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Happy Birthday Maiiidaam;-)Mohtarma

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(By Nori)


Hello Hello Hello guys  guess what...Big smileIts a very special day today as a certain someone called SABRINA aka Sabz KaSh GrAnd aka Mirchi aka loud speaker was born todayPartyLOL. Sabz my better half ,actually our relationship was a very complicated relation since 1971 and recently we started complimenting each other so it is progressingLOLLOL

 Sabz one of the many reasons why i bonded with you really well is that you are mooh phat like me. I know what's going on in your mind right now(chup ker ja Amber chup hou ja maar kiyoun nahin jati tou)Well guess what i won't ,all your secrets will be out today  baby(muhahahahaha). Sabz Sabz Sabz okey what the hell its your Birthday day i can  spare you for one day other wise you know as well as i do ke i can't digest my food not until i annoy you badly.
  Sabz you are one of the sweetest person i met on IF yaar(what a lie) .Haan so what was i saying we started talking when you stupid idiot pmed me criticizing my fanfic you fool  .Thats how we becme friends and i am regretting eversince .Okey just kidding i really love you and i love every bit of our friendship our fights our pyaar our common interest(KaSh) ofcourse our daily skype talks every single thing trust me. Some times i feel like slapping you but the next moment i will be like aww she is cho cho chweet .
I remember the other day when i was so upset you missed your lecture and you were consoling me that is so sweet of you.You are a kind of friend which every person wishes to have ,whenever somebody is upset like few days back Minnal was upset you asked me to go and talk to her.
 Okey meri bak bak chalti rahey gi i just want to say happy birthday and may you have many many many more.I just want to thank Allah for giving me such a great friend like you ,a friend who i can rely on and the one who is always there for her friends. May Maula Pak bless you and may your all wishes and dreams come true

I hope that for every candle on your cake you get a wonderful surprise.

Wishing you a beautiful Birthday


Birthday Wishes from your friends.

Hey sabz Sending birthday blessingsHug
 Filled with love and peace and joy
Wishing sweetest things happen
Right before your eyesLet the GOD decorate
each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u
with wishes of Success,  Happiness and
prosperity 4 U,  Wish you a super duper

May this year be your best ever.
I hope all your birthday dreams and wishes
come true.
May today be filled with sunshine and smiles,
laughter and love.
Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of
dreams come true!
I hope that for every candle on your cake you
get a wonderful surprise.
Happy Birthday Saz..Hav A Blast

(Priya Chandra)

Wish you are very very Happy KaShilicious
Birthday Sabzzz..
May you have a beautiful rocking Birthday and
i will pray all you wishes come true in this
special day.. You have been always such a great
friend.. Easy to talk around.. I like when u get
bossy .. lolz.. But more than that i respect the
fact that you are such a loyal Hardcore
KaShian who always support KaSh in all good
and bad circumstances.. Very less are like
there who are able to love them like the love you show towards KaSh.. Always stay like that
always keep smiling and may god bless you and
i wish you all happiness in your Life..


Happy Birthday! Hope you have an amazing day
and may this be the start of a year filled with
love, joy and happiness. Stay strong, stay
positive and may all your dreams continue to
come true. Best Wishes Always  Wishing you
the happiness on your birthday that youdeserve every day.!

Happy Birthday Once Again.
Have a blast :D
Love you!


hey sabz
Fly in the plane of ambition,
and land on the airport of success,
Luck is yours,
wish is mine
may ur future
always shine. . .

