Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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This post is affiliated to the post below started by MadhuBig smile
Read below

StarGEET..hui India-Forum ki pyaari...Star

(Continued from Madhu's post)

~StarEpisode 1Star~

Scene 1:

Maneet in their room with their Baby boyEmbarrassed...

Night time

...Geet grumpily looks at Maan and repliesAngry, " are absolutely wrong...Baby toh Mamma ke team main hai...hay na baby," she lisps at their baby chuckling in MSK's lapEmbarrassed.

Maan turns with the baby and says, "No no Geet...Baby toh sirf Pappa ke team main hai.LOL"

Geet looks really annoyed now with MSK's tantrumsAngryAngry, "Accha Pappa ke team main hai??Angry Theekh hai...toh phir meri yahan pe koi zaroorat nahi hai...main jaa rahi hoon."

She walks away from him...he grabs her hand...she smilesEmbarrassed, turns slowly (puts on a fake angry frown.AngryLOLLOL)

Maan lifts her chinEmbarrassed, and there she goes, her anger melting into love with just one look of hisEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. He looks passionately into her dreamy eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Maneet hug...Embarrassed

"Geet...tumhare bina main aur Baby adhure hain...we are incomplete without you...Yeh humara baby hai, humare pyaar ki nishaani.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

There were tears in her eyes...

He wiped her tears gently and kissed her on her wet cheeks...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Geet tumne mujhe zindagi ki sabse badi khushi di hai...tumhare bina main adhura hoon...aur ab humare iss ansh ke bina, humare iss pyaar ki nishani ke bina, hum dono adhure hain."

Tears of joy came rolling down her cheeks and it met the dimples on her cheeks that rose from the smile she had on her lipsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. She stood on her tip-toes and kissed him on his forehead as if thanking him for all the love he had filled her life withEmbarrassed. She then looked at their baby in his hands and caressed his soft hair gentlyBig smile. The baby smiled at his parents who were bubbling with joyEmbarrassed.

Maan hugged her and their baby...

Mahi mahi...with baby chuckle...LOLLOLLOL

Between the hug...the naughty baby wets MSK's shirt again(Whoops!!!LOLLOLLOL), Geet bursts into a laugh annoying MaanLOL.

"Tum hanss kyon rahi ho?Ouch"

"Hanssoon nahi to kya ro-oonLOLLOLLOL...Baby kiske team main tha??WinkLOLLOL" she goes into a fit of laughter holding her tummy.

"Alright...hansso hansso...Baby ko tumhi ne sikhaya wet my shirt...Stern Smile"

"What?? Maan yeh aap kya bol rahe ho..." she asks abruptly, stopping her laughter...Confused

"Haan baby ne tum se hi seekha hai Geet...tum ro ro kar mera shirt ganda karti ho and baby like this..."LOL

She narrows her mouth in anger and stamps her feet..." Maan??"Angry

"Kyun ab hassi nahi aa rahi..."LOL

But suddenly instead of Geet the baby starts smiling at him...Big smile

And now Maan is jealous...

"Acha bachoo...Aap bhi mummy ke side main ho?"

"Arre gussa kyun ho rahe ho...yeh toh baby ka gift tha Pappa ke liye," she smirksLOL, "Aap Baby ki Mamma ko itnaaa pyaar jo karte hainWinkLOLLOL."

"Oh...acchha toh yeh gift tha?Wink"

She nods and smiles.Embarrassed

"Theekh hai...then mujhe return gift bhi toh dena padega...and baby says to me he wants Pappa to give the return gift to Mamma.Wink"

Geet stops laughing and nervously looks at him
"Maan... kya return gift?Blushing"

He walks to her and she almost falls on to the bed, he holds her and pulls her towards him...Embarrassed

She takes the baby from him and shyly looks away...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Maan aap jaake change kar lijiye...raat bahut ho gayi hai...Baby ke sone ka time ho gaya hai."


Scene 2: Devini's room

Dev in the balcony staring into the night...
Dev seemed strangely upset brooding on something. Nandini came out of the bathroom wiping her hair and saw him staring out of the balcony.

"Dev kya hua? Aap soye nahi abhi tak...Confused"

"Woh...main sone hi jaa rha tha..." he says looking surprised.

"Dev... aap mujhse kuch chupa rahein hain...Bataiye kya baat hai? Geet didi aur Jijaji ki wajah se to nahi...koi problem hai...please bataiye naa.Confused"

"Nandini aisi koi baat nahi hai...Arre infact I'm so happy...Un dono ki life main kitne problems aaye aur itne problems ke baad unki life main khushiyan aayee hai...I'm just feeling so happy for them...Embarrassed"

"Haan Dev...Didi ki aankhon main kitni khushi thi...aur Jijaji bhi...Main soch rahi thi ki as Chacha-Chachi/Mausa-Mausi humein apne bhanje ke liye kuch special karna chahiye..."

