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Hello all! I am posting my take after quite a while and that too for a super crappy episode..Hopefully my take will not be as bad as the episode today..LOL I have no idea what direction the writers want to steer the story in..Today's episode was an utter drag..Navya's behaviour is infuriating, and Anant is behaving like an attention seeking freak..Why are they butchering the lead characters like this? I don't even know why I watch this show anymore..Ouch

Polka Dot Explosion: Ouch my eyes!! Too many polka dots, that's all I noticed..Why did it have to be polka dots?Silly  I am sure there were more subtle and tasteful patterns in the 70s..My eyes kept getting drawn to the shimmery polka dots more than the faces of the two namoonas wearing them..LOLOh and Anant even had bell bottom pants on to complete the look..I honestly burst out laughing seeing how ridiculous he looked! ROFL Chalo moving on, Anant started his Rajesh Khanna act and I thought it was pretty cute at first..No idea why he was so deliriously happy though, maybe this was the first time he went to an actual party..ConfusedLOL
Was it just me or did he come off as a bit on the narcissist side today..He was all "Look at me, I am so PRETTY!!" today..Pig Again, is it too much to ask if I don't want to see him behaving like a high on candy teenager 24/7? Honestly CVs, this is your hero we are talking about, give the man, no scratch that, the BOY some substance!D'oh And once more, I must point out the lack of anything related to love or romance in this show..Anant was too busy fawning over his own beauty to even notice Navya's new avatar..Come on, a little acknowledgement followed by some coochi cooing wouldn't have hurt anyone..Before the roka they used to get on with it at the most absurd of places (For example the loonie quilla) but now that they are officially committed they have started acting like nuns..Lovely!Dead

Speak you idiot speak!Angry : Navya was so damn annoying today that I am dedicating a whole section to her..Her behaviour was plain old infuriating..AngryAngry There were so many opportunities for her to tell him that he was not invited..None of them were at fault for the initial misunderstanding but Navya will be the one responsible for whatever the consequence of this little lie will turn out to be..Moving on, what exactly are the writers doing with Navya's character?? Why didn't she speak up? And no her actions cannot be defended by saying that she wanted to spare Anant from the disappointment..When he finds out, and I am sure he will find out, he will feel an immense amount of embarrassment along with the disappointment, the earlier of which he could have been spared off!Ouch  I have no idea why there is such a huge communication gap between the two..Why was Navya so apprehensive about telling the truth to Anant, the one guy in this whole wide world she should be the most at ease with..She also came off as a hypocrite of the highest order today..Didn't she give Anant a big pravachan about how you should not lie even if you are trying to prevent your dear ones from getting hurt? Confused When she is being lied to  she acts all devi like and gives lectures on "You must not lie" and when the time comes for her to be honest she decides to let him stay in the dark..How pathetic is that? Arghh it was downright annoying to see her carry out the famous routine - crazy eyebrow dance, gulp like a goldfish and stutter, stammer while mumbling "Main woh, woh main, Anant tum..Lekin..Magar.." Go get speech therapy hun, you need it!! Stern SmileAnant is already jealous of Amar, watch his seed of doubt grow like Jack's magic bean when he finds out about Navya and her boss's lie..Dead

Bask in the glory of the devi and Bechara Anant: Kaka and Mu reach the party and by this time I was getting pissed with Anant' s Rajesh Khanna act..Like enough is enough dude!! Get it over with already! Dead As expected, Anant's name was not on the guest list and voila, in comes Amar sir to once again save Navya's pichwara..I am not liking the development here..Why exactly is Amar to meherban on Navya?Confused She was specifically told to not bring guests and she broke the rule..Talking in a strictly professional manner, Amar should not have covered up for her..He is her boss, not her Fairy God Mother! Wacko BTW who else was super pissed that Navya did not introduce Anant as her fiance? I know its a small issue but it annoyed me nonetheless..Are the CVs doing this purposefully, hiding the status of AnYa's relationship from Amar? Only time will tell I guess..Once the whole entry drama was done and over with, we were treated with a grand display of how mahan, efficient, and great Navya is..I swear its like she runs the laal laal office..She was literally in charge of everything..What exactly do the other employees get paid for again? ConfusedEveryone was like 'Yayy chill! Party time!" and our mahan devi jee was the one toiling hard to make sure everything was perfect and ready for the big launch..I have no idea what sort of weird system the laal laal office runs on where the Boss's PA is in charge of every single thing..Moving on, I felt sorry for poor Anant who was sitting there all alone while superwoman Navya worked..He was actually more understanding than what I expected off him..Yes he didn't like it how she had to work but he did not whine unnecessarily about it and sat patiently..I saw a camera guy moving around and I am guessing Anant will end up in the footage which will be on TV and the loonies will see it and create mayhem..D'oh

