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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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superb update Clapwoh special paani peekar kuch special honewala hai kyaWink,eagerly waiting for the updateSmile

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wow both updts were awsmmm
wah maan kya pitayi ki uss gadhe rahul kiLOLLOLLOL
oops geet sabke samne kya bol diya maan ne tumari dori kholi..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOLLOL
i hope iss joker [rty ka plzn successful ho jaye..
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awsome i hope ki ab to maan geet ko maaf kar de
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Sorry for no update yesterday...update coming soon in a few moments...Big smile

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"Maan, aap itni nafrat karte hain mujhse ki meri awaaz bhi nahi sunna chahte???" she asks her voice crackingCry.

Maan is speechless...Confused

The moonlight filled the room and they both stood there looking in each other's eyes...Embarrassed

Maan remembers how he tied her dori and how alive he felt when he was with her...

(I take no credits for the belongs to the uploaderBig smile)



"Maan mujhe darr lag raha haiConfused?? Lagta hain baki sab log humein yahan chod kar chale gaye hain...Maan kuch karo...Shocked"

"Geet tum please shaant ho jao...Main koshish kar raha hoon...but this door is too strong."

"Babaji yeh kamaal hai...Yeh ghar poora khanddar hai...par darwaaze itne strong???LOL Maan Sir mujhe pyaas lag rahi hai??Unhappy"

"Toh?? Mera khoon piyogi??Angry Geet dimag mat kharab karo...Mujhe kaam karne do."

"Mujhe kaam karne doUnhappy," she imitates him angrily...

She looks around and finds a bottle of water. She was so thirsty that she doesn't check it properly and gulp down half the bottle...

"Geet?? Geet?? Dekhna wahan kuch rod ya steel ka kuch hai??" he looks around, "Geet??Confused"

But where is Geet? He really freaks out not finding her...

Then suddenly the door that he was trying to open for so long...opens...and there in front of him stood Geet.ShockedShockedShocked

"Tum?Shocked Bahar??? Tum toh yahan mere saath thi na? Tum bahar kaise gayi?Shocked...Aur main yahan kabse gadhon ki tarah darwaaza todne ki koshish kar raha hoon...Angry"

Even the brave MSK though for a second that she might be a ghost...but then dismissed the thought.

"Geet, I am asking you something..." he shouts...Angry

"Nahi bataoongi...pehle aap mujhse pyaar se poochiyeEmbarrassed."

"Pyaar se??Angry" he asks with gritted teeth...

"Haan pyaar se...meri aankhon main aankhein daal kar, mujhe apni bahon main lekar...Embarrassed"

"GEET!!!"Angry he roars...

She grimaces and turns looking a bit scared, and murmursOuch, "Dusht Danav...bas chillana jaante hai..."

"Geet kya kaha tumne??Angry"

"Kuch nahi...Chaddo!!"

Maan to himself...

"Maan tu kya kar raha hai?? Ask her calmly."

Maan walks to her...

"Geet!Big smile" he now calls her politely with a weird grin...

She turns...and Kaboom!!!Day Dreaming Maan's heart lose all senses and starts pounding against his chest...Her dreamy eyes are fixed on him, and there is a smile on her lips...her head tilted to a side while she looks at him...Embarrassed

"Geet? Tum mujhe aise kyun dekh rahi ho? Tum theekh ho na??Confused"

"Jab aap mere saath ho...toh mujhe kuch ho sakta hai.??Blushing" she falls on him, Maan looks confused, "Maan aap bahut bure ho...nahi...Main bahut buri main aapse door chali gayi..." she speaks sadly...Unhappy

"Geet?" he lifts her face, and saw that her eyes were half-closed and she was drunk...Day Dreaming...her eyes fixed on him...

"Tumne pee rakhi hai...Stern Smile" he drops her in shock and holds his headD'oh, "Yeh kab hua??? Main paagal ho jaoonga...Ab toh isse kuch poochna bhi bekaar hai...Confused"

He drops her on the floor and walks out, but there's no one in the dark hall...

"Mujhe ek baar yahan se baahar mikalne do, phir main dekhta hoon ek-ek ko...Angry"

"M-a-a-an!!!" whines Geet getting up from the floor...looking a bit disoriented...Wacko

"Bin piye mera sar khaati thi aur ab toh???...Ab main iska kya karoon???"



A draught of wind enters the hall...and Geet's sari fluttersDay Dreaming, and her long tresses fly over her pearly face...Maan is stunned by her beauty...Stern Smile

He turns and closes his eyes tight in desperation...Pinch

"Maan control," he tells himself...

