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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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great parts...mujhe pata nhi aisa shake ho rha hai ki raang me bhang daalne sam devi padharne wali hain jaldi hi

waiting for the next updateSmile

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~StarEpisode 62Star~


Scene 1:


Maan changed into clean clothes. He and baby are in the garden with Dadima. Some guys are still playing holi, but most of the guests are tired by now and have retired to the shades constructed in the garden, enjoying the refreshments.

Maan looks at BSK and he smiles backBig smile.

"Baby, dekha apne Mamma ko, abhi tak nahi aayi."

Baby puts his tiny arms around him and snuggles to him.

"I love you too son."

Dadima smiles and speaks slowly, "Maan, I am so happy to see you all again. Geet aur baby ke bina sab kuch soona lagta hai."

"Haan Dadima, Geet and baby  means everything to me in this world. Unke bina I have no existence."

Dadima trembles with fear for a moment, and then quickly hides her fear trying to look at the office staff having fun.

"Dadima, kya baat hai? You want to tell me something? Uss din..."

"Maan, main andar jaana chahti hoon. I am not feeling well."

"Main aapko le chalta hoon."

"Nahi, I want to walk myself. Tum please yahin raho, Geet abhi aati hi hogi. I'll feel better if I go by myself. Baithe baithe main thak gayi hoon."

"Alright Dadima, but aap akeli nahi jayengi..." he then calls Romeo, "Romeo, Dadima ko unke room tak chod aana...she'll walk by herself, tum bas saath rahna."

"Alright sir..."

"Maan, iski koi zarroorat nahi hai."

"Dadima, aap please meri baat maaniye."

"Theekh hai beta."


She leaves...



Scene 2:


Pinki and other girls come and take baby with them. Maan is sitting all by himself in the garden. He then decides to check once again in the kitchen.

Geet is not in there. He then goes to their room. He openes the door and is stunned by what he sees. Geet doesn't see him and is busy wrapping the saree. He simply stands there admiring her beauty. Geet turns and sees him there.

"Maan, aap yahan..." she puts the pallo over her and scolds him, "aap bahar jayiye, main change karke aati hoon."

"Toh change karlo, main kab mana kar raha hoon. I won't leave this room. Kabse bahar tumhara wait kar raha tha," he walks close to her and take her in his arms, "ab ek minute bhi tumse door nahi rahoonga."

"Maan, please...mujhe tayyar hone dijiye. Sab guests intezaar kar rahe honge."

"Toh unhe intezaar karne do. Meri Mishty ko tayyar hone ki kya zarroorat hai, woh toh waise bhi sabse khoobsoorat hai."

"Accha Mr Romeo...toh kya main aisi hi chali jaoon sabke saamne..."

"Nahi Geet...maine aise kab kaha..."

She laughs and he simply looks at her and is lost in her innocence.

Scene 3:


Adi looks dislodged from his senses, and wobbles around holding a glass. The trio finds him dreaming in the garden and brings him to the rest house. Pinki tells Romeo to take him home since he won't be able to attend the evening party like this.

But, Adi insists on staying back and wants to marry her, the very instant.

Pinki is gobsmacked and so are the others, but they realise it's because he'd drunk bhang hidden by someone in the garden, most certainly by Romeo and Manisha, cuz they looked suspicious with the sweat trickling down their foreheads and their gulping faces.

"Romeo, yeh tumhara kaam hai na?"

"M...m...mera, kya kah rahi ho Pinki, main aisa kyun karoonga...Manisha..."

Manisha jumps in surprise and looks at him in anger, "Oh no...maine kuch nahi kiya."

"Ab jis ne bhi kiya ho, Adi sir ko hum aise yahan nahi chod sakte, aur agar bahar le gaye aur Maan sir ne dekh liya toh...ain...he...he..." she begins crying to everyone's discomfort.

Sasha enters and scolds them arrogantly...

"Circus party yahan par hai. Aur Adi ko kya hua. He looks like he is high..."

"Sasha, wow, you look gorgeous..." Pinki tries to change the topic.

"Yeah okay...the party is going to start...hurry up all of you."

She leaves in her usual strut...and the others including Tasha who's now with Romeo, breathe.

They decided to dump Adi in the store room and hurry up for the party.



Scene 4:


Maan and Geet enter with BSK...and everyone admire their Jodi.

"Geet, dekho, sab mujhe kaise admire kar rahe hain."

"Mr Khurana, aap galat hai, woh aapko nahi mujhe admire kar rahe hain. Main itni khoobsoorat jo hoon."

Baby smiles...

"Dekha baby ko bhi pata hai ki tum galat ho..."

Before they could continue their nok-jhok, people come and greet them and the party begins. Dadima too joins them and so does Vicky with his friends.

Vicky comes and asks Geet for a dance. Geet at first hesitates, and then when she looks at Maan flirting with another woman, she accepts and goes with Vicky to the dance floor. Maan is annoyed a bit and asks the lady for a dance. Everyone is dancing with someone or the other. But all the time they both look at each other even though they are with other partners.