"My only message: Happy Birthday DON!!!Thats it! *cool*!!!"
"Hey congrats for being one year older lol ... I remember the first time I talked with you, I was fully impressed by your love n *ahem ahem* dedication for kash ... and trust me i love you the most for it you are one of the special friends in my life whom I will always want to be there in my life...Today, on your birthday, I will pray to God, Allah, that all your kashilicious wishes get fulfilled... your life be blessed with love n happiness... and you never forget me lol...
Many Many Happy returns of the day Sabz "

Hey Sabz!
Wishing you many many happy returns of the day dear.
Hope whatever you wish for in life you get it,maybe you want get it soon but keep having faith,someday and somehow God will grant you it..Just have complete faith in the Lord Almighty..I Pray that he always protects you and keep showering you with utmost blessings,happiness and success. Eat lots but keep healthy ;P Anwyay i hope you have a blast and you are happy with the birthday preps Minaal and all others did for you! I Haven't known for the LONGEST LONGEST time, but its been a probably a year i think,i can see say you are a wonderful person,i love your frank attitude and the hardworking girl you are.Loyal KaShian, and always wish for the best for others. Keep u the great attitude and focus in life and everything, you shall achieve the best.
Lots of love...Virina ;)

Hi Sabrina,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY (party emo )
Howz my Bangla tigress faring this bright and wonderful morning? Hope your day starts with a heartfelt greetings and wishes on sucha special day.
Sabz you are sweetheart and darling the first friend i made through the world of KaSh, everyday your craze for kaSh keeps increasing as do your demands for FF's and OS. (wink emo)
But the truth is we love you for your demanding ways and wouldn't change you a bit.
Being the honorary big sister i would like to gift you all the blessings of Allah and pray to Allah that he fulfills all your heart desires. I pray that Allah helps you overcome the obstacles (if any) that you face in life and help you in achieve the goals you have set out for yourself.
Your gift i'm working on and hopefully you'll be getting it too. Be blessed!
P.S: i also prayed that you do well in your exams b'coz i have doubts about how well you studied (lol emo)

Love always


Many Many Happy returns of the day Sabz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Party emo 2)Have a day full of smiles, happiness and joy (big smile emo)...I know its ur 1st birthday away from family& home and I know its hard really hard...but knowing u I can guarantee u will be just fine as u r a fighter(smile emo)...be happy and make most of this day out(big smile)...as this is altogether a different experience of spending a birthday in a different country...(wink emo)
wish u a Fabulous life ahead'.. May Allah fulfil all your wishes and dreams '...wish you all the happiness and success u deserve in life...???

again wishing u a very very Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!>huggss<



Happy Birthday To Sabzzz !!!!

Before I say anything, I wish may ALLAH help

 you in getting good marks in your exam.. all

 exams in your life.

I didn't know we get to know each other this

 much all of sudden.. it was something out of

 blue but I am glad to know you and hope to get

 to know you more.

I wish may ALLAH bless you with love,

 happiness and success. 

Wish a great birthday and a fantastic year and

 so a wonderful life ahead.

With a lot more best wishes,



  Party time


By Minaal

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An OS for the Don of  fanfic   Sabz KaSh GrAnd LOL

its from our Sweetie pie  Srishti aka Sri ,

i'm posting it on her behalf as she is away cz of her exams we hope you'll do your best Sri

All the best


here we go

I HATE YOU ARMAAN" She yelled loudly making him furious from his futile attempts to make her confess. For a moment his anger took over him and he took her by her shoulders and pulled her more into him, making her eyes meet his.

He saw tears and a tint of fear in her eyes which made him tensed. And that furthermore resulted in calming down his nerves; he can never see her in dilemma and never ever in his dreams think of causing her pain. He sighed, making his anger melt in the tense atmosphere but he dint left her; he sill had a tough grip on her shoulders.

"I Love you ..." his soft murmur and husky voice filled the atmosphere with much more intensified anticipation. The only sound that can be heard was their heavy breaths complementing each other. Their eyes gawking at one another, when he brought his face more closer to her. She was lost in him. He has like captured her everything and she felt completely void and strangely at peace.

But then one blink, and she was brought back to reality, lost in her thoughts, her eyes wandered everywhere except his face. After a few minutes, she took a couple of deep shaky breaths, and her eyes got blurred as tears formed in her eyes, she sniffed and her tears made its way down her face from her cheeks and lower but it never fell; and it was then when she felt his warm palms cupping her face with much delicacy and love and his thumbs wiping those tears and not letting them fall.

