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Gangter(Love Beyond Revenge) KaSh written Story (Page 2)

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Several days later:

As the realization of meeting his long lost love hit him , Karan started spending precious time with Shilpa.. Shilpa herself felt content and happy in heart forgetting her main purpose of coming to him.. Nothing mattered to her now..  She just wanted to get him away from this world for his own safety... Shilpa knew this would be very difficult knowing his had gone far in criminal world.. Difficult to turn back and live in a normal life.. But her love towards him and the long wait made her selfish.. It determined her to save him from dying anyhow..

Karan himself felt a the burden lift knowing he was forgiven for his biggest mistake of leaving her.. But the fact of being a gangster disturbed him to the core.. There was no way of backing out from his identity.. The hurt he had to face 10 yrs ago made him stop to move away from this harsh life.. This was what he had become to succeed in his mission.. But seeing his love back again in his life made him forget about his surroundings.. His wrath, his anger and revenge everything was sided away just to be with her.. The sudden change in his behavior was noticed by gangsters who worked beside him taking his orders.. What made them furious was the fact that KG was no longer focusing in his work.. Everything was back into a halt.. All the criminal activities were ignored or passed on to someone than him.. Karan was unknown to this talks going around him.. And neither he cared.. 

Rihaan walked inside to see Karan going through some papers.. " KG.. Ye kuch information hai.. "

Karan cut back his words rubbing his neck.. "Rihaan keep them down main todhi dher mein dhek loonga.. "

Trying not to show the frustration in his face Rihaan spoke calmly.. "It would be really better if you go through this papers.. Raghav ne kaha hain ye bohot important hai.. "

Karan glanced up at him frowning..     " So ab tum mujhe orders dhoge ?.. "

Rihaan raised his arms with a shrug.. " No no Don't get me wrong Aap hi boss ho.. I would just say don't get distracted by things around you.. "

Karan looked away realizing what he was directing at.. Taking a seat he signaled Rihaan to leave him alone.. As he was about to give a thought to Rihaan's words, he felt her hug him tightly from behind.. 

He pulled her infront of him frowning.. " Tum kaha thi.. Two days went by and you didn't even once come here to meet me.. "

She pushed him with a smile taking a seat near the table..    " I realized you were getting distracted.. Tum kuch kaam hi nahi karte..  I thought I will give you some time alone.. "

He rolled his eyes taking a seat infront of her.. " Bad decision.. As always.. "

Shilpa shook her head seeing the upset look on his face.. This was the Karan she was missing.. The one who always wanted things to be in his way.. " Ab aise moo mat banao.. I didn't want to bother your work.." But in her heart she knew that was what she wanted in real.. Distract him in best from going back to his criminal world..

She came out of her thoughts as he pulled her on his lap caressing her cheeks lovingly.. She sighed closing her eyes , snuggling in his arms .. Brushing his lips on her neck he spoke softly.. "If you go away I get bothered.. But sach mein you are a big distraction.."

Shilpa blushed trying to move away from him.. But he pulled her close trailing his lips down on her neck inhaling her sweet fragrance.. It brought back the old memories.. The moments they spent together when they were young.. The moments were still sweet and innocent like before.. Shilpa blushed hard gripping his shoulder hard.. "Karan Plzz.. You have work to finish.. "

He smiled glancing back in her eyes teasingly.. " But mujhe ye distraction pasand hain.."

As If proving his words he kissed her with passion and with hunger that she felt herself drown in the world of love in the moment.. The world where only both of them existed.. No boundaries and no hurdles in their way.. She kissed him back forgetting everything around them.. Her hands snaked back on his hair caressing the soft tendrils pulling him close down to her deepening the kiss.. And he eagerly took the step kissing her soft lips teasing it with his own.. His kiss always made her realize he was only hers and she was forever his.. No one between them..

He broke the kiss trailing his lips near her earlobe showering light kisses in her hair.. She moved forward brushing her lips on his neck teasing badly.. But he pulled her back roughly and stared in her eyes at her passionately.. "If you even take one step you will be on my bed in next five minutes.. "

She pulled away from his passing a nervous laugh.. " You have learned very well how to scare me off.. "

He passed a smile looking back to his papers.. "  I just don't want to hurt you.. "

She looked at him surprised hearing his words..  The guilt came in her heart.. The guilt of hiding her real identity.. It would surely hurt him if he get to know about her real intentions..


On the other room Rihaan moved from one side to another frustrated in anger..             " Raghav believe me..Woh bilkul badal gaya hain.. Kaam ki tharaf dhektha bhi nahin.. That women is distracting him from his work.. "

Raghav frowned while getting up from his seat in his office.. " Did you show him the papers I sent..  Woh bohot important papers hai , I need his signatures in two days.. "

Rihaan rolled his eyes taking a seat.. "I will say forget about the papers.. Woh sign nahi karega.. Now also he is buxy with the lady love I guess romancing with her.. He hardly even glanced at the papers.."

