Anjali!

"All these years I covered your back for disappearing, but do not think I never knew what you were up too. I am Anjali Singh Raizada! Nothing and I mean nothing gets passed me. You lied to kushi'to my brother and because of you!Someone will die today.*gasp* Chote go after kushi,she said your rudness would kill someone! Go Arnav..or she will kill her self." Anjali was interrupted by the annoying sound of her phone, stupid love songs. She picked up the ohone to hear a very disturbed buaji calling her.

"Bitwa, Kushi abhi takh ghar nahi ponchi!Agar woh  udher hai toh please usko ghar bejh deingi aap!"

"Magar kushi toh yahan se bohot pehli ki chali gayi thi!" Arnav grabbed his keys and ran out the door looking for Kushi,his Kushi. God would never forgive him for the words he had uttered out to an innocent girl. He would plead,but she would never take action to the words she had said in anger back there. Never.

6 hours later'..

"Chote any luck! We have all the police officers searching for her, where could she be!" Arnav returned to the couch area where everyone sat tensed, the Gupta's had arrived to shine light on what Shyam had done. Anjali was shocked that Kushi's father was a victim of a man who had tried to wreck her family. She watched with despair, and pain as her brother sat by her feet and clung on to her. For the first time in years, her brother cried like a little boy.

" Di call Kushi'please dii'Please I can't live without her! I was gonna propose to her'that's why Lavanya and I broke up! I love kushi a lot di!Please someone bring back my happiness." Anjali had provided her brother with everything he asked for ,but today she had disappointed her own brother.

"Chote I am trying!Please aap ase math roo!"Everyone was shocked to see him this way, Nani was feeling light headed and took support from Mamaji and Mamijii. For the first time mamijii cried for her pati saari. She cried because she had been rude to the person who had made her son and arnav happy.

Another 4 hours passed before they received another call,this time it had given a smile to their face, but little did they know it would also take their smile away.

"We found her in a nearby hospital!Please come quick!"Everyone ran out the door and into their cars.On the way everyone silently prayed she was okay.

"Ku-shi Kumari Gupta!" Was all he said to the reciopinst before she became confused,but quickly realized who it was.

"That's her name!Oh how cute,right this way please"

"See that room,that is her!I am so sorry though" Everyone looked at the lady with horrific looks.

"Do not utter a word that will make you lose your job." Arnav said

" I don't think you should talk to me like that Mr Arnav, and yes as I was saying Kushi has been in a coma since we found her last night!i know this because, I was the only one in the main area when she came. She looks like a happy girl, and people so innocent pull me in! I have been here on my breaks hoping she will resond.Anyways Dr. Mehra is inside with her so go ask him." Arnav's heart did a flip flop, as he opened the door to her room.

A young boy,probably in his late 20's stood beside an elder doctor as he instructed the boy to do things. Dr.Mehra has worked in  this hospital for 21 years and never had he seen a girl so broken.

"Excuse me Dr Mehra, we are Kushi's family." Anjali said quietly to the doctor.

"Well Hello there! You guys seem like a wealthy family, but I don't think you are educated. Look what the girl has done to herself. She was found in a mandir, her hand on top of a dia, as she prayed, according to this young boy she was crying and praying for some Anjali di and her Jiji." In the meantime the boy turned around and his eyes popped out in surprise.

"Anjali Di! Arvav bhai! Aap loog yahan"

"Dhurv tum kab aye! Mein toh kal raath ko apko surprise dene wala tha!Magar pir meri ankhein kisi aur per rukh gayen." Dhurv looked at kushi with loved filled eyes. He looked at his new angel and cleared his throat.

"Wasaiy abh pata chala kiski baath ker rahi thi yeh! Aap theekh ho Anjali di!You know if I did not follow her she would have slit her wrist!After getting out of the mandir she had sat on the footstep with a knife!" Everyone gasped at the thought of losing her!Her Amma ran passed them and shook Kushi.

"Kushi get up!Please apni maa ke liye!" Buaji came with Bauji in a wheelchair; they stood by a lifeless kushi and cried.

"Aunty relax, mein apni kushi ko kuch nahi hone doon ga!"Dhurv said. Arnav glared at Dhruv for claiming his Kushi. He was ready to punch Dhurv but Anjali held him back.

"Aunty, she is in a comma due to the stress she took upon herself.Dr Mehra told me that she should be able to open her eyes by tomorrow. Untill then I want you guys to sit down in the waiting room, I am getting her moved to a bigger and more private room.Aunty..I mean Amma..can I call you that" Kushi's mother nodded meekly but smiled as Dhruv had stolen her heart.She knew he was different,but she also saw love in his eyes. Love that she saw in Arnav eyes,except Dhruv could express it. Arnav could never do that. She was shocked at Arnav's outburst at the Mansion, but she knew that Dhruv would be better.

fingers crossed<3 I hope you like it, I will update soon!Embarrassed

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Chapter 1- Page 1

Chapter 2- Page 3

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Originally posted by Maanyita17

Edit: Wow, It's a nice way of Dhruv to enter. I hope when Shyam is really exposed, something like this happens.

I know me to, I want dhruv to be extra caring and loving too,but I want Arnav to let his wall fall and express his feelings;)I also hope Anjali becomes the strangest women, like kushi
Thank you<3Embarrassed
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An Emotional & Touching OSCryStar

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OMG wth!

Really good OS update soon

Too goood

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Awesome post.ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
Loved it.

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simply fab...plzz add me in
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awesummm loved it!!!!!!
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awesome update soon loved it please pm 

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