One look at him and she tried her best to not to get lost in those deep blue captivating eyes. She let her breath out and tired of trying to build a wall around herself she felt miserable, she said with pain and fragile might clearly evident in her slow whisper, "I hate you" she more than telling him, was trying to convince herself that she do hate him.

He felt a sharp pain hit him listening her but then looking at her, he knew that she loves him and her futile attempts to deny the real confession was making her weary. His hands were still on her cheeks; he made her look at him, and all he did was to capture her soul which was trying to hide itself from him, and once he felt that he is connected, he smiled through his tears and placed a kiss on her forehead and again looking at her, he said it again, "but, I Love you Riddhima."

Moments passed and it hit her that she was standing amidst a crowd that comprises of director, producers and all the workers at the sets of the show. And that she was Shilpa and not Riddhima and that she is an actor not the character, but the moment that just transpired between her and her Armaan...err...Karan, yeah Karan Singh Grover, the actor playing the character opposite her role...that made an impact on her. They have done several romantic scenes before too but this stirred her soul like anything. She felt herself drowning in the pool of thoughts when she felt a tug, she looked at Karan..err...Armaan waiting for the response from his beloved Riddhima, and that she was Riddhima; she immediately got back into her character's role and looked at Armaan and not breaking the eye-contact she responded as per the script.

"I Love You Armaan" she said it. And he took her in his arms nuzzling his face on the crook of her neck; but that made Shilpa go still. Her breath was stuck not that this was the first time he is hugging her, but this felt something very different. She took her arms around him reciprocating the hugs remembering the fact that right now she was Riddhima and he was Armaan. She tried her best to make her mind think straight and was waiting for the director to call the shot OVER. But the next thing just made her loose her balance and her breath completely, when the director called "CUT", he kissed her on her neck making that 'muah' sound audible to her only though, and that followed by a small whisper "I Love you Shona"! She heard the hubbub around her and that again reminded her that she was in her shoot, she jerked herself away from him and was gawking at him like anything, with her eyes bigger that usual and her mouth wide open. Karan giggled looking at her expressions and winked at her.

He tugged at her hands making her aware of the crowd present around her with his eyes showing naughtiness and his face covered with that dimpled-grin!

There was moment of joy for everyone that finally they were done with the shooting the last episode on a happy note. Many were congratulating Karan and Shilpa for their brilliant act in the confession scene!

Only Shilpa knew how much she was acting up making a happy normal face and that was resulting in fuelling up her anger and Karan being Karan was acting too cool still with something hidden behind his too cool and normal face, he kept on glancing towards Shilpa every now and then and can swear upon go, how cute and adorable she looked with those expressions adorning her face! He was very well aware of the fact that she was going though various thoughts, right now!

Not only Shilpa, but this confession scene actually stirred his soul. He knew he has a special place for her in his heart from long, but it will be this intense and powerful, he never thought! At the time Armaan Riddhima confessed their love, it was his heart who finally confessed to him about his feelings towards his Shilpa. He knew that they had something more than just friendship, and now he knew what it is! And that he was sure that he will make her his!

He knew she will be asking questions and he made himself prepared for answering those questions!

Finally after everything was done, it was announced that there will be a small party organized for the success and completion of the show! Everyone was busy packing up the sets and their respective things while all the actors retired to their dressing room. He was in his room, he was feeling overjoyed with the fact of being in love with her. He was feeling ecstatic and thrilled to confess it to her when he felt the door opened and he looked up to see her. He cant help but giggle over her cutely enraged pouting face.

She came forward and he stood up in his place. And then she spoke, well actually yelled, "WHAT WAS THAT MISTER?" And there he could not help but grin more widely but seeing he tried to slow down with this. He finally spoke, "Calm down missy!" he moved forward and holding her shoulders he made her sit on the small bed and he kneeled down before her, he continued, "hmm..so first calm down!" he saw her breathing out and sighing, but with that frown visible on her forehead and a pout ! And he continued again holding her hand in his, "good! Now speak out!"

She was confused and a bit angry seeing him so cool, she knew he was acting up, and this enraged her furthermore, but still calming down she finally let it out, "What was that Karan?"