Raghav gripped the table corner  as his expressions grew hard..     " Last when I talked him he told me everything there is going well..  And all the work is going in the best manner.. Ussne mujhe bataya ye saari rumors jhoot hain.. "

Rihaan sighed shaking his head.. " Well then I have to say who jhoot bol raha hain..Yaha kuch bhi theek nahi hain.. We are losing our deals we are not making any profit..  Sab kaam rukha hua hain , he hardly takes any decision or meet up with clients.. And the rumors.. They are very true I have seen from my eyes.."

Raghav punched the wall as the rage built inside him.. In all these years hardly there was anyone who had the guts to disobey his words for forget his rule.. Gripping the phone hard he spoke hissing in anger.. " Lagtha hain sab haath se nikal raha hain.. Its hightime I have a word with KG and also meet this Tina Malhotra.. Main bhi toh dhekoon ye Tina Malhotra kya cheez hain..  Main India waapas aa raha hoon... Inform everyone.. Except KG.. "

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Shilpa walked inside her room lost in her thoughts when her phone rang bringing her back to reality..

She let out a snort seeing the caller.. Half heartedly she answered the call.. " Hello Chief.. "

Yashwarden got up from his chair frustrated.. " Tum kar kya rahi ho Shilpa.. You hardly give me any updates regarding the meetings you are doing with KG.. And no information about any progress.. Shilpa you surely owe me a good explanation.. "

She closed her eyes shaking her head.. " I am sorry I couldn't .. Main bohot buzy thi.. I almost forget about informing.. "

He cut back her words in anger.. " Enough of your excuses Shilpa Anand.. Ab aur nahi sunni mujhe.. I want you to come and meet me in an hour.. Ek important baat karni hai.. And believe me you will face bad consequences if you don't show up.. "

She tried to speak when he cut the call making her think about his words.. What did he want from her now.. She wondered..


Raghav eased himself out of the helicopter looking around with coy smile.. He walked towards his Rihaan who greeted him happily.. " Glad to see you back again Raghav.."

Raghav gave a nod glancing him in a proud manner.. " I am very glad to comeback.. And right now main bohot curious hoon in dono se milne ke liye.. Where shall I get to see them.."

Rihaan led him to the car with a smirk.. " They are back in our secret hide right now..."

Raghav let out a lazy laugh as he made himself comfortable in his limousine.. " Toh phir aaj ek bohot interesting day hoga.. "


Shilpa walked inside her chief's cabin to see him walking from one side to another with a furious look.. Surely he was upset regarding something.. What was running in his cunning mind..

She took a seat clearing her throat.. " Well I am here.. "

As he realized her presence he looked back at her glaring.. Shilpa frowned seeing the anger in her eyes.. Slowly fear started to rise in her heart.. He moved towards her snapping.. " Better you came because jo baat mujhe ab pata chali hain , you owe me a good explanation for that.. "

Trying to keep herself calm she spoke uneasily.. " What do you mean Sir.. I don't understand.. "

A sly smile formed in his lips as he set in his chair.. " Karan grover , tumhari childhood love.. Is non other than KG.. Tum ye baat jaanthi thi phir bhi chup rahi.. What were you thinking.. ? You will be able to save him by hiding his real identity.. "

Shilpa stared at him stunned not able to believe her ears.. This can't be possible..  She couldn't believe he had got to known about everything.. What she feared most was happening right now.. Yashwarden now knows everything about them..

He noticed the stunned look on her face and smirked.. " Now now.. Daro mat Shilpa.. You are indeed very smart.. But I do have my informers who have provided me every detail about your past.. Your bitter past with him.. "

Tears welled up in her eyes as she gave a thought about the worse.. What if he removed her from the mission replacing with someone else.. No she couldn't lose Karan.. " Sir Plzz.. Listen to me.. Aap jaisa soch rahe hain woh waise nahi hain.. "

He got up from his seat snapping at her furiously.. " Oh come on Shilpa stop being stupid.. Tumhe dhikaayi nahi deta who ek Criminal gangster hai ?.. You cant even count the number of crimes done by him.. Still you are taking his side.. Apni professional life apni personal life se mix mat karo.. He deserves to be hanged or to be behind bars for the rest of his life.. "

Shilpa shook her head protesting while crying " Plzz sir try to understand... Its Raghav who makes him do his work.. Aur who waapas aagaya hain... Raghav is back in India.. "

Yashwarden looked at her surprised with the sudden news.. " Raghav is back in India.. ? Tum kehena kya chahati hoo Shilpa ?.. "

Shilpa cleared her tears determined to save Karan in any cost.. She had to do this for her love.. And she wasn't willing to lose him this time.. " I am saying kyun na hum ek deal karein.. I can help to get some proofs against Raghav.. I have heard some Mob gangsters speak about a CD which contains several criminal activities carried out by Raghav.. Main aapko woh CD laa sakthi hoon "

He smiled impressed with her words.. " That's a great plan.. Just what I need.. "

Shilpa folded her arms glaring at him.. " I want something in return.. If I get the CD for you.. Aap Karan ka peecha chod doge.. He will be set free  I give you my words hum yaha se dhoor chale jayenge.. And you will have your promotion in your hand after sending Raghav to jail.."

