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Gangter(Love Beyond Revenge) KaSh written Story

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Poster credit : Nori & Srish
Edited by :
Aishy & Zee
Written by :
Script by :
Produced by :
Pirates & KaShians
Film by :

Trailer 1 :

Credit : Abhi

Trailer 2 :

Credit : Zeeshan

Note : Posting full Movie on FF section .. This was a written story brought on Shilpa Anand Birthday

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Within the heat of the dark room covered in sweat he kept doing his workout non-stop.. His rock hard muscular body showed the true effect of his continuous work out.. With a hard look on his face he moved up to weights swiftly carrying them which appreciated His gorgeous body..
A body to die for.. But his hardwork , workouts everything wasnt to attract women to him.. Women wasnt a important fact in his life.. For him what mattered was revenge from his enemies.. The ones who took away his happiness.. His life .. And his long lost love.. He stopped abruptly as the painful memories rushed back to him slowly..
10 years ago :
He narrowed his eyes at Shilpa who set near the family laughing with them.. Shilpa Anand who was his best friend.. His lover.. He was only 17 yrs old while she was 15 yrs old.. Young enough to understand love.. But fresh enough to experience the new feeling... Whenever anyone casted a glance on her he snapped at them angrily.. Got into fights for her.. Just to claim he was only hers.. Irritated with her ignorance he walked up to them and pulled her up from her seat..
She gasped in surprise and look around everyone with sudden blush appearing in her cheeks.. He liked the way she blushed, her cheeks going all red whenever he got close to her..
Ignoring the teasing giggles he whispered to her... " I told you to come with me to the riverside.. Inke paas time waste kyun kar rahe ho.. "
And there again she blushed avoiding to look in his eyes.. She looked back at his parents and her aunt who had a teasing smile on their face.. While his younger sister stared at her excited.. And he never understood reason behind that..
She looked back at him with hesitation... " Main aa hi rahi thi.. But Piya forced me to stay back and... "
He glanced back at his 13 yr old sister who set grinning at him.. " Ya Piya.. I should have thought.. "
Piya gave a innocent look and spoke sweetly.. "Baiyya aap bhi na' Maine kya kiya... Ask Shilpu.. I didint do anything.. "
He interrupted her narrowing his eyes.. " Dont Call her Shipu.. Sirf mein hi usse Shilpa bulaaonga.."
Piya rolled her eyes.. " Yea whatever.. Take your Shilpu with you let us enjoy.. "
Making a face at her he walked away from everyone dragging Shilpa along with him..

She took a seat beside him near the riverside and playing with the hem of her dress nervously.. He looked back at her and frowned noticing her hesitant form.. Moving little close to her he touched her cheeks with his knuckles making her blush again..
Not able to control his smile he spoke amused.. " Why do you blush so much.. "
She looked up at him trying to hide the rising color in her cheeks.. " No.. Matlab.. I dont.. "
With a teasing grin he whispered in her ear.. " Of course you do.. Jab bhi main tumhe choothi hoon tumhari blushing shuru... "
She couldn't ignore the fact that even a single touch of him made her blush.. The feeling was new to her.. Specially when she realized she had started to like him more than a friend.. The feeling was sweet.. Young but sweet.. She remembered how Karan and His family helped her through the bad circumstance.. When her parents died and she was left alone with her aunt they insisted them to come and stay with them.. But it was different she met Karan.. Something undeniable.. A beautiful feeling.. A feeling of love..
She snapped back into earth as he waved his hands infront of her eyes... She looked at him startled and passed a nervous smile..
He just laughed and spoke with humor.. " Shilpu..Prince charming toh tumhare saath baita hai.. "
She tried to form a excuse when he brushed his lips on her.. It was a light kiss but a spark formed as their lips met.. She moved back abruptly and stared at him in awe..
Nervous himself he spoke softly.. " I always wanted to.. Kiss you.. Hum dono ki first kiss.. "
When she didint reply he started to get worried.. " Shilpu.. I am sorry... I mean .. "
She looked up at him , a slow shy smile appearing on her lips.. " I didint regret.. Bas kabhi socha nahi..Did you feel the Magic ? "
He touched his forehead with hers smiling.. " Ofcourse i did.. I love you.. Shilpa .. Tum sirft Meri ho. Hamesha ke liye.. "
She looked in his eyes directly and whispered in his ear.. " Main hamesha tumhari thi aur tumhari hi rahoongi Karan... I love you.. "

He snapped back into reality as her words rushed back in his head haunting him like always... Why was it hard to forget her.. Was it cauxe she was the first girl and last girl he had loved. " NO..!!!!! " He shouted at the empty space blocking away the rising feeling in his heart.. Love was a dead feeling for him.. That was when the horrible memories rushed back to him at once.. The day he lost everything he had.. The day which made him choose a dangerous destiny for himself..

