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December Week 4. SSBN Written Update

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Monday, December 19, 2011

In the drawing room, Rohini is waiting to confront Naina, and as soon as she comes down to prepare the breakfast, she barks in a loud voice,  "Naina", and Naina responds, "Yes dear, did you call me? "   Rohini continues, "This was your work was it not, this pest control drama ? "

Naina replies, "As for drama, you are a better  expert.  I can only copy you.   If you really want to know, then yes, I myself called the Pest Control people."   Then she hints at her and says, "I realized today, that some pests are so resistant, that it is not very easy to get rid of them."   

Rohini gets angry, and shouts, "Do not turn the subject and twist it.  I know that you deliberately called them, so that they can find my jewellery. "    Naina turns sarcastic and retorts, "Oh, you have become very clever now, and you can find out my every move."   She stops, and then says in a measured voice, "Yes, I did this knowingly.   What will you do after knowing the truth?   What can you do besides wringing your hands."

Facing from the other side of the Line of Control, Rohini tells Naina that she will never allow her to succeed in her plans.  Just then Rohini sees her mother entering the room, and Naina continues, "What you will stop me?   Do not even attempt it.  Suddenly Rohini changes her tone, and plays to Vibha and pleads with Naina not to spoil her image with her mother and distort the fact that she had hidden the jewellery.  But Naina replies to her in her own tone, and Vibha does not like the way Naina treats her daughter in law and interferes condemning Naina, and takes her daughter in law from the room.   Naina leaves the place and goes to Daksh and complains to him, but he tells her that her attempts to woo his mother and get his uncle to work, are doomed to failure.   Daksh takes the electricity bill and tells her that Sanket has paid his share, and asks her to arrange to pay the bill, so that the line is not cut.   A smile dawns on Naina's face as an idea strikes her and she runs down with the bill.

In the dining room, Kaka is sitting on his chair and reading the newspaper and his daughter Akruti brings him his breakfast.  On the other table Sanket is with her mother in law.    They invite their mothers to join, but they have to attend to a puja. Then we see Naina and Daksh arriving at the dining table and take their seat.  Naina observes that her aunt has already prepared the breakfast.    Kaka reads from his newspaper, :"Wah, Moghul e Azzam is playing in Galaxy Theater.   How about all of us going to watch it.  It is better than watching the Saas Bahu serials on the TV."   Akruti and Naina smile at him while Vibha looks on with a sour face at the deteriorating situation in her home.   Kaka walks off, thinking to himself when the time of the show is, and Naina turns her idea in her mind of getting Kaka to do some work.  

Outside in the garden Kaka is reading the paper, and Naina goes and arranges for a ticket for the Matinee show.   She tells Kaka that she has bought for him the ticket, and he can see the picture.  Then she asks him, if he can do a favor for her, and pay the electric bill which Kaka agrees to pay.   He gives him the money and the bill, and tells Daksh to take him to the place on his car and they leave.

At home, the telephone rings and the electric department informs them of the pending bill and Rohini who has picked the  telephone answers them that they will do it.  Sanket tells her that Daksh will do the needful, and he has paid him the share of their part of the house.   Seeing Naina coming in, Rohini sends a smarting barb at her, and her father suggests that they should apply for two separate meters.  Rohini does not like the idea, as this may lead to the other party holding on to their side of the house permanently.    The father asks Rohni to help her mother in cleaning the house, and Rohini refuses saying that now she has to look after her  child for the full time.  Sanket does not like her saying so.

Vibha is busy with her puja and Shyamal too comes, but leaves and tells her that she will come after she finishes.  Then suddenly the lights go off.    Rohini starts her wailing and complaining and they go on fanning themselves and Sanket complains against Daksh for his failure to pay the bill, and he looks at Naina.   Naina tries to call Kaka, but his phone is dead.  Finally when all the wrangling is going on, he arrives and Naina asks him about the bill, and he tells her that he watched another movie and when he went to pay the line was too long, so he came back, and he then gives Naina the bill and the money, and they all watch him.    Rohini is hungry and asks the mother to prepare the food.  The father suggests they bring the food from outside, and Rohini tells them that money does not grow on trees, and Kaka tells her that if they grew, she would be the Gardener of this tree, but Vibha obliges her.   She goes to her room, to apply balm on her joints as they are aching.  