He smiled coyly nodding his head.. Least she had any idea what was running in his mind in actual.. But right now he knew the smart way was accepting her words.. Even though it was for the moment.. " Ok it's a deal than.. But mujhe woh CD jal se jald chahiye.."

Shilpa looked at him trying to decide to trust his words or not.. Seeing his past deeds she knew this man wasn't the right one to put on trust and faith.. But right now she didn't have much option.. She had to save Karan from dying anyhow.. " Fine.. Main aapko woh CD laakhe doongi.. But you will have to keep your words and follow the deal.. "

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 Raghav kept staring outside the window when Rihaan walked inside his room.." Did u meet KG and his lady love "               

Raghav glanced back at him and walked back to his seat.." Nahi sirf KG se baat kee hain As expected he stayed quiet.. No answer to any question.. And Tina Malhotra.. No KG  bohot smart hai, he is hiding his lady love from me.. "

Rihaan gave a nod unhappily.. " I expected that.. Raghav ek information mila hain.. And believe me it's a shocking one.. Hamare beech ek traitor hain.. "

His ears alerted as he glanced at Rihaan frowning.. " You better have the name of the person.. "

Rihaan shook his head passing a file to Raghav.. " Sorry to disappoint you Raghav.. I couldn't trace the name.. Par pata chala hai ki this person is among us and is a CIA agent.. And very cunningly passing out every details to CIA department.. They are tracking over every move now.. "

Raghav glanced through the papers thinking for a while.. " The recent one to join us is this Tina Malhotra.. Aur koi isske baarein mein kuch nahi jaantha.. My eyes are set on this women.. I have a feeling.. Traitor yahi hain "

Rihaan gave a silent nod agreeing with him.. " That's true.. Ab hum kya karein ? "

Closing the file he tossed it back to Rihaan.. " Sab ko infrom karo.. And yes Inform Tina Malhotra and KG to come and meet me in conference room NOW.. Hum aaj ek bohot important discussion karenge.."

Karan paced from one side to another trying to think of a way to come out of his big problem..  Shilpa stood herself trying to decide what to do.. She wasn't prepared for this..  She came here with the thought of dealing with Karan.. Getting him back to the normal life.. But now Raghav was back in India.. And the last thing she wished was confronting with this criminal mind..

Shilpa glanced at Karan walking towards him.. " I am not comfortable enough to meet him.. This is not my world..  Mujhe dar lag raha hain  Ussne hamein yaha kyun bulaya.. ? "

He moved close to her trying to calm his own rising fear.. He closed his eyes as he held her close holding her tight.. Opening his eyes he glanced at her to see her eyes full of worry and fear.." I am myself surprised with his comeback.. Believe me  agar mujhe pata hota woh waapas aa raha hain , I would have sent you away.. Ab meri bhaat theek se suno.. You have to be very brave infront of him.. Just answer every question calmly.. Don't panic am with you.. "

She passed him a helpless look when he reassured her from his eyes and kissed her       " I want you to trust me on this Shilpa.. Plzz you can do this.. "

She gave a nod trying to form some courage within her.. " Karan ye Raghav.. Is he going to hurt us.. "

He opened his mouth to talk when he noticed people gathering inside the room.. Instantly he left her hand and pulled her to stand beside him.. Shilpa looked around seeing everyone gathering around the room in a circle.. And then she noticed him walking inside the room.. In a very sophisticated manner , well dressed but the his style showed his real image.. The leader of all gangsters.. As she glanced in his eyes she felt something dangerous in them.. She tried to calm rising nervous feelings when Karan gave a squeeze to her hand.. She was glad he was beside her at the moment..

Raghav looked at the women standing infront of him narrowing his eyes.. He felt his suspicion rise as he gave a close look at Tina Malhotra.. This lady was far away from the image of a Mob gangster..

Forcing a smile on his lips he walked towards her.. " You must be Tina Malhotra.. Achha laga aapse milke "

Shilpa tried to keep her expression light , and spoke hesitantly..  " Am myself glad to meet you Raghav.. "

He let out a laugh looking around people near him.. " But aapka chehera toh kuch aur hi kehe rahi hain.. You surely look unhappy seeing me.. "

She tried to form words when Karan came in her rescue..     " Raghav.. Ye sab kya hain.. ?"