He was awaken from his sleep harshly as he heard the noise of sudden explosion come.. And it kept on repeating for several minutes which made his heartbeat rise.. He covered his ears closing his eyes clearly knowing what was happening.. It was the same disgusting war which was created by the mob gangster who had surrounded the area making their own hiding places... He wished they didint have to shift in the horrible town.. But his dad who was a CIA agent was given high orders to capture the violent rank of gangsters and for this reason he was posted here.. His eyes flew open as he remembered about his dad.. He had left last night for his duty.. Was it the reason for the sudden violent war.. He panicked thinking about his father.. Was he safe.. In his heart he was glad Shilpa was out of town with her aunt... With a thudding heart he walked towards the door when he heard the cry of his mother and Piya's ear piercing shriek..That was enough for him to send warning of their safety.. He rushed out of the room running downstairs to see some mob gangsters who was taking rounds in his house.. Trying not to be caught he hid himself in the shadows..
One of them smirked and spoke... " Achha hua humne uss CIA agent grover ko maar diya.. Bohot udd raha thana woh.. "
The next one near him sneered angrily.. "Ab usski family bhi puri thara se khatam hogayi..Saari problem khatam..Ussne kya socha who humein jail main dalega.. Ab Sarkaar ko pata chalega hum unke bhi baap haii... "
He stayed rooted on the spot as they walked out of the house slowly.. Surely they didint have the idea he was upstairs in his room.. But did that mean...
He walked inside the living room to see his mother's and young sister's lifeless body lying there in a pool of blood.. He kneeled down as tears formed in his eyes, A lone tear trailed down from his eyes and he touched his mother and young sister one last time.. " Mom... Piya... "
His heart broke as he realized he has lost his family.. His innocent family was killed.. Rage built inside him as he swore to take revenge for his family's death..

Karan opened his eyes and stared at his own reflection in the mirror.. 10 yrs passed and brought a big change in him.. He changed his appearance.. Not to forget he changed into something which he never thought of becoming.. Gangster.. His rage and anger.. The promise to take revenge for the death of his loved ones , The painful tragedy which made him a hard emotionless person led to him joining in the underworld.. He gained unique skills and tactics which quickly helped him to become one of the most known and wanted gangster within India.. He formed his own mob of gangsters who follow his order around and help him to rule in the underworld.. The desire to take revenge led to him taking support of the biggest ruler of Underworld.. Don Raghav.. The person behind his success... The only person who had the power to control him..
He snapped back into reality as Rihaan his right hand and informer approached him with the phone " Karan.. Raghav aapse baat karna chahate hain.. "
Karan put down the weight and took the phone ordering Rihaan to leave.. " Raghav.. "
A lazy laugh came from the other end as Don Raghav set in the luxurious office of London .." Karan my boy.. How are you dealing with the CIA cops.. "
Karan moved towards the window staring down at the buxy roads... " Dealing.. ?? Main time waste nahi kartha unn logo pe.. My right hands are enough to deal with them "
Raghav nod his head impressed.. " I expected such word from you.. After all i have trained you well and made you a unbeatable person.. Tum akele hi kaafi ho puri Mumbai force ke liye.. "
Karan spoke with a confident nod.. " You wont be disappointed.. Unn sab ke liye main akela hi kafi hoon.. They cant reach me.. I give you my word.. "

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With the lingering smile on her lips she rushed out of the car to the house with the beautiful rose in her hand... She couldn't wait to see his smile and his reaction and happiness on having her back in home.. A halt came into her running as she noticed the a strange seal around the house where Several police officers kept walking around... What was happening here.. Was there a another war in the town between gangsters and cops.. Suddenly Karan and his family's safety came in her concern.. She prayed in her heart as she followed to the house with her Nandini Aunty who looked equally worried..

Shilpa tried to walk inside when a officer blocked her way... " The house is sealed.. Aap andar nahi jaa sakthi.. "

Before she could speak her aunt interrupted smoothly.. " Hum yehi rehte hain..  Kya ho raha hai yaha pe ??

3 hours later :

Shilpa set on the sofa crying silently as she thought of the death of Karan's parents and Piya.. The pain was the same, the same pain which she felt when she lost her own parents.. More tears formed in her eyes and she thought of Piya ... A girl who was like a sister to her.. And what broke her heart was the fact She could feel Karan's pain yet cant help or share his pain.. " Karan.. Tum kahan ho.. " She prayed silently wondering where he had left.. Why did he leave her here all alone.. Did he really forget his promise..

She cleared her tears as her aunt came and set beside her taking her into a hug..              " Shilpa.. I know this is heartbreaking.. But ab hum kuch nahi kar sakte.. Let it go.. "

She cried in her arms as she couldnt help but think about her lost love.. " Karan kahan hai.. Mujhe usse baat karni  hai.. I want him back... "

Nandini tried to console Shilpa controlling her own tears.. " Woh ek hafta pehele hi chala gaya.. Who kaha hai.. Kisi ko nahi pata..Shilpa he is gone.. "

She couldnt believe it.. How could he leave her behind.. He cant forget his love.. " NO!! Karan yahi pe hai.. .. He cant leave..NOO he cant.. NOOO .. !! "


Shilpa woke up from her sleep sweating badly.. 10 yrs passed but the dreams kept haunting her continuously.. She couldn't forget the day she lost Him.. The only person she loved and still couldn't stop loving.. After several pleads from her aunt Shilpa finally decided to move back with aunt into a small house and start a new life.. But she knew it wasnt easy for her ..Her heart still belonged to him... Yearned to hear his voice... 10 yrs kept passing while her aunt kept trying to make her move on from his memories.. She couldn't help but give a deaf ear to her talks.. She knew in her heart she could never forget him.. Neither forget the past nor the love they shared together..

