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Guys I just read an article posted in our forum...that DD is going to enter JDJ soon...I was unconscious with high BP cuz of the excitement...that's why the late update...Please comment on DD and GC's profile...also do everything possible to make this news a reality...WOW...still so excited...Big smile

~StarEpisode 108Star~



Scene 1:


Geet stands rooted to the place, still holding on to the receiver. She looked pale and aghast. Dadima noticed the sudden change in her expression and reached out to her...

"Geet kya hua?? Aap itni ghabraye hue kyun lag rahe hain??"

Geet is unable to speak...Dadima shakes her and asks her again...This time Geet looks at her, with fear in her eyes.

"Beta please kuch kahiye??"


"Maan??? Kya hua Maan ko?? Geet say something?"

She explains to Dadima about the call being cut abruptly, and the sound of the breaks...

Now Dadima too looked worried...

Geet looked at her and the question in her eyes was quite evident...and the very thought of it made her heart squirm in pain. They both were worried for the same reason... "What if it's Dev???"




Scene 2:


At a coffee house


Arjun and Nandini are having a conversation about Geet and Maan, and their lovely family which is incomplete without BSK.

"Arjun, pata nahi Maan jiju aur Geet didi ki zindagi main sab kuch accha kab hoga?? Geet didi ke saath humesha hi bura hota raha hai...bas ek hi toh khushi hai unki zindagi main...unka pyaar aur unka baccha. Aur yeh Dev???" she sighs sorrowfully.

Arjun understood how painful it was for her to even think about that person who not only destroyed her sister's life, her family's peace, but also haunts her like a nightmare.

Arjun places his hand on her palm and assures her non-verbally that he is always with her.



"Maine Maan aur Geet ke pyaar ko dekha hai...unka pyaar inn sab problems se upar hai...They'll face this challenge also with the strength of their true love. Nandini...main jabbhi unn dono ko dekhta hoon toh aisa lagta hai jaise khud Bhagwaan unke pyaar main baste hain...Aur agar pyaar ho toh sirf Maan-Geet ki tarah."

"Haan Arjun...," she closes her eyes and prays, "Babaji meri didi aur Jijaji ke pyaar ki raksha karna."




Scene 3:



Lunch Break


The bell goes and children run out of their classrooms as if it was Independence Day...


Within seconds the food in the tiffins vanished and children began playing. Boys ran around like wild animals, girls made groups and sat on the green patches talking.

Chillu was chasing Guru for his tiffin...

Running and running, they are tired...and suddenly Guru bumps into Mrs Gulati their Block In-charge. Behind him, Chillu too runs into forcefully that the force dislodges Mrs Gulati's weird wig.

The boys gulp in horror and stand to a side looking completely petrified. Mrs Gulati is so furious that her nostrils flare as if she was some shrunken dragon.

"You two???" she spits...

Chillu almost faints on hearing her voice...

"Are your eyes at the back??? Idiots..."

"Sorry Ma'am...we we..."

"What sorry??? You two will get punishment...come with me..."

She takes them to the staff-room. The teachers look at them in pity... and understand that today they were the prey.

She takes them to her cabin and makes them arrange the notebooks in the shelf.

They were almost finished, when Chillu accidentally drops the heavy paperweight on Gulati's leg. And KABOOMOuch comes falling all their hard work...This time she was going to swallow them.

But, fortunately she was called by the Head Master to his office...and she left them with a warning.



"Chillu yeh sab teri wajah se hua..."

"Arre yaar kya karoon bhook par koi control nahi hai...aur teri Mamma ka khaana is so Yummy!!

"Woh toh hai...accha aaj shaam ko tu aa raha hai na...Anjali Aunty ke saath...mere ghar main...Bahut mazza aayega...tujhe main apna naya room dikhaoonga...aur pata hai...humare terrace pe ek telescope hai...planets bhi dekh sakte hain..."

"Woh sab chod yaar...Yeh bata khaane main kya hai?"

They both laugh heartily with their innocence...not aware of any of the turbulence in the lives of Maan and Geet.



Scene 4:


"Driver gaadi kyun rok di?" asks Maan looking shocked.

"Woh Sir saamne koi khada hai."

"Khada hai?" he gets out of the car and sees him...DEV.

"Tum?" he walks to Dev in anger...

Maan holds his collar and drags him to his car...

But Dev takes out a gun and points at Maan...But Maan was so angry that he didn't care...he just wanted to kill Dev for what he did to his child, his Geet.

"Shoot me you coward!" he shouts, "Main aaj tumhe chodoonga nahi...Humesha ke liye tumhara kissa hi khatam kar doonga...Tumne mere bhai hone ka haq toh kab ka gava diya...ab tum mere liye sirf mere dushman ho...jaani dushman. Tumne mere chote se bacche ko mujhse cheenne ki koshish ki...meri Geet ke saath..." he punches him hard on his idiotic face, and Dev flies to the ground...tasting mud and blood.