"Definitely...but abhi raat kaafi ho chuki hai aur humein so jaana chahiye..."

"Good night Dev.."

"Hmmm...Good night.Unhappy"

But there was something troubling Dev that even when he laid on the bed couldn't let him sleep.


Scene 3:

Maneet's room againEmbarrassed

Geet slips Baby into his cute Bunny PJsEmbarrassed and feeds him. She sings a sweet lullaby to him placing him gently into the cradle. Baby smiles at his mammaEmbarrassed, and he looks at the pic of Maan and Geet rotating above the cradle shining on his face like his guardian angelsDay Dreaming.
 He closes his cute bunny eyes and lulls into the land of sleep and fairies.

Geet is overwhelmed with emotions on seeing her baby boy sleeping so peacefully, her dream had come true...She couldn't believe her Babaji had filled her life with so much happiness.

"Babaji itni saari khushiyaan apne meri jholi main daal di...mujhe ab zindagi se koi shikayat nahi...bas aap apna aashirwaad hum pe sada banaye rakhna..."

She kisses her sleeping babyEmbarrassed and walks to the bed. She picks up Maan's photo from the side shelf and touches his face...a tear falls from her closed eyes, but before it could reach the photo, a finger catches it.

It is Maan who comes from behind and wraps his hands around her waist...Embarrassed

"Tum cheating kar rahi thi..." he whispers into her ear kissing her neckEmbarrassed.


"Haan Geet cheatingEmbarrassed...Tumne mujhe promise kiya tha ki tumhare aankhon mein ansoo kabhi nahi aayenge...phir yeh kya hai?" he shows her the tear drop.

"Maan...yeh toh khushi ke aansoo hai...aur yeh khushi mujhe aap ne di hai...Embarrassed"

She turns in his arms to face him...
Maneet eyelockEmbarrassed...their souls connecting in that divine land of love and only love.
Maneet hug...(cue to Maneetians to faint)LOL

All the past memories rush in and they are lost in each other's arms.Embarrassed


"Hmmm...Embarrassed" she looks up.

"Tumhare return gift ka time ho gaya hai...Wink"

"Maan aapka iraada kya hai?ConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

"Mera iraada yeh hai ki main apni Mishty ko apni bahon mein bhar loon aur...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

"Maan?ShockedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed" she blushes...

She backs away from him and hits the wallEmbarrassedShockedEmbarrassed. Maan walks towards her with a mischievous twinkle in his eyesWinkLOLLOL. She nervously looks at him...he gently tugs her flying hairlocks behind her earEmbarrassed, she closes her eyesEmbarrassed...and he comes closer, their breaths almost diffusing into oneEmbarrassed...he closes in even more, her lips now quivering under her blush...Embarrassed

"Geet!" says Maan.

"Hmm...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed" her eyes still closed.

He holds her hand, turns her palm and and places some medicines in her handLOL.

"Geet...tum apni dawayi lena bhool gayi...yaad hai naa Doctor ne kya kaha take care of your health..."Embarrassed

He smiles and when he turns to leave, she holds his hand and pulls him close to herEmbarrassed.

Right when they were to kiss, baby wakes up and starts screamingLOLLOLLOL...they look at each other and laugh.LOL

They both walk to the cradle and stand on each side looking at their little bundle of happiness...and together they swing the cradle gently smiling at the baby and then to each other...Geet walks to Maan and rests her head on his shoulder.Embarrassed

The baby is asleep...They go the bed and lie on each side of it holding eachother's hand and looking into each other's eyes...After some time they both get up and smile...

"Neend nahi aa rahi??"

Geet nods...Embarrassed

"Mujhe bhi...Embarrassed" he smiles...

They both get up and walk to the cradle...
Geet lifts their baby and carries him to the bed...She places him in between the bed and lie next to him. Maan lies down on the other side. She places her hand on their baby and looks at Maan...Maan in turn places his hand on her hand. They close their eyes and go to sleep as a beautiful family...and it seemed Babaji was showering his love on them...Embarrassed

Precap:Maan getting ready for office...Geet in the kitchen with the baby. Nandini is also with her.








Epi 1

posted up

part 1  part2  part 3  part 4

Epi 3

Epi 4



Epi 5

Epi 6

Epi 7

Epi 8

Epi 9

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Wow...awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Clap  Clap 

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superb !!!!!!!!!!!  waiting eagerly 4 the precap

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WOW...Lovd, GHSP continues yeahClapClapClapClapClapStarStarStarStarStar

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agreed! awesome Yaar!...

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Beautiful update
Really miss GHSP!! I want it back!!
Looking forward 2 d nxt update
I wonder what's in dev's mind..hope he doesn't create problems

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 amazing writing ...Big smile

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