She snapped out of her thoughts as she noticed her aunt who stood near the door staring at her with concern.." Phirse bura sapna.. ? "

Shilpa sighed moving out of the bed.. " Nothing new.. I am used to it now.. "

Nandini walked towards her.. Her eyes showing the same plead..      " Shilpa..Kabhi toh meri bhaat suno..Bhool jao usse..Past mein rehene se kuch nahi hoga.. "

Shilpa moved towards the cupboard taking her clothes.. " I have changed.. Ab mein pehli wali Shilpa nahi hoon... I am brave , Confident, dedicated and a professional CIA agent"

Nandini smiled slowly nodding her head.." Tum hamesha se hi ek loyal CIA Agent rahi ho.. But Shilpa.. Main tumhe jaanti hoon... You still love him.. "

Shilpa stared at her aunt knowing she didint have any answer to that... In her heart she knew she cant lie.. The love she had for him was something undeniable..

She walked out of the room with a heavy heart.. "kuch cheeze bhulayi nahi jati.. "


Mumbai - National CIA Department :

Yashwarden Singh , the head of CIA department walked inside the office with a grim look.. With his special officer he made his way towards his cabin in a hasty pace.. As they walked inside the cabin he threw the files on his desk frustrated.. " I JUST CANT BELIEVE THIS.. !! Phirse woh hamare haathon se nikal gaya.. I was damn confident hum usse pakad lenge.. But this guy is a smart freak.. He have again used his smart tactics and vanished.. "

The officer took a seat infront of him.. " Sir main ek baat samaj nahi paa raha hoon.. Why are we after this KG when we know its Don Raghav is the biggest bait to be caught.."

Yashwarden took a seat while opening the file.. He started at given secret information regarding KG nodding his head.. " I very well know the fact.. But this KG , is the second Biggest Mob gangster ranked in our list after Raghav.. Raghav ke order pe sab kaam ye sambaal thi hain..  If we catch this KG we can nicely get to Raghav and complete our biggest mission of tracking the biggest mob gangsters.."

The officer passed him a file with a frown.. " But sir.. This KG , Bohot smart hai.. He nicely know when we are going to attack so he has all his plans done beforehand.. How are we going to get a hold on him like this... Kuch solid karna hoga humein.. "

Yashwarden took the file and opened it staring at KG's photo studying his looks.. After several minutes of silence a cunning smile formed on his lips.. " Officer.. Aap ko kya lagtha hai.. What is the biggest weakness of a men.. ? "

The officer raised his eyebrow with a amused smile.. " Well.. I guess you are expecting me to say.. Women.. ? "

Yashwarden closed the file smirking at him.. "Bilkul Sahii.. Well lets see whether this technique walks on KG.. "

The officer got up from his seat .. " Should i look for someone who could.. "

Yashwarden interrupted him smoothly.. " Nahi..I already have the best one in my mind.. Shilpa Anand.."

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Shilpa walked inside the lobby area passing smile to her colleagues slowly making her way towards ACP's cabin..

Yashwarden looked up from his file as a soft knock came on his door.. " Yes come in.. "

Shilpa opened the door walking inside hesitantly.. " Good morning Sir.. Aap ne mujhe bulaya.. "

He passed a smile pointing at the chair.. " Why dont you take a seat.. I have to discuss something very confidential.. "

She knew something was cooking in his mind.. Shilpa knew from inside Yashwardan Singh was a cunning selfish man.. "  Bilkul sir.. I am all ears.. "

Nodding his head he leaned towards her.. " Well you see Shilpa tumhe pata hoga we are working on a big mission of capturing all Mob gangsters.. Now the biggest task for us is getting hold of this Gangster KG.. But sadly we have been unsuccessful in this task from several months.. "

Shilpa shook her head frowning.. " But Sir you told special Officers are appointed for this mission.. Aap mujhe se ye baatein discuss kyun kar rahe ho.. ? "

Yashwarden took a sigh shaking his head.. " Shilpa you have been always a reputed, well dedicated CIA agent.. You have been rewarded with several medals for your service.. That proves your ability.. Before i thought of not involving you in this task to give you some break.. But now hamein tumhari zaroorat hai is mission main.. "

She couldn't understand what was in his mind.. " But Sir..Main kaise... "

He stared at her for a minute and passed her two files.. Shilpa took it instantly and opened the first one to discover several Personal Information regarding KG.. Yashwarden got up from his seat moving near her.. " In one file there is all information of him we collected some days ago.. Not much but it's enough to reach him.. Dhusre file mein uski photo hain.. "

She frowned as a she read the information regarding Gangster KG.. Something was reminding her of her own past.. She couldn't help but relate it with him.. Things were similar..  NO It cant be Karan .. Her heart denied... He was gone he cant be here..   

