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Gangter(Love Beyond Revenge) KaSh written Story (Page 3)

-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged



She stepped back as a sudden awkwardness formed between them.. She glanced at him to see the change in his blue eyes as they became more intense with full of desire.. Not able to hold the intensity of his gaze she looked away , as the color rose in her cheeks.. Karan felt the old memories flood in his mind at once.. She still had the same innocence which he always saw in their childhood..

Trying to act normal she passed a smile speaking hesitantly..       " Karan.. Tumhe rest karna chahiye.. You are.. "

He placed his finger on her lips making her go quiet at once.. She stared in his eyes while he tugged her hair caressing her cheeks.. A huskiness formed in his voice..            " Shhh.. Kuch mat bolo.. Bata nahi ab humein kabhi ek saath waqt bitaaneka mokha milega ya nahi.. Lets just live this moment.. Just you and me.."

She gripped his neck closing her eyes as he held her waist tightly pulling her close.. Taking a deep breath Shilpa opened her eyes staring at him with love.. " Plzz Karan.. Tum hamesha mere saath rahoge.. Mere phaas.. "

He stayed quiet , savoring the moment in his heart.. He trailed his finger across her arm teasing her to the core.. As she went stiff he gazed in her eyes passionately.. "  Aaj apne aapko mat rokho Shilpa.. Become mine forever.. "

All the insecurities and nervousness rising in her heart faded away hearing his words..  One moment she was staring at him but the very next moment she was wrapped within his arms as his mouth devouring hers.. At first she tensed but then relaxed as he teased her lips with his tongue , kissing her with such a passion that evoked the memories of all those years she tried to suppress.. He kissed her in hunger while she held him close responding back equally..

He slowly lifted his mouth from hers still staring with the same desire.. Without any word he picked her up easily in his arms carrying her towards the bed..  A lone tear escaped from her eyes seeing the tender love coming from him as he placed her on the center of bed gently..

He cleared the tear with a smile and murmured in a low husky voice.. " Shilpa.."

His name escaped from her lips in a whisper as he lowered his lips to her neck tasting her smooth skin.. She drew a steady breath as a chill ran down her spine with the contact of his lips down on her  skin..

She gripped the sheets as he pulled away the barriers of clothes between them ,  as he kept removing her clothing he kissed down her neck to the shoulder trailing his lips down from her chest  to her navel, with the meet of skin to skin a unknown desire grew between them.. Shilpa gasped in delight and surprise as he kept roaming his hand around her body studying her curves , in the same time murmuring sweet words to her which made her smile..

She started to get tensed as his touch became more intense and passionate.. He was the first man in her life and probably would be the last person to be so close to her in such a intimate manner.. She turned her head to other side biting her lips closing her eyes tightly.. He kept kissing , touching every single part of her body when he felt her tremble.. He glanced up to see the tensed look on her face.. Coming up to her face level he gripped her chin making her look in his eyes.. With hesitance and growing passion between them she stared in his eyes as he spoke with raw desire.. " Kabse Tumhari intizaar kar rahi hoon.. "

She saw the yearning and desperation in his eyes as he spoke the words to her with determination..  His voice evoked a heat in her body as she snaked her arms willingly up to his shoulder gripping them hard..

For several minutes he kept teasing her while she couldn't help but lay within him taking the sweet torture..  He kissed her several times awaking the feelings buried inside her heart.. He glanced up in her eyes which was half closed due to the desire building between them.. Staring down at her he spoke while pulling her close..                " Shilpa.. Ek baat hamesha yaad rakha.. Main Sirf Tumhara hoon aur tum mere. "

With that he broke up the barrier between them which made her whole body go stiff and still.. She hugged him hard trying to bit back her cry as tears formed in her eyes.. She felt him gasp as he looked in her eyes in wonder and she knew very well the question floating in his mind..  As the pain subsided she held him tightly and whispered with a smile.. " Main hamesha se tumhari thi aur hamesha rahungi.. No one took your place in my life.. "

A smile formed in his lips while he held her close enjoying the feeling of their body as they moved in a perfect rhythm.. She closed her eyes as the pain changed into pleasure, and drifting back the world of where only both of them existed..  No more barriers between them.. She was now only his.. Forever

