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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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SmileHi writers really good work now only i check out your updates, eagerly waiting for next post...please post soon cant wait...Star

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Sorry guys for no update on friday...was busy.


~Episode 43~


Scene 1:

Terrace, Haveli

"Maan, saamne aayiye. Dekhiye agar aap saamne nahi aaye toh theekh hai, main jaa rahi hoon. Aap khelte rahiye chuppan-chuppai..." she keeps quiet and looks around and when Maan won't come out after that, she slowly moves to the terrace door halfheartedly, "Maan?" she calls again one last time, "main jaa rahi hoon."

She opens the door, but Maan appears right in front of her, grabs her in his arms, pushes the door close, and pins her to the door all in a quick succession. Geet is speechless and is taken by a surprise. Maan lifts her chin to close her mouth that dropped open in surprise.

"Geet, main aa gaya. Kya dena chahti thi tum mujhe?"

"Dena? Main kuch dena wena nahi chahti thi? Main toh aiwain hi aapko bula rahi thi."

"Accha, par main serious hoon. Ab jab tum ne mujhe bula hi liya hai toh phir tum ek kaam kyun nahi karti...tum mujhe mera gift de do."

"Maan" she refuses shyly but sternly, "aapki shararatein apne paas hi rakhiye. Inka mujh par koi asar nahi hone wala."

"Accha koi asar nahi ho raha?"

He comes too close, their breaths melting into one, Geet is paralysed by his loving eyes. She stops resisting him, and when he bent and brought his face too close to her lips she opened her eyes and stops him...

"Maan, mujhe jaane dijiye. Ma mujhe dhoondh rahi hogi, aur baby bhi."

She gets away from him, Maan was still in that trance...He shakes his head and pulls her close...

"Geet!" comes her mum's voice sending her jumping up in the air in horror

"Oh Babaji, Maan chodiye mujhe, Ma upar hi aa rahi hai..."

"Toh kya hua, Geet you are my wife, and Ma jaanti hai ki main tumse ek pal ke liye bhi alag nahi rah sakta. Toh isme itni darne ki kya baat hai."

"Maan, aapko toh koi sharam varam hai hi nahi, mujhe sharam aati hai...Please jaane dijiye."

"Mmm...hhh" he refuses.

When Maan won't leave her hand, she decides to push him. But the push was so strong, since she was so nervous that it sends him down on the floor.

"Maan I am sorry..."

She goes out without even looking at him. Maan was hurt and angry.



Scene 2:


Sam and some of her friends having a girls' get together at a ladies club.

"Sam, you are marvellous. A business woman who looks like a bollywood diva. How do you manage all this?"

Sam simply smiles and humbly accepts the praise.

Another woman, looking quite bitter at the praise, comments intending to throw in an insult at her, "Sam is also lucky since she has a crippled husband, who won't bother her schedule and engagements unlike our husbands. Isn't it Sam?"

Some women laugh, some simply look embarrassed, but Sam she was shattered, the snide hit her heart and pierced it.

"Mrs. Mehta, I am happy with my husband, and we both love each other. We don't need fake parties and expensive romantic holidays to prove our love. Yeah, but in that sense, you've beat us all. Congratulations, she then gets up and picks up her bag, " Girls, I think I've had enough. I have lots of work to do than just planning out lovey dovey facades. Bye."

She was really hurt, and she said all that about loving her husband just to zip Mrs Mehta's mouth. But in the heart of heart she knew it was false, the reality was very painful, more painful than the snides she has been hearing all these years after she decided to desert her true love...MAAN.





Scene 3:



Everyone has returned from the house of some relative...

And right after the return, the women folk became busy with their kitchen chores.

"No time to even take a breath of relief," complained Geet's tai ji.

Geet smiled at her mum and told the other women to rest for some time and that she'll do everything.

"Geet puttar, tu akeli sab kuch kar nahi payegi. Sab ke liye khana banana, lassi banana...tu kaise karegi. Aur tujhe baby aur damad ji ka bhi toh khayal rakhna hai. Bechare kaise cheekh cheekh kar behal ho gaye hain."

"Maan cheekh rahe hain, unki sardi aur bigad gayi. Hey Babaji, aur maine unka zara sa bhi khyal nahi rakha."

She remembers the time on terrace, and how she pushed him.

"Puttar, ja unke paas chali ja. Hum yahan ka sab dekh lenge."

"Nahi tayi ji, main sambhal loongi. Bas mujhe paanch minute de dijiye. Main abhi Maan ko dekh kar aati hoon."

Maan was not in the room. Baby was with the men folk enjoying happily.

Then she saw him sitting in the verandah holding the newspaper.

She rushes to him...

"Maan, aapne medicine liya?"

He did not answer, still drowned in the paper.

Geet tries to ask him again, and finally when he won't talk to her, she snatches the paper and holds him with both her hands, looking straight into his eyes,

"Maan, mujhe pata hai, aap koi paper shaper nahi pad rahe, aap bas mujhe tang kar rahe hain. I am sorry. Please mujhse baat kijiye."

But he simply won't talk. He gets up, throws away her hands and pushes her aside.