Kaka stings Rohini by telling Naina, "Someone, who does not cook in bright light, offers to cook in the darkness.   God's ways too are mysterious.  May be there will be some miracle in the dark ! "

The next day, Rohini is upto something, and Naina is keeping a watch on her.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In the darkness, Kaka is busy opening a bottle of cold drink from the fridge, and suddenly is jolted by the realization that his wife is next to him.  He shouts at her.     She tells him, that the ladle had fallen down and she was looking for it.   When Kaka was getting ready to go ahead with his drink, his daughter too jumps up and says, "I got it." and shows the knife.   Kaka says, "You two, mother and daughter will take away my life."    Mother tells her daughter, "Now that you have got the knife, cut the vegetables fast for cooking.  I will go to the store room and bring the rice."    Naina comes running and asks, "Kaka, what happened, I heard you scream."    He tells her "It is nothing."    He cracks fun at his wife saying that he thought it was a ghost, but it was his wife.   Seeing Akruti busy with cooking, she reminds her that they are ordering the food from outside, and is told that her mother wants to cook food at home.    Naina eyes the vessel on the stove, and wants to tip it off.

In another room, Vibha tries to convince her husband that the food outside is very expensive, and finds no fault with Rohini.   He gets annoyed and shrugs her off.    He tells her, "What does she think, by saving one day's food she will build a palace with it?"    She asks him, why he is getting so angry with her.    Her husband has not patience with his wife and her persuasion. 

In the kitchen, Naina sees an empty gas cylinder and replaces her mother's cylinder with the empty one, and says, "Now let me see how she will cook her food?"      Rohini wants to bunk, and tells her mother that she will go up, but she tells her to bring the frying pan and she will fry the onions.  She goes to bring it.     Rohini comes back and tries to light the stove but there is no gas.   She grumbles and then, decides that she will order the food from outside.    The mother suffers from the joint pain, and wants to take her medicine. 

Naina gets a call from Daksh and he tells her that he went to the electricity office and has got the electrician, and will fix the fuse, and pay the bill the next day.    When she tells her what she did that made Rohini bring the food from outside, the lights come on, and she tells him, the same.     Rohini overhears the conversation of Naina, and wonder what trick she played on her, and thinks hard about it.   She rushes to the kitchen, and checks all the gas cylinders, and then comes to the conclusion, that Naina had switched the cylinders.   She wants to take her revenge, and so decides to throw the medicines of her mother outside, and Naina watches her as she does it.   She calls Daksh and informs him, and asks him to bring a fresh batch of medicines for his mother.

Naina tells Daksh that Rohini has thrown his mother's medicines.   She calms him, and tells him, that after she toldl him, she brought her medicines, and that is good.  He agrees with her.    She takes the medicines from his hand, and prevents him, from giving them to his mother, and when he says, "Please give them to me."   She jokes with him, and tells him that his nose has turned red, with anger.  She assures him, that she will see that his mother gets this medicine, as if she knows it is from him, she will refuse it.   They hear the door bell ring, and Naina says, "It looks as if the food has arrived.  Let us go down and eat" and they both go down.      Vibha is at her table  and she says, that before staring to clean up, she will have her medicines, and Rohini makes faces.    Kaka praises Naina on her choice of food, and is very happy after a good meal.    Daksh leaves to go to sleep, and Naina tells him, she will follow soon, after cleaning up.  Kaka too goes.   Sanket and Rohini look with irritation, and their father is having an amusing look. 

Ayee asks her husband if he has found her medicines, and he says that she might have kept in her cup board, and she says, it is not there.  He suggests it might be over, and she says, that she had just got them.   Rohini is looking at her anticipating the fun.  Sanket offers to go to the chemist, and Rohini stops him, saying his mother can manage for one night, and the rest get annoyed with her tactless behavior.   The mother is helped to her room by her son.      Rohini looks at Naina and she too looks with an enigmatic smile at her, which leaves Rohini in a confused state of mind.

Next morning Rohini is at a loss to find out where her child is, and rushes all over looking  for him.   Outside, the father, with Naina and Akruti are playing with Atharva, in the arms of Naina, and when Rohini sees it, she becomes frantic.


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The story starts with Sanket taking his mother to her room, and going to fetch medicines for her.   Naina is cleaning up the table, and Rohini is watching the reaction on Naina's face and says to herself as to how she would plan to take the medicines to the mother, behind her back.   She wants to outwit her.  Rohini then picks her child up from the creche, and leaves, as Naina too gets away after finishing her work.    When she has gone to the kitchen table, she turns round and sees the father is still at the table, and she quickly places the medicine packet with the mother's phone, on the kitchen table of the mother, and walks to one corner, and rings the phone, which the father hears, and goes to answer it and sees the medicine packet, and things how forgetful his wife has gone, and takes it to his wife.   Naina is satisfied and goes to bed.

Rohini is still trying to undermine Naina, and tells her husband that she is going down for a minute, and she comes down with the hope of catching Naina, but she does not arrive.  Kaka sees her and asks her if she has started sleep walking.   He pokes some fun at her and he goes.   She sits on the sofa waiting for Naina, and dozes off and goes to sleep.

