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Phew!!! Back with the updatesBig smile

~Episode 84~


Scene 1:


Maan and Geet are at their homes respectively after the whole airport incident. Adi and Pinki tried to talk to Maan, but he was adamant to not forgive Geet. On the other hand Anjali, Geet's parents, Nano all thought it to be right to leave Geet alone, since they could do nothing but give both Maan and Geet their space to realise their love.

Maan was so hurt that he couldn't forgive Geet that easily even though he loved her dearly. On the other side, Geet was hurt too, but her pain was caused by her own lack of trust in the person whom she loved next to her Babaji. She hated herself for not trusting him, and deserting him like that. She suffered equally infact even more than him, but she was to be blamed and no one else. Nevertheless, now she has made up her mind to get back her love, and to take away all the pain from Maan's life, to repent and to gain his forgiveness. But, how was she going to do that...

BSK was the sufferer from both ends, he longed for the love of both his parents. He never spoke a word...his eyes revealed his pain thoughCry. The poor child was so understanding, that he bore all the pain, and that was killing Geet even more. She looked at her child and his silence increased the guilt feeling in her.


"Bas beta...Mamma ne aapko aur apke Pappa ko bahut dukh diye hainCry...par ab main uska prayshchit karoongi...chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye main aapko aapke Pappa se zarroor milvaoongi..." she decides in her heart.

She remembers the day when BSK was born and Maan wouldn't stop talking about him...He was so happy...Big smileCry and now...

There Maan too thinks of them (Geet and his son)

He was in dilemma...he knew he was acting too harsh on Geet, but the pain first at the hands of Sam and then Geet(who brought love into his life; and whom he never imagined, even in his remotest dreams, to have left him like that) made his heart hard.

But every moment he thought of her and their son...She was always with him emotionally, however far she was physically. Such was their love...and this was a challenge for their love.




Scene 2:


It was a new morning in the lives of both Maan and Geet. And Geet had woken up with a new retain her place in Maan's heart.


Guru was with his grandparents when Geet walked into the room, almost lost in the thoughts of Maan.

"Nanima, main bhi aapke saath aaoonga," told Guru to Rano.

Rano hugged him with tearful eyes and wouldn't let go off her grandson.

Beta, phir aapki Mamma akeli ho jayengi...aur aapko aapke Pappa se bhi toh milna hai."

Guru realised that he couldn't go with them, as he now has to bring his Pappa back, and with his dad so angry only he could melt his anger.

"Nanima...aap bahut acchi ho. Aap humare saath yahi par rehiye na...aur Nanaji aap bhi...phir main, Nanaji, aap, Mamma, Chillu...aur..." he was going to say Pappa...but stopped and looked at her mum.Confused

Geet couldn't tolerate the painful look in her baby's eyes and ran to him, and held him to her chest, "Beta, aapke Pappa aapse bahut pyaar karte hain, woh jald hi humare paas honge. Aap bilkul dukhi nahi honge, promise kijiye Mamma ko."

"Promise Mamma...but aap bhi mujhse promise kijiye ki aap bhi kabhi royengi nahi...Pappa loves you too...mujhe pata hai."

"Mujhe bhi pata hai beta...but you don't worry...Pappa Mamma ki bewakoofi se naaraz hain...lekin Mamma unhe jald hi mana lengi..." she then caresses her baby's hair and kisses him.


"Geet!" Rano calls her.

She gets up and wipes her tears...

"Hum damad ji se milne ja rahe hain...agar tum kaho to main unse tumhe maaf karne ko..."

"Nahi Ma...galti meri thi...aur maafi bhi main hi mangoongi...Aap pareshaan mat hoyiye...Main jaanti hoon...woh mujhse naaraz hai...par woh apni Geet se pyaar bhi bahut karte hain...Maine jo unhe dukh diya hai...mujhe uska prayashchit toh karna hi padega..."

Geet's mum and dad take leave...Mamaji and Nandini stay behind with Geet.

"Didi...aapke saath main humesha rahoongi...Aap bilkul akeli nahi hain, consoles Nano.