He opens his eyes and there she stands right in front of her, batting her bewitching eyes...Day Dreaming

"Maan control...control..." he repeats in his head, but how was he going to control his heart that was beating uncontrollably.

Geet lifts her pallu and brushes his faceEmbarrassed...Maan stops her angrilyAngry...but one look from her and he melts...Heart

EmbarrassedHeartDay DreamingMAHI MAHI!!!Day DreamingHeartEmbarrassed

"Maan control...Ouch" he removes her pallu from his face and holds her hand, "Geet!Angry" he glares...

Geet blushesEmbarrassed and holds his other hand too and places it around her waist...Embarrassed

She then puts her arms around his neckDay Dreaming and Maan's trouble...

Geet: Zara sa jhoom loo main...Embarrassed

He claps a hand to his head...D'oh

Maan: Arre Na re Na re NaShocked

Geet: Zarra Sa Ghoom loon mainEmbarrassed

Maan: Arre Na re Na re NaShocked

She cups his face and leans...Day Dreaming

Geet: Tujhe Choom loo mainEmbarrassed

Maan's eyes widenConfused and he pushes her...Angry

Maan: Arre Na re Baba NaAngry


(Flash back: Maan's car tyres are punctured...and no one they decide to walk)

They are on the road...

Geet lifts her hands and glides along the road like some breeze...Embarrassed

Geet: Main Chali Banke Hawa

Maan tries to stop her in vain...Ouch

Maan: Rabba Mere Mainu bachaShocked


It starts raining...and...HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

Geet: Mausam Bhi Be-imaan EmbarrassedWink

Geet puts her arms around him

Geet: Masti Ka Ye Saman

Geet caresses his face dreamily...Day Dreaming

Maan gulps...Ermm

Geet: Roko O Logon Zameen Pe

Maan loses balance and bends down with her weight, she in his arms...Day Dreaming

Geet: Girne Laga Aasmaan

She swings in his arms...Embarrassed

Geet: Thumak Thumak Ke Jhuloongi Main

Maan gets up and pushes her...AngryAngryAngry

She rotates in circles...with outstretched arms...Hug

Geet: Udke Gagan Ko Chhuloongi Main

Geet: Main Chali Banke Hawa

She glides away, her pallu flying in the breeze...Embarrassed

Maan: Rabba Mere Mainu Bacha Confused

He runs behind her, trying to stop her...

But Hoshiarpur Express a.k.a Geet was reliving her old memories in Hoshiarpur when she ran freely with the wind...

Maan finally catches hold of her and reprimands her...AngryAngryAngry

"Geet, chup-chap mere saath chalo...Bahut tamasha kar chuki hoAngry."

"Nahi...abhi nahi...abhi toh mujhe...mujhe...Embarrassed"

"Tumhe kya???Confused"


She holds his hand and revolves around him...

Geet: Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Onlookers giggleLOLLOLLOL and Maan pleads...Unhappy

Maan: Arre Na Re Na Re Na

Geet jumps into his his horrorShocked...and people on the road are staring at them...

Geet:  Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Maan: Arre Na Re Na Re Na (pleads again...throwing her an angry lookAngry)

Geet: Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main (almost kissing him)

Maan:  Arre Na Re Na Baba Na


Wind blows and her sari almost comes off...Some guys stop their car...Maan jealousAngry...and rushes to her, covering her up with his jacket. They reach a lonely place...and Maan is really crossAngry...But Geet wouldn't listen to him...

She staggers a bit and waves her pallu in the wind...

Geet: Thandi Thandi PavanHug

 Jalta Hai Ye BadanEmbarrassed

She comes closer to him and puts her arms around him...Embarrassed

 Geet: Jee chahta Hai Bana Loon Embarrassed

Tujhko Apna Sajan Embarrassed

Maan automatically lifts his hand and caress her cheeksEmbarrassed...and says her name...


 (All credit for the pic goes to the uploader...not mine)

He is clearly mesmerised...but in order to hide his feelings he pushes her...Angry

She makes angry faces at him...and then happily dances in the rain...Dancing

Maan looks away from her...

Geet: Hua Nahin Ye Pehle Kabhi

 Meri Jaan Badal Gayi Abhi Abhi

Main Chali Banke Hawa

Maan: Rabba Mere Mainu BachaOuch


Geet throws away her sandals and dabbles in the rain water puddles...splashing water...Day Dreaming

Maan steals glances at herDay Dreaming...he smilesEmbarrassed...but when she looks back at him...he looks away angrilyAngry...