"Maan" she calls behind him. But Maan had made up his mind to not talk to her. He doesn't even look at her and walks away joining the men in the hall.

"Maan, mujhe pata hai, aap mujhse roothe ho. Par, aap apni Geet se zyaada der tak naaraz nahi rah sakte. Dekhna main kaise aap ko mana leti hoon."

She smiles and goes back to the kitchen. And she could sense while crossing the hall, that Maan was looking at her, smiling. When she turns, he suddenly starts talking to her dad. Geet looks at her, almost lost in his thoughts, when suddenly Pammi stops her and Geet halts in shock.

"Geet, sambhal kar chal. Abhi tujhe lag jaati."

And she was right, Geet was almost going to slam into a table. She shyly runs away...


Scene 4:

Geet is determined to please Maan with her cooking.

"Maan, ab dekhti hoon aap kaise mujhse naaraz rahte hain. Aapka favourite kheer bana rahi hoon."

That's when the land phone rings...

She picks up the phone...

Same time Maan also picks up the phone at the hall...

They both simultaneously say...


It was Adi, who was confused at hearing both their voices.

"Maan sir, actually mujhe Geet se baat karni thi."

"Hmm...okay...ughho ughho!!" he coughs.

He was about to keep the receiver back when Geet says,

"Maan, aap please dawayi le lijiye."

"Tumhe meri fikar karne ki zarroorat nahi hai."

"Accha," she now is angry, "main fikar nahi karroongi toh kaun karega...dekhiye pyaar se maan lijiye nahi toh..."

"Nahi toh kya karogi, mujhe dhakka marogi?"

Adi gulps...

"Maan, woh main aapko dhakka marna nahi chahti thi, par aap mujhe jaane nahi de rahe the aur Ma mujhe bula rahi thi..."

"Theekh hai, agar tumhe mere kareeb aane se itna hi problem hai toh phir main hi tumse door chala jaata hoon..."

"MAAN SIR..." Adi cries in shock.

Maan drops the phone...

"Adi Sir, baad main phone kariye. Mujhe kisi ka dimag theekh karna hai."

"Geet, baad main nahi, please abhi sun lo. Main Delhi wapis jaa raha hoon, do din main wapis aa jaoonga."

"Par kyun?" then she realised, "Oh Pinki ki shaadi tay ho gayi hai? Adi Sir, am sorry."

"It's okay Geet...Main tumse baad main milta hoon. Good night. And best of luck with Maan Sir."

"Thanks Adi Sir."

~End of Episode 43~

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now maan is angry...LOL
geet ji ko thodi mehnayt krni pdegi maan ko mnane ke liyeWink

sweet updt...Star
lvd it,...Hug

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awesome update

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amezing continue soon

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Amazing update .

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Aww ye kya kar diya geet ne..maan ko naraz kar diya na..waise mein bhi naraz hu geet se aise dhakka nahi dena chahiye tha..i knw it was nt intentional bt iam too pampered 4 my maanu..hmm toh geet kuch romantic karegi ab..

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~Episode 44~

Scene 1:

Dinner time, haveli

Maan is mum and won't even look at Geet while she served him food.

Everyone leaves, only Maan is left. The woman folk busy gossiping in the kitchen.

Geet's dad comes to the table aftering washing his hands and says,

"Geet, damad ji ko kheer nahi di? Damad ji hum sab bahar veddi main baithe hain, aap jaldi se kha lijiye aur bahar aa jayiye."

"Ji Papaji..."

"Maan, kheer khayiye na."

"Mujhe nahi chahiye tumhari kheer. Mujhe tumhara kuch nahi chahiye. Chali jao tum yahan se."

"Maan, par yeh saara khana maine banaya hai."

"Oh accha...tumhare kehne ka matlab hai, main tumhara khaana kha gaya."

"Maan, aap aise kyun bol rahe hain? Please you are hurting me."

He got up and left...mooh phula ke...Geet is sad.


Scene 2:

Sam is informed by her secret mole in the Khurana office (Sasha) that Adi has returned and Geet will be alone, if Maan doesn't accompany him.

"Thankyou Sasha, tumhe iski kimat mil jayegi."

"Mujhe koi kimat nahi chahiye. I just want her out of Maan Sir's life."



Scene 3:

Adi calls Pinki, but she won't pick up...

"Hey Bhagwan, yeh main kya karne jar aha hoon. Pata nahi main khud ko kyun nahi rok pa raha hoon."

He decides to confront Pinki face-to-face and tell her everything, what he feels for her.


Scene 4:

Vicky is with his friends again, and Dadi ma is all alone. She decides to call her favourite bahu/ daughter –Geet.


Scene 5:

Geet doesn't eat and makes an excuse that she is not feeling hungry. Her mum sense that something is wrong between her and Maan.

"Geet, you can't simply say that you are not hungry. You are a nursing mother and you need to eat food to feed the child. Starving is neither good for you nor the baby."

She decides to put some morsels down her throat.

But, she was really sad that Maan won't talk to her. She was really sorry for pushing him like that.

"Maan, please maan jayiye?" she pleaded in her thoughts, that's when her mobile rings, and it is Dadima.


~End of Episode 44~


Guys I know it is really ver short, will make up with a longer one tomorrow.

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