Karan: "what?" she knew he knew still...darn to his acting! She fussed!

Shilpa: "you know what I am speaking about!" she saw him shaking his head negatively too smartly yet innocently! 'Argh to you!' she murmered!

She continued, "What you did THERE Karan!"

Karan, acting too innocent, : "What!? What I did!?" He tried hiding his smile and by looking at her face he knew that it was useless! Yet he carried on!

Shilpa: "Karan! stop acting! You just Ki..." she went quiet...

He nodded his head and as if probing her to say further!

Karan: "ahan! Go on! I am listening" he tried acting serious, when he felt a kick at his stomach by her knees.

Karan: "OUCH! WHAt was THAT!"

Shilpa: "DUMBO! WHY THE HELL DID YOU KISSED ME THERE" she pointed towards her neck and continued "... and WHAT YOU SAID!"

Karan : "Ok I don't want to stretch this further" holding her hands in his more securely and continued "you and me both know that we have something between us! More than just the friendship we share"

He looked up and stared at her, and continued, "And you know What I am meaning to!" He saw her staring intently at him, like...like wanting him to assure for something!

He took her one hand and made her stand up and took her to the dressing table. He made her stand in front of him facing the mirror. She looked at the mirror and he was standing behind her. He kept his chin over her shoulders and crawled his hands from behind on her waists and with his palms straight over her flat fabric-covered stomach and pulled towards her himself, hugging her from behind! She turned her face to look at him and saw him looking at her with a lovely smile. He took hold of her right hand and pointed towards the mirror, "See there!" she looked her image with him behind her. He so securely held her in his arms and then, "We look perfect together! Isn't it! Meant to be!?"

He was looking at her intently, trying to read her as he can feel her respond to her touch, her breaths getting uneven, goosebumps all over her. He bent down and kissed her on her neck and lingered his lips there for a meanwhile!

He then turned her, such a way that now she was facing him. He cupped her face and placing a kiss on her forehead he felt her relax and he smiled. With his right hand he removed that strand of hair falling on her face and moved his face closer to her.

"Shilpa" He spoke her name quietly, his voice barely more than a whisper, as if he were afraid that to speak too loudly would break whatever spell he had created on the woman of his dreams. Capturing her eyes with his own, he willed her to see how much this meant to him, for her to know beyond a doubt that he loved her. He saw her eyes staring at his fondly like opening herself to him. He brought his lips much closer to him barely touching, he whispered, "I Love you!"

The gentle reverence of his tone, the warmth and devotion clearly evident in his voice made her feel like in heaven! She did felt the blooming love feeling but generally brushed it off but now she just felt so purely blessed!

Karan : "Shilpa, Do you..." but then he was shushed by her! He smiled at here

"Karan!" Shilpa smiled gently in return, her heart melting at the obvious love and loyalty shining in the infinite blue depths as she lost herself in his eyes. She stepped forward, closing the distance between them if that was possible; her hands made its way through his arms and around his back, placing a soft kiss on his chest, she snuggled against him, allowing her eyes to drift closed. "Don't speak much! Sometimes it's better to shut off!" she mumbled into the soft fabric of his sky blue Tee.

He felt over the moon. He responded her by taking her in his arms. His one hand made its way to her cheeks; his thumb brushed a soothing rhythm against her cheek and his other hand on her hairs, his fingers gently combing her silky black hairs!

And they stayed there, arm in arm, together!

In the evening,

There was a party arranged on the successful completion of the show!

Karan Shilpa were the main focus everywhere, not only because they were the lead couple but that there was new charm reflecting in their face, that's making you stop on your track and stare at them! It was the sizzling chemistry, the KaSh chemistry!

The theme of the party was traditional hence Karan was dressed in golden kurta where as Shilpa wore a traditional golden suit!

It was then when, all the lights went off and a spotlight was on Karan!

And the music starts!

With few beats he did lil steps and the lights came up! And there started the lyrics

Girl you're my chammak challo
Where you go girl I'm gonna follow
What you want girl just let me know
You can be my chammak challo

He went near Shilpa and gave her a slight push when he mimicked the word "Chammak challo"! And carried on with his song!