A new day dawns, and the early bird, Vibha is all active and is rushing in the living room, and sees Rohini sleeping, and says, "Rohini, Rohini get up."   Suddenly she wakes up and catches Vibha's hand and says, "I caught you" but the mother does not understand.    The mother asks her again, and Rohini finds that her mother is fit and feeling fine and asks her if she had her medicines, and she tells her that her husband found them lying on the kitchen table, where she must have forgotten them, and Rohini winces that she has been outsmarted by Naina again.

Vibha prepares tea for her, and Rohini has a stiff neck, by sleeping on the sofa.    As Rohini is having her tea, Naina comes down from the stair case, and gives a sardonic smile to Rohini.    She complains to her mother, that she has a stiff neck, and Kaka who comes in then, starts hitting her again and again with his barbs and proverbs.     He says, "If a thief becomes a watch dog, will be become a policeman ?"     He gets the opinion of Naina and she too adds fuel to fire, which aggravates the other two women.

In the kitchen, Vibha is getting the breakfast ready, but the stove does not light up, and she tells that the gas is over and she has to order a new cylinder.   Naina is feeling bad, but to teach Rohini a lesson, she has to do this too.  Shyamal serves breakfast on her side of the table, and Kaka is very happy.  He is busy reading his newspaper.   Daksh tells Naina to arrange to pay the electric bill as he has some urgent work in the office.      In the kitchen, Vibha has prepared the shopping list and tells Rohini that she will go alone and buy the stuff, but the daughter in law remarks, as to who will watch the expense, and then when her mother looks hurt, she turns the subject and offers to go out to help her.   She is reminded of the little child, and Rohini tells her that he sleeps in the morning and if he gets up, Baba can look after him, and give him the milk.  Reluctantly Vibha agrees and they go to the market.

In the living room Kaka is walking up and down, and Baba is carrying the little child in his arms and tries to keep him quiet.   Naina complains of the heat and then Akruti asks her uncle to give the child to her, and she will look after him, and when he gives the child, she finds that he has wet the diaper.   She changes it and the child his quiet.   They go out to the garden.   Rohini calls the father, and he tells the girls that they may come any time, and he tells that the child is sleeping.   They say they will be away for two hours.   In the meantime,     Naina hints at the electric bill, that Kaka will get back some sense of responsibility. 

When the two women come back, Rohini runs to find out where her son is, and the mother carries the bags into the house.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rohini and Ayee are in the market from where the former, calls her father to enquire about her son, and asks him, "How is Atharva doing ?"   On the spur of the moment the father replies, "Akr.. " and realizing the effect it may have on her, changes his mind and says, "Hum, he is... he is sleeping.   How much time will you take ?"    The irritable imp says, "How many times will you ask the same things Baba?" as her mother looks at her with annoyance.   She repeats to him, that they will take another two hours.

The father is relieved and tells Naina and Akruti that she will take another two hours, and Naina tells him, "Baba, do not worry at all.   Akruti and myself will take care of  Atharva, and if you want, you can go in and complete your filing."    He leaves.

Back in the market, a worried Rohini can not apply her mind on shopping, and her mother tells her that she is going to buy vegetables, but Rohini calls for an autorikshaw, and tells him to take them to Turner Road, in Bandra.  Her mother hurries with her bags, and rushes into the rick with her daughter in law.

In the garden, Akruti is sitting on the swing with a sleeping child, and Naina tries to play with him, and Akruti stops her saying, "You will wake Atharva up."   Naina sits on the swing and takes a picture of her nephew on her mobile.    The two girls spend some quality time with the child.    Akruti finds Naina sad and asks her what the matter is, and she replies, "How innocent the child is, he does not know anything that is going on in this house.  When he grows big, wonder what he will do."

Baba is with his files and documents and hears the door bell ring, and gets up and goes to open the door and is surprised to see his wife and Rohini are back, and his face falls.  Rohini suspects that something has gone wrong with her child.   She asks him where her son is, and the father fumbles for an answer, and delays her trying to figure out an answer.   In the meantime, the upset mother of the child rushing through the house looking for her son.   Vibha tries to calm her down.

In the meantime, when Naina hears the autorikshaw coming, hides with Akruti and the child, till they go inside.    Quietly they place the child in the cradle, which is next to the dining table and hide in their part of the house, watching over the child.   The trio, rush through the rooms like mad, and finally they find the child in the cradle, and then the father feels relived and tries to brush  aside Rohini's fears, and Ayee tells her that she should have trusted her father, who after all took good care of her son.     Akruti and Naina watch them with smiles on their faces, at the impact of their plan.     Rohini turns her head, as she feels the breeze from the table fan, and says that the electricity is back.     The father knowing who was responsible for his, gives a contrived laugh and says, "All is well, that ends well.   Come on, let us go."    Rohini suspects the father and asks him, "All that is fine father, but why did you appear so frightened ?"    Suspecting some foul play, Rohini tries to win over her father and prepares some nice hot ginger tea, and brings to him.    She says aloud, "I still have some doubt"  and the father replies, "Rohni, I do not have any answer for your doubts.    It looks that you have no trust in me, and it is fine with me.    In future..." and Rohini interrupts him and says, "Baba, I was just teasing."     He replies, "I too was teasing you."    Hearing the tit for tat between the two, Akruti and Naina enjoy their adversaries.   Rohini looks at them and senses their amusement, and leaves the place.