" What is his real name.. ? "

He shrugged his shoulders... "Koi nahi jaantha.. We just know he is known as KG.. Thats it.. Take your time have a look on everything ... Tum decide karo ..  "

Shilpa gave him a hesitant nod.. The last thing she wished right now was involving herself in this mess.. Something was strange in this case.. Something familiar.. Pushing away her thoughts she opened the next file to see the image of KG come infront of her eyes.. She gasped..  NOO  Her heart cried out.. This cant be possible.. She stared at the familiar blue eyes.. And the familiar face , But she couldnt deny a big change had come in his appearance.. This is really Karan .. A chill ran down her spine as she realized it... The only difference was he was no more the 17 yr old sweet boy.. He was a man.. A man with rugged look.. But still his eyes sent jolt down her body as she stared at them.. It was him.. A unknowing happiness formed in her heart as she saw her lost love infront of her eyes..

Yashwarden frowned seeing Shilpa lost in her thoughts.. He cleared his throat to make her aware of his presence..

Shilpa got out of her stunned mode and gathered herself.. " Sorry sir.. I.. uhh "

He passed a teasing smile to her.. " I know i know.. KG is a guy with looks huh.. "

If you knew he is more than a guy to me The thought came in her heart but she stayed silent..

Yashwarden moved back to his seat... " Shilpa i really want you to involve yourself in this mission.. Believe me tumhe bhi promotion milegi..In fact you will become one of the most respected CIA agent among us.. Just help us to get some solid proof against him.. If we get we can easily track Don Raghav..  Once we get hold of them both , Dhono ki dhono jail main sadenge..  Hamesha ke liye.."

Shilpa brushed away the lone tear which fell from her eyes.. The pain grew as she realizhe was going to lose him if she get a hold on him.. She knew her chief well.. He was a ruthless man who always thought of his own selfish gains.. She very well knew as soon as he get a high promotion he will kill Karan.. It happened everytime.. I have to do this  The hope raised in her heart.. She had to do this for Karan.. She had to involve herself in this mission to save him... If she didint she knew he was going to be killed anytime..

Yashwarden patiently waited for her to give a answer.. "  Shilpa.. What do you say.. Its a yes or No.. "

She looked at him blankly.. Forgetting the rising pain , her love , everything related to him she made her decision.. " I am ready to take the case sir.. "

He passed a victorious smile at her.. "That's the spirit... !! Main bohot... "

She interrupted him smoothly trying to cover up her desperation.. " I guess you want me to become a undercover agent.. Meri mission kya hogi.. "

Suddenly his face grew serious as he stared at her with confidence.. " Get into his world..Tum ek Criminal gangster banogi.. Officers around will help in if you need any help... "

A big burden lift from her heart hearing his plan.. ACP indeed didint knew he had made her work much easier with his thought.. Giving a thought on the plan she gave a nod getting up from her seat.. " I will start my work from today sir.. "

She touched the doorknob when ACP spoke again..  " Ek aur bhaat hai.. I guess you might have seen KG's pic.. The guy is good looking.. And see yourself.. You are a beauty with brains.. A good looking women.. "

She turned to him folding her arms.. "May i know what you are directing at... Sir.. "

He smirked tapping his fingers on the desk.. " I guess you know very well what i am directing to... Seduce him.. Uske sabse badi weakness bano.. Thats your mission.. "

She stared at him stunned as the words rang in her mind.. Seduce Karan.. ? She gave a curt nod and walked out of the cabin taking a deep breath.. Only she knew what effect he had on her.. She wondered who was the one who will be seduced and become weak in this process.. Shilpa opened the file and ran a hand on his picture.. For the first time in her life she was unsure with a mission to be completed...

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6 Months later:

She walked inside the small concrete building keeping an eye on her surroundings... Now after 6 months finally she have gained the tag of mob gangster in the face of Underworld.. With the help of her fellow CIA agents she gathered information regarding several Mob gangsters who had contacts to the higher ones specially with Don Raghav.. . She noticed several gangsters keeping a eye on her still suspicious with her sudden entrance in this world.. Shilpa herself couldn't believe what big changes have come to her identity within this 6 months... She trained well to get some special skills.. Learned the way of Gangsters in this world.. And most importantly brought a big change in her appearance.. A more daring look with a modern hairstyle.. She walked inside her current cold room and looked at her reflection in the mirror... Hardly she could recognize herself.. This was not at all her.. This was a cover on her real identity..