Shawty I'm gonna getcha
You know I'm gonna getcha
You know I'll even letcha
Letcha be my chammak challo

He was dancing all the way with steps like professionals when he was joined by his mates and friends. Shilpa stood with her other friends and glancing at Karan every now and then. He came near her and took a round around her and on taking hold of her hands he pulled her in the dance floor and making her dance in his own steps.

Kaisa sharmaana aaja nachke dikha de
Aa meri hole aaja parda gira de

He made her twist around her place and pulled her in him while she glared at him for taking these bold steps.

Aa meri akhiyon se akhiyaan mila de
Aa tu na nakhre dikha
Wanna be my chammak challo? ' 4

Tu meri chammak challo
Teri picture ka main hero
Give it to me girl mujhko dedo

Shawty I'm gonna getcha (i.e. get you)
You know I'm gonna getcha
Maybe I'll even letcha
Be my chamak chamak chalo

Kaisa sharmaana aaja nachke dikha de
Aa meri hole aaja parda gira de
Aa meri akhiyon se akhiyaan mila de
Aa tu na nakhre dikha
Wanna be my chammak challo? ' 4

It was the time when Shilpa felt like she was dumb driven cattle and then she carried the next dancing with grace and so perfection that made everyone stop and stare!

Unnai totta penn ullattai uruka maataya
How can you not melt the woman who touched your heart
Ennai pola pennai paarthu mayanga maataya
How can you help falling for a girl like me
Kannil kannai poti vitaal sirika maataya
If I lock eyes with you wouldn't that make you smile?
Ennil unnai sooti vitaal ottika maataya
If I bind you to me won't you get glued to me?

Karan was hell shocked with this boldness of Shilpa. His eyes wide open and all he could do was gawk at his girl but then he tumbled as she winked at him and shifted his gaze looking others but others were busy looking at his girl! And what irked him was this only others gazing at His Shona! He went near her and tried to stop her when she again started with the lyrics and pushed him by his shoulders and

Kaisa sharmaana tujhe nachke dikha doon
Mera ho jaaye jo main parda gira doon

Shilpa then tried pulling Karan with force but man! He was man! So she herself got close to him and poked him in his chest with her finger, getting closer to his face making his eyes meet hers and

Aa tujhe akhiyon mein apne basa loon
Aa tu na nakhre dikha

Wanna be my chammak challo? ' 4

And then he too joined the dance making everyone join on the dance floor! Seeing everyone busy on their own he took her in his arms and went to a secluded place that was far away from the dance floor and was devoid of any person!

The situation was perfect; he thought and looked here and there making sure no one is there and holding her cheek from one hand he kissed the other too loudly taking her by surprise! He winked at her making her come out of her reverie. She was going to say something when he interrupted her,

Karan: "Too filmy!!right?!!"

 and they looked at each other before they broke out in fits of laughter!

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by Minaal
By Nori
By Aishy

By Naureen

Look below.. I know it's not good but it's

 something you always ask me for. Sorry, still
don't have all of them coz I can't fit them in and

 they can't good enough
 By Maham

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Happy Birthday The Don

Wish you lots of Happiness and blessings.

may your dreams come true Wink 

or yeah may you get what you want in your life.


and i love AL, cz it connected me to a person who is really WEIRD and COMPLICATED, LOL

P.S : I love my Skype gang Wink and seriously sabz its cz of you, cz you bring me on skype.

or else i never came to  knew about  the Love Story 1971 ROFL


i'll edit rest tom right now i'm Sleepy

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Hi Sabz!

Happy Birthday once again!
here goes you birthday present hope you like it!

He walked in amidst reporters and camera men constantly clicking away from the moment he alighted from the car. Whichever direction he turned he was followed, he felt blinded by the constant flash and the constant shouts: Karan look here! Karan stop here! Let us take a picture!