"Puttar, main poora samay sharab ke nashe main rehta hoon par maine tum dono (Maaneet) ka saccha pyaar bhi dekha hai...Yeh tera JJ Mama apni bhanji ke liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai...tujhe aur Balwant ko milane ke liye main teri poori hel-up karoonga...tu phikar not puttar."

"Thankyou Mamaji," and they have a family huddle.



Scene 3:


Chillu and Guru go to school in the school bus that day...

"Mamma aap humare saath nahi aayengi?"

"Nahi beta...aap dono school-bus main jayiye...Mamma aapko sham ko lene aayengi."




"Geet tum kya karne wali ho? Agar baat aur bigad gayi toh?"

"Nahi Anjali, mujhe Babaji pe aur humare pyaar par poora vishwaas hai...Maan aur Geet ki Jodi Babaji ne banayi hai aur unhe koi bhi alag nahi kar sakta...maine iss baat ko samajhne main ek baar galti kar di...par ab main har halat main iss galti ko sudharoongi...chahe uske liye mujhe kitni bhi beizzatti sehni pade."

"Iska matlab tumhe decide kar liya hai?"

"Haan Anjali...ab toh saari zindagi main unke naam karti hoon..."



Scene 4:




Romeo and Tasha are busy in their love-talk, while Adi hurriedly enters the office.

"Romeo yeh kya ho raha hai??Confused Agar Maan sir ne dekh liya tum dono ke saath mera bhi divorce karva denge...pata hai na...Jaake kuch kaam karo."

Tasha leaves...

"Oh Romeo RomeoEmbarrassed...where are thou?" enters Manish..aa floating as usual.

"Aahhh!Shocked" Romeo lets out a scream of horror..., "Tum?Shocked Tum yahan bhi aa gaye...tum toh Delhi main the na?"

"Of-ohEmbarrassed...main tum logon ko bahut miss kar rahi thi...Chalo na" he pushes Romeo naughtily, "Mere saath files dhoondhne main help karo na...Embarrassed"

"Kya?Shocked Bilkul nahiDead...Pandey ji ko bula loConfused."

"Pandey...Oh no noAngry...he's so boring...bal brahmachari kahin ka...uske saath rehke toh mera bhi romance khatam ho jayega...tum chalo na Ro-me-OEmbarrassed!"

"O...No no...Shocked" he escapes...




Adi enters Maan's cabin...


"Good morning Sir, woh nayi secretary aa chuki hai. Usse andar bhej doon?"

"Haan...aur uske hath main woh Stadium ke renovation ki file bhi bhijwa dena."

"Okay Sir..."

"Adi...tumne usse sab theekh se samjha diya na...mujhe mere personal life main koi dakhalandazi nahi chahiye...aur agar woh professional nahi hogi'll have to answer."

"J...j...ji Sir...Confused"

He goes out...shivering...Confused

"Adi...tu toh gaya...Jai Bajarang bali...apne bacche ki raksha karna...Confused"

~End of Episode 84~

Precap: The new secretary brings brings his black coffee and accidentally spills it over his suit...Shocked

Maan yells at Adi...Angry

Dadima is happy to see Geet and BSK at home...Big smile

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awesome update loved it

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superbbb!!!...loved itClapTongue
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Guys please don't forget to vote for Maaneet in the ITA awards...Every vote counts...this is our last chance till we get a new GURTI please vote for them...

Also vote for GC...Big smile

Our opponents are strong...but this is our last chance...kya pata iss popularity ko dekh kar someone decides to bring our GURTI back together...Big smile

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nice update dear.
i m definitely voting 4 gurti.
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 bs decide ho gya jb tk maan geet ko maaf nhi krega mei b nhi krugi
stupid girl.. huh 
precap- i knw maan ki new scrtry kon hai.. LOLWinkWinkWink
cont soonn
jo mai sch rhi hu whi krna aiwe meri lassi na krva dena..LOLLOL
nd dnt ask me ki mai kya sch rhi hu..

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~Episode 85~


Scene 1:



Maan's cabin


Rap on the door, Maan looks up...

"May I come in Sir?"

"Yes come in."