Raghav glanced back at Karan shaking his head..   " You are very much curious KG.. Ok mein clear karde thi hoon.. We all are gathered here to test our new Mob Gangster Tina Malhotra.. What do you think Guys. "

Everyone around them supported his words Shilpa looked at Karan with fear wondering what was coming to her.. But Karan stood staring at Raghav with a grim face... " Iski Zarroorat nahi hai Raghav.. "

Raghav shook his head with a sly smile.. " Ofcourse zaroorat hai.. Main tumhe yaad dila doon yah pe boss main hoon... I need to test every newcomer.. I cant welcome threat towards me so easily.. I need to do that "

Shilpa felt her heartbeat rising fast as Raghav walked towards them in a slow pace.. He kept staring at Karan who still kept the same look on his face.. Coming to his face level Raghav spoke softly " Forgive me for what I am doing KG.. But mujhe ye karna hi hoga.. "

Before Shilpa could guess what was coming , Raghav gripped her hair pushing her towards the wall roughly.. Shilpa gasped in pain as her head hit hard on the wall.. She felt everything go black around her as her mind started to spin while the pain kept rising.. She touched her head and felt blood on her hands.. From behind she heard a faint shout.. She knew it was Karan's voice..

Trying not to faint she gripped the wall hard and glanced back to see Karan who was protesting to move towards her, but several men had a grip on him holding him on his space.. She tried to focus around when she noticed Raghav who walked towards her with a grin.. She tried not to close her eyes.. Everything felt blur around her suddenly..

Raghav stood infront of her and took his gun in his hand..  Toying with it he walked around her.. " Hmm toh Ab bolo.. Tum ho kon.. ? "

Shilpa tried to keep her mind steady.. Here one mistake and everything will end.. She glanced at Karan who stood motionless staring at the gun pointed towards her.. Then his eyes met hers.. That's when she saw the encouragement in his eyes.. She looked back at Raghav and spoke in a broken voice.. " Tina Malhotra.. Like I said.. before.. "

Raghav gave a nod again pointing the gun at her chest " Soo Miss Tina.. Aap mob Gangster kyun bani.."

This time she just stared at him and spoke confidently.. "Mere paas apni reasons hai.. I have to settle some scores in here.. And am pretty sure this is the easiest way for me to do that.. "

Raghav looked at her in a challenging way with a sly grin.. Shilpa felt her mind spin, she felt herself loosing the balance.. She was sure she was going to hit the floor soon.. But instead she felt strong arms gripping her hard as she lost her balance..

Raghav's expression grew hard as Karan pushed him away and pulled her in his arms.. For the very first time he noticed the anger and rage in Karan's eyes towards him..

Karan looked down at Shilpa who fainted in his arms.. He looked back at Raghav and spoke flatly.. " She shouldn't be your concern Raghav.. I can easily deal with her.. And main tumhe bata dhoon ye meri partner hai.. I trust her on that.. So I will just say only once.. Tina se dhoor raho... "

He took her along with him walking past everyone who stared at him surprised while he walked out of the room.. Raghav stood rooted to his spot clenching his fist.. His eyes showed rage and anger which built inside him as he recollected Karan's words in his mind.. " Nayi twist.. KG goes against my words for one lady.. Interesting.. Very interesting.. "

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She noticed the vulnerability in his eyes.. Shilpa bit her lip as the previous events recalled in her mind.. That was much worse than expected.. Not only by looks , Raghav was dangerous from his actions too.. She tried to calm herself the best knowing Karan wasn't in the best state right now.. No matter how much he tried to look brave she knew he was furious and hurt over the incident..

He kept cleaning her wound carefully when Shilpa winced in pain.. He held her hand lightly.. " Let me just bandage the wound... "

She noticed his voice shaking while he spoke softly.. She couldn't even think how much damage this incident would lead.. His looks were enough to show her the damage was already done.. She looked back in his eyes worriedly.. " I should have been more confident infront of him ..But jab maine Raghav ko dheka.. Main dar gayi..I didn't.. "

He interrupted her words putting away the first aid box.. " He shouldn't have done that.. Usse galat kiya.. Aur issme mera bhi fault hai.. I should have sent you back here.. "

She searched in his eyes trying to comfort him.. " Is that why you brought me back here.. Karan are you sure , woh tumhe harm nahi karega.. I know he doesn't like me..  But meri wajese tum koi problem hogayi tho.. "

He sighed while pulling her close cupping her face.. Karan stared down at her eyes forming a sad smile.. " Main Raghav se nahi darta..He cant hurt me.. But I don't want you to go back there.. When I saw him pointing gun at you  Mujhe laga mein tumhe kho doonga.. I don't want it to repeat again.. And trust me..Woh tumhare paas bhi nahi aa payega.. I am with you always I wont let anyone harm you.. "

Shilpa hugged him tightly pulling him close to her..

He smiled as he lowered her on the bed staring down at her beautiful face..  " Now now.. aren't you scared of me Shilpa.. "

She looked at him with overflowing emotions pulling him close to her.. Trying to seek his love and security which he gave to her willingly.. She turned of the light and stared up at the ceiling with the rising heartbeat.. No matter how hard she tried to act , it was hard to be normal when he was so close to her.. His one single touch made her heartbeat go wild.. And this was a fact he knew very well..