Suddenly her phone rang bringing her out of the trance... With a thudding heart she rushed to the phone hoping it was Zahir.. But her hopes sank as Yashwarden spoke..    " Shilpa any Reply from Zahir ?.. "

Shilpa shook her head walking around frustrated.. " No .. Abhi tak koi reply nahi aaya.. I cant believe i wasted my time on this so called Mob gangster who is not even ready to fix me a meeting with KG... "

The chief sighed while shaking his head.. " They are still not ready to lend full trust on you..humein intizaar karna hoga... I still think this guy Zahir will lend some information.. If that doesn't happen , koi aur raasta doondh lenge.. "

After hearing his instruction Shilpa cut down the phone sinking into the bed.. She couldn't believe her 6 months hardwork was going in vain.. Was there any way of reaching him.. There had to be someway surely..


Within the middle of night Shilpa was waken abruptly with the noise of her phone ringing.. Pushing away the covers she set on the bed taking the phone in her hand.. Who could it be calling in such late night.. She wondered..

Picking the call she placed it to her ear speaking softly." Hello. "

The next thing she knew was a deep male voice replying.. " Mujhe laga.. Gangsters kabhi nahi sote.. "

She trembled as she realized who it was.. It was him.. She couldn't even react hearing his voice.. She knew how much desperate she had been to listen his voice from years.. But last thing she expected was to hear from him in such a awkward time.. She bit her tongue before blurting out Karan from her lips.. This was worse.. More worse than she expected..

Gathering herself she replied him changing her voice.. " Who gave you the idea i was sleeping KG.. I am very much awake.. Infact bohot buxy hoon iss waqt.. "

Suddenly a seriousness formed in his voice as he spoke in a curt tone.. " I Would like to meet and have some discussions.. Plaza Restaurant 8 pm Tomorrow night.. "

The line went dead before she could utter a word.. For several minutes she stared at the phone not able to believe what just happened.. She kept the phone down and lay on the bed as his words rang in her mind.. She knew sleep was miles away from her tonight..


Karan walked inside the VIP section of Plaza Restaurant in a fast pace.. Taking a seat he looked around with satisfaction.. He was glad the whole area was booked for him tonight.. Having dinners in Public places was the last thing he wished to do.. But tonight.. He cursed himself for calling up the new girl in the middle of night.. She was the last person he had to give importance right now.. What was he thinking at the moment.. But as he was informed about her entry into the area and her smart tactics he couldn't help his curiosity.. Meeting her became one of the most important thing for him for an unknown reason..

He snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed a beautiful lady walking inside the VIP area.. He gave a close look at her appearance.. Totally different from what he expected Tina the new don girl to be... The lady infront of him was drop dead gorgeous, dressed in a beautiful fashionable red dress with high heels.. A soft makeup increasing the level of her beauty.. And her eyes.. He gasped softly as he noticed her beautiful green eyes.. The eyes reminded him of someone.. Someone who was in his life 10 yrs ago.. Clearing his throat he gestured her to take a seat.. She obliged while passing him a beautiful smile..

Karan couldnt believe he was hesitating to speak for the very first time in these years... He knew Women couldnt effect him with just one look.. What was so different about this women.. Something was surely strange..

On the other hand Shilpa tried her best to cover up the rising nervousness within her.. This was more hard than she thought.. Seeing him infront of her eyes instantly brought back the old memories to her.. But she knew this wasn't the correct time to be flowed with emotions.. She had to give her best shot infront of him..

She noticed Karan staring at her with a lost look.. Did he recognize her.. ? No if he had recognized he might have reacted by now.. Raising her eyebrows she waved infront of his face with a smirk.. " Hi KG.. Bhaat karoge ya dhekte hi rahoge.. "

At once he came out of trance and looked away controlling himself.. Forcing a smile he spoke elegantly.. " Woh kya hain na , i was informed a lady named Tina had come up here who is actually gaining a lot of popularity among Mob gangsters.. So i thought i will clear up my curiosity by meeting you.. "

Passing a smile she spoke mockingly.. "So is it a bad thing to become popular.. ? "

He leaned back in his chair slowly distracting her with his well-built body for a moment.. "Bilkul nahi.. But i haven't heard anyone gain such a speedy popularity in this business.. And as far as i know you do your work alone.. ? "

She knew he would have the same suspicion towards her just like others.. Shaking her head she passed him a daring look.. " Nothing is impossible for Tina Malhotra.. You should realize it soon Karan Grover.."

She saw the change in his eyes as he grew serious hearing her speak his true identity...His real name... A victorious smile came on her lips seeing the frown on his face.. " How the hell you know my name.. "

She gave a innocent look with a smile.. " Phirse bol rahi hoon.. Dont think am weak  Karan Grover.. If i can gain speedy popularity i can surely get information regarding you easily.. Now i notice you have very less trust towards me .. So i guess we should call off this meeting as i have few other clients in my list to meet up.. "

She got up from her seat knowing a immediate response was on the way.. In the very next minute he was standing infront of her blocking her way.. His face showed arrogance which made her wonder how much change had come in him within 10 yrs.. " You are going to be the first women to impress me like that... If I offer you to work wid me , mere saath kaam karoge ?.. "

She raised her eyebrow hiding the relief in her heart.. " As in partners.. ? "

He smirked at her moving closer , making her aware of his rich spicy cologne.. She felt herself go weak with the close proximity.. But Shilpa tried hard to keep the blank look on her face.. " Its a yes or no.. "

She stared at him and moved close to him tracing a finger on his lips seductively.. He could have sworn he felt Goosebumps rise as she touched him.. Something was very much familiar in her touch.. A hand unknowingly moved on her back when she whispered in his ear huskily..  "It would be my pleasure KG.. "

Reality hit back to him as he saw the arrogant look on her face as she pushed him back at once.. What the hell was wrong with him.. Losing his senses to a strange women he hardly knew..