Some how he managed to get inside the party he was there to attend but there was no relief. He plastered a smile on his handsome face and started to mingle with guests. He had managed to take a few steps when again the reporters descended on him asking for an interview. He was willing to comply and stood on the side to talk to an anchor of the show. He knew his affect on female fans and enjoyed the adulation he received, the event was important to be seen at and to mingle with the guests.

He was standing on the side when he heard the whispers, he wasn't even sure what was being said but then he heard her name: Shilpa! He wasn't even sure they were talking about her it could've been some other shilpa but he couldn't help but turn around to be sure.

It was as if nothing had changed, she walked in wearing a gold champagne colored strapless dress. Her hair were in her usual style loose around her shoulders, her face glowed with her inner radiance. She walked in with her usual grace and easy charm as she smiled at the different camera's responding to their calls for a photo.

Karan looked away not sure as to what to do. Should he approach her or act as if he didn't see her at all. He heard her infectious laugh and turned to look back at her, she was walking straight towards him without looking at him. Her attention was at something the reporter was saying to her, she turned at the last moment and their gaze met across the distance.

Karan couldn't tear his gaze away from her, her gaze held his captive, her steps faltered as they faced each other after a gap of almost a year. Karan for a second thought that she might turn away but then he saw her square her shoulder and take another step forward. Karan couldn't help but smile in pure appreciation his gaze swept her from her 3 inch stilettos to the top of her shining hair.

He took a step towards her when suddenly a camera crew descended on him as they saw Shilpa make her way towards him. He raised his brow in silent inquiry as he saw Shilpa roll her eyes but continued to walk towards him. He extended his arm towards her to give her a hug, shilpa arched her eyebrow but continued smiling as she leaned in close.

Karan couldn't help but smile at her expression and whispered in her ear: hey beautiful! Long time no see!

Shilpa moved back from the hug her sweet smelling breath fanning across his face, as she smile coolly at him: I didn't know I was missed! Plus I had some important happenings in my life!

She turned back and beamed at the camera, she started chatting with the reporter leaving Karan to ponder over what to do next. He had always known that things would be a bit awkward between them after the way things had ended. They had no shouting match or name calling, they had gone about their usual way of doing the final scene of the day, the scene was shilpa's final scene of the show. Shilpa had walked away without even giving a single backward glance leaving him feel as if something precious had been snatched away from him. His mistake was that he had not stopped her, which made him feel guilty and hesitant as to how to approach her.

The reporters again descended on them cornering them as he was approaching her to have a private word with Shilpa. This time the topic of conversation was dancing, who was a good dancer, without a moments hesitation karan took shilpa's name and poked her with his elbow: dhano! Dhano!

Shilpa laughed at his sheer audacity as she was at a loss of words at his behavior. She was not angry with him but was hurt that he hadn't even talked to her once when everything had changed. To top it all she was surprised at her own reaction, whe she had looked across people and seen him standing there looking handsome in the white crisp shirt and black dress pants, she had forgotten the last one year. Her lips had started to curve up in a smile on their own but she had stopped herself.

He had been her closest friend, even the first time she had left the show the years in between had not altered their friendship but now she wasn't so sure.

Karan looked at her and knew he had to apologize for what he wasn't sure but he needed to talk to her. He looked around and saw certain people in the crowd that he would've preferred not to meet but it seemed unavoidable. He managed to free himself from distractions and some business talk and scanned the party again for Shilpa.

He was approaching her when the reporter again spotted him walking towards her, karan stopped and turned to the reporter: yaar! Not now! I want some time with my friends also! (he flashed his most charming smile at the reporter who was a female and made his way towards Shilpa)

As he approached Shilpa he saw her mom standing next to her and chatting to her and armaan knew what he had to do. He approached her: Hello aunty!

Aunty: Karan! How are you?(she smiled at him)

Karan flashed her his best smile: good! But I must say you look more beautiful every time I meet you! When are you going to take up my offer and marry me?

Aunty laughed delighted with his flirting and looked at shilpa who continued to smile as if she had a tooth ache: sorry! But I just don't feel the same way about you!