Suddenly his phone rings...

He got up and walked to the window to pick up someone's call.

His new secretary enters...


"Excuse me...Just a moment...I need to take this call. You may sit down."

"Thank you Sir."

"Hello...Adi...what is wrong with you? Tum office main ho kar mujhe phone kyun kar rahe ho? What's so urgent?"

"W...ww...woh Sir...Is everything alright there? Kuch problem..."

"Adi, tumhara dimag kharab ho gaya hai kya? Yahan pe kya koi World war hone wala hai...joh tum aise silly sawaal pooch rahe ho..."

"World war hi hone wala hai..." he murmurs nervously.


"I mean Sir, kya aap apni nayi secretary se mile?

"Haan Adi, woh yahin baithi hai...kya baat hai?"

"Kya? You've met her and you are still so cool? Incredible!! Aapko zarra sa bhi gussa nahi aa raha?"

"Nahi abhi tak toh nahi aa raha tha...par abhi mujhe bahut gussa aa raha hai...Tum par... aur agar tumne apni yeh bakwaas band nahi ki know the consequences."

"S...s...sorry Sir...Good day Sir..."


"Okay sir, main samajh gaya...Sir" and he cuts the call.


Maan shakes his head in annoyment and puts the phone down...

He then turns to the new secretary, but she was not in her seat. He looks around and sees her sitting on his chair instead, with the seat turned towards him.

"How dare you? Tum meri chair main kaise baith gayi?"

"Waise hi jaise kisi bhi chair main baithte hain...Waise toh main kisi ke dil main baithna chahti thi...par kya karti unka gussa joh hai...Tauba tauba!! Bilkul teekhi mirchi jaisa...humein apne paas aane hi nahi dete..."

"ADI!" screams Maan.



Adi shakes and falls from his chair...

"Adi kya hua?" asks Pinki.

"Main marne wala hoon...Bomb blast ho chukka hai...bas kisi shamshaan main booking karane ki der hai...Jai Bajarang Bali!!


The new secretary suddenly turns and gets up. It is Geet...and on seeing her Maan goes into a shock. He begins to fall when Geet pushes the chair and he falls into the chair...but not alone...accidentally he takes Geet along with him...and like always Geet is in Maan's arms.

MAHI-MAHI for ages...and ages...lost in each other's eyes.

When he gains his senses...he looks at her angrily...

"Tum? Yahan? Tumhari himmat kaisi hui yahan aane ki?"

"Maan..." she calls his name very seductively, "Geet apne Maan ke paas nahi hogi toh aur kahan jayegi..."

He doesn't want to touch her, but without touching her he won't be able to move her away.

"Geet, tum uthti ho ya?"

"Ya kya? Main nahi uthoongi...agar aap uthana chahe toh mujhe koi aitraaz nahi.

"Theekh hai..."

He slides his arm around her waist and holds her...Geet puts her arms around his neck and looks at him lovingly. Maan tries hard to control himself and not look at her.

He lifts her...and before she realised he threw her on to the floor.

"Ouch!! Maan...aargh! Apne mujhe neeche gira diya...Aap na abhi bhi Dusht Danav ho..."

"Kya kya kya? Dusht Danav? Haan hoon Dusht Danav...agar abhi tum yahan se nahi nikli toh sacchi main tum mera dusht roop dekhogi..."

"Accha...toh dikhayiye na...main bhi aapse nahi darti...Main Geet Maan Singh Khurana hoon...aisi geedad-bhakhiyon se main nahi darti..."

"Geet Maan Singh Khurana? Huh! Tumne woh haq kho diya hai Geet...You are just Geet...sirf mera ateet hai..."

Geet wipes her tears and walks to him...

"Apka ateet nahi...aapki zindagi hoon...aur humesha aapki hi rahoongi."

"Geet chali jao yahan se...Mujhe aur tamasha nahi karna yahan par...tum ghar chali jao..."


The door opens...


Dadima enters...

"Arre humari bahu ghar kyun jayegi...unka jahan mann karega woh wahin rahengi...Geet beta aapko yahan rehna hai...aap yahin rahengi...Main dekhti hoon aapko yahan se kaun nikalta hai."

