Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

When Ahem smiles how can you not fall in love??

NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Today's episode although I loved it was not as high octane as ones prior.
We start off with Gopi asking Ahem if they can play Ludo because after playing she may get tired and therefore be able to sleep, he says no because he doesn't want her to get over tired and says they'll play another time. Which is cute of him. He tells her to close her eyes and switches off the lamp.
In RaJi's room, Rashi comes out of the bathroom to find Jigar making up a bed on the sofa, Jigar is predictably nice so both the audience and Rashi know that the sofa is for him not her!!!
He gives her a little glare, and Rashi says she'll sleep on the sofa and for him to take the bed, Jigar just quietly gets onto the sofa, then Rashi starts her mantrs about she's said sorry so many times and apologised but he just won't listen. She then says you can't behave like this with me. (Rashi I think you'll find he can!! This is your first night back and what you and your mother did since leaving isn't going to have endeared you to Jigar much!!)
Jigar tells her to switch the light off and go to sleep. So she does after making more of a crying face.
Back in GoHem's room Ahem is getting ready to sleep when Gopi reminds him that he hasn't charged his phone. Ahem says you're still awake? Why haven't you gone to sleep? (Now I know you're Ahem Modi and the whole world bends to your will, but the girl isn't tired!!) Gopi says she's trying but can't. Ahem gets up and puts his phone to charge and then he himself offers to play Ludo with her. Gopi is so happy and Ahem is so cute!!- just had to add that bit. He switched the lamp on and Gopi struggles to sit up so Ahem aids her. He gets the ludo and they start to play. And he keeps smiling!!! Had to pause it just so I could stare at him!!!
Ahem rolls the dice and starts to move his piece when Gopi stops him and tells him he can't move til he gets a six - I love that she feels able to do this!! And Ahem listens to her so cutely!! They begin to play - I think Gopi gets a six first and moves off, she smiles and so does he again looking gorgeous!!! They carry on playing and smiling looking at each other and the board. Ahem makes himself comfortable on the bed and gives her a look while she's looking at the board. Eventually though he falls asleep - I'm glad Gopi didn't wake him up and just decided to go to sleep, although she managed to cover him with the duvet even with a broken arm. So we have GoHem in bed together!! Never thought Ludo would bring them together like this!!
It's 8 in the morning when Ahem wakes up a lttle disorientated and is shocked to find himself in bed with Gopi. (Calm down mate it's not that big a deal!! It's not the first time and it won't be the last!!)
He looks at the time and is shocked that it is so late but has the presence of mind to make sure Gopi is covered by the duvet before he rushes to get ready.
Downstairs Hetal and Chirag are chatting. Making small talk about Baa and then Chirag asks about Gopi, and is happy that she's getting better and that Gopi has become an integral member of their family and they need to ensure that she never misses her mum and dad.
Koki comes and says with me around how can she feel their loss, because I won't let her. Chirag agrees and says Gopi sees her mum in you.
The phone rings, Koki answers, it's the office looking for Ahem because he's late - why they didn't ring his mobile I don't know, maybe they don't want GoHem getting together either!! Koki is shocked that Ahem is still not there and goes to check, why she has tell Chirag that Ahem is late too I don't know. She says she'll check if he's still here.
Ahem in a rush clatters his hair brush which wakes Gopi up, she apologises for making him late, he abruptly says fine.
Koki just walks into their room and questions Ahem why he's still here - seriously Koki he said he's a little late you questioning him at this juncture doesn't help!! She asks id he's ok, and Ahem explains that he went to bed late because he and Gopi played Ludo til late. Koki is shocked and looks at Gopi who looks away a little guilty!! Ahem sees the direction of Koki's gaze and says that it's not Gopi's fault (Right Ahem I already love you this just makes me fall deeper!!)
He explains what happened last night. Koki is not that impressed but Ahem doesn't look that bothered and tells his mum that he's going and when asked about breakfast says he'll eat at the office.
Koki asks Gopi if she needs anything and that she'll bring breakfast up in a minute.
Outside Hetal comes to Koki with a handkerchief she thinks might be Ahem's that Meethi left in her room by mistake. Hetal notices Koki looks worried and asks, Koki does a whole explanation about Ahem and she doesn't know what is wrong with him as he is late for a meeting. Hetal is being the voice of reason and says he must have been tired and woke late. She also mentions that Ahem lookd after Gopi the most in hospital, Koki says yes but Ahem came back from work early yesterday and today he was supposed to go early for an important meeting and Ahem has never done this before!! Hetal says you wanted Ahem and Gopi to spend time together and that's what is happening, Kokila says yes but I want him to remember that work comes first. Hetal ends with reassuring Koki that Ahem is her son and won't do anything wrong. (So now we know that although Koki is happy she wants Ahem to not lose focus!! Oh Koki!!)
Slowly walking they get to the kitchen and the dining room/ Rashi is cutting watermelon. Koki asks who it is for, she replies for Gopi. Koki says that you know watermelon is a cold fruit and if Gopi eats it she'll catch cold. Even Hetal explains that Gopi has had a big operation she'd fragile and they need to take extra care with what they give, Rashi can eat and drink whatever she likes and it makes no difference but Gopi needs their full care. Rashi says she was thinking about Gopi, Hetal says still you need to be even more careful and tells her that even the water she drinks has to be boiled first then cooled.
Jigar asks for chutney, Hetal is about to get it when Rashi offers, Koki stops her and says mota bhabhi is getting it. (Remember Rashi you're banned from the kitchen!!) She then tells Hetal she's going to go feed Gopi.
Upstairs Gopi is feeling all romantic looking at Ahem's pic (who can blame her)  flashbacks of Ahem helping her and of ludo last night, she doesn't notice Koki come in.
Koki gets her attention, Gopi asks when Baa will get home, Koki explains that she'll be there in a few hours, and then asks who told Gopi, Gopi tries to say it was Ahem but can't say his name and just glances towards his pic.
Koki understands and feeds her and tells her  Meethi will come and help her get ready.
The doorbell rings and Koki, who is down by now, answers it. Joy of Joy of Joys it's Urmila - why the heck is she there so early in the mornig????? It can't be past 9 if Meethi is clearing away the breakfast things!!!!
She claims she's here to see Gopi, Koki invites her in and Urmi hugs Rashi. Urmila says she came to ask about Gopi and that she has brought something for her too, Koki never one to leave an opportunity decides to taunt Urshi about the sevpuri from yesterday.
Rashi asks her mum if she wants some tea, Urmila of course says yes, Rashi is about to go make it when Koki stops her and says Meethi will make it. Meethi says ok but what is she supposed to do with the watermelon that Rashi cut (now seriously someone could have eat it or just put it in a tupperware container and put it in the fridge!!)
Koki says to Meethi that she can eat it because unlike others she doesn't like to waste food.
Urmila says she'll go see Gopi, Rashi tells Urmila to go up to Gopi, she'll finish her dusting and come. Koki says that's good, work comes first.
Baa is back, everyone is happy!!
Have to say I loved Ahem today (in case you didn't get that from what I wrote!!) he's absolutely gorgeous!!