"Bhabhi, main aapke liye kuch thanda lekar aata hoon."


She waits there and suddenly she sees the lady, with whom Maan is dancing, getting too close to him. Maan doesn't realise it, but Geet is furiousAngry. She storms to her and pulls her part from him. Maan and the lady look at her shockShocked.

"Geet, kya hua?Shocked"

The lady angrily looks at her and storms outAngry.

"Itna chipakne ki kya zarroorat thi?Angry"

"Oh, you mean the dance. Iska matlab you were jealousEmbarrassed."

"Jealous, nahi toh...main woh...," Geet falters and tries to look awayConfused.

Maan pulls her close and lifts her chinEmbarrassed.

"Geet, tumhe darne ki koi zarroorat nahi hai. Maan ki zindagi main sirf Geet hai, aur koi nahi. Main sirf tumse pyaar karta hoon aur tumhe insecure hone ki zarroorat nahi hai."

Geet feels guilty for interfering in his dance with the lady.

"Maan, I am sorry, main woh...pata nahi mujhe kya ho gaya thaCry. Apko kisi aur ke saath dekh kar main ghabra gayi thi...Main...main bahut buri hoon na. Please mujhse naaraz mat hona...main bardasht nahi kar paoongiCry."

"Geet, what are you sayingOuch? Main tumse naaraz kyun hoongaEmbarrassed. I too feel jealous jab mere alava koi tumhe choota hai toh ya tumahre paas aata hai toh, it's natural. Isme bura mane wali koi baat nahi hai. Tum sirf Maan ki ho, aur Maan sirf tumhara hai."

She hugs him and tears trickle down her cheeks. She wonders why she behaved so insensitively...and that's when she realised it's because of the photos she had seen in Hoshiarpur. Unconsciously the fear had got into her of losing him, and that's why she acted suspiciously. But having done so, she was completely shattered. She completely believed Maan, but having allowed the suspicion to overpower her love and trust for him made her feel guilty. She just couldn't forgive herself.

Scene 5:

"How could I even think that he would...Hey Babaji...main bahut buri hoon...Main Maan ke baare main aisa soch bhi kaise sakti hoon."

She was pondering over the incident when Dadima enters and asks her,

"Geet beta, Maan kahan hai?"

"Dadima, woh abhi mere saath hi the, abhi room gaye hain, unka kurta change karne. Manisha ne unke kurte par drinks gira diya tha."

Baby extends his arms towards Dadima.

"Oh, Dadi ka baby, dad ke paas aana chahta hai..."

She picks him up...

"Dadima dhyaan se, aap abhi bhi kamzor hain. Aap thak jayengi."

"Bilkul nahi beta, hum toh Aditya ko dekhkar aur healthy feel kar rahe hain. Inke saath khel kar toh hum bilkul nahi thakenge."

Geet smiles seeing how happy baby and Dadima are in each others company.

"Dadima, main Maan ko dekh kar aati hoon. Unko gaye kaafi time ho gaya. Shayad unhe meri zarroorat hogi."

"Theekh hai beta."


~End of Episode 62~

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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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awesome pooja

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-Gemini- IF-Sizzlerz

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Pooja superb update Clap

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URME Senior Member

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tanvi04 IF-Rockerz

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mindblowing continue soon
pj2012 Goldie

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~Episode 63~


Scene 1:

Sam's house


Sam looks at Maan's picture and picks up her mobile.

"Aaj faisla ho jayega Maan."

Her mum apprehensively looks on while she smiles in her heart thinking about being with Maan.


Scene 2:



Maan has changed his kurta and he comes out from the washroom.

"Baap re, bahut der ho gayi. Geet mujhe kacha chaba jayegi. Jaldi neeche jakar apni Mishty ka gussa shaant karna padega."

He was about to leave the room, when his mobile rings.

"Arre yaar, isse bhi abhi bajna tha? Who is this?"

He answers the call, but is numbed by the voice on the other end. He was not at all expecting to hear that voice again after the last encounter.

"Maan, it's me. Please phone mat katna. I want to meet you, it's important. Dekho na mat karna, I will have no other choice then, but tell your wife about us."

"Shut up. Tum kya mujhe dhamki de rahi ho. And what are you going to tell her. There has never been anything between us. And I am glad for that."

"Maan, I know you haven't told her about our relation."

"Wo! Which relation are you talking about? Humare beech main toh kabhi kuch tha hi nahi. Jo kuch bhi thaw oh tum ne create kiya tha, and tumhi ne usse khatam bhi kar diya. Ab kis relation ke baare main tum bol rahi ho."

"Maan...I love you."

"Oh just stop it Sam. Tumhara drama main bahut dekh chukka hoon. You were a bad dream in my life, and that dream faded away the day I found my true love, I found Geet."

