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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 5:10pm | IP Logged
Omg ths sam is bloody bitch..and i hate ths vicky is idiot ko bhi dev ke paas pahunchado..omg precap is scary..i wish maan fnds her

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Posted: 06 April 2012 at 10:05pm | IP Logged
Pooja ,tumne cliffhanger mein kyun jodha ,please aaj bhi update karo ,monday tak intezaar nahi hota.

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Kya dhamakedar update hai yaar. Iss Sam ke paas yeh proofs aayee kahan se, Maan should definitely reconfirm. Sam ke jaise uske proofs bhi jhoote. Aur bechari Geet, all the odds seem to be stacked against her Cry
She was still so brave and did not flinch from her responsibility, but aab kya hoga...
iss vikki ki to Ouch

But loving the whole handling of the situation, Sam the "Vamp"
Jaab sacchai saamne aayegi na tab Geet ne to iss Sam the Vamp ki total Hoshiyaarpur style me pitai karni hai Tongue

gr8 update, will be waiting eagerly for more Smile

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~Episode 68~


Scene 1:


Daadima is very worried with the situation and fears it is going to ruin Maan and Geet's relationship.

"Babaji, yeh mere baccho ke saath kya ho raha hai? Abhi-abhi toh unki zindagiyon main khushiyaan aayi thi. Jab hum soch rahe the ki sab kuch theekh ho gaya hai, tabhi itni badi mushkil aa gayi. Ab hum kya karein?"



Scene 2:


Maan walks in to the room. Geet is feeding baby. She gets up when she sees him.

"Main aapke liye coffee le kar aati hoon."

Before he could speak she leaves.

Maan was in a dilemma which was eating into him. He knew he wouldn't do such a thing, but he also didn't remember anything about that night. And then there was Vicky's testimony.

Geet brings him coffee and silently goes and sits in the balcony with BSK.

Her silence worsens his agony and guilt. He walks to her and holds her hand.

"Geet, tum mujhse baat kyun nahi kar rahi ho?"

"Maan, aisi koi baat nahi hai. Main bahut thak gayi hoon. Thodi der akeli rehna chahti hoon. Aapko kuch chahiye tha?"

"Nahi," he gets up and leaves and Geet doesn't even stop him. He realises she is really shattered and needs to be alone, but what about him. Nobody was trying to understand his pain, not even Geet.



Scene 3:




Maan gets up and finds that Geet is not in the room, neither is BSK. He freaks out, fearing she has left him. He hurries down and breathes a sigh of relief when he sees her and baby in the kitchen.

"Maan, aapko kuch chahiye tha? Maine aapke kapde bed par nikal ke rakh diye the. "

"Geet, come with me, I want to talk to you."

"Maan, please, abhi nahi, mujhe bahut kaam hai. Dadima ke liye khichdi banana hai..."

"Theekh hai...main jaata hoon," he leaves angrily.

Geet looks sad and decides to go to him and talk.



Scene 4:


When she reached the room, he was talking on phone.

"Sam, main tumse milna chahta hoon, abhi."

Geet turns back and rests her back on the wall clenching her fists, tears gushing out.

"I am coming there to your place."



Maan turns to leave, when he confronts Geet, standing right in front of him, with a expressionless face.


"Maan, aap mujhse kya baat karna chahte the?"

"Kya farak padta hai Geet, tum badal gayi ho."

"Main badal gayi hoon, Maan. Aap jaante hai mujhe kitni taqleef ho rahi hai. Aur aap..."

"Main kya Geet? Mujhe samajh nahi aa raha, mai kya karoon. Par ab kya farak padta hai Geet, tumhe ab mujh par vishwaas nahi hai."

"Mujhe aap par vishwaas nahi hai?" she holds his shirt sleeves and looks into his eyes, "Mujhe? Mujhe aap par khud se zyaada vishwaas hai...yeh aap jaante hai...par aapne kya kiya, mere vishwaas ko thod diya, mujhse itni badi baat chupayi, Maan. Aaj mujhe pehli baar aisa mehsoos ho raha hai, jaise main apne Maan ke hote hue bhi akeli hoon, bilkul akeli."

She turns to leave, but he grabs her hand and pulls her into his arms, into a tight grip.

"Kyun Geet? Maine kabhi humare rishtey ke liye koi conditions nahi rakhe, kabhi tumse koi sawaal nahi kiya. Humesha tumhe khushi deni chahi. Aur badle main tum kya kar rahi ho...mujh pe shak."

"Bas kijiye Maan...toh main aapke liye sirf ek liability hoon. Ab main aapke liye ek pareshaani hoon."

Maan is furious, he tightens his grip almost digging into her flesh, hurting her more in her heart.

"Haan!" he screams, "tum meri pareshaani ho. Main khush tha tumhare bina. Kya fayda Geet aise rishtey ka jab tumhe mush par vishwaas hi nahi. Chali kyun nahi jaati meri zindagi se."

He pushes her down, and leaves angrily. He was completely freaked out with all the tension and Geet's behaviour that he just didn't realise what he had said to Geet. At that point of time, nothing mattered to him, everything seemed painful. He was hurt more because he feared losing Geet, and in that fear he lost his temper over her.



Geet falls on the floor and starts crying...

Everything fell apart for her. Maan's words reverberated in her head like some death knell.


Scene 5:


"Maan, aap aa gaye? I just couldn't believe my ears jab aapne kaha that you want to meet me."

"Apni bakwaas band karo. Where's your son? I want to meet him."