Shilpa walked upto the door and looked back at Karan who stood motionlessly with his back towards her.. She felt bad for lying.. But she knew this was the best way of making him accept her fault identity.. Putting a straight face she spoke in a smooth voice.." So when shall i expect to hear from you KG.. "

As he turned around his eyes made contact with hers bringing back the spark between them... She noticed Karan trying hard to control the rising emotions within himself.. She could clearly see the confusion within his eyes as he kept trying to decide what to do.. Then his face hardened, blocking away the emotions.. He walked towards her in a steady pace staring at her.. For a second she thought he might have identified her.. Or he was going to reject her offer..

But instead he moved closer and whispered in her ears in his deep sensuous voice..      " Kal hum phirse milenge... "

And then he was gone.. Shilpa stood trying to control her rising heartbeat.. She set on the chair running a hand through her hair.. This was far more complicated that she thought.. Being close to him made her forget herself.. Her true identity.. Everything around them.. Surely going to be a tough journey for both of them..

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One week later :

He groaned as he noticed Tina who walked inside his room with paper bags in her hand.. Shilpa kept down the grocery bags near the small counter going through the items.. Suddenly she felt his presence behind her.. At once she realized he was standing close to her.. Nervously she turned around to see Karan who stood staring at her with a frown...

Scrutinizing his gaze down at her he spoke... "Tum sach mein ek Mob Gangster ho.. ? "

She raised her eyebrow trying to act offended.. " Excuse me.. Kya matlab ? "

He walked inside the kitchen area going through the bags.. " Matlab , You dress like a ordinary girl.. Casual clothes.. You come here cook around.. Poke your nose in my work.. Ask way too many questions.. Are you sure you are a Mob Gangster.. Kahin koi spy toh nahin.. ? "

She tried not to be effected by his words.. But a sudden question raised in her mind at once.. What would happen if he gets to know about her reality.. Will he get furious.. Within this one week she had noticed Karan trying to control his rising feelings.. It made her realize She was still in his memory... In his heart...

Karan noticed the lost look on her face.. " If you are going to threaten to leave the agreement of being partners this time , main nahi rokhne wala.. "

She frowned wondering how easily he read her mind everytime.. Pushing him aside she walked inside the kitchen.. " I never back away from my words KG.. Tumhe lagtha hain main ek spy hoon ?.. Believe me if i had any intention of spying you , you would have been inside the bars of jail by now.. "

He tried to speak when she interrupted him with a smirk.. " Aur rahi dressing ki bhaat.. Well i dont like to attract people saying Hey see i am a mob Gangster... So  its smart to dress casual and be among them.. I thought you are smart enough to understand that.. "

Seeing the look on his face she realized he had bought her words.. A relief went through her heart as he stopped his interrogation.. Without any further word he rushed back to his table while she stayed inside the kitchen trying to think of her next plan..


He looked up from his papers as she set the plate beside him taking a seat infront of him.. Shilpa noticed him staring at the food..

A amused smile formed on her lips.. "Fikar mat karo.. I haven't add poison to this.. "

He smirked taking the plate in his hand.. " Mere saamne itni badi poison kadi hain.. I want be effected with a small one.. "

She leaned towards him passing a seductive smile.. He cleared his throat avoiding her gaze.. " And i guess tumhe ye poison pasand nahi hai.. So why are you clinging with something you dont even like.. "

He ate the food without looking at her.. " You are smart, intelligent .. I am not a fool to forget that... "

She moved beside him staring down at his papers.. He moved back uncomfortably avoiding the close proximity.. " You know what KG.. You are bad in giving compliments.. "

That's when he raised his eyes lingering them down on her lips.. She stared back at him with a thudding heart.. She wondered what was running in his mind.. " Tina Malhotra.. Beautiful , Incredibly sexy.. Too hot to handle.. Agar tumhe lagtha hain mein ye sab bolunga , toh phir bhool jaoo.. "

A smile formed on her lips as she moved her hand on his neck teasingly..   " You seem to look like a heartbroken Lover.. Are you.. ? "

All of a sudden he brushed her hand away blocking it on her back.. He gripped her hand tightly while she gasped surprise with his sudden move.. He stared down at her eyes dangerously sending chills down at her spine.. He hissed in anger pulling her close.. " Tum ho kon Tina Malhotra.. "