"Maan, main tumse saccha pyaar karti hoon, woh Geet nahi. I know all about her. Kaise usne pehle Dev ko phasaya...phir..."

Maan now lost all his cool...

"How dare you? Enough is enough...Geet kya hai...I know very well. Tum toh apni zubaan pe uska naam bhi mat lena. Tum uske saamne bahut choti ho Sam. I love her not just in this life but forever. I waited for her all my life and...Main tumhe ye sab kyun bol raha hoon. Main tumse baat hi kyun kar raha hoon? Mere aur Geet ke beech main aane ki koshish bhi mat know how the real Maan Singh Khurana is...I won't spare you."

He begins to hang up, when Sam stops him again...

"Maan, wait. Before you hang up just have a look at some pics that I'm sending you."

He receives the pics of him and Sam at Scotland, their engagement, and also the recent ones at Khurana Mansion. Maan is furious.

"Tum yeh sab bakwaas dikha kar chahti kya ho? I don't care. Main Geet ko khud hi bata doonga about the biggest mistake of my life, which was accepting your love, even when I never loved you. She will understand my plight because she truly loves me, knows me and therefore will also forgive me. Acchi baat hai...bahut ho gaya tumhara drama, next time mujhe dhamkane se pehle soch lena ki next time main itna lenient nahi hoonga. I will forget that you are a woman."

"Maan, she's a woman. And har patni ki tarah Geet bhi nahi chahegi ki uske husband ka kisi aur ke saath koi..."

"You have stooped to the lowest level Sam. But yaad rakhna, tumhare yeh ghatiya tricks mujhe aur Geet ko kabhi alag nahi kar payenge."

 "Oh Maan, you are so ignorant. Kya tum itna bada risk loge? Agar Geet ne tumhe samjha nahi toh? Agar woh toot gayi toh? Woh toh yahi samjhti hai ki tumne kabhi kisi bhi baat ko usse nahi chupaya hai...par jab usse itni badi baat ka pata chalega toh kya sochegi woh apne devta ke baare main apne Maan ke baare main. Tsk tsk tsk...bechaari. Mujhe toh us ski kismet par taras aa raha hai."

"SAM!" he screams...

Geet has reached their room, but suddenly stops on hearing him scream.

"Maan, dekho mujhe tumse ek bahut zarroori baat karni hai. I promise you bas aaj ek baar aur mil lo, phir main kabhi tumhe ya Geet ko pareshaan nahi karoongi."

"Mujhe tumhari shakal bhi nahi dekhni. Tum sirf dhoka de sakti ho aur kuch nahi. I don't trust you."

"Maan you loved me once...and we were engaged to get married."

"Oh yes, we were engaged to get married..."

Geet is petrified after listening those words...she falls down completely heart broken...Maan continues...

"...but that was it. Tumne kya kiya tha bhool gayi tum and now after all these years tum phir kyun aayi ho mere life main. Past is past, and now it has no significance. Leave me and my family alone."

"Maan please, one last time, main aur kuch nahi maang rahi. I promise to never come in between you and Geet. One last time please, it's important."

He angrily breathes and against his heart says yes...

Maan throws away the phone and hits his hand on the wall in frustration. Geet sees this and runs to him and takes his bleeding hand in hers. Tears flooded her yes while she spoke, "Maan! Yeh aapne kya kiya. Itna gussa theekh nahi."

Maan suddenly composes himself. He didn't wanted her to become worried. So he holds her gently and asks, "Geet tum kab aayi?"

"Abhi...aap itna gussa kyun ho rahe the. Agar aapne phir apne aap ko chot pahunchaane ki koshish kit oh main aapse baat nai karoongi. Samjhe aap, Maan."

He smiles at her innocence and hugs her. But, inside he was in a battle with himself.

"Maan, aap kis se baat kar rahe the?"

Maan is suddenly alrmed, and asks...

"Tumne kuch suna?"

Geet lies, "Nahi, par aap itna gussa kis par ho rahe the?"

"Office se tha...nothing to worry."

Geet knew he was lying, but she didn't wanted to tell him that she heard him. She only heard the engagement part, but she still trusted him.

"Maan neeche chalein. Dadima wait kar rahi hain."

"Hmmm...okay Geet."

Scene 3


After some time...

Maan vanishes from the party.

Geet is afraid that something terrible is going to happen and that someone is trying to separate them. She goes to their room and sits on the bed crying.


~End of Episode 63~


Precap: Maan faces Sam...A devastating truth is revealed. Can Maan and Geet's love bear the consequences of it? What has fate stored for them...


Whoops...will have to wait till Monday guys...


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OMG...aisa kya batane wali hai Sam Maan ko Shocked
But hamare Maaneet ka pyaar atto hai...fevicol ka jood hai...ittni aasani se totega nhi Wink Tongue
Lovely update, but u devil pooja, aise twist pe end kar diyia, aab Monday ka wait karna padega Cry

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