Random Musings:

1)The dialogue of the day goes to Boo-Ah-Daadi..She actually said '"Iss ghar me sarah kam hum eh karna padta hai" and I was literally like ''Seriously woman! If you equate barking out orders, keeping a tab on the ones doing the actual work, to doing kaam then toh no one works as much as you do"..LOL

2) I felt Sharmistha looked very pretty today..Amar was not looking bad either except his suit looked like it was sewn from a blanket..LOL Trisha looked disastrous though..Dead

That's all from my side, as always likes/comments much appreciated..

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great post tanu...after a week,,,,,,,,,,

hope navya will speak out..and hope for  no more MU...aaj tho doo bhar saas ruk gaya tha,,,,

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very nice update .thanks...

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RES tanu Big smile
will read and come back with my little rant too! thanks for the shelter hun Hug

Okay so awesome awesome awesome take as always Tanuben Hug Darling, your take was a zillion times better than the actual ghatiya episode! Thank you for the adda again and lovely to see your post after a long time! Hope exams all are going good Big smile So I need to rant. Today was such a big dissappointment.

 I honestly thought this was gonna be good but nope, CVS just wanna ruin EVERYTHING. I dunno who Rajesh Khanna is honestly, like ive heard his name but never seen his movies or whatever but Anant failed to make me laugh, infact all I did was have a Stern Smile expression the whole time. He was being such a narcist! OMG like you I thought he would be like "Meri Mumtaaz bohot khoobsurat lag rahi hai" or something like that! One word: HORMONES!!!!! D'oh ROFL Anant was instead all "I am the only ishuper ishtar and I was like no your not. You actaully look really ugly. LOL OMG I hated his sideburns today! They looked so gross and mawali IMO Dead I felt so bad for SS, I mean the guy knows how feminish his sunglasses and how stupid his whole outfit was. 

Next we come to Nabbya Rani Angry I wanted to freaking punch that girl today!! Where's your verbal diarhea when you need it woman!! I mean is their relationship that weak that she cant even tell him the truth! I understand you hurting him and all but I mean is he some 5 year old to get mad at  you. She seems like wanting to embarras herself and Anant infront of everyone. I am so tired of her "main, voh" Ha yeah right, this girl is going to bring "nayi soch" WackoThe girl who can't talk to her fiancee properly cant do shit. LOL Amarpoo was looking good Cool and Sharmipoo was looking so pretty Embarrassed I loved their outfit and all together! I can't belive the CVs dress their leads like namoonas and their cameos so well! Why couldnt have Navya donned a nice saree too Pinch She would have looked so pretty and Anant worn ANYTHING other than that polka dot! I mean he looked better in his "baigan" avatar! The 70's weren't that badly dressed! 

ROFL Amar and Nabbya seem to be all chaddi buddies now like W*F!!! This show is becoming insane I tell you! And Navya all of a sudden is in charge of everything. Its been hardly 2/3 weeks for her to join that office and now you see her being in charge of everything?  HOMPjee. Oh and WHY was Anant jealous for the 3rd time now! Bro, do you not understand that Navya loves you Confused Why!!! Why!!!! Why!!!! I honestly want to see the story on Amarpoo and Sharmipoo now! They both would have better cute romance shomance scenes! LOL Oh and Anant looked like a lost kid looking for his mommy, Shaheer, work on that expression Ermm Anant should IMO have understood that this is an office party, and Navya needs to be working but at the same time felt sad cause how come Navya was being all in charge Confused 