In the meantime,  Kaka comes home and calls for his wife, and when she comes he asks her to bring a cup of tea, and it comes out, that he has come back from paying the electric bill.   Naina feels quite proud that lshe has achieved her goal.   Naina adds her appreciation at his generosity which has relieved the pain of the family and especially the child.   The Kaka says that it was not for the child he went, as he is the cause of all his troubles.   It is either he who cries and keeps them awake, or it is his mother who whines all the day, about her misfortunes.    He goes to his room, and makes romantic moves towards his wife, and tells her that she looks very pretty when she smiles, and they are happy that they are seeing better days, and she feels that at last, her husband has started to take responsibility.

Sanket too is proud of his father and hugs his son, and his wife whines and complains and he can not understand her problem.    Then her suspicion makes her check the diaper and she finds it has been changed and goes to find out where the father has left the wet diaper, and the father is not able to remember, as he did not change it, and they both rush again through all the rooms of the house for the diaper, with no result.   Naina sees this and quietly wraps the diaper in a cloth, and bundles it and throws it near the wall on side of Rohini's section.   After a long search, she finds the bundle, and comes to the conclusion that her father may be suffering from forgetfulness.     When Rohini finds the bundle the father tells her "Are you happy now that you have found the wet diaper" but as she opens the bundle, she sees some tell tale sign.


Friday, December 23, 2011

Rohini with her father search for the wet diaper, and in the end she kicks a bundle lying on the floor and opens it and finds what she is looking for and the father apologizes for his failing memory.  She advises him to take medicine to cure his weakness, and he looks  at her annoyed.    When Rohini opens the bundle, she finds Naina's mobile, and leaves it there and asks her father to drop the bundle in the laundry basket, and he goes to do it.

Sanket is waiting for Rohini, and she comes in a rush, and accuses him of not having patience with her, and she tells him, that she was pressing the feet of his mother, and he hugs her and she imagines the day, when this house will be hers alone, and she will shunt Naina out of her life for good.

In the meantime, Naina is hunting for her mobile, expecting a call from Daksh, but the mobile buzzes in the bundle and the father opens it, but does not answer the call.  He finds Naina coming down, and he tries to draw her attention, and shows the mobile, and they make a sign to meet on the terrace.

While on the terrace, the father and Naina exchange some loving words, and he thanks her and Akruti for the help they gave him.   Rohini ever suspicious, is hiding in the  corner, and watching both of them.   Then she hears her husband calling her, and in a hurry, breaks her bangles, and collects the pieces before going down.    This alerts the father and Naina, and they gingerly walk to the entrance to see if anyone was watching them.  Seeing no one, Naina tells him that no one noticed them, and he walks to his room.   When he has gone, Naina goes to examine the place and finds Rohini's broken bangle piece and takes it with her, thinking that she has to expect more tricks from the evil sister in law.  

In the bedroom, Naina is in a deep thought sitting in front of her bedroom mirror, and Daksh calls her and they lie against each other in an emotional embrace, and exchange sweet expressions of love, and fall asleep.   In the morning, Naina goes down to prepare breakfast, and sees Kaka waiting for his tea, and she prepares it for him, and he lets off some witty proverbs to annoy Rohiini and Naina too gives him equally witty responses, and Rohini winces at their fun, all aimed at put her down and her arrogant airs of importance.  

Rohini is determined to bring down Naina, and she deliberately soils the floor of the kitchen with the milk from the bottle of her child, and comes rushing to the living room, and yells again and again, calling for Naina, which brings the whole family down, and when Naina appears, she asks her rudely, if she wants to kill her son.   Her intention is to counteract the effect she has had on her father, and to poison the mind of her mother.  At this stage, all except  Sanket and Vibha have turned against her, even her father has seen how evil she is, but he, for some reason, does not want to disturb his wife's mind, as he may be afraid she will have a nervous breakdown, and will have to admit her in a mental hospital. 


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when will that rohini get wat is coming to her! god i hate her so much! wonder wot she upto now

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thank you for the update today.  This must be the silliest family in the country..

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Thank you for the update.  Hope this thread gets to point soon

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Thank for update 

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