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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 2:23pm | IP Logged
Retrograde motion of this retro party has left me retrospective (after babaR's predivani) & retroskepticConfusedErmm
First of all: Hip hip Hoorray to new adda opening by TanuSmile!
I SO wish it was better episode!
fantashtic takes by all Ledijs & with you my soulsisters on all the rants & rants!
Few things:
-I likes SS2 in sbs segment more! And feel bad for Shaheer: he knew those specs were 'feminine'Dead
-saying that: can he not atleast suggest director - to avoid making A wear those ugly white specs while even driving the car?!?!? Anant wud have been more tolerable just with Polka shirt & bell bottoms!
-A took  the theme too deligently: he was only supposed to dress up not act up in retro mode!!!
-the whole kaka bit went too far - hope they just kept it for SBS!
-I am so surprised at N's tarakki in short span of a month! She was doing all the jobs of COO, CEO, Project manager, Secretary, clerk, Peon -- everything! Package deal! WOW - really!Shocked
-And she had no time to explain a thing to Anant/ sit with him & make him a bit comfortable/ or even introduce him in legitimate manner! - I scream here again: BASIC INSTINCTS!
she lacks that, any normal girl wud in her zombiest of state introduce her fiance to her boss - as her fiance'!
A shud doubt her intentions! i support A's J!
-I can so sense this coming from LU's in the morning: drunken A & danceshance! And the pics of this Retro ratricharya landing in Looney hands - popping their stareyeyes outShocked+ thundering their throats outAngry+ disgusting their DAest expressionsOuch+Zatakaoing their Mundis with HOMP magnitude...
-BabaRs fullon Predivani is kaafi interesting: I fail to think beyond -- and completely confused: shaadi bhaag ke hogi ya proper way?Confused
LOL when we think: noodle drama was silly- they dump horror show on us- when we think this is ultimate stupidity - they come up with this kind of retro ruckus!!!
One of my fello ledijben said:HOMP is a mild word! I agree!

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Jab BabaR he toh kya gum heEmbarrassed...
BabaR ka nirantar dhyaan seemed to be very fruitful...he not only brought 1 phal...but brought the entire baagicha of phals with him...a whole jholla of predictions!!!ShockedLOL
hellooo Hug

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@Shaina...lovely takeThumbs Up...A complete horror show is what I expect in the next few daysOuch..Anantika ben has lost the plot completely here..There is no hope in sight atleast for the next 2 weeks or so...!Ouch

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Originally posted by Nidhi82

Originally posted by Jen_IloveAR

@Nidhiben Just wanted your advice, in India should I carry bug spray or do you think I will get it there? Tongue Im starting all my packing today!! 

Jen..I would suggest, you carry it along...I took  one called "jungle formula" from here.

You get some creams in India named as "odomos" which are effective for mosquitoes there.

and good luck with the packing...I know it is tedious task...Ouch
Okay jungle formula, ill go to walmart and look for that today Tongue Or I have the usually off spray used for camping and all but thanks Hug Erkhh I hate packing!! Its so boring Dead

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@Shainaben Awesome shawesome take hun HugLOLOLOL retro rukus is the perfect word!

@Shilpuu Hello Hug

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jenu janeman...ur januables A-list siggy looks burning hot minus 1 shaqs for me ofcourse LOL

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Originally posted by laddoo598

BTW who else was super pissed that Navya did not introduce Anant as her fiance? I know its a small issue but it annoyed me nonetheless..Are the CVs doing this purposefully, hiding the status of AnYa's relationship from Amar? Only time will tell I guess..

1)The dialogue of the day goes to Boo-Ah-Daadi..She actually said '"Iss ghar me sarah kam hum eh karna padta hai" and I was literally like ''Seriously woman! If you equate barking out orders, keeping a tab on the ones doing the actual work, to doing kaam then toh no one works as much as you do"..LOL

Basically i agree with everything you said LOL but just wna add some teeny things in...

1) you dont knw how relieved i was to see your post today tanu - i was like...yay, she's back!! Be it regarding a pointless episode lol LOL big hug to you Hug

2) THANK YOU!!!! i was among those who was super pissed! i was so waiting for her to add in that last bit...'my fiance' but ddnt happen Cry and yet she introduced her 'Amar sir' as her boss like Anant didn't know already LOL 

3) LOOL trust me the most work that lady does around the house is use her big gob for useless purposes LOL LOL

4) and let's not talk about Anant's overacting shall we?? LOL i reli felt he overdid it - what with the 're, re, re' all the the time, kinda annoying more than funny actually...on a more positive note though, i dunno if anyone else felt this but i did feel like i saw a tiny glimpse of the sober and sensible anant from the initial episodes, when he shook hands with Amar sir...just the way he said 'Hi' i dunno maybe it's just me LOL LOL

5) how pathetic was navya's attempt to tell him about the party??? gosh she reli annoys me at times!

anyway thats it from me...your take was VERY well written Clap

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I am such a masochist. I read the horrible reviews of the show, read all the rants, and I STILL am gonna watch the episode! Anyways, this lil piece of land is mine! Will be back after some torture from Nabbya! Thank you Tanu, for such a wonderful place to hide and Jen, Mrids, Nidhi and the rest, wonderful takes as always!