Like you, I too think those high resolution pics or whatever are gonna get AnYa in deep shit. Lets hope that its a picture of them coochie cooing cause then we get to see AnYa scene and hilarious loonie expressions but it wouldn't be so funny actually with the outcomes LOL I am just despo for some good AnYa scenes and I still have hope till the last breath of this show! Tongue Even if they are as half as good as Virika (*Sigh* they are so hawwwtDay Dreaming) or ArHi then it will be pretty amazing... BTW why did Anant not tell gorilla or CSB? Or did he till DA to tell gorilla? I am conphused. So many questions. Zero answers LOL 

Anways I will stop my rant here and great post Tanu again Hug Lovely to see your take after a long time Big smile Thanks again babes Hug

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Thanks babe!:) will try and get back with my take!

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Aaah finally after sooo long!
Typing my take now. Will revert soon.

Haay re Nandkisor! Is this the same show we had been swooning over for so long? And how big an idiot I am to return every weekday to disgust myself. Let me vomit.

Kill me today or bury me alive in the grave I felt like slapping Anant today(I can see footwear ready to be thrown at me) Go get a brain surgery done immediately man. Dress up anyway little do I care but at least behave like a sensible man. When do u intend to do so? At 60? Mimicry for a little bit is okay, but carrying it up for full 30 minutes of the episode!Confused YuckDeadHe was so busy with himself that he hardly felt the need to give Navya a proper compliment. Waise I liked Navya's make-up and her get-up looked well keeping in mind the 70s theme.

Lemme come to the bakri now specially blessed with dancing eyebrows.Stern Smile Has she lost her power of speech? These telly heroines, I tell u, never speak on the right time only to highlight their devipana that 'I don't intend to hurt anyone's feelings'.

True about the laal office, Tanu which has got a multipurpose employee in the name of Navya and the rest paid for being the spectatorsGeek

Meet Bajpai khaandaan's purani naukraani who has to do all the household works herself. Poor soul!ROFL

Precap - Roars and thunders are up again at the looney quilla. Is it Anant's first night out? Where was the gorilla sleepingSleepy for so long?
Thats all about my input and thanks a lot for the safe shelterSmile

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Thanks for the adda,Tanu.Hug.Your adda has been the only glimmer of hope after today's disaster.Ouch
Nothing feels right at the moment..I am the dukhiest atmaa today..even dukhier than all the DAs of the world put together...Ouch

Things are murky, bleak and completely disoriented for the show now Confused.So many flaws in today's episode...not only onscreen but the story and scripting as well..I won't get into the nitty gritty of things here coz ,Tanu, you have mentioned it all..Smile
Can't the director see how bad things are looking on screen..I mean the kaka-mumu act was very OTT, acting from both the leads was appalling.Dead
It was embarrassing to see such crap unfolding on screenDead
Costumes..the less said the better..Ouch
The only saving grace for today's episode was the Amar-Sharmishtha duo..They looked their character and played the part too well...Big smile one question from me(I know I have lots but I'll stick to one for the time beingTongue)..Why did N let out a sigh of relief when Amar sir granted Anant's entry into the party?Is this the boss-employee relation we are being subjected to..I mean , shouldn't she have that trust in majnu A rather than boss A????
What are your intentions Nabbya rani...You are so daft..I feel like using you as my punch bagOuch
I am seeing big blunders in this marriage, if at all it happens..Confused..
The problems being shown on the sidelines will snow ball into big, big trouble one day.
Nothing looks right at the moment..So can we assume that SP has a crunch on showing smooth marriage of leads ??
I see a mountain of confusions, half cooked plots and some crappy tracks in front of me here..I am sorry, but I have to add..I am ashamed to be associated with a show like this!!!

I am tired of ranting and ranting...and I see joota-chappals flying towards me from the kiddies party today!!LOL

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@Karan: Thank you :) I am almost cent percent sure there will be MU though..

@Abhi: Thank you :)

@Jen, Soumya, Mrids & Nidhi: Thank you girls..And Soumya, dunno whether you will be in the mood to catch the episode after reading my rant fest..LOL

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