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varshu27 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
lovely analysis ...ahem and gopi were so comfortable with each other...speaking of comfortable...poor jigar...the couch looked smaller than or both modi boys r going to end up with bad backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!koki is worried about ahem and his work...i just dont want her to create a mountain out of molehill...and urmi going to gopis room alone...wonder what she is going to tell her...

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sweetsugar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

Ahem was completely Adorable today right from offering her to play ludo He said it so sweetly "acha chalo ludo khelegey" Day Dreaming...he was ready to move on in the game when Gopi tells him he needs to get a six first and he is like "Acha ?" that was also so sweetly said...gopi got six first and her tokens are already in the race ..tats when Ahemji gets his first six ...and my god have u seen tat smile tat he had on his face, it was so cute he adjusted in his position i.e sitting crossed leged on the bed tat actually showed his growing interest in the game .and after tat he relaxed completely and eventually fell asleep.

I was actually hoping for him to turn back and say goodbye to Gopi aswell ...but tats fine he was getting late for the meeting , i m not to be blamed for expecting this though,he does give her a look before leaving if not say good bye Embarrassed
I also wished they had shown him telling gopi about Baa tat would be a cute scene too ...Oh how i wished we had Gohem for all 30 minsLOL...good tat its not possible it will spoil my health

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munnihyderabad Moderator

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:08pm | IP Logged
nazma loved ur analysis of today's episode

- i wish atleast for a day Rashi sleeps on the floor and jigar on the bedWink
- Ahemji ... nothing happens if u sleep on the bed with ur wife and not touch her... for heaven's sake she is a patient and ur not under any sort of influence.. so relax boy...
- loved the way Ahem defended gopi before koki ... major change in attitude...
- Koki please yaar people do go late to work... and poor he is the CEO and he is looking all guilty answering his MOM
-Rashi first bhelpuri, now watermelon, then gangajal... what yaar  u r trying to do good but still it is backfiring,,,,,LOL
- how come they send urmila alone to gopi's room

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taniks IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:21pm | IP Logged
Great analysis nazma ,ok I got it u loved ahem today but who can blame he was just too wonderfully gorgeous . This man really sets many hearts aflutter with his sexy smile , we just melt like chocolate that is kissed by the sun. Koki is worrying me will she again stand between them? That conversation between hetal , chirag and later koki seems to me as indication of something happening in the near future.ahem was too cute when he was relaxing and looking at her while she was lookin at the board. I have to say they are the most discipled sleepers that they don't even move an inch as that board was still in place in da morning all tokens still in place.(Lol) thanks nazma

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Nihira-fan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:47pm | IP Logged
awesome analysis!!great work!!loved today's gohem's was so realistic!hope koki don't interfere much!!!

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NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by varshu27

lovely analysis ...ahem and gopi were so comfortable with each other...speaking of comfortable...poor jigar...the couch looked smaller than or both modi boys r going to end up with bad backs!!!!!!!!!!!!!koki is worried about ahem and his work...i just dont want her to create a mountain out of molehill...and urmi going to gopis room alone...wonder what she is going to tell her...
They really were comfortable with each other!!
And yeah you're right about Jigar's couch!!!
I hope Urmi doesn't do any kalakari on poor Gopi now!!!

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gohem123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Nice analysis Nazma...Liked aham and gopi's ludo game even though i was expecting a lot...But as we know our cvs, they gave us simple and cute scenes...

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