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-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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After several hours of their love making she woke up in his arms.. As she opened her eyes she noticed Karan who was staring down at her while caressing her cheeks.. With the rising love in her heart she moved her hand upto his cheek touching it.. " Karan.. Kya hua.. "

He shook his head with a tugging smile.. " Kuch nahi.. You look beautiful while sleeping.. "

She blushed and tried to change subject.. " Tum jhaag rahe te.. ? Why didn't you wake me.. ? "

His smile faded as he grew serious.. " Bas tumhe jee barke dhekna chahati thi.. We donno when.. "

She placed her hand on his mouth as the fear grew in her heart..    " Tumhe kuch nahi hoga Karan.. I wont let anyone harm you.. "

Without letting him talk she hugged him tightly.. Soon she felt him give in as he hugged back her trying to live the moment fully..

Just then they heared sound of Sirens from distant.. Shilpa felt her heartbeat stop as she gasped loudly..Karan went stiff in her arms as he quickly set up staring at her.. She passed a helpless look at him when he got up from the bed collecting their clothes..      " Change your clothes..  They are here.. "

Shilpa hesitantly got up getting dressed..  She glanced at him petrified.. " Karan ab hum kya karein.. We should escape somehow.. "

As she felt the noise of  sirens grow loud Shilpa grabbed his hand but he stood rooted on his spot.. Shilpa turned back to him in Panic..  " Karan.. Police Yaha pohoch chuki hai.. We have to go NOW.. !! "

Shaking his head with a bitter smile he took his gun in his hand.. Shilpa glanced at him frowning..

" Karan.. Ye tum.. ? Plzz lets go "

He looked back at her with a sad smile while his eyes showed tiredness and pain..           " Bohot bhaag liya.. Ab thak gayi hoon , I cant run anymore.. Not anymore Shilpa.. "

Shilpa glanced at him in pain.. She tried to move close but he stepped back.                       " Karan woh log tumhe Jail mein Daal denge.. Plzz for me lets go.. We can start a new life alone "

With a heavy heart he ignored her pleas.. Shilpa felt her lips tremble seeing the vulnerable look on his face..

Taking a deep breath he glanced at her.. " Shilpa.. I don't want to be caught my police.. Mere liye ek last favor karogi.. ? "

Shilpa knew something bad was coming.. Still trying to be strong she opened her mouth as words came out in a mere whisper " Kya.. "

With a smile he handed the gun towards her.. Shilpa stared at the gun motionless not able to react.. He felt his heartbreak seeing the look on her face.. But knowing this was for the best he spoke in a shaking voice.. " Isse pehele woh log aake mujhe maar dale.. I want CIA AGENT Shilpa Anand to Kill me.. "

Tears stung in her eyes as she moved back shaking her  head..  " Nahi.. NOOO Plzz Karan don't do this to me.. Main mar jaaongi"

Painful tears formed in his eyes as he tried not to break infront of her.. Controlling himself he spoke strongly.. " Tumhe kuch nahi hoga..  Ek CIA Agent officer ki tarah socho.. And Kill the criminal.. Shilpa.. I don't wont them to kill me plzz.. "

Shilpa started to sob shaking her head not able to listen to him.. He gripped her arm and handed the gun in her hand.. Just then loud banging came on the door..

Karan pulled her close looking in her eyes directly.. " KILL ME SHILPA.. !! Meri akhri khwahish puri kardo.. "

Shilpa tried to move away sobbing hard.. " Why are you doing this to me Karan.. Kyun.. !! Plzz I love you.. "

He gave a smile while tears flowed from his eyes.. Gaining courage he spoke softly..       " Main hamesha se tumse bohot pyaar kartha tha , Kartha hoon aur hamesha kartha rahoonga.. But plzz meri last wish puri kardo.. Just one wish.. "

Shilpa gripped the gun as her mind started to reel.. She couldn't figure out what to do.. The banging's started to grow loud which made her panic more..  But How could she fulfill his wish when her own heart was breaking into pieces..

As they started to break the door she closed her eyes , for one last time seeing his smiling face.. She aimed the gun towards him with the pain rising in her heart.. For one last time remembering their moments together..