Kissing down her neck softly he set up in one elbow and looked at her with a smile..       " What do you want me to do.. Bolo Shilpa  "

She blushed playing with buttons of his shirt while he pulled her hand kissing her hand lightly.. This was what he loved most about her.. The innocence in her heart.. Her innocent love which always made him want her more.. But this wasn't the right moment or the right place.. "I never want to take any further step hastily Shilpa.. I always want to take things slow between us.. I badly want to cherish every moment we spend together.. But abhi mujhe jaana hoga.. "

She tried to protest at first.. Wishing to make him stay beside her.. Spend more time together alone.. But she knew he had to deal with Raghav right now.. A person who neither of them could avoid.. She glanced at him forcing a smile.. " Main samaj thi hoon.. Just.. Be safe Karan.. Don't let him hurt you.. "

He leaned down kissing her lightly trying to control his emotions.. Breaking the kiss he kissed lightly on the tip of her nose smiling down at her.. " He cant hurt me..Woh mere liye kuch nahi hai.. Its you who matter to me most.. The most important person in my life.. My love , my life.. "

She bit her lip trying not to cry infront of him.. He got up from the bed heavy heartedly seeing the sadness in her eyes.. He leaned down at her and kissed her one last time before leaving.. "Main waapas aaoonga..I promise.. Let me just deal with Raghav.. You won't have to be worried I will be fine.. "

She stared at him blankly while he walked out from her place.. As he left , Shilpa hugged herself helplessly remembering about her guilt.. He loved her soo much how would he react if he gets know about her real identity.. The last thing she wanted was to hurt him in anyway.. Calming herself she started to form plans in her mind.. She have to go and find the disk which contained all illegal works carried out by Raghav.. Setting her mind Shilpa got up from bed moving towards the closet..

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Dressed in a beautiful elegant dress she walked inside the hideout looking around suspiciously.. Compared to other days , the place was empty and deserted.. Where was everyone.. She walked towards Karan's room and opened the door to find it empty.. Frowning she closed the door and walked ahead looking around when she heard the loud music coming from upstairs conference room..

Curious with sudden noise she walked inside the conference room to discover a party going on with full celebration.. She noticed everyone dressed formal while talking to eachother enjoying the food and music.. Shilpa started to walk ahead when suddenly she was pulled roughly to the corner..

She gasped in fear but relaxed as she noticed Karan staring at her in anger..  " Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho.. Shilpa didn't I tell you to remain on your place.. "

She ignored his questions and held his hand.. " Ye sab celebrations.. ? Kis liye..?

Karan look around unhappily.. " Raghav ki Comeback party You cant stay here.. Let's go "

She tried to protest when he held hand to leave.. Just then She heard Raghav's voice behind them.. She felt Karan go stiff standing beside her..

As they turned around she saw Raghav coming towards them with a big smile  " Miss Tina.. Achha laga aap party mai aayein.. "

Shilpa tried to force a smile on her lips.. But she found the nervousness rising in her as he stood infront of her with the sly look..

Karan tried to talk when Raghav interrupted him smoothly.. " Tina I am so sorry maine aapko hurt kiya.. Believe me I didn't have such intention "

Shilpa looked at Karan and noticed the worry in his eyes.. She held his hand tightly passing a smile.. Raghav noticed it and smirked.. " Oh come on guys party enjoy karo.. Raghav ki comeback party never goes in vain.. Go and have a dance.. "

Shilpa hesitated not able to look away from his dangerous looks.. But Karan pulled her away from him taking her into middle , pulling her into his arms..  A relief wash through her as she felt secure being in his arms.. She held him close while looking around..       " Raghav itna sweet kyun ban raha hai.. Is he really ok with me.. "

Karan sighed and spoke softly.. " NO.. Who sirf naatak kar raha hai.. Reason I don't know.. "

Shilpa looked up in his eyes .. She felt her heart sink as she noticed the worry in his eyes.. " Ab hum kya karein.. ? "

He shook his head while keeping his eyes alert around  " Jal se jald tumhe yaha se jaana hoga.. I don't trust Raghav's intention.. "

She hugged him tightly rubbing his arms.. " I am fine.. Don't worry.. "

Their moment was interrupted as Karan felt a tap on his shoulder.. He turned back to see Rihaan who stood with a grim look.. " Raghav aapko bula raha hai.. He wants you to meet a client.. "

She felt Karan tense.. He looked back at her worried when she pressed his hand reassuringly.. " Am fine here.. Tum jao.. "

He moved close to Shilpa and whispered to her.. " I will be back.. Kahin mat jaana .. Wait for me.."

She gave a nod and looked at him work away with Rihaan.. As he left she moved backwards slowly.. Approaching to the door she gave one look at Karan who stood in the corner talking with his clients.. "Sorry Karan.. But ye mein sirf tumhare liye kar rahi hoon.. " With that she walked out of the room quietly..