He gets up and charges towards a paagal genda(Rhino)Evil Smile

Maan beats him left, right centre...his gun flew off, his teeth too...Angry

(Full filmy ishtyle pitayi...Dev is beaten into a state of paapadCensored...and one more punch from Maan and his bones with crumble like paapad.)

Maan just wouldn't stop...all the welled up anger came out in his blows...and Dev finally was getting his due.



Scene 5:


People had gathered around them...and suddenly from among the crowd came a voice which made Maan stop and look up.


It was his Geet, who stood there with tears in her eyes...

She looks at him and shakes her head...

"Chod dijiye Maan...Main nahi chahti ki aap iss ghatiya aadmi ke khoon se apne haath rang de...chod dijiye...iski zindagi hi iske liye ek sazza hai."

"Nahi Geet main isse aaj nahi chodoonga...isne tumhare saath aur humare bacche ke saath jo kiya uske liye toh main isse zinda nahi chodoonga."

But Geet comes and hugs him...and his anger cools down...



Maan turns towards a beaten-to-pulp-state Dev...

"Jao...daffa ho jao yahan se...phir kabhi humein apni shakal mat dikhana...warna main tumhe zinda nahi chodoonga."

Dev sits up and props himself up on his almost broken legs...and tries to run away...( 9-2-11)

Maan hugs Geet...Cry

Embarrassed~MAHI MAHI~Embarrassed

On reaching the road, Dev finds his gun...picks it up and aims it at Maan...Shocked

Geet opens her eyes and sees Dev holding the gun at Maan...

"MAAAN!!!!!" she screamsShocked...and pushes Maan.

A bullet is shot...

Maan looks at the whole thing in shock...

It all happens in a split of a moment...

The bullet hits Geet and she falls down instantly...

"GEEET!" screams Maan rushing to her side...

Meanwhile...Dev looks at them with a devilish satisfaction in his eyes...

He points the gun again at Maan...and before he could shoot, a lorry runs over him...

PAAPAD DEV is flattened to death...Finally he got punished for all his horrible sins...Devil was soon to return back to his rightful place-The Hell.



Scene 6:




Maan carries a bloodied Geet to the hospital...

He calls the doctors and staff in panic and tells them to look into her condition immediately...

"Doctor...meri Geet...please aap isse jaldi dekhiye...She's lost a lot of blood...She's been hit by a bullet...Please jaldi dekhiye...," in between he was shaking Geet, "Geet ankhein kholo Geet...Geet main tumhe kuch nahi hone doonga."

"Mr Khurana shaant ho jayiye...humein Mrs Khurana ko check karne dijiye..." the doc calls the ward boys and Geet is taken from Maan's arms and is taken to the OT for operation.

Maan looks on...

Dadima arrives with Jugnoo and Arjun.

"Maan? Geet...Geet kaisi hai?" asks Dadima looking terrified.

Maan hugs her and cries, "Dadima...meri Geet...woh woh...kuch bol hi nahi rahi..." he breaks down.

"Maan beta...kuch nahi hoga humari Geet ko...arre abhi toh aap dono ko bahut saari khushiyaan dekhni hai...aap dono kabhi ek doosre se alag nahi ho sakte...Aap Bhagwaan par vishwaas kijiye."

Dadima consoles him...but she herself was crying in agony...hiding it to console Maan.


An hour later...

The doctor comes out and informs them...

"Mr Khurana...your wife is alright. Luckily the bullet just hit her shoulder...and we've removed it successfully. She needs some rest...and then she'll be perfectly fine."

Maan is speechless with happiness...Dadima hugs him...

Jugnu too jumps in joy...kissing one of the nurses(50 plus) excitement...and aankhon ankhon main ishaara hogaya...Jugnu ka life bhi set ho gaya.LOL


"Doctor can I see her?" asks Maan.

"You can...but she's still under the effect of sedation...It'll take an hour or so for the effect to wear off."


Some time later...


Maan goes in...She's still unconscious...

He sits beside her and strokes her hair gently...

Embarrassed~MAHI MAHI~Embarrassed

He takes her hand in his' and kisses it...

"Geet...tumne toh mujhe darra diya tha..."

"Acha...toh mere Dusht Daanav ko darr bhi lagta hai..."

Maan looks at her and she looks back at him smiling...

Maan kisses her on her forehead...Embarrassed

"I love you Geet..."Embarrassed

"I love you Maan"Embarrassed



Scene 7:


Maan brings her back home that day itself, since Geet insisted on celebrating the Karva-Chauth at home.

Nandini welcomes them...

"Nandini, Guru kahan hai?" asks Geet not finding him there.