"You mean humara beta."

He goes inside pushing her aside.

"Vivek!" he calls his name...

He sees him walking towards him timidly. Sam hurriedly walks to him and holds him. He looks up at her with fearful eyes. Sam tells him, "Beta you go inside. Aapke Pappa Mumma se kuch baat karne aaye hai."

"Nahi, beta you come her?" tells Maan extending his hands.

Sam becomes nervous, "Maan, what do you want to talk to him? Woh ghabraya hua hai."

"But I am his father. I have every right to talk to him."

Maan throws out her hand and brings Vivek with him to the living room. He makes him sit on the sofa and himself sits on his knees beside him.

"Vivek, you are a good boy, aren't you?"

Vivek nods nervously and then looks at his mum.

"Aap apni mamma ko mat dekhiye. You talk to me, I will take you with me. Kya aap Pappa ke saath aana chahte hain."


"Then tell me something, honestly, kya main aapka Pappa hoon?"


"Maan, what are you doing? Leave him alone. Don't try to scare my boy."

"Vivek, aap dariye mat. Aapko kuch nahi hoga, main aapko apke Pappa ke paas le jaoonga."

"Vivek don't listen to him. He is lying."

"No, aap jhoothi ho.  You are not my father. My father is in the hospital."

The poor child starts crying, Maan hugs him and assures him, "Don't cry. I'll take you to your father."

He gets up to leave with him, "Sam, tumhe toh main baad main dekh loonga."

He reaches the door, but suddenly something hits him on his head. It's Sam, who hit him with a rod. Maan holds his head and falls down.

"You..." he speaks and everything goes bleary.


Scene 6:


Geet rings the bell.

Sam opens the door.

"Kahan hai Maan?"

"Geet, tum? How do you know he's here?"

"Sam, just tell me where is he?"

"He's not here."

"You are lying. I know he's here. I just want to talk to him."

"Geet, please..." she tries to stop her.

"Sam, I have nothing against you. Maan agar tumhare bete ke pita hai to hiss sacchayi ko main apna chuki hoon. Mere liye Maan se badkar kuch nahi. I just want to ask him somthing. Woh tumse milne aane wale the..."

She opens the door of the bed-room, and is shocked to see him on the bed.


She stands there shattered, no more able to take the pain.

She leaves a shattered soul.

Sam gives her evil grin.


Maan wakes up. His head aches like hell. He holds his head and gets out of the bed. Sam, brings water for him.

"Tum!" he holds her neck, and pins her to the wallAngry, "I knew all the time that you are lying. Tum jaisi giri hui aurat ko maine apni zindagi main nahi dekha hai. Cance huh? Tumhe pata bhi hai, how people really fighting cancer lead their lives. Tumhe kya pata what they feel? Tum sirf dhoka de sakti ho.Angry"

He pushes her...and walks towards the door.

"Kahan ja rahe ho Maan? Geet ke paas?"

He stops, "Geet, kya kiya tumne Geet ke saath?" he rushes to her in anger, "Sam...Angry"

He then realises that something is not right, and that Geet is in danger. He leaves her and rushes out of the house...He sees Geet's car parked outside...

"Geet! Yeh toh Geet ki car hai? Matlab, woh yahan aayi thi? Geet! GEET!" he calls out her name looking for her desperately.

"Geet ko dhoondh rahe ho? Par woh toh chali gayi?"

"Chali gayi? Sam agar Geet ko kuch hua toh main tumhe zinda nahi chodoonga. Kahan he Geet?"

"Maan, she gone. She's left you. Jiske liye tumne mera pyaar thukraya aaj woh hi tumhe chod kar chali gayi..."

"NOAngry, tum jhooth bol rahi ho. Geet mujhe chod kar nahi jaa sakti, woh mujhse pyaar karti hai."

"But kya karein, kabhi-kabhi pyaar haar jaata hai. She saw you in my house, on my bed and baaki toh tum samjh lo. Poor Geet, she was so heart broken, uska mahan pati Mr Maan Singh Khurana apni purani lover ke saath...tsk tsk tsk...dil toot gaya bechari ka..."

He gives her a tight slap, her teeth came flying out of her mouth. She falls to the floor and screams in pain.

"I am not done Sam. Main Geet ko dhoondne ja raha hoon. Agar usse kuch hua toh phir tum soch bhi nahi sakti main tumhara kya hashr karoonga."Angry

He gets into the car and drives away...only one fear gripped him, fear of losing her.

"Geet, please don't do this. Kahan ho tum?Cry"

 He tries calling her but no use. He calls Dadima...

"Dadima, Geet ghar aayi kya?"

"Nahi bete woh aur baby shopping ke liye gaye hain. Kya baat hai Maan."


"Maan, aap kuch bolte kyun nahi. Mujhe ghabrahat ho rahi hai. Geet...toh theekh hai na."

But he cuts the call and speeds towards the mall...

Scene 7:

Bus Station


Geet and baby are sitting in a bus to some far away place. She is completely shattered, holding on to baby. Tears just wouldn't stop falling. And then after some time, there were no more tears only pain survived, and she became lifeless.

"Maan hum ja rahe hain. Ab aapki life main koi pareshaani nahi hogi."Cry

The bus left...and Geet Hui Sabse Parayi, apne Maan se parayi.


~Not the end~

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Originally posted by thekolgal


Hey don't cry...Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!!!Embarrassed
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Nice update.
Pl.  don't separate maneet.  Bring them back together.
This sasha should not  be spared,

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