She sobbed as she couldn't pull herself to do it.. "Karan.. Plzz .. Mujse nahi hoga.. " She couldn't.. The voices around them kept growing more loud but within that she heard his faint voice with plead " Shilpa.. Set me free.. Free me from this pain.. I love you.. "

The desperation in his voice.. The pain she couldnt handle anymore..As the words escaped the trigger was pulled and the whole place went silent with the noise of shooting.. The door opened the gun fell from her hand as she set on the floor lifeless..


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-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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As she set on the bench in the garden she smiled down at the beautiful gift in her arms.. The beautiful gift which he gave to her.. A precious gift he gave before leaving.. She smiled down at her one year old Baby who kept staring at her with his beautiful eyes.. He had got the same charming blue eyes just like his father.. The same looks..

Eventhough there was pain of losing him she was now content with life.. He might be not there but he have given her a beautiful gift to cherish for the life time.. She glanced up at the sky with a smile knowing he was looking at them.. Always protecting them..

Shilpa came out of her thoughts as Nandini set beside her smiling down at Ishaan          " Shilpa tumhare liye ek phone hai.. "

Shilpa took the phone asking softly.. " Hai kon ? "

Nandini cleared her throat.. " Yashwarden Singh.. Let me boil milk for Ishaan I will come "

Shilpa cursed under her breath and took the call.. " Hello Chief..  Aapko meri yaad kaise aayi "

Yashwarden grunted in anger and spoke.. " Ho kahan tum Shilpa.. Do you know I have been trying to reach you from an year.. ? "

Shilpa ignored his tone and replied.. " Kis liye.. I told you I have resigned from my Job.. "

Yashwarden tried to control his frustration.. " Government tumhe ek Medal dena chahate hain.. As you have killed such a big criminal.. "

Shilpa closed her eyes as the painful memories rushed back into her mind.. " Kyun.. ? "

He gave a mocking laugh " Kya matlab kyun.. You killed him to get promotion right. ? "

Shilpa gripped the phone as she gave a bitter laugh  " Bilkul Galat.. I killed him to give him peace.. "

A tear fell from her eyes as she remembered his painful words that he spoke on that day..

Yashwarden took a sigh.. " Watever.. Tumhe yaha aana hoga.. To collect the Medal.. "

Shilpa gave a thought for a minute and smiled.. " NO..!! "

Yashwarden tensed at once.. " Shut up Shilpa.. Mere bare mein toh Socho.. My Promotion depends on it Dammitt.. !! "

Shilpa gave a nod speaking softly.. " Ab koi galat kaam nahi karungi.. Bhaad main gayi aapki Promotion.. Now I need to think about me and my Baby "

Shilpa cut the call and kept the phone down trying to calm herself.. Finally she had done something she wanted to do from years.. And in her heart she knew the new strength she got was only because of Karan..

Nandini came back and took a seat handing the milk bottle to Shilpa which she took without a word.. "Toh kya kaha Yashwarden ne.. "

Shilpa shrugged her shoulder while feeding her baby.. " Usse Pata hoga.. I don't have anything to do with him now.. "

Nadini gave a nod and stared at Shilpa who was smiling down at Ishaan.. " Shilpa.. Mai dua karoongi Ishaan kabhi bhi Apni Papa ki tarah nahi bane.."

Shilpa looked at her aunt and shook her head disagreeing.. " Nahi Nadini aunty.. Mai dua Karoongi Ishaan apni Papa ki tarah hi bane.. Jo apno ke liye apni jaan thak qurbaan karne ke liye tayyar hai.. My Ishaan will be like his Father.. I love you Karan.. "

She hugged her baby and stared at him when he smiled at her with his shining eyes.. On the very same moment Shilpa felt as if Happiness was back in her life.. Karan was back in her life as Ishaan..



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teenorchid IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg ashu u wrote it?

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2011 at 1:57pm | IP Logged
wow luv dis ff minblowin
beautifully written
fanx 4 da pm x Smile

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-Ms.Muffin- IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by teenorchid

Omg ashu u wrote it?

Ohhh yes girl i did write it :)
sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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this is an amazing story dear...i loved it a lot

Edited by sammy4u - 20 December 2011 at 12:28am

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It was just great.u made me cry it was such a touching ff.I just love the way u wrote it.their love for one another is soo great i am just sad that it was a sad ending.I loved ur ff

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