I must have been possessed to actually subject myself to such torture. What was I thinking? Why did I go and watch the episode? I don't know whether I'm more pissed at A or N. Both were equally revolting and disgusting and bloody stupid! Those of you who think this was a wonderful episode, and the Mumu-Kaka track was sooo endearing, spare yourself the trauma of reading this take.

1. Arre Oh Puspa, I hate Tears!: I sincerely pray to God that Rajesh Khanna hasn't seen this particular episode. I mean, I've seen a few of his movies, and that guy was such a legend! Anant ne toh uski waat laga di! The way he came out of the car, and kept doing that PATHETIC imitation of Rajesh Khanna, OUCH! He looked like a bloody jackass, and behaved like one! I mean, I first thought that you know, when A saw N for the first time, he'd probably say something cheesy like Aaj toh tumhe chaand bhi dekh ke sharmaayega and all that, but NO! He just says one line about how good she's looking and then srarts fawning over himself! Narcissism to the fullest man! W*F? N had TONS of opportunities to tell A, but she kept making her eyebrows dance, making expressions as if she's about to throw up and went all Anant main woh...maine toh...mujhe baat toh karne do! I mean like WOMAN! There were times when there was utter silence between you both, but you still chose to gape like a f**king goldfish and stammer! Where's that girl's verbal diarrhea when you need it man? I mean, Deepu could figure out that its an employee only event, but A couldn't figure it out! And okay, he didn't figure it out, N didn't have the guts to tell him! Why? Shouldn't she be able to tell him like anything and everything? Wasn't she the one who gave him that huge ass lecture about how you shouldn't lie or hide stuff? What happened to that?

2. Amar ki Meherbaani: I thought A would just stick to his pathetic impersonation of Rajesh Khanna when N was around. This jackass toh went on and on and on and on in front of that front-desk-waali-chick! I pitied N at this point, she's dating such an imbecile! Doesn't he know where and when to act? I cringed every time he opened his mouth, and I can only imagine N's state, considering she was the one who brought him there! But the hero always comes to the rescue, and so was it here! Amar Sir, Nabbya knight in shining armour comes forth and saves her sorry ass in front of A, and covers up for A and N, saying that he was a special guest. BTW, did anyone notice the eye-lock between Amar and N? I liked it! Big smile And oh I was absolutely FUMING when N didn't specify who A was. I mean, are you THAT ashamed of your fiance? Or are you dore daalofying on your boss, which is why you don't wanna tell him that you're engaged? Amar thought he was her friend! *pulls hair apart in anger* Where is that chick's verbal diarrhea when you need it man? And OMG, did anyone notice N's face when A told her to scream that he was the most handsome guy in that party? (Erm, puhleez. He so wasn't.) She looked like she was about to throw up, and she couldn't figure out for the life of her what was she doing with him! (I still for the life of me can't figure out why am I still watching the show.)

3. Navya the SuperWoman!: This question has been raised time and again before, but I shall echo it once again. N has barely started working at the office for like a month, but now she's the one single handedly organising the entire presentation? When did that happen? While it was funny to see her zooming from here to there, reminding people about their tasks and stuff and talking OTP to R-A, I felt a wee bit sad for A when I saw him sitting alone in a corner. And according to the timeline, N and A were supposed to get married within six months of them graduating right? Its been barely a month, and everyone's getting ready for the wedding already? Pray temme, HOW did that happen?

4. Precap: A as usual didn't tell Baba/Om about him being with N at work, which is gonna piss em off to the core. MIL is toh on the go to become one khadoos saas, and I really dread the day N gets married into that house. Oh wait, I dread every episode actually! 

Thoughts for the day: The ONLY think I liked was Amar-Navya's eyelock (it spoke volumes, unlike A-N's pathetic ones) and Sharmishtha's saaree. Oh, and why were Deepu and Meeta so worried about their kid? Come on man, cut her some slack. She's anyways with her chauffeur/bodyguard/escort/whatever-you-wanna-call-him. I like the jealous/distress waala BG as well, its kinda cool! And I see a lot of predictions about how A is gonna get drunk and embarrass N even more, or the Bajpaayees are gonna see N and A on telly! Whatever be the case, if the MU track doesn't end soon, and the party doesn't end soonER, I am seriously gonna quit the show. 

I can't rant more, or I'll be giving myself a headache. I need my daily dose of normal shows and novels, cause Navya just ruined my day! *runs off to watch DMG*

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