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awesome Pooja ,loved the update ,but tensed aage kya hoga.

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Originally posted by glassdoor

This post is so AMAZING!!!! I really love maneet...and i was heart broken when the serial was over...
Your posts have given me a life again...they are so freaking are a most talented writer...some of your maneet scenes are mind blowing...

One friendly request: Pls dont give Daadi any more heart attacks...poor lady she will die soon at this rate and i love her!!!

Thank you...for appreciating my love for Maaneet.Hug

And yup...poor Daadi...she has a heart of solid gold...nothing can happen to her.
ClapRockstar daadi zindabaad!!!Clap

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Originally posted by maneetlover1

Omg o stupid ne daadi se aisa kya keh diya ki o behosh hogayi..omg omg me very tensd..i hope o devil sam wnt succeed in watever plans she's havng with her and ha plz dnt create any mu b/w maaneet and no seperatn dear..mujse nahi hota..maan plz beat that sam black and blue and throw her in a desert where she cnt even get water...if u want i'l help u..lolz


Maan beating Sam black and blueDeadDeadDead
I wish GHSP ko band karne walon ko koi laal peela kar de...LOL

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Will post an episode today in the evening...Sorry for no updates on Friday.

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~Episode 55~


Scene 1:


Maan is brooding over the last call he had attendedOuch.

"What does she want from me?Ouch Agar Geet ko Sam ke baare main pata chal gaya to?Confused I should have told her long ago, pata nahi main batane se kyun ghabra raha tha. I never thought she'd return back to my life," he gets up with stern eyes, " I don't care, what she is intending to do...I just know one thing, meri zindagi sirf Geet aur humare baby ke naam hai."


Maan calls Adi and tells him to go to Hosiarpur immediately.

"Why has she come back into my life?Angry I have to find out the truth before anything wrong happens."

Vicky sees him looking all tensedConfused.

"Bro, are you alright? Don't worry. Dadima theekh hain. Main jaanta hoon aap Dadima se kitna pyaar karte hain."

"Vicky, tum ghar chale jao. I'll wait here in the hospital. You need rest."

Maan persuades him to go home, while he sits wondering about Sam's intensions.



Scene 2:



The Handa family is all ready to leave for Amristar, to pray at Golden Temple. The cars leave with almost all the family members, including Mamaji, who was prohibited from consuming even a drop of 'u know what.' Mamji promised, but Rajji saw him hiding something one of the bags.

Geet and baby miss Maan terribly. Baby is holding a picture of Maan and wouldn't let go off it. Geet kisses baby, and hugs him. She decides to call him.

Maan's mobile rings...

He is so lost in thought that he is unaware of his mob. ringing.

"Maan, aap phone kyun nahi utha rahe hai? Ek baar aur try karti hoon."

This time he snaps out of his thoughts and answers the call.


"Maan," she enquires anxiously, "aap theekh hain na? Aapne pehle phone kyun nahi uthaya? Dadima kaisi hain? Mujhe unse baat karni hai," she doesn't even allow him to reply.

"Geet, Geet, chup ho jaoAngry. Kitne sawaal karti ho," he snaps at her, due to the overwhelming circumstances, "Main theekh bhiConfused."

"Maan, aap kuch chupa rahe hain. Meri aap Dadima se abhi baat karayiye.Confused"

"Geet, tum samajhti kyun nahi ho," he shoutsAngry, "main abhi ghar par nahi hoon. I'm on my way to meeting some clients in the office. Main baad main baat kara doonga," he lies not wanting her to worry about Dadima's heath.

Geet doesn't talk, she keeps mum...Cry

The silence calms Maan, and he realises his mistake.

"Geet, I am so sorry. Mujhe tum par cheekhna nahi chahiye tha. I didn't wanted to. Geet, please mujhe maaf kar do. Geet..."

She still keeps silent.

"Geet, mujhse baat nahi karogi.Embarrassed"

"Maan, aap please mujhe sach batayiye. Mera dil bahut ghabra raha hai."

He takes a deep breath, and speaks, "Geet, dadima is in the hospital."


"Woh kuch ghabrane wali baat nahi hai. She complained of chest pain...toh bas unhe observation pe rakha hai. Doctor said she'll be discharged after all the check-ups. Geet! Hello! Geet!"

He hears her sobs, and understands she's crying...Cry

"Geet, isi liye main tumhe bata nahi raha tha. Choti si baat par bhi rona shuru kar deti hoConfused."

"Hey Babaji, yeh choti si baat hai? Maan aapne mujhe pehle kyun nahi bataya. Main aaj ki Delhi wapis aa rahi hoon."

"Geet, bilkul nahi. Aisi koi serious baat nahi hai. Dadima bilkul theekh hai. Unhe bilkul accha nahi lagega agar tum unki wajah se apna kaam chod kar wapis aa jaogi."

"Maan, woh sab mujhe nahi pata. Mujhe abhi Dadima se milna hai."

