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-Awaari- Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 11:04am | IP Logged
no update today... Cry
i dint sleep at alll yest thinlking...aage kya hoga
pooja...pls dont exuse frm posting today...pleez Big smile
dontbe late
sleepless jyothika

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erumzaheer Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
Thanx for clearing the misunderstandings.

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Tia-AFreeBird IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 April 2012 at 1:19pm | IP Logged
thx yaar 4 clrng d mu
bt plz one rqst
in 3 years mai geet ki life mAI KISI AUR KOP MT DIKHANA

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 12:32am | IP Logged
thanks for this small update ,waiting to see maan & geet aamna -saamnaSmile

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pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 12 April 2012 at 9:49am | IP Logged

~Episode 70~


Maan reaches Khandala and Adi briefs him about the situation there.

"Adi baat kya hai? Bina kisi notice ke strike kyun?"

"Sir...w...w...woh yahan ke Branch Manager Mr Rane ne workers ki salary teen mahine se block kar rakhi hai and now he is absconding with the company's money."

 Maan is furious at this huge blunder.

"Adi, yeh kaise hua? Why wasn't I informed about the non-payment of salary before?"

"Sir, the Manager gave us wrong reports and the previous Union Leader was also hand in glove with him."

"Ek kaam karo, send in the new Union Leader. Main usse baat karta hoon."

"Yes Sir."

Maan solves the issue by talking to their leader. He pays all the due payments and also gives them bonus as compensation. The workers were happy and cheer his name loudly.

"Adi, uss Manager ka kuch pata chala? I want him and all those associated with him, behind bars. Let this be a lesson to everyone. Maan Singh Khurana kabhi dhoke aur jhooth ko bardasht nahi karta."

"Yes Sir, I've alredy informed the police. Main sab sambhal loonga."

"Theekh hai. I am going home then. Adi, tum bhi ghar jao, Pinki intezaar kar rahi hogi."

"Yes Sir...Bas thoda kaam aur hai, phir main bhi chala jaoonga."

Maan drives back to home...


Scene 2:

He feels the lonliness every second and remembers Geet...


"Maan, saamne dekh kar chalayiye na?Confused"

"Nahi, main sirf tumhe dekhna chahta hoon.Embarrassed"

"Maan, gaadi rokiye. Mujhe abhi utarna hai.Angry"

"Mmm...hhhEmbarrassed" he refuses.

"Maan, yeh kya zidd haiConfused. I am sorry...Main aapse phir kabhi nahi kahoongi ki aap mujh par kam dhyaan dete hain..."

"Soch lo Geet...phir tum mujhse office ko lekar jhagda mat karna."

"Nahi karoongi...please gaddi rokiye..."

He stops the car...

She comes out and starts scolding Maan in her Hoshiarpur Express style. Maan is irritated and pulls her close making her shut her mouth...



Suddenly he applies brakes. He was only dreaming about her.

"Geet, main tumhe kabhi bhula nahi paoonga. Hum ek doosre se bichad kar bhi humesha ek doosre ke paas hain. Geet tum kahan ho?"


Suddenly his mob. rings.

"Hello, Maan Singh Khurana."

"Hmmm...Main... Aditya bol raha hoon," said a little boy's voice.


"Mujhe na woh chot lagi thi... aur aap mujhe hospital..."

"Oh...bete aap theekh toh hai na...Aapke Mummy-Pappa..."

"Uncle...sorry... Maan Sir..."

"Aap mujhe Maan Uncle hi bulayiye."

"Maan Uncle, main na aapko thank you kehna...hmm...chahta hoon...Thank you"

"Mujhe thank you nahi chahiye."

"Toh meri favourite le lo..."

"Nahi woh bhi nahi chahiye,  mujhe  toh aapki ek badi si smile chahiye aur ek promise bhi ki aap aage se humesha steps carefully utaroge."

"Promise. Ek minute...Meri mummy ko...hmmm... baat karna hai..."

"Aapki mummy? Theekh hai."

Maan could hear him running calling out to his mum.

Then he hears a voice that makes his heart beat wildly as if he had no control over it.