Shilpa walked inside the store room and noticed racks around containing several files..  With a thudding heart she quickly started to go around different files searching for the disk .. Shilpa frowned.. How can the disk be among the files.. But she clearly heard some speaking about this room..  After several minutes Shilpa stood up with the rising fear.. What if she was caught before finding the disk.. No she couldn't give up right now.. Not after being so close to her mission.. Once again she started to go through the files when she noticed a small table.. She moved towards it opened the drawer when she noticed a file inside it written confidential.. She opened the file to see a hidden disk among papers.. That's it.. She held the disk in her hand with a relief.. Just what she needed.. Looking around carefully she closed the door softly and walked out of the room..

Very carefully she walked back inside the party looking around in fear.. Just then she felt a tap on shoulder she turned back to see Karan who stood frowning at her.. " Tum kaha chali gayi.. I was so worried.. "

Shilpa gave a hesitant smile.. " Main bas.. Washroom.. "

He stared at her and gave a nod.. Holding her hand he started to make his way out of the crowd.." Chalo yaha se jaldi.. I will take you to home.. "

Once again they heard Raghav's speak bringing a halt to their steps.. " Itni bhi kya jaldi hai KG  Abhi toh party shuru huyi hain.. "

They turned back to face him while everyone turned their attention to the trio  Raghav stood infront of and looked at Shilpa with a coy smile.. " Abhi toh party ki asli mazaa shuru hone wala hain.."

And with that he turned away walking to the center with a devil grin on his lips.. Shilpa  glanced at Karan who stood staring at Raghav with blankly  She wondered what was running in this devils mind now..

Raghav turned back to her and smirked.. " Now now Guys.. Lets have some entertainment right.. "

Everyone around shouted in agreement when Raghav looked at Karan..  " KG this one Is dedicated for you.. Umeed kartha hoon tumhe pasand aayega.. "

He turned back to Rihaan and signaled him to play the video.. As it started Shilpa felt her heartbeat stop.. She stared at the screen stunned.. Silence grew among everyone as everyone stared in anger and rage.. She looked back at Karan who stood motionless staring at the screen.. No expression on his face.. With tears she stared back at the video which showed her own image while she was in store room looking for the disk..

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As the clip ended Shilpa blinked while clearing her face.. She didn't have any strength to face anyone.. Specially Karan who surely would be hurt facing her real identity like this infront of all..

Raghav walked towards Shilpa is with a cunning smile.. " Miss Shilpa Anand.. "

Shilpa flinched closing her eyes tightly.. Her truth was out infront of all, the thing which she was fearing most.. She heard several voices speaking in disagreement which showed frustration..

Raghav started to walk around her keeping his gaze stick on her ..  " So Ms Shilpa.. Kaisi rahi aapki experience hamare saath.. I hope you enjoyed spying on us.. "

Shilpa opened her eyes staring at him blankly.. Raghav turned back to everyone seeing the confusion and anger on their face.. " Arre confuse hone ke koi zaroorat nahi hai.. Let me present you guys the Real Tina Malhotra, Urf Shilpa Anand.. Jho asal mai ek CIA agent hai.. "

The voices started to grow loud as she noticed Anger and rage forming on faces.. Shilpa moved backwards with a thudding heart..

Raghav smirked at her and walked towards Karan placing a hand on his shoulder.. " So KG.. Sab kuch tumhare saamne hai.. The real face of Tina Malhotra..  "

Shilpa trembled in fear as she gained some strength to see his face which was emotionless.. After a minute of silence he spoke in a dangerous voice which stunned her.. " Bolo..What do you want me to do Raghav.. "

Raghav grinned and spoke in a firm voice as his expression grew serious.. " She doesn't deserve to be here.. Issne humein dhoka diya.. Maar do isse.."

Shilpa looked at both men stunned hearing the words.. Her heart started beating wildly at the moment when everyone gathered around them in a circle while three of them stood in middle..  And then suddenly out of blue Karan spoke in a calm voice..      " I know well Raghav aap chahate ho main isse maar dhoon.. But let me tell you it's a NO.. "

Everyone around them started protesting while Raghav looked back at Karan as if he have been punched.. His expression grew tight as well his voice.. " KG ye waqt dil se soch ne ka nahin hai.. She is a bloody damn traitor.. KILL HER DAMMIT.. !!! "

Shilpa clenched her hands tightly when suddenly she felt him pull her behind him.. She gripped Karan's shoulder tightly as a relief wash through her.. He was still beside her protecting from all danger..

Karan forced a smile and spoke.. " Agar ye traitor hai toh isse mein khud handle kar sakh tha hoon.. Raghav it would be better if you stay away from my matters.. "

Raghav narrowed his eyes and spoke furiously.. " KG agar tumhe dhikai nahi de raha toh theek se dheko.. SHE IS A BLOODY TRAITOR..  She has to die and that's Final.. "

Karan drew a breath and looked back at Raghav maintaining his calm look.. " Main isse maarne wala nahi hoon..She wont die and lets final.. "

Shilpa gasped in fear as she saw the rage grow in Raghav's eyes towards them.. She gripped Karan's waist tightly expecting the worst to come..