Karan sighed dramatically: my heart is breaking! How will I go on without you! (he made puppy eyes at her making shilpa's lips twitch in amusement) Please reconsider! Have mercy!

Shilpa couldn't take it: Karan shut up!

Karan flashed her his mischievous grin: hey shilpa! don't feel left out!

Aunty: why don't you say all this stuff to the person you actually mean it for! (looking pointedly at shilpa and then back at him)

Shilpa horrified at what her mother was implying: Mom!

Aunty laughed making armaan grin at shilpa's expression, armaan to aunty: are you sure aunty that you are shilpa's mom!(when shilpa gave him haughty expression) well its so surprising that such a intelligent woman have such a stupid daughter!

Shilpa mouth dropped open in surprise: what did you call me?

Karan shook his head in amusement: stupid! What else?

Shilpa: I'm so going to kill you karan! Then we'll see who was stupid!

Karan in all seriousness: well in my dictionary it s plain stupid for two friends to let some stupid misunderstanding get in the middle of great friendship!

Shilpa opened her mouth and then closed it clearly surprised at his direct approach: you never called armaan!(she spoke her true feelings) not once in this entire year! Not even a stupid msg!

Karan looked straight in to her eyes and acknowledged his failings: I know I didn't! but you didn't also!

Shilpa widened her eyes in disbelief: now its my fault!

Karan: no! I wanted to call but didn't know what to say!

Shilpa: how about that you were my friend and that you'll always support me!

Karan: it would've been nice to hear the same things from you too!

Shilpa shook her head making her hair ripple with the movement: Karan I've always been you friend! Somehow you forgot it!

Karan felt his heart thud against words she had uttered, he looked at her beautiful face, her eyes showing the sincerity with which she uttered those words.

Karan to aunty: Aunty! Could you please give me shilpa's cell number!

Shilpa in surprise: Karan!

Karan smiling: aunty! I don't trust shilpa! maybe she has changed her number and is blaming me for not calling her. (aunty rattled out shilpa's number as karan quickly feeded it into his mobile, immediately shilpa's cell rang) that would be me!(making shilpa frown) in case you had deleted my number in anger.  

Shilpa laughed: you are impossible! Mom we gotta go!

Karan: leaving so soon! I'll call you!

Shilpa rolled her eyes: I'll believe that when I see your name flash on the cell!

Karan: meet me for coffee!

Shilpa started walking away and turned to look back: call me first!

Shilpa made her way with her mother to the car and headed home, they were half way there when her cell rang, shilpa quickly answered the call: hello!

Karan: have coffee with me!

Shilpa pressed the bridge of her nose: karan! Atleast let the sunrise! Then we'll see!

Karan: Shilpa! you are going to say yes!

Shilpa: bye karan!

Karan: wishful thinking always works!

Shilpa cut the line with a smile on her face, unaware of the knowing look her mom was giving her. More than a hour had passed and Shilpa had managed to change clothes and preparing for bed. She crawled into her bed and was about to drift away in sleep when her cell rang she took the call: hello(she answere sleepily)

Karan: so where are you meeting me for coffee?

Shilpa: Karan have you gone mad?

Karan laughed: shilpa! you finally figured it out! So tell me where are we meeting!

Shilpa couldn't help but laugh: first promise me you won't make me drink the disgusting black coffee you always drink!

Karan: hey! Its not disgusting!

Shilpa: it is!

Karan: I think I'll just come over and make you some disgusting black coffee!

Shilpa: the only way I'm drinking coffe with you is if you make me a latte.

Karan: ok then I'll see you tomorrow at 11 in the morning!

Shilpa : why?

Karan: for coffee! I'll make you a latte that'll make you my slave.

Shilpa laughing: we'll see! Lets see if you make it tomorrow!

Karan seriously: I'll be there! Good night shilpa!

Shilpa: good night! (she settled back on her pillow with a smile on her face)  

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Wish you are very Happy Birthday Sabz.. <3

Awesome thread.. U guys are awesome in pulling eachothers leg ROFL

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i so laaav the tittle Wink

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