 (She looks at him scepticallyStern Smile, as if she knew his anger was a farce...)

Maan looks away and sees a cottage...

"Geet...dekho ek cottage...Humein andar jaake dekhna chahiye."

"Nahi Maan, hum yahin baarish main rahenge...Main aur aap...kitna mazza aa raha hai.Big smile"

"GeetAngry," he groans..., "tumse baat karne ka koi fayda nahi," and he lifts her in his arms...

He takes Geet inside...and there they see a man at the front desk...Maan is supporting her...

"TumAngry??? Kaun ho tum...Kabaab main haddi...Angry" murmurs Geet in her semi-conscious state...Sleepy

The man looks at her in bemusement...Confused

"I am sorry...yeh meri patni hai...thodi si paagal hai"

She frowns at him...Angry

"Maan...Main paagal hoon...Disapprove" she asks tilting his face towards her...

"HaanAngry...aur ab please chup rahogi thodi der?"

"HayeEmbarrassed...kitne sone lagde ho aise gusse main...Maar daala...HeartEmbarrassed"

" more word...aur main sacchi main tumhe maar daaloonga...Angry"

Geet starts crying..."Boo..hoo...hooo!!!"

Maan ignores her and asks the man...

"Humein yahan theherne ki jagah milegi?"


They get a room...and he carries her to the room...Geet's senses return partiallyConfused and she wonders what they are doing in a strange place...and where they are??

Maan accidently drinks from the bottle in Geet's hand...and Maan tunn!!Wacko

Geet looks for Maan and finds him out in the balcony...staring at the moon...

 "Maan!!Shocked" she exclaims seeing the bottle in his hand, and his head hanging...

Geet turns to leave...but he holds her hand...Embarrassed

Maan: Jaati Hai Tu Kahan (pulls her into his armsEmbarrassed)

Jaaneman JaanejaanEmbarrassed


Maan: Ladki Hai Tu Khoobsurat (fiddling with her hairEmbarrassed)

Ladka Main Naujawaan (Geet gulps nervouslyConfused)

She tries to free her hand...but he pulls her again...

Maan: Tujhe Gale Laga Loon Aa (hugs herHug)

Palkhon Mein Bitha Loon Aa Embarrassed

"Maan!!Shocked" she exclaims in shock... and wonders, "Yeh Maan ko achanak kya ho gaya...Confused"

Maan: Ho Gaya Mujhe Nasha Hug

Geet: Rabba Mere Mainu Bacha Confused

: Zara Sa Jhoom Loon Main

Geet: Arre Na Re Na Re Na (trembling)

Maan: Zara Sa Ghoom Loon Main

Geet: Arre Na Re Na Re Na(more trembling...and totally freaked at Maan's sudden change of behaviour)

Maan:  Aa Tujhe Choom Loon Main (trying to kiss her)

Geet: Arre Na Re Na Baba Na (No way!! She escapes from his clutches...)

Maan: Ho Gaya Mujhe Nasha

Geet: Rabba Mere Mainu Bacha (closing her eyes with her hands)


Geet still completely shaken...turns and walks a few steps...

 "Geet...Tum humesha mujhse door kyun chali jaati hoOuch...Phir jaa rahi hoCry," he says, "Main ab aur sahan nahi kar sakta...I can't live without you...Confused"

She looks at him in surprise, tears filling her eyesCry,

He pulls her towards him...

She hugs him...

Day DreamingHeartMAHI MAHI!!!HeartDay Dreaming

Maan lifts her chin and says,

"I love you Geet...Embarrassed"

Tears fill her eyesCry...and she replies, "I love you too MaanEmbarrassed...I love you...Embarrassed"

(pic not mine...all credits to the uploader)

Their heart beats intensifying...HeartHeartHeartHeart

Maan leans closerEmbarrassed...Geet closes her eyesEmbarrassed, losing her breath...

The gentle wind blows her hair on to her face...

Maan slips his fingers into the floating tresses of her hairEmbarrassed...her lips tremble...and...

They kissDay Dreaming...the lights fading away...for a new morning...

(All credits for the pic goes to the uploader...not mine)

~StarEnd of Episode 94Star~

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lovely update 
talli maan and talli geetLOL
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wow achi zara sa jhoom lo mai...LOLLOLLOL
lvd it
awsmmm updtBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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