Raghav spoke with his eyes full of rage and anger.. " Theek hai.. Toh phir isse main maar dhungi.. But this Traitor HAS TO DIE.. !! "

As Raghav tried to move forward Karan placed his hand on his shoulder stopping him.. With equal rage in their eyes they stared at eachother.. Karan pushed him backwards which stunned everyone as no one ever so anyone daring to touch raghav..

Raghav gave a bitter laugh and turned back to the crowd signaling them to leave the room.. Eventually everyone left and three of them stood in the empty space.. Shilpa moved to front seeing two of them face to face staring in rage..

Raghav titled his head showing pity.. " KG .. Ye kya kar diya tumne.. Aaj tak kisi ke bhi himmat nahi huyi mujse aankein milaaneki.. I must say you are very daring.. "

Karan stared at him grimly and spoke hissing in anger.. " Kuch bhi karlo Raghav.. Bas bohot hogaya.. Iss baar main sunne wala nahi hoon.. Don't you even dare to touch her even once.. "

Raghav smirked looking back at Shilpa who stood in the corner..     "Lagtha hai tum mujhe abhi bhi theek se jaanthe nahi ho KG..  But but Tumhe toh khud apni sachhai pata nahi hai.. Poor boy.."

Karan passed him a suspicious look.. " Kya Matlab.. ? "

Raghav walked around him with a smile.. " Kya tumhe Yaad hai.. How your parents were killed.. Actually tumhari puri family.. Ohh Did I forgot to tell you that it was by people who came that day.. ? "

Karan clenched his fist as his anger rose at once.. The person who he was searching from such a long time.. The person who was responsible for the death of his family was standing infront of him.. " Tumhe sab pata that.. And u used me You Blood bas***d.. "

Raghav shook his head in pity.. " Ohh Chota Bachha.. Arre main kya kartha.. I was going to kill you at first but I was later informed about your building Rage and Anger.. Toh maine socha why not train you and use you for my own purpose.."

Karan felt the anger within his rise at the very moment..  His Rage and anger grew as he stared at Raghav in Fury

Suddenly Raghav punched his jaw making Karan loose his balance for a minute.. Raghav grinned while rubbing his both hands.. " Well you see am very interested to kill Ms Shilpa.. But usse pehele tumhe marna hoga.. I guess your parent would be damn happy to see you back with them.. So Shuru Karein.. "

Shilpa stared in horror as they the fight.. She was too stunned to react.. She gripped the wall tightly praying for Karan's safety.. As Raghav tried to punch him Karan bent down smartly while punching him on his chest making him fall on ground.. But Raghav was fast , as he was back on his feet staring at him in rage.. He moved forward and kicked him on right leg which made Karan hit on the ground.. He put his right foot on Karan's neck while he brushed away the blood dripping from the corner of his mouth..

Shilpa kept shouting in between as they fought dangerously.. Neither of them ready to give up or stop.. As Raghav gave a final blow on Karan's face he fell on the floor badly injured , blood dripped from his mouth and nose while he tried to breath.. Shilpa bent down on the floor crying out his name in pain.. Suddenly everything felt blur infront of her eyes and before she knew everything blanked and she passed out on the floor..

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Faint voices started to echo in her mind.. She could feel someone nudge her as if trying to wake her from dream.. Regaining back her senses she opened her eyes to see Karan who was leaning down at her, his eyes full of worry..  " Shilpa.. Tum theek ho na.. ? "

Holding her throbbing head she set up and glanced around worried.." Karan.. Kya hua.. Raghav.. "

He winced in pain clutching his wounded arm while glancing back to Raghav who was lying unconscious..  Shilpa noticed the wounds in his body.. " Karan your hurt.. "

With a sharp intake of breath he got up from the floor dragging her along with him..      " Woh Sab bhaad mein.. Now we have to leave.. Raghav  he is dead.."

She shot him a look stunned not able to believe her ears.. She eased her gaze down at Raghav's body which was lying on the ground.. Lifeless.. She looked back at Karan questioningly when he glanced at Raghav's dead body.. " Woh mujhe maarne ki koshish kar raha that.. I took him off guard by taking his gun.. And killed him.. Mera mission pura hua.. I got my revenge "

After several minutes of silence accepting the truth Shilpa got up from the ground with him.. She walked with him towards the door throwing one last glance at Raghav's dead body.. As they approached to the door she looked around worried.. " Ab hum kya karein.. How will we get out from here.. ? "

He gave a curt nod and glanced around cautiously.. " I know a escape..  Mere saath chalo "


She took a deep breath as they set in the car driving to some mysterious place.. Sadly she looked at Karan who kept driving the car keeping a straight face.. She could see the pain in his eyes.. She bit her lip guiltily understanding he was upset with her lie.. Never she thought everything would be out infront of him in such a way.. Shilpa glanced around as he parked the car infront of the a Farmhouse.. With a sigh he glanced at the warehouse speaking softly.. " Go inside.. Main aata hoon.. "

Hesitantly she got out of the car and glanced at him with a ache.. " Karan.. Plzz mat jao.. Tumhe chot lagi hai.. "

He kept staring at the road grimly.. She couldn't help but feel more guilty.. " I need to park this in somewhere else.. Who log hamare peeche aa sakthe hain.. "

She tried to speak but he drove away leaving behind Shilpa heartbroken..