The voice was saying to the boy, "Beta dheere, abhi aap poori tarah theekh nahi hue hain."

"Geet!" he gasps.Shocked

"Nahi giroonga," he replies excitedly to that woman...and runs ahead...

The boy finally finds his mum and hands over the phone to her, "Hello Maan ji, main Aditya ki Mummy bol rahi hoon. And I want to thank you for saving my son's life. "

Maan is lost for a second, then he realises it's not Geet, and that he was just imagining things...

"Please aap mujhe sharminda kar rahe hain. Meri jagah agar aur koi bhi hota toh woh aisa hi karta. Aap apne bete ka khayal rakhiye, aur agar koi bhi zarroorat ho toh mujhe batane main bilkul koi jhijhak mat mehsoos kijiye."

"Thank you Maan ji, but aapne jo kiya hai, wohi bahut hai."

Aditya takes away phone from her hand, "Aditya what are you doing?" scolds his mum.

"Ma mujhe baat karni phone do..."

"Maan Uncle, kya main aapse mil sakta hoon."

"Aditya!" scolds his mum, but he still insisted, "Please, main koi shararat nahi karoonga. Aap photo main na bilkul hero jaise ho...main aako real main dekhna chahta hoon. Please..."

 "Bilkul nahi."

"Oh..." his face falls sadly...

"Arre, mera matlab hai, aap ko yahan aane ki kya zarroorat hai. Main khud aapse akar miloonga, aapke ghar. Theekh hai. Aap bas rest kijiye."


Maan feels happy for the first time in the last three years.



Scene 3:

Aditya is excited and he runs excitedly to his best friend's house, right in front of his. He was also called Aditya. To avoid confusion they both had nick names, Guru and Chillu. Guru is his best friend and they've known each other since they were babies. They were soon going to start school also together, and their mums were also best friends.

"Guru, pata hai...Maan Singh Khurana mujhse milne aa rahe hain."

"Chillu...sacchi main..."

"Haan yaar...sacchi main."

The boys were super excited.

Guru's mum enters and sees the two boys jumping on the bed in excitement. She's very happy to see Guru so happy. Guru was a very shy and introvert boy, the only time he opened his heart was when he was with Chillu.

"Babaji, mere bacche ko aise hi humesha khush rakhna," she prays.




Scene 4:

Sunday Morning


Maan and Dadima are having breakfast. Maan tells her about the little boy whom he had helped.

"Dadima, pata nahi kyun uss se milkar mujhe baby ki yaad aa gayi. Aur pata hai uska naam bhi Aditya hai," he said excitedly.

"Bete, hum samajh sakte hain aapka dard. Aap humein bata sakte hain, har dard ko apne andar daba kar rakhne se dard aur zyaada bad jata hai. Geet aur baby ke jaane ke baad aapko pehli baar itna khush dekha hai."

"Daadima, main chalta hoon..."

"Aaj Sunday ke din...Maan aaj toh humare sath ruk jayiye."

"Dadima, ruk jaata, par maine uss bacche se promise kiya hai, that I will meet him. Please, aaj mujhe excuse kar dijiye."

"Aisi baat hai toh bilkul jayiye. Aapki khushi main hi humari khushi hai."

"Thank you Daadima."

He hugs her and leaves. Dadima is very happy to see him smile once again.



Scene 5:

He stops his car in the narrow lane, and walks towards the house where Chillu lives. After reaching the building he is confused, so he calls out his name...


On hearing the voice both Guru and Chillu rush down...and Maan is confused. Chillu explains to him that both of them have the same names.

Chillu hugs himBig smile, while Guru watches them from a distanceOuch.

Chillu takes Maan to his house to meet his mum.

But on the way he sees her, Geet, and is stunned. But then he tells himself that he's only imagining.

"Guru tu bhi chal na..." says Chillu to Guru.



Scene 6:


Maan takes the boys out to amusement park, to zoo, to all the happy places and then finally to his house. Dadima is very happy to meet the boys and gives them lots of sweets.