"Thank you Dadima."

Geet hugs her...

"Oh...toh aap bhi? Theekh hai phir main hi yahan se chala jaata hoon..."

"Nahi" Geet looks at Dadima, who winks at her.

"Oh Beta I am so sorry...Aapko hum batana bhool gaye...Aaj humne BOD(board of directors) ki meeting bulwayi hai...aur yeh aapke bina toh ho nahi sakta...toh phir milte hai conference hall main aapse aur aapki secretary se..."

She leaves and Maan stares angrily at Geet...

"Yeh sab kya hai Geet? Tum kyun mujhe pareshaan kar rahi ho...Chali jao.."

She takes in a deep breath...makes her heart strong...picks up the file and walks to him...

"Maan..." she pauses, "Sir" Maan looks at her... "Main aapki secretary hoon...aur usse zyada kuch nahi...Aap fikar mat kijiye...main aapki life main koi dakhalandazi nahi karoongi..."

"Par kyun??"

"Kyunki...chodiye na Sir...Aap apni meeting ke liye late ho rahein hai."

She hands over the file to him and walks out...Maan looks on painfully...

He turns and bangs his fist on the table, hurting him.

Geet even though was not near him, feels his pain and calls his name in her heart...which Maan too hears...

"Geet...tum kyun yeh sab kar rahi ho? Tum jaanti ho...tum agar mere saamne rahogi toh main kabhi purani baton ko bhula nahi paaoonga...Aur main tumhe maaf nahi kar sakta...kabhi nahi Geet."




Scene 2:


Tihar jail

"Vicky please mujhe yahan se bahar nikalo...Ab main aur yahan nahi reh sakta...Tumne lawyer se baat ki na..." asks Dev desperately.

"Haan Bro...par aapka bail hona mushkil hai...Aaj kal laws bahut strict ho gaye hain...Aur aap par toh murder, extortion, kidnapping, fraud...aur na jaane kya kya charges hain...I am trying Bro..."


After Vicky left...

"Maan Singh Khurana...tu mera intezaar kar...tujhe main aisa tadpaoonga ki dekhne wali ki rooh kaamp uthegi..."

"Abe Oye...Gabbar Singh...tera drama ho gaya ho toh khaana khane chalein..." taunted the other occupant.

"Shut up!"

"Mere ko shut up bolega..." he gets up and beats Dev black and blue...


"Ab aur nahi...mujhe yahan se bahar nikalo..."



Scene 3:


Nano takes a stroll around the place...and visits Siddhi Vinayak temple.

"Hey Ganapati Bappa...meri didi aur jijaji ki zindagi se sabhi sankaton aur kashton ko door kar dijiye...unhe phir mila dijiye...Prabhu humare parivaar se vighnon ka naash kijiye..."

She bows down and prays...

While coming down the stairs...she barges into someone and the prasad falls...but before it could fall on the ground...the guy catches both the prasad and Nandini.

The guy is Arjun...and Nano didn't know him.

"Apko chot toh nahi lagi?"

"Nahi...thank you..." she stands on her feet, adjusting her duppatta...

"Yeh lijiye aapka prasad...aur dhyaan se chaliyega...humesha main nahi miloonga..."

This irks Nano...and she thinks of him as a flirt..."Thank you...but galti aapki thi...aap kahan dekh kar chal rahe the?"

"Oh...ek toh aapki help kari aur aap ulta mujhe hi suna rahi hain...bhalayi ka toh zamana hi nahi raha..."

Nano walks down ignoring him...

"Arre suniye, aapne apna naam nahi bataya..."

"Oh toh aap mera naam bina jaane nahi jayenge...toh theekh hai mera naam hai Bhanomati Kaur...from Punjab...aur jante ho na...Punjabi kudiyon de naal panga loge toh buri tarah pitoge...Hmmmph!!!Angry Mandir main bhi ladkiyon ko chedte hain...badtameez!!!"


She leaves...

"Ajeeb ladki hai...seedhe mooh baat hi nahi karti...Chal chod chalte hain..."



~End of Episode 85~

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