Before she could reply his lips crashed down on hers bringing back the old feelings at a rush.. She clinged to him tightly as he kissed her furiously tasting her lips fully.. Her mind screamed to get a grip on herself.. But her heart squealed in joy feeling as she realized how much she have yearned for his one touch in all these years.. She kissed him back with equal passion when he broke the kiss abruptly staring down at her with a stunned expression.. He got up pushing her away steadying himself.. " This shouldn't happen.. "

Lost in his touch she blurted out without thinking.. " Par kyun.. It was meant to happen.. "

He passed a furious look at her... " NO IT WASNT.. !! YOU GOT THAT.. ! Hum sirf partners hai aur kuch nahin... Actually you know what.. Mujhe tumhare saath kaam hi nahi karna.. I feel you have some other intentions to come here.. But let me tell you Tina Malhotra you are dealing with the wrong man here.So just get up and  LEAVE.. !! "

She stared at him trying to control her tears.. What a big blunder she have done.. She should have controlled herself.. Now she was going to lose her only chance to be with him..

She walked past him towards the counter gathering her items.. Her hands trembled as she thought of what to say to Yashwarden.. He was surely going to blast on her as he gets to know about it.. But she couldn't blame Karan.. He was trying his best to stay away from her.. But she wished she could have stayed in her limit keeping in mind about her mission... With a heavy heart she opened the door and walked out of the building with the sadness in her eyes..


After taking a relaxing shower she stared at her own reflection in the mirror.. She touched her swollen lips as the memory of his lingering kiss came in her mind.. He might have regretted kissing her.. But for her it was just like living 10 yrs back moments again.. She walked out of the washroom when suddenly a loud knock came on her door.. Putting on the bath robe securely around her body she walked up to the door and opened it to see Karan who stood in the doorway dressed in a formal look ..

Hiding her surprised look she spoke in a angry tone.. "KG.. Tum yaha kya kar rahe ho? "

He took a sigh and spoke... " I need you to come with me to a meeting.. "

She folded her arms pushing away the wet strands of hair from her face.. He noticed how beautiful she was looking fresh out of shower.. "  Mujhe laga..we have called off the partnership.. ? "

He gave a apologetic look and spoke softly.. " I am sorry i overreacted.. I guess we can still try hard and walk as good professionals.. Let's just forget what happened back in there.. Hum ek saath hi kaam karenge.. "

A relief washed through her as she realized she still had a chance..

After several minutes of silence she spoke firmly.. "  Kab hai meeting.. ? "

He replied quickly.. " In an hour.. Get ready i will wait downstairs.. "

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Shilpa set uncomfortably between the mob gangsters who kept discussing about several criminal activities and plans... She glanced at several people around who were dressed sophisticated hiding their real identity  Who were they trying to fool.. Least they had an idea among them was sitting a CIA agent.. Her eyes drifted back at Karan who set with a grim face listening to their offers intently.. 

All of a sudden one of them glanced at her with a smirk.. " So miss Tina..  Aap ka kya khayal hai hamare offer ke bare mein..? "

Shilpa frowned trying to remember what the talk was really about.. Passing her best smile she spoke confidently.. " Will I be killed if I say am not actually very much interested or concerned about this meeting or any of your offer.. ? "

Color drained from his face hearing the boldness in her words.. Shilpa leaned back in her chair while Karan raised his eyebrow..

" So.. Matlab u don't have any interest in the deal.. ? "

Shilpa looked at him trying not to show her hesitance.. " I was just saying what I felt.. "

After several minutes of silence Karan looked back at others with a smile.. " Well I guess we have to call off this meeting right now.. Main ye offers reject kartha hoon.. "

One of them got up angrily protesting.. " Ohh come on when did a women's word start to influence you.. ? I am offering you great plans you can't just say no to them.. "

Karan got up from his seat with a ease.. " She is my partner.. And you don't seem to have impressed her much.. Which means you cant impress me either..  And believe me.. Main kisi ko bhi reject kar saktha hoon.. "

Shilpa noticed disapproving and angry glares coming towards her which warned her surely they were upset with her presence.. She tried to get up when Karan signaled her to follow him outside.. Obliging she got up from her seat thanking him in heart..


Shilpa hesitantly followed him trying to form excuses in his mind... Was he really upset with her irresponsible behavior.. She cursed herself for not concentrating towards the talks done in meeting

She noticed Karan standing near the balcony staring down at the city life..  In a steady pace she approached him as the cool breeze kept flowing around making her smile..       She stared down at the city life enjoying the silence with the lingering smile when his deep voice interrupted her thoughts. " You still have the same smile... "                                                       

 Her smile faded from her lips as she glanced at him stunned.. Fear raised in her heart.. Did he got to know about her identity.. ? She tried to read his eyes but like before they were blank without any emotion..