"Aap dono ka naam Aditya hai?"

"Haan, aur hum Best buddies hai, chuddy buddies.Big smile"

"Acchha..." she laughsLOLLOLLOL...then she turns to Guru, "Aap kuch nahi bolenge?"

"EhConfused...Thank you, for the sweetsBig smile."

Surprisingly she had tears in her eyes and hugged him, she didn't know why, but she just couldn't resist those beautiful eyes, that reminded her of Geet.

Maan then takes them to his room,

Maan gives them lots of toys and other gifts, Chillu accepts the gifts but Guru won't take them...

"Bete aapko kuch nahi chahiye?"

He shakes his head in a no, and goes and sits on the bed. Maan is curious and looks at Chillu...

"Yeh aisa hi hai...he only likes books," explains Chilllu.

"Books?Shocked Aap toh bahut chote ho..."

"Haan, par yeh na...humesha books padta hai...Woh picture wali, numbers wali...sab..."


Dadima enters...

"Maan, aap itna chaukiye mat...jab aap inki umar ke the, tab aapko bhi books bahut pasand the...Aap khelne se zyaada books main apna time spend karte the...Mujhe laga tha iss duniya main aap hi ek aise bacche the, but Guru toh bilkul aapke jaisa hi hai..."

"Mere jaisa..." wonders Maan.

Then Guru gets up and picks up an old, small teddy bear kept on the side-shelf, and looks at it as if it belonged to him.

Maan notices that...and walks to him.

"Aapko pasand hai?"

He nods...

"Toh aap le lo isse. Mera gift hai aapke liye."

Dadima looks at Maan in shock...

The teddy bear was baby's toy that Maan had always kept with him, but today he was giving it away, and that surprised her.

But,  Dadima understood, that the boy definitely brought happiness into Maan's heart, as if there was some connection, or was it because Guru had those eyes, those hazel eyes just like that of Geet.



Scene 6:

Maan brought the boys back to their place.

He took them to Chillu's place. Maan helped Chillu carry his gifts, while Guru thanked Maan and went to his house.


Scene 7:


At Guru's house


"Guru, bete kitni der laga di aapne. Aapne enjoy kiya Chillu ke saath."

"Haan...I enjoyed a lot."

His mum was so happy to see him smile like thatBig smile. She hugs him, but then she sees the teddy in his hand...

"Yeh...Yeh aapko kis ne diya?"

"Maan uncle ne..."

"Maan???Shocked" she is shocked to hear that name and everything stops around her...She takes the teddy and rushes outside...Guru follows her...

"Mummy...mera teddy do na..."

She reaches Chillu's house and the moment she enters, Maan too gets up to leave...and they both bang into each other. Maan holds her waist and stops her from falling. They both are shocked and tears come gushing into their eyes...

"Geet" he says completely lost in her eyes.


He then removes his hand from her waist and she withdraws a bit away from him...trying to hide her overwhelming emotions.


"Aap dono ek doosre ko jaante hai?" asks Chillu's mum.

But they both were lost in each other's eyes, speechless.

"Yeh Geet hai, meri best friend aur Guru ki mummy."

It was only then that Maan looks away from Geet, and his eyes rest on the little boy behind Geet. He rushes to him and pulls him over his chest, giving him a tight hug.EmbarrassedCryEmbarrassed

Maan and Geet didn't know how to react. They were seeing each other after three years...and in their hearts they couldn't imagine staying apart from each other for one more moment, but their egos came in between and they stopped eachother, which was almost impossible.




Precap: Maan tells Dadima about Geet and baby, and she is happy beyond expression.

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tanvi04 IF-Rockerz

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mindblowing but i hope ki dono jaldi ek dusre se baat karle pls dear continue soon n ye sad part ko jaldi khtam kardo muje ab maan aur baby ka iteraction dekhne ka bhut man hai really nw i really want ke dono milke geet ko bahut pareshaan kare hasne wale moments n maaneet moments pls update soon

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Pooja loved the update dear ,hope in donon ki dooriyaan jaldi katam ho.

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just read the update 
dev is such a dog 

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