"Geet, bachon jaisi baat mat karo. Yeh school tumhara sapna tha. Aur main nahi chahta tumhara sapna adhoora rah jaaye. Geet, main hoon na yahan par, dadima ka khayal rakhne ke liye. Aur bas kuch dino ki baat hai, phir tum mere paas hogi, dadima ke paas hogi. Main jald hi unse tumhari baat kara doonga. Accha chodo iss baat ko...tum yeh batao abhi tum kya kar rahi ho? Mere baare main soch rahi thi na?Embarrassed"

She wipes her tears and replies in a moist voice, "Aapke baare main nahi, dadima ke baare main..."

"Oh...toh mujhe tum bhool gayi ho...koi baat nahi...Accha yeh batao humara junior kya kar raha hai?Big smile Woh zarroor apne Pappa ko miss kar raha hoga. Abhi jo usse akele hi Mamma ko jhelna pad raha hai?"LOL

"Maan! Aisa kuch nahi haiAngry...waise woh aapko real main bahut miss kar raha hai.Aapki photo pakde baitha haiEmbarrassed. Kisi ko deta bhi nahi hai.Embarrassed"

"Mere baby ko Pappa ki aur se lots of kisses, ki Mamma ko bhiEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed."

Geet blushes...Embarrassed

"Geet, baby ke Pappa ko baby ki Mamma kuch nahi degi?"

"Degi na...Hoshiarpur ka ghoosaLOLLOLLOL...ek baar ghar aane dijiye."

"Baap re, Geet, aise baat karte hain apne pati se...tum mujhse bilkul pyaar nahi kartiConfusedLOLLOL"

"Maan, main toh mazzak kar rahi thi. I am sorry.ConfusedConfusedConfused"


"Main bhi...kitni bholi ho tum GeetEmbarrassed, isiliye toh main tumhe Mishty kehta hoon."

"Bye Maan"Embarrassed

"Kya? Theekh hai...main itni romantic batein kar raha hoon, aur tumhe toh mujhse baat hi nahi karni...Alright, Bye."

Before he cuts the call she quickly says to him,

"Maan...I love you.Embarrassed"

"Love you too, Mishty.Embarrassed"



Scene 3:

The family prays at Golden Temple. Geet and baby take Babaji's blessings. She prays for Dadima.

"Babaji, please Dadima ki rakhsha kariye. Unhe theekh kar dijiye..."



Geet is walking near the pond...Rano comes and tells her to wait there with Mamaji, while they go and perform some prayer.

"Yeh ladkiyan kahan chali gayi. Kaam ke waqt ek bhi nazar nahi aati."

Rajji, Nandini and her cousins had all gone out for shopping.

"Ma, woh duppatte khareedne gayi hai. Maine hi unhe jaane ko kaha tha."

"Duppatte khareedne, yeh ladkiyan bhi, inhe toh bas mauka chahiye...chal thhekh hai puttar, tu yahi ruk. Hum abhi aate hain."

She sees Jugnu and tells him,

"Jugnu, tu Geet aur bacche ka khayal rakhna. Hum abhi aate hain."

"Tu phikar na kar pehen, main Geet da poora khayal rakhanga...Yeh Jugnu Jasoos da vaada hai."

"Theekh hai...Geet, puttar hum abhi aate hain."



"Mamaji, aap jakar langar se kuch kha lijiye."

"Bhookh toh mujhe lagi hai, par main tujhe chod kar nahi jaavanga. Maine behen se vaada kiya tha."

"Mamaji, koi gal nahi...Dekhiye mujhe bhi bahut bhookh lag rahi hai...aap mere liye bhi thoda prasad le aayiye."

"Pakki gal kar rahi hai kudiye..."

"Haan Mamaji..."

"Phir theekh hai puttar...Main yoon gaya aur yoon aaya."




Geet closes her eyes and prays for Dadima. Baby watches her and he too folds his tiny hands following his mum.




Babaji answers their prayers. Doctor informs Maan that Dadima has gained her consciousness, but then she won't be able to talk or move foe some more days. She is discharged from the hospital.


Scene 5:



Maan brings her home. A nurse is also appointed to look after her.

"Bro, aapke liye office se phone aaya tha. Bangalore se Heera Apartments wale clients aapse meeting karna chahte hain. Adi has departed for Hoshiarpur. So you have to be with them urgently."

"Theekh hai, Vicky. When is the meeting?"

"Sasha informed it's at 10 am."

"Abhi ek ghanta baaki hai. Main Dadima ko dekh ar aata hoon."

All the while only one question was rotating in his mind and that was, what did Ms Sheila Kapoor tell Dadima?



Maan sits beside Dadima on the bed and strokes her hair. She opens her eyes, and tears fill her eyes, she smiles. Then suddenly she remembers something and tries to speak, but she cannot.

"Dadima, aap kuch mat boliye. Aaram kariye. Jab aap theekh ho jayengi tab main poora time aapke saath baith kar aapki baatein sununga. Abhi toh aap bas aaram kijiye. Main office jaa raha hoon. Jaldi wapis aa jaoonga."