Shilpa laughed nervously looking away from him.. " Ye tum Kya.. ? "

She heard him sigh as he moved a little bit close to her making her nervous with his sudden behavior.. She tried to speak when he interrupted her smoothly.. " I have something for you.. "

With a thudding heart she gave a nod when his hands went inside his pocket..  Shilpa gasped as he took her phone placing it in her hand.. " Aapki phone.. You forgot it on my place.. "

Her mind started to spin.. This was getting more worse than she expected..  What if.. What if he had discovered her true identity..

 Warning bells started to ring in her mind at once..  " Mujhe jaana hai... Its.. Its late now and I have.."

Her words came to a halt when he interrupted her  , pulling her roughly towards him.. She stared at him nervous seeing the sudden change .. Indeed she was trapped.. And she didn't knew how to get away from him at the moment..

Shilpa stayed silent expecting the worse to come..  Expecting him to blast on her due to her big lie.. But Instead for the very first time she saw the feeling of love rise in his eyes.. The same feelings which she saw 10 yrs ago.. Staring down at her he spoke in a steady voice.. " Your aunt.. called after several minutes you left.. Tumhare bhaare mein pooch rahi thi .. Shilpa  "

She closed her eyes as he spoke her name.. A chill ran down her body hearing her name escape from his lips.. How much she yearned for the moment.. How much she waited for him to recognize her..   

She tried to control herself but tears welled up in her eyes as she moved away from him crying.. " I am sorry.. I know.. I shouldn't have lied.. I am so sorry.. "

And then it happened.. Instead of getting mad he pulled her back in his arms hugging her tightly.. His breathing was rough as memories of past 10 yrs rushed back to him at once.. Every single moment he spent with her.. Everything their shared..  


Sitting beside him near the railing she looked at Karan who set silently staring down without any word.. But the small smile on his face was enough to make her realize he was happy with her presence..   He looked back at her with the same love.. The love which she had been yearning to see from years.. He moved forward and showered several kisses on her face brushing away the dry tears..

He looked back in her eyes caressing her face.. " Shilpa.. Mujhe laga maine tumhe kho diya.. Soo much guilt was there in my heart knowing I have hurt you.. "

She cried while touching his face softly.. "Yes you shouldn't have.. I was so heartbroken when you left.. Mujhe laga tum mujhse pyaar hi nahi karthe.. "

He pulled her close brushing his lips on hers.. " You remember that.. ? Hamari first kiss.. "

She sighed as a smile formed on her lips.. " Ohh yes I do.. Kabhi nahi bhool sakthi "

He glanced at her , his eyes full of love and passion.. " Then believe me.. There haven't been even a single day I haven't miss you... No one took your place in my life.. "

She laughed brushing away her tears.. " I know that..  Ek hafta tumhare saath rehekar realize hua , you are a so called arrogant rude Mob gangster.. But in real.. The very same old 17 yr old Karan.. "

His smile faded as the harsh reality cameback to him.. " I am what I shouldn't have been.. A gangster Main iss cheeze ko badal nahi saktha.."

She agreed silently not knowing what to say.. How she wished their life was ordinary.. By profession they both were biggest enemies..  Can a CIA agent love a Gangster..

She glanced back at him as he tugged her arm.. " Ab bolo tum kya ho.. ? I am damn sure not a Mob Gangster.. You are too sweet for that.. "

She replied back to him softly.. " Main badal chuki hoon.. I have learned the hard way of life now..  "

He shook his head smiling.." Phir don't qualify for Mob gangster.. "

She tried to think for a good answer.. Lying to him again would become a big burden.. She knew she couldn't do it.. But revealing she was a CIA agent could bring problems between them.. And right now the least thing she wanted was to lose him again..  " Ok Fine.. I.. I just faked up to become a Mob gangster... "

And there went a half lie.. But it was almost the truth.. The real intention in her heart.. She stared at him desperately praying he would believe her words.. And soon it was listened.. " You Shilpa Anand pls original hi raho.. Believe me you are the worst faking Mob gangster I have ever met.. "

She laughed with him as the sudden relief came in her heart.. But soon her expression sobered .. " Mujhe laga tum mujhe phirse chod ke chale jaoge.. I was so scared.. Not of being caught.. But scared to lose you again.. "

He smiled while brushing his knuckles on her lips and noticed her tremble.. Still he had the same effect on her.. And she reacted to every single touch of him.. " When  I saw your beautiful green eyes I instantly knew you were familiar.. Woh saare memories phirse yaad aagaya.. "

She blushed as he brought his lips down on hers kissing her softly.. Unlike last time he kissed her tenderly , full of love.. Her heart jumped in joy feeling blessed to be back in his arms.. But soon a thought came in her mind.. She broke the kiss abruptly frowning..   " Ab kya hoga.. ? "

Breathing heavily he gave a confused look.. "What do you mean Ab kya hoga ?.. "

Hesitating for a minute she spoke.. " Matlab.. Now that you know I was faking.. Hum kya karenge.. ? "

The confusion faded away replacing it with a teasing smile on his lips.. " Hmm so my Fake Mob Gangster.. Now that you have started why don't you fake it for some more time Deal ?... "

She whispered smiling as he leaned forward kissing her passionately.. " Deal.. "

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