"Didi woh Chillu ke ghar par hai. Woh Dadima aur maine socha usse iss sab ke baare main abhi nahi batana chahiye."

"Bilkul sahi kiya...but I want to see him...," she looks at Maan.

As a mother, Geet was worried for her son. She wanted to see her baby with her own eyes to believe he was alright. Her mother's heart wouldn't be satisfied by any number of assurances.



Guru returns home.

Geet scooped him with her unwounded arm and held her baby to her chest...relieved to see him alright.

Maan smiles at the two angels in his lifeEmbarrassed, from a distance. Dadima too comes and stands near him, adoring the pure love of a mother and child.


"Mamma aapke haath ko kya hua...why is it all plastered?"

"Nothing baby...woh aapki Mamma steps se gir gayi thi...chota sa fracture hai...Mamma theekh hai."

He looks at her shoulder sadly...Cry

Geet lifts her baby's chin and looks into his tear-filled bunny eyes...

"Arre...Mamma ka brave beta ro raha hai...Mamma ke paas toh aap ho na...phir Mamma ko kuch nahi ho sakta."

She hugs him...Maan too comes there and takes Guru into his arms. Geet too hugs them...and what a perfect, happy family they make.

Maan looks at Geet and mouths...THANK YOU.

He kisses her on her forehead...and Geet smiles.


Scene 8:

Grandpa gets up from his armchair and walks towards the edge of the terrace...He looks up at the night sky...

"Daadu...Maaneet ki love story is so beautiful...kyunki itni mushkilon ke baad bhi unka pyaar kabhi kam nahi hua."

Dadaji smiles and strokes the girl's hair, who was oldest of the three kids.

"Aur main Babaji se prarthana karoonga ki aapke bhi zindagi main koi aisa hi pyaar karne waala aaye...aur meri pari ko khoob saari khushiyaan de."

The youngest boy asks, "Daadu...Maan aur Geet abhi kahan hai?? Kya main Guru se mil sakta hoon? He's so lucky to have Maan and Geet as his parents."

Daadu smiles again and looks at the sky...

Love exists every cell. Though the story began with a life moved wiped off the scars of tragedy from Geet's life...every single trace of it. She experienced love for the first time...when Maan entered her battered life and held her to his heart. He always stood by her rock of support. Love also changed Maan...he learned to smile, to feel...Geet became his life.

Geet became a lover, a wife...a mother...and years later...a grand mother...and a great grandmother...but Maan always stood by her side, holding her hand...and their love became immortal.


Grandpa then tells them...

"Aap Guru se milna chahte ho?"

"Haan...aap mujhe usse milayenge...Hum dono khoob khelenge...Bahut mazza aayega...Kya woh humare ghar ke paas hi rehta hai?"

"Haan...par woh humare ghar ke paas nahi...humare ghar main hi rehta hai."

"Yahan...humare ghar main Daadu? Parr maine toh kabhi nahi dekha...kahan hai woh?"

"Yahan...aapke saamne."

"Mere saamne...kyun mazzaak kar rahe ho Daadu...Mere saamne toh aap khade ho..."

The girl understands...what their grandpa meant...

"OMG...You?? You??? You are Guru...Maan and Geet's son."

"Kya bol rahi ho didi?" asks her confused brother.

But, she now understood, Dadaji was telling his own story...the story of...

"Iska matlab hai...Maan aur Geet??"

Daadu smiles...



Scene 9:


The kids run down to the hall...and then out of the the mangrove some distance from their house.

There on a swing sat an old woman...and beside her stood an old man who was pushing the swing gently. They were very old...but the twinkle in their eyes...was angelic.

The swing stopped and the old man extended his hand towards the old woman. She blushed like a bride. And when their eyes was magical...because the place became absorbed in love...every leaf...every atom...but untouched by the surrounding, the two of them were lost in each other's eyes...which was their world.

The boy looked at his sister...and the question was evident in his eyes...

The girl didn't wait for the words to come out of her brother's mouth and answered in prior to it...

"Maan and Geet...Their love lives on."

As Maaneet walk away hand in hand...they leave a trail...a path of true be followed by generations to come...their story was not just any story...but the story...of true love.



~End of Episode 108~


Precap: An EPILOGUE to wind up this journey...

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lovely yaar 
so it was guru who was telling the story

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omg it was awsmmm
lvd it...
muaahhh yaar
lv u

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It IS really in every sense GHSP reloded...sadly which will come to an end like GHSPCry

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Pooja loved it dear .
lovely --Guru telling story of Maaneet
i can't imagine you are going to endCry

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wow Smile so guru was telling the story... fantasticSmile

truely maan-geet's love lives on, that's why not just now but i m sure even years after the show went off air, we'll remember their love...

can't believe you are ending the story but it was nonetheless a beautiful journeySmile

Drashti Dhami & Gurmeet Choudhary

maaneet fan foreverSmile

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