Shilpa kept staring at the floor sitting on the bed when she felt a knock on the door.. Slowly she approached the door and opened it when Karan stumbled towards her not able to keep his balance.. She noticed the several wounds in his body which didn't give him much strength to walk..  She helped him to the bed as he set down without a word..

Tears formed in her eyes as she saw the wounds thinking about how much pain he must be going through right now..  Controlling her voice she spoke bravely.. " First aid box.. Kahan hai.. "

She went forward to the bed drawer as he directed , she took the first aid box in her trembling hands and set infront of him not able to meet his gaze.. Everytime she glanced at his wounds more tears formed in her eyes which kept flowing non stop.. She kept cleaning up them trying to be brave infront of his groans and grunts coming due to the pain..

Finishing her work she kept aside the the box trying to clear her tears when suddenly he caught her hand pulling her on his lap.. She gripped his shoulders lightly trying hard not to melt in his arms.. The guilt in her heart held her back.. 

Karan caressed her cheeks clearing the tears.. Breaking the silence he spoke.. " Kya hua Shilpa "

Shilpa shook her head crying not able to muster much courage to face him.. " I was wrong.. Maine tumse jhoot boli.. I should have gained some courage to say the truth.. I am so sorry.. Mujhe aise nahi karna chahiye thi.. I am "

He silenced her by placing a finger on her lips.. She glanced up in his eyes which showed concern and love.. Confused and surprised she tried to speak when he gave a wounded smile.. " Shilpa.. Explanations dhene khi koi  zaroorat nahi hai.. I knew you were a CIA agent.. From the very first day.. "

Stunned by his words she stared at him not able to utter any word.. Several questions rose in her mind in confusion.. She glanced at him when he got up from the bed moving towards the window.. " Jab tum mujhe milne aayi thi.. Uss waqt hi mujhe shaq hua ki tum koi Mob gangster nahi ho.. As you left I digged and got out some secretive information about you.. Uss waqt pata chala tum CIA agent ho.. And I very well knew with what mission you came.. "

She got up from the bed not able to believe her ears.. " Tumhe sab pata ta.. Pehele se hi.. You knew I was a CIA agent still.. ? "

He turned around passing a smile.. " Shilpa tum chahe kuch bhi karlo mujhe pata ta tum kabhi bhi mujhe hurt nahi karoge.. That's why I let you stay with me and work beside me.. "

She walked towards him with her eyes full of guilt and disappointment.. " Karan main sirt tum thak pohochna chahathi thi..  You are more important to me than any Mission.. But tum ek gangster banogi.. Ye maine kabhi nahi socha.. "

He turned back staring at the sky.. " Ye kab hua kaise hua, mujhe bhi nahi pata.. Just I know what ever I did was to take Revenge. I wanted to catch the traitors who killed.. "

She moved forward noticing the pain in his eyes as he couldn't get much courage to speak further.. A lone tear escaped as she moved forward caressing his cheek.. " Aur tumhe pata hai ? Why I became a CIA agent.. ? "

He gave her  longing look when she passed a smile.. " Bilkul Tumhari tarah.. I wanted to find out who killed Your parents.. And piya.. "

He pulled her close hugging her tightly trying to find some safety within her arms..       " And we choose different roads.. Tum ek CIA agent bani aur main ek Gangster.. Galat toh main hoon.. "

She shook his head caressing his back.. " Galat toh sirf halat tha.. Not you Karan.. Not you.. "

She felt him ease in her arms as he silently listened to her words.. Trying to make him happy she spoke smiling.. " Tumhe pata hai Piya kya keheti  thi  ? "

He moved back and gave her a curious look when she spoke.. "  Woh bolt hi thi.. Shilpa tum badi ho kar Karan baiyya se Shaadi kar lena.. You both look so beautiful together.. "

Tears formed in her eyes seeing the pain rise in his eyes which he tried to cover with his laugh.. " No wonder she used to stare at me .. Aur who bhi itni excitement ke saath.. "

Shilpa gave a small nod as she intertwined her fingers with his moving close to him..  Hiding her face on the crook of his neck she spoke in a trembling voice.. " Karan.. I.. I still have the same dream.. Kya woh dream puri hogi.. "

She felt him tense as he held her close tightly.. Taking a deep breath he hugged her tightly pulling her close to him as much as possible.. One the very same moment Shilpa felt as if her dream was going to come true..

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