He gets up to leave, but she holds his hand. There was sadness in her eyes. He walks to her and bends to kiss her on her forehead. It was killing him to see the his dadima in such a condition. He had given his dadima only pain, and he felt guilty this time aswell. But, there was also anger, he knew it was all because of Sam's mum. Years before too she ruined his life by brainwashing her daughter's mind. And now again she's doing the same. But this time Maan was not going to let her have her way. He won't allow her to ruin his life, his family, his love again. He found love, his true love, in Geet. And he was not going to lose her at any cost.

He speeds away and Vicky wonders what's happened.


Scene 6:



Phone rings...

Nakul picks up the phone. It's Ms Kapoor.

"Maan aa gaye?"

"Ji haan. Aap kaun hai ma'am?"

"Main Ms Kapoor, meri Maan se baat karayiye."

"Maan Sir toh office chale gaye hain."

"Office...theekh hai. Ghar main aur koi hai?"

"Vicky Sir hain."


Vicky enters...


"Kaun hai Nakul?"

"Ji woh Ms Kapoor..."

"Theekh hai tum jao..." he then takes the phone, "Hello!"

"Vicky, hum Sam ki mum bol rahi hain. Aapki dadima kaisi hain?"

"She's been discharged from the hospital. It'll take some more days to fully recover."

"I'm so sorry. I feel so bad. Main aapke ghar aayi thi unse baat karne but suddenly she went into a heart attack. I was so scared for her. Thank God she is alright."

"Yeah, thanks, Ms Kapoor."

"Maan, I mean...apki Bhabhi bhi aa gayi hongi Hoshiarpur se."

"Bhabhi is in Hoshiarpur...she'll back soon. Ms Kapoor, I am extremely sorry, but I need to go. Dadima is alone."

"Okay, beta. Give my regards to Savitri ji."

"Yeah sure."

Vicky sensed something bizarre in her tone. She sounded very strange.



Scene 7:



Geet sits near the pool of the temple and remembers the time she came to Amritsar with Maan. How much they disliked each other, but still there was an attraction, as if they knew eachother. Somewhere in their hearts they knew they were meant to be together. It was just thatthey didn't wanted to accept it. Maan brought happiness, love into her life. She loved him more than anything in the world, but ofcourse Aditya. But her baby was also his gift to her. And Maan too felt the same. Their love was innocent, so pure. Maan loved her sincerely. No one take her place in his life. They were two bodies on soul, dissolved into one love for eternity. There love was so strong that they could even sense each other's heart even when they were miles apart. And Geet senses the pain and struggle Maan was going through. She felt restless...and spoke out his name opening her eyes...


"Babaji, mere Maan ki raksha karna. Woh jab mere paas nahi hote, mujhe ajeeb si bechaini hoti hai. Babaji, humare pyaar par, humare parivaar par sada apna aashirvaad banaye rakhna."

She stands up and looks around...

"Mamaji, abhi tak nahi aaye? Jaake langar ki taraf dekhti hoon."

But, Mamaji appears from the crowd holding a leaf with poori and halwa, prasad.

"Puttar, dekh main bhoola nahi tere liye aur iss junior Balwant Singh ke liye Prasad lekar aaya hoon."

"Thank you Mamaji."

"Geet, mujhe ik aur kaam karna si. Woh main Babaji ke darbaar main ik vaar aur matha tek kar aata hoon. Mujhe unse kuch per-sanaal vaat karni hai."

Geet smiles and says,

"Aap jayiye Mamaji. Main aur baby yahin baith kar prasad khate hain, tab kar aap aa jayiye."

"Changa puttars, Jugnu Mamas coming soons from the darbars ofs Babajis."

Geet laughs and baby too makes some funny faces...giggling heartily.

Geet kisses baby, "Awww...Mamma ke baby ko hasi aa rahi hai," she playa with him.

Geet doesn't give baby the prasad, because as per traditions solid food was to be given only after a certain pooja is performed, it's a ritual just like naam-karan. Geet takes him below the shade of a tree, and feeds him milk. Baby falls asleep. She then eats the prasad. She gets up to throw the leaf in the dusbin, when suddenly a man pushes her and tries to snatch baby from her arms. Baby wakes up and starts crying. She holds on tight and won't let go off her child. She screams for help. People began to gather. But in split seconds, the man snatches baby and pushes Geet into the pond. Her head hits the marble edge. She kept on screaming for her baby until she loses her consciousness. Some one jumps into the pond to pull her out...Everything goes black before her eyes...


~End of Episode 55~






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i want maan to punish the hell out out sam's mother that bitch doing all this request from next part onwards let maan now this is all done by sam's mom and maan should punish both sam and her mom bithchAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

a**hole ************Censored

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omgagn baby kidnp...nooo
 im sure ye uss bit** sam nd uski mom ka hi kaam haiAngryAngry
ill' kill dem...AngryAngry

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